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Grand Forks, ND

Date: Jul 25, 2001
Submitted By: Sarah

I'm from Minneapolis, and my friend and I tried and tried to get tickets for Minneapolis, but we couldn't. I was so bummed! I've been a BSB fan ever since I heard about them 7 years ago. Anyways, on Christmas there was a BIG box under the tree for me, and my mom made me open it last. When I opened it there was a whole lot of newspaper and at the very bottom of the box was an envelope. When I opened it, there was a BSB card in it with the tickets to Grand Forks! I actually squealed! (I never squeal.) So okay flash forward to the concert. Krystal (the opening act) was awesome! I really like her! Then, like everyone else said, we entertained ourselves by doing the wave. We had seats on the side, so we could see backstage really well. We saw the boys riding around on bikes and scooters, and my sis saw Kevin and A.J. peek out of the curtains! The concert rocked! We couldn't really see the dancing, but that's okay. BSB really knows how to work the stage, ya know, going to every side and all that. Well I guess all I really want to say is that.... BSB concerts rock!!!!

Side note: I just want to tell that girl that was talking about the huge Garfield head... I saw him up on the bridge with it. That was a really cute!


Grand Forks, North Dakota

Date: Mar 19, 2001
Submitted By: Krystle

My friend called me up and told me her mom had gotten 3 tickets to the concert at grand forks, and that her mom her sister and her were going to be in the 8th row. I asked my mom if she could get us tickets too, so we called ticketmaster and they weren't there it was a saturday. So we got online and went to and ordered, we ended up getting 11th row. VERY good seats. and we only ordered a week before the concert too! Our moms decided they didn't want to go listen to all the girls scream so they went to a movie. So i got to bring 2 friends and so did my friend breanna- she brought her sister and my friend sara. I brought my cousin brooke and my friend heather. We left town at around 10 or 11 sunday (feb. 18) and headed for fargo. That is where are motel was, since the ones at grand forks were full. We got to fargo and got ready and hung out at the motel for awhile. Then we headed to grand forks. it was soo cool! when we got to grand forks (it's a bout an hr. from fargo) me and my friend bre were hanging out our car windows writing with window paint. The line was so long we had nohting better to do- it was so much fun-we got to the concert and it was the best day of my entire life. Krystal was awesome. Then like 30 minutes later the backstreet boys came out. I was screaming so loud because i am so in love with nick! Everything was just so great. Then they were talking bout their foundations like howie's for his sister, brians for his heart surgery. and then nick goes " and i want to help save the oceans" and he took a drink of this water bottle and threw it into the audience. it was coming right at me. i jumped to get it and this little girl in front of me got it. i was so mad! he had drank out of it! and she didnt even care. she didnt like nick as much as she liked brian or whoever- so she just like layed it on her chair. and my friends were telling me to take it and stuff and i wish i would have! i know that isn't right. but this is the backstreet boys we are talking about...i regret not taking it! oh well....:( all in all the concert rocked and i hope they come back to North Dakota SOON! love ya nick....if you read almost got the bottle to THANKS! love ya lots !

Grand Forks, ND concert

Date: Mar 07, 2001
Submitted By: Jessie

My first BSB concert! *sigh*

Hey, everybody! Here's my experience...

OK, first thought that went through my head when I heard they were comin' to Grand Forks... "What the hell are ya doin' in North Dakota?!?" :} Man, I think half the artists in this country don't even know we're a state! Either that or they forget we're up here. *waves* Hello! Anyways, I couldn't believe they were comin' here! Well, I HAD to get tickets and so I went and waited at a Ticketmaster outlet store in Fargo, in friggin' 10 below wind chill! THEN they did that lottery thing and I got totally stone-walled. I got like, across the arena elevated seats. :{ BUT... I went and joined the Online Fan Club and score! 3rd row floor seats! Off stage, but dang good! Wahoo!

I had family in Grand Forks so I didn't have to stay at a hotel, which was a plus. My friend and I were getting so schyced as I drove up to GF on Saturday, the day before. But, all in all, I stayed mellow. It was like it didn't register that in 24 hours I'd be in the same building as Nick, Brian, Howie, Kevin and AJ. That weekend was gonna be a blast! First, my uncle and I watch the Daytona 500(I'm a BIG Jeff Gordon fan :}) and then I'm off with my friend to "the show".

So, I watched the race and as it neared the end it was time to get ready to leave. I was pretty bummed 'cause Jeff Gordon got wrecked out, but it was a good race. That is, until the final lap when Dale Earnhardt got killed. I didn't know of this yet as I went to the concert.

OK, at "the show"... Krystal was awesome! My friend and I are definitely gonna get her CD when it comes out! She has an amazing voice and it's different, unique. Great talent scoutin' Kevin! :} Well, the lights came back on after Krystal and yep, pure North Dakotans, we entertained ourselves by doing the wave all around the arena, over and over and over and over... I was gettin' dizzy! It was cool though, 'cause this collective scream traveled with it. Then the lights went out and whoo! Screams. Loud. My ears! :} Man, the show was da bomb! I was totally blown away! It just sent a vibe out that made ya feel so happy and excited. Our seats were where they have that walkway on the sides and it was Amazing how close we were when they came over! Nick looked at me twice! Once when I threw a stuffed animal toward him and totally botched the throw, to which he smiled and shrugged, and when he came back later and remembered me, pointed, and laughed. The sexy little bugger! :} Hey, so I choked on the throw! So sue me! *grin* Ah, well, I've tried to put that little embarressment behind me. Gettin' on with this, I LOVED the Dressing Room skit! It was just hilarious! Loved the bit where Howie pulls Nick aside and tells him a girl in the audience was winking at him. Nick's response was priceless! First, mock disbelief. Then, mock shyness as he whispered "Hi!" into the camera. Lastly, pure cuteness as he started to serenade "Don't Wanna Lose You Now", to which Howie smacked him before he could get very far. It was just great! Loved "Get Another Boyfriend"!! Dayum! It just pounded! Oh, and when they did my most favorite song of all songs ever made in the history of mankind, "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely"... That just made the rest of my life brighter! :} I loved how Nick got all melodramatic, wondering off by himself and holding his head in his hands. Wonderful performance, Nicky! You should get an Oscar!! :} That was, by far, the absolute best concert of my life! I can't wait until they come back, and they better! yeah, it didn't sell out, but this is North Dakota, people. We're too spread out and that to acheive the big sell outs like in NYC and Chicago. That was an amazing turn out for us! I REALLY hope they come back again!! Puh-leeze???

Well, I went back to my uncle's after the concert, to which he told me that Dale Earnhardt had died. It was horrible, D.E. was the best there was! Backstreet Boys, I want to thank you for savin' my weekend! Because of you I can look back to those days and smile. Thank you!!!

As an end note, I now know that if I were to ever meet the BSB in person, I would treat them like normal people that I'd meet in the street. I was totally calm during the whole show and it surprised me. I think I just came to realise that they are human just like me and on an equal level. I DO hope to someday meet you, Backstreet Boys. ... I can dream, can't I? :}


Jessie, 20

grand forks 2/18/01

Date: Mar 03, 2001
Submitted By: angela!!

Oh my gosh! Okay well I saw BSB in minneapolis the day before Grand Forks so I was well prepared haha. My friend and I drove with my dad down to Grand forks from MN and like 15 of my other friends were also driving down. When we go to ND, we found where they were staying and went inside the hotel and just like waited. We didn't see anyone but thats okay. Our friends called us and told us to meet them at the venue at like 4 because they think BSB was going to show up, we didn't go but sure enough they all saw BSB going inside and got waves from them all. When we walked into the Alerus center, it looked a lot different from the Target Center. We went to our seats section 103 row D. We were freaking out how close we were! Krystal was good, her song My Religion is awesome. Then the boys came out, their performance was soooooo good! All the songs are soooooo hot and all the boys blew kisses to us(we had a sign that said blow us a kiss..althoguh you weren't supposed to have signs! OOPS!) then when the boys started to sing Time we relaly started freaking out because the bridge was right next to us again like in MN. When Nick walked by, I threw up my orange Garfield and he played with it and he showed AJ and Aj touched it then threw it to a girl like 2 rows away from me and she gave it back to me cause it had a pic of me and my friend on it so she knew it was mine(THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE GIRL THAT GAVE IT BACK!) and my friend gave aj her dog and aj sang with was soo cute!! While the boys were in the 2nd stage, we saw leighanne and my friends went up to her and got pics with her and gave her some stuff to give to the boys. When the boys starting singing answer to our lifes I started to wave my friend and I's last stuffed animal-a stuffed tiger with a hugeeeeeeeeee bra on it! Brian saw it and pointed to it then covered his eyes and then motioned me to throw it.. I totally missed and he shrugged but the security guard caught it luckily! When the boys started the next song, AJ and Howie came out wearing it. We were seriously freaking out like seriously we were screeching! Then aj put the bra on a camara and kevin stared at it and played with it. All the songs they performed were SOOOO GOOD and how they intereaced with the crowd was sooo nice! ahh i love thtem SO MUCH!

Best Fans in the World!

Date: Mar 03, 2001
Submitted By: Twyla

I think anyone would agree that Backstreet Boys have the 'best fans in the world' The first time I went with my daughter to see the BSB was in our own city of Winnipeg, Manitoba -- but since they have only visited Toronto/Vancouver [Canada] on their Millennium and Black/Blue tour .... this mother/daughter team has had to make other arrangements!!!

When the BSB were performing the Millennium tour my daughter was so disappointed our city was not include in the tour dates ..... so I had to get her somewhere near them! I surprised her on her 14th birthday and took her to Salt Lake City, Utah to see them at the Delta Centre. This year we drove to Grand Forks at the Alerus Centre and we saw the awesome Black/Blue tour ..... both of us love them and would travel anywhere to see them! Looking over the crowd -- the fans are of all ages!

We sat next to another mother that told us that she left her husband and three younger children at home and she travelled from Iowa to see the BSB not only in G/Forks but she also had a ticket from the Minneapolis concert that weekend -- she quickly told us "my husband goes on fishing trips and I plan BSB trips" -- once again she said, 'the backstreet have the best fans in the WORLD".

We would love if the BSB came to Winnipeg --but we will make the roadtrips bcause "we want it that way"! ~Twyla~

Grand Forks, ND

Date: Feb 24, 2001
Submitted By: Jenna

Like all the entries said before the BSB were the first to perform in the brand new Alerus Center in Grand Forks, ND. Considering the fact that I lived in Fargo I was wondering why they didn't go to Fargo instead. Fargo is a much bigger town than Grand Forks. It was cool being in a brand new building and seening the BSB for my first time ever. I was overjoyed to see them so much they put on the best show. I was amazed at all the buses and vans that they had to carry all their stuff for the stage and everything. I've never screamed so much in my entire life and people around me probably thought I was an idiot for acting like a fool but I don't care what they think because I'd do anything for these men!!!

The weird part before the concert was the fact that AJ Mclean walked right by us when we were sitting down in the audience. My friend and I weren't sure if it was him or not and was wondering why he was sitting in the audience just drinking a coke and eating something. When he walked by us I was like Oh my god?! Is that AJ?!! He had all the tatoos, his leopard print hat, and his sunglasses, with sideburns. I'm pretty positive it was him, and I was going to ask him if it was really him but he never came by us again. He was just sitting in the audience for the longest time ever. I swear. I didn't want to go and disturb him because it looked like he didn't want to be disturbed. If it was the real AJ I'd kick myself, but I guess I'll never really know now will I? That was the best night of my life and I will never forget it.

Grand Forks~Alerus Center

Date: Feb 24, 2001
Submitted By: ~*Crystal*~


Hey BSB Fans~

Whats up? I attended the BSB concert, Feb 18 2001 in Grand Forks ND, and it was the best day of my entire life. We left the town I live in around 10am. Got to our motel rooms, got ready and left for the concert. It took us over a half an hour to get into the Alerus Center. I was in tears the whole way there. I was telling my friends and boyfriend that I wanted to go, I don't wanna be here anymore. My palms were sweating and pulsing. The lights went down and the opening act Krystal came out. We thought she had a good voice but she seemed a little wierd. After she was done with her little tid bit, the lights came on with an intermission for about 20 minutes. The whole Alerus Center was doing the wave and chanting backstreet boys! Finally the lights went off and girls starting Screeming.....It was ear piercing. Then all of a sudden the guys came out....My friend and I were in tears and I passed out about 10 times. Lucky my friends and boyfriend were there to catch me. I had waited 7 years for this and I couldn't believe it was happening now. They went with a camera into their dressing room and then when they came back up they popped up on a small stage a row beside us. I saw the lights shine on there and I was off. I ran as fast as I could plowing over people to get up there. I was in the very first row standing on a chair. Nick was standing right in front of me and I was Screaming NICK I LOVE YOU!!!!

He looked at me (I was waving my hands in the air), smiled, pointed at me, waved, and sat down. I got the pic right as he was sitting down. He kept on smiling at me. Then came Brain, I did the hand sign "I LOVE YOU" and he smiled his cute little smile pointed and waved at me. Then Kevin came and stood right in front of me and pointed and sang to me. Right at me. I couldnt even believe it. I was in tears and they were all smiling and waving at me. My friend got a wave from AJ. She is in love with him. We got about 39 pictures. It was the best day of my life. They walked across a bridge type thing and then we tried to sneak up stage farther but some security guard wouldn't let us up there. We finally made it but the ones in the front kicked us back to our seats. Towards the end, the security guards moved and let the crowd run. I took off running and pushing my way thru people.

I made it all the way to the very front. They guys were waving at me again. It was really loud and hot up there. There was a big security guard standing right in front of me and kept putting his arm in my face, so I was hangin from his arm to see. I finally made it past him and got to see the end of the show. I was so high on adrenaline that I didn't even notice until 2 hours later that my back and forearm were scratched to nothing.......And I have bruises all over my legs. I had a backless sequined tank top on. One of the highlights of the show was when Aj was on stage and said, "Gawd, this belt is retarded. I almost lost my pants twice already tonight. But you guys would like that wouldnt ya!" and Brian said, "Its colder than shit outside but its hotter than hell in here!" and when they were going into the clothes chest, they told Nick,"Nickolas, go in there!" and he said, "No way I see monsters down there. I'm scared!" and they said, "Nicki you are 21 now, get in the box!" and he fell in......And Kevin was the only one left outside cuz aj said Sorry Kev, but Beauty before age.....See ya! And he went into the box and Kevin was all alone outside the box and said in a thunderous voice would you like me to go inside~~~~" The concert was way cool and the lights and effects were awesome......They guys are so much hotter in person......I can't wait to go again. BSB ROCKS!!!! Love you guys!!!

BSB Fans are the BOMB!


20 years old.....North Dakota

**If bsb is reading this I was the girl in the Purple Sequins shirt with black pants waving my hands and yelling! :)~ I am a very devoted fan.........LOVE YOU NICK!!!

Grand Forks 2/18/01

Date: Feb 22, 2001
Submitted By: Alicia

This concert was my 16th birthday present. Being a HUGE fan for 4 years, I was thrilled beyond words. But I also got another present I didn't want 5 days before the concert: I was diagnosed with rheumatic fever. For those of you who don't know, this is a very rare disease from the early 1900's, which affects your immune system and possibly my heart valves. The doctor told me 2 weeks of bedrest-and I immediately started bawling. Going to a BSB concert is not good for someone who isn't supposed to over-exert her heart. But the doctor was very understanding and allowed me to go, as long as I stayed calm. Yeah right!!! I did manage to stay pretty calm, but I cried when they came out on stage for the first time. I was just so overwhelmed that they were actually RIGHT THERE!!!!! I cried during "More Than That" also b/c it's my favorite song, and just so beautiful. I guess you could call me a little crazy for traveling 200 mi. just to potentially put my life in danger, but it was so worth it. I wouldn't have missed it for the world, even if they had to carry me in there!!I loved the dressing room scenes, they were so funny!!! Howie kept obsessing over his hair and telling Nick there was a girl in a red dress who kept eyeing him. Cute! The 2nd stage was a big surprise-they were pretty close to where we were sitting. My mom got some great pictures for me. When the meteors hit the stage at the beginning, my little sister and another girl by her were terrified! I thought it was the coolest though. The bridge connecting the stages was awesome. The crowd below was absolutely NUTS! Every time I close my eyes, I can still see Brian's beautiful face singing on the jumbotron. I still can't believe I was there-It was definetely the best birthday present ever, one I will never forget.

Grand Forks, ND

Date: Feb 22, 2001
Submitted By: Emily

HELLO EVERYONE!!! I am so excited to share my BSB concert experience!! I was lucky enough to get tickets to the show the boys put on at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

It was really exciting because the guys were going to be the 2nd act to ever perform at the center! (Bill Cosby opened it up the week prior...big whoop right?) Anyway, on Sunday (the day of the concert)

My mom, cousins, sister, and my cousin's friend found the hotel the guys were staying at. We definatly didn't plan this but we ended up parked outside their hotel for 6 hours that day!! My cousin and sister even went up to the bus and offered cookies to the body guard sitting in the front seat with Lil Tyke or Litty Leigh at one point...they got turned away, but hey, it was worth a shot!

All in all the six hours was worth it because at one point we saw the body guard, Brian, and Leighanne got off one of the buses and start walking toword the hotel!! My sister and I ran over there and we were about 10-15 feet away and the body guard asked us to stay where we were. But Brian and Leighanne both looked, waved, and said "hi" to us!! I MADE EYE CONTACT WITH BRIAN LITTRELL...OMG!! Later we also saw

Bob Carter get off one of the buses so I jump out of the car and yelled, "BOB!!!" He looked and I started waving so he waved back! That was sweet!! We also saw a lot of band members and dancers off and on during the day. One band member even left two dozen roses on the when all the buses pulled out we went and got the flowers! They were still in good shape! My cousin also went through the garbage one of the bus drivers threw away!! She found a room key to one of the hotels they stayed at, tic-tacs, and some uneaten food. I know, I know, thats a little much...who cares!? lol

Now for the concert! All I have to say is WOW!!! I thought the Millennium concert was good....this was better! The special effects and lighting was amazing, the stage set was so cool, and of course the singing and dancing rocked!! My favorite songs they performed were: "Not For Me", "More Than That", "Time", and "Get Another BF". I also like when they show footage of their changing room under the stage up on the Mega-Tron. I really liked "Time" because they sang it on this bridge that came out over the crowd!

Although Nick is my favorite, I really enjoyed Kevin at this concert. He had the moves and was incredibly funny! GO KEV!! (Of course all the guys had the moves....especially Nickolas!)The seats that I had were awesome! I was so close...and to top that off Nick was on the part of the stage that was closest to us most of the time! SCORE!!! Krystal was just amazing! I can't wait to get her CD!

She had such a good voice and a very nice style....non of that Britney or Christina clothing! I am really looking forward to seeing more of her! All in all it was a great show. I will definatly NOT forget it, those Backstreet Boys are true performers! Have Fun At The Show "Everyone"!!! Feel free to email me...I love talking to other BSB fans!! KTBSPA ;)

Grand Forks (Alerus Center)

Date: Feb 22, 2001
Submitted By: ~Canadian BSB Chick~

Hi y'all! I drove down 5 hours from Manitoba, Canada to see the boys in Grand Forks Sunday night. I'm just writing about it now because it is just starting to sink in that I went. I'm completly obsessed with them, but I had never been to a concert before, as they don't come to Canada very often. I finally convinced my parents to let me go the US, so I went on February 18 with my four best friends and two moms. Let's just say that except for hanging out with BSB, that was the coolest thing that I have ever and will ever do in my life. We had pretty good seats, not on the floor, but 8 rows up and in line with their second little stage. When the lights when down and the first explosion rocked the Alerus Center, I couldn't breathe. To have waited so long to be in the same room as them was unbelievable!!! The Alerus Center in Grand Forks is brand new (this was the first concert there and it wasn't sold out, how weird is that?) and the acoustics were amazing!! I've read some reviews that said the sound quality was bad, but not that night! Everything was crystal clear and the Boys were having a really good night. Brian never stopped smiling, and Nick held every note for an eternity. (I've seen Millenium clips where Nick bailed on a note at the last minute, but not that night!) Brian is my favorite, but I just couldn't take my eyes off all of them. When Nick grabbed that guitar on Get Another Boyfriend, I almost died. AJ and Kevin were hilarious (I loved that wardrobe changing video) and Howie looked "stressfully hot!" LOL. I can't believe some of those critics who say there are too many slow songs! I thought it was just perfect. They sang everything off of Black and Blue except It's True, plus What Makes You Different, If You Stay, IWITW, LTL, SMTMOBL, Everybody, I'll Never Break Your Heart, and All I Have to Give. Some people said they sang Quit Playing Games/ALAYLM, but not in Grand Forks. The dancing was better than ever (especially Not For Me and Get Another Boyfriend) and I never once thought that the dancers were in the way. I laughed at their antics, I cried when they played Shape of My Heart, and I just really enjoyed every minute. I want all of you out there who have not yet been to a concert to remember that your "time" will come. Living in Manitoba, I never imagined I would go, but it happened. My everything in sight, bring your camera (I didn't cuz they said not to, but no one checked) and never blink so you don't miss anything. KTBSPA!

Grand Forks, ND-2-18-01

Date: Feb 22, 2001
Submitted By: Amanda

I was lucky enough to go see the Backstreet Boys in Grand Forks on Sunday and I just want to say it was the best night of my life! My friend, Hannah, and I got there, like, and hour and a half early and we were SO excited. It was our first concert and I remember walking in and being like, "Oh, my gosh! We're gonna see 'em in a few hours!" We had second row seats, kinda on the right, but amazing!! When the show started, I was freaking out. It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen!!! All the Boys looked SO good and I had this little window where I was in perfect view and Brian saw me and acknowledged me twice when I blew him a kiss-once with a thank you and once with a wave and a smile until I did the same. It was great. Everyone around me was just kinda calm and then there was me, who was jumping up and down and screaming my eyes out. It was the most exciting, memorable thing ever!! I just wanted to say if you get the chance or already had the chance to see 'em, it's definitely worth it and it just made me luv the boys even more!!

Grand Forks, North Dakota

Date: Feb 22, 2001
Submitted By: Venoma

I am from Canada, and I finally got the chance to see the Backstreet Boys, Feb. 18th, 2001. I saw these five beauties in 1997, on thier first Canadian Tour,and never got the chance to see the Millenium tour. I have to say that I am in awe of the show these five talented young men have put on!! I have seen a lot of concerts by many artists, and these guys absolutely made an impression. We drove from Winnipeg to Minneapolis to Grand Forks all in one shot. 18hours later we found ourselves completely exhausted and drained at the lack of our "sightings". Staying in a ditchhole of a hotel in Grand Forks because they simply do not have the capacity to cater to all of the business that the new Alerus Center brings, we tried our hardest to see, even a glimpse of the boys..with no luck,we arrived at our concert, tired, but excited. We have been waiting so long!!! I have to say the most amazing part..that opening! WOW! They have a creative and imaginative crew, and I tell you, even if you don't like a lot of the Backstreet Boys, this performance, is totally worth the wait. The Alerus Center is pretty good, and it is like Fort Knox to get near the place before the parking lot opens. You couldn't get near anywhere until concert time. If anyone gets the chance, see this concert performance. The way they try to reach everyone in the crowd is commendable, I don't think I will ever consider the first row at the front to be the only "good seats" in the house!

Way to go BSB! This one rocks!!!


Grand Forks, ND

Date: Feb 22, 2001
Submitted By: Emily

Ok everyone we all know that the Millenium Tour was good... but Black & Blue is much better! I was fortunate enough to get to attend the concert held at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

The boys were going to be the first big act to perform here. Well, Sunday morining (the day of the concert) my cousins, mom, sister, and I got up to see if we could find the motel where they would be staying. Sure enough we saw all the tour buses parked outside the Holiday Inn... half a block from our motel! These two girls were walking around the buses and they tried to open the door and alarms started going off... so don't do that! *LOL*

As devoted fans we stayed outside the motel in our car for 6 hours! In those 6 hours we didn't eat or do anything except sit there and hope they'd come out! It all payed off because we saw Brian, Leighanne, and their body guard get off one of the buses! They started walking toward the motel! It was really cold out so they were all bundled up... they looked so cute!

Anyway, my sister and I calmly walked over there. The body guard asked us to stay where we were. (I suppose he didn't want a lot of attention drawn. Plus we were only like 15 ft. away!) Well, we did get a wave and they both said "hi" to us! THEY MADE EYE CONTACT WITH US! All in all Brian was the only BSB we saw... but we did see a lot of band members and dancers. We even got some flowers one of the band members or whoever left on the sidewalk! That was awesome! And my cousin went sifting through garbage a bus driver threw away that contained an almost full pizza, a room key to some motel, tic-tacs, and some other half eaten food! We also saw Lil Tyke or Litty Leigh we aren't sure which dog it was... but Brian and Leighanne were walking him/her! For cute!

Now for the concert!We got to the Alerus Center right as Krystal came on! She's awesome! I can't wait to get her CD! Her voice is just so powerful and beautiful I loved her! And the Boys! MY GOSH THEY CAN PUT ON A GOOD SHOW! The stage setting was so cool, the special effects and lights were amazing, and of course the dancing and singing rocked! I really liked when they performed "Not For Me" and when they sang "Time" out on this little bridge that comes over the crowd! "More Than That" was also good, butI loved all the songs! We were really lucky because we had really good seats and Nick was on our side most of the time! YEAH!

All the guys really got into the crowd and were dancing machines. Kevin was really actually funny! He cracked me up! There is also a part where they show a little video type thing up on the mega-tron of below the stage where they change....that was hilarious. Anybody that goes to their show will not be disappointed, they are true performers! Have fun everybody! Feel free to email me! KTBSPA! ;)

Grand Forks Feb 18

Date: Feb 22, 2001
Submitted By: Ayli

I went to the concert on Feb 18, and it was incredible. our seats were in sec 105, row D, so they were a little far to the right but really close so i was happy. the boys looked and sounded amazing.... i was so impressed with the sound quality. they opened with Everyone and Larger than Lif, and the meteor video in the beginning was SOOOO exciting, we were in a total frenzy waiting for them to pop up. then when they did the whole dramatic army thing i was gong crazy screaming, and they werent even smiling... they were so into it... i was loving it. my favourites were when they sang Not for Me and Get Another Boyfriend, and all of those other fast songs. Their choreography was edgy, impressive and need I say SEXY!!!!! i also loved when they walked over on the bridge, they were soooo close to the audience and they just seemed so energetic, singing Time. I thought the wardrobe thing was adorable, except for the fact that it was obviously taped bc Kev had facial hair in it and none at the concert! it was cute anyways, especially when Kev says, can Yall stop talking and help me find my BOOT!! it was adorable, and also when Brian dressed AJ!!!!

The call was done very well i thoguht, altho i thought it should have been the encore instead of SOMH, since they could have sad GOTTA GO and disappeared into some fire and smoke... it would have been way more effectvie than SOMH. oh ya i forgot my absolute fave moment was when Brian sang the first verse of IWITW and everyone sang along I WANT IT THAT WAY it gave me chills... and for SOMH my best friend and i ran up to the front, right in front of the catwalk and nick sat down on it and there was noone there and the lights were on us kinda and we ave him the I LOVE U sign wiht our hands and he gave it back!!! it was amazingly adorable... well gotta go, all in all the concert was fantastic and i hope to see them this summer!

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