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February 25th 2001 - Tacoma Dome - Tacoma WA

Date: Jul 18, 2001
Submitted By: Jessica

First off I just wanna say that was the best Backstreet Boys concert I have ever been to! & I have been to lots!! Ok so heres the story: It all started on December 2nd 2000 when me & my friend Annicca were the first ones in line at the GI Joes in Federal Way (we got there @ 5:00 AM!!) We had blankets, coffee (later!), my huge CD case with all my CD's & my little portabe CD player, magazines..ect.! We had to wait I think $ or 5 hours in line! it was freezing cold outside! so I asked my mom to go get us McDonalds! while she was there, DJs from the radio station Kiss 106.1 came for the "BSB Ticket Relief" as they called it! They had hot chocolate and all kinds of muffins or donuts for the fans to have! They then called the studio so they would be live on the air & one of the DJs (Candy!) asked my friend Annicca (while live on the air!) what time we had gotten there & some other things! Then they took like 5 pictures of the front of the line & then on down the line(we had more people at that Ticketmaster then any other TM they had been to!) and later posted them on their website!!

At maybe 20 minutes before tickets went on sale TM did a lottery drawing. (which really sux! i dont agree with that at should be first come first serve!) Our tickets were section 2B (which is straight back form the stage!) row 2 seats 14-21 (or something like that) I was sooo mad! When me my friends Katie & Annicca, my mom, her friend & her daughter & her daughters friend got to the Tacoma Dome on February 25th we had to stand behind about 1000 fans forever waiting to get in the Tacoma Dome upper level doors!! (which you had to go in if you did not have floor seats!) finally they lets us anxious fans in!!! When we got in me & my 2 friends split from my mom & her friends! We first went to our seats but then me & Katie decided to go down to floor level & try to sneak backstage! (Annicca was totally against the idea & she was really startin to piss me off so i yelled @ her to just live a little & she didnt talk to me the rest of the nite! she was too worried about gettin caught! & thrown out of the concert!) but the plan didnt quite work becuz there were security guards & event staff everywhere u looked on the floor!! so we went & walked through the seats & went to section 15A (right next to the stage! Annicca was against this to!) row 11 seats 2-4 & sat down! but during Krystal's performance some people said those were there seats so my friend Katie said "oh we have the wrong section-were in the nezt one over" & me being the huge BSB fan that I am said "no we just have to the seats wrong were in seats 12-14-we thought 15 started right here instead of over there!" (i was not gonna move for nething!! seat 15 was the last in the row & it was the closest to the stage!)

while i was talking to the lady I gave my friend a look that said "just shut the hell up & let me talk!" so we moved down to the other seats & never once did some1 kome & claim those seats so we stayed there the whole concert!!! I was the best time!!! I got a little camera happy when BSB came out - i took 4 rolls of film!!! most of them were of Nick!! hes sooo hott! but yeah well all know that so neway since I had 4 rolls of film to use my friend Katie kept sayin "get a pic of Brian!, get a pic of Brian!" so i got those!!! after the concert we were making our way from our awsome seats to the door we had to go out! (which took a 45 minutes!) that was cuz all the fans were juss trying to pile out! & we also stopped to get glossy pics of the guys! Me & Katie got Brian & Nick & Annicca didnt get nething cuz she didnt have any money & I wasnt gonna pay for hers also (I paid for Katies! cuz shes my best friend & she only had enough for 1!) cuz she hadnt said one word to me all nite! she was mad at me 4ever! i dont care! well i gotta go now BYEBYE!!!

Tacoma Concert-Feb 25th 2001

Date: Jun 15, 2001
Submitted By: chesmanluvr

Keep in mind: I wrote this story for my friend that couldn't go. Marci is my friend that went with me and the pictures didn't show up so if there is something in () it means about the picutre. Some things aren't in order but most of them are. I did this on what I remembered and wrote it less than 10 hours after the concert. ENJOY! PS It's lenghthy! LOL

This is my story at what happened at my very first Backsteet Boys concert. Some people doubt stuff that I believe and my eyes believed happened but I will not let them sway my opinion.

At 7:00 a.m. on Saturday, we left for Tacoma to go to the long awaited Backstreet Boys Concert. Marci and I were so excited that a smile was permanently seen on our faces.

After traveling for 10 hours through rather nice weather, we reached Fife (an out skirt of Tacoma). There we checked into our hotel and went shopping. That day went by and the next day we went to the Museum of Flight in Seattle. There we got to take a tour of the First Airforce One and look at old airplanes and such. We stopped to drop Alan off, who accompanied on our visit to the Museum and went to McDonalds to have dinner before the concert.

At about 5:30 we arrived at the venue and parked for a whopping $20. Our eye pencil prints of Brian and Nick plastered on our faces as we went and stood in line behind about 400 people ready to enter the dome under the letter “A”.

(Marci and I out outside waiting)

A young girl in line was carrying a very tall and wide book that had a Backstreet Boys picture and my mom noticed it. The girl’s mom told us it was the tour program and that they were selling them for $20 at the top of the ramp. Marci and I set of to find and buy one. After getting our 2001 Black and Blue World Tour Program we witnessed Stretch limousines and a few lucky fans win Backstage Passes.

At 6:00p.m, the doors hadn’t even been open below letter “A” and we became antsy as ever.

At about 6:30p.m, the crowd moved forward about an arms length and we began to move toward the doors. Backstreet Boys music played in the background and we sang every word shaking from the breeze.

Now inside after the sky had grown dark, we stood in line for the ever-expensive merchandise, which cost me $50 for a hat and a shirt. We set off to find our seats and my mom. She insisted that she not wait in line and that when we were done to come find her in our seats. We found the seats and set the merchandise under the seats and sat down to take a look at the stage. (How far away from the stage we were)

The stage consisted of a round screen in the back round that reached the ceiling and a Shiny white stage that looked as if wings were cut of off a huge glider and pasted together. Plus in the middle of the dome was a black and white bulls eye platform. The stage checker tested to see if various things would work and make adjustments. In the middle of the stage sat a white grand piano and tapered bridge that extended over the band equipment which was hidden buy 5 white cloths that hung in a triangle, flat part connected on the stage. The concert was suppose to start at 7:30p.m but seats were still unfilled and things were still begin checked. The lights dimmed half way and a scream arose from our throughts. I knew the opening act was first but I had to get it out.

About 10 minutes later they dimmed all the way and a video of Kevin talking about their new label mate, Krystal Harris, the opening act, began to play.

After the video was done playing, Krystal entered the stage in a fur coat and black or blue sparkling pants.

She sang 3 songs, one I new the other 2 I didn’t. The last one her second microphone and piano where not working. So she sang the song a cappella. 2 people slithered out to the stage to look at the piano. I thought they were Nick and Brian but when I looked through the binoculars it was just stagehands.

Yet again the lights came on and they moved the dead piano off stage and put some things down on the floor. It looked like 5 metal doors that where coming from the bottom of the stage and a rug that was cut around the doors. More tests where being done and finally the lights dimmed all the way.

A Video played that said to visit their web site and etc. I think a load voice introduced them and the crowd went wild. A video began to play on the lager of the three screens (there was two smaller screens on the sides). It was meteors falling to earth and when the hit the earth the dome shook because of the pyro that made it look like the meteors where landing on the stage.

(The earth that was begin attacked by meteors)

Dancers came out and collapsed, pretending to be killed by each meteor and suddenly many meteors came to earth. The earth (on the screen) was a red blob by now and smoke rolled over the stage and columns came up from the silver doors. Now figures were standing on the columns like statues. A scream erupted as everyone realized that it was them, the BACKSTREET BOYS!

1. (They are in the smoke on hydraulic lifts) 2. (Right before it went to the blue (1))

1 2

I stood to my feet with my Mom and Marci, and began to scream as well. They saluted the crowd after the columns lowered to the floor and the music began to play to their new song, which resembles the lyrical content to larger Than life, it was Everyone. When the red lights came on, the Rhine stone designs on their shirt began to sparkle and we got a better look at the thin, black, leather coats and pants that they wore over the blue Rhine stone designed shirts. The bigger screen began to project their faces over the larger screens. Most girls where screaming for Nick and a little less for Brian. A.j. in cornrows and a bandana around the forehead. Howie with straitened hair and a head band as well. Kevin with his normal look and Nick sporting spiked hair. Brian just had a trim that made him cuter in real life.

They immediately jumped into Larger Than Life, and danced that as well. They stopped after they finished Larger Than Life and chatted to the crowd. Asking everyone if they were okay and if they were having a good time. A scream became again, just like any other time.

They announced the next song, which I think, was either What Makes You Beautiful, Makes You Different or Shining Star.

(Shining Star)

Shining Star was their back-up dancers, dancing and the Backstreet Boys singing to the crowd. What Makes You Beautiful, Makes You Different, was just walking the stage singing to the crowd and pointing to lucky fans.

(Yes I Will, Brian’s on the screen)

They disappeared soon after for a wardrobe change and came back in shiny, white suites with Brian wearing a white scarf around his neck. They had white walking sticks that were sparkling in the light. They danced with them to the tune of Yes I Will, an A.j. penned song.

(More Than That, in the middle was a dancer coming through the stage. They were up on the bridge)

The lights went out and they proceeded to the tapered bridge where they sang my favorite song, More Than That. When I heard Brian sing, “I can see that you’ve been crying, you can’t hide it with a lie.” I broke down in tears. It was bad enough when listened to Brian sing through my stereo, but know that he was singing to me and only about 100 feet away, I couldn’t handle it. Tears streamed down my face as I mouthed the words and stared at the top part off the bridge, where Brian stood singing.

Yet another wardrobe change came, and when they came back on stage, in the darkness, a flame image came upon the round screen behind them and the guitar began the chords to I Want It That Way. The crowd seemed to scream the loudest yet for this song. I don’t remember what they were wearing but I do know that they showed a behind the scene of making the video from I Want It That Way at the end of the song.

The Next song was Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely. I think this is where Not For Me entered in the show. It is a fast paced song the talks about a guy finding out that his girlfriend is going out with someone else and he’s telling her she’s Not For ME.

Another wardrobe change comes and they come out afterwards with flames printed over there over shirts and black everything underneath. The image of billowing flames come from the round screen and they are shot from beneath (though the metal doors) the stage and landing in the middle. Here they sang, Everybody (Backstreets Back). There was a Cloth with red and orange lights shining from inside it to make it look like flames. These were at both sides, behind the stage. During the break down of the song they stepped forward and fans blew their over shirts back forcing they bodies to show through their clothes. At the end of that song the over shirts were ripped off and trunk was wheeled to the center of the stage that said, “BSB WARDROBE”. They made conversation with the crowd through us screaming and them talking to us. They all made a contest of who should go down into the dressing room through the trunk to show all the fans what it is like. Howie went down first and then Brian. Next it was Nick who fell go down into the stage. This left Kevin and A.j. A.j. thought for a little bit while Kevin arms rested around A.j.’s neck. A.j. finally concluded that, “To be politically correct, beauty over age.” And he advanced to the trunk and jumped in. Kevin strutted over and let the lid close. He sat on the trunk and like everyone else Kevin said, “I thought they were never going to leave! Should we go and see our dressing room?” The crowd screamed a “ahhhhhh” and he opened it up and went down into the trunk acting like Mario going into a warp tube. When he got down there they all greeted the camera and told the crowd to scream loader so they could here us. Howie and Nick went into a deep conversation about a girl in he first row about how cute she was or “hot”. Kevin couldn’t get into his locker and A.j. had his shirt off. After A.j. decided to put his shirt back on he had Brian help him. Brian came over and helped him then showed the crowd a can of silly string and then sprayed green silly string all over A.j. stood there with a thanks-a-lot look then whipped around opened this locker and got a tiny water gun and got Brian and Nick with it. By now Nick was upset because the girl Howie told him about was too young for him. After Kevin got into his locker he couldn’t find his boot. He tried to rally the rest of the boys to help him find it but they weren’t listening. Kevin finally found his boot and when trying to sit down he tripped over a non-bolted down bench and knocked himself, the bench and Nick plus Brian down at the same time. Nick began laughing and then Brian got up and went over to his locker or one that didn’t have a name on it and pulled it open. Out spilled a bunch little stuffed animals that where smiley faces and hearts. He began to use the doggy style digging and throwing them up and out of the trunk. Everyone joined in while Howie complained he needed to fix his hair. Soon Howie had his hairspray and brush and was doing his hair in the camera lens. Soon everyone was knocking him out of the way to check their hair and to see if they were okay. Howie got fed up and just slammed into the rest of them with the side of his body. Everyone was pushed out of the way and the camera went out.

I watched the stage intently and suddenly a scream came from everyone’s throught but I didn’t see anything. I looked down in the crowd and there coming up out of the black and white bullseye where them. I began to scream as well now knowing why everyone else was.

Just about everyone that was sitting or rather standing, on the floor ran around the silver fence that was placed around them. Flashes went off and things falling on to the stage. One stuffed animal hit Nick between the eyes and he faked falling down to make everyone laugh. They all sat down with their legs hanging off the stage, except Nick who sat cross-legged or Indian style. They opened to chords to I Promise You (With All That I Am). I didn’t realize what they were singing because Howie was facing our way and I began waving and shouting. He didn’t look up our way because everyone was sitting down excluding us. The only reason is because a lady to the right of us got mad every time we stood up, because she couldn’t see. That made we as mad as when some guy was booing behind us when they came out (I yelled at him to shut up). Howie looked up a few times but not many. Brian stood posing for pictures on the other side.

After they were done with that song, they immediately went into What Makes You Beautiful (Makes You Different). During this song they began to walk around on the bulls eye. Apparently Kevin wasn’t paying attention because he just sat hunched over and waving to a few lucky fans. That song went by quickly and then Brian announced that the next song was written by all of them and that it is reflecting on the times they’ve had together. This song of course was Time. Just as he finished talking a walkway from the ceiling came down and they walked and waved at fans as they sang the song. Someone wanted to give Brian something, so he laid down on the walkway and stretched out his arm beneath him so that he could grab a present. I don’t remember what he got though. Sometime between these songs Howie had a bouquet of roses. Each one in a tube and he threw them to the crowd.

When they finally went on stage, the walkway went up and they disappeared. Someone with a low hat came out and played a guitar. I thought it was Howie until Nick strutted out and took the hat off and wore it as he sang his part in All I Have To Give. The hat Nick wore was a so-called gentlemen hat. It had kind of like a cowboy style top with a short brim. You’ve probably seen them. I think Nick went back and the next boy came out and sang his part. In the middle of the song it broke out into a song that is still unknown to me. It was fast and the boys were running everywhere, jumping hopping and dancing to their own likes. When that was over, they sang I’ll Never Break Your Heart. Just about everyone how was a fan new this song. Now writing this I don’t remember that song but I trust what I wrote the day after the concert. They took a break and A.J. yelled out and wanted to know who was from Seattle. I didn’t hear him clearly so I just screamed. Then I heard, “and out of the area?” then I realized and screamed for the right one this time. They made a joke about how Nick is know the age Kevin was when they formed the group, which was 8 years ago. Kevin jumped back in and talked about foundations and their charities. Brian talked about his Healthy Hearts for Kids Club (I screamed). Nick talked about the Nick Carter Save the Ocean Foundation (Marci and I awed at each other). A.j. said he was working with Save the Music for VH1. Howie was for the Caroline Dorough Lupus Foundation (In honor for his sister who died from Lupus) and last, Kevin with his Just Within Reach save the wilderness foundation. When they got done they sang another song that they had all written, The Answer To Our Lives, which is about how bad pollution is and stuff. I didn’t realize it was about that because they don’t out right say what it’s about. It sounded like a love song. That was a big surprise. Videos played over the big screen, showing the Exxon Valdez incident and a lot others.

Next was the introductions which Nick nearly lost his pants during. They introduced the band and dancers to everyone while each one that was introduced played or danced something to show off their talents. Nick introduced the drummer I think and then started dancing. He got down on his back and threw him self-upward by trusting his legs upward. The only problem was that we found out that he wore white boxers. He pants drooped pretty low once he was on his feat. He pulled them up and carried on.

One break dancer was really amazing in how he could lay on his back trust up ward and almost hit his head and catch himself then do a flip. Plus when he first came out he did the fish on dry land flopping thing across the stage. He had incredible air.

The lights went out and they went back stage. The next song was Get Another Boyfriend. They wore linked shirts for this and black pants that shimmered. Almost right afterwards they went right into The Call. I believe that the phone that starts out the song rang many times then was picked up by the music and the video to the song, on the screen. They danced heavily throughout the song and never once showed shortage of breath. When they sang "gotta go!" I looked at the stage and didn’t see anyone but there dancers, dancing. Later a found out that the metal doors opened and they jumped in quickly. When a choir like song plays they come up in blue choir robes and sing the, ”ahhuhhuaa’s” When the music returns to the drum the rip off the robes and dance more. The music and lights go out and I continue to scream knowing that even though they said it was the last song they were still going to do Shape Of My Heart. Sure enough the light s came on and they were in the same pants but different t-shirts. Brian was in the Healthy Heart Club for Kids and that’s all I noticed. Earlier in the show I had made a small and selfish prayer that Brian or just anyone would point at me. I figured if this came true I would never doubt there isn’t a God again, which I already knew that. Towards the end of the song, Brian walk over the “wing” closest to us and began to sing to the crowd at his right. I looked through the binoculars and when Brian turned I watched as he extended his arm to Marci and I how where standing by ourselves. I quickly took the binoculars a way a waved back so big and hard that my bracelet almost flew off. They sang the last part with the audience and went to the front with the dancers, grabbed hands and bowed. Then just the boys did it and then kissed the crowd goodbye and disappeared through the stage and the light cam back on.

As I sat almost in tears because it was over I could barely hear. It felt like I had earplugs in, so I tried to keep a level voice. We watched as everyone filed out to the doors. It was a sad end to find out that my mom’s wool sweater and one of the tour programs got soaked in a red snow cone that they were selling. Marci offered and took the half-red tour program and my mom ringed her sweater out. As we drove home about 10:00p.m. I was sad.

I will always remember the weekend my friend Marci, my mom and dad and I took a trip to Tacoma and Marci and I full filled our dreams of seeing them, “the Boys” in concert and screaming until our voices went out.

Tacoma WA. Feb 25th

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: Molly

I had no idea that BSB was coming to Tacoma until i heard that my dad was working at it. So i freaked out and went to Ticket master and it was 4 days before the concert so i didnt think i was gonna get any! But when we got there they had 2 tickets left... FOR THE 11TH ROW!!!! I was so excited... my mom bought them both and as soon as i got home i called my friend Jennifer and invited her to go with me. We got their 4 hours early and it was COLD! but we hung out at one of

But the concert itself was great! We were so close to the stage ( row 11) it was amazing! Nick did the little 'i love you' thing with his hand and winked and i freaked out (Nick is my favorite) We Blew AJ and Brian kisses when they walked by and THEY BLEW KISSES BACK! i think it is awesome how sweet they are and how divoted they are to their fans. They would do anything for them! And when they went into the middle to sing 'Its True" we were about 10 feet away from AJ and he smiled at us and did that little 'how u doin?" nod with his head. i loved in the beginning when there was all those fire works going off on the stage i was so close i could feel the heat. and i screamed SO loud when they came up on those risers... i dont see how they could keep straight faces when there were hundreds of girls screaming for them!

They are coming to seattle on August 11 and i already have all the money saved up for the tickets. I check Ticket Master every day to see when the tickets come out.

Anyone who went to the Feb. 25th concert E-Mail me!!

The Backstreet Boys in Tacoma, WA

Date: Mar 07, 2001
Submitted By: Blake

Ok, this was my first Backstreet Boys concert ever and I have enjoyed their music ever since they first came out! Anyway, when it was time to purchase the tickets I could hardly wait to get them. I remember waiting in line for thoughs tickets at G.I. Joes in Federal Way for at least 6 hours. From 5:15AM till 11:30AM. I was second in line...however I was the first one there but waited in my car until someone came along. I got in line and started my wait. It turns out they did "The Lottery" drawing and I ended up with bad seats. Then when I got home everyone in my family was working on trying to get these tickets for me. My grandpa ended getting me good seats for the second show on the 26th of February. I was happy! As the concert slowly approached and it had reached the week of the concert I tried two evenings in a row to get V.I.P. passes to see the BSB but couldn't get them. I was devistated! Then I realized, Oh well at least I'm going to the concert. Needless to say, the concert was awesome and I bought a really nice shirt! Thanks Boys for not forgetting about us in Washington. I really hope on the next tour you will have more chances for people to meet ya! ~Goodluck guys~

Tacoma, WA Feb. 25th

Date: Mar 06, 2001
Submitted By: Allison

okay, this was my third bsb concert...and it was amazing. i wish i'd had better seats, but that's okay, there's always more concerts to come, right? but the best part was that i got to meet some of them!!! it was the best day of my life. i met kevin at his hotel at like 3:30 that afternoon. hands down, he is one of the nicest people i have ever met in my entire life. seriously. i was the closest one to him when he came out, so he came to me first, and he signed my stuff, then took my marker (yay!) and used it to sign other girls' stuff. while he was signing something, i said "hey kev, will you tell kristin i said hi?" 'cause she had come out of the hotel, but she had to rush onto the bus. and he smiled at me, and was like "yeah, sure!" then he brought my marker back to me, and i asked for a pic, and he was like "oh! yeah, sure!" and he PUT HIS ARM AROUND ME and he like put his face like right up against mine!!! omg, i was dying. but yeah, the pic came out great, by the way. and then i was trying to take one of him and my friend, but, of course, it's my camera broke. i was SHAKING SO HARD. he's like standing there w/ his arm around her, and i'm like, he goes "it's okay. it's alright. stop shaking, it's okay..." and he was kinda smiling. iwas like "no, dont understand! ahh!" and he laughed, and said "i have to go meet the rest of those fans, but i'll come back to you guys, all right?" and he did. what a sweetie. i have to say, he is going to make a GREAT dad. like, the BEST. he is sooo resurring. and my mom saw him in the lobby, he was holding this lady's baby, and she said he was sooo sweet w/ it, like playing with it, and talking to it and stuff. aww. yup. so then we went to the concert. ya'll know how that goes...great time. then we RACE back to the hotel, and get htere just as aj is going in, so i say "hi aj!" and he smiles at me and waves, then gives one of those 'how you doin' nod things. hee hee. he is one hot boy. lol. then howie came through,a nd stopped to talk to everyone, sign all the autographs. that boy, let me tell you, is sooo way hotter in person. and he's sooo obliging to fans. i've never seen anyone so patient before! he signed my tour book, and he shook my little sister's hand and stuff. very cute. while he was out there, nick's bus pulled up, and bob carter came off. i was like "hi bob!" and i was like the only fan out there who recognized him at first, i guess, 'cause i was the only one who said anything. and my friend, jen, goes "hey bob!" and he looks at us and smiles, nods, says 'hi' and goes in. hee hee. bob rocks. then came nick... can i just say... i almost died. now keep in mind, i did NOT scream at any of them. other girls out there were screaming. dude, if you want them to notice you, they're not going to approach someone screaming like a maniac at them. security rushed nicky through sooo fast, he didn't even get to LOOK at anybody, but when he got to the top of the stairs by me, i said (not screamed) "hi nick!" and he turned and gave me the cutest smile i've ever seen in my entire life. seriously. he like scrunched up his face. it was so cheezy, and cute! that was the moment when i was closest to screaming! hee hee. bri had already gone thru earlier, and since we'd met kev earlier, we decided to go back to our hotel (which was RIGHT next to theirs' it was the best best best day of my life!!! we have great pics, email me if you want the FULL story (what they were wearing, etc... it's 9 pages!), and stuff. love you all. ktbspa.

a l l i s o n

Tacoma Dome Concert - February 26, 2001

Date: Mar 06, 2001
Submitted By: Jann Widseth

It took me quite some time to come "out of the closet" and admit that I adore the Backstreet Boys! This in itself is not unusual, to be a fan, but I must be one of the oldest fans to go to a concert without a child in tow. Living in the Minneapolis area, I tried to get tickets to their concert here, but to no avail. I ended up buying (paying through the nose)two tickets on Ebay for the trip of a lifetime to see the group in Tacoma. To be able to finally see this group perform in person, after watching numerous videotapes of them, was to be a dream come true.

The concert was even better than I had anticipated. I took many fantastic pictures and knew I would treasure them for the rest of my life - knowing that this was an event that couldn't be replicated.

With about three songs to go (yes, even I know the words to most of them), a muscle-necked security goon came up into the stands and demanded that I turn my film over to him. All my questions went unanswered by him. He refused to listen to anything I had to say. Being afraid he was going to kick me out of the concert, I tore my film out of my camera and handed it to him.

Needless to say, I was devastated. All my "momentos" were now gone. I was trying to choke back my tears. I guess it turns out that you can bring certain cameras into the arena and where the line is drawn is up to some security goon. You tell me what kind of pictures you can get with a throw-away camera when the flash only reaches a couple feet. Again, most of the other cameras in the arena had a ZOOM lens already attached to them. These were allowed. I happened to have a Nikon camera with me that's older than most of the kids at the concert. I bought special film for it so I wouldn't need to use a flash. I also spent good money on a new zoom lens, knowing that this opportunity would not happen again to get some great photos. Well, I guess the security person considered my camera "professional" and, therefore, confiscated my film. Too bad the person using the camera (me)isn't a professional and getting my photographs printed in National Geographic.

I have worked for a police department for over 20 years and don't need some cop wanna be assuming I was going to make a huge profit with these pictures. I only wanted these pictures for MYSELF, NOT FOR RESALE. I can't believe all the photographs from the Black & Blue Tour that people are already selling on Ebay.

Before I bought the better seats at the Tacoma Dome, I had two seats for the concert at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota. I put an ad in the Grand Forks classifieds to sell them at FACE VALUE so a fan could enjoy the Backstreet Boys without paying triple face value or more. I didn't even charge the buyer for the cost of the ad or the postage to mail the tickets.

Yes, I have fabulous memories of that evening. I have nothing against the Backstreet Boys or the Tacoma Dome itself. I am still having trouble accepting the fact that the fabulous photographs I took and would have cherished for MYSELF ONLY were destroyed by one person on a security staff who wouldn't even listen to anything I had to say about it. I was the only person singled out and while my film was being exposed and taken out of my camera, flashes continued to go on all around the Tacoma Dome by all the other cameras ignored.

Where does one draw the line? Either cameras should be allowed or NO cameras of any kind. I don't intend to buy any pictures of the tour on Ebay since someone shouldn't be able to profit like that. The pictures should be taken for memories, not sold to make a dollar off them.

Tacoma, WA Feb 25, 26

Date: Mar 06, 2001
Submitted By: Nicole Evans

I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend both was well worth it! I won't go into details for the other reviews have "been there, done that", but the shows were incredibly. Not only are the BSB very talented vocalists and dancers, they are consummate entertainers. The pyro was a little scary (especially when you're sitting in the 3rd row...afterwards I had to check and make sure my eyebrows were still there!), but the special effects were nothing short of amazing. The opening act, Krystal, was also quite good. Kevin wasn't exaggerating when he said she had "the voice of an angel"! She even performed a song a capella when her piano broke. By the way, if anyone has any idea when here album comes out, let me know!

There was only one thing I would have changed about the concert: the sound system. Sometimes the bass was SO loud, melodies and vocals were drowned out.

One of the biggest highlights of my "Backstreet weekend" was getting the chance to meet Howie D! I had heard through the grapevine where they were staying, so some friends and I decided to go get a drink at the hotel bar. We had actually decided to leave, based on the fact that it probably wouldn't be polite to approach any of them on their downtime anyway, when Howie and his "posse" showed up at the bar. I did away with manners and asked for an 1 in the morning! I just hope he wasn't too disgruntled at being bothered by a fan. He seemed really cordial though! Anyway...

When all is said and done, I hope to see many more bsb shows for years to come. Come on back guys!

PS- after the recent earthquake, does anyone know if they experienced any of the shaking? I guess it was felt all the way down to California!

Tacoma Concerts 2/25 and 2/26

Date: Mar 03, 2001
Submitted By: Lindsay

The 2 BSB concerts in Tacoma were the best 2 nights of my life! I went to their Millenium concert and that was amazing, but the Black and Blue concerts were even better! The first night, I met Kristin, Kev's wife. She was way prettier than all the pictures I've seen of her, and way nicer and friendly to the fans than I'd expected. Right before BSB came on, I saw her walking down the aisle, really quickly, and I felt bad stopping her but it was my one chance ever to meet her, so I said, "Hi Kristin, do you think you could take a picture with me?" And she was like sure! and we talked for a bit. i had heard that she was quiet and kind of standoffish with the fans, but she isn't at all, so if any of you reading this think that, she's not like that at all!!! she was SO sweet! but anyways, back to bsb! I'm not gonna go into details about the concert, you've all already heard them....both nights I was right in the front during the middle stage part, and all 5 of htem smiled and waved to me! We managed to ssneak our posters in, so we really stood out. I held up my Happy Birthday Brian poster, and Brian saw it, smiled at me, pointed, and sang to me!!!! Aaagh it was the best!!!! Then my friend Dalia had this 69 AJ poster (did anyone see it? It was on the big screen when the cameras were scanning the crowd like 3 was blue...if you did, it would be really cool if you emailed me! in fact, anyone that went to either tacoma concert, please email me!) so anyways, aj saw that poster and smiled and waved to us. we also had a bsb one, which they all saw. i was right in between nick and aj, so they looked at me the most, but brian and howie were by me quite a bit also. the only one i barely saw during the middle stage part was kevin...he was on the other side. at the 2nd concert, nick threw a blue glowstick to my friend and she gave it to me! i went picture crazy and took 6 rolls of film, and i'm getting them back tonight! well i'm gonna end this now, but the concerts were AMAZING!!!!

Feb. 25th, Tacoma Dome

Date: Mar 03, 2001
Submitted By: Carolyn

My review

If anyone went to the 2/25/01 concert in the Tacoma Dome, please email me. I want pics. PLEASE! And if u went to the 2/26/01 i'd gladly accept pics, but looking for 25th

EMAIL: IM: BSB102699

5:00PM arrive and friend's house, watch boy meets world, eat pepporni pizza.

5:30 head to tacoma dome, little traffic then heavy traffic. listened to B&B (who wouldn't?). piad $10 for parking. Waited to get in the dome. we tried 2 doors, finally we got in. Got seats!!!!

7ish saw our other friends, saw major bsb fans (dying blue hair), used our binculors we brought, and searched for people.

kev came on the 2 medium screens, and talked about krystal, and when kev talked, it was from that thing. krystal arrived, she sung all her songs she has mentioned on her website. she was wearing 2 coats, all i can re-call is one was fluffy. she had an obession of holding the microphone stand. her piano broke, but early she was playing it just fine. it even said in my paper, i can give u there website if u want me to. Brian and AJ came on trying to fix her piano. she was signing autographs 2 sections below us, section 16 (my sec. 16b) my friend didn't want to go.

Opening song: Everyone (go figure) they arrived in blue cloaks, and through down to the guards, and sung away!!!!!!!! The crowd sung their bloody heads off (that means me too!)

2nd song: LTL


4: SMTMOBL (show me the meaning of being lonley)

im not too sure if that was the order, i forget the rest but, they sung all their songs off B&B, and LTL, IWITW, and SMTMOBL off Millennium.

Yes I Will, they had these stick things (batones?) they use it in marching.

Answer to our life, in the begining Kev talked about each boys' foundation, and the video for answer to our life they had clips of their foundation sort of thing. Like example Nick, he wants to save the ocean (go figure, scuba man), so they showed a breaching whale, trees, stuff like that.

For Everybody (Backstreet's Back), the part where sings "Am I SEXUAL!!!!!!!!" Everyone was like "YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", my friend said "uh no", and i scream my bloody head off in sanely "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", and i totally think i was the only one who said "no" aloud. Cuz, everyone loves that part, but me. They did a dressing room scene, and nick had to go in the box first. AJ was being a meany he was like "nick go in! u the young one, 21!" They had a fight in the dressing room, it may or may not be pre-recorded, cuz the camera had green silly string, and nick was messing around with it, and either nick or kev, couldn't get his locker open (sounds like me, thank goodness, after break i remembered my combination). After that, they went to a small stage, circular, like the Target store thing. They sung track 13, and It's True. And ya know from Millennium the thing that spins around, they used the same thing. Howie had a an obession waving at my section. Nick pointed at a girl's sign that said "NICK CAN I LICK YOUR DIC?!" and then they secuirty guards ripped it up twice, and had a lllllllllooooooonnnnnnng chat with her.

Then they walked over this bridge, and kev or howie got flowers, and brian laid down, and got a lolli pop from a fan and licked it happily, so cute, and did i mention, when he laid down on his stomach, i got his BUTT! Im good! I got his butt in '99, during Everybody.

Did I mention with Answer to our life? kevy introduced each of their foundations, for instance. nick has something about saving the oceans. and for video during that song, they had an hump back whale breaching.

The Call was really cool, AJ was asking whose phone rang, he asked the audience first, then the band, then he was like "hmmm.... oh it's mine" then the lady comes on, but when AJ talks he says "im doin a show now, talk to you later k?" and it begun. then they said bye, and came back on with the finale, shape of my heart, and these pyrotechnics, blinded us.

In the begining they had asteroids zooming down on stage, the dancers came out (not part of the show), in bags, and messed with audience, oh yeah, outside the dome, these people were saying something like "believe in christ! come to heaven!" i think. and then this guy was like "No we're going to hell!" christian: "no need to go to hell!" freak: "we're going to hell cuz we're seeing the BSB!!!!!" and limos honked their horns. That's about it!!!!!!!

More info? email me! concert pics!!!

Tacoma, February 26

Date: Mar 02, 2001
Submitted By: Ashley

I went to the BSB concert on Monday night in Tacoma. On Saturday, me and my friends went to the Four Seasons hotel to try to meet BSB. We knew they were staying there because that's where the groups always stay. So, we parked right across the street from the back door, and me and my friend went and stood next to the employee door, where all the employees come out. Every single employee, we grilled for information. Some don't talk at all, but we were finally told that they were there. So, we decided to go inside after awhile and look for the guys. My friend has her key from the last time we stayed at 4 Seasons (when nsync was there) so nobody questioned us when we were walking around. We didn't see the BSB at all, so we figured they were on the 12th floor, which is locked off to the rest of the hotel. We sat in the lobby and had drinks and we talked to a few of the dancers and band members. They were all really nice!! They told us the guys were really tired and just hanging out in their rooms. Anyways, we talked to the drummer and guitarist for about 15 minutes and we got our pics taken with some of the dancers and stuff. The concert was pretty kewl. We snuck up into the third row, so we were really close!! I thought it rocked. The best part was that after the concert, we were in back of the dome watching the buses and Nick came out of his bus and waved to my friend's video camera!! He is so hot!! I didn't wanna go into too much detail about the concert because everybody knows what happens in it and stuff, but you will all have a great time!

I was wondering if this happened to anyone else.....

Date: Mar 02, 2001
Submitted By: rachel

Well we drove about 9 hours to get to Tacoma arriving around noon. I went over to the dome just to see what was going on. Well I found out from a guard and radio station that bsb was doing intervies in seattle and would be coming back around 4. So I was all happy that I could watch their bus pull in and see them walk in. Well the security was really really mean to us, we were standing on the sidewalk and they made us leave then when we were walking SLOWLY out we saw 5 buses pull in around the curb and we all were like OH MY GOD!! And we ran all the way around the dome, and hide in the buses, cus we knew they would be walking to the door any second, after about 2 hours the boys had still not gotten out of the bus. Everyone started to leave giving up, but me and my mom and 3 other girls stood out in the cold for like 4 more hours and they still wouldn't come, they wouldn't walk by and there was only 5 people, my mom went and talked a guard and he said they would not go in the dome until every person was out of the way. So we eventually left at 7:00 and went inside. But the show was really awesome except I had really bad seats but its all good! Well if you have had something like that happen tell me cus I feel so jipped! We waited so long.

Tacoma, Washington

Date: Mar 01, 2001
Submitted By: Amber

Hey, I have had the best 2 nights of my whole life, the past 2 nights! It has been so amazing. This is sadly my first BSB concert. I've loved them for about 3-4 years now, but I haven't been able to go to one of their concerts. Well, let me tell you the Black and Blue tour is the best thing my eyes have ever seen. It was so awsome. The first night I had section 17A, row 2, which was diectly infront of the small stage, on the side. I had a pretty good view of the big stage, but an even better view of the small stage. It was such a good performance. And may I say they are WAY hotter live and upclose then in pictures and videos. Now don't get me wrong, they are always hot, but its just not the same. I was so excited to get the tickets, and I even started counting down the days, but it was well worth all the money and wait. When they came up onto the small stage I about died, because my fav was on my side, my Nicky!!!!! I screamed so loud, and took pictures of his every move. The songs the played were all sung beautifully from Everyone to I Want it That Way to All I have to Give.

I had such a great time the first night, that I really really wanted to go the 2nd night, but sadly I didn't have tickets. But my prayers were answered, and I found tickets, not just any tickets, floor tickets, and the 14th row! Do you realize how close that is????? I could have fainted. I bought them out of the paper, for only $65. I was so excited that I got to go again, and see NICK!!!!!! I love him! We could see there every move perfectly, every facial expression, it was so cool. Since we knew when they were going to be on the small stage, right before, we ran so fast to get there. We made, and we were right up front against the gate! They came out, and it was so amazing to see them that close, we were 2 FEET AWAY!!!!!!! When Brain & Howie did their little duet thing, A.J. was right in front of me, I was about 2-3 inches away from touching him, unfortunally I never got to touch any of them, but I got waves, simles, winks, and points, from each of them both nights. When the bridge came down, I walked along it with Nick up until we were almost the the main stage. I had made a shirt at the mall, which cost about $30, it said I love Nick in big bold letters, I held it straight, and up so he could see it, he made eye contact with me, simled and winked, I seriously thought I was going to die. Just a little hint, when they show a video in the dressing room, run, run like there is no tomorrow, to the small stage, because you'll never get that close if you wait, esspically if your off the floor. You will all have the time of your life. I did. I can't wait for them to come back to WASHINGTON!!!!!! I love NICK!!! Keep the Backstreet pride alive!!! Have fun!!!

Tacoma, WA, Feb. 25, 2001

Date: Mar 01, 2001
Submitted By: Lisa Marquardt

I have submitted this fan review to the BSB Online Fan Club but it probably won't be published there.

For our 8th wedding anniversary my husband and I decided to give each other an exciting gift. A trip to a Backstreet Boys concert! Because their tour plans did not include our area we decided to fly out of Missouri. This was to be our first flight on an airplane; reason enough to be excited! Now add on FRONT ROW CENTER FLOOR SEATS at the Tacoma Dome's Sunday show and you have a first class trip! Add on another element of excitement........we almost missed our flight out of the Kansas City International airport.

Once we arrived in Seattle with our luggage intact we checked into the Sheraton Hotel and Towers. It was about 9:00 PM Seattle time which made it 11:00 PM Missouri time. Off to bed!

The next morning we did the touristy thing. The Space Needle, Pike Street Marketplace and........SHOPPING! Nordstrom, Old Navy, FAO Schwartz and old/out-of-print bookshops! Whew! You don't find this kind of shopping in our hometown of Columbia!! Where did all the time go?? Back to our hotel to get ready for the concert. Traffic was a mess, as expected. $10 for parking??? Ugh! We purchased two shirts. The "must have" Brian Littrell's Healthy Heart Club for Kids t-shirt and the "gee, that's a pretty color of blue" shirt with sparkling pink lettering. Krystal came on and put on a great show. She improvised well when her piano wouldn't broadcast sound. As my hubby said; "Boy, that girl has quite a voice!" I agreed whole-heartedly. On to the BSB. I won't go into too many details of the show because by now it would only be a repeat of other reviews. The Boys sounded great, looked great and put on one heck of a show! Their connection with the fans was immediate and mind-numbing. When they were talking about the Boy's different charities we held up our Healthy Heart Club shirt. Brian acknowledged it by pointing directly at us!! Well, we now feel incredibly special! Throughout the entire show AJ, Howie, Kevin, Brian and Nick made eye contact with as many fans as possible. I was really impressed that they made that effort instead of just going through the motions of "let's sing, dance and get the heck out of here". If someone wanted a picture and they noticed you they would purposefully stop, point or look directly into your camera. I got my film developed today and I have several excellant photos of the Boys. The best ones are of Kevin and Brian, yet I got all of them on film. My most treasured pics are the two where Brian looked directly into my camera during SOMH and one other song. I have to be honest and say that they really are very good!! The last song, Shape Of My Heart, came way too quickly. Brian appeared on stage wearing his Healthy Heart Club charity shirt. Howie was holding his Lupus charity Teddy Bear. I saw Howie throw out one bear and Thomas saw him throw a second bear on the other side of the arena. During the show we had witnessed AJ throw his towel and water bottle to the crowd. A hat was also cast out to the audience. There were several lucky people going home happy with delectable items from the BSB.

On to the most thrilling part of the show for Thomas and I. During SOMH Brian takes out a pen and signs the shirt he is wearing and looks out at the sea of reaching hands and hopeful faces. He notices our outstretched hands and motioned; "Do you want this?" Of course, I said "No". (Yeah, Sure I did!!) We were shaking our heads "YES!!!" with pure delight written all over our faces. Brian indicated; "OK! This shirt is for you!" It was going to be ours!!!!!!!!! Could this night be any more perfect?

Before I go on, let me explain why that autographed shirt means so much to us. In 1996, we had a son born with a congenital heart defect. He had corrective open-heart surgery at the delicate age of two weeks. In the recovery room they lost him when his heart started quivering at a very fast rate instead of the life-sustaining beat that his body needed. They were able to resuscitate him but he needed the support of the heart/lung machine until his heart could beat strongly on it's own. The doctors indicated that the chances of this were very slim. When we got to take him home two weeks later the surgeon told the nurse that our little guy was a pure miracle from God (as all children are) because he honestly didn't think that we would be taking him home alive. Today he is a healthy four-year-old with only minor complications. Every single day I praise God for our little Nicky and our other three children. (No, he wasn't named after Nick Carter. I will ashamedly admit that his birth was before I even knew who the BSB were.) This was the reason Brian's signed shirt meant so much to us. We were going to make it a keepsake for our son. A special treasure for our special treasure.

Then tragedy and dismay struck. Although Brian really tried he couldn't get the shirt off in time before the song was over. As he disappeared below the stage with the rest of the BSB he gave us a shrug as if to say he was sorry but he tried, still struggling with the shirt and his ear piece that I believe it got caught on. Even though it was quite a disappointment that we didn't get the shirt we are forever grateful for Brian's graciousness and his attempt to give us something that would be so amazing to us. The girls sitting behind us, in the second row, told us to stay put after the show believing that someone would go ahead and bring the shirt around to us. But it was not meant to be. So we left my name and address with one of the Staff Pro Security Guards. She said that she would try to give it to the boy's security people but we really don't expect anything to come of it. I have a feeling that there is a lot of "Sure I will get it to them..." that really never occurs. And there is a good reason for that too, if they got everything that fans were trying to contact them with they would be completely overwhelmed. Still, I had to try, right?? The whole experience was one big adventure and the special contact by Brian was very meaningful for us. Even if it was only for a few moments in time.

On our way back to the Sheraton, my husband and I briefly discussed going to the hotel where the BSB were reported to be staying. We quickly rejected the idea knowing that they had just given us a huge part of themselves at the concert. It just wasn't fair of us to impose on their downtime at their hotel. (Yet I do envy those who have more aggression than I do. You are the ones who get to meet them, etc.) So we just headed back to our room. The next morning we made our way back to central Missouri and our children with a memory that will last us a lifetime. Thank you AJ, Howie, Kevin, Nick and especially you Brian!

Tacoma, Wa 02/25/01

Date: Mar 01, 2001
Submitted By: Brianna(the feminine form of Brian, i might add)

I can TOTALLY say that this has been the BEST BSB concert I have ever been to(I've been to 3, and I've gotten Kevin's autograph before)!

Me and my friend got to the Ramada at 3:30 and walked up to the dome at 4. They had the place where the buses were, blocked off, so we couldn't stand by the gate like last year(Noooo fair, grrr). We went to all the radio station booths and had fun getting free stuff, like chapstick and temp. tattoos. We heard alot of rumors that one of the boys was gonna come out somewhere and sign a few autographs, but we looked around till about 5 and didn't see any fans flocking towards one particular place, so we decided to get in line. We watched the KUBE van from up above and heard everybody singing BSB songs for backstage passess(of couse, they didn't call my name:) Also there was this girl that looked about 10 or 11 that was dancing to music by the booth. she had a pretty big crowd around her, and she was REALLY good. They should have given her a backstage pass though. But anyways, It wasn't till about 6:20 till they opened the doors, and I was prolly one of the first 20 peeps in the building(cause I was like the 3rd person in)!!!

I bought a program(20$), a glowstick(8$), a laminate of all the guys(5$), and, of course, food(alot of $). And we went to find our seats.... I was kind of wondering what a bullseye was in the middle of the floor for. After all, I was in the seat on the end, RIGHT NEXT to it. I asked a really hot guy("STAFF PRO") what it was for. But he said he didn't know, and then said that I would be excsatic, if not, happy. So, I was wondering the whole time, untill Krystal came out and wowed me with her AWESOME voice, and great improvisation on her ending song.

THEN, 15 minutes later the dome went dark, and there were the BSB, opening with big humungo blasts and thier song "Everyone". I really loved when they did "The answer to our life", because of the video of enviromental issues in the background, it made me think. They sang songs off of the "Millennuium" album and the new "Black & Blue" album.

In the middle of the concert, they went down, underneath the stage and showed them in the dressing room, OMG, changing. And, of course, Brian had to start that Silly string fight. About a minute into the video, girls started running over by me to the bullseye, so, I was sure that they would be coming out in a minute or two. I didn't really see the rest of the video cause I was too busy getting situated over RIGHT in front of the target. The target started moving up and they came out. I screamed sooooooo loud! Howie actually looked RIGHT AT ME and blew a kiss at ME!! I was sooo happy! I got some REALLY GOOD closeup shots of the guys that are gonna be on my site in a couple of days(

They sang some more songs, and ended with "The Call"(Although, I think they did one more song after that).

Right when the song ended, me and my friend RAN to where the buses were, and they didn't have it blocked off anymore, so I thought maybe one of them would come out and sign autographs like last year. We were one of the first six to get there and so we stood by the gate, and bus after bus leave, untill there were 3 left. One of the buses went and parked right out by the doors, so that we couldn't see when they came out. The bus left, and I was soooo bummed, but at least I got to be by them at the concert. We left for the hotel, hoping that they were staying there, but I dont think they were, cause we found the celeb suite and waited till abot 1am and decided to go to bed.

Tacoma Dome Show

Date: Mar 01, 2001
Submitted By: Mollie

Hi all, we saw the show in Tacoma on Sunday. My best friend and I took my 2 daughters and 2 of their friends. We, of course, thought the show was awesome and sang, screamed and danced the night away. We thought Krystal had an awesome voice. I won't bore you with the details of the show since it was the same as the rest, but I will tell you what happened after.

We were on our way home when up ahead we saw what looked like a whole bunch of tour buses. My daughter said mom, hurry and get next to those buses, its the Backstreet Boys up there. I thought that it wasn't since they were doing a second show the next day in Tacoma and these buses were already in Seattle. These buses were really cruising, about 85 mph to get ahead of the crowd I assume. Well, we got up the the buses at the end and saw that they were exiting the freeway. I said to the girls, well its probably them and it looks like they are staying at the Four Seasons Olympic. They yelled, "mom, get off the freeway", so I did.

I parked in front of the hotel, we walked up to the back door of the hotel just as the first bus was pulling up. Now, there were only about 25 people here, so we were thrilled. The bus door opened and out walked Howie. Howie is so sweet and signed autographs and talked to the girls for about 15 minutes. My daughter said to her friend, I owe my mom soooo much for this and Howie said to her, where is your mom, so I stepped up and Howie shook my hand and said thank you. Howie struck me as being exactly what you would expect of him. Howie is a really great guy.

The next bus that pulled up was Nick's bus, but he was sooo busy primping that 2 other buses pulled up and started unloading. One bus had some of the dancers and they all got out and said hi to us and walked on through, Krystal was on the next bus. She just walked through and smiled, but didn't say hi, or anything. Finally Nick's bus door opened and loaded down with golf clubs and something else he got out and proceeded to walk by us all (still only about 25 people) without a word. I yelled, come on Nick and he turned around and did that tongue thing that he likes to do. It was something, but a hi, how are you would have been nice. It wouldn't have slowed him down a bit to just say hi. It was nice having him so close though.

AJ and Brian had gotten to the hotel before we got there and we waited a few more minutes for Kevin, but the promoter said that Kevin was staying somewhere else so we headed home. The girls were so excited that they had seen Howie and Nick soo close up, and they all had Howie's autograph, but since Howie was so nice he has surpassed Nick now in the eyes of my daughters and Nick has fallen to #2. Anyways, we got to meet the Backstreet Boys and have a turned another page in the game of life.

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