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Portland Oregon Concert on February 27th

Date: Aug 04, 2001
Submitted By: Nick is the sweetest guy alive

I went to the Backstreet Boys concert in Portland Oregon ! I had pretty good seats. It was also my birthday present. A couple weeks before the concert I kept mailing to the boys fanmail. Then like 2 days before the concert I got something in the mail from Nick Carter. It was a backstage pass and front row ticket. I showed up and got to chat with the boys and get some autographs. Nick was so awesome. He talked to me the most out of anybody and said I deserved the chance to meet them. I also meet Krystal. She is so pretty and way awesome. When it was time to go watch the show all the guys gave me a hug...and Nick gave me a kiss on the cheek. I didnt know what to do. It was the best day and birthday of my life. Nick is so sweet and boy can that boy sing, dance, and turn someone on with his looks and personality. If you haven't seen the Backstreet Boys in concert you are crazy.....GET YOUR BUTT OUT THERE AND GET TIX ! KTBPA ! Love, ME

March 15,2001 Los Angles

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: Howie's Hair Goddess

I have to say that I really enjoied this concert! I had seen it in Portland with my friends and it was a great ( RThis is also my first ever BSB tour cause every time they go on tour i would be too broke to go - NEVER WILL THAT HAPPEN AGAIN )show then, but this time I had GRREAT seats! I had so much fun and I screamed a LOT! I don't think I have ever scremead that much in my life. I really had fun. I hope that you all get to see BSB perform. The show is high energy and very face paced. I was sad to see it end. I was entertained from the second the fire was on the stage till they left the building . I was like " is that the end? So soon :( I think that no matter where you sat you got a treat. The bridge was awesome! I haven't gotten to meet BSB- Oh wait I LIED! I saw Howie for like ten seconds, but he was in a hurry and he said " i can't take pictures and sign autographs right now" it was so sweet. ( ok so i like him can you tell :) ) Anyway I cannot wait till the summer concerts start. if anywone wants to meet and maybe hang out email me :) I am saine and I like to have a good time !

Gotta go!

Howie's Hair Princess - Keep Howie's long hair alive! ( Straight, curly or in that cute Pony tail )

Portland, OR Black & Blue concert

Date: Mar 03, 2001
Submitted By: Eric

Well here's my exciting review about the Portland stop on the B&B tour......

It was a very warm day; 60 degrees and very springlike. I arrived at the Rose Garden around 5:30 where there was already a crowd building. I saw the Z100 bus there and they were raffling off better tickets for some people. I had very good seats on the 100 level so I just stayed and cheered. The rival station (a hip-hop one) filmed a bunch of us to show to the BSB. Inside no signs were allowed :( but I did sneak a camera in. The fans were mostly in the 14-17 range but there were some younger ones, plenty of parents and adults, and about 10% young guys. Some of the guys were being surprisingly decorative (such as black and blue makeup and such) and a few of the gay ones were flaming (I tried to bring a rainbow poster in and one guy had a heart with ‘AJ’ in the middle on his bicep) but the young men in general were masculine (don’t know how many were straight) and acted kinda like rock fans.

I met my woman friends inside (college friends) and we sat down, me with an overpriced concert program. Krystal was so talented! She sings like….not far behind Mariah Carey and she sure puts her heart into it!! After 4 songs (don’t remember the middle two but she did “My Religion” and “Supergirl”) we had an intermission where she was doing autographs and then at 8:15…..OUT COME THE BACKSTREET BOYS!

The meteor shower was surprisingly gothic and destructively-themed for this tour. The Boys looked like little figures way out by the stage at first. Then for INBYH and How Did I Fall, they came over to our side via a box understage (OMG!) and they were 35 feet away from me on a platform. I took a glow stick, rubbed it on the inside of my cheek to get some of my cells on it, and tossed it; it landed on Kevin’s lap!!! He looked at it and held it for a minute before tossing it back into the audience.

After ‘Time’, they were back on the main stage and showed the Sierra Club video for ‘The Answer to our Life.’ That was probably the most meaningful moment of the whole concert. I’m glad Kevin is setting that money up for the environmental programs. Then they did songs like Everybody, The Call and ended with an encore of Shape Of My Heart. It was a great way to end a dramatic concert with lots of emotion!

I can’t believe the Backstreet Boys were really in front of my face, just several meters away! And I gave my DNA to one of them!!!!! I don’t think this group will be falling any time soon. They have the performance charisma to keep almost anyone mesmerized. What’s next----a rock album? Some strong dance music? Something more sexual? Who knows……….

Black & Blue tour 2001

Date: Mar 02, 2001
Submitted By: Amanda Craig

I went to the concert in Portland last night and I have to say I had the best night of my life. I always read the reviews, so I knew what was going to happen and I was so impressed with everything! Krystal is so awesome. Remember her...because I have a feeling she's going to be BIG!!!! I went and got her autograph and missed the opening of the boys..but she was so sweet it was worth it!! The show was so amazing. AJ kind of looked weird because he had cornrows...but he knows hes sexy, so I don't care. When the moved to the second stage, they were right in front of me and when they sang " I'll Never Break You're Heart", AJ and Nick waved at my section!! I was so touched I almost cried! Coming from an older fan...I'm 23...these guys are WAY better than NSYNC. And i can say this honesly because I've seen them both! If your planning to see them....your in for a real treat and a show you'll NEVER forget.

Portland OR Show 2/27/01

Date: Mar 02, 2001
Submitted By: Turtlemack


Opening act:

Krystal sang My Religion, Angel, Supergirl, and some other song.

She had this sparkly outfit on and she played her white piano.

She kept carrying around her microphone stand which was really annoying.


The rough almost perfect list of songs is

songs on the big stage


Larger Than Life

Shining Star

What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)

Yes I Will

Not For Me

More Than That



Wardrobe Trunk Skit

Center stage

I'll Never Break You Heart/ I Promise You (With Everything I Am)

How Did I Fall In Love With You

Walkway songs

If You Stay

Big Stage songs


Answer To Our Life



The Call

Shape Of My Heart

It was so great they changed costumes like four or five times and the dancing was TIGHT.

Millennium tour was kinda better I think. The dancing could have been better.


GLOWSTICKS are BLUE and are $8

PROGRAMS are $20

TSHIRTS are $30 and up



POSTERS are $10

and thats all the merchandise I can remember.

KTBSPA IN 2001 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Portland, Oregon Rose Garden

Date: Mar 02, 2001
Submitted By: Tara

Ok.. I originally wasn't planning on going to the concert because it was almost impossible to get tickets. But anything is possible. Anyway, one day I was reading a magazine and there was a contest to win tickets to BSB in Portland. All you had to do was write 5 reasons why you were BSB's biggest fan and the funniest entry won. On Monday, February 12, I recieved 2 15th row tickets to BSB.

After driving for 6 hours straight, we finally got to the Rose Garden. We checked into our hotel and spent a long time getting ready then we walked to the Rose Garden. It was only 6:30 but there were people flooding in. My friend and I went to our seats and waited impatiently for the show to begin.

First a z100 DJ came out and talked for like 3 minutes then Krystal came out and performed. Finally, around 8:30 it was time for BSB to begin.

This was my third BSB concert and the first time I could actually see them without watching them on the screen. The whole show was amazing. I couldn't believe that I had almost completely given up on BSB.

During "Time" a walkway fell down and I happened to be just underneath it. It was the closest I will probably ever get to them. Brian looked at my friend and me and gave us a thumbs up. This caused me to scream and jump even more.

This was definitely their best tour yet. I am very thankful I got the chance to go.

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