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October 15, 2001

Date: Nov 27, 2001
Submitted By: Elisabeth

I actually went to the concert in Oakland on March 2nd, but we had these terrible seats and I was surrounded by like 8 year olds that wouldn't stop screaming, even when the guys were singing or talking. I still had fun, but we couldn't even see the screen or the whole stage. Our seats this time were better, I could have gotten 3rd row but I had like temporary insanity and passed them up. I definitely had more fun this time around. I could actually see the guys and the stage. They did such an awesome job and I liked the additions they made, like that whole BSB in 50 years. Nick was really cute, he's such a ham. As if I didn't think BSB was awesome already, the concert definitely cemented my resolve that BSB are the best!

B&B Concert OAKLAND!!!

Date: Sep 05, 2001
Submitted By: Kristine

Heyy!! Well considering all the people I went to the BSB concert with already posted a review I figured I should to!! Here's MY review of the BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE! (Well, with the exception of Jr. Prom...!)

When tickets went onsale at Ticketmaster...we got screwed! We were like 10th in line and we got stuck with upper level..and even at Oakland Arena, that's pretty bad! About a week before the concert we found 4 ramp seats for face value, sec 124, row 3. We bought these figuring that wherever they were it was better than balcony seats. We were a little freaked cause it said "Behind stage" on them, but as long as we weren't upper level!

At the 1999 ITM concert we had 5 people and we each had a sign that had a letter of Brian's name. He saw it and waved to us, so this time, we decided to go with Nick. So we did the letter thing and on the back we made serperate ones for us to hold up. We left school as soon as we got out at 2:40 and got to the Oakland Arena by 3:30 with NO traffic. The radio stations had just set up so we were literally the FIRST people there. The BSB were staying in San Francisco so we figured to just screw it, we'd see them at the concert.

We talked to all of the bus drivers, and found out that Nick had a GF (later it would be Tifany), and we saw Sarah, but more on that later. We got free stuff from all of the radio stations for being the FIRST people there, and then we noticed that security started setting up a barricade, and since we've all seen pics of people behind barricades when the BSB shows up we figured we'd better get over there! We were right up in front of the barricade, that came up to about my hip.

The BSB didn't go through there which was depressing but just about everyother person associated with the tour did. The make-up artists came through, (FYI-they use MAC makeup for some of the boys!), and the cooks, etc. 3 of the dancer girls...the blonde girl, the one with Brian in GAB, and the one with Kevin in GAB. I dunno their names, but they were SO nice! They walked through so of course we had to take pics of them! 2 of the twin dancer guys were from the Bay Area, so they were on Razor scooters, screwing around. I think I yelled at everyone walking through, whether it was asking them for their backstage pass, or asking them if they were important!

The buses finally pull up, but it was just Krystal, who was so nice, and we met her as she walked through and got pics as well as the autograph signing. Finally, finally everyone sprints to another entrance, which has a fenced in barricade where the BSB woule be coming in. Some of our guy friends ran in front of a bus, that happened to be BRIANS!!!! Brian stuck his head out of the window and was like "'re gonna get hit!!" but it was all good!

We only saw Brian, Nick and AJ get out of their buses, but it was worth it seeing Brian's blonde head pop out and wave to the crowd. Everyone was so freaking out! We finally went inside and Oakland security are DUMB! My camera was hanging around my neck and our signs were sticking out of the backpack and they let us walk right in. Their loss, not mine! We got the 8 x 10 pics, and food and went to find our seats which ended up being AMAZING! 3rd row from the ramps, and since the 2 rows in front of us sat the whole time...basically FRONT ROW!

After Krystal's set (which we were the only people singing along to)...the joy of Napster! Lol, she saw us though, she signed in our section! We got up there to late cause we figured no one would be up there, but she remembered us from before the show, and during her set so she was like "I'll take care of you guys, so she made the line wait and signed for us, and we got pics! THANKS KRYSTAL!

Then after a good 45 minutes of waiting, and being jealous over our friend who payed $450 for a front row ticket the show started and I think I took a roll of film while they were on "Everyone"!

The show was amazing bt being that it was in MARCH I don't remember all the specifics, my San Jose review will be much better...hotel baby! But Kevin did do the "rock on" right back to us! Brian looked at us NUMEROUS times, waved and even missed a dance step cause he was reading our sign. Nick finally got a clue and saw our NICK sign after Brian hit him, and he waved and gave us a "peace sign" whatever, he annoyed me the whole night, he NEVER came over to the right side of the stage. whatever...BRIAN did! So after the concert, we met up with our friends and a local boyband, townsend who we've met a bunch of times at nsync, 98 degrees and bsb before and chilled for a while. everyone thought they were so famous and kept asking for pics and we were just laughin! so thats my review...kinda bad but when i see the show again from the 4th row in san will be MUCH better!

Black and Blue concert

Date: Aug 28, 2001
Submitted By: Jasmine

I went to the concert on March 1, 2001. It was in the Oakland Arena in Oakland, California. The concert started kind of late because barely anyone was ready yet. Krystal stsrted singing "Supergirl." It was a really cool song cause she was playing it on the piano and dancing while she was singing. I thought that was rad. The concert itself was HELLA FRIGGIN GOOD! It contained a lot of dancing, in which me and my two buddies were dancing to, and we saw someone on the other side of the arena accidently throw their glowstick a couple of rows ahead of them. It was pretty damn funny. The dance moves that the Backstreet Boys performed was very technical and jumpin. The pyrotechnics and their little acts during the concert was very funny. Their singing was exceptionally beautifully great and their connecting with the audience made it a very personal experience where you felt "connected" to the Boys. I would definitely go to the concert again if i could, and i recommend that, if you ever have the chance (or the money) to go, that you should definitely go. Thank you for your time (and money). Bye!


Date: Jul 22, 2001
Submitted By: K-Rok :)

Hey everyone!! So I'm totally late with this review, but seeing how San Jose is 26 days from now, I decided I was better late than never to post my review of the BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE.....March 1, 2001.

My friends and I had been making plans since like January of what we were bringing, and when we were going to get there. We wanted to leave school at lunch, but our parents were like...WTF? They're the BSB...NO WAY! So we left like 5 minutes early from 7th period, and were on our way to Oakland! We got there around 3:00PM and we were literally the ONLY people there for a good couple hours. Something about the parking problem or something.

We hit the 94.9 booth first, and we chilled with them, and they started calling us the "Danville Girls" cause thats where we're from. Every so often the big guy DJ-ing would be like, "Wheres my DANVILLE girls at?!" It was so funny. They gave us way cute baby blue sparkly t-shirts to wear, and so we ran over to 95.7 booth to enter for the front row tickets. The people at that booth were SOOOOOOO a$$ and mean! They told us only true fans could register and since we had those shirts on we couldn't, so 94.9 gave us free posters and CD's saying they were sorry.

All the buses started pulling in, and stupid us think that they're going to let BSB pull in and walk right by all the fans, who were behind this barricade that came up to my hip. Lol it was just the dancers, make-up artists, and people like that. The dancers were screwing around on their scooters, and kep zooming back and forth. Krystal walks by in this long black jacket and green pants with some guy (not Mook), and my friends and I were like the only people that knew who she was! Jeez!! I think my friend already submitted a review but whatever! We took pisc of her, and then the 3 girl dancers walked by and we were yelling for them so we took a pic of them (they DO get to TOUCH the BSB every night after all!) lol.

All of a sudden everyone starts running the opposite direction up this hill where theres a fence. There was a drieway for buses/limos and then a fenced in area, so they only way you could see was if yuo were WAY up at the top and it was still REALLY hard to see. We just stood where there was no fencing cause it wasn't worth it to get crushed by all the people. THE BSB WERE COMING!! :) They all pulled up in seperate buses and I only remember Brian and Nick cause thats who I was looking for! But once people started saying it was Brian...we ran down teh little hill and got some good pics of him getting out of his bus with Nick!


Krystal was REALLY good, and we got her autogrpah even though we weren't in line. Bottom line: she has incredible talent, but I wanna write about the BSB now, and not her.

We had side stage seats...3rd row by the ramps..sec 124. AMAZING SEATS. We couldn't see the video but I didn't really care. "Everyone" song, I LOVE IT! Brian runs up the ramp and I have a heart attack. This is NOT good lol!

Blah Blah...intro's start. Kevin is talking about SOMETHING and it's SILENT! Brian is just standing towards our section lookin around. We get about 30 or so people to yell "BRIAN" at him to get his attention so he could see our sign. It WORKED...little man runs up the ramps and waves. Ahh gotta love that kid. The small stage sucked for us cause we were SO far away.


*Nick staring at our sign (4 people with N I C K posters), and making a funny face at us and smiling

*When we did Carson's "rock on" sign, and Kevin did it right back at us.. ( I have the pic to prove it!)

*Brian stopping his dance to smile and wave at us (another pic to prove!)

I can't really remember the rest but it was AWESOME!!!!!! 26 more days until they're back in the Bay Area people!

March 1 Oakland Arena, Oakland, CA

Date: Jul 01, 2001
Submitted By: Andrea Jensen

This concert was the first I have ever been to, and oh how happy I am that I went. The show started out with the boys rising to the stage and special effects like fireworks and fake explosions. From what I hear it was much like the rest of the concerts in the first tour leg. Ofcourse there were a few exceptions like the stuff they threw at the fans or the incident where Howie toke off his jacket and threw it to the crew, but instead it went to a crying, screaming fan in the floor section. I'll skip threw the middle cause you all know what happens. At the very end the say "We only have time for one last song." The crowd moans and puts on a sad face as they start singing "Shape of my heart" they don't finish the song and jump down below. Then you hear through out the arena shouts of "Backstreet Boys, Backstreet Boys," and even more shouts of "BSB, BSB, BSB." I think the guys heard it because they came back up and finished the song, my heard melted siting there watching Nick sing and wave at people in the audience. That night was without a doubt the very best night of my life!

Oakland Black and Blue Concert

Date: Jun 14, 2001
Submitted By: Patty Perez

OMG!! This was the greatest concert in the history of the whole entire world that I have ever been to!!! (actually it's the only concert I've ever been too, hehe) Even though they made us wait 45 minutes they kicked some serious a**!!!I was thinking "what's going on, where the hell are they!" We were so excited to see them, everbody did the wave, chanted BACKSTREET BOYS, and sung the chorus " Play that funky music white boy." ewwww *shivers* When they came out they were so cool. They sounded great and they danced so well!They actually waved to our top section! Whoever is going to the summer part of the tour have a great time!!!!! KTBSPA :-)

Boys Light Up The Stage

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: Sonia

The Backstreet Boys have had many different tours but this was by far their biggest production. In case anyone didn’t know, the Backstreet Boys were in Oakland on March 1st and 2nd. The show started at 7:30 at night but at that time fans were still buying t-shirts and other memorabilia. Every couple of minutes the crowd would start yelling and chanting and it was a funny sight to see everyone rush in to see what they were missing.

The one and only one opening act Krystal, who is on the new Backstreet Boys record label, took the stage after a video introduction from Kevin Richardson. Most of that intro was not heard due to the fan excitement. Krystal came out in a black wig and layers of clothes that she took of one by one within the first song, “My Religion.” At the end she still had on a light jacket and T-shirt.

She did four songs including Michel Jackson’s “I’ll Be There”, which was enjoyed by most of the parents. Another song was “Supergirl” and that is expected to be her next single. The lyric that everyone heard was “I’m a super girl and I’m here to save the world.” Overall she did a good job and it was concluded that she has a strong voice, confidence, and a good voice range. If she wants she can and will make it big.

But now it was time for the main event. Before the boys actually came on the audience was teased with a video only to notice the lights were coming back on. At 8:15 the stadium was full and everyone was in suspense. The lights went down again and all the screens went on. About ten pyros went off and just when you thought the crowd couldn’t get louder, it did. From down below all five of the Backstreet Boys shot up on to the stage.

The crowd went absolutely nuts but they went right into the their first song, “Everyone” and following this was “Larger Than Life”. Both of these were the two songs undoubtedly written for the fans. Just like most of their fans they were also wearing black and blue. Within these first two songs everybody knew that this was the biggest production that the Backstreet Boys had done.

The stage was big and included a catwalk to both sides. The pyros were spread out all over the stage and as the show continued on different scenes were shown on the screen directly behind them. To get on and off the stage they simply stood on a square that pulled them down or pushed them up whenever they needed to.

The third and still up-beat song was “Shining Star” and after this it was time for a quick costume change. Kevin managed to get into his white tux before the others and came on to briefly talk to the crowd before the others joined. It was time to slow things down a bit. They dedicated this next song to all the girls, it was “What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful).” This was followed by “Yes I Will” for which each of the boys brought out white canes and after that was “More than That” which is another ballad.

Next it was time to re-visit a favorite, “I Want it That Way”. And it was also time for another costume change. When they left the stage the song kept playing and the fans were left to watch behind the scene footage of the video.

When the boys reappeared they were wearing black outfits and one of their girl dancers was wearing a black scandalous dress. The crowd was able to guess what the next song was, “Not For Me.” Following this they sang “Show me the Meaning of Being Lonely” and A.J. took a little time to dedicate the song to Monica Esponosa, a girl in the crowd who had recently lost her cousin.

Can anyone guess what time it was? Yes, another costume change. This change was done in front of everyone. A blue box that said wardrobe was brought onto the stage. Each one of the boys climbed into the box and ended up in a tiny dressing room. This is where they all changed into different outfits. The concert had to be kept PG-13 and so nothing was revealed, otherwise an angry mob of parents would have made it onto the news.

While everyone was distracted the Backstreet Boys ended up on a circular stage in the middle of the arena. Fans near that section turned absolutely hysterical as they listened to the boys belt out a medley of “I’ll never break Your Heart” and “I Promise You.” One more song was done on this stage and that was “How Did I Fall In Love With You”. After this things got interesting.

A bridge like accessory was lowered down, it led from the small stage to the main one. The trick was that it went over the people that had floor seats. This is where they sang a song called “Time”. At one point A.J. was actually lying down and looking down at the fans trying to touch them.

Back on the main stage Kevin took a little time to talk about each one of their charities and this was followed by “The Answer To Our Lives” which included footage of different causes in action, including Kevin’s Just Within Reach. From here they went into an old favorite, “All I Have To Give” followed by “If You Stay”, a song that was never really released here in the U.S. but many in the crowd new it anyway.

Along with the Backstreet Boys there are many others whom without the show could not be put on. Even though there were many others Brian, Nick, and Kevin took time to introduce their ten dancers and also the members of the band. While this was going on Howie and A.J. were changing and when all the introductions were finished the remaining three also snuck down for a quick costume change. The dancers and band were left once again to entertain the crowd for a few moments.

The Backstreet Boys came back up in silver and black outfits with a burst of energy and did an amazing version of “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” and still on a roll went straight into “Get Another Boyfriend”. A.J. came back on stage and teased the crowd saying that he forgot something and then finished the song. He started saying that there would be only one more song when his cell phone rings. He asks if he should answer and gets an instant crowd reaction and have you guessed what the next song was. It was “The Call”. It’s hard to tell what happened but trust me you’ll hear no complaints. There was so much energy for this song from the fans and the Backstreet Boys, it was incredible.

They said they’re good-byes and left the stage but we kept screaming and showed no sign of moving. They couldn’t leave with out singing “Shape of My Heart”. After a few minutes they were back to really finish up the show. The crowd was saddened to know it was really over but everyone was talking about how great it was and what made it better than other concerts. This wasn’t just coming form teenage girls but even the parents agreed.

With these two concerts in Oakland the Backstreet Boys turned many non-fans into fans and those who were already fans have know started to love, care, and respect the Backstreet Boys even more. Now more than ever, as Howie likes to say, they will be keeping the Backstreet Pride Alive.

oakland 3 -2 show

Date: Apr 03, 2001
Submitted By: kim knight

hey guys!i know this is kind of late, i mean the show was almost a month ago, but i still am in shock. you see i got to meet bsb. me and my best friend were brians v.i.p.guests that night. we were like chilling in a room with the bodygaurds and a.js girl. then we got to talk to brain before the show like 15 minutes and he showed us his scar and gave us hug and we exchanged gifts. omg it was the best might of my life and i wouldnt trade it for the world. i had to go through some hard stuff to get there though. you see i had my third heart surgery teh day after brians b day. im only 18 and my best friend wrote a letterto teh healty heart club and they showed it to his mom who gave it to him andthat was that. we got to meet the rest of the guys too. the tour manager took us to this room and we got to hang out with them a while before the meet and greet people. kevin and howie came in first and kevin started to talk to us. then a.j and he made a few jokes. then brian and nick. they like surrounded me and asked me about my heartand howi was feeling and gave me lots of hugs. kevin even gave me a kiss on the cheek. then we took a few pics and it was over. we had really sucky seats though so its a goodthing they hooked us up. we sat in fifth row with their friends. brain was like we will be lookingfor you so we knewthey were waving and smiling and winking at us. we went to the sac show too and we had sevneth row. we told them we were going and they sid they would try to spot us. then two sundays ago brian calls form sandiego to check up on me and see how i was recovering. they are such sweet guys and i loveem to death. well i just thought i would share my story. if you want to talk to me or anyhting email me at bless


p.s i was typing this real fast so please excuse all the mistakes

Oakland 3/1 concert!

Date: Mar 20, 2001
Submitted By: Missy

Hey everyone! My friends and I went to the BSB concert in Oakland on March 1..the first concert in Northern Cali for them! We left straight for the arena from school, because well it's always more fun to get there really early! We hit a TON of traffic on the way there, and the security guards weren't letting anyone in until around 5-ish, so I don't know how those girls who met the bus drivers and dancers got in at 3, but you all are sooo lucky! We were waiting in a fatty car line, watching about 10 or so girls run from radio station to radio station, talking to all the dancers and everyone and we were sooo jealous!

So when we finally got in, security set up this huge barricade, so we figured the boys would go through it right? WRONG! Only Krystal, the dancers and the makeup artists went through there. And props to the ONLY girls (about 4-5, they came together) that knew who Krystal was! She had the biggest smile on her face when they called out to her and took her picture! The dancers were very gracious for pictures to! Oh and if anyone is reading this that we were standing next to HEY! The girls next to us were hilairous and made the wait a lot more fun! They were yelling at everyone, asking questions and making us all laugh. At one point they even started pointing at little kids running around going, "THERE'S AARON! Everyone run!" It was funny! So the boy's buses finally showed up, at a different entrance! Of course we all ran up and saw Nick, Brian and AJ get out of their buses, it was sooo cool!

Krystal finally went onstage around 7:45 and was sooo amazing! Of course there was only a few sections yelling at her, but she seemed to enjoy our audience. She signed autographs in section 124, which wasn't ours since we were on the floor so we were kinda bugged we couldn't go up. Then the concert started! the songs were great and the boys looked amazing!! Brian had so much energy and they really utilize those ramps! Brian spent most of his time on the left side of the stage, and those girls up on the side are so lucky! Of course us in the front were pretty happy to! We had 10th row which were AMAZING! The concert was great and I loved when the boys walked over the audience cause they walked right over us!

Well thats it , and I CANT WAIT UNTIL AUGUST 13 when they come back!!! Yaya!! Oh and to the girls with the *NSYNC sign...we saw you guys! That was great, thanks for adding some entertainment!

Oakland, CA

Date: Mar 13, 2001
Submitted By: Samantha

OMG!!! The concert on March, 2, was the best. I heard that it was actually longer then the one the day before. On our way there we got stuck in traffic! It took us almost an hour or two just to get over the bridge. We got there at 7:15 and the concert started at 7:30!!!!We were really lucky. I had pretty good seats. I was about 11 or 12 rows from the small stage. When they showed up there I almost died!!! My favorite performances were answer to our life and the call. I loved the others too. I thought it was really cool how they started. I went to the millenium tour and i think that this one was better. The next day, I was reading the paper and they got a couple bad reviews. They kept talking about how they are directing their music to older people now and that they will probably break up soon. I hope not. Well, I didn't agree with any of those reviews. There were good ones too. So, overall, the concert was great and the guys looked hot!!!!!!

Oakland, march 01 and 02

Date: Mar 13, 2001
Submitted By: Natalie

OH my gosh the bsb concert was sooo good. I was lucky enough to go to both nights, which were both really great!!

well, on march 01, i got to meet BACKSTREET becasue i won the burger king contest thing and it was sooo cool! they are all really sweet. and Kevin is so handsome is person. Brian's hair was blonde-er too. and nick looked like he had a different hair-do. but they all still looked hot as ever.i told brian congrats on his marriage and everything and he gave the cutest smile and laughed a little and said thank you and hugged me. i asked nick to wear my tag thing for the picture and so he said sure and he gave me a hug and i got to hug all of the others too and they were all really sweet.

anyway, back to the show. They put on a really great concert!!! we had floor seats, but they were like after row 10, so there were a lot of heads in the way and the stupid staff kept pushing us in our isle, even is we just had a foot over the line!!! anyway,i really liked it when all of them went to their dressing room except for kevin and he said, something like, "i thought they would never leave now its just us" or something like that, it was soo cute. Then they popped up in the back to do their meddly thing and it was just really great!!!

the march 02 concert sounded better than the first one, not that they didn't sound good at march 01, but i think their microphones ampliphied their voices better. Me and my friend made a sign for brian and he waved at us twice! it was soo cool! after seeing them in concert, it only makes me like them more. They are such great performers and they are so admirable. they are so wonderful!!!! KTBSBPA!

B&B Tour MarCh 2!!!

Date: Mar 09, 2001
Submitted By: Melinda

WoW! B&B Concert was pretty fast, but it was GREAT! Me and my friend went on the March 2 even though we tried to get the March 1st too ((my 'lil sis, cousin, her friend and her parents went to March 1st)). So, before we left for the greatest show, I asked my sis for 'lil tidbits of the concert.

Anyways, me and my friend were soOo hyped in the car before the show, it was tHa craAzy! Half way there, on my right, I saw a large bus ((so I automatically assumed that it was a bsb tour bus)) friend said no it isn't, the license read missouri ((so she had her doubts)), but I knew it was and I kept telling her that. So we speeded and past it. When we finally arrived and at the stop light ((it seemed like forever)), a big bus was right behind us...then my friend finally realized that I was right. We both got soOo crazy and excited, I turned around and looked inside the bus to see who was there. At first, I saw this dude and I thought it was Nick...but it turned out to be someone else. Then, a dude came to the front and was smoking, it turned out to be one of the dancers ((the guy twins)). I waved to them and we were gonna stop on the side to follow them in.

The securities are strict and sucked. You know the rule of no cameras and devices allowed, well, we tried to sneak a digital camera in but I got caught. That freaken pissed me off, we tried lying but the woman was mean! Come on, it's only pictures and so many people got away with it because they're lucky. Good for you!

Anyways, after all that blabbing, we had behind-tHa-stage seats 2nd row. It had its good and bad...the bad part is that all we see is their backs and not be able to see the screens ((the wonderful stage settings)). The good part is that when they come up to the sides, they are close and that's great and we can see what's happening backstage. I was looking down there most of the time, but didn't see any of those fine men.

But, when the show started, I was soOo excited, I wanted to jump off the balcony ((haHa!!)) In, the beginning when the "meteors" explodded, it freaked me out cuz i didn't expect that and the heat was burning my face. Howie and Brian were the best cuz they would look over my section and at leats smile and wave ((such darlings)). Nick ((my babe)), was craAzy, he was totally freakin' it that night. AJ ((as always, was humping the air,,haHa)). Kev was coOl and collective.

What sucks is that, behind the stage, the music is not that great cuz it doesn't project to us, so when they talk and sing, it was hard to understand. Most of the time, I don't even know what song they're on. And my friends and I left after "the call" ((cuz I remember my sis telling me that the call was the last song)), but it WASSn'T! I missed it >:( and Howie came over to my section, looking at my section and waving, but I was far back, I didn't have time to get back to my seat!! That really upsetted me...grrr... Man, I wrote a whole essay and I hate essays :). Overall, the show was a BLAST, anyone who didn't get to go, so sorry, better luck next time, I know I would cry...Backstreet 4eVa baAy-be!!!!!

bsb concert on march 1 in oakland

Date: Mar 09, 2001
Submitted By: jennifer

I went to da bsb concert and it was the bomb! It was my first bsb concert and it was da best. I got really good seats. The stage was right in front of me. I got to see their wonderful faces. And they are so fine!!!!!!! My favorite performance was everyone, shining star, yes I will, answer to our lives, the call, and I want it that way. But overall all of the songs are my favorite. You cannot miss this concert its the best!!

March 2, Oakland Concert

Date: Mar 09, 2001
Submitted By: Vanessa R.

On Friday at 2 o'clock we went to the HS to pick up my bestfried, for we were off to see BSB. It took us about 2 and 1/2 hours to get there. We somehow ended up in the back parking lot where the buses are! My mom has a bad back and we have handicap plates so we were able to pull right up infront of the Coliseum. Our excitment didnt really set in untill we were actually there. We werent even out of the car yet when a bus pulled up in front of us. For some reason it stoped. There was a guy sitting in the front window looking right at us. OMG, guess who? It was Brian :) It was so great to see him so close! I didnt have my cam out though, so i didnt get a pic. The show its self was awesome, as you prolly already know. Me and my bestfriend wanted to go get Krystals autograph but we had no idea where section 124 was! The 30 min wait after Krystal, but before BSB will kill ya! It goes by so freaking slow. Finally though, the boys took the stage after the world blew up. I loved their entrance. They were dancing awesome and as always, singing their best. Howie is amazing life! I love when he holds the high notes. There was also some major booty shaking going on in 'shinging star'. Howie gives it a little latin flava and i must say he was the best. AJ and Nick are a very close second :) Brain was looking really tired. Im not sure if it has anything to do with his heart but he seems to get tired alot during the shows. When they all jumped in the wardrobe box 'cept for Kevin he said we could throw it in the bay now, LOL. I woulda rather taken though! Haha, i loved when they did 'everybody' cause all the boys left the stage and it was like BOOM they are back and jumping outa the floor! The end was sad, i actually thought i was gonna cry but then i remembered i would see them again monday and that made it ok. When we were leaving i wasnt even thinking we would see the boys leave cause my friend had to go to the bathroom and that took like an hour! But when we left all the peoples were around the bus and they started screaming so we turned around and there was this guy with drak sorta long hair, he sorta looked like kevin. Then he started waving and turned around and OMG it was him!!!! So close to us! I coulda died. My friend got a pic but she didnt have the flash on so i dont think it will come out. It was awesome though. The whole show rocked, i cant wait for them to tour again!


Date: Mar 07, 2001
Submitted By: *Rowena* <~~~~~~~BSB'S #1 FaN!!!!!!

I went to the bsb show on mar. 2!!!! And it is the best!!!!!! I lllllloooooovvvvveeeeedddd it ssssssooooo much!!!!! They looked so fine, danced so well, sang oh so sweet, sounded like angels, and the stage (production, did ya'll know that it took 27 trucks to carry their whole production!!!!! 4 Reeellzzz! They each have their own bus) was so creative and huge, and the pyro was so amazing!!! My parents loved it !!!! And we all wanna go again!!!! (my best friend loved it too as well as my sister and her husband) and I just wanna say whoever is gonna go, youre so lucky and I know thaht youre gonna have the time of your life, and everything is worth it!!!!!! Well, I keep hearing from "everyone" that bsb r gonna be touring again in the us!!!! Is it true!!!???? If u know... Plllllleeeeeezzzz, im begging u, plllleeeeeezzzz email me I rreeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyy wanna know! We all wanna go to their show again!!!! So please please please, im dying to know, im on my kneez,let me know, thanx!!!!!!! Luv yah..... Bsb fanz kick @$$!!!! Bsb r the best and alwayz will be!!!! Ktbspa!!!!.... I know I will..... Keep luv'in our boyz..... We all know they luv us even more...(oooohhhh yeah...)... They know how we like it... Bsb style.... "thats the way I like it!"

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