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Black and Blue Concert March 8,2001 in Vegas

Date: Jun 22, 2001
Submitted By: kathe

Sorry it took so long for me to get this one out. Been really busy and stuff. This was a review that I did for my college paper. Hope you all like it.

The room grows dark. Suddenly in front of you there is a picture of the earth. As you watch , meteors begin to crash in to. You feel each impact, and the heat as the come closer to the earth. Than is goes dark again. As you look around, you notice some smoke rising up from the floor in front of you. As you watch you see five guys emerge from the smoke on top of stands.

This is how the March 8, 2001 Backstreet Boys concert opened. This concert kept me on the edge of my seat. In fact, this concert was the first one in which I never did sit back down. It was a high energy, action packed show.

To kick things off, the Backstreet Boys did the song "Everyone" and "Larger than Life," the two songs dedicated to the fans. They slowed the pace a little b it, by singing their number one hit, "I Want it That Way."

They once again picked up the pace by singing, "Everybody, Backstreet's Back." Nick even surprised everyone by playing the guitar during this song. The Backstreet Boys than let everyone see what goes on under the stage when they go and change their outfits.

The best part was when they showed up in the back of the stadium, on a little round stage. They did this so as to be closer to the fans in the back. Than we got another surprise, when a walkway came down from over head, allowing the guys to walk across, to get back to the stage in front. While walking across, they sang the song "Time," waving to those of us that got close enough to be seen.

Kevin Richardson, of the group, went through and introduced each of the charites that each of them are active in. Brian Litteral has set up a charite called, "Hearts for Kids," which helpes those kids who have heart problems. Howie Dourough also has set up a charite in memory of his late sister, Caroline, called the Dourough Lupus Foundation. This foundation is trying to get more of an awarness of Lupus out to the general public. For more information, please go to their offical site at

To close out their concert, Backstreet Boys, sang their first realse off the new album, "Shape of my Heart." As they were leaving for the night, each of them thanked the fans for helping support the group.

I look forward to seeing them live in concert again, to see what new surprises that they will give us fans again.

Las Vegas, 8th and 10th

Date: Apr 11, 2001
Submitted By: Dara

The show was great. Sorry I didn't get my review up sooner but my pc has been all cattywompus for a bit. My roommate and I went to Las Vegas to see the boys on March 8th and we had a blast. We had to leave our house really early because we actually live in California and it was a four hour drive. It was a beautiful drive though. It passed like it was nothing. Although I must admit, the people in Barstow are weird. They hadn't even heard of the boys. Anyway, we got there about 10 a.m. and we ran around Vegas a lot. We checked into our hotel and got ready. We were only staying a block from the MGM Grand but it took us an hour to get from our hotel to the Grand because traffic was so thick. I was halfway wishing we had walked instead of driven. We got there and found out seats. They were sweet seats. We were on the right hand of the stage just a little up so we could see everything perfectly. We even saw Howie before the show. We kinda caused a scene because I saw Howie and I pointed him out to my roommate and it caught a lot of people's attention so in the end our whole section was pointing and waving at Howie. He looked up at us like we were crazy but he smiled and waved. While we were waiting for the show to begin these two ladies showed up claiming we were in their seats. I said "No, these are our seats." and they went and got an usher. The usher came over looked at our tickets and found that they were identical tickets. ANd then asked us to move...I refused and that caused a stink. They wanted us to move about three sections back to the 50 dollars seats. Of course I wasn't going to do that since we were there first and we had paid 160 for each ticket. Then a big black guy came over and made us move. At that point I decided my spine really wasn't worth the seats.....We ended up being moved one row back which wasn't horrible it just ticked me off.

Then the concert began. Krystal was great. She has a very powerful voice and a nice personality. And stage presence like it ain't nobody's business. The boys came on after a kick butt meteor shower which scared the crap out of me. I got some great shots of the meteor shower. One of them the meteor's mid air. The whole show went by in a breeze but the one thing that really stands out for me was when they were doing "More than that" Nick was up there just tearing it up. I think he really likes that song. I ended up missing quite a bit of the second half of the show because my epilepsy went a little wacky. I held in as much as I could but I did miss "All I have to give" I came back and watched the rest of the show staying really calm so my seizures would slow down. Unfortunatly at the very end I had a bad one and had to go out the back way.

The next day we went home and on the way I decided I wanted to see the boys again so I picked up my brother and my son and we went back to Vegas. I bought my ticket at the MGM Grand and ended up in the same spot as Thursday night. That was cool. The second show went the same as the first except this time I got to see the whole thing. All in all we had a great time. We had such a good time that today I went down and bought tickets to see the boys in San Bernardino which is only half an hour from me. So if you're going to that show email me. I can't do that a thing on my keyboard so it's darapooh at but you have to use the little a thing on the number 2. Did that make sense?

March 8th and 10th

Date: Apr 10, 2001
Submitted By: Kara

Oh My Gosh! The Backstreet Boys ARE "Larger Than Life" on their own! Holy Cow!!! I was so psyched out when the tickets when on sale December 5th, and thought I was going to get some kick butt seats. The lady selling them said they were good seats, and she thought they were doing the Round stage again this year, so I got some on the floor up from stage on the left side of the stage. So, the concert time comes on March 8th, and nevertheless, they were doing it like they did! LoL. Well, I was a little bummed b/c it was really hard to see from the spot. But, they stil sounded really good! I was amazed that the fans did not scream that loud, u could hear everything perfect. I went to Nsync too-and the fans were horribly loud, so I was happy I could hear perfect. So, I loved it! Nick and Brian were on the other side though, the right side, (They are my faves :)So I was bummed...Anyways! The next day, I decided to stay home from school-and go BSB Hunting! LoL.

So my mom and I tried looking-didn't find them. We later found out that the Boys were totally not allowed outside of the Hotels. Nick, Kevin, and Howie and Brian (I think) all stayed in the MGM, I dont know about the other 2. But, Nick and Howie tried to Gamble on Friday afternoon-but had to run back upstairs to their rooms, b/c the fans were going nuts for them. So, they had to go back on up. Its okay though! I guess Howie spent his nights in the clubs, and Brian and Kev tried gambling later at like 2 a.m. lol. So, it was kind of impossible to get to them! Anyways! Saturday comes, and I did not have any seats. So, I was really upset, and wanted to go again, to try and see if I could get tickets. My dad felt sorry for me, and dragged my mom out with us, and we fled to the MGM, to try and get last minute seats. Well, we get up there, and my dad heard the girl next to me getting Floor, so we tried to see if they had any-Luckily they did! So, I'm all excited! I went alone, but it was worth it! I was on Nick's side, and it was soooo Awesome! I had the most fun girls with me too! They all loved the BSB, so we all got along great! Then, the concert starts, and I noticed we had all these little girls in front of us! And they were NOT going crazy! So I was like Heck Yeah! Perfect view, and they will be able to see me, b/c I'm going NUTS! LOL. So, they get out. And, I'm going nuts, jumping up and down, waving at Nick- doing it all! LOl. Well, Nick and the guys had to stay still, so they couldn't wave or anything, couldnt smile, had to stay somewhat still. Well, Nick looks straight across, and down at me, and sees me, and WINKS! We made like eye-eye contact! I almost died!!!!!!

Now, I know everyone says this, but I swear, I was the ONLY one going nuts! SO, I KNOW it was to me!!! :). Welll, thats not it! Brian and Nick all smiled and waved to me, so it was good! I got some great pics! Then, you know how they go across the Cat- Walk during "Time"? Well!! They were like RIGHT there in front of me!!!! AJ was the first one down, and smiled down at us. Next was Nick! He stayed on our side the WHOLE time. He smiled and waved at me down there too! It was SO amazing, omg! And it was ALL direct eye contact. I had my BSB t-shirt that I bought the day before on, and Brian looked down and was like "Nice shirt there!" And smiled and walked away, b/c it was the end. Kevin and Howie were like "Hey, hows it going". They didnt spend a lot of time on our side, so they had to go back. Well, the rest of the concert was AMAZING! I loved every minute of it!!!! The guys had to leave RIGHT after the concert to Arizona. I heard them on 98.5 on Saturday afternoon, they were on for like 10 minutes, and had to leave again fast, b/c of security reasons etc...They said they love Vegas, and want to come back here again for the Summer tour, but no Vegas date has been set yet. Who knows, the dates aren't final yet! All I can say is, Thank God for understanding parents, and Thank God for the Backstreet Boys! I hope you guys liked my Review! :)

I Hated Elevators Until March 10! I met The BSB!

Date: Mar 26, 2001
Submitted By: Kathryn and Trisha

Before the concert on March 10th (I didnt have tickets) I went to a party where this one girl won six front row seats so she gave my friend and I a pair. I started to cry and people were looking at me like "Freak!" The show was awsome and AJ (My fave) kept looking at me and he waved, winked and smiled at me and my friend, But Im pretending it was mostly me! I Freaked out! But after the show we both decided to fallow the buses to the hotel. Before they went in, we snuck in and went to the 3rd floor. (I really hate elevators!) but when the Bsb had to get to the 15th floor and they stepped in on the 3rd floor like us, I almost cried again! The BSB were standing there and we both got hugs, autographs and got to talk for a while when we got off the elevator. And AJ Gave me his Blue Hat and Nick gave Trisha his Black hat too, and then they sang for us! After that we had one of the guards take pictures of us and then the guards made us leave but that was one of the best nights in my life and they are so sweet! I Love The BSB!

Backstreet boys concert March 8-10

Date: Mar 26, 2001
Submitted By: Nicky

thursday- concert night

Lemme tell you the story bout' the concert that changed my destiny. Well first of all I'm 15 & Live in Vegas & when I heard that BSB were gonna have another concert here I flipped. I went to the millennium concert & to this day I still say it was one of the best days of my life. So anyway I stood in line for just about ever to get good seats & what I ended up with wasn't bad (3rd row on the side, second section) but I wanted better! My friend Shana (whom I met standing in a *N sync concert line, how ironic huh?) & I heard about a contest that a local radio station was having, the contest was, who ever could collect the most burger king logos (the lil burger thing) wins 6 backstage passes, 6,front row tickets, t- shits, cd's, & cd holders. The whole 9 yards. Well when when we heard that, we switched in to full force. We went to every burger kind & stole trash & dug through them, you can imagine how bad it smelled, we reeked of bbq sauce for a week. Well we ended up with 9,000 logos & we were sure we were gonna win. Well, we didn't, we got second place, which isn't bad, we ended up with 9th row. Well, this is the best part. My friends mom works at the mgm so she told us what room nick was staying in.So we went up to his floor & just stood around waiting for BSB life. About an hour after the show Nick walks off the elevator & walks right by me, I didn't freak at all & I'm surprised, being the big bsb fan that I am, well he walks right by us & I'm like "Hi Nick" He said "hey what's up" but kept walking. I guess he went the wrong way to his room cause he came back around. I said, "Hey nick, can I get a picture" He said "holdonlemmego&takeashower&illbebackdown" Does he not understand the concept of talking cause I barley heard him. Well, anyway after his shower & what not he came back down & walked right past us to the elevator. We asked him for a picture again & he asked us how long we were gonna be there & we told him "all night" & he said "Ok, when I come back I'll take a picture with you" then he goes down the elevator with no body guards, nothing. Is he nuts?!? Well, eventually after another hour he comes back up & we stop him, we get pictures autographs everything. Let me tell you, he's looking good! It looks like he lost weight, his arms look buff & his face looked good, he just looked good! I was really proud of him cause after we were done taking pics & talking to him, he turned to leave & this one BIG girl asked him for a picture. He didn't even want to take pictures with us, but I was really proud of him because he said "yeah, sure c' mon" He was really sweet, but he acts way different in person. On stage he's more crazy & loud but in real life, he's really quite & reserved. Well after that he went to his room & stayed there for a while but he came out like a bunch of times later. I'm surprised that he was out a lot. In the time of the coming & going of Nick, howie walked by. We said "hi" to him & he was on his cell so he just waved. When he was off we asked him for a picture but he said after we get back (We, meaning him & his lil' group of friends he was with) believe it or not I think howie was the rudest out of all of them, but he was nicer the second night, I'll get to that later.After howie left, kevin & his wife walked out of their room & walked toward the elevator, before they got to the door we stopped them & asked for a picture, his body guard was a real jerk & said NO! But kevin was cool about & said "sure, but just one" His wife was way nice & said "Oh kevin, we're not in that big of a hurry, we can take more than one" She was sooo cool, I was almost taken aback by how nice she was, I totally support the marriage! So about after 6 pictures of him & his wife they left & we just waited around for more BSB, no one was out, maybe because it was 3:00 am so we left.

Friday- no concert

Since there was no concert, my friends & I decided to just kick it on their floor hoping to see them, it was a looong day cause we were practically there all day & we didn't see anyone till around, later. While we were up there we met this one girl & her little group of friends. I guess the were staying up there cause they were eating the food they had up there (Free food! everything up there was sooo nice, almost like a mansion) We started up a convo with her & we were just sitting there talking when nick walked out. The girl we were with, said "hey" & Nick said "Hey, ashley, have you seen howie?" (I was like holy shyt!!! She must know them!!!) She said " No, but my mom isn't in my room & I don't have a key so can I just hang out in you room?" He said "Sure" & threw her his room key. As she was getting up she said "Do you want to come with us" I was like "HELLLLL YEAH!!!!" She asked Nick if it was ok & he said "yeah" So nick went down stairs again to gamble or whatever & we just went into his room. My first reaction when I walked in was "WOW" His room was nicer than my house! Probably bigger too! It had an upstairs & downstairs, a few rooms, a big living room that looked over the strip, a table for room service that was covered with room service plates. I couldn't make out what it was but it looked like left over chicken & pasta or something. There was a big tv with the internet. We just turned on the tv & ordered a movie. After a while I had to go to the bathroom (An excuse for me to wander around.) Well after I went to the bathroom I decider to take a lil' peak upstairs. I walked up there quietly so my friends wouldn't hear me. Up there was so nice it was kinda' like a giant room with a bathroom off to the side. Almost like a loft. The bed wasn't made & he had his suitcase next to the dresser, he didn't put his clothes in the dresser, DORK! Anyway, his clothes were were in the suitcase except for a shirt that was on the bed & socks & nike shoes next to the dresser. Being the BIG fan that I am I just had to take something, nothing of real value, I would never do that, so I took his sock that was stuffed in his shoe. I rolled up & stuffed it into my pocket. I decided to go downstairs before the girls decided to come looking for me. Well we just kept watching the movie when about an hour later nick comes back. He was on his cell phone so he just mumbled "Hi" & went upstairs. About a half hour later he comes back down to see what we're up to. He talks to us a while, nothing much, just "Great show Nick" "Thanks" "How do you like the tour so far?" "It's going good" He didn't talk much to my friend & I, maybe because he didn't know us. But he did talk to the girl we met, apparently she was a close friend of howie's. Well, after like 5 minutes he told us we had to go because he had to take a shower. So we left. When I showed my friend what I stole from him, she was so excited. But It kinda stank. LOL

Sat- second concert

Even though I didn't have a ticket, I decided to go with my friends to the mgm anyway because her mom might be able to get me tickets at the last minute. Before the concert, we were just wandering around when this lady comes up to us & asks us if we all have tickets, I told her I didn't & she asked me if I wanted one, I told her I didn't have any money & she said SHE'D GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!! How lucky am I?!?!? I was so excited that I hugged her, I didn't even know her, but I did anyway. My friends didn't want to see the opening act but I did so I ditched them & went in by myself. I got in a little late so krystal was singing her second song "Angel on my shoulder". I got to my seat (which wasn't a bad seat) but I wanted to get closer, I walked around to the side asked this one lady if I could go down there "It's just me, I won't cause any trouble & if there is one seat can I have it?" She was a little rude & said no so I went to this other guy & told him the same thing & he let me in! What a nice guy huh? well I ended up with 3rd row on the side & the concert kicked ass! Nick was on our side the most & he recognized my sign (Rock your body Nick, kisses) because I had it on the table in his room, he pointed to me & shook his butt & rubbed hs chest. The girl next to me thought he was pointing to her & she just about freaked out. Well after another concert, I decided to skip out on shape of my heart so I could get to the door that they come out of. Because of tight security I had to hide in this little hall like thing, then I see this guy in a blue robe with the hood up, Howie! when he came to us I asked nicely for his autograph & his bodyguard said no, but he said it was ok. i told him how much I liked the show & he said "thank you" He was much nicer! After howie went upstairs, brian & aj walk out. I stopped them & got their autograph & what not. I didn't get pictures because I wasted all my film on the first concert night. Well, hell, if I knew I was gonna meet the backstreet boys I would have saved some damn film, LOL but I didn't so...I didn't get a picture of Howie aj or Brian :( O-well, that was my weekend with the backstreet boys, some of my friends at school didn't believe my story, but you know what? I don't care, because I know I met them & I know I had a kick butt time & no one needs to believe me but me. I have pictures & autographs to prove it! I had no idea what was going to happen that weekend, I was just a fan who wanted to see them in concert. So there's a lesson in my adventure, BE NICE TO STRANGERS! If it weren't for that girl, I would have never gotten to go in Nicks room, & if it weren't for that lady, I wouldn't have gotten to go to the second concert. I'm a big religious person & I feel that god had something to do with that, he takes care of us in weird ways. So put your trust in god & you'll be surprised.

KTBSPA from an even bigger fan,


Las Vegas March 8-10th

Date: Mar 18, 2001
Submitted By: Sharon

Remember me?? Last time, I saw BSB in Vancouver, Feb 23rd, and it SERIOUSLY "changed my life". I mean, part of me was complete! But when I saw them in Las Vegas, I WAS complete. If u wanna hear it, better sit down. (which u probably is doning right now)

I got to Las Vegas on Wednesday March 7th, nearly midnight. So I told my mom I wanted to wait upstairs, did she let me? Of course not! I'm only 12, wat did u expect! And so, MY mom went to the casinos, and left ME back in the hotel room. Oh, before I go on, I was staying in MGM GRAND HOTEL, where yes, BSB was also staying there!!! They lived on the same section as i did. So on with the story....My mom came back up at about ....3am, and she stared at me for a moment and said "i just saw howie". I nearly killed her. I seriously did!!! She said she was waiting for the elevator to go back upstairs, when a bunch of people came in. Suddenly, she heard a "familiar" voice. And she turned around and saw howie----sucking on a ring pop!! (LOL!) She said he's whole mouth was blue and he was staring in the mirror looking at it! I swear, at that time, I nearly cried! I was soo upset, that my mom saw him and i didn't. I got REALLY pissed off. And so, my adventure starts....

On Thursday March 8th, the day of the FIRST CONCERT. I waited outside the elevator place for more than 6 hours. Of course, I got kicked out, GOD knows how many times. The security comes everyone one hour to clear the place u do the counting.....(there's even more) So i waited, and waited, until it was finally time, "time for the show to began"* And oh, my, god, you have no idea. I HAD, "THEE" seats in the house! I was FRONT ROW on the SIDE OF THE STAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And not only that, I was on the FIRST SEAT. Which means, i was right by the stage!!! OH, my god I NEVER believed I would be so closed. I was so surprised that I nearly freaked, and nearly wanted to leave! I felt like I couldn't take this much, u know? It was just too much to take, and I felt like I needed to leave! BEing so close, was making me nervous! But of course, i didn't leave. I saw the concert, i was amazed. It was NOTHING,compared to vancouver!! (in vancouver, i was like a mile away!!!) Brian--the love of my life (aww!) waved at me TWO times!! U know when they REALLY wave at u, but ur not sure! I mean, COME ON! There's about wat? 40,000 people in the house, and u THINK that he's ACTUALLLY waving at u??? But it was one of those moments, u just KNOW he was looking at u. Just wish i know for sure....*sigh* Brian was on the corner a lot, so he was right in front of me. We made eye contact, and he waved *sigh, lost in thought* Aj gave me eye contact too--two times. And i'm pretty sure the rest of the fellas saw me a few times too, but i'm not sure. That night, was the MOST incredible night of my life. I loved it. After the concert, wat did i do again? of course, waiting for them to come out! I waited outside the elevator again, with a few fans. But soon, around 11pm, i was getting tired. I felt sick, and i needed to eat. (didn't eat the whole day) So i went upstairs---NO more than 3o minutes, i come back down. Wat happens? the girls tell me nick just came down. I was crushed. They said he was at the blackjack table, and that Brian and Kevin might come down in a few minute. Who's more important? ....and so i waited for Brian. But i just couldn't take it anymore. I flew over to find nick, but he wasn't there. Then, my worst thought came to mind. I RACED back to the elevator place, and the girls told me "oh, u just missed him again. He'd went upstairs". This time, I nearly collapsed. But i kept strong. I waited until 2:30 in the morning, and decided to go back up. (actually security kicked us back up) I had tears in my eye, that night. I was sooo depressed, i missed nick by wat? FIVE second???

On Friday, March 9th, there was no concert. And so wat did i do? I STARVED myself by waiting outside for 12 hours STRAIGHT, eating nothing, and i'm serious! nothing! for the WHOLE entire day! But it was totally worth it. Around...oh i dunno! I didn't keep time, but sometime that day, I met the first "famous" person. lol. Who did i meet? KRISTIN RICHARDSON. The famous kristin, as in Kevin's wife. NOw, u have to know, I USED to think Kristin's ugly, but when i met her. She was oh-so-pretty!!! She was the niceses person u'll EVER meet! She had just came back from workout, which by the way, I had MISSED her GOING out. (but i found her coming back!) And i'm serious, if one of the girl hadn't yelled out "kristin!" i WOULDN'T have met her. She was so tiny! about 5'5 or something!!! She was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. aND I got a picture with her, as well as autographs. Wat did i forget to do? A hug..and ROSES. I had bought roses just incase i see them....i SHOULD have given it to her! But i forgot....=( Ok, so the day started nicely off! Later on that day, I met 2 dancers, Goofy and Shannon. They were soo nice! Especially Goofy, i loved him! I saw him more than five times, and we chatted and stuff, he is reallly raelly nice! and so was shannon. Now, blah, blah, blah, HERE comes the BEST part. We were just standing there, a few girls and me. And suddenly SOMH came on the radio. We were like "yay!". and singing along when SUDDENLY----"ahhhhh!!!!". we WHIRLED around, who do we see??? U guessed it, NICK!!!!!!!!!! There he was, in a white shirt, going in to the elevator hall. We all budged our way in, and even though our mouth was saying "back up! give him some room!" were were taking inches by inches, closer to him. And i swear, i was shaking. ACTUALLY shaking! He then turned around, after talking on his cel, he looked STRAIGHT at me, and i took a picture, which i SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE! (i'll tell u y later) He then probably got shocked at the flash, so he stared at me for a moment. And wat a fool i AM, i actually SQUEAKED AT HIM!! I was like "NICK!!!", really loud. (how embarrassing!!!) then he said in his oh-so-sweet voice, "u guys, i promise i'll come back later and sign autographs". And then he left, with his security guard, and of course his dad --- Bob Carter. Where did he go next? the sushi bar!!! lol, we couldn't go in. And even if we could, i wouldn't. Cuz i know i won't be able to stop myself from taking pictures. Let me tell u something, BOY was he pissed! He looked depressed and sad. Later on at the casino, which by the way, we followed him. He was at the blackjack table (again) and i took a picture of him. RIGHT after i took it, he looked up. I soon regretted it. He was upset, i could tell. I guess the flash caught his attention. So he looked up, but then once he saw us fans, he quickly looked down again. I felt sooo sorry. I felt horrible actually. But the idiot that i am, I wanted to take another pic, so JUST as he looked up, I was just gonna flash, but i couldn't do it. U could see it in his eyes. He was hurt and upset. Either at us, or something. So i didn't flash. I hope he understand! Now this was my encounter! By the way, i also met Krystal! She is sooo short! about 4'8 or something!!! I met her 4 times, and she remembered me! I gave her roses, and took a few pic! got TWO autographs, and kinda chatted with her. She was nice! And hey, does anyone know who that WEIRD LOOKING guy she's with all the time?? Cuz i think he's the manager. And i asked him if he's Obie, he said "no, i'm he's brother" is that true?? Oh, if anyone is wondering about the other guys. WEll, here's the thing. Howie was at studio 54 like, 24/7. Kevin and Kristin were probably spending "quality times" together. Aj stayed at another hotel--Venetian. and BRian and Leighanne were in "balergio". which was REALLY pissed.There was a few sightings, aj and kevin were spotted around this tower place or something...and Brian...well that's another story...

On Saturday, March 10, my LAST day in Las Vegas. And so the same thing for the Boys. I had heard on Friday that people saw BRian playing basketball on thursday half an hour before the concert behind the arena. So of course, i waited out there. Let me tell u somethin', it was freakin' cold! I was wearing a tank top, NEARLY frozen! The sucky part was that there were TOO many buses, and it covered the basketball court. so we sneaked another way/ (me and some fans) we had found THEE perfect spot! whre u can see EVERYTHING!! But then once u get caught, u get in BIG TROUBLE. So we left. I waited, and it was WORTH IT!! I got to see EACH ONE OF THEM COME IN!! First was the big buses, where they each had one. and always, ALWAYs, after the big bus, there was a little mini white van behind. Kevin was the first to come in. Of course, the windows were PURE black, so i couldn't see anything! But i got REAL close, and ALL i saw was a hand waving. I was hyper, but i didn't know who it was! so i raced back at that can't-see-because-of-the-buses-place, and saw kevin's head! I was freaking out! I'm guessing he was waving at me *smile* cuz i was the ONLY one REALLY close to the van. I saw howie and aj coming in, but NEVER knew it was them! When nick got in, i saw his hat, not his face. Later one, his driver told us that it really was him, and that he said hi to us!! aww! And as for my favourite guy, he was in the BIG BUS! one of the mother yelled to us saying brian was over at her side! So we raced ther, and she said "Oh he just went the other way! he was on a scooter". We quickly then raced back, but saw nothing. So we waited, suddenly she yelled again! "there he is!" we ran back again(very tired) and saw brian in front of the bus on a motor scooter!! he was SOOO CUTE! Even though we were really far, but we saw him! we yelled to him, but he didn't look back. Wat he did though, was go back in the big bus, and just SAT THERE, WATCHING US!! LOL. So that was it. They all soon went in, I got to my seats, praying to get the SAME seats as last time. Cuz i promised shannon i'l wave at her! =) but no, i wasn't. I was in the MIDDLE of the arena, still on the side. but in the middle. So even though i wasn't close, i saw everything. Both the MINI STAGE AND THE BIG STAGE. And i could've swore, brian waved at me again! seriusly! He was looking on our side, and i waved, and he looked straight at me, and he waved! but this time, again, i'm not sure. Cuz i'm so far, i don't think he'll see me!

Bottom line, KTBSPA. Forever. They're the best of the best. And i have to say, BSB fans are the best! And so r the boys. I love them, always, and forever. Never going to end. Well, hope you enjoy this review. I know, too long! sorry! =P. This will also be at the "las vegas review" feel free to go see it! Anyone who saw me in Vegas, i saw the one wearing a bsb bandana, WITH a "I Love brian" band, with a fake pass, with lots of pins on it, that's me. Also in a white tank top! OH, by the way, forgot to say. I had missed their fan conference on thursday! They had it at 4pm in mgm arena, but i got tired of waiting there, and i left at 3:30!!!! i'm soo pissed! oh well, i had a blast. I would love to do it again =) Feel free to email me everyone! i've got msn!! email

"In my opinion, I think that the Backstreet Boys, has the best fans in the world"-Nick, Millennium Tour

"We love u!"-BSB

"God bless, and God speed"-AJ

"If it wasn't for the fans there will be no Backstreet Boys, so thank you"-Alexander James McLean, Brian Thomas Littrell, Nickolas GEne Carter, Kevin Scott Richardson, Howard Dwaine Dorough.

BSB Concert, Las Vegas, March 8th

Date: Mar 15, 2001
Submitted By: Kristina

My best friend and I flew out to Vegas from Salt Lake to see the concert, then stayed the weekend. I had the best time ever. Our seats were pretty crappy; they were second from the very top, and we could only see the bottom half of the screens, but it was still totally worth it. Was is just me or was Nick incredible energetic? They also showed him quite a bit (well, I just saw from his neck down...that's not too bad). My bud and I were dancing around and singing along to all the songs. It was great acting like a teenybopper for once. Being a sophomore in college, it's not exactly the coolest thing to like the boys.

One of the nights we were there, we were wandering around the MGM (throwing an occasional quarter into the slots, and of course, losing), and we saw Nick just wandering around. No bodyguard, no nothing. I was rather excited, him being my fave and all. I didn't run over to him or anything, because I really didn't wanna bug him. He was looking dead sexy, though. Anyway, that's about all I have to say about my trip to LV. Although our hotel looked out at the huge MGM sign, and they kept showing pictures of the boys. I thought that was quite appropriate.

One last thing--They'd BETTER come to Salt Lake soon, I don't wanna spend another $700 to see them somewhere else!!!!

BSB in Vegas

Date: Mar 14, 2001
Submitted By: Mariel

I went to the Vegas show both nights and had an absolute blast. But the best part of this all...I went to the Meet and Greet with them on Thursday the 8th and what can I say but WOW. Almost an hour and half with approximately 40 people and of course the MEN of BSB. If you want details you can e-mail me back and I can tell you all about it.

BSB concert on 3/10/01 at the MGM Grand

Date: Mar 13, 2001
Submitted By: Tracy

Wow, the concert last night was awesome!!! I got the the Grand Garden Arena early 'cause I heard on the radio that 101.9 KISS fm was having a pre-party, and I wanted to check it out. 4NOW was signing autographs and taking pictures with fans so I was able to get a pic with them...the guys are incredibly nice. I didn't know who they were, but I guess they're a new band. Well, my friend and I entered and found our seats at around 7 pm...and our seats were pretty high up there. Krystal came out and performed, and I loved her voice. She's awesome! After she was done, I saw that there were a lot of empty seats closer to the stage so...we moved up :o) We were A LOT closer than where we were, so I was happy. The concert was awesome, I really liked how they popped up on that little stage and waled back to the front stage on a bridge, while singing "Time"...Brian waved in my direction a lot...the guys put on an amazing show. I wish I could go to another one! If anyone went to the show on March 10th, or just wants to talk, feel free to e-mail me!

March 8, 01 (Las Vegas show!)

Date: Mar 13, 2001
Submitted By: Virdie Kariya

Hi everyone,!!!

I went to the BSB show in las vegas on march the 8th!!! And like everyone else all i have to say is "I HAD THE BEST TIME EVER!!!" I had section u9 lower level, It was close and far in a way, but i still had the time of my life!!! we stayed at the MGM Grand Thursday (day of the concert!) Friday and checked out mid day saturday!! it was the best place to stay and to see bsb!!! Oh and guess what everyone on Thurday at about 1:30 am kevin and Brian were out there gambling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didnt see them but!, the people who worked there told us,and some other person staying there told us, we were bummed cause we could have been there to take pictures of them and just go crazy, but sadly i was passed out in my room (: We did see Krystal the opening act, She came and went in and out of the hotel like nothing, she had some guy w/her i'm guessing her body guard, I got her on video tape!!! she looked like any other normal person, she was sooo tiny in stature though!!!

well that's a little bit about my trip to vegas to see my boys!!!! I'll tell u guys this!!!: I hated being in the casino's cause since i'm 16 ofcourse i couldnt be there, but i wasnt even gambling or even close to the machines and the workers from the casino would come and hassle me asking if i was 21 and that i couldnt be ther if i wasn't and that i had to keep on walking, ( cant even stop to look!!) If u ever go to any casino's just don't even try walking near the slots, automatically they think you're there too gamble and they ask u to leave!!! SORRY BUT I HAVE TO SAY THIS: TO ANYONE AT THE MGM WHO WORKS AS SECURITY OR SOMEWHERE NEAR THE GAMBLING AREA: YOU GUYS SUCK!!!!!!!

Las Vages March 8th

Date: Mar 13, 2001
Submitted By: Melissa Ingusan

hey yall...omg i had so much fun.i was in the u3 sec i waz so close to the round thingy.omg i waz screaming so hard.i took pix of them on the round thing.this whole thing waz great.i saw sum of my friends from skoo but i waz supposed to meet ma other friend kathy...the next day she sed that she actually touched nick...he brushed by her while getting off the elevator. she sed she was following him around and took lotsa pix of him. she waz gunna give her email addy but the security guard was being mean and wouldnt let her even get close to Nick. i wish i wud have bin w/her. she told me online wen i got online that night. so if nick is reading this ur security was being really mean. and our emails

so plez email us.

i luv nick so duz kathy.

luv misa(melissa)

BSB March 8,2001 Las Vegas

Date: Mar 10, 2001
Submitted By: Mandy of so. Kali

Hey!!!! The concert was fun! I went to the Las Vegas Show yesterday and it was sooooooooo fun! Okay here it goes:

I left school early so my family could get to Vegas in time.

We arrived in Vegas just in time...7:00! We went straight to the MGM Grand Garden Arena and we found our seats...they were pretty close!!!! Section L5...lower was pretty close to the small stage(11 rows away)

Krsytal went on and she was pretty good! I already knew how "My Religion" was like since i bought the BK CDs...i like that song and "Supergirl" too!

Then at around 8:30 the guys came out!!! It was tyte how the dancers would fall down everytime those balls bombed...

They started with "Everyone" and when all this was happening i was taking pictures with my camera....zooms were kinda far but I can't wait until I get the pictures back...Then they went with Larger than Life...I think they changed the dance routine a little bit...(Oh yeah...I forgot to say, I went to ITM in Vegas too so i kinda knew where i was haha) Then they went to "Shining Star" "More Than That" (My Fav!!!!), I like how Nick threw his coat! The songs that I remembered they sang was "I want it that way", "Not for Me"(I actually thought that it was real fire!)"Show me the Meaning of Being Lonely" "Yes I Will(the canes were cute!)Everybody( I think they made a new dance their too)...then came the dressing room change and the small stage! I was 11 rows away and eye level with the guys!!!! I could see them clearly(AAAAAAHHHH), Brian waved towards our section, it was funny when he waved hi cuz the AJ fan in front of me waved back and then Brian waved again looking annoyed but funny annoying!

My mom was taking the pictures when they were in the small round stage and i noticed the guards flashing their flash light towards my mom! I was like oh No! Then this man comes up to us saying that we have to our camera away cuz it looks professional (dammit! I was about to cry right then and there! I really wanted to take pics when they were on the bridge! But its okay my dad took some pics but we was in a different section....that whole small stage thing went by sooooo fast cuz of that freakin guard yellin...The guard was noticable that the lady next to me and the AJ fan in front of me were asking me what happened? If you saw a guard talkin to me and my mom that was me!!!

I also remember them singing "All i have to give"( it was cute, but since i was still pissed about the guard, i dont remember much)

Then I remember the guys singing "Time"(Kevin stayed in the small stage during that for a good 2 mins?) "Answer to our Lives" "Get Another BF", The Call(I like the part where they left and came back wearing BLUE choir/graduation gowns during the "choir part". Then "Shape of My Heart" was the last song(aaawwww :( ). Well, that's it! Thanx for readin my review!! Oh yeah! If you went to the Vegas show on Mar. 8 email me!!!

P.S. Last year in ITM the guys walked around MGM and this time I wanted to see if they would walk around again but since they are spomsored by BK then nevermind....i dont think they stayed in MGM Grand though...

Las Vegas show- March 8th!

Date: Mar 10, 2001
Submitted By: Barbie

HEY! I wanna tell ya guys about the Vegas show on March 8th. It was beyond amazing! Brian, Nick, Kevin, A.J., and Howie are the most wonderful people ever. We got to the venue and went to our seats around 7:15. Our seats were so good. i think there isn't a bad seat in the house. the opening was wonderful with the pyro and Everyone, larger than life, and shining star. my favorite part would have to have been when they went to the stage in the back. they were about 5 feet away from me at that point. i wanted brian to wave at me so badly. finally, he came over to my section so i kept on waving at me. he came over, smiled, BLEW ME A KISS, and WAVED AT ME. i blew him a kiss back and had a lasting wonderful memory in my mind of Brian and this awesome concert. Nick pointed at me during How Did I Fall in Love with you. Howie waved at me during Time. i swear that if think you have bad seats, you don't because EVERYONE can see in this concert. I know i made eye contact with all of the boys in this concert because they were so close and so awesome. I want to say Thank You to the Backstreet Boys for making my concert experience so wonderful and to Brian: Thank you B-Rok for giving a lasting memory to remember forever. That was the sweetest thing to do. Thank You again! See ya March 17th in San Diego! :) KTBSPA!

Las Vegas, NV March 8, 2001

Date: Mar 10, 2001
Submitted By: Amanda Adams

The 2001 World Tour the BSB are doing is absolutely awesome! The visual effects to the music, choreography, dancers and opening acts, it's so awesome! I went to the conert at the MGM Grand Garden Arena last night, March 8, the day after my 16th birthday. It was the best present I've ever gotten. Anyway, there was one HUGE downfall to the entire thing. I thought I had a brand new roll of film in my camera, but I was wrong. I ran out of film right before the guys came out! I really have to say that the guys truly love their fans though. They found a way to set up for their concerts so the people towards the back of the arena could see them up close. The guys used two stages and it was really cool! They were within 20 feet of us and the only bad thing was that I didn't have any film left. For all you great fans, TAKE EXTRA FILM!!!!!

Also, the opening act, Krystal Harris has an awesome awesome voice! Be sure to pay her your respect when you go to watch the guys. Last thing, pay close attention to the screen above you when the guys are singing The Answer To Our Lives, it really hits the heart! I'm really sorry for those of you who can't make any of the concerts, I wish for everybody to make it. I love all you BSB fans!!!! BSB will always stay on top of the world!

BSB Fan Forever,

Amanda Adams

Las Vegas, NV MARCH 9

Date: Mar 10, 2001
Submitted By: Kerryn

OK. First I want to say that the concert I went to last night was better than what I expected. The last BSB concert I went to was in '98 when they were performing in silk pajamas. The concert was awsome. When they show the space video in the beginning A.J.'s right, the astroids do look like big Idaho potatoes. The first song they sang was Everyone then they went into Larger than LIfe, the dance routines were awsome. Throughout most of the concert Nick did alot of BOOTY SHAKIN'!!! During LTL he grabbed his butt and shaked it for everyone and their mama. They sang Not For Me, More Than That, The Answer to Out Life(I think), I Promise, I'll Never Brake Your Heart, Time, How Did I Fall in Love With You, Yes I Will, Shining Star, and Get Another B/F, The Call, and Shape of My Heart. Just not in that order. I have to say that I have seen 'NSYNC perform and alot of people say they put on a good show, but BSB is at least 10 times better. I'd advise anyone to go see them in concert. They looked goood. well thats all I'm gonna say

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