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Date: Jul 22, 2001
Submitted By: molly

March 12 2001 was the best day of my life!!!me and my best friend arrived at 6:00. OMG! best concert ever! all the pyro and everything.We didnt have the best seats(22nd) but when the little stage came up we were only like five rows away.I had AJ written all over my face and by the end of the concert it was totally smeared cause I was crying so much! I thought it was so funny when AJ(my baby)had that bear and was all its mine and you cant have it! We met so many cool BSB fans there!It was so cool to see so many BSB fans all in the same place.It was such an awesome feeling.

Krystal was so awesome! When Kevi n says she has an angelic voice he is so right! She definately has talent and has definately been an inspiration to me.She will definately succeed.

I recamend this to any BSB fan. It was definately worth all $345!And GOD bless those boys!And keep the Backstreet Pride alive!!!!

Keepin the pride alive,

Molly aka aj luver

Backstreet Boys Phoenix Az

Date: Jul 01, 2001
Submitted By: Kelly

I saw the backstreet boys back in March 2001 here in Phoenix and was blown away by the show. I thought that it was fantastic. Their energy and voices were amazing. I can not believe some of the reviews that I have been reading on the net. I thought that the guys did a great job and are great entertainers. I really enjoyed the show and would jump at the chance to see them again.

Your fan always


Phoenix, AZ March 12-13, 2001

Date: Apr 08, 2001
Submitted By: Andrea Carter

March 12, 2001

It started going to the America West Arena around 6:30. My aunt and I were psyched to be there! As the doors opened, we walked in amazed to see all of the BSGirls! It was so cool to see everyone come together to see these hotties! As the show started with Krystal singing some of her cool songs and throwing a water bottle that Nick drank out of(man I wish I had that bottle), anyway the show got underway. I remember hearing the screams get louder every time the arena got dark...then finally you see an image on the center screen. It was earth, in space as what looked like comets started to attack it. As they hit the earth on the screen you would see pyros hit the stage! It was cool! After a couple of mintues of seeing those remarkable pyros, you would see 5 blue flames covering the stage, then rising from the floor, with a dry ice effect, are the 'Boys! They start up the concert with "Everyone"


2. Larger Than Life

3. Shining Star

Okay for the next songs there was a costume change into white suites, as Howie let his hair go free. Kevin came out first saying his welcome to the crowd as the guys finished getting ready.

5. Yes I Will

6. What Makes You Different...

7. More Than That

8. I Want It That Way

Costume change into red camoflauge shirts and black leather pants! (whoo-hoo!)

9. Not For Me

Now the shirts are removed, exposing black shirts.

10. Get Another Boyfriend

11. Everybody

12. Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely

As they finished AJ asked, "Do you like the clothes we are wearing?" As the dancers brought out a chest that said, Backstreet Boys Wardrobe. As they made jokes, all five go inside as we the crowd get to see whats going on backstage!

On the screens or the arena you can see all of the guys getting ready, goofing off, and Kevin looking for his other boot!(LOL)As the guys appeared, they were now on a platform in the center of the arena.

12 I'll Never Brake Your Heart

13 How Did I Fall In Love With You

14 Time

As they sung this song a brige, or catwalk, was lowered from the ceiling, allowing the 'Boys to walk over the crowd.

When the song was over Kevin began to talk about all the guys charties that they are founding. As they began to sing...

15. The Answer To Our Life

16. All I Have To Give

This song was only sung half way as they entered a new unheard song that I call, the-funky-hat-dance.(LOL)

When they were done singing and dancing...AJ walks out giving his gratitude to the crowd, as his cell phone rings, you know what that means....

17. The Call

18. Shape Of My Heart

That was the end as the guys say goodbye and firworks go off. The lights come on...its over, well until tomarrow.

I will write more but not now, thanks for reading!


Phoenix concert on March 12

Date: Apr 05, 2001
Submitted By: Ashley

I had the time of my life, It started when I was at school talking to a girl who had 2 row seats. Then after school we had to change our clothes than i had to go to work to check out my schedule, It had taken about 1 1/2 to get there since i don't live in Phoenix. When I got there I had so much butterflies in my stomache because I was excited. After Krystal came on and when she said that she had Nick's bottle I was crying so hard because I was so jealous. Then BSB came out. My favorite part was when they were talking about the dressing and aj about his tattoos. On the song "The Shape Of My Heart" I was able to see Nick underwear, It was so funny. ( He's my fav.) at the end of the concert I couldn't talk and I wanted to go back the next day for the secound show.

3-13-01, Arizona concert

Date: Mar 26, 2001
Submitted By: Omaya

The second night the Backstreet Boys performed in Phoenix, Arizona it was amazing! They went all out and gave a great show. The show started off great with Krystal singing. Before she went onstage, on a small screen in the conners of the stage, they played a tape of Kevin introducing her, and how he meet her and all that great stuff. Just by seeing Kevin on a small screen the crowd went nuts! After Krystal did a small, but great performance of four songs, we waited like 20 minutes before the lights suddenly went out. The screams got so loud I couldn't her myself panic thinking the Backstreet Boys were going to be right in front of me in a couple seconds. The show started off awesome with a big BANG, and I mean BANG! The black and white sheet covering the stage, which was the backdrop to Krystal's performance, suddenly dropped to reveal and big, long, tenchno stage. The dancers started to come on as soon as the music started, they were dressed in brown jackets that covered their whole bodies. The middle round screen showed a graphic picture of the Earth. Then meteors started to fall and every time one hit the earth a big flash of red light flew across the stage and made a loud bang. After about 10 meteors hit the stage and the dancers, a big puff of smoke flowed over the stage. Since I had went to the concert the night before, I already knew where the Backstreet Boys would come out. I saw their heads sticking out about 3 inches before they actually rose out of the floor. The came out of the floor of the stage on 5 ledge type things in an upside down V shape. Nick was farthest to the left, then came Howie a little farther up, Brian was the highest at the peak in the middle, then going back down to the right was AJ, and the upside down V ended with Kevin lowest on the right side. They were lowered one by one to the ground, starting with Brian. Something went wrong with AJ's ledge, it went too low into the stage so his legs we hidden and then only his ledge started shooting fog while the whole stage was clear. You should have seen his face, he was like OMG, not now! They walked off their ledges and began making sudden movements with the beat of the music playing, it was out of this world! Then all of a sudden the music to "Everyone" started to play, 'dun dun dun back n' back n' Backstreeeet.' The screams got louder and the concert was off in full swing. They started singing the chorus, 'Everyone, everyone, everyone, said this one goes out to you,' Howie yelled ... "This one goes out to you Phoenix!"

The dance routine was awesome to this song, every time they sang the chorus they would point at the crowd while singing 'everyone, everyone...' At one point, I can't remember when, Brian picked up a dancer and through him off to the side, that was so cute. When they sing the line 'Our heart beats are rising...' they make their hands throb over their chest. Half way through the song the music broke into "Larger Than Life." They were still warring their black leather over coats that were lined with blue inside. They each had on either a blue inside shirt or a black one. Brian, Nick, and Kevin had a black shirt. Howie and AJ had a blue shirt on. This is my all time favorite dance routine that the Backstreet Boys do. On the big screen they show different sides of the stage and the boys dancing, with green lines on the bottom over the screen that looked something like this /\/\/\/\/\. After that awesome opening number the boys said their hellos once again. Howie started it off by saying, "OK I wanna know who was here last night?" You couldn't hear quite to many yells but they were there. Then he yells, "OK, OK now I wanna know how many of you have the Black and Blue CD?" The whole crowd screams their heads off, including me!!! The lights went dark again and then the stage lighted up with a night sky filled will stars, beautiful! POW...'You're my sinning star...' The boys now have taken off their coats to reveal their shirts with a neat design on it in silver. Both AJ's and Nick's shirt had no sleeves. Howie and Kevin had half sleeves. But little Brian was totally covered up with full length sleeves, a disappointment for me, common Brian show some flesh!!! When Nick sings, 'Doesn't matter if the phone might ring/cause I won't hear a thing/when I'm in your arms', a dancer comes out with a phone and Nick does a little dance with her. They once again dance their butts off. All the dancers and Backstreet Boys are split into two sections on the stage and take turns dancing. "Shinning Star" has a little clap break in-between, at that break the boys were clapping along with the song while changing sides on the stage, that was the best part of that song!! I noticed that towards the end of the song Kevin totally disappeared from the stage. I didn't see him again for the rest of that song, but I got distracted by the performance the rest of the boys were. giving and I forgot about him. The song ended and the boys left the stage while Kevin came out, by himself, decked out in a white suit, gorgeous!! It was then that I found out why Kevin had left the stage...the be able to change and give the rest of the guys enough time to change as well. "How ya'll doing tonight?" he yelled. The crowd screamed.

He turned to the right side of the arena, where I was sitting, and says, "...Now this side of the stadium was a little rowdy last night...lets see if you can still hold your position," 1-2-3, the right side of the arena went crazy. "Wow, very cool." Kevin says, "How about you guys?" He starts to walk to the other side of the stage, that was taking awhile, it was a huge stage! He picked up his pace and started to run. "Can you guys do better?" He yells to the left side of the stadium. They went wild. "I think we have a tie, good job!" After all this Kevin said a few words ... "Now we are gonna slow things down a bit and sing a song that Howie wrote called 'What Makes You Different.'" Then out of the same trap doors that they first came out in, the four other Backstreet Boys rise out sitting on stools, all of them now dressed in white suits. There is one left in the middle, Kevin made his way across the stage and sat down. Howie started off the song, 'You don't run with the crowd/you go your own way/you don't play after dark/CUT!' That was so sad, right before Howie got to finish his line his microphone went out. He made a cute looking face while all the Backstreet Boys looked at him and like asked with their eyes ... "What happened?" Howie tried to adjust his mic while Brian started singing his line. Howie came back just in time to start singing 'I know sometimes you feel like you don't fit in/and this world doesn't know what you have within,' go Howie!!! That was truly a beautiful song, Howie did a great job! The song ends and the lights went dim for like five seconds. Then the music to "Yes I Will" started to play. The boys were still in their white suits, Brian even has some type of shawl over his neck. They walked out with silver sequenced canes. "Yes I Will," has a little clap like beat and every time it played in the beginning of the song the Backstreet Boys would walk out and then jerk their body and the cane, really awesome!! During the chorus the Boys do a really neat dance routine with their canes, they even click their heals together at some points, very original!! Great song, one of my favorite parts of the show. The lights went dim once again, but I could still see the boys, they ran up to the upper level of the stage where each one of them had a little section in an upside down V, Brian in the middle. Howie was tagging along behind, all the boys were already in their spots, he noticed he was far behind. He ran to his spot and barely made it there before the lights went up, so cute!! The stage background at that point showed clouds, that was breath taking. Three dancers, in white flowing gowns, came in and out of the stage doing some ballet throughout the whole song. The Boys started to sing "More That That." Brian went all out in this one, he was belting out his lines, 'I will love you more than that/I won't say those words then take them back!'. The whole time his cute eyes were squinting. At the peak of the song right after Brian sings his big line Nick went crazy and through off the jacket to his white suit, which slid down the rail of the stairs, up to the upper level of the stage, until it hit the floor. The song ended ... 'I will love you more than that.' The lights went out. The big screen now showed a candle's fire light, then "I Want It That Way" started to play. That was defiantly the crowd's favorite song, they went wild. The Backstreet Boys were still warring their white suits. Brian sponged down his face with the shawl around his neck. There was no particular routine to this song. The Backstreet Boys just went back and forth around the stage touching fan's hands. Toward the end of the song the Backstreet Boys stopped singing to let the fans fill in the words to the song. After the song ended, and the boys left the stage, the music to "I Want It That Way" kept on playing. While it was playing, the screen on the stage showed a tape of the making of the "I Want It That Way" video. It was so cute, they were so funny. It brought back a lot of old memories from the Millennium days. After the tape finished, different music started playing. It took me a while to figure out what song it was, but I soon enough noticed it was "Not For Me." The stage's background was full of fire and even some fire cloth blowing in the back of the stage. The Backstreet Boys came out wearing all black with a fire printed over shirt. Fans, the ones that blow air, blew on the Boys while they were dancing, that was an awesome effect. In the middle of the song all five Backstreet Boys ripped off one of the sleeves to their over shirts and throw them into the audience. I caught a blooper in the dance routine, when they were doing a dance step, Brian started off on the wrong foot and totally messed up. It took him like five seconds to get back on track. Right before the end of the song fire started to shoot out of the ground. The ending was the best part though. They finish singing the last lyric ... 'Well, let me tell you it's not for me' and right when they said 'me,' they jumped into the trap door in the bottom of the stage and disappeared from sight. That was the best performance of the whole show, to me. The lights went out for just a moment and then the Boys were back on stage ready to sing "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely." The background showed rain falling. The Backstreet Boys were wearing black sparkled pants, and all of the Boys were wearing a black SLEEVELESS shirt, even Brian, good boy! Awesome song, it's my dad's favorite. It ended quite quickly though. After the song finished the boys stayed on stage. AJ said, "Now I wanna know, do you guys like what we are wearing right now?" he said as he tugged on his clothes. The fans started cheering, Nick asked, "Yes?". "I hear a couple of no's over here." AJ pointed to some girls in the front row, "you don't like what we are warring?" he said. "Do ya'll wanna see AJ's butt?" Nick piped in. The crowd went wild as AJ shacked his bottom on stage. By that time some security guards had pushed on a big blue box that was labeled BSB Wardrobe, onto the stage. They all open the box and debated whether or not to go in. Brian went in first without saying anything. Nick went next after making a few jokes. Howie looked down into the box to see Nick go down, but Nick jumped back up and pulled on Howie making him almost fall into the box, poor Howie! Howie climbed into the box "Adios Amigos!" he yelled. Only Kevin and AJ were left. AJ said, "Now this is how it should be, the AJ and Kevin show" he put one hand around Kevin's shoulder. "I can dance and Kevin can play the piano." Kevin just nodded his head. They paused for a moment. "Well, let's be politically correct," AJ sated, "beauty..." he said pointing to himself, "before age!" he said pointing to Kevin. "I'll go first" AJ went into the blue box. After AJ left Kevin closed the boxes top and sat on it. "Now this is how it should be...the Kevin show" he said sarcastically! "I've been working on some new songs," he turned toward the band, "hit I'm just playing" Kevin laughed.

He opened the box and started to climb down. As soon as the body guards closed the door to the box, the lights went dim and the big screen showed a tape of the boys in their dressing room. It picked up right after Kevin climbed down the ladder. That tape of the Backstreet Boys in their dressing room was the funniest I have ever seen, I hope it like comes out on video because I wanna see it again! In the video AJ showed off his tattoos. You see both AJ and Kevin without their shirts on...HOT! Brian got done changing quickly and started to help AJ put on his shirt. Then Brian surprised AJ by starting to spray silly string on him, big laughs. AJ then turned around into his locker, got out a squirt gun, turned back around and squirted Brian! After that Kevin got all freaked out because he couldn't find his other boot. Brian started to help him find it, he went to his locker and struggled to open it. The door to Brian's locker slammed open and tons of stuffed animals fall out on top of him! Kevin went over to the pile of toys and bent down and through them around looking for his boot, the camera was then getting a perfect shot of Kevin's butt, man it's hot! The camera focuses on Nick and Howie in a corner. Howie then explained to Nick, "Did you see that beautiful girl in the front row...she is wearing a red short top, and has long hair!" Nick made a look like, "really?" Howie nodded. Nick turned into the camera made a star struck face and started to sing ... 'I need you tonight, I need you right..." Howie slapped him on the head. Kevin finally finds his boot. He started to hop around on one foot putting the boot on, he fell, knocking the bench in the middle of the room over. "Geez Kev" Brian said. They started to get ready to leave. They fought each other to get a front spot to check themselves out in front of a mirror. "Come'on guys I need to fix my hair!" Howie said. "Cut your hair and you won't need to fix it." Brian responded. The Backstreet Boys pulled Howie away from the mirror and left. Howie came back to the mirror and started to comb his hair then left. While this little movie is playing the Backstreet Boys traveled to the other side of the arena. There was a small stage that looked like a target, it had black and blue stripes. All five Boys started to rise out of little bull's eye in the middle of the small stage. Everyone that was at least ten feet away from the stage rushed over to be closer. We left our seats the first night because we were closer too, but the second night I stayed in my seat. They started to sing "I'll Never Break Your Heart" walking around the small stage. Their were two girls in front of me wearing a Brian Littrell Healthy Heart Club For Kids T-shirt and they were also holding up one of the shirts. Brian saw them and waved both of his hands at them, that was so cute. After the concert I bought one of the Brian T-shirts because I just had to have one since he likes the people who buy them and wear them. Half way through "I'll Never Break Your Heart" they went into "How Did I Fall In Love With You." Howie and Brian stayed in the middle of the stage and Kevin, AJ, and Nick sat down with their feet dangling off the edge of the stage. At one point everyone started to throw things, presents, at Howie and the kept hitting him. Howie made a joke out of it and covered his face with his hands, that was cute. They didn't sing the whole song but went right into "I Promise You." This song was pretty much performed the same as "How did I Fall In Love" except Howie and Brian were on the outside of the stage with the rest of the guys. The song ended and Brian started to talk,

"I think Howie said this already but by ... um ... April 19, the Backstreet Boys will be 8 years old. That was the day Kevin called me up." While Brian was talking, a giant cat walk was lowered from the ceiling. "All of us wrote this song about what we have been through over these past 8 years." Brian finished. The music to "Time" started to play. When they walked back and fourth across the cat walk so many things were thrown at them. Brian picked up one present, looks and the tag and handed it to Nick, poor Brian! At one point Nick started to walk forward when from down below a fan sprayed him with silly string. Nick started laughing, he really enjoyed that. The fan through the bottle of silly string at Nick, who then was able to catch it. Nick walked over to AJ and sprayed the rest of the silly string on him, that was so funny! Howie almost fell flat on his face while walking across the cat walk, he tripped on a cable. A Kentucky hat was thrown on the cat walk, Brian picked it up and wore it onto the stage. All of the Backstreet Boys got off the cat walk, they were still singing "Time." The song ended. There was a break in the performance and the Boys just started to talk randomly. A fan through a T-shirt, it almost hit Kevin in the head but instead it hit his hair and sent in flying. He made like a "WOW" look. "Lets see what almost cut off me head." Kevin bent down and picked up the shirt and opened it. It was an Arizona shirt. "Now I have something to remember this show by" Kevin took the shirt to the back of the stage and put it in a box. A fan through a key chain and it hit AJ in, well you know, the SPOT!! He was like Ooooo. Kevin started to talk about their charities, "We each have our own charities now," he walked over to Brian, "Brian has the Healthy Heart Club For Kids." He paused a moment to let the crowd cheer. He walked over to Howie, "Howie has a Lupus charity in the memory to his late sister Caroline." The crowd cheered even louder. Kevin walked to AJ, "AJ has a charity for Diabetes, and has worked for VH1's Save The Music foundation." The crowd screamed the loudest for AJ. Kevin walked over to Nick, "I have a foundation to help save the environment, and Nick has one to clean up the oceans! We all wrote this song on how we can make the world a better place." "The Answer To Our Life" started to play. On the screen in the back they showed a short movie of all the bad things that happen to the Earth's environment. It was kinda depressing, the only thing that kept me happy was the beautiful song the boys were singing. After that song the boys left the stage and their guitarist came out. He was wearing a brown hat that the Boys usually dance with when they perform "All I Have To Give." He started to play the cords to "All I Have To Give."

The Backstreet Boys came out from the back of the stage. While Nick sings the beginning of the song Brian takes the hat off the guitarist and started to dance with it. After he was done he through the hat into the audience. I was in the second section and all I kept thinking was ... "Common Brian, I know you can through harder than that!" The performance to "All I Have To Give" was awesome. It was weird that the Boys weren't dancing with any hats, the dance moves look way different without them! After that song the Boys went right into "If You Stay." It took me a while to figure out what song they were singing. I have that song downloaded on Napster so I haven't heard it as much as all their other songs, but I love that song now. I liked this performance because the stage lighted up and everything was so bright, even what the Boys were wearing! This time they all danced with hats. The "If You Stay" hat dance, to me, looks better than when they dance with the hats for "All I Have To Give." They add a different flavor to the dance. After that song ended, all the boys go back stage, except for Brian. He stayed out and started to introduce some band members and dancers. Nick came out next and introduced the drummer and some dancers. Then last but not least Kevin came out and introduced the person playing the keyboards and the rest of the dancers. Kevin introduced one of the guitarists by saying something like ... "And the person on the guitar, he looks a little like Howie D, is...." I couldn't believe he said that. My baby Howie is way hotter! Kevin quickly left the stage. 'Backstreet's Back, all right!' as soon as the Boys finished singing 'all right' they jumped out of the trap door in the bottom of the stage. They are all wearing different types of clothes, mostly in gray or dark colors like black. "Everybody" was great. Everyone has seen the way they dance to that song, it's like a tradition to sing it at every concert. During that song Nick grabbed a guitar. I don't really know if it was fake or real but he played, or pretended, to play it really well! After he was done with that he through it into the air and a band member caught it. It was a very great performance! "Get Another Boyfriend" was next. The dance to that song is soooo cute. When they sing in the chorus, '...He's just another player, plain' in the game of love...' they stretched their arms out and rubbed their fingers together like a playa' OMG, I was almost in tears there. I loved the gray bandana that Howie was wearing. The Boys left the stage and AJ stayed behind. "I have some good news, and bad news. With all good news has to come bad news." AJ said. "The good news is that we got to spend two great nights with you guys here in Phoenix. The bad news is that we only have time to sing one more song for you guys." There was a big sigh from the crowd. "But it's a good song." AJ defended himself. Just at that point a phone started to ring. The crowd went wild. "Is that me?"

AJ took a cell phone out of his back pocket. He went back to the band and like kinda asked them to answer his phone for him but they were all talking on phones at that point too. AJ answered the phone, the music started. "Hello? Listen I can't talk right now, I'm in the middle of a show, OK? Bye" AJ hung up and the song was off in full swing. The big screen played the video for "The Call" throughout the whole song. The rest of the Backstreet Boys didn't come out until AJ finished singing the rest of his part. Then only Nick came out for his part and then all of the Boys were on stage for the chorus. When the break came in the Boys left the stage and the dancers continued to dance. Then out of the trap doors in the bottom of the stage the Backstreet Boys rose up, wearing long blue judge robes. They sang the little 'woos' in the song. After they did that they ripped off the robes and through them into the little space between the audience and the end of the stage. After the song ends the Backstreet Boys yelled, "Good night Phoenix!" and disappeared from sight. At that point some of the fans already got up from their seats and start to leave. I guess they wanted to beat out the loads of traffic. On the big screen a spinning picture of the actual Black and Blue CD was shown! Then out of nowhere 'dun dun' "Shape Of My Heart" started to play. The Backstreet Boys reappeared. Brian put on his Brian Littrell Health Heart Club For Kids T-shirt over his clothes, he looked soo cute! The Backstreet Boys interacted so much with us fans during this song. They would walk to the little ramps at the sides of the stages and start signing things for the fans. AJ emptied his water bottle on the front row. At one point Howie walked all the way to the end of the ramp. All the fans over there started to throw glow necklaces at him. He kept catching them and throwing them back into the audience, what a sweetie! One fan through a basketball onto the stage for Brian. Brian was doing really fancy dribbling with one hand, he was holding the microphone in the other. Man he is good! Nick walked over to Brian and knocked the basketball out of Brian's hands and started to twirl it on his finger. Brian grabbed it again and he started to twirl it on his finger. Nick took it back again but he dropped it and it fell all the way off stage and that was the end of Brian and Nick's little game. All the Backstreet Boys gathered to the middle of the stage, grabbed hands, and took their final bow, I had tears coming down my cheek. I hate that point of a concert, when they take their bows, because that means they are leaving and the concert is over! Brian quickly gets a marker and singed his T-shirt, takes it off and throws it into the audience (front row), common Brian put a little umf in your throw will ya? I really wanted that shirt. The Boys left the stage for the last time in Arizona, the band continued playing and people started to rush out. That concert was the best I have ever seen, and now all it is, is memories.

Phoenix, Arizona Shows!! March 12th & 13th

Date: Mar 19, 2001
Submitted By: Anna

First off I just have to say OMG!! If you can get the opportunity to go to one of the Black & Blue Tour concerts, by all means GO!!

My day started on Monday March 12th at the Hard Rock Cafe! On the way there we had passed the Ritz Carlton where the BAckstreet Boys were staying! I was so excited I couldn't eat my food! I had my mom & my best friend w/ me which was the best in itself! I got to meet Mr. Bob Carter who is a very nice & approachable man! The sad thing about that day is an hour & 10 minutes afterwe left Nick came out & signed autographs & took pictures w/ the 10 or so people that were there! NOw the concert was unbelieveable! My best friend Erika went to the Millennium concert w/ a very boring person who didn't know how to havefun but this concert was gonna be different b/c she was w/ me & I'm so full of energy when it comes to concerts & BSB concerts to be specific! While waiting for the guys to come out I saw Mr. & Mrs. Littrell & may I say, Mrs. Littrell is the cutest thing! The special effects of the show are so exciting & the boys know how to make a good entrance!! Everyone is one of my personal favorite songs of Black & Blue & them going straight into Larger Than Life after that was even better b/c that is my favorite song off of Millennium ( & I know the whole dance)! I thought I wasn't gonna cry until they came out in the white outfits & sang More Than That & Yes I Will which are like the prettiest songs & how they get on bended knee during Yes I Will..... It's definetly a tear jerker!! The whole show was outstanding!!

Now for the second day!! We (my mom & me) went back to the Ritz & I got the opportunity to meet & get my pic taken w/ two of the dancers! They're the coolest! THEN I got to talk to Mr. Carter myself & I made him laugh when a physcho fan (who gives some of us calm BSB fans a bad name) stepped on my foot & I said "Thank you for stepping on my foot" & all you could hear was Mr. Carter laughing! Poor Nick's dog was terrified of all the screaming girls! I asked Mr. Carter very nicely if I could get a pic w/ him & he said "sure" but the fans got out of hand & if Mr. Carter reads this I totally understand why you couldn't take the pic b/c of the fans :o) The 2nd concert was better b/c 1.) I was w/ my mommy (my bestest friend) & 2.) We were between both stages & the ramp was RIGHT over us!! Getting to the good parts of the 2nd concert, when Brian was on the ramp he was RIGHT over me!! I was SO happy! Then after the show we went & talked to some of my mom's friends who were there & pretty much everyone had left & I looked backstage & saw Nick!! I went a lil closer & yelled his name & he was almost out of sight & then he leaned back when he heard me yell his name!! I can't believe it NICK CARTER SAW ME WooHoo!! I literally had to sit down after that & on the way to my mom's car I was a lil wallbily!! Well that is my LONG concert review but it was so worthit b/c those memories will forever be implanted in my brain!! Thanxs to the BSB for making those two days the BEST!! KTBSPA always & 4ever!!!

Phoenix Review 3/12 & 3/13

Date: Mar 18, 2001
Submitted By: Linda

Millennium what???? That show will always be in our hearts since it was the first BSB concert that my daughter and I attended, but let me tell you...there is nothing like the current Black & Blue tour! Especially being blessed enough to go to both shows!

I never thought that I would be one to hang out around hotels to catch a glimpse of someone, but I found myself doing just that on Monday, March 12 & March 13, 2001. With my daughter Anna and her best friend Erika, we planted ourselves at a safe distance and took our best shots at getting some pictures. We didn't actually get too many of the guys, but we did have the pleasure of meeting Bob Carter (Nick's dad) and he was very nice.

But let me get on with the review.

Krystal is a wonderful opening act. This girl is so talented and personable and I know she will make it. Her vocal ranges are unbelievable and when Kevin says that she has "the voice of an angel" you can believe it! She is actually from my hometown of Anderson, Indiana. Krystal makes herself available to sign autographs (on her demo cd)and take pictures after her set. She sang four songs, My Religion, Angel On My Shoulder (beautiful song!), Supergirl and I'll Be There. On night 2, we stood in line to get some pics and an autograph. She is a very sweet girl and we do wish her the best!

Now for the guys! The stages that are being used are the best ever! The first night, I was in the second row from the left of the stage (which happens to be the one that Nick spends most of his time on!) which my daughter was pleased with that! The guys open with Everyone and go immediately into Larger Than Life from there. After recuperating from those two opening numbers, the rest is almost a blur! The second night was much better for us since Anna and I had floor seats. We were in between both stages and right underneath the ramp that connects the stages. It was almost as though we had not seen them the previous night! Their vocals were right on (as usual) and they entertain like no one else! This show was put together for the fans! It is the best way to get closer to the guys.

One of my favorite parts of the show is the prelude to the "locker room" changing. It is very funny and lets everyone see the guys at their silliest! I also enjoyed The Answer To Our Life and the videos that were shown on the large screen. I hope that everyone joins with the guys in supporting their chosen charities. As a member of the Mature Fan Club, I am proud to be associated with them and support them in all that they do. I also enjoyed "Time" which is what the guys since as they cross the ramp over the audience. It is so exciting to actually be that close and I did get some awesome pictures!

Before you know it, the show is over and it is time for them to move on to the next city. I hope that the guys have a very successful and safe tour and that all of you are able to see "Black & Blue" at some point during the tour. It is a wonderful experience that we will treasure forever!

Peace, God Bless and KTBSPA!!!!!

March 12, 2001 in Phoenix!

Date: Mar 15, 2001
Submitted By: Heather Truesdale

Okay, Monday night is going down as the best night of my life in my little history book!

I flew to Phoenix from El Paso, Texas to see the Boys...and wow! it was worth EVERY penny and more!

Okay, let's see...some of my favorite things...

1. The opening sequence when the Boys come up on the pedestals. AWESOME! (and may I add..Nick was looking mighty fine!)

2. The transition from Everyone to Larger Than Life. It got the WHOLE arena dancing and singing and cheering!

3. I loved the cane dance from "Yes I Will".

4. The telephone thing with Nick in "Shining Star."

5. The clapping thing that the Boys do in the last verse of "Shining Star". TOO COOL!

6. When someone threw the white teddy bear and AJ and it bounced off of him. He ran down the ramp to catch it,

and then he said, "No, you can't have's MY teddy bear." They he started playing with it.

7. When Nick did ALL those pelvic thrusts! My, my, my...the little Boy is ALL GROWN UP! heheheh

8. When Howie jumped off the little stage in the back of the floor area, and couldn't get back up.

Brian and Kevin were trying to help him up! Too funny!

9. I LOVED the locker room scene. I got this GREAT pic of Nick making a silly face to the camera.

I also loved when Howie was putting all that hairspray in his hair!!! hehhehee

10. I LOVED IT ALL!!!! I can't help was the MOST AWESOME concert I have ever seen!!

I ended up only about 10 feet away from them when they were on the catwalk. However, I couldn't reach up to

them to touch their hands! *boo hoo*

I got 72 pics from the concert...and hope to put them on my site!! YEEHAA!!!!

Boy, I sure am glad to be a Backstreet Boys fan!!! It was truly the best time of my life!!!


KTBSPA!!! 2001!

FW: Phoenix AZ BSB Concert 3/12/01

Date: Mar 14, 2001
Submitted By: Tania

The doors opened at 6:30 Pm but before that my cousin,Jazmin,my mom and I went at 2:00 pm.My little cousin Brissa[who is 2 years old]my cousin Jazmin and I dyed our hair black and blue,and we were wearing black and blue,we drew a blue star like Nick and put BSB in our cheek ,our socks,our nails,and our clips.I bought a world tour shirt,a tour cap and a tour poster.My cousin Jazmin bought a shirt and pins of each and one as a group.We made a poster saying "WE SKIPPED SCHOOL AND CAME FROM EL PASO TX 2 C U.My uncle drove 6 hours from el paso tx to Phoenix AZ.

We waited out side of the arena and then Brian came in a van and said hi to the side that we were on and we were crying and crying.All the people were screaming and crying.Then after that, Nick came in a big tour bus which you couldn't see anything inside cause the windows were dark.The only thing I saw were little blond hairs.Then when the bus went in my mom told me that it was Nick and I started crying.Then Aj came in a white van.He was talking on a black phone,and was wearing a red bandana with a red shirt.He said hi to my side too.That was LUCK.My mom took a picture of AJ in the van.Then after that we met 2 girls and we made friends with them.We were singing Everybody before we went in.They had told us that we were going to be front row by phone but then we saw the tix and we were row 14.Then when we go there we found out that we were in the last row on the top!We couldn't see anything.Then my uncle told Jazmin and I that we need to go to the front rows.So we snucked in and we could see perfectly!WE WERE SOOO.. HAPPY.

We saw Krystal and she was good.Then we waited 30 min.and there were fireworks.We started screaming.Then they came out and it was so cool.Then they sang [this is not in order] Everyone,Larger than life,more than that,Everybody,not for me,yes i will,shape of my heart,I'll never break your heart,the call,Shining star,I promise you,How did I fall..,if you stay,What makes you different...,Show me the meaning,get another boyfriend,I want it that way,all i have to give.IT WAS THE BEST.THEY threw water teddy bears and Brian saw my cousin and I screming our butts out and he said hi and threw us kisses!!!!AHHHH.HOWIE SAID HI TO US NICK DID TOO AJ TOO AND KEVIN TOO!!!!!!!!!I WAS CRYING AND SINGING,AND DANCING!!!!THANX BSB FOR MAKING YESTERDAY THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!LOVE YOU FOREVER.I RECOMEND TH TOUR TO ALL THE FANS.IT'S THE BEST IT'S WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!

March 12th concert in Phoenix

Date: Mar 14, 2001
Submitted By: Kelley

Well, I have to say thank you to my friend Jenny. She gave me her 10th row seats because she got upgraded. I went to the concert with my mom and 8 year old sister. Since my friend only had two tickets for tenth row my mom was going to sit by herself. Well, me and my sister went to our seats, saw our mom and left 10th row. Our original seats were right in front of the ramp! My mom was going nuts. She was saying things "like when they come down we can just reach out and touch them", needless to say she was very excited. Once the concert started all three of us were jumping like Mexican beans. I let my little sister stand in the isle because she was behind a very big lady. That was a idea because once Nick came over to the edge of the ramp the girls ran from their seats in the back towards the front and nearly ran over my sister. Well, besides that the concert was great and although I had to keep an eye on my sister this was the first time she really got into it. She was screaming when Brian looked over and her arms hurt from waving at the Boys so much. It was really worth the my dads money! KTBPA 4 ever! I'd like to also say im sorry for calling some girl dumbass for squishing my sister. Sorry!

Pheonix AZ, March 12th

Date: Mar 13, 2001
Submitted By: Courtney

OMG! I just got back from the March 12th show here in Pheonix!!! It was a total dream come true. I was supposed to have crappy seats.. but we upgraded them, and I ended up with seats RIGHT NEXT TO THE RAMP! During Shining Star, I was waving to Nick, and he walked up the ramp, and I was wearing a shirt that said "star" and he pointed right at me and said "your my shinin star" After that I thought nothing better could happen, but in "what makes you different" Nick came up, touched a few girls hands, and I swear by God and all things holy.. he took my hand, squeezed it, looked at me, and sang "in your eyes I see, all the love Ill ever need" I about died! Besides that, Aj dumped water on me, Howie threw my hersheys kisses, and tons tons tons more! Im going to be in third row tommorrow! SO Ill send a review of that too!!!!ANyone who wants ym pics from the show (I took 40 of them!!) or wants to ask me anything, feel free to e-mail me! take care and ktbspa!

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