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Black & Blue Concert @LA, CA

Date: Jul 02, 2001
Submitted By: Dallana

Hello all BSB fans! I am a huge fanatic of the Backstreet Boys, I love them very much.

I know that this is a late review but isn't it better late than never?

Anywho, I went to the concert held in the Staples Center and although I was very very excited to be there, I was kind of dissappointed because I was all the way at the top. :( That wasn't the problem because I atleast got to go, my problem was that I had to pay $70 and to be all the way at the top!!

Anyways that is not my point, my point is that although the concert was really cool, it will never, never, top off the Millennium concert. I mean in the Millennium concert they popped out of a box in flying boggie boards, they flew, and the tickets were only $45.!!

The Black & Blue concert was cool, especially when they brought down that big long thing and walked across it to be closer to the fans! I also loved the popping up and down the stage. The other good part was when they showed us their dress room.

All in all the concert was good, but in my own personal opinion it will never be better than Millenium!

Sorry to anyone that enjoyed it, but this is just my personal review.

Los Angeles Concert March 14/15, 2001

Date: Jun 20, 2001
Submitted By: Stephanie

It was a week before Spring Break and I'm on the website and I noticed that BSB was going to L.A. on my Birthday(March 14). My family and I were going to CA, to visit my reletives in Moreno Valley. So I thought, hey since we're going to California might as well see the boys. My mom okayed it and bought the tickets. It was a 1800 mile drive to California from San Antonio,TX, but it was all worth it. When we got to L.A. the concert was awesome! Nick was shakin' his bon bon. Brian sounded better than ever. A.J.'s jokes are getting better. Kevin and Howie were pretty cool. I really was suprised when the second stage came up. It was the best birthday

Staples Center March 14

Date: Jun 14, 2001
Submitted By: Nicole

The concert was sooo amazing. I'll never forget it, especially since it was my first one. I went with my best friend to the concert; our tickets were upgraded once we got there because they were filming the show for television. The pyrotecnics in the beginning were so awesome, yet a bit scary. The guys came up from the floor and were saluting us. Then they kicked the show off with "Everyone". The concert was really great because they sang all the songs from Black and Blue except "It's True", but they sang "What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful". They even sang songs of of Millennium: ("Larger Than Life", "I Want it That Way","Show me the Meaning") as well as some of their older songs like "All I Have to Give", "Everybody", and "I'll Never Break Your Heart". The BSB alloted themselves time to change into individual outfits while all of us fans watched a behind the scenes footage of the guys in their dresing room. Then they came up on a smaller round stage which was located behind me, five rows away!!! I was so psyched it was unbelieveable. I'm not really sure what they sang at that time because I was too busy screaming my head off. You would to if you were that close to a Backstreet Boy. Anyway, my friend and I were jumping up and down trying to get one of the guys attention. The small stage is where the good stuff happened for me, it was something I'll always remember. It was really weird because we weren't fully alert. That's when it took us about a split second to realize that Brian was actually looking right at us. I know, how do you know it wasn't someone else. Well, it's just a unique feeling you get when you have eye contact with a BSB at a concert. We started jumping up and down even more while screaming and I was doing the I love you sign with my hand. He gave us his Brian weird look (he kinda of squenches up his face) and then he started smiling and laughing. (It wasn't a mocking laugh, he was laughing with us). My friend and I were so happy and I felt like I was positively glowing. After the guys finished singing on the small stage, they made their way back to the big stage on an overhead bridge while singing "Time". The second to the last song was "The Call" and the Backstreet Boys closed with "Shape of My Heart." They came out wearing Lakers jerseys since the Staples Center is the home of the Lakers. The Black and Blue tour is so amazing and was a wonderful experience. I really wish I was going again in August, but I have had a concert experience that no on else will ever be able to top because "No One Else Comes Close" to being as great as our boys, the Backstreet Boys.

Backstreet Boys concert at the Staples Center

Date: Apr 08, 2001
Submitted By: Jessica

OMG!! that was the best night ever!! the show was so awesome! aj is an awesome dancer and brian and nick are so cute! AJ and Nick, if you're reading this, i love u sooooooooooo much!!!!! the guys are such great performers. they have incredible voices. i went to the show last year, but this year was amazing. i love the guys so much. i will never forget that night. their outfits were so cool and that backstage and trunk skit were so cute. it was so cute when nick was singing on the ground and when they sang "Yes I Will", i thought i was gonna die! the shape of my heart was so fun to sing. so was the call. aj is sooooooo sexy on stage! i couldn't stop screaming for him. i had no voice for a week. so anyways, i'm done for now. you can catch the whole thing on cbs and mtv in may, so look for me!! bye everyone, keep the backstreet pride alive! luv ya, peace!

Los Angeles

Date: Apr 05, 2001
Submitted By: Lorraine

Hey! I know that I have written a review before but I decided to write a better one! So ignore the other fan reviews because I messed up on the other ones! March 14 was the best night of my life!! My friend and I got to the Staples Center around 5:30pm which they didn't open the doors till 6:30pm!! Moving on to the show!! We were going to go our seats and they told us that we couldn't sit there because of the staging!! Than they told us that they were going to get us better seats ! They came back with our new tickets and showed where we were going to sit!! The new seats were on the floor!! Moving on !! I thought Krystal was great and I love the song My Religion!! Good job Krystal!! They started the show with the pyro which made me jump out of my seat !! I loved it when the boys came out on the platforms!! They started out with Everyone and they went into Larger than Life!! I don't remember the order of the songs but I remember some of them. How I did fall in Love and What makes you different were the best songs that they did but there were other songs that were good too!! I loved the cane dance in Yes I Will!! During the song,Brian came over to my section and he waved to me!!! More than that and Not for me were awesome!! I just loved the wardrobe skit but I couldn't here that much because of the screaming!! The best part of the show was when the boys came out in Laker jerseys for the encore which was Shape of my heart! At the end of the show, I bought a program($20),t-shirt($20),Howie picture($5),and a glowstick($8) but it was all worth it!! If anyone hasn't been to the concert yet, buy some tickets because it is worth it. If anyone is going, have a great time which I know you will!! Howie was very sexy that night and he was very HOT!! The other boy were too!! Thank you BSB for making me the happiest girl in the world!! I love you so much!! See you in August!!

P.S. Keep the backstree pride alive!! If anyone who went to that show and has pictures,PLEASE EMAIL ME!! Thanks!!


Los Angeles Concert and Jay Leno Show

Date: Apr 05, 2001
Submitted By: Lorena Ramos

After much thought and reading the various stories posted on this site about your BSB concert experiences and encounters I decided to share mine with others. My friends and I attended both concerts at the Staples Center on Wed March 14 and Thursday March 15. The concerts we absolutely great. The first night we had seats that were way up in the nosebleed section. Anyhow, we managed to find one ticket row 8 on the floor and we swapped seats. It was really great because we all got a good look at the guys. The are much better looking in person, I must say. Anyhow, after that night we were kinda let down. After having such a high we were kind of bummed b/c we werent going to see the boys on Thurs. We went to Costco to develop our pictures. On the way back home, my friends live near Staples center, we were listening to the Black and Blue album and then it hit us. We needed to get tickets to see them again. We parked our car and got to Staples at around 5:30pm. We walked over to the box office and asked if they had any good seats. We were told yes. We purchased five tickets. They werent the greatest seats but they were in the lower loge area just in front of where the second stage was located. We were extremely happy when we walked in and noticed this. We were in heaven when they sang so close to us and then they walked across the bridge.

Anyhow, we were even more hyped after this concert. We could not stop talking about them and listening to the music. One of my friends mentioned that the Boys might be going to Jay Leno's show. We decided to go, however we drew the limit at sleeping in the street. We got home around one and planned to leave my friends house at 5 am. This did not happen. I overslept and did not wake up until my friend called me a little after 6 am.

I was a bit upset b/c when we arrived at the NBC studios in Burbank there were many people ahead of us. I dropped off my friends and looked for parking. On my way back I counted 128 people ahead of us. I knew we would not get tickets. I mentioned this to my friends and I apologized b/c I felt responsible for oversleeping. My friends were really cool about it and said we'll get tickets if its meant to be. Well let me tell you, we did not get tickets instead we got stand-by tickets. There were 35 stand-by tickets and we got number 30. We then went home. I got a few more hours of sleep. I was tired b/c all this activity was really tiring me out. It felt like we were on the street while BSB was in LA. We went back to the NBC studios and waited to be told if we would get in or not. As it turns out we were not let in but here is the best part of the story. NBC and BSB felt so bad b/c people camped out that they opened Studio 1 for the people who were not let in as part of the studio audience.

We were led to this room with 30 inch TVs. At first, I was like ohh no I did not come here to see them on TV, I can do that at home. Anyhow then the person who led us to the room said the words that I will never forget. He said, "BSB will come in here for a few minutes to thank you personally for waiting in line for hours, You are not to touch them, ask for autographs, take pictures or rush them" I was completely stunned I could not believe what I had just heard. My friends and I just looked at each other. We were holding on to each others hands tightly and in were complete and utter shock. Well it took a while for the boys to enter the Studio but when they finally I could not believe I was seeing them. They were really great. They thanked us for waiting in line and then they walked around the whole room filled with about 30-40 people and shook our hands. They were really friendly and down to earth and they all looked GREAT!!! Especially, Howie whom I am parcial to. Well Nick and AJ looked great too. What impressed me the most was that Kevin walked to every person in that room and said, "Hi, I am Kevin". He had such a firm handshake. My friend said to Kevin, "May God continue to bless you in your musical career" and Kevin was so touched he placed his hand on his chest and said to my friend, "Thank you for your good thoughts!" My friend then mentioned that we enjoyed both concerts and Kevin was like "Yeah, that's great, Thanks" I was still awestruck and could not think of anything witty or intelligent to say" I think I lost it when I shook Howie's hand and said "hola" I can barely even recall him responding, he did but since my brain was not functioning normal its all kinda of fuzzy. I snapped out of it long enough to shake and greet the rest of the guys. They were really GREAT!!!

When the Show as over, we left and we were completely and utterly happy because we got to meet BSB. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think that was possible. Now, we are looking forward to the August concerts and are ready for the disruption BSB will bring into our lives this SUMMER. We are LOOKING forward to it. Keeping the BSB Pride Alive!!!!!

Los Angeles,CA-March14th

Date: Mar 20, 2001
Submitted By: Stephanie

The concert was my first,and I was absolutley blown away. It was just so cool. The whole experience was amazing.

My friends and I unfortunatley had to attend school that day,but we were screaming through the entire time for school to be over so we could go to the concert. When school let out,I went to my friends house to get ready and we went online looking at pictures from previous concerts. At around five o'clock our other friend arrived,she got ready,and then around five fifteen our *other* friend came to pick us up. The whole drive to the concert consisted of us screaming,and my friend's mom saying that we were going to throw our bras up on stage. lol. We get there at around six,and we went to stand in line. When I bought the tour book we were just looking at the pictures and saying how good they looked. I have no clue when they opened the doors,since none of us brought a watch,but they opened them and there was tons of cheering. We entered and went looking for our seats. One of my friends and I were in section 117,while the other two were in section 315. The 315 friends came with us,to see if it was possible for us to sneak them down,so they waited outside our section,while we went to our seats. We were originally supposed to be sitting right by the right ramp,but there was a camera infront of our seats so we got transferred to section 118,front row. AMAZING seats,right next to the front row center seats. A while later Krystal came out,and I thought she was so good. Amazing voice. I'm definitley gonna buy her cd. While the wait for the Backstreet Boys,everyone started doing the wave and chanting 'Backstreet Boys'. Our 315 friends came down without any help,and sat in our section,but row 8. And they didn't get caught. They were VERY happy. This guy that was standing next to my friend told us that they were behind a curtain on the right,so we kept a look out on that. When the lights were turning down cause the BSB were coming out,a blond came out,and my first thoughts? Leighanne Littrell. I screamed out her name,but she didn't turn around. The blond came to talk to security who was right infront of me,and who WAS it? The lovely and ever so sweet Kristin Richardson. I screamed out her name(just as we saw the Boys going on stage through the curtain),and sure enough she turned and smiled at us. We snapped a picture of her. She went to take her seat,right as the Boys came out. All you heard from my mouth was "Oh my god". When the asteroid pyros came down,my face started heating up since they were so hot. I snapped alot of pictures when they started singing. Overall I thought their singing and choreography was AWESOME. During one of the songs,we saw Fatima and we screamed her name and she waved to us.

I loved all of their performances,but my faves were "Everyone","larger than life","Get Another Boyfriend","How Did I fall in love with you","Yes I will,"I want it that way"---pretty much every single one. ;-p

During Shape of My heart(where they wore the Lakers jerseys-HOT!!!) I saw that Kristin was going backstage,and I said that I was going to get her autograph,so I called her over,and we got it. She was so sweet and just beautiful. While we got her autograph,Kevin waved at us!!! YAY! Throughout the concert,we got waves from AJ,Howie,Brian,and Kevin. None for Nick since he was mostly on the opposite side.

This will be an experience that I will never forget. The best part is that I'll be seeing it again on CBS when it airs. And I think I might appear in the show,since the camera was right infront of us. And if so,you'll see me screaming and singing for the best group out there. the backstreet boys. :)



Los Angeles bsb concert on 3-14-01

Date: Mar 19, 2001
Submitted By: luscious

WOW. All I can say is WOW. That concert was amazing. I had a blast before i went into the arena. I seen AJ in his tour bus before the show and i took lots of pictures of him. I talked to a lot of BSB fans who are so nice. Hey BJ and cali people. Ok now on to the show. BSB came out with a big bang. i was getting scared when those pyro or whatever were exploding. I was at the section right by the left catwalk and Kevin Howie and AJ were mostly on that side and kevin is so nice because he was touching peoples hands. BSB have the most beautiful voices in the world.Howie almost made me cry with his voice and i was screaming so loud for him people in front of me had to plug their ears but i was just showing love for Howie. Their dancing has improved a lot even though their dancing was good before. Howie was really shocking me with his salsa moves and all i have to say is Howie got it goin on. AJ was also mighty sexy with his dance moves and the one that mostly shocked me was Nick. He is all grown up and he is finer than ever now. I didnt really see Brian that much but what i did see of him he was so cute. i ran out of film on the fourth song. oh yeah their opening act krystal was amazing. that girl got a voice on her. i love that song supergirl and my religion.

PS. if someon hears when the summer tickets go on sale please email me. thanks

LA Staples Center 3-14 and 3-15

Date: Mar 19, 2001
Submitted By: frick's chick4ever

I was fortunate enough to attend both LA shows at the Staples Center. On the first day we arrived at the arena at 4:30, we had just missed the boys. It was so cool cuz everyone got so creative with their concert wardrobe. Anyway, when we got there i heard a bunch of girls yelling and running to the glass walls of the Staples Center. It turns out that Brian was walking around in the lobby and he was waving to everyone. But i didn't get to see him. But i was able to hear the guys rehearsing cuz this girl told me she could hear them singing, so me and my cousin pressed our ears against the glass and sure enough you could hear them singing "Shape Of My Heart." That was preety cool. Our seats were really high but surprisingly enough we had a good view. I didn't think the boys would be able to top the "Into The Millennium Tour" but they did. I really enjoyed the concert, especially " Larger than Life","Get Another Boyfriend","Everyone", "The Call", "Not For Me", "Everybody", "How Did I Fall In Love With You", and "More Than That"- basically I loved the whole concert. The choreography was awesome and the boys were doin' a whole lot of booty shakin', especially Nick. At the beginning of the show, krystal said she had a personal belonging from a certain someone who sings" HEYYYYYYYYYYY!" It was A.J.'s water bottle- complete with back- wash. She threw it out into the audience and of course girls were fighting for it. The second night of the concert was even better than the first. This time we showed up earlier and we got to see Kevin outside. It was hard to tell when the boys were coming because the drive way for the Staples Center was right next to the drive way for the Convention Center. So it was difficult to look for the boys because when a car would come we didn't know which way they were going, right to the convention or left to the Staples Center. When Kevin pulled up the fans didn't even notice because there were camera guys from Access Hollywood in front of us. But then we saw the tinted windows of his silver mercedes roll down and there was Kevin talking to the security guard, then he went into the underground parking structure. Kevin came out walking from the structure and without even thinking about it I started running towards Kevin, with some other girl, to start taking pictures of him. I was about ten feet away from him when this abnormally huge body guard steps right in front of us and yells"Go back to the curb!" I swear this guy must have been Goliath's relative because he was gigantic. So we ran back to the curb because i did not need to get injured before the concert started. Kevin ended up going inside this trailer to get his make-up done. I didn't get any pics of him at that point but luckily he came back out and we finally got come pictures of him. We also saw Howie's mom but didn't realize it was her until AJ mentioned that they had family, friends and loved ones in the audience. That night, Krystal said she had a stuffed animal of Scooby doo that belonged to a guy who sings" I need you tonight" and the crowd went crazy. Krystal has an awesome voice and is very pretty in person. My sister and I got her autograph and took pictures with her at the concert. When the guys came out i noticed that Brian had cut his hair and I was so happy cause he looked hott and clean cut. My sister said" OMG Cathy, somewhere in LA there are pieces of Brian's hair!" and I was like"I Know!" Once again the concert was great and we actually got to see Nick's and AJ's buses leave. I had a blast.

Los Angeles, March 15

Date: Mar 19, 2001
Submitted By: Raymond

Well, mostly everyone covered what happened in the concert. I was a little disappointed cause I think I was the only singing every single song. I looked around at everyone and no one was singing(except in I want it that way, and I think a little in Show me the meaning of being lonely)! Well, besides that, that was my first concert and it's one of the best! I will never forget that night, it was amazing. They sang all their songs off Black and BLue except "It's True," but it was all good. They sang all these old songs too. I can't believe I saw them , practically 2 feet away from me. I had Section 2 seats, row 19, and I was underneath the bridge thing. I made eye contact with Kevin and threw up the ROCK sign together, that was pretty fun. AJ was hanging off the bridge signing "TIME" to the fans and then looking at the camera. This concert was recorded for CBS(channel 2) and they'll show it at the end of May. It would be a MTV special too. I might come out on t.v. I was like in the back when they were recording AJ singing , hanging off the bridge, I was wearing a gray sweatshirt saying backstreet boys. Well, that was the best day of life and I hope more fans sing in August 18 , when they come back to LA, I'll be there checking up on people. I strongly recommend this concert to anyone. It was the best, BSB ROCK!!!(By the way, I'm a guy, not gay, just happen to listen to good music, bye)

staples center 3/14 los angeles

Date: Mar 19, 2001
Submitted By: danielle

The bsb put on one of the best shows on march 14 at the staple center and with me being in 7 th row i had the expierience of a lifetime. though this was my 3rd concert (and tomorrow night being my 4th) black and blue was the best. krystal was spectacular. bsb rose from the bottom of the stage singing everybody.they sang a total of about 19 songs. nick pointed at me and smiled while aj did wave at me.they have 2 stages so that at one point during the show everyone can be close.they eneded with the call and shaoe of my heart. i cant wait to go next summer...

B&B tour Los Angeles Staples Center ,14

Date: Mar 18, 2001
Submitted By: marissa

First of all i'd like to say this was my second bsb concert and certanly not the last. Krystal was there opening act she was off the hook, i was so impressed with her voice and she looks really cute.(i can't wait for her album to come out) Well down to bussines,the boys rose from pillars that came out of openings for each boy there was plenty of smoke and pyro. Then they were lower down and started to sing Everyone and Larger Than Life. The whole arena was so into them I was so excited i had really good floor seats and took some REALLY GOOD PICS. well any way they sang for an hour and a half they made my friend who realy isn't a big bsb fan a beliver of them. Well all in all i had an awesome time i did't get home till midnight but it was worth getting up for school at five anything for bsb. I bought a glowstick, a shirt , a scrap book , and a poster as well as some pic. I f you haven't come to see bsb in concert u should really try to catch them. I have met them before and they are the sweetest guys they eserve all the success. Hope catch them on the summer tour i know i will see ya there out of 10 i give bsb's concert at Staples center a 10. By the way Nick LOOK EVEN HOTTER IN PERSON.

BSB concert Thursday March 15, 2001 Los Angeles

Date: Mar 18, 2001
Submitted By: tiff

Tonight's concert at the Staples Center was so amazing!!!! My throat is so sore from all the screaming. We had really good floor seats, right under the bridge. As they were singing "Time" and walking across the bridge, Kevin was looking over the side right into our group and was reaching down to us!!! I got really good pictures!! I loved everything about tonight - the Boys looked so good and all of their outfits rocked!!!!! I really hope everyone gets a chance to see Backstreet Boys on their Black and Blue World Tour - it will be the best night of your life!!!!!!

3/15/2001 Los Angeles, CA Staples Center

Date: Mar 18, 2001
Submitted By: Roya

It was the best night of my life. Well, let me start from the begining. I went with 5 of my friends and my friends mom. Anyways, on the way there we had so much fun. We were cranking up Black & Blue and we were all like "We're going to the Backstreet Boys concert!" to everyone on the street. They basically just stared but the UPS man next to us was happy for us. Anyways, our seats weren't that great but we could still see them pretty good. They were premiere seats. Well I already knew that Krystal Harris was gonna be good but my friends didn't know anything about her. I was gonna go get her autograph, but the guy that worked there said it would start in about 10 minutes and I didn't want to take that kind of chance so i just waited. It turned out to be 30 minutes later then usual. Oh! I forgot to tell you, before the concert started, some girls started to scream so we looked down and we saw some blond guy, my friends thought it was Nick but I knew better. At first I thought it was Aaron Carter, but when they came closer, it was Chad and Mickey from 2gether! Well anyways, the concert was awesome. They came out singing "Everyone" then "Larger than Life". They looked SO FINE!!!!! I only had one film and right when they got on the mini stage (which was closer to us) I finished my film. I was so pissed. All the good stuff was at the end. Well, when they were on the mini stage I couldn't believe what happened. Brian looked up at us, and we had all been crying and screaming our heads off (which i have now lost my voice and sound like a guy going through puberty!!!) he looked up at us and waved and smiled!! He actally looked at us!!! Then Howie blew a kiss and winked! And I think Nick waved. AJ and Kevin were on the other side so we didn't see them as much. When they were on the bridge, AJ was hanging off the side trying to get closer to the fans and Nick went and tried to push him over. It was funny. I think they were singing "How Did I Fall In Love With You" and I don't remember when, but when there was a part in the song about always being together or something and Nick quickly ran to Brain and they were like singing together. It was so cute!!!!!!!!! I wanted to take a picture but my film was finished and I was so mad cause they look so cute like that. Well, the choreography for "Get Another Boyfriend" and "The Call" were awesome! At the end they came out in Laker jerseys. Nick and Brian were wearing Kobe's jearsey and the rest were wearing Shaq's jearsey. I was freaking out cause me and my bff have this inside joke that most hot guys wear #8 and we were all like OMG! Well thats pretty much all the highlights. When, we left to go to the parking, there were some people giving out free posters and some video about the movie Josie and the Pussycats. That night most of us lost our voices. All my friends except my bff cried (she's also an Nsync fan but after the concert she likes BSB better!). My other friend Tara is a crazy AJ fan and i sat next to her at the concert. She fainted twice and criend 3/4 of the concert. I was hugging her half the time. Oh! They were taping a special for CBS thats probably coming out in May or something and they were doing an MTV special. Thats pretty much it. I loved it so much! It was the best day of my life!

Backstreet Boys Concert @ Staples Center 3/14

Date: Mar 18, 2001
Submitted By: crystal

Hi!! Man the concert was CRAAaaazyY!!!!!!!!!! I got there about 2 hours early...and once, girls started screaming and i started freakin out cuz i thought someone from BSB was in there~ but there wasn't...xP...well i finally went in, and i was really relieved cuz i was able to sneak in my nice zooming camera and 5 rolls of film~ and i went to my seat..Krystal was performing already, and i sat down, took out my camera...turned it on..i tried to zoom, but it wouldnt work!!! and i was like WHAT THE HECK????? and then i looked at it and my camera was messed up!!!! it wouldnt zoom or turn on or take a picture or ANYTHING!!!!!!! i was soooooooo mad cuz i just changed the batteries right before i came..i put in the new batteries at home, put in new film, and the film rolled in and everything seemed fine but it wasn't working!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!! and i was soooo depressed and sad and frustrated....but the guys that i went w/ went out across the street and bought me two cameras~ and im so thankful that they did..but those disposable cameras can't compare to my zooming camera!!! and my seats weren't as great as i thought they were gonna be (they were on the lower area but all the way across the stage) and i was kinda sad about that too...but when tehy came out into the second smaller stage they were a LOT closer!!!! i just ran up to the front of my section and took as many pictures as i could...kevin, brian, and nick were on my side a lot....a lot of girls were waving near me and kevin waved to us like crazy lots of times!!!! and brian did too~ i took a picture each time he waved~~ i was so sad that when they went back....i didnt get my pictures yet but i bet theyre not gonna be that great.....sigh... :*( my stupid camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but the night was still good~ i wasn't even screaming much or anything, i was just standing there in awe and shock...dang i still can't believe i saw favorite parts were when they first entered, on those rising platforms with the smoke and the stars in the background~ that was so beautiful....and also the end, when they did shape of my heart..and they were in Lakers jerseys!!!! ahh that was so cool~ and i was in a daze so i dont remember much things that happened, but i remember that nick went on his knees at his part of SOMH!! awww~ heheheh :) well if anyone has pics, can u tell me the website or something? and if anyone is willing to send negatives or something, i'll lOVE you!!!! ;P oh also, does anyone remember the order of the songs that they sang at the concert? if anyone does..can u email it to me please~ thanks...i have to go back to another concert!!!! Ahhhh~ it was soo greatttt~

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