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October 10 Denver, CO

Date: Nov 27, 2001
Submitted By: Ariana

I went to the BSB concert and let me tell you it was the graetest. First Sisqo came out and he could'nt get done soon enough. Finally the boys came on and they looked hotter than ever. Howie cut his hair, I was so shocked, but either way he's the finest. the did much better at this concert. they sang all my favorite songs. Then Howie blew me a kiss!!!!! I was so happy. After "Shape of My Heart" The boys went under the stage. Then tha poped up and sang "Drowning". It was the best time of my life. afterwards I waited outside and saw Kevin, Brian, and Howie. Then I went home. This was the best concert and I hope they come back soon.

Denver CO, October 10 concert

Date: Oct 28, 2001
Submitted By: Stephany

OK, what can I say about the Denver concert...It really wouldn't matter because nothing I could come up with would even BEGIN to scratch the surface. BSB are by far the best band around. Their concert was one of the best I have ever seen. They showed everybody that they have many talents, they can dance, sing, harmonize better than anyone and they can put up the best show nowadays. Let's start with the begining though. Sisqo was great as well. I have seen a lot of articles in which he gets a bad review and others in which he doesn't even get any credit. Well, I just want to say that he DID rock the house. I'm sure a big % of BSB fans aren't big fans of the "Dragon"'s music gernre and that may be a reason why screams and cheers werent as loud for him. But to those who enjoy R&B, the show defenitely pleased and made us shake our boo-tays. One thing though, the 'fro DEFINETELY has to go! OK, now to the main men...You have no idea of how crazy the crowd went when the lights dimmed and metheors started hitting earth! (On screen, of course). But that level of crazines was only a glimpse of what was coming just about 20 seconds later when the five (Yeah, that's right, Kevin was there this time!) most gorgeous guys in the universe took the stage. Their opening coreography was perfectly sinchronized and they just looked awesome. After about two songs, each Boy came up on stage and talked to the crowd for about a minute. Of course, the loudest screams went to A.J., who to the delight of all of us stated that that day was his 98th day sober!!! Way to go!! He also made sure to tell us that no matter what, he was "still crazy". Some more highlights of the concert would be the catwalk performance, which I personally loved since I was 3 rows away from the stage, where the bridge would get lower, and the boys just pased right above me. And ofcourse, there is the video that is set in 2050, where the Boys are old, have gray hair and my man Nick, comments on his hip replacement and his big belly. The only unfurtunate thing was that since there were so many screams, it was hard hearing what the "old Boys" were talking about. One thing I did get to hear was that at some point, they had tried to find a 6th member and that Joey Fatone had auditioned... that was simply GENIOUS. And how can I forget their rendition of "America the Beautiful" they were all dressed in white and waving flags. That was one of the most touching moments of the show, followed by them remembering and honoring a carpenter that worked for them that died on 9-11. Other than that, there were all the songs we have come to loved, some with dazzling, sharp, smooth-flowing dance moves; and others with unbelievable perfect harmony, oh yeah, there was lots of kick-ass pyro too! Overall, I want to say that BSB have everything that it takes (and then some) to be #1 for a long, long time. Their performance was great (I have read in reviews that it wasn't as good as some other band's show which was like 80% pyro, but I think that exessive pyro is a distraction that is often used to detreact attention away of something the show is lacking, which is not an issue with BSB, since they don't lack a thing. Really, people should stop comparing so much. The Boys are the Boys, they are not trying to be someone else. If you want relentless pyro, go elsewhere. If you want a quality show with good songs, harmony, dance, and a band that loves and cares for their fans, the Black and Blue tour ain't over yet.). But back to the concert, it really was larger than life and the Boys showed us all that they are as charming as they appear on TV, and they are great persons too. You just have to love them.

Backstreet Boys Concert Denver Colorado 10/10

Date: Oct 28, 2001
Submitted By: Barb Soden

My first Backstreet concert, and I have to say out the many concerts of different areas of RockI have seen, by far the best. The comedy that interacted with the fans, the music, the performance, the acknowldgements for ALL those who help them be where they are, the dancing.... I don't dance because of my size. It embarasses me, but after that concert I want to learn and possibly use it as an excercise to loose weight so that I could dance with them, and feel the music instead of my self consciousness. What Make You DIfferent, is my favorite song, and to hear it live was beyond the performance I dreamed of seeing. I liked the look under the stage in their dressing area, because it brought a closer look to what they go through with the samll space they have to use.

They whole evening was energizing even though I had to sit down through the whole thing so that a mother and her two younger daughters could see. I didn't want to spend that much for tickets and wait that long to see the show after it had been posponed for the best reason ever, A.J. getting better, and then have to sit through most of it. But it was still explosive, and the best by far.

My friend who went with me is an expectin' mama, and we got full approval from the baby kicking and dancing it's way through the entire concert. Even Sisqo's start. My friend is totally into Country, but came with me anyways just to get for a while, and she was not disappointed one bit. She especially loved the choreography. One new fan of BSb has been addicted to the phanominom, and one is yet to be born.

I wish I could have seen Kevin on a grand piano like in the For The Fans video, but there was enough times to compensate. Can't wait for Chap One's release, and can't wait till they come back to the Rocky Mountain Area.

Denver Show Review

Date: Oct 22, 2001
Submitted By: Katie Varga

Okay, Last Night I saw the one and ONLY Backstreet Boys in concert. It all started with me waking up that morning, making it through school, and finally getting home about 3:00. I was so anxious to get there. We left for the Pepsi Center at about 5:30 and got there at 6:30. We hit traffic. I finally got there and to my suprise there were tons of girls already there. I didn't think there would be so soon. Unlike last time they were already letting people in. The concert starts at 7:30 and last time it was freezing cold and they made us wait 30 minutes outside until 7:00! But this time they let us in right away. There were about 20 different doors on the side I was on and the lines were at least 300 people long each. I snuck in a side door that they just opened. They searched bags briefly, they didn't catch me with a camera. I walked around the arena buying souveniers. In case you're wondering, tour programs are 25 dollars, t-shirts are all around 30 dollars, key ring holders are 25, little pictures are 5, Posters are 10, and Bandannas are 15.

Well finally I got in, met up with some friends. My seat was so close! I was dying to meet Krystal again, but shocked when Sisqo went on stage first! She never performed or showed up by the way. Well he came out with "Unleash the Dragon". He had a funny hat on and had a blonde afro under it! It was FUNNY! Sisqo needs to fix his hair. Then he sang "I Got to Get It". Next he sang a little part of "Wild Wild West." I thought it would have been really cool if Will Smith came up there and joined him but no.

Then he sang "Incomplete." He was the only one on stage then. There were a lot of other rappers and dancers on stage on the previous songs. Also there was a backtrack playing for the chorus of "Incomplete" so no back up singers.

A few more songs that i'm not familiar with passed. Then he announced he was going to sing his new single. So his dancers came out and he sang his soon to be released single. And he said goodnight and walked offstage and his voice came on the speaker talking about what song he was missing. And of course, he comes out and sings "Thong Song". Some pyro went off and he left the stage with confetti everywhere. I picked some up after the show.

Time passed and Backstreet Boys came on. The lights dimmed and it started off with a video of meteors coming down. The dancers fell. Then they all raised out of the ground doing stiff dance moves. Soon they started Singing "Everyone." They sang the whole song. The crowd loved it. After that they sang "Larger than Life". Then "Not for Me" Which they had on all black suits with these red things over them. The started off on the right side of the stage and Brian held out a piece of paper for the line "I found a note with his number."

Then a costume change and they all came out and sat on stools. They sang "What makes You Different (Makes you Beautiful)" Then for the next song they went backstage and grabbed these sparkly canes. They sang "Yes I Will." Then this section at the back of the stage raised up and they all got up on it. They sang "More than That." They were in all white. Then a flame appeared on the big movie screen at the back of the stage and they sang "I Want it That Way." The audience really liked that. Then they went backstage and the video where they are all 'old' came on. Nick cracked the joke on Joey Fatone and the audience died laughing. At the end of the video it showed time going backwards to 2001 and then the light came on and the boys were all sitting in like 60's outfits. They sang "Quit Playing Games with My Heart" joined with "As Long as You Love Me." Then it went into "I'll Never Break Your Heart". Next it was "Don't Want you Back" and the crowd went nuts when they found out they were doing that song. Then the dressing room scene came on.

Then it was time for the little stage. The all raised out of the little stage and started singing "Show me the Meaning, Of Being Lonely." then "How Did I Fall In Love WIth You?." Just as that song was ending the Catwalk came down. They announced that they had all wrote the next song and sang but what else? "Time". After that the catwalk raised back up and they sang America The Beautiful in honor of those that had died. I felt bad we were all singing with them but still screaming for Nick's butt lol. Then Kevin explained about all of their charities and They sang "Answer to Our Lives". Nick played the drums, Brian the Guitar and Howie played the little thing you shake! Then it was a medly of "All I Have to Give" and "If You Stay". For "If You Stay." They brought out chairs but Brian didn't do most of the chair routine because he was singing. Sometime in between songs, Nick told AJ to take off his shirt and Kevin's like "this is a family show, mothers grandmothers, kids!" and Nick's like "Well some of the mothers wanna see it!" LMAO! GO NICKY!

Then everyone went backstage to change and AJ came out and started singing the first verse of "Shining Star." Then Nick came out when he had to sing the prechorus. Then they all came out for the chorus. AJ had two girls all over him and at the end of the song the lifted his shirt off. That worked the crowd.

Then all the boys introduced the band players. Nick was the funniest. When he was introducing the keyboardist/DJ, AJ literally crawled out on stage. The keyboardist messed up and Nick's like "What's going on?" and Aj's like "Let's break this down." And the keyboardest DJ'ed a song and they broke out in n sync moves. It was the funniest thing i've seen in my entire life! Then AJ left the stage and Nick introduced the Director of the band and Nick started singing Bootylicious! It was HILARIOUS!

Then after all the dancers and everything, They went for a costume change and Jumped out of the ground for "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)"!! Nick had a bright pink wig on and Brian had a bright blue one on! IT WAS FUNNY! They were all in the American flag theme. Kevin had an american flag bandanna on. Then on to "Get Another Boyfriend." Then once again AJ said that there's only time for one more song, and the phone rang and they sang "The Call". Then when the song reached Nick's part, AJ screamed REMIX! and Nick continued on with the REMIX of THE CALL! Then they sunk off stage, and then came back on for "Shape of My Heart." The audience's vocals overpowered the Boys speakers in this song.

They said goodnight and lights turned off. Then they came out on the same pillars as the beginning and sang drowning. They sounded better than the recorded version! Finally they said a final goodbye and exited. I went out and was sad it was over. It ended about 10:30 but I waited 30 minutes in line for a tour program and then got home at about 11:30. I went to bed about 12:00. Well that's all! Hope you enjoyed reading!

Luv yah Lotz,

Katie (

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BSB in Denver

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: Kathy

The BSB concert in Denver was totally awesome. My friend and I got there around 5 and we waited for them to open the doors. We chatted with some other fans who were totally crazy, like us.

When they opened the doors, we bolted upstairs and bought our BSB stuff. We headed for our seats. My seats weren't the best like all the other years, but that was no problem.

After what seemed forever, Sisqo came on. His songs were loud and the bass shook the arena. It totally pumped us all up and the crowd was psyched.

Sisqo finished and some announcements were made. Then, it was time for the Boys. "Everyone" came on and the crowd went berserk. My section was full and maybe 4 people were on their feet. I was doing the dances and singing along.

I'm not going to take you through the concert step by step because the others have pretty much done that. So I will skip to near the end, not that everything in between didn't rock.

They had just finished "Get another boyfriend" when A.J said he had some good news, and some bad news. The good news was that Kevin was there and un-injured (YAY) and the bad news was that there were only 2 songs left. They did "The Call" and a spectacular version of "Shape of my heart." During "Shape of my heart," Nick stopped and was like, "everyone up there, make some noise!" My friend and I, and 2 other girls were screaming as loud as we could and waving. He waved back and bowed. We all freaked out and he said, "Take it easy." I know he was talking to us because everyone else in our section was just sitting there.

Then, they were gone, or were they? No, they came back up and did a special encore of "Drowning." Once again, everyone around me looked at me like a freak because I was screaming the words and I knew the song. My friend and I booked it when the song was finished. We were outside when a girl told us A.J had just gone by in a van. We saw an empty bus go by and then we saw a girl freaking out. She had blown a kiss to Brian on his bus and he returned it.

Sure enough, a bus drove by and standing behind the door was Brian Littrell. He waved to me and said, "I love you, be safe!" I still can't believe it. We decided to look for Nick. We walked around for awhile and didn't see anyone. Just when we were about to give up, I saw someone sitting there on a bus. It was Howie!! I waved to him and he waved back. His bus wasn't moving but the doors were being guarded so we continued to search.

We never found Nick, but it was still great and I can't wait for the Backstreet Boys to come back to Denver.

Denver Black and Blue Concert

Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: Andrea Hansen

The Black and Blue World Tour concert in Denver was beyond words. There's nothing like a crowd full of girls (and their unwilling moms and boyfriends) screaming at the top of their lungs to five guys on a stage. The Boys' really know how to rock the joint. They should be applauded for their great effort in putting on such a show. With dancing and singing in the "Mile High" state, im surprized they weren't winded. Keep up the good work Backstreet, we're all looking forward to future concerts!

Denver, CO 10-10-01

Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: Autumn

I went to the concert on wendesday at the pepsi center in denver colorado it was the best one of theirs yet!!! it was awesome! i had pretty good seats, Aj seemed really happy and he died his hair (i met him earlier at the hotel)kevin had his hair in cornrows and it was really hott! Anyway sisqo opened krystal wasnt there i was sad about that because i really like her album... The bsb came out and they did really really good the show was great!! they sang americal the beutiful and drowning so i was happy to hear those new songs on leg of the tour they also added "dont want you back" which aj got into he also got into "backstreets back" along with nick him and nick are soooo sexy and do the hottest dance moves!!! and toward the end aj took his shirt off he looked sooooooo damn hott! oh and when they were on the bridge i told aj that i loved him and he was like "thank you" and he winked at me i about died! i think he remembered me from the hotel well i guess thats all i have to say ims orry i didnt really type this good email me if you have any questions or anything if your gonna go to a show you will have so much fun!


Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: Kate

What can I say? Those boys know how to ROCK! WOW! I mean, WOW! The Backstreet Boys topped their last show in the Mile High City.

When Gretchen and I saw our seats, we were literally 25 ft. away from the second stage. (If you don't know the set-up, they have a main stage and a small second stage towards the back of the arena.) We almost died when we saw our seats. It was like Sound Check, but an actual concert!

Sisquo opened the show. He has so much charisma. It was fun to see him. He had all of these fireworks too which you don't see with opening acts. It was awesome!

Then the boys came on! WOW! A.J. is bleached blonde and has been sober for 98 days! Way to go. Kevin sported corn-braids, and he was at the show and in full force! No injuries! I have now seen all five Backstreet Boys perform. Howie's hair is short which is much better in my opinion. My favorite number of the night was "Yes, I Will." It's just such a beautiful song, but there were a few other numbers I was partial to which I will get into later. So, they did this thing where they introduced themselves and Nick got totally hyper and kissed the camera! It was so cute. He's like, "I have nothing else to say, so I am just going to do this." What a ham.

When they came to the back of the arena, I was in awwwwe. Kevin was at direct eye level with us. He waived at us, or so we choose to believe. Brian was standing next to him and he turned to our side of the arena. We got his attention. Gretchen jumped, I yelled, and he aknowledged our prescence. Then, Nick came around, but he was super into his singing. We declared our admiration for the boy, and I think he heard us. (Hey! We are both singers so we know how to progect!) They dedicated "Show Me The Leaning of Being Lonely" to their tour worker that died on September 11th. Then the bridge came down so they could walk back to the main stage. Howie waived to our general area. They sang "America the Beautiful" and I was close to tears.

"Everbody (Backstreet's Back)" was awesome again. "Get Another Boyfriend" was also very good and "The Call," was well, "The Call." We decided to scope out the tour buses before the show so we could maybe find them afterwards.

During "Shape of My Heart" we ditched out and ran to the bus area. We were the fiirst people to get there. The security people "did not know" where the boys would be exiting. We decided to wait. Well after about 10 minutes, a van left. We figured that one of the guys was in it, but we were not convinced they were all gone. Sure enough, they weren't. A.J. followed a few minutes later and got in another van. He waived to the small crowd of about 50 that had formed. His van left. We waited another couple of minutes. Then this group of people came out. It looked a young woman and some security, but then I saw this short guy. OMG! It was Brian! We all started screaming and he waived at us before hopping in his bus with LeeAnn, his cute wife! After a bit more, some musicians and dancers came by. We said hi to them. The crowd began to dissipate. We saw this small group of 3 or 4 people walk out. I was super hyper so I decided to yell at them for the heck of it. "Hey, nice work" or the equivalent of I screamed. One of the persons turned around. He had this bandanna and facial hair and....HELLO! It was Kevin. (Yes, I personally got his attention thank you very much.) The crowd went nuts and he waived and got on his bus. We waited another 10 minutes. The security people were kind of rude, but it was there job. We were told they were long gone, but we were not convinced and waited for about 20 minutes. Well, then we got cold and drove back to Boulder.

I took one full roll of film and a handfull of other pictures. I am interested to see how they turn out. So yes, this is a short essay, but it was a super fun night. U2 is in four weeks and then Britney Spears/O-Town a few days later. (Oh, another boyband!) Needless to say, I was quite pleased about my little voyage down to Denver tonight.

Have a great day!

Denver, CO Concert-October 10, 2001

Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: Tahnee Corbridge

Well, All 5 are back again!

As soon as the doors opened every girl rushed to get a shirt or glow stick and then ran to thier seats. We waited for and hour before the action started.

The night started out with a great performance of Sisqo with his bright blonde hair. He sarenaded the crowd with songs as "Incomplete" and of course his all time hit "Thong Song". That was nothing compared to what was about to come.

After he had left the stage and the house lights came on the chants started. "Backstreet Boys, Backstreet Boys!", over and over again. The lights went out and the screams started. There was the picture of the earth and the metorites hitting it. As the explosions occured the screams got louder and the cameras flashed. Then, from the stage came smoke followed by the 5 guys of the night. They rose above the stage and listened to the roaring of the crowed before starting.

The lowered the platforms and the music hit. It hit hard. The sound of Brians voice made arms fly and girls scream. Every soul knew the words and the motions. As they ran up the ramps the girls flew towards them. As Nick stands on the left corner waving, the other guys are busting butt dancing. They start into Larger Than Life. Girls go crazy, guys roll thier eyes. They were having to much fun especially when AJ yelled "Are ya with me Denver?" The crowed roared.

They left and changed. Dark blue suits were their choice. As they did a melody of oldies such as "I'll Never Break Your Heart", "Quit Playin' Games" and "As Long As You Love Me". When Brians turn was up he sat down and stuck his microphone in his pocket and had a huge grin on his face. Then they stripped all of the suits off into tennis shoes and tank tops, while "Not For Me" As they asked the crowd if we liked thier outfits they brought out a huge trunk, with the label BSB WARDROBE. They started throwing eachother in. Brian came and took AJ and threw him in. Kevin closed the trunk and sat on top. He said he had been working on some solo work and started singing a capella. Then he stood up and stated that he just made that up. He went down to change when they showed them backstage getting dressed, arguing.

They came up in white suits and started with AJ announcing his 98 days being sober. He got love from the crowed and then started the ballad "What Makes You Different". They walked up and down the stage waving and winking at fans. Then they started the all time hit "I Want It That Way". They grabbed crystal canes and did the ballad "Yes I Will", then followed by "More Than That". They exited the stage and they showed them in 2050 and that they were still a boy band and they could still sing.

Then out of nowhere you hear "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely" They had gone to the other side of the arena. They started into Brian singing "How Did I Fall In Love With You?" The nice dress suits gave it a nice touch. They explained how they had been together for 8 years and the catwalk started lowering and "Time" began. As they walked across the catwalk they got strung with silly string and had a dozen animals thrown at them. The ended and left the stage.

They raised out of the platforms and heard "Don't Want You Back" Them waring black shirts with red tanks over them. You saw Nick go to the drums and Brian grab the guitar. They explained their charities and started "Answer To Our Lives" Then they go into"Shining Star"pointing to certain girls in the audience. While the girls scream, they are dancing and walking back and forth. Then end that by jumping into the holes in the stage. They reappear and you hear "Get Another Boyfriend". As every person does the motions and sings along each guy gets a louder scream every time they sing. In between they do a few more ballads. AJ comes out and thanks for the support and bums the crowd with the news of only 2 more songs. Nobody cares just as long as they do "Shape of My Heart".

The phone rings when they appear in chain like shirts and black pants. They go into "Shape of My Heart". Brian comes out with the American flag and waves it to the audience, while Kevin shakes hands and Howie sits and waves. They leave the stage and you hear sighs. The house lights are still can't be over. They rise up in the platforms and you hear Brian start of "Drowning". The crowd cheers and sings along. Then they thank the audience and takes a bow.

But every girl knows that they will be back again.

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