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The Backstreet Boys

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: Mandy

OMG! the backstreet boys concert was the best 2 days of my life! i got to see them march 17th and 18th and i took 164 pictures all together from both nights! It was the best experiance of my whole life and i will never ever forget it! no matter what happens, the backstreet boys will always be #1 in my heart! the concert is awsome, first they come out on stage singing "everyone" then they move into "everybody(backstreets back)" and they so move the crowd! i know that there is no better band out there! I LOVE YOU BSB AND NICK CARTER!!!!!!!! keep up the great work boys!

san diego

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: anne-marie

I must tell you it was a worldtrip for me to see the BSB for the first time in March San Diego. Staying with my online friend, who made my stay a real adventure, I arrived after flying prox. 19 Hours in san diego. I had already ordered my tickets trough the bsb fanclub online and I must say I had realy good tickets. Nervous cause I didnt know what to expect of it, my first impression of the concert was except from 1 incident good. Especially Krystal impressed me with her voice. She is so good. But my second concert was much better. You could see that the boys where relaxed knowing it was the last show of the first tour trough USA. Esp. AJ who had a minor injury the first show was dancing and with Nick stealing the show. Esp with his big bird who some1 throw at the stage. I hope he has still that big bird. If not.. I took some pictures of him with the bird. I realy didnt want to go back to my home (europe) but my kids missed me.. So knowing I did see them 2 times in san diego I can say I treasure the experience and I realy hope they will come soon to Europe... Esp. I promissed my daughter Kimara to see them again.

If you need more info or pictures of the show you can email me and I will send copys of them. By the way I am 1 of the older fans of BSB... (43)

Anne-Marie (aol dutchmom1958)

the bsb concert world tour black and blue march 18 sandeigo

Date: Apr 11, 2001
Submitted By: HANNAH ( i love nick)

Ok me and my friend ashley went to the bsb concert march 18 in san deigo (sports arena) the best time of my intire life! We had row 16 section c. Nick looked so incredibly hot at the concert me and my friend could not stop screaming!I really liked it when they sang get another boyfriend, and everyone,oh and (the call) of course. Nick was going completly insane, I thought he was gonna die he almost fell off the stage many times.When they sang more than that I felt like crying nick looked so cute,and he was really getting into it (really) lol.On shining star I felt like punching the dancer around my litte nicks body..... I bet you can guess what happend,when nick said if the phone might ring I wont hear a thing when I'm in your arms , he rapped the phone around the dancer and pulled her close!!! I wish I was her then he pulled up her shirt but not too far thank god!!!! Didnt want to see any boobies haha just joking!!!!!!When the boys came out onto the little stage me and my friend were almost in tears we were like omg! We started running so fast.We practically ran right through the guards we were pushing people out of the way left and right. When we finally got to the stage I started pulling my friend closer to nick she was like hannah what are you doing I was like ahhhhh just come ahhhhhh!!!!! We were literally 4 feet from nick !!!! We were waving like nostop and he never even waved I was angry but then he looked us in the eye's and nodded his head!!! (yeah then I thought I was gonna die) ! The concret was almost over and I had used almost all my pics...I had really like 3 left so I took them of course all on nick!!Lol the boys finished the concert with shape of my heart it was really sweet! The lights finally went out and it was over me and ashley were about to die I couldnt hear anything we started running out side to try and see them drive off. Well that didnt work but hey I did see brian get into some whitevan!(exciting)haha !!!!! Well that was there concert and we came all the way from houston texas too see it !!!!! And it was the best concert I have ever been to in my intire life!!!!!! Oh my pics turned out really good too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hot nick hot nick hot nick hot nick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

San Diego March 18th 2001

Date: Apr 01, 2001
Submitted By: Teck Bartolo

Ok I went to the March 18th concert in San Diego Sports Arena. That was a Sunday night. And it was the best day of my life. I went with my sister my friend and cuzin and her friend. We got there really early. So we can have a chance to see BSB's bus but we didnt get to see it :(.. Well we went it we bought some BSB stuff first me and my sister had 180 dollars so we bought the BSB jersey which was $70 a shirt $30 a button $10 and the book for $15.. Gosh that was alot but it was all worth it. We found our seat we found out that we sat beside stage on the left side of the stage and we had front row too so it was pretty awesome.. I had seat 3 my. Krystal finally came on she was amazing i think that she sings better than Britney and Christina. I had really good pictures of her. She announce that she was gonna be siging autographs in section 5. But those stupid guards wouldnt let us out. So when we finally found section 5 they wouldnt let no one in because there was too much people. So we just went outside the line and just took pictures. They turn out to be pretty one picture she was looking at us. Finally BSB was on gosh they were soooo great... Kevin and Brian mostly went to our side. I was so lucky to touch Kevin's hands 3 times and Bri's 1 time. Brian had a pretty rough hand and Kec had a soft hand. I started crying that time. I cant believe i actually touch both of their hands. They were soo nice. We tried to call AJ, Nick and Howie tbey came close but we didnt touch their hands. Kevin keep on coming to our side he even put the microphone on me to sing the chorus of IWITW.. Brian waved at us he looked soo cute... Brian and Kevin picked up my friends bear the one she throw and they both looked at it and smiled they really looked adorable..All these girls tried to get in front of us so we just push them. I love all the songs they sand they really have lots of talents.. It was funny cuz this girl throw her shirt on Nick and Nick caught it but he just looked at it and looked soo cute.. I almost got Nick's hat the one he throw but this stupid girl push me.. I love that concert soo much.. I was already obsessed with BSB but now IM more obsessed and I MEAN OBSESSED.I love them soo much. And i cant wait till they come here again...BSB 4 EVER

march 18th san diego

Date: Apr 01, 2001
Submitted By: ashley

omg i thought i was gonna die when i saw nick rise up on the little platform omg he was so sexy. i went to the march 18th show in san diego and it was great nick was so sexy as i said first the started out with everyone and it was so hot nick was going crazy in every song the song i liked most was shining star because nick ahhhhh he took this phone and rapped it like around his dancer and like was making out with her it made me so mad and on "more than that" i thought nick was gonna fall of the rail he was so excited. we where on thr 16th row section c omg it was so close see me and my friend went there my parents wherte nice enough to take us all the way from texas to san diego well any way all of the sudden in the middle of the concert they come out and are talking and nick says you guys wanna see us getting undressed you wwanna see me naked and the crowd goes wild everyone starts screaming and there was this box and they all went in it and then on the screen they where all in ther dressing room (but you could tell they had recorded it earlier) but anyway we wachted that and it was funny then when it was over the lights turned on behind us and there they where right in front of us my friend grabbed my hand and luckly the gaurds let us get really close we where like 4 ft away from nick and omg he was looking the opposite way me and my friend where screaming"nick wave please wave you idiot wav" he didn'y hear us of course i was so mad until he looked me strait in the eye and noded his head atme like a hello omg we started screaming really loud i can't belive he did that he was so cute and i am glad i went that far i left the arena with some good pics and nicks sexy dance moves i love nick so much and i really wish to meet so bad i don't know what i will do if i don't meet him!!!!!!!!!!!! all i can say is i can't wait to go to there concert in texas love nick carter's gurl

San Diego Concert, 3/17 and 3/18

Date: Mar 26, 2001
Submitted By: Anna

I went to both San Diego concerts on 3/17 and 3/18!! They were both awesome!! After having already seen the concert in Las Vegas, I kind of already knew what to expect. But the boys perform so well that each time was like a new experience! It was so funny when Howie first came out, because instead of saying "Happy St. Patrick's Day", he was like "I want to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving!", and we were all just kind of like what?! Then he realized it and started laughing and was like "I mean St. Patricks Day!" But anyway, the concert was awesome! I love how they perform "Yes I Will" with the two-stepping moves and the canes. SO cute! Nick, of course, just went all out in everything that he did! When they sang "More Than That" on the riser behind the dancers, he just gets all into it and throws his coat down on the stage! I think it was after "Get Another Boyfriend", the boys noticed that some fan threw a thong up onto the stage! So one of them picked it up, and they put it on AJ's head!! That was hillarious! He just kind of stood there laughing while he had this piece of underwear hanging on his head! haha! And then Kevin gave him some flowers to hold that were also laying on the stage! It was priceless. The whole show was awesome and went by incredibly fast! The dancing, the lights, the pyrotechnics... everything!! Just great!!

The 3/18 show was just as wonderful! They mentioned a couple times that it was their very last show on this leg of the Black and Blue tour. At one point, AJ was like "usually something bad happens on the last show, but nothing has happened yet! Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself!" This show was great and full of energy as well! It's so funny how the boys will pick up gifts and things that fans throw to them and play with them! AJ picked up this huge green bird puppet, and was using it to sing "How Did I fall in love with you", and "Time"! That was so funny. And Nick got a hold of a can of silly string, and he attacked AJ and Brian with it!! Just like in the dressing room video! I love when they perform "Get another boyfriend", and at the beginning, they are all walking in that little cluster, and AJ is like smacking the ground repeatedly with his shirt... at those "boom boom boom" bass parts in the beginning. And then near the end at that long "geeettt another boyfriend", Nick is at the front of the stage beating the heck out of his coat on the stage ground!! I can still picture it in my mind every time I hear the song! And I can always picture their moves during "Everyone" when they hold out their hand and then bring it back like a salute singing "everyone, everyone, everyone (this one goes out to you!)" All in all, both shows were AWESOME!! Backstreet Boys sure do know how to put on a crowd-pleaser! There wasn't one bad seat in the house! Kudos to the Backstreet Boys! I can't wait to see them again in the summer!


~Anna Banana

Black and Blue Concert March 17th, 2001

Date: Mar 26, 2001
Submitted By: Ann

All I can say is wow!! I had so much fun at the concert. It was the first time seeing the Backstreet Boys and I can't believe how great they are in concert. Poor Howie, he fell during one of the songs and I was all concerned because it looked like he could have twisted his ankle. Luckily he just landed on his cute little butt. I can't wait to see them again, THE BACKSTREET BOYS ROCK MY WORLD!!! KTBSPA!!!

The Black & Blue Tour: San Diego March 17 & 18

Date: Mar 26, 2001
Submitted By: Lauren Williams

March 17 2001: A day I will never forget.

I had bought front row center tickets to the show when they first went on sale(My lucky day). I had made Nick a Journey shirt because I know he is a fan. I put it in a zip-lock bag along with a card for all of them and I letter from my friend, who couldn't make it. I was so nervous and anxious. I couldn't wait until they popped on stage. At 7:40 p.m. Krystal hit the stage. She was awesome. I wasn't that much of a fan until that day. She rocked. I can't wait until her cd comes out. Anyway 8:30 came and everyone in the Sports Arena screamed their heads off! 15 minutes later the Boys hit the stage. The pyrotechnics were very bright, hot, and loud (I should have brought some sun-glasses.) Out from under the stage rose Nick, Howie, Brian, A.J., and Kevin. I kept saying over and over again "OH, MY GOD!!!" so did my mom. I could see Nick's and Brian's vibrant blue eyes, I could see A.J.'s and Howie's deep brown eyes, and I could see Kevin's beautiful green eyes. I couldn't believe it. They started with "Everyone" followed by "Larger Than Life." The songs kept coming and I kept screaming. Howie kept looking at me and my mom, I even think he winked at us. After a costume change Kevin came out and threw a Beanie Baby Frog at me. I caught it and I really wanted to cry but I was so much in shock that I just kept screaming. Later on, Kevin was right in front of me. So I waved and he waved back and gave me the peace sign so I did the same back and he pointed and smiled at me. That was awesome. Well, the show was almost over and I had to still try to toss the package with the shirt and card on stage. I cannot throw anything so I was very nervous. While they were singing "Shape of My Heart," I threw the package on stage and to my amazement it actually made it. I guess Brian saw me throw it and he picked it up and read what I wrote on it and smiled. I was screaming and trying not to cry. He placed it where the band was. Me and my mom were screaming "OH MY GOD!!" with the occasional "HOLY CRAP!!" They came out to do the final bow. Brian wore his Healthy Heart Club for Kids Foundation shirt and autographed it and then he tossed it to my mom and me. We COULDN'T believe it, we caught it and my mom quickly put it on. We still can't believe we have it. That was the best day of my life!!!

March 18

Well after the shirt I knew the following day would not be as good but it came close. After we got the shirt I felt guilty because I didn't give Brian a present. So I went and got a Thank You card because I really didn't know what to give him. We were in section D, so I decided that I would try to throw it on the round stage. When the time came for the small stage everyone rushed the stage. Luckily there was only a little girl in front of me. I had the card in my hands. I decided to wait until they were singing, "How Did I Fall In Love With You," and then throw the card. Well Nick was sitting in front of me (I saw the Hersey Kiss hit his head LOL)I got his attention by waving the card and I threw it. I swear it was going to make it but it missed by one stinking foot and fell to the ground. Why did I throw so horribly? Well Nick saw that I can't throw worth a can beans, so he smiled at me apologetically and shrugged. So it ain't that bad that I can't throw. After the show my mom and I went to see if it was still by the stage but it wasn't so someone got it. It still was a kick butt show. I wish you could bottle up a day and re-live it whenever you want. I loved the Millenium tour but this by far was the best. THANK YOU BSB!!!!

Lauren (Another Weird Fan)

San Diego March 17

Date: Mar 26, 2001
Submitted By: bsbphan

The March 17th show ROCKED!!!!! I went to the LA show on the 14 too but I have to say that the San Diego show was so much better!!!! It was such a good show. First of all the Sports arena is a really small venue so everything felt much closer. The energy from the fans was great. While we were waiting for the show to start, some fans started doing the wave. Next thing I know, the whole place is doing the wave. It was hilarious! It just kept going around and around, probably 5 or 6 times. Plus, I think it really got the crowd going and we just felt closer to eachother. I was definitely feeling the Backstreet love that night. LOL!

Also, it was St. Patricks day. When Howie came out he started wishing everyone a good St. Patricks day and he messed it up! He said Thanksgiving instead of St. Patricks. It was SO funny! Howie is a sweetheart!

I noticed when they were going into the wardrobe chest that Brian didn't get in. Hmmmm...what's up with that? I guess he screwed up. LOL. I say that, but it's all in good fun. Their mess ups make the show more interesting and it only goes to show that they are human and it's ok to mess up in front of us fans because we love them regardless! Also when they were walking across the bridge some girl was trying to hand Brian a bunch of roses from below. He bent down through the railings and took them from her. It was so sweet!! He didn't have to do it but he did. Awwwwww...Brian Roks!

Well those are just a few highlights. Backstreet really knows how to put on a rockin' show. I love them!!!! =)

San Diego concert 3-18-01

Date: Mar 26, 2001
Submitted By: Britney, Christina & Jennifer

Things we learned at the BSB concert in San Diego....

1)Want to sit in the front?...lie. Tell them your friend has your ticket and sit in an empty seat.

2)Don't yell "N*Sync rules!" in the parking lots...the other people don't like that.

3)Grab what is rightfully yours. Don't let the old guy behind you have AJ's sweaty towel. Grab hold and don't let go. BTW...I won.

4)Wear a helmet...beware of beach balls and beanie babies.

5)If you are legal like we are...let them know it by yelling it really loud when all is quiet.

6)Bring a camera with a zoom lens so you can take a picture of Brian's nostrils up above you. Bring lots of film.

7)Go with the friends you like...not the ones who bug you. Britney had to ditch her other friends cause they were way buggin'.

8)Go to more than one show. Preferably the last of the tour & the ones in Las Vegas. BTW...If you are under 21 and get thrown out of the casino...the guards are not being mean...they are doing their's the law...don't complain about it.

9)Rub in where you got to sit to your sister and friends...they will be way envious of you.

10)Beware of acrylic nail wearing contest winners from New Jersey. They will sit in front of you. Film you with an MTV camera. Steal your lighter so they can give B-rok a "signal" and then tell you about it 12 times. (But pay you for it later.) Hold their hands up the whole show. And last but not least catch almost everything that comes flying and then claim "oh, he knew I was sitting here so he threw it right to me."

We had a blast with our BSB week! See you guys in August!

B&B Concert in San Diego - 03/18

Date: Mar 26, 2001
Submitted By: Mary

On Sunday, I was lucky enough to be third row on the last show of the first US leg tour. The show was the best Backstreet Boys show I have ever seen! Granted, I have watched the 1998 concert on video and have only seen the Millennium concert once, but this show, by far, is wonderful.

By now, you all know what the concert is about, but some of my highlights:

- Seeing Brian come out of his tour bus and him waving to us fans along the chain-linked fence!

- Meeting the great fans outside the arena

- Sitting down for the first time and realizing how close I was (with my mom)

- Krystal kicked butt! She is REALLY good live! Amazing voice.

- Bonding with the man and woman on my left... they were awesome!

- The snap/popping moves the Boys did coming out of the stage

- "This one goes out to you" dance move

- "Shining Star" clapping

- White suits and glitter canes!!!

- "More Than That"-- background, the emotion

- "Not For Me" and the SEX-AY choreography

- Dressing room scene-- too cute!

- "Time" and the bridge-- so close! AJ got this bird puppet and used it lots, LOL!

- I loved when the Boys dropped down into the stage or popped out! Took my by surprise!

- The man mentioned above threw a kimono of a woman in our row and Nick caught it and wore it! He and Kev bowwed to each other as the Japanese do...

- Nick and the electric guitar

- Kev shaking his booty

- "Get Another Boyfriend" and "The Call" choreography-- CHOIR ROBES!!!

And there was so much more! There was no bad moment! I could go on and on with highlights!!! But I would probably end up putting the whole show! I was able to take really good pictures of all the guys. I have yet to scan them since I've been sleep deprived, so if anyone wants to know when they are on the net, feel free to e-mail me! The concert was so wonderful-- I am so proud to be a BSB fan. I've been on BSB concert withdrawal for the past few days! :o( The Boys are so genuine and fun, it makes you so proud! They did such a wonderful job and as always, they sing like there's no tomorrow! This is one tough concert to forget-- one you do NOT want to miss! :o) KTBSBPA!

3/17 San Diego Backstreet Boys Concert

Date: Mar 26, 2001
Submitted By: Brittany Keener

I just got back from the Backstreet Boys concert! My throat really hurts too!! Oh my, it was the most cooliest and exciting thing ever! I left my house around 4:30, the concert started at 7:30, with my sister and 2 of her friends. We got at the Sports Arena around 5pm. Channel 93.3 was there giving away backstage passes. So once we parked we all got tickets and waited impaciently for them to call or numbers. Boy Toy Jesse was there and oh my is he HOTT!!!! But anyways, what you had to do to win is they would call your number and in this kitty pool of cereal and a few tokens you had to try and scoop out the "Meet the BSB" token. We had been waiting about 30min when Becky, one of the girls with us, had her number called. The like he called 2 more and then he called mine! I screamed on the top of my longs and started jumpin' up and down. I pushed my way through so I could get to the front. Neither of us got it or any other prizes, but I was so close! we got in line and waited for an hour. Me and my sis decided to check out what was goin' on where all the screamin' was. Supposedly Nick was over there, but I couldn't see him because the guard kept yellig at us to leave.

Finally at 7pm we were let in. We got our seats that were actually almost the last row of the stadium, but since we right next to the stage, we were closer then the people on the floor who were in the way back. Krystal, the opening act, was really good. She sounded a lot like Mariah Carey. After waiting another 30min a video started. The earth was being destroyed by asteroids. Then the boys came from the ground. The did so many songs and I have never seen them dance so good. I kept sneaking down to the bottom of the terrace and getting closer pics. I took about 68 pictures!! They were so incredible!! We actually got a sneak peek in there dressing room, they are such clowns. They had water guns and silly string. Then they went on a center-stage near the back and sang like 3 songs. Then a bridge came down the center to the main stage and they sang "Time" while coming back. They were throwning glitter into the crowds. Nick is so funny on the stage, he acts so strange at times. He kept on coming to our side and Brian was always on the other side, sniff. The dancing, effects, and them themselves were so good. The dancers were so talented and really really good. The boys actually look a lot cuter in person. Howie's long

hair really fits him. I loved when they did "Everyone", "not for me", "Everybody. and "The call". They ended with "Shape of my heart" of course! Oh, yeah, Howie decided to wish us a Happy Thaksgiving instead of St. Patricks day in the begining of the show. Well that's it, I had a blast and hope

they come back next time! Besides tomorrow!

San Diego, March 17 & 18

Date: Mar 20, 2001
Submitted By: Michelle

I flew in from Dallas to see the "boys" in my hometown the day before. The first day, my friend and I arrived at the Sports Arena at two o'clock and then we went to eat; we came back to the arena at three. On both nights, any bus that came after 4:30, we screamed and/or ran after it. After running after two empty buses, I just waited until it was at least six o'clock before I would run after the next bus. On the first night, my friend and I was sitting in Lower Lobby 1, row 4, seats 11&12 and I had a terrific view. The second night, I was sitting in section D, row 9, seat 12 and it was an awful view of everything, but the rear, small stage at catwalk.

But now on with the review:


1. On the first night, AJ kept shaking his cute little butt to us and oh did we love that, it made me weak in the knees. Personally though, I did love seeing Kevin's rather nice butt.

2. I am certain Howie saw me. He was standing in the certer of the catwalk, facing the section 1 area. Like I did, I was able to sneak my sign in and several other fans were already holding up the smaller signs. I had my carefully rolled up "GOD BLESS BACKSTREET", I just held it up when Howie noticed it and touched is heart.

3. I second night, I know Nick FELT my presence. I had HERSEY KISSES that a fellow fan let me have and I was throwing them at him. They were on the smaller stage and Nick and facing my section, section D. Most of the kisses missed him, but one BOUNCED of his HEAD, I'M SORRY NICK.

4. They looked SO GOOD in every outfit, but Kevin and Howie looked best in the white suits.

Kevin looked so handsome, so stunning, so beautiful, so everything! Oh, but dear sweet Howie, he looked like an angel and he certainly danced the part. We he did some latin steps and my heart skipped a couple of beats.

From the black coats with blue lining to the rugged earth tones, all I can say is WOW!

5. The special effects and the images on the screens were beyond my wildest dreams. From the stars to the beautiful animals. I especially love the fire, both the picture and the curtains.

6. I wish my camera worked the first night, I loved it whe their shirts flew up behind them, now that is a dream shot. I could take my eyes off of Howie.

7. The dressing room skit was absolutely adorable.

The sang so beautifully the whole night and the critics need to stop trashing the boys.


March 17th-San Diego Sports Arena

Date: Mar 20, 2001
Submitted By: Bianca

OMG!! I went to the concert and it was so much fun!I had heard so much good things about it and it was evrything i expected and more! the boys put on an awesome show and those of you who went know what im talking about! My friend and I were lucky enough to have had FRONT ROW tix. it was so much fun. brian saw me trying to take a pic and stopped and posed for it, it came out great too,...thanks b-rok for the aweome pic.the guys r so cute and my friend who LOVES Aj, got a smile and a wave from him, she loved that and i had my moment with my fav bsb...nick!I threw a seahorse beanie babie at him and he didn't see it at first, but then he came back and looked at me and then i pointed to the ground and he picked it up and put it against his face it was so cute, i nearly melted(sigh)! thanks nick for a moment i'll NEVER forget! All in all the show was the best ever and it was a lot of fun. for those of you who didn't get to go, keep your hopes up, there's always this summer!!BSB FOREVER. e-mail me if u want to know more info!

San Diego B&B concert

Date: Mar 20, 2001
Submitted By: Thu

OMG!!! last nite's concert was sooo coool.. i had the BEST seats.. they were right beside the side stage (L4A row 2 seat 7 hehe) close enough to make eye contact! =) howie smiled at me! ahhh.. but yeeeh omg they all came over there and duude they were cuuute! i almost touched howie's hand but the damn security was blockin me.. haha.. anyway nick got pretty blue eyes man.. they were like 6 ft away! ahhhhh.. ok then anyway that was really good.. i especially liked 'get another boyfriend'..

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