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bsb concert in mexico city, march 23 2001

Date: Apr 17, 2001
Submitted By: mary


Guess I took too long to write this review, but anyways, here it is.

I went to the concert with two of my cousins, we meet at their house(3 hours away from mine)to leave on friday very early. We got to the Foro Sol in Mexico City(5 hour drive)aprox. at 4:30, by the way our car broke down on the way, luckly we got it fixed in two hours. So we stayed there until they opend the first gate at 6:00, we were one of the first to get to the main gate once they let us in. So we had to wait another half hour, and finally they let us in. Once we were on our seats everyone just couldnīt keep quiet, until the lights on the stage started moving at 8:30 pm. Polly Ana, was the first to open up the show, lots of girls didnīt recognize her right away, but once they knew who it was, everyone started screaming "cuņada"(sister-in-law)at her. She sang like 3 songs, and after another 15 min. Kristal came out, she was ok, but we were so tired of waiting! after she was over...oh surprise!...we had to wait another 15-20 min. and then....THE BACKSTRRET BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You all know, the sequence of the show,(so I wont go through that)wich was absolutly the best. I loved it, all though I wish it wouldīve been longer. But hereīs a cuple of things you might like to know about their trip to méxico:

1. the concert tickets sold in only five hours to their first show (the one I went)

2. the police had to close traffic and pedestrian circulation around their hotel, for safety maters.

3. There was a girl near the hotel, in a WEDDING DRESS!(Ącrazy!)

4. they accepted an invitatión to one of the best teen shows here in mexico for an interview, wich was on on the best interviews Iīve seen.If you want to check out some of the clips and pictures got to: then click on "fotogalería" and/or "lo mejor"

5.their 3rd. concert was transmited by SKY, so the girls who didnīt have a chance to go, could watch it on tv.

6. they promised to come back very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. K.T.B.S.P.A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Date: Apr 01, 2001
Submitted By: yo!! (una de tantas fans)

Hola soy de Mexico y pues esto es solo para comentarles que el dia de ayer (27 de marzo del 2001 a las 9:00 pm) transmitieron una entrevista que dieron los BSB en exclusiva al programa de television OTRO ROLLO con ADAL RAMONES (los BSB estubieron en MEXICO el pasado fin de semana aqui dando 3 conciertos) el programa es un tv show de mexico y la verdad estubo realmente sensacional los BSB con su buena onda que los caracterisa... En el programa es costumbre que siempre hacen que los artistas que se presentan hagan cosas chistosas (ejemplo a RICKY MARTIN LO PUSIERON A HACER TACOS AL PASTOR EN LA PASADA VISITA A MEX. ademas de que las entrevistas son muy amenas) Y como era de esperarse tambien a LOS BSB jugaron a la LOTERIA MEXICANA CON FRIJOLES!!! Y les dieron "TOQUES" (Para los que no saben que es esto pues es un aparatito que da descargas electricas solo por diversion muuuyy tipico aqui en mexico en los bares y cantinas) jajaja... casi me muero de la risa...tenian unas copas llenas de agua simulando que era TEQUILA!! JAJA... total que el preograma estubo de pelos como siempre pero con estos invitados de LUJO ADAL RAMONES SE SACO UN 10!!!!!

si quieren ver algunas cosas de lo que ocurrio en el programa solo chequen la pag.

chequenlo en estos dias por que todavia no ponen lo del programa de ayer...alomejor aparece maņana o pasado maņana pero se los recomiendo CHEQUENLO!!! saludos desde MEXICO!! =)

Mexico city

Date: Mar 28, 2001
Submitted By: Elia Rojas

Heloooooo!!!!!!! This is my story..... I went to the three concerts that the Backstreet Boys gave here in Mexico.

On friday I drove two hours from Puebla to Mexico city and when we arrived to the Foro Sol there were thousands of pleople already singing and screaming for the boys. The concert started at around 9:00 and Pollyanna was the first to come on stage. Sha sang three songs including one (I donīt wanna live without you or something like that) that she wrote with Howie. I didnīt like her so much because she doesnīt sing or dance very well, but she was ok. She said that she was very happy to be here in Mexico opening for the boys and that she was very thankful with the boys because they let her perform for us. After that we waited for like 15 minutes for Krystal to come on stage, she is very beautiful and truly sings like an angel. She sang My religion, Angel on my shoulder, Supergirl and Iīll be there. She said that she was having a great time here in Mexico and before she sang Supergirl she asked if there were any Superchicas in the audience... that was funny!!!

After that she thanked the boys and threw some red roses to the audience, but I didnīt catch them because I was sitting in Row 28. Well the moment weīd all been waiting for came 15 minutes after that.... the Backstreet Boys!!!!!! I guess you all now the details of the concert so Iīll just let you know the highlights of the show:

- Nick looked gorgeous and so did Kevin

- The audio wasnīt very good, but we all enjoyed it

- Howie tryied to speak some spanish but his accent was really funny.... he said things like Que tal Mexico!!! Etamos feliz de estar aqui (we happy to be here) and stuff like that

- They all sang beautiful and had a good interaction with the audience

- Kevin tryied to speak spanish also and dedicated "what makes you different" to all the beautiful seņoritas in the audience.... that wa sreally funny

- Nick dropped the microphone, but I donīt remember in which song...

- Oh my god!!! Nick and his pelvic thrusts!!! taht was so amazing....

- Brian kept saying "Hola" during the entire show...

- They didnīt sing As long as you love me and Quit playing games and the didnīt show the wardrobe thing also

On saturday I went back to Mexico city because I was going to the second concert, but before that I went to the Four Seasons hotel to try to see them. There were lots of fans outside screming and crying for the boys and they even hired some "Mariachis" to sing for them but they never came out. Well the streets around the hotel were closed by cops so I told my chofer to tell them that we had reservations for the restaurant and they let us in!!!!! I couldnīt believe it!!!!! So, I entered the hotel and saw plenty of reporters and camera guys at the lobby. I talked to some of them and they told me that they were shooting a show called "Otro rollo" and then they were giving a press conference.. So i stayed there talking to their dancers and AJīs bodyguard!!!! He told me that they werent going to come outside but I still waited for them. After an our I saw Krystal who was giving an interview at the restaurant. She is really pretty and her hair is sooo cool, but sheīs kinda

Well, I waited and waited and waited and suddenly I saw this guy coming out of the room jumping and goofing around. He was wearing a yellow Nautica T-shirt, white pants and a white "boina" hat... It was nick!!!!!!!! I ran to him and followed him to the elevators. I think he was sick cause he kept touching his stomach and pushing the elevator button real quick. So I said hi and asked him for a picture but he said "Give me a minute, please. I canīt right now" I told him "ok" and he said that he would be right back, but I didnīt believe him so I gave him a big hug and he hugged me back!!!!! It was so coollll!!!!! I couldnīt believe I was in the arms of Nick Carter!!!!! I took two pictures of his face and after that he entered the elevator and said Bye. I almost died.

Then I went back to the lobby and guess who was right in front of my face..... AJ!!!!!!!! He was wearing a white tank top, a red bandana around his forehead and a black jacket and a pair of jeans.... I couldnīt believe it!!!! I took a picture of him but he was really close to me and I think that the flashs hurt his eyes cause he made a funny face and said "Helloo"!!!!! Oh my good!!!! I saw two backstreet boys real close!!!! Well after that second "encounter" I needed to relax a little so I went to the restaurant and had lunch.

Then it was time to go to the foro sol for my second concert. Let me tell you that it was a lot better than the first one. They interacted a lot with the audience. The talked in spanish a lot more. They had more fun on stage. They sang As long as you love me, Quit playing games and didn the wardrobe thing..... Nick said "I canīt go in there man.... está muy obscuro (itīs really dark)" Oh my god it was so funny.. he is so cute!!!!!! Kevin said that he wanted to tell something but that he had to write the words down because he didnīt now how to talk in spanish.... he said "estamos muy contentos de estar aqui en mexico.. gracias por hacernos sentir como en casa en su país (we are very happy to be here in mexico.. thank you for making us feel like home in your country)" he sounded soo funny.. it was cute!!!!!

The third concert they did the same, but this time it was a lot better cause I had 6th row seats!!!!! I could see all their faces sooo close!!!! It was amazing. Nick was so funny.... he talked a lot more in sapanish and sounded great. I think he was very hype cause he kept doing his pelvic thrusts all the time, smashed a bunch of roses on AJīs stomach and even broke his guitar during "Everybody". And he also kept shaking his bon bon all the time!!!!! lol.

You know the part where they sing "All i have to give with the hat??? well this time they did it with a mexican sombrero!!!!! lol.. it was so funny.. cause when nick came out he had no idea about the sombrero and he was like "what the heck is this??" it was hilarious... then Brian threw it to the audience but I didnīt catch it... = (

At the end Brian Aj and Howie came out wearing the mexican soccer team shirts.. it was very nice cause that day mexico beated Jamaica 4-0.

At the end I was really sad because I knew that my "Backstreet weekend" had ended, but I was also happy because I got to see them up close and hug Nick!!!!!!! I still canīt believe it....

Well, I hope you enjoyed this review.... see ya soon...



Date: Mar 28, 2001
Submitted By: Mrs. rIchArdSon fRom mAzAtLaN, mExIcO

I drove 18 hours to get to Mexico City and see BACKSTREET BOYS

from Mazatlan to MEXICO and it was AMAZING!!

the concert was spectacular, is the best thing than eh seen in my life, the songs were: EVERYBODY, EVERYONE, LARGER THAN LIFE, AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME, THE ANSWER TO OUR LIFE, ALL I HAVE TO GIVE, THE CALL, NUNCA TE HARE LLORAR, SHAPE OF MY HEART, GET ANOTHER BOYFRIEND, TIME, YES I WILL, MORE THAN THAT, SHINING STAR, HOW DID I FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU, WHATīS MAKES YOU DIFFERENT, IF YOU STAY, I WANT IT THAT WAY, SHOW ME THE MEANING, QUIT PLAY IN GAMES, NOT FOR ME, the songs are not in order as them they sang, they passed the cameras by a dressing room, very amused the concert, I do not complain that nothing, I am satisfied by the concert and I hope that they return but the possible thing soon, I LOVE BSB !!! wE rOcK!!

kEeP thE bAcKsTrEeT pRiDe aLivE!!!!!!!!

Third Concert in Mexico City

Date: Mar 27, 2001
Submitted By: Carolina Rojas

I drove 8 hours to get to Mexico City and see The Backstreet Boys, and it was soooo worth it. I got to go to the third and last concert of BSB March 25 at Foro Sol in Mexico City which was televized. The concert started at around 9:30. It started great so I knew the concert itself would be out of this world. Brian (my fave), Kevin, A.J., Nick and Howie looked so hot! wearing different clothes during a few songs. There was only one problem, you could not hear the music or their voices well. I am a fan since 1997, so itīs not like I donīt like them, but the audio could have been a little bit better. But beside this, I had a great time at the concert, and finally I had the chance to see them, but especially Brian. They sang all the songs I wanted to hear, it was awesome. I hope they had a great time in Mexico, because they deserve this and much more, I hope they can come again and soon. I LOVE BSB AND BRIAN!!! VIVA MEXICO AND BSB!!

3rd backstret boys concert in México--- march 25th.

Date: Mar 27, 2001
Submitted By: anahi espinosa villanueva

Hello all bsb fans..... Ok, so this was the third concert in Mexico and it was ssoooooo amazing, I went to the first one too but I couldnt watch very well cause I was on the right corner and I only saw them when they came onto the ramps, but anyways, the last concert was the best!!! In the first one they let people sing quit playing games and as lon as you love me, the whole song!!! And it sounded so incredible!!! 55,000 people singing, but because of the traffic and many reasons of lack of time, the boys didnt have the time to prepare a better show, but on the second and third one they did all the stuff they do on regular shows, except for the bridge thing.

Ok so I arrived with my family and a friend and there were a lot of radio stations making contests of imitation, I saw soooo many bakcstreet boys together LOL...But nothing like the originals although they were very good. So the concert started at 8 pm. And pollyanna sang 3 songs, she is very pretty and she sings pretty good but honestly I enjoyed krystal the most, wow!!! She has an amazing voice!!! Cristina and britney: get out of the way, cause krystal's comming!!!!! YEAH!!!..... Then it took like 45 mins until the boys came onstage, I think they had troubles with the sound, but finally they came out. Personally, I loved the entrance the most, I mean it looked soooo cool all the metheorits and the robot thing they do at the beginning,and OH MY GOD!!! Kevin is soooo hot, all of them look better in person, but kevin looks like hand-made, brian is sooo cute. I love him sooo much!!!

Well, they sang the same songs, but they came out and improvised quit playing games and as long as you love. It was so funny cause they kept doing goofy stuff, they danced salsa and like merengue... Wow!!!, brian and nick pretended to be sword- fighting, it was cool. Then kevin came out on stage alone and said that he didnt speak spanish but that he wanted to say something special to us, so he took out some papers and started reading them and speaking in spanish, it was so funny, he said they were very happy to be in Mexico for the first time and that they loved the country and stuff like that, his pronuntiation was so funny LOL. Then they did another new thing: they went to change clothes inside a box and fought over a mirror and aj threw water on brian and they hided kevin's shoe, then they came out and when they did all I have to give, instead of having the regular hats, they came out with a hat of charro, which is a typical hat from Mexico and then they threw it to the audience. When they sang the call, nick broke a guitar against the floor, I think he felt like in a nirvana concert hehehe... Lil' nicky is not a kid anymore. And then he took some red roses and started hitting aj in the stomach with them, I believe they were possesed or they drank too much tequila before the concert LOL, no, im just kidding. Then at the end when they sang shape of my heart, they came out with t-shirts of the mexican soccer team, since they won 4-0 against jamaica. Only brian, howie and aj, but aj cut the sleeves and he put them in his head!!! That was weird but oh well..Its aj, what can we do LOL... And after that, unfortunately the dream ended. Im still sooo excited and I will be for a long time. Only conclusion I can say is: BACKSTREET BOYS RULE!!! THEY ARE THE BEST AND THEY WILL ALWAYS BE!!!

Black&Blue World Tour - Mexico Concert - Foro Sol

Date: Mar 27, 2001
Submitted By: Alejandra Morando

The concert was really awesome!! It's the first time the BSB ever gave a concert in aztec ground and they rocked!

The stage was excellent, with fireworks and big screens. The choreography and songs were excellent too and they really made all the people gathered at Foro Sol sing and dance and go crazy.

Polyanna and Krystal opened the concert, their musical style is very different but they really made everybody clap and get off their seats.

The concert opened with "Everyone", BSB sang most of the songs from Black and Blue, but also sang songs from Millennium and Backstreet's Back, they even sang in spanish "Nunca te haré Llorar" a song which made most of the couples in Foro Sol sing and embrace themselves.

It was the best concert ever!! I hope they come back soon because as in every country in the world Mexico Loves the Backstreet Boys.

ĄĄExcellent work guys!!


Date: Mar 26, 2001
Submitted By: tania maislin

Aaaaaa march 23 1st bsb concert in mexico city! Foro sol, 60 000 people. I arrived with my family at 5:30pm to the foro, it took me get to my 2nd row sit 45 min. They prohibited cameras and 'mini spectaculars like: I luv bsb' and stuff, so I had to leave mine, but I hided a cd/letter that I have made to them since '99.

Pollyanna opened the show with 3 songs latin kind that wrote with howie, she's great and sooo gentle, she rock's! 20 Mins later krystal sang 3 songs, she's really cool I luved her hair, and bouth of them say hi to me.

20 mins later a group of people started to give to the 1st row autographed pics of polly anna, I can't get one, but I gave my cd/letter to an angel named tilde that was with polly anna and she promised she'll give it to the boys, she also asked me if it was for one of them in special, but I told her to give it to the boys no matter whom. God bless ya girl! No one of security wanted to give it to the boys, so I told them if they could trough it to the stage and they said n o ! So I went to asked the dancers if they could give my cd to the boys and they also said no and told me to trogh it to the stage but it was really high so I thought I couldn't reach so high and the security 'gays' told me that if I trough it te'll took me out of the concert, jajaja pura madre! So that's why tilde is an angel.

9:45 and in the midle screen the earth appeared attacked by 'meteoritos' like in armaggedon, and 'true' meteoritos started falling in the stage, I could feel the heat! And the appeared some astronauts in the satge, then 5 tubes started comeing up from the stage with nick, howie, brian, aj and kevin (i was infront of kevin!) and started singing everyone, the crowd was amazeing all people screaming at the same time!! 60 000 Souls there! They sang all songs from black & blue inclouding wmydmyb that isn't in the latin album except it's true, from millennim: ltl, iwitw and smtmobl(these 2 were the most singed in the crowd), from backstreet's back: everybody, aihtg, and from the backstreet boys album: 1/2 of nunca te hare llorar where all of the stadium got crazy and only musicaly qpgwmh while there where changeing clothes, and an unrealeased song: if u stay.

Kevin and aj send me a kiss and brian looked at me! Howie and nick didn't; I 'feel oance nick looke at me but I'm not shure :(

Nick said: viva mexico!

Howie said: gracias por estar con ustedes, digo nosotros (thanx for be with you, with us)

Brian: hola

Kevin: said something but I can't remember

Aj: told us that in april bsb will turn 8 years!

Howie: asked us if we have bought b&b. Yeah!

Aj: thank to all of us and they were really happy for comeing to mexico!

It was the best day of my entire life!


Krystal gave red roses to the audience and the boys towels.

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