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Date: Apr 30, 2001
Submitted By: Gabriela


How did i get prepared

The most expected day finally arrived, I took my tickets out of my special place, where they’ve been hidden since March 19th , and got ready for that beautiful ¨one-of-a-kind¨ night.

My camera was ready, my binoculars too and, not knowing what was waiting for me and thousands of BSB fans, I made my way to the Stadium.

The show was starting at 9:00pm and I arrived at 7:15pm.

One step into the twilight zone

The first impression I had when I entered to River (the stadium) was ¨OMG! I’m already in!!!¨...Yep, I was already crazy 2 hours before the BSB’s appearance. The stage was huge and weird.

I was going to experience the first concert in my life, I’m 15 years old and never attended to one...I’m so glad that the BSB were the protagonists of my ¨first time¨.

Freezing, I made for my chair. Every time the main screen flashed, loud screams could be listened...I still don’t understand why the heck everybody screamed when a stupid nonsense light appeared...All I wanted were the BSB!!!!!!!


At 8:30 Pollyanna (Howie’s sister) appeared on stage, she spoke some Spanish (very good Spanish by the way) and sang 3 songs.

It was cool, I enjoyed her presentation but my mind was still set on the boys. While Pollyanna was singing I started wondering what the BSB were probably doing...Getting dressed? Joking around? Praying? And how could they be feeling...Nervous? Anxious? Excited?...

Pollyanna’s presentation ended and while she was saying goodbye I looked at her with my binoculars knowing that in a few minutes the image would be different...The 5 guys who touched my life in so many unspoken ways were going to take over the stage and make that night the most incredible night in my entire life.

Next stop...Krystal

I already knew 3 songs of her, but she only sang one of them ¨SuperGirl¨.

She sang 2 more ¨My religion¨ and a Jackson 5’s beautiful cover ¨I’ll be there¨. I play the piano too, so I enjoyed her presentation very much. She can REALLY sing! Her voice is different and so beautiful, she deserves to go high in the charts and make stupid Britney disappear ...Oops! Did i actually write that? Hehe, sorry i thought i was just thinking those words =)

But Krystal’s presentation finished too. Nobody knew when the lights were going to go off...All we had to do was wait.

When the lights finally went out

Ok, that was it...The long waiting was over and I started screaming my ass off not caring if my little sister who was by my side was fine...In case my mom is reading this...¨Yes, I looked after her so bad that I stopped looking at the stage to ask her if everything was ok...¨ Yeah, right...

I have to say that the presentation was unforgettable...The ¨big potatoes¨ (as AJ would say) hitting the earth and the actual stage, shocked me!

And then...there they were...Looking so serious and beautiful!!! By that time I’ve already lost it...I was so crazy and touched! I’ve never seen them live, just on TV or magazines...And although my view wasn’t that good, knowing that they were in the same place I was, made me cry and cry and cry... Anyway, There they were...ready to show what makes them so perfect.

Let the show begin

As you all may know, ¨Everyone¨ was the first song the sang. Omg! I loved it! They were all looking so excited and happy to be there!! The choreography was stunning and the screaming was endless, as well as the flashes...

We were all singing along with them...So happy to have them so close and so far away at the same time.

Kevin seems to be the one who most care about the people in the stalls, he spends more of his time in the stage’s sides, The rest stand in the middle.

Brian was looking soooooooo hot!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t stop looking at him! Yep, you guessed it...he is my favorite one...hehe

Everything was going perfect, the BSB were there and I was there...that was all I needed.

Brian surprisingly threw his hat to the audience, and Nick threw his Argentinian T-shirt. But thank god I wasn’t between those girls , ‘cos i’m sure that someone got injured and Nick’s T-shirt was surely ripped.

Oh, when they all appeared wearing Argentinian T-shirts was one of my fave parts!

Funny moments

· Aj dropped his mic unintentionally which made a terrible sound, But we could all ¨forgive¨ him after making that ¨I’m sorry¨ gesture to the camera.

· Howie translated a little part of ¨How did I fall..¨. Instead of saying at the end ¨With you¨, he said ¨Con ustedes¨. So cute!! Brian started clapping and repeated ¨Con ustedes¨ like 3 times Hahaha. He just couldn’t stop saying it, he was imitating Howie and I realized why i love Brian so much...He can make every moment a memory.

· When Kevin and AJ stayed alone on the stage after Nick, Brian and Howie went to the dressing room was very funny too. I can still hear Kevin say ¨It’s AJ and Kevin show¨ Hahaha, so funny...Specially AJ who put that spice face which made me go crazy.

Shape of my heart was the last song they sang and we all knew that after that one all the magic was leaving the stage and going somewhere else.

It couldn’t be! The show couldn’t be over! But when the stadium lights turned on we got it...They were gone!

There’s a lot of things I carried home after the concert:

· Knowing that now I can die in peace =)

· A memory to tell my future sons about

· Brian’s jokes, Nick’s smile, AJ’s Spirit, Howie’s Sweet words in Spanish and Kevin’s beautiful body in my mind

· But most of all...the best night I could ever dream of.

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