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May 5 concert - SP

Date: May 28, 2001
Submitted By: Bruna

Well, it's a little late (today is May 25) for me to submit my review, but I'm still amazed with the concert... but, here I go...

I woke up at 4am at the day of the concert. I live in a city that's two hours far from Sao Paulo, and I couldn't get there before because I had tests at school on Friday(actually, I had to go to school on Saturday to do my tests, but I asked the principal to do them on Friday and she let me do it). My parents drove me to Campinas and from Campinas I joined a group of 40 girls and we lead to Sao Paulo. When we got there I thought "ok, I'm here and in 13 hours I'm gonna see them"... and those were the longest 13 hours of my life...

As soon as we got there, the girls and I went to the line. It was like... 8am, and we sat a little, had a little chat, hang around. It was about 11 am when we had to stand. for that time on, I couldn't sit down anymore, because the line was too crowded, I mean, people in front of me, behind me, by my side... well, I waited on the line until 5:30pm, when I got into Anhembi (the place where the concert was). I stood pretty close to the stage, about 20' (well, considering that there was 40.000 people there, I was very very close). About 8pm, Pollyanna came to the stage and performed... she is really nice, I liked her a lot, and she has a beautiful voice. Then, Krystal: I didn't know her, I had heard of her because od the BSB, but I didn't know her songs at all, but she's amazing, she sang "I'll Be There" I love this song and she sings it amazingly, all the crowd sang along with her, she sang one of the songs holding Brazil's flag. One more song and she got out of the stage.

We waited 15 minutes for the Backstreet Boys... but finally, they started the show!!!

When they came to the stage and began to sing "Everyone", I got voiceless... when I "woke up" I started singing with them and I did it all the concert. Live I said, I'm still amazed, they were awesome, they sang beautifully all the songs, and as the other girls said, we sang "Happy Birthday" for them because of their 8th Anniversary before they sing "Time".

The only thing that wasn't nice was AJ... I mean, in the middle of the concert, he was saying something I don't remember now and suddenly he said "You're not understanding what I'm saying" - or something like that, like "None of you, 40.000 people know how to speak english"(of course he didn't say that, he meant)... I guess he didn't realized what he had just said at the moment... because there was A LOT of people there that knew how to speak English. I really don't think he said that to harm us(I hope so), but lots of fans do. So, AJ, if you read this, the next time, watch your mouth! But anyway, he still sings amazingly... his voice is perfect.

At the end of the concert, when they sing "Shape Of MY Heart", they wore a Brazilian's soccer team t'shirt, with their names written on them. Nick threw his to the audience, and the shirt was cut in millions of pieces... lol

Brian asked a girl for her Brazilian flag and they held it with the American one. Finally, the 'unwanted' goodbye... when they went away and the lights were turned on, I thought "God, I can't believe I just saw it..." it was so fast, so beautiful and I waited so long to see them singing live that I couldn't believe...

I just sat down and wondered if I would have the chance to see that again... I REALLY HOPE SO! Their songs have been part of my life. And I hope they don't make me wait 4 years more...

Well, that's it. All I have to say is: it was the best concert I've ever seen, it was really awesome to see them singing all the songs I LOVE live and so beautifully... it was touching!!!

That's enough! I leave here... Bye Bru

Concert- São Paulo, May 5th

Date: May 28, 2001
Submitted By: Lisi McLean

Well, I’m a little late but I’m gonna tell you my first BSB concert! I waited so long for this moment and it passed so fast!

I live in a city called Porto Alegre (South of Brazil) and I traveled 1.200 Kilometres to São Paulo, where the show happenned. I went with a group of 40 girls. All the 20 hours while we were on the bus, we listened BSB cds and watched concerts on tv, and we talked a lot about them!

We arrived in Anhembí Park Lot at 8a.m. and there were so many people, the girls were camping there for a month! We stayed all day long in the row, the row was really crazy, all the girls that were there.... they were screaming and crying and collapsing! That was really, really crazy! (Oh, I wanna thank Fábio for the big help! ) We waited more than 12 hours to see them! When the show began we were really tired!

Pollyanna was the first, she’s really beautiful! We didn’t know her songs, but we enjoyed! She talked to the audience in Spanish.

After, cames Krystal... a little bit crazy but I like “I’m the super girl...” She had a Brazilian’s flag with her!

And then... the BACKSTREET BOYS! They come on stage at 9:30 p.m.

OMG... when they starded singing, me and my friends thought the crowd would smash us! That really scared us! But that’s Ok worth one’s while... we’re alive!

They are more beautiful live than in pics or whatever! They were simply AMAZING! I loved everything! When they sang ‘Everybody” they all get wild and AJ was with no t-shirt.. very sexy! They spoke in Portuguese! Kevin was really sweet saying “Obrigado pelo carinho” (Thank you for your love) And all the dances... in “Shining Star” AJ and Nick made some pelvic thrusts... I loved the perfoming in “Yes I will”, they were gorgeous!

And in the end they were wearing Brazilians soccers t-shitrs!

When finished me and my friends starting crying... I never thought I would see them live in concert, this was a big dream that came true- I thank you God!

This was certainly one of the best days of my life! The Boys mean the world to me... they touch my life with their music , they’re like my best friends, they’re soooo special for me! I don’t have words to explain how much they’re important for me, I just gonna say: I Love you guys with all my heart and soul!

I wanna say hi to my friends that were there with me: Aline, Luísa, Jane, Bárbara and Míria- BSB Forever!!!

I’m sorry for my english that’s not good enough, but I’m just trying to tell you how I’m happy!!!

If you’re from Brazil, me and my friend Aline are making a website, check it out:


Lisi McLean

São Paulo, May 5

Date: May 18, 2001
Submitted By: Bruna

Hey girls!!!

Since April 8, me and my friend were camping in front of Anhembi(where was the concert).We did it to be near our guys.The concert was unbelievable, started singing Everyone.Their voices are perfect.

when they´re going to sing "Time", we sang Happy Birthday to them for their 8 years 2gether.

They used a Brazilian Soccer Team T-shirt to sing Shape of my heart.

Thank u BSB for the best moment I ever had in my life.I need to see them again and to feel what I felt thet time.

KTBPA Backisses Kissestreet See ya!!!


São Paulo

Date: May 10, 2001
Submitted By: Carolina Siqueira Silva


I saw the BSB face to face! I don't believe yet. I went the show, was WONDERFUL, UNBELIEVEBLE, REALLY COOL. They are so cutes and gorgeous and handsomes.

I won´t forget this show NEVER.



See ya!!


P.s: Sorry, my english is very bad.

São Paulo concert at Estacionamento Anhembi

Date: May 10, 2001
Submitted By: Sabrina Carla Tenguan

Hello u guys!!! I'm so happy! I still can't believe that i went to a Backstreet Boys concert!!

Well, let's start!

I arrived at Anhembi on thursday at 1p.m., there were a lot of people there, they're already camping!

On saturday, the place was fool of people, all around the Anhembi...

The show started about 8p.m. with Pollyanna, she was really nice, but no one sang her songs! At 8.30p.m. Krystal got in stage, she started with "My Religion" and just a few persons knew her!! but i sang all of her songs!

At 9p.m. (FINALLY) the Backstreet Boys got in stage, the fans got insane! They were so HOT!! OH MY GOD!!!

Everybody sang all of the songs!! It was so nice when they started singing ALAYLM and QPG!!! And when they started talking to the audience in PORTUGUESE!! It was so sweet!

But, the most Incredible thing was on HOW DID I FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU, because AJ got my Banana (kind of a toy) in his arms and held it!!! Oh my God, i couldnt believe that AJ touched on something that one day was mine!! I GOT INSANE, started jumping and screaming!

And there was one time when they got a poster that had "8 years with the bsb" written on it from the audience, and then people started singing Happy birthday to you!! It was so beautiful!

And then on the last song (Shape of my heart) they got on stage with the Brazilian Soccer team T-shirts!!! Oh my god!

I think that's all!! Certainly i will never forget these day!! Because it was the best day of my life!! The day that i saw the Backstreet boys COncert!!! I LOVE BSB!!

ps: AJ was so hot and sexy that day!! and he's the sweetest speaking portuguese!

Black&BLue Kisses

Sabrina Tenguan de Sorocaba

São Paulo May 5

Date: May 07, 2001
Submitted By: Carla

I went to the bsb concert yesterday ( may 5, são paulo, BRASIL!!!) the day was cold, me and my friends arrived around 4 pm there, the line was getting 2 blocks, and we almost didnt get into thre, fortunately we ' skipped' the line and the police opened another way to get inside ! When we got inside there were around 20.000 People in front of us, but it wasnt crowded, we stayed in the middle, then me and my cousin Barbara left our friends there because we needed to go to bathroom so bad, as the way to there got little long, we lost our friends, and my cousin started crying because she wanted to find her sister Amanda, then a very polite woman told us to go to the press room, cause there they could help us, the press room was in the right side from the estacionamento anhembi, and we got really near to the stage because of it, after all the stress, our friends finally found us and we met a few really nice girls, we also met some people from the mtv BRASIL!!!At 8pm, Pollyana's show started, she talked with the audience in portuguese and threw some cds to the crowd, her show was pretty cool, me and my friends started screaming " Polyana, Pollyana", around 8.30 Pm KEVIN appeared on the big screen introducing KRYSTAL'S show( some girls told us that if people didnt cheer krystal, the bsb wouldnt make their show :P ), everyone started screaming for KEV, KRYSTAL'S show was the best, people loved it, she is really nice, she wore the brazilian flag, thanked us and played I'LL BE THERE ( the crowd sang along with her), at the end the threw roses to the crowd!!! Exactly 9.11 Pm the bsb show started, the girls just got crazy, like the blond one said " After 3 years of waiting, here they are " !!!

People sang all the songs except what makes you diferent makes u beautiful and if you stay , before begin the shining star song, howie dedicated this song for the audience, and it started in a brazilian rithym, during this song, kevin disappeared, then after all them gone, kevin appears again all in white and started talking with us in portuguese, he is so sweet, kevin and howie were the coolest with the crowd, and live they are the most gorgeous bsb!!! They sang quit playing games and as long as you love me, I loved the show, I just got really upset because they didnt sing THE ONE and DONT WANNA LOSE YOU NOW : ( !!!

Then I before they start singing TIME, Briand and Kev oppened a banner written 8 YEARS WITH BSB, people started singing happy b-day to you, they thanked us and tsarted singing TIME!! Making it short, AJ appeared telling people that they would sing the last song, then I turned to my cousin Barbara what time was it and she told me ' 10.40 ', I was like, please dont tell me thats it is getting over! After sisnging the call, they said bye and people just stood there waiting fot their turn, couple minutes later they came back to sing shape of my heart, wearing the brazilian soccer team shirt, brian turned and at his back was written BRIAN, Howie kissed the shirt and was all proud showing us that, at the and kev brought 2 flags, one from BRASIL and the other from u.S. He and nick oppened it together and that was over, the best night from 50.000 Bsb's fans was over!!! So thats it, finally the bsb came to brasil after 3 years of promises, I just wanted to thank all the fellows that were if me there, and the other girls that we met, especially PRISCILA ( girl u rock ) c ya, u should come to são paulo more often, and the main people sure BSB, THANK YA VERY MUCH and a special thanks to KRYSTAL too, girl u will get far, congratulations u r awesome!!! Bye people c ya in other show carla

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