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Panana- May 16th

Date: Jun 24, 2001
Submitted By: Patricia Duffo

Ok, as I use to speak a lot, I'm gonna try to do two things in this review: number one, keep it brief (I wonder if I can, lol) and number two, try not to forget anything. DISCLAIMER: I'm the only BSB fan in the world who gets to go to a concert and the next day doesn't remember a thing, so forgive me if I change the order of the songs, it's not fanfic. Thanks.

I'm not gonna write my whole story (how I won an $800 dollar trip to panama to see them, and how I almost didn't graduate because of that), just the part relating to the show. When I got to the hotel for the first time, the girls with whom I was going were already waiting for me, so we went to have lunch guess where: Intercontinental Hotel, five stars, golden rated... Guess who else were staying there. Jejeje... We got there, and first bad thing happened: the restaurant is in a different building than the hotel rooms, so ha! we just had to wait. We sat there and planned to do our thing, while all the staff and dancers looked at us, the first in a suspicious way, the others just looked.

A girl went in to ask a staff guy something and he was like, "Whatever you wanna ask, the answer is NO!!" can u believe that? Anyways, we couldn't get a thing from the employees nor the staff crew. When we were finished, another bad, really bad thing: we found out that if we had arrived to the hotel 15 minutes before we actually did, we would have seen Kev eating his meal- I assume it was veggies, and maybe fish w/ chilli, delicious, and I don't even like fish- how lucky were we.

Next thing, sit on the front door of the restaurant looking at the many cars that came and left, and after half an hour, one of us said: look, that's krystal. We went and talked to her, SHE'S REALLY, REALLY SMALL!, but she's a real sweetheart. Next thig you know, they are taking her aweay, there's no sign of the boys, to get many people out of the hotel, the dancers left in a bus, so everybody thought the Boys weren't at the hotel. Truth is, they stayed in the hotel until like 45 minutes before the concert, and they got there by another road.

Now, the concert. There was such a traffic jam that, trust me it wasn't pretty, in half an hour we moved 1/15th of a mile. So we decided to walk. Walking we got to the stadium, and there was a lot of fear among the assistants as you know there was a storm threat, but nothing happened, only it rained a little bit. We all had tickets for the hottest section, the $200 dollar tickets, and we were in the eigth row. Do you really think, that with the front seats empty, we would really stay in the eight row? NO WAY!!!

So the show started. SCHEDULE:

Let's see, the show started at 7.00pm, should I say, so...

6.00 pm- Close-Up propaganda dancers- nice ,they even did the Love don't cost a Thing coreography. They looked like Britney in Oops I did It Again.

6.08 pm- Lights off

6.12 pm- Son Miserables, a local band, sang four songs. i'm not from Panama, so I was just like, yeah, yeah!!! hahaha...

6.27 pm- Pollyanna Dorough- Ejem, girl, you might want to train your voice a little bit more. It was nice though, that she sang in spanglish (part english, part spanish); sang four songs from the upcoming album. 'Wet','Don't wanna live my life Without You'- written by Howie, as you might know- 'Andale mi Corazon', and 'Take me Away'-> I'm not sure about the last one.

6.42 pm- Krystal Harris time. Oh my God, that girl really sings. She brought tears to my eyes. Sang five songs if I'm not mistaken: 'My Religion', 'Angel', 'Supergirl'- you know, where she stood on ther white piano and slipped on the panama football t-shirt- and she finished by dedicating 'I'll be there' to each member of the audience. Played live, great charisma. Thumbs upp!

7.00 pm- All lights out. Playback on the giant screen of the world and the meteorites hitting our plantet; destruction and pyrogames (you know, the things they always use in their concerts). Everyone. Wow. Nobody looked at the audience during that song, just a blank stare. That's how the song went, anyway.

7.04 pm- Larger than life. You can imagine the mess- though I don't like the song much, it was really cool to see it live.

7.05 pm- Lost track of time, 'cause I realized somebody had stolen my wallet, so I did an unintentional charity work, I lost $60 dollars from the $100 I originally had. Can you imagine my stress at this point?

Next track, I think it was 'Yes I Will'; all in white, with hats and canes. Original, for a song whose coreography is difficult to imagine. Or not that difficult... LOL.

Then, change of clothes. Kev spoke to the audience. 'What makes You Different' makes its debut live. It's beautiful. Still in white, sitting on some taburets, they sang the song. Very, very nice. PLus, I love the songe, hehe!

Next thing, if I'm not mistaken, the remix of the only Black and Blue Album Song that they cut with a classic. 'I Promise You With Everything I Am' with 'Nunca Te Hare Llorar', spanish version to INBYH. You know, but I had to say it, hehehe....

'Shining Star'... hmm, I don't remember much about this song, 'cause it has no special meaning to me. But it was nice.

Here is the part where they really made me cry. Stressed by the loss of my wallet, by having them so near and yet not being able to touch them, and there it goes: movie playback and 'More Than That'. Really touching experience for me, cause the song is one of my Backstreet favorites of all time, and I don't like the video much. But what they did, oh God, I loved it! They played in the giant screen the same images they played on the background screen in the real video- the clouds, the clouds, THE CLOUDS, the sun, the ocean, THE CLOUDS- Meanwhile they sang to all of us. Cool, huh?

Next, if I'm not mistaken, a 5min movie about backstreet backstage. Funny: Howie playing with his hair, Nick singing and being shut up by Howie, Brian being beaten up by everyone with pillows, funny. Meanwhile, the guys put on this crazy outfit, same from the movie, and went out.

Sang 'Time' while sitting on hte very border of the stage, looking at everyone and waving, while a bug was sitting on Brian's shoulder. AJ's absolutely right, they even got animal fans, hahaha! Funny when Brian was finishing the song, his voice shook a little, we didn't notice at first, but they did (they're the singers, of course they notice) and everyone stared at him like "don't mess up, please don't mess up" and Nick started playing with Brian's troat. Also sang 'Quit Playing Games' mixed together with 'As Long As You Love Me', and 'All I have To Give' mixed with 'If You Stay'. Cool, I was shouting and when Brian started singing 'If You Stay', I was the only one in 36 square meters that knew the song- or at least I felt that way- so I was screaming the lyrics and I could have sworn Brian was laughing at my 'singing'. Very cute, another coreography with dancers and hats, but it was really nice.

Then I believe they sang 'The Answer to Our Lives', and I was shocked!! You see, between opening act and opening act, they played disco music while the staff crew changes the stage for the next performance, and a friend of mine and me were dancing. We did this step, and at the time we were just fooling around. I don't know how, but in the middle of TATOL Howie and AJ- precisely the one I like, AJ- Started doing the same dance, can u believe it? It was awesome. Brian was playing the percussion along with the percussionist- you know, bongos and stuff- and AJ, crazy as always helped the drummer by making A LOT of noise. LOL.

Last thing I remember was 'How did I Fall in love with You', which was really tearful to see, because of the way Howie and Brian performed it. And then, 'I Want It That Way', easy for them to perform: we were all singing the lyrics, and we sang almost two thirds of the song by ourselves. Hey, I'm proud!!

Next, another wardrope change, I think. A dancer went out from the opposite corner of the dressing rooms and did a nice dance, then they went out and we knew this was the introduction to 'Not For Me'. Really, really good performance, nice energy, nice moves.

'Show Me the Meaning Of Being Lonely'... what can I say, always brings back memories. can't say the song had a positive energy, but I can tell you, seeing them singing a song about all the losses they have suffered, and looking at them right now, standing in front of this huge crowd... I'll tell you, it made me extremely proud, it brought tears to my eyes. Especially knowing that AJ's grandma's death was recent, and he was there, ot at his best, but giving it all he had.

'Get Another Boyfriend' had the best coreography, and the song is ful of energy. Really fun to see, plus the lights made them look in very different ways. changing faces, haha!

I can't remember if they sang 'Backstreet's back', if anybody can tell me, it would be great. I prefer to say I don't remember than to say they sang it when in fact they didn't. My review whould then appear even more suspiciously imaginary that it already looks.

To finish, I had to remember this, AJ went out and said: "This is our first time here in Panama, but I promise it's not gonna be our last"; with that, he won a lot, A LOT of screaming and applauses. that's mah Bone, hahaha. And then the phone rang. "Hello?"- "Uh, hi baby, it's me, what's up baby"- "Where are you?"- "You see, I'm in the middle of a concert right now..."- roll playback of the song. Kick ass performance, seeing 'The Call' live was one of the best expperiences I had at that concert. Really cool moves, and an impressive attitude of the boys. Bad, naughty boys.

And they left. Everybody was like "Otra, otra, otra" but some screamed in english "Anotyher one" while others just screamed. It was a mess. Fortunatly it wasn't over yet. They had to finish with somethig spectacular. And they did. In one of the brightest performances, with a sky full of clouds and stars, they sang 'Shape Of My Heart'. Very touching when they said goodbye. Another ser of fireworks and they left once in for all.

Later, Howie was seen by two of the girls in Señor Frogs, a nightclub in Panama. they were preforming, and they even got to talk to him in person. He was really nice. Though none of the other boys appeared in the club. The next day, they left the airport approximately at 8.00 am, leaving every single person expecting their return.

To Sum Up:

*Only song they didn't sing from B&B: It's true.

*Number of song sang: 21, aproximately.

*Did I have a great time: What kind of question is this? Sure!!!!

*Do I recommend the show: I insist, I should start asking myself more intelligent questions. I definitely do!!

Thanks for sharing this with me, I hope you foud my review a little interesting. Well, gotta go. Bye!

Patricia, aka maskedmusician

Panama, May 16, 2001

Date: Jun 01, 2001
Submitted By: Jenniffer

Well, to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the BSBoys...But since it WAS a major concert, and we're in Panama (like who's ever gonna do a concert here), my mom bought me an 80 dollar ticket for my bday. So come concert day, I go to school w/ an overnight bag, cos for the concert I was gonna stay the nite at my friend's house. So we're at school, not doing anything, cos as star mentioned we had like one test and then a bunch of free periods, so me and moongirl start making the "we love nsync" poster, which was my brilliant idea. Yes, I DO like 'nsync better than bsb, waaay better, but it was a diss really, becos if I didn't like them at all, I wouldn't have bothered going to the concert. Now anyways...My whole deal was to go to the concert in full nsync attire and w/ the poster, just to cause a stir. Everyone was like "no don't do it, ppl are going to kill you, what's the matter w/ you" but I had to say "well, when I get on the news, or get noticed somehow, then it's not gonna be such a terrible thing is it?" so the plan was put into action. Monica and I made the poster, melanie and I wore our nsync tshirts. On the way to the stadium, after being all sunshine and happiness while we were at school, it started POURING. We made it in w/out getting soaked, but sadly, our friend who had bought the $15 seat had to stand in a line outside in the rain while our line was in the underground part of the stadium out of the rain. :) so we got there around 4...And the concert began at 7. While in line, we were behind these girls that were painting "backstreet boys" and stuff on their arms w/ nail polish, and once inside we were strolling the field in our nsync shirts and the ppl were kinda like "huh? What's going on?" or some girls would be like "ohmygod, look at them, heehee" but whatever...On the unveiling of our poster, some BSB fans were like "oh that's clever" the opening acts, son miserables (awesome, ppl were going nuts since it's a national band and they're pretty well-known), pollyanna and krystal (she's got a nice voice, but I'm just not feeling the songs that much...Props for wearing the Panama soccer jersey tho!!). Then BSB began, I practically jumped outta my seat when the pyro effects started, I wasn't expecting it. Then the show began, and monica grabbed the binoculars from me and scanned the stage. Then she yelled and was like "look look!!" and so I did and saw...Nick Carter. I screamed "ohmygod nick carter is so hot!!" and wouldn't let go of the binoculars from then on. Once again, I don't really like BSB, but it's so hard to believe that they were actually here, the only moment that it sunk in was when they began to sing and I could see them from where I sat (hey, $80 wasn't such a bad seat)...The show was great, yea, I agree w/ star that during some songs it was hard to listen to the actual guys sing. When we were holding up our poster, ppl were throwing sand, coke, toothpaste, whatever they could get their hands on so that we would put it down, but I was determined to keep it up until BSB saw it or it got on the big screens. During the very last song, they did see it, or so I'm lead to believe, becos Monica suddenly drops it in the middle of the song and I poke her to put it back up and she's like "no no, nick saw me!! He saw me and made a face and poked brian to look over too, I'm so embarrassed" yea well! I didn't see "the look" I must've been in lalaland. But at school the next day, instant celebrities: "oh you were the girls w/ the nsync poster, how kool!!" and then we'd tell the story of how nick saw it. I mean, it was hard to miss, ppl from the stands said they saw it and we were on the field...It was a big poster, so I'm sure the boys saw it from the stage. My sister's friends said that some ppl she talked to said they saw it on the screens. So MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Panama Concert, May 16th

Date: May 28, 2001
Submitted By: Star

It was so great finally being able to see BSB in concert. I've been wanting to see them since when I was about 13 or 14 and heard Quit Playing Games for the first time. When people started telling me that they were coming to Panama, I couldn't believe it. Come on! Why would they choose Panama over other bigger and better countries. Even after I had bought my tickets, I thought it was all a dream. Finally on the day of the concert, I realized they were really here and I was going to get to see them. I really wanted to go to the hotel to try and see them, but I couldn't cause my mom's car was at the mechanic and it was hard to take a cab since it had been raining and the streets around my house were really flooded, and I had school and tests on that day.

Anyways the concert was great. The stadium was full during the concert(the stadium was divided into sections and tickets for each section were different prices.) The only part that was half full was the front section because the tickets for that section were too expensive ($200). I was in the next section, the $125 one, but I could see really well from there. I would have bought the $200 ones, but I founf out about them when I went to buy my tickets and I didn't have the extra money then. In the radio they had been announcing that the tickets cost between $125 and $15.

Before the show started like at 5:30, my sister, one of her friends, and I decided to go where their dressing rooms were to see if we could catch a glimpse or something like that. The dressing rooms were outside the stadium. But security stopped us and told us we couldn't go there. And I asked them like if they were already there and they said no that they were getting there later. So I was saying that we could wait like one more hour until 6:30 to see if they showed up, but my sister was like no and she was complaining so much that we just went back in. And guess what? At exactly 6:30 you could see, BSB's cars coming up the road.

I loved everything about the concert, especially the beginning. Well there were three opening acts, one of them a Panamanian band called Son Miserables and Pollyanna and Krystal. Everyone got really excited and started cheering when Krystal put on the Panamanian soccer shirt during Supergirl.

I'm not complaining or anything, but from what I've read it's like we missed out on some of their props, like when they come out of the smoke in the raising platforms from under the stage, or when they sing in the little stage in the back. Supposedly they were going to do all that, but couldn't because of the rain.

Anyways, they were great!!! And the girls holding the NSync poster are my friends. And the poster was kinda mean because from the stage you could just see the We Love NSync part, and you couldn't really see the Oops wrong show! Meant BSB part. I didn't really see it, but my friends are saying that Nick saw the poster and put on a weird a face and then started poking Brian to see it too.

I didn't have a poster like that. Mine said "Is that the way you want it?" and Kevin saw it. I'm sure cause at one point I was the only one holding my poster up, and he was looking my way. But the people were so mean! Everytime I would put my poster up, the people in the back would start poking me and pulling my hair to put it down. But at least I got to put it up when they sang I Want It That Way :)

Was it just here or it's happened in other places too? Cos from where I was the sound was perfect and everything, but the band was really loud and when BSB sang the slow songs, you had to really strain your ears to hear what they were singing.

After the concert, they were having a fundraiser for the Lupus Foundation at this place called Sr. Frog's and I was going to go, but my mom didn't want to take me cause she was mad because someone had stolen my cellphone and it was really late, it was lie 12:00 when I had gotten to where my mom was. So I couldn't go :(

Anyways the concert was amazing!! It's one show you should never miss. And they promised they will be back, so I hope they come back even though in the radio they were saying it would be their only presentation ever in Panama. I still regret that I wasn't able to go to the hotel to try to meet them, but I keep telling myself that even if I had gone I wouldn't have been able to meet them cause of security and stuff like that. You couldn't even go into the hotel.

Backstreet Boys in Panama May 16 (2nd Part)

Date: May 28, 2001
Submitted By: Joy Stella (Event Coordinator of the "Everybody with Backstreet Boys Fans Club Panamá")

Everything was just promises....and promises...that WE believed in...until the last day "our boys" were here in our country...

First of all, we collect money to make a "VERY SPECIAL GIFT" for know....not like the usual "sweaters,or teddy bears,etc." We wanted to make 5 Native indians "molas" hand-made portraits with each of their names for each one of them....Like for example: "A.J. BSB OFFICIAL FANS CLUB PANAMÁ" and with a beautiful drawing of a national bird called "GUACAMAYA"(these kind of portraits are made by the remaining Native indians that live in our country, very far from the Modern City, so that tells you how much it cost to us, 'coz we had to go to jungle itself to pay the indian ladies so, they could make those beautiful gifts)...but, before we did...we got notified that the Organizors didn't want to give the chance to 5 of go and participate in the Press Conference (REAMINING VERY QUIETLY) and wait until our chance to give it to them.....SO, that was the reason why we then decided to just order the Native ladies to make a BIG ONE that says:OFFICIAL FANS CLUB - PANAMA, thinking that the Organizors wouldn't denied our President (of the Fans Club) Ms.Johana Rodríguez to go and "JUST" give our Boys the lovely gift (that means without saying a word). We were like: "OK,DEAL!"

Even though so, we know how people that organizes this kind of events in our country truly we talked to one of the "patrocinadores" (I kind of forgot the right word in english= it's the people who put money for an event just to sell its product or image) and that was the General Administrator of the Coca-Cola Company here in Panama....I have to say that she was "THE BEST" to us...even though, me being the Event Coordinator of the Fan Club, I haven't met her..just our President....So, everytime that we got her on her cell phone or private office....she always tried to help us in "EVERYTHING".....Then came the other, person that we tried to get ....that was the only and Official Backstreet Interview T.V. show Producer....that as the matter or fact...didn't help us at all....


There were a lot of girls, but from the FAN CLUB were only 3 of us: The President, the VicePresident and Me.... Even some girls from the HIGH CLASS Society here in Panama that had enter the Fan Club, right in the moment they noticed that the News were true (About BSB coming to Panama), were there and waiting for the International Airport Administrator to give both of them the "Aduana pass IDs" (with which you can enter the place where everybody that arrives to our country has to pass through so, they can check in) that time...we were like:"Look, what money does".....but, just 5 minutes after we saw them receiving their IDs, the 10 Durangos (to receive the Backstreet Boys and all their crew)were heading across the "landing area" and we were just tired of running from one extreme of the airport to the other trying to get the right information about which door will they pass through, and NOT even with that people here in our country wanted to help us... so, at the end, a friend of the President (Ms. Johana) came by and told us...that he 'thought that the guys from the T.V. Channel were running towards and specific part of the Airport to catch their arrival in VideoCamera, which at the end turn out to be like 2 miles away from the airport, The Boys didn't even enter to the airport (FUNNY THING, AH?)

So, when we we're running towards the gate...people then told us....that they were already gone to the Hotel (at least, we knew which hotel it was, and the rest of the Fan Club were there since Monday, May 14, and were sleeping outside the hotel, Many of them got sick before the concert)

Right now, I must go....I promise you I will give you the whole complete story tomorrow....Because as our "Sweetest Boys" would say:


bye then.....

Backstreet Boys Panama May 16, 2001

Date: May 24, 2001
Submitted By: MoonAwaii

About the concert of the Backstreet Boys in Panama

First of all being a fan of the BSB since I was 13 years old, I couldn't actually believe they were onstage just a few feet away from me. I was so amazed. The effects were so good, couldn't even compare to the last two big concerts down here (Christina Aguilera and Sting) The stadium was full! People were making lines since dawn, and despite the heavy rain they still remained there. The concert started with Son Miserables, really good Panamanian band down here. Then came PollyAnna. Now I know she's Howie's sister, but, hey and no offence, she doesn't know how to sing! And what about that song about the sweat?? Excuse me? I must say that wasn't such a pretty presentation. Krystal rocks, she has a great future a say and she even wore a Panama soccer team tshirt which was really cool. Then finally came the BSB concert. The effects were awesome, there were speakers everyone, and then BSB appeared on stage. You had to see everyone, and i mean almost 90% of the stadium almost crying when they saw their dream come true! I was sitting in front of this girl from Costa Rica who had paid her plane ticket just to see them here, and she was one of the many that did that too. They sang many of their old songs and from the new album Black & Blue. Howie even talked to us in spanish, which i think was a pretty good gesture of him ^_^ OMG and Nick! I couldn't believe it, he looked sooooo much more hansome in person!!! I was really happy at the fact that they chose our country, which is so small people don't even know it (Yeah Panama you know where the canal is? Oh that's Panama!) Personally i could say everyone was going just great up until the point nick carter stared directly at me (no I'm not kiddin)...becos a friend and i were holding up a giant poster that said "we love nsync"...oops wrong show! meant BSB! See good strategy to catch their attention! Betcha he didn't see the others with the poster's saying we love BSB! Well It was a special moment and we stablished a point (and if you're wondering if i hate BSB of course i don't would i have paid $80 AND be writing this if i did?) I think it was the best show ever, just regret we couldn't actually meet them in person cos of security and stuff. After the concert, Howie PollyAnna and Nick gave a special presentation at Sr Frog's which is this really popular club here (only problem? only above 18 could enter) All in all hope this review helped and THANX BACKSTREET BOYS!


Panamanian Fan ^-^

Backstreet Boys First Visit to the Republic of Panama (May 16th)

Date: May 22, 2001
Submitted By: Joy Stella - Event Coordinator of the "Everybody with Backstreet Boys Official Fans Club Panamá"

Hi!! First of all....I'd like to say a few things....

1. Here in Panama is very difficult to actually meet artists,'cause the security don't let you even if you paid to have to definately be part of the very HIGH CLASS get the chance to meet....and we all now that our boys love to meet their Fans Club all over the World.....well, let me tell you that that didn't happen here.....

2. Before May 16, The Backstreet Boys had never been in Panama know ...I'm talking about the small country that is between Colombia and Costa Rica...[not the one in Florida].....and we [The Fans Club] have been waiting for them just in our dreams....'cause we all can't afford a trip to other, for the past 8 years We've only see them and love them through papers, videos, pictures, posters and interviews in other, the very first time we heard last year that they'll probably come to our country....we started working so get enough money.....for that "unknown & impossible" event. We tried to get support from private companies.....T.V. Channels....Newspapers....and they were only promises

Note: I'll continue the story to go....

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