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The Backstreet Boys COncert in Puerto Rico

Date: Jul 10, 2001
Submitted By: Marelis Vasquez

When I was able to buy tickets for the Backstreet Boys concert in Puerto Rico, i was not expecting the magnitude of excitement that I felt when I watched them perform. Their vocals were wonderful and so were their dance moves, but what really impressed me was the way they connected to the audience. Howie spoke in Spanish every chance he got and the rest of the "boys" tried to incorporate their own special flavor into their performance. I have been to other concerts, and this one defintely takes the cake, the Backstreet Boys are definitely number one in my book! Keep up the good job!!!!!!!!

The First Concert of BSB in Puerto Rico

Date: Jul 03, 2001
Submitted By: Sonia

Well, Hi my name is Sonia, and I'm from Puerto Rico. I didn't had the chance to meet the guys but it still was awesome; my first BSB concert! It was their first time here, and I was, still, so ecxited. When they came here, May 17, 2001, it was so exciting! They did a press conference and Howie talk about his puertorican mother, and about his family that lives over here, he was really excited, I could see it in his eyes. Then the day of the concert came and i waited 4 hours in the line, tho I had arena sits, it was worth it. The show was awesome! And I know whatever happens I'll never forget that!! I hope they come back again!! KTBPA!

BSB's Concert in Puerto Rico

Date: Jun 15, 2001
Submitted By: Yvette

May 19th was the most wonderful day I've had regarding the Backstreet Boys. I had my Section 3, third row ticket and I was the happiest person alive. BSB's concert was the best concert I've been to in my whole life! When the concert started I went crazy, literally! I started jumping up and down, singing, dancing etc. etc. etc. That certainly grabbed the boys' attention! At the middle of the concert, I was singing really loud and jumping up and down when Brian saw me pointed at me and waved! It was the best and he's the best! He did that with me a couple of times since they were all looking at me, my best friend and my mother a lot! Then, when Nick went to our side (he didn't go a lot) I grabbed a sign that said "Nick show us the shape of your butt", he saw it and started laughing. Then he turned around and shook his bum bum! I was sooooo excited. Kevin was a lot on our side and he is just extremely charismatic as well as Brian. I loved them. At the end, Howie came out with the Puertorrican flag and it was a very very emotional moment for everyone there, then AJ waved and they dissapeared. When the concert finished, one of my friends got lost in the stadium and we just waited for her there when a security guard threw a teddy bear's head and I grabbed it! It was one that Brian got and started kissing and hugging. I started screaming once again. Maybe the head was stuck somewhere and they just threw it to the audience.

Next day, we tried to catch them in the Hotel but we came too late because they were already gone one hour ago! After all, it was one of the best nights of my life, if not the best.

Guys, thank you for coming to Puerto Rico and I really hope you come here again! :) Thank you for inspiring every single fan you have with your heartfelt lyrics and charisma!

Love ya!

If someone wants to email me, feel free to do it anytime!

bye bye!


Puerto Rico concert, 5/20/01

Date: Jun 13, 2001
Submitted By: Christine Carter

what can i say that my breath didn't scream out the night of may 20th?! the concert was the most powerful, breathtaking, incredible, happiest moment of my life!!! for 4 years i waited with hope and prayers that they would come down here, and finally, in february, i held my 1st row ticket in my hand!! the concert was incredible. krystal and polly were awesome aswell!! During "time", the guys came near the middle and sat down to sing softly. my best friend sonia threw howie a teddy and he got it and looked straight at it!!! there was this part where they are going backstage and kevin gets really close to the camera and says, "would you like to go under?!!" we all screamed yeeeeeeeesssssss as they got into a blue wardrobe box. i remember vividly when brian got it, aj said, "kentucky!!". all of us laughed. nick's line in as long as you love me, he said in spanish by changing the words and saying, "people say i'm locoooooo!!" i was gonna die when i heard my baby speak spanish like that for the first time!! then he began to chant, "hooo, puerto rico, hooo, puerto rico!!" I was going to die!! kevin came to our section tons of times and so did aj. brian came ocasionally too!! nick's dancing mesmerized me!!! he would move so passionaetly, groovy, and sensually!! he could kill anyone with those moves!!! in the end, with shape of my heart, nick came so close to us that we could talk to him!! i had a little froggy bear with a letter attatched to it, and i decided to throw it. HE CAUGHT IT AND WAVED IT HIGH IN THE AIR!!!!!!!! i was literally baling, crying, shaking, and screaming!! after 4 years of loving my baby, my dream came true!!! i couldn't believe it. hopefully he'll write back!! overall, the concert was the best night of my life, and thanks to god, i will forever ktbspa. i love you guys!!! and i love you nick!!!

p.s...if anyone would like to keep in contact with a bsb fan from ponce, feel free to write to me!!!

K T B S P A ! ! ! !

Puerto Rico Concert May 19- 20 2001

Date: Jun 04, 2001
Submitted By: Deborah

Hi everyone!!

It's my first time here, and i love this web. May 19 was the best day of my life , i finally saw a concert by the bsb and was awesome. I arrive at 6:00pm, and i was sooo exicetd of been there, and i was in arena, but no to close. At 8:00pm started Pollyana, Howie's sister and I have to said that not everyone likes her, but at 8:30pm strarted Krystal and she was awesome!! Oh my God! she really had talent, and for complete she put t shirt with the puertorrican and everyone was very honored for that, and right now im a big fan of her. Well, but the best part started at 9:30pm, with a greats special efects, the guys appears in a great black clothes, and the whole show was GREATTTT!! girls, i hope they back here the next year, they prove how talented and cool they are, and im sure that now they know how big is Puerto Rico's heart. And how puertorricans fans love them....


Black and Blue tour last stop:Puerto Rico

Date: Jun 02, 2001
Submitted By: Paola

"It was truly the chance of a lifetime", that's what I told all my friends days after the concert of concerts. It all started spring 2000 when Howie D came to Puerto Rico for promotion and announced that the Backstreet Boys were doing everything in their power to please so many fans that for the past few years had been yearning to see their boys in action. Me, being a fan since 1995 when it all began (and there wasn't even an album back then), it was a dream come come true. The day that they started to sell the tickets, I got so anxious that I couldn't even react to a punch to my face and when I finally had those 2 10th row tickets, it was heaven. As the days went by I was reminded of the concert everyday on the radio which held contests of every kind to win tickets for the concert. When the day of the concert arrived it was full of jitters knowing that it would be a very special one since it was the end of the south american tour and the beginning of the US summer tour. It was a three act play as Polyanna sang three upbeat songs from her upcoming album, followed by the precious vioce of Krystal who amazed the fans with her astonishing songs, then a small movie of the guys was played announcing that it was time to begin, they sang so many songs that by the last song I was almost without a voice but still I sang till the end. It was an emotional moment when Howie took out a puertorican flag and laid it over his shoulders, then "the call" began and the stage became more alive when for the encore song crew members and dancers joined the stage like they were saying goodbye to the months they spent together and almost became a family, you could see it in their eyes a shine of pride and accomplishment. Of course then chaos took over the stage and Nick smashed a guitar and the crew poured iced water over Kevin and the cameras showed Leighanne and Kirstin bakstage singing along and we were satisfied till the end it was just what we had hoped for and more. The only thing that kills us is that we couldn't thank them in some other way for the energy that they transmitted to us, I just hope that it wont't be the last time.

BSB on Puerto Rico May 19-20

Date: Jun 01, 2001
Submitted By: Sharielys

Well..One word describes the concert here on the Boricua's Island...POWERFUL!! I mean i can use a lot words to describe it but i just won't stopppppp..They have a lot of energy and they gave a lot of them to put an awesome concert down here. The effects were the best,their lovely voices,the choreography...EVERYTHIng!!!I just want to let them know that from all the Puertoricans fans we love you allllllllll and we hope that you guys come here forever!!!!!!!KEEP THE BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps...we love you guys talking SPANISH!!!hehe ;)

The best concert puerto Rico has ever experienced

Date: May 28, 2001
Submitted By: Michelle Hernandez

The weekend of May 19 and 20 was the best Puerto Rico has experienced. We were waiting for this a long time and the day has finally come for evryone. i had the opportunity to go to both concerts and both were great. he concert began with Pollyanna and krystal who I couldn't see. my friends told me they were good. Pollyanna had the same show she presents here on last October when she came with Howie to his Lupus Foundation concert. The lights went down and everybody start screaming. My friends, my boyfriend and I were very excited to see the show (me and my friends were anxious to see the boys). The show starts with a dance sequence from the guys and a lot of pyrotechniques that were excellent. They began with "Everyone" and then

"Larger than life". After this songs they talked to us. Howie was the one who talked, he told us how excited he was of beinf in his mother's land and proud of being boricua as so many great artist as Ricky Martin, Titi Trinidad (the boxer) and the new Miss Universe Dennise Quiñones. The romantic part came and they change their clothes, Kevin came wearing a white tuxedo, that by the way, they looked very, very good on it, especcially my favorite Brian. before they came to P.R. I was hoping that at least one of them look at me and say hi. my dream came true, Brian wave his hand twice to me. I was very happy that he saw me. I really liked the part that they are "in their wardrdrove changing" it was very funny they way they act. After they came out they sang one of my favorite songs, "Time". In the second concert at this song Brian threw me a kiss, i almost went crazy.On the first concert when they were singing "The answer to our lives" Kevin went down the stage a stay in front of me for about 1 minute (I was in the first row). He actually grab a puertorrican flag that some girl gieve hime and he was waving it all the way.

One of my favorite songs they performed was "How could I fall in love.." , Howie demostrated that he has a very beautiful voice. Brian was excellent through all the concert. Of all five, Kevin was the master of the stage, he knows very well how to manage the crowd and made us all went crazy. He has the most sexiest look anyone could have and give. In the second concert He wore braids like the ones he wore on Mtv on Saturday. Nick was a crazy boy, he broke the same guitar he threw backstrage on the first concert. I couldn't see a lot of Nick and A.J. because they didn't came to my side. A.J. was very funny when he said he said "I'm in Pueto Rico with the chicken , with Mr. chicken"

They finished the concert with the big hit "Shape of my heart". Howie took a big puertottican flag and cover him with it. He really showed how much he loves the land and of course, us.In the second concert Nick decide to come down and be closer to us, the girls went crazy.

To finish the concert there were a lot of pyrothechniques the same as the begining.

Brian, Kevin, A.J., Nick and Howie you make really happy those 2 days, I will never forget this opportunity and if I had the chance of see you again I would do anything to it.


If I have the chance i'm gonna try to put some of my pictures here so you could see them

Bye, Bye

Puerto Rico,May 19-20

Date: May 28, 2001
Submitted By: Karla

The Concert was held in my Island. When I found out they were coming here I was so exited.Fortunatly I got to be in the fourth row ,o my God, It was amaising specialy when they first came out,they were so beutiful and they began singing the songs dedicated to fans it was amaising.The coreografy was great and theyre voices were amaising when they started singing "More than that" I started craing and when they sand "show me the meaning of being lonely" I almost fainted. They ended everything with "Shape of my Heart" it was amising they were so beutiful and exited to see all the people that came to see them. Howie was the happiest of them all scince his mother is from here(Puerto Rico)and he was so proud!. In conclucion the Concert Rocked!!!! (I love the Boys so much I could never choose between them) Hugs and Kisses xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Puerto Rico

Date: May 28, 2001
Submitted By: spanish_eyes08

hey , Im from the Dominican Republic , but I went to Puerto Rico just to see them.It was may 19th ( saturday) and I was very excited,they did an awsome job , lots of special effects , pyro , and booty shaking ( you all know aj!) well I just wanted to see them live and give them a dominican flag in wich I wrote things like ... we are the dominican backstreet army... no matter where you are the dominican backstreet army will be with you... and lots of things , well when I got to the hotel , all the girls from the tour ( we were a group of 100 girls I think) they all liked it and wanted to sign it with their names and emails. After that we went to the stadium , and I asked a security guard If I could throw the flag to them , and he said no , but you cant say no to me , so after the show started our tour guide(Ingrid) told me that maybe she could give the flag to one of their relatives , and she did , she gave our dominican flag to Leighanne! she told her that we were coming from the Dominican Republic and that we wanted to show our apreciation to them ,giving them our flag , she swore that she would give it to Brian , maybe she did....

Well that was the best day of my life , I saw the boys live goofing around and singing like angels , and maybe they have my least my name is in there and they will know that there are a lot of dominican fans that love them and that Im alive...

You all know how is the show , so I wont explain it , Ill just say that Ivonne( the girl who wrote the other review) is right , Nick throws a lot of things on stage( he is so cute)Howie danced salsa ( very very good)and did a great job on HDIFILWY ,Kevin sang very good ( he also looked sexy), Brian was an angel( he was singing How did I fall and Yes I will so sweet...)and last but not least AJ , his dancing WAS awsome , HIS BALD HEAD WAS FUNNY , and his voice....I cant explain, just beautiful...


Puerto Rico May 20, 2001

Date: May 24, 2001
Submitted By: Lindsay

I went to the BSB concert that took place in my Island, Puerto Rico, and there are quite a few things I would like to say about it.

First of all i must say that the guys are just beautiful. They seem to be really natural and i could perceive exactly what they have showed all this time. Puerto Rico was waiting for this concert, all the fans were waiting for this concert and for my surpriese the opportunity knocked to PR's door and that was great.

I went to this concert, not only to see the guys, but to listen, to enjoy the harmonic, sweet voices of the artist i admired. To my surprise it was impossible for me to enjoy it. I am so dissapointed at this show because, even though it was high tech equipped it didn't sound like. I understand perfectly that fans found the concert perfect, because they just wanted to see the guys, but people, like myself, who really wanted to listen to their voices, the concert sucked big time. It was such a bad experience, mixed with sadness and dissapointment, that i wish i hadn't gone so i would still have this picture perfect concert in my mind.

I think that the people in charge of this kind of events should be very careful not only to make the group look good, but to give our money the value that it has. I think that the quality was not the best, because even though the special effects, the selection of the songs, the arrangement of the set and the attitude of the guys was the best, believe me a mayor sound check was needed. I strongly believe that if you pay $140.00, $100.00, or $40.00 to see a concert, you have the right to receive what you paid for. Hopefully next time the people in charge would be more careful and i'll hopefully be able to change this beautiful image with the horrendous background noise for the beautiful image with the sweet, melodic, and powerful voices that the BSB had showed in different places, PR not included, to have.

First BSB Concert in Puerto Rico (May 19, 2001)

Date: May 22, 2001
Submitted By: Zory



THE SHOW WAS EXCELLENT (not that I ever doubted it would be), but with a few differences. Let's see if I can remember everything.

May 19, 2001 Hiram Bithorn Stadium, San Juan, Puerto Rico

First, I must say that the guys did not bring the entire stage for the shows. The two ramps that you usually see on the sides were not there and the smaller stage wasn't there----so there was no bridge either. BUT EVEN WITHOUT THAT IT WAS INCREDIBLE.

Before the opening acts, a short documentary on the guys was played on two screens that were on each side of the stage (bigger than the usual). Among other things it spoke about who they were, how they began, albums sold, years together, awards won and awards nominated for, and some footage from the "Homecoming" video--"Hey, Mr. DJ". IT WAS AMAZING!! Everyone was holding Puerto Rican flags that were made up for the event that said BACKSTREET BOYS BLACK AND BLUE WORLD TOUR, SAN JUAN PUERTO RICO. (At the end of the show Kevin and Nick were waving a couple of these on stage :))

Pollyanna was the first one on stage. She sang 3 songs and interacted alot with the audience. She did a great job. People screamed like crazy when she mentioned Howie, she also mentioned her website and that she was proud to be "Boricua" (slang word for Puerto Rican).

Next up was Krystal. SHE WAS AMAZING AS ALWAYS. SHE HAS A GREAT VOICE and the audience cheered on for every one of the 4 songs she did (including singing along with her in "I'll be there"). For the last three songs she wore a shirt with a Puerto Rican Flag and everyone went wild for that. She was great.

AND NOW TO THE BOYS! The show began with the "meteor shower movie" and the usual "meteor explosions". Even though the stage was somewhat smaller, the guys didn't loose a beat. The choreographies were AMAZING. They did "Everyone" and followed with "Larger than life". After that Howie (my God he looked so great! Had a great tan and he spoke alot of spanish and I mean you could tell Howie was so happy to be in Puerto Rico---he was just smiling away) said "Buenas Noches San Juan" (Good evening San Juan)---the crowd went wild!! He said he was glad to be back in his mother's homeland and that the other guys were there with him. FOR ME IT WAS DEFINITELY A HOWIE NIGHT.

Then came "Shining Star" which I love the choreography for this song! After that Kevin did the classic "this side of the audience, that side of the audience-who can scream louder bit" I think my side won :) Then Kevin introduced "What makes you different" and I was just going to die they all looked so great in white. (ok, this wasn't my first Black and Blue show but it felt like a whole new experience) I guess seeing them at home really gave it that special twist.

They followed with "Yes I will". During this song all of them were great but BRIAN, AJ and NICK stood GOD if you thought Nick's performance during the NBC today show was great---he WAS BREATHTAKING! So was Brian waving and smiling at everyone, and pointing and saying: "Hola, I see you". Everyone went wild. And then there was AJ!! And we all know that nothing compares to AJ LIVE--specially his voice and distinct movements :)

Afterwards, they did "More than that" one of my favorite LIVE songs (the other one being "Not for me"--which I'll talk about later). EVERYONE WAS SINGING THE ENTIRE SONG ALONG WITH THEM. YOU COULD SEE IT IN THEIR FACES, THEY HAD BIG SMILES. I FELT SO PROUD OF THEM. They knew they were doing a great job, the audience was hooked and it definitely showed!!

"I want it that way" followed. This is the sing along song of the concert. And the entire stadium was doing just that at Brian's command : "You sing...I want it that way" They played part of the video and it was a sure highlight of the concert. I mean, fellow BSB fans, this is a song that sticks with you forever.

Then came "Not for me" with its amazing choreography. Who can forget that part were they stand in front of the stage and wind is blowing towards them and then they tear one of their shirt sleeves of. WOW WOW WOW :) The "disappearing act at the end of the song" (jumpimg into the holes on the stage) and the yellow/red light effects can't be beat. This has always been a highlight for me.

The lights went out and there was silence. People began sitting down, but had to quickly get up again after listening to those magical words: "show me the meaning of being lonely..." ONCE AGAIN EVERYONE SANG THE ENTIRE SONG ALONG WITH THEM. Another highlight!

After the song was done, Nick asked the audience if they wanted to hear some songs from their "Backstreet Boys" album.....everyone screamed so loud. This is when the guys began singing "Quit Playing games" with Mr. Carter on Acoustic Guitar!! YUP ladies!! It was great.

After that they did "I'll never break your heart" BUT IN SPANISH ("Nunca te hare llorar")!!! I don't think many people had heard that song before (spanish version), I mean not if you weren't an old school BSB fan. But I sang along with Mr. Littrell, Mr. McLean and all of them. IT WAS AMAZING TO HEAR THAT SONG LIVE. And to finish this medley, Nick began singing "As long as you love me"--WOW!! I loved it because they usually don't do that song on this tour, and I had not heard it live since the Millennium tour. I was very pleased.

At this point they showed the "Backstage Movie" on the screen. But, like I said for this show there was no small stage, so they were raised once again to the main stage. There was no "Backstreet Wardrobe Trunk" skid. Nevertheless, people really enjoyed that backstage movie, specially the part when Howie is telling Nick that there's this girl on one side of the stage that is starring at him and Nick looks very amazed, like he can't believe anyone would stare at him. DUH!! Nick you are a beautiful sight, I don't think anyone would mind starring at you.

Anyway, after that they sang "I promise you", Brian was great! ALL OF THEM WERE. Then they did "TIME" and were singing, sitting in the center of the main stage (all in a row). At this point I walked towards the stage (there was a small aisle) and they were letting people from the Arena areas walk up and take closer pictures of them. I took 2, hopefully they'll come out ok.

Later they did "How did I fall in love", with Howie giving the song a different last line. Instead of saying " wiiiiith youuuuu" he said "con ustedes" (which means "with you" in spanish) and everyone went wild! His long note for this song was also amazing (the famous "with you I want to spend the rest of my liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife!!!!) Everyone was sitting down for this song, but when that part came I had to stand up and give him a stading was great!!

Then they did "the Answer to our life". Kevin gave his "environmental introduction" and Nick was really funny in this song. He was fooling around with AJ, rubbing his bald head. Aj then rubbed his own stomach (a Buddha kinda thing I guess) . They were making lots of funny faces. The guys were definitely having a great time with the show.

Then they did the "All I have to give", "If you stay" medley. They were wearing the cowboy hats and AJ threw his towards the audience. Once again they were amazing. Kevin thanked everyone in spanish. It was great.

Next was "Everybody" which was a definite highlight of the concert. We know the lighting is great and the choreography is a BSB classic. Everyone sang and danced. ANother show stopper!

Next was "Get another boyfriend"--another highlight for NICK fans. All of the guys were great, but Nick, I don't know what it is, but this is HIS song. The way he sings it and moves. Need I say more, I didn't think so.

Next came "The call". AJ did his usual bit of "Sorry guys but this is the last song". He said he was glad to be in Puerto Rico and that it was "very nice". Then the cellular phone starts ringing and AJ walks back towards the percussion guy and ask's for a rubber chicken. Then he get's into this should I answer the call and chicken thing (don't ask me about this). But off course he answers the call and they play the video along with it. Let me tell you this is a very popular song in PR--everyone sang it. It may have not done well in other places but its definitely one we love over here. The song included the Blue Choir robes part, which I had not seen at the Ft. Lauderdale show--I was happy for that.

The lights go out, and the crowd begins to chant "BSB BSB BSB" and a few seconds later the notes for "Shape of My heart" began. Brian and Howie walk on stage with a HUGE Puerto Rican flag, which Brian is holding the wrong way and Howie lets him know that :) . They sing the entire first verse holding the flag and when the first chorus begins, Brian wraps it around HOWIE--and now the place was really really goes wild!!! Puerto RIcan pride flowing everywhere!! I AM GUILTY--I WAS ALSO SCREAMING MY HEAD OFF!!!

Don't ask me how many times I screamed "Howie" and "Brian", because I just don't know! Everyone was waving the Puerto Rican flags that said BSB, in unison with Nick and Kevin who were each holding one . The sight was unbelievable when they showed a camara shot with the audience on the center screen. All the flags waving--it was wonderful!!

ONCE AGAIN I had a great time. BSB have never dissapointed me yet, and I don't think they ever will. BSB RULES!!!

Tonight they have the second concert and I KNOW ITS going to be great also!! The guys seemed so happy with the response they were getting from the audience. Hopefully they will be back again in the future!! :)

Well, that's all I remember. Hope you guys enjoyed reading. I'll see you online. KTBSPA!!


(Puerto Rico)

HOWIE #1 (and a little Brian on the side)


Puerto Rico May 20, 2001

Date: May 22, 2001
Submitted By: Melissa

In Puerto Rico we waited years for this day, the day that The Backstreet boys would come and give the concert of the century. Certantly it was , the special effects and the boys themselves were awesome. At the concert a lot of people were upset about the audio in general, some say that the music was too loud and the they couldn't apreciate the guys while they were singing or talking to the fans. In my opinion yes, I notice that the audio was given some problems, but that was at the beggining of the concert, at the moment the guys hit the stage and started singing "Everyone" it was just me and the guys, there wasn't anybody else around and the audio didn't matter at all, unlike my sister who's still upset lol.

I had the opportunity of going to the Millennium tour and I most say that this show can't be compared to the others, the concert was full of energy and exitament, you know, It's a Backstreet Thing! Along with the special effects the dancers were fabulous, like nothing I've never seen before. The guys made us laugh, cry, sing, dance, everything you could imagen. I personaly have to say that one of my favorite songs performed was, Yes I will (they looked aswesomely good in white) and More than that ( while they were singing all the girls dancing ballet). The Call was awesome specially when one of the musicians throw at AJ what I believe was shaving cream all over and he end up ripping off his shirt ( you can imagen everybody screaming). During the concert the guys sang in spanish and spoke spanish, which I have to say that it was totally adorable, also Howie D. told many times how proud he is of been half "Boriqua" and how happy he was of finally been able to give a concert on the island.

Here in Puerto Rico the concert was a fantastic experience for a lot of fans, it had more promotion than when our Dennis Quiñones won Miss Univers 2001 or when Tito Trinidad (boxer) won the chapionship, it was huge. I would like to thank the guys for giving Puerto Rico to opportunity of enjoing such a show, and hofully it's not the last one. Puerto Rico loves you guys and remember that you guys are very welcome and hopefully you guys keep a little space in your heart for us cause here everyone has their hearts filled up with Backstreet boys.


Puerto Rico nunca se olvidará de este fabuloso fin de semana en el que los Backstreet Boys nos deleitaron con sus melodias y sus movimientos sexies.

San Juan, P.R.- Hiram Bithorn Stadium May 20,2001

Date: May 22, 2001
Submitted By: Tania

My dream came true!!!! Finally after years of waiting, and waiting, my favorite group in the whole world came to P.R. They announced the concerts on February, and I bought my ticket in March. Last night was the most incredible night of my life. The night began with "Everyone",and Howie screamed at the top of his lungs: BORICUA!!!!!! Everyone went crazy. When they sang "Nunca te hare llorar" I totally cried. I was so excited. The same happened when they sang "Shape of my heart". They spent all the night saying how happy they were of being in Puerto Rico for the very first time. They proved to the skeptics that they truly are excellent artists, and they proved to their fans how much they loved us and appreciated our love. Kevin was absolutely adorable when he said in his american accent: Gracias por su amor!!! A.J. said that the latinamerican tour had been great, and what better place to end the tour than in P.R. They all looked extremely happy to be in P.R., especially Howie. At the end of the concert he wrapped himself in a puertorican flag. He was so proud to be in his mother's native land. It was an incredible night that i'll never forget. Last, but not least, I want to say to all BSB fans all over the world that if you get the opportunity to see them live, do it, 'cause it's great to see them on tv and stuff, but there's nothing like seeing them live in concert. Well that's all for now, I hope to have the opportunity to see them live again, and to share my story with you. C'ya!!!!! I love you Howie!!!!!!

P.S. Krystal and Pollyanna were absolutely incredible!!!!

San Juan, Puerto Rico May 19th, Black and Blue

Date: May 22, 2001
Submitted By: Natalie and Anne Yvonne

Ok, we're from the Dominican Republic, that's a whole 45 minutes from Puerto Rico. We're dedicated fans, you see? We went with 2 tour lines and about 100 teenyboppers who bought a lot of sh-- (excuse me, crap for all those 12 year olds) at the mall, and then got so frustrated when they found out where we were sitting, so they just sulked. Anyway, the most exciting part was when we went to the hotels... Anne saw Kevin and Kirsten right in front of her, and then they kicked her out. I saw Nick working out at the gym and he waved at me...AT ME! I also met two of their dancers, Tony and Afro Boy. I saw a lot of bodyguards, probably all their names were Bubba. Then we got to the venue, and we sat in the center for Krystal and Pollyanna and her gay dancers, and it was perfect. But then the security people moved us back to our parents. Anne was lucky, she just went up to the barricade screaming "Mommy, Mommy" and stayed there. Anyway, I wasn't mad, I had the big a$$ TV right there, I could see them all perfectly, and I had binoculars anyway. I was set. Anyway, Krystal was awesome, I liked her RELIGION song. But Pollyanna needs a little work. I know she's Howie's sis and all, and she seems sweet, but... I think it's a little more time in the studio for her. Then, the show was ready to begin. It started like it was the end of the world...and the BsB came to save us all... yeah, Nick can't even read...uh huh....and they started with the two kiss fans butts songs Larger than Life and Everyone... then after that, they sang all their slow songs to get them out of the way, and Howie trying to prove his Puerto Rican nationality/pride by attempting to dance salsa. Yeah, we were all impressed. There was lots of audience participation... Brian is like "YOU sing..." No Buddy, YOU sing...that's what I paid good money to see. They sang in was cute... then after that, it was like an intermission and they showed this cute little video about them trying to shave Kevin's eyebrows... it's about TIME. Speaking about Time, they sang that too...the girl next to me got all excited and started crying and burned her fingers with her lighter. They sang the faster songs after that...mostly songs about cheating and getting other boyfriends... I broke up with mine two days before, and when that song finished, my sis turned to my mom and said "That's what Natalie's gonna do." She knows me too well. Then, they did the introductions of the dancers and band, and we saw Tony and Afro Boy again. Oh, and the educational video about nature and the world during "Answer to Our Life". I felt touched. It was time for one more song...and AJ was talking crap, somebody threw him a chicken...but a phone starts ringing...and he's like "I'm in Puerto Rico...with a Chicken...I'm going to a place nearby alright...Gotta go!!" Aj, sometimes I think you're too horny it's freaky, and they performed the Call and dressed as Choir boys, that's cute. Then those cheap bastards left without singing shape of my heart. But then they came back and sang it, and kevin came to our side and pointed at me because i was freaking out with my glowsticks. I love glowsticks. Howie wrapped himself with the'll smell bad tomorrow. Anne saw Leighanne as they were leaving and gave her a Dominican flag with our contacts...we got the hookup...then it was DONE and I went to bed while the little obsessive fans went to their hotel and saw AJ coming out of the elevator with 2 plates of food, and Kevin and Howie in the Beach. And then we all was a great time, it was a great show...we recommend it... and lemme tell you something, Nick throws a lot of, and gas to name a few. So watch out.

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