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FW: Touching The Untouched

Date: Sep 15, 2001
Submitted By: Mandee

Ok I know it's alil late to be typing this but hey! I just found this section, anyways. I went to the Free Backstreet Boys Concert at the Rockerfella Center on 6/2/01 9my ex's b-day) for the Today Show. After they performed I ran to the side with my bestf riend. I stood infront of the bus (which happened to be Nicks). I was so sad to find out the tall man standing next to me was none other than Nick Carter himself! the Stupid sercirty guard was dressed the same and I mistakened him for the guard.

Next was Brian, he looked soo short in person but was very adorable. Leighanne was with him and she looks so pretty in person. When they came out I literay punched my best friend in the arm soo many times screaming, 'Holy...F*** that's Brian Littrell! OMG it's Brian Littrell...Jesus Crist I can't believe i'm looking at Brian Littrell!!!" LOL i'm insane aren't I!

Next was AJ lord knows I was laughing like hell no dis' but his head was REALLY! big and he had a bandana on, but he was a sweetie so no biggie. I kinda got jealous b/c Nick was standing next to me and I didn't know it but when AJ came out my best friend was talking to him, "I'm gonna run," he kept saying and she told him no but you know what, He RAN!

Up next was Howie, I adore him just as much as Nick. He was on his cell phone talking to someone, I was at the front of the gate so I was in 100% eye contact with him and I was wavng and then he waved back. Then he came out I tried to get his attention but the guards had his arm around him. Me being a loavble fan i took a grasp of his collar and hair (didn't get any hair though *sigh*). After that I smelled my hand and I had his colegne and shampoo on my hand. I swear I wore a glove for 2wks because of that.

I turnedaround thinking Kevin had left but then I asked a histerical fan who Loved Kevin saying he didn't come out yet. Everyone started chanting, "We want Kevin...We want Kevin!" and me being sillY I started to chant in a country accent. Nough said he came out and shook a few hands and again my best friend talked to him. She grabbed his shoulder and he turned and smiled and shook her hand. I swear I thought he would be soo mean in person (because he looks scary) but he is such the biggest sweetheart in the world. He's o nice and kind. I actually have even more respect for him than I used to. And he was so handsome in person even though from when the concert started from the area I was I couldn't really see but i saw his eyebrows from a distance! (LOL). So that's about it I tried to beg my grandma to chase the Bus back to the hotel, btu she refused. I wish i got an autograph. Oh well next time i'll make sure I get an autograph. I love you guys soo much!! KTBSPA!!!!

Love, peace, happiness


BSB Black and Blue Concert

Date: Jun 17, 2001
Submitted By: Nadia

Hey. Ok, you already have tons of reviews about the concert itself, so all I'm going to say is that I loved it.

What I really wanna tell you is that I went backstage!

Nobody told me I was going to go backstage, until 3 minutes before the door opened. My sister wouldn't have even told me if she knew where the Will Call thing was. We finally find the Will Call, and we cut in line[sorry but the line stretched all the way down to the street it would have taken us until the concert was over to get to the head of the line. So when we reach the thing, the guy tells us that we did have backstage passes, but they were for the night before! I try very very hard not to bawl my eyes out, and I'm not very succesful. As we hand our tickets to the ticket guy at the door, I'm trying not to cry so I bite my lip so hard it starts to bleed. Finally I just let the tears come out. My sister decides she won't go down without a fight and gpes to the nearest security guard. The security guy calls the head of security and this guy takes one look at my tear-stained face and says he'll try his best to get me down there. So we go into this restaurant that's inside the stadium, they give me a free coke [to calm me down, I was still crying] and spend 15 minutes on the phone. My sister is also over there trying to sort things out. Then, my sister and the security guy come over and the security guy says "follow me". I'm a little confused because I've convinced myself I'm not going to meet BSB and that was that. So we go to this staircase that has "Dressing Rooms" written in the doorway. I see a few girls coming up the stairs and I ask them if they met them. "Kind of," they say. "They kept passing us." Then, a man comes upstairs and talks to the security guy[by the way, I think the security guy's name was Chuck] and then the man comes over to us and hands us 2 blue hexagonal stickers. I read it and it says, "2/9/01 VIP Pass". "What do I do with this?" I ask stupidly. I see my sister smile for the first time in an hour as she tells me to put it on. The man leads us down the stairs and tells us to wait there, and to stay even when the show begins. We wait a couple of mins and another security guy tells us [and every other fan in there] to go upstairs because the show is starting. My sister [firm as she is] tells him we were told to wait, and we weren't moving. The other fans down there apparently did not like that we had a privilege to stay down there [by the way, if ur wondering what the privelege was, all I'm saying was that we had VERY close connections]. So they stayed. Finally they had to almost push them out. I have a seat on a trunk behind us labeled BSB and decide it was full of costumes lol. Wat seemed like hours[10 mins] a girl beside me [who had almost as good connections as us] says, "There he is! There he is!" I go and stand beside her and ask if it's him. [Him who? I wasn't sure lol] Then, I see howie walk through the door leading to the dressing rooms. He's closing a bottle of water. He comes straight to me and gives me one of those great smiles of his and a hug and a kiss on my cheek. If I could relive any moment of the night of the concert it would be right when he came in. Anyway, we introduce ourselves [I already knew him, lol] and we talk a bit. I ask if there ever was a 6th BSB and he says a couple [I think he named them, but I was paying more attention to his gorgeous eyes and reminding myself to breathe]. Then he signs a poster and 2 CDs my sister stole from my room and we talk a bit more. Then we took pictures and we hug again. He says it was nice meeting u and I say it was GREAT meeting u. Then he tells us to enjoy the show and goes to the other fans. We're about to go up to the show when I realize, oops! He forgot his water. My first thought was to take it but my sister wouldn't let me, and besides it would have been stealing. And it gave me one more reason to talk to him. So I handed him the water and the cap fell off! 3 of us, [His security guard, me and him] reached down to get it, but his guard got it [grrr]. So then, we went up to the show. The show was awesome, and I hope I had at least 1/2 the effect on Howie as he did on me. KTBSPA!!!! And Howie, thank you. This was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

Brazil: Fans prepare surprise to commemorate birthday of Backstreet Boys

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: Luciana Silva

The fans that are there is almost one month sleeping in front of Anhembi, place of the show of Backstreet Boys, that happen in the 05 and May 06 in São Paulo, is preparing a great surprised party to commemorate 8 years of band.

" We will make a much larger and better party than the fans of Rio de Janeiro ", it counted it Érica Brandão, 17 years.

The fans don't speak that AJ, Howie D., Brian, Nick and Kevin will win of present, but they guarantee that will be something unforgettable and that the whole year they will want to return to the Brazilian party.

In Anhembi, in São Paulo, more than 30 fans are camped since April 05 waiting for Backstreet Boys' show. Them the day they pass sleeping, eating crackers and singing the music of your idols. They know the letters of all the songs and they also take advantage of to change gossips and the boys' pictures.

And the parents? None liked the idea a lot, but from hearing the name of the " boys band " home, some found even normal. " My mother gave me this hut and the birthday tickets " , commemorated Núbia of Lima, 18. I " Asked for the alone hut to camp here in the door ". Camila Bilac, 14 years, she said that your house was calmer since the coming of Backstreet was announced. It is " that I stopped screaming with my brother to save voice for the show ", it explained her.

None of the fans will attend the boys' first show, that happens in Rio de Janeiro on May 3. The girls' explanation: " We have to hold the place in the line and knots we want to do here in São Paulo the best show of Backstreet Boys' career, I am sure that they will cry after the presentation because they never received as much love as ours" said Poliana Andrade , 16, the first to arrive in the place.

For the shows in Anhembi, they were placed 50 thousand entrances for sale for every night. The movement in the box offices is still calm and the organization believes that the tickets will be sold until the end of this week. Backstreet Boys are the adolescent pop band more popular of the last decade

In November of 2000, the five boys one day they passed in Rio de Janeiro just to promote your new album " Black & Blue ". Even without show, about 30 thousand girls they stopped the streets of Copacabana.

A Fans Dream Come True

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: Angie T.

Over 75% of Fans dont get to meet their favorite star. Well, truth is neither have I but Brian (Littrell of BSB) Did indeed make my dreams come true on Feb.18th, 2001. Here's my story...

When I got out of the car that sunday afternoon, I could barily walk. My legs were sore from the 6 hour drive and I was very tired, I hadn't gotten any sleep the night before. I walked inside the freshly painted arena and I couldn't belive it was all happening AGAIN!! Only this time, A LOT closer. After buying some highly over priced merchindise I ran to my seat as fast as I could possibly go. My mother followed not far behind. The experience the night be for was unforgettable but something told me this experience would be better, much better.

When I got to my seat everything seemed larger than life. It was all so surreal like something that would never come true...not to me at least. I could barily contain myself as the lights grew dim. I knew that it was happening, all over again.

It was a dream come true...It really was. I felt as if I was a part of it. They danced and sang and so did I. My voice was dying out because of all the screaming/singing I had done the night before, but, I didnt care. I sang anyway. Then came the part I had been waiting and waiting for...

The bridge. I watched the bridge as it came down over my head I was only 2 feet away from it, 2 feet away from my heros!!! I stood on my chair...I was shaking so hard I thought I would faint but It didnt matter to me not then.

Then came hero, my inspiration, my heart, my soul, my life, my love, my everything. I was wearing A "Healthy Hearty Kids Club" t-shirt to support his Charity. Just when I thought my world couldn't get any better, he turned to me, smiled at me, looked me into the eyes and lip synced the words "I Love you" He smiled again and turned soon as he turned away my eyes flooded with tears. It was a dream come true. After 5 years my dream finally came true!!

I will always remember that night and Brian...the 6 hour drive was worth it and so was everything else!! I dont think Brian knows it or ever will know it but that simple little I love you made me...



That was my story. Thanks for reading!! It really happened, It was a dream come true.

Courtney's BSB Adventure

Date: Apr 01, 2001
Submitted By: Tory

Hi! I've never written something like this before but I figured if courtney could do it so could i. I live next door to courtney here at cal state long beach. And let me just tell you that yes, she is a die-hard BSB fan. I've decorated her door with pictures of nick...Mainly stick figure drawing that I draw every now and then. One of our neighbors is a die-hard NSYNC fan and courtney was kind enought to put up some NSYNC pics on the walls of our hallway for the other girl. But her two week adventure is so true. I was there for part of it. I went to the jay leno tapping. It was my 1st time seeing the BSB live and somewhat up close. What fine looking young fellas!


Now I understand why y'all go crazy when you see them. I was a little disappointed at how short the show was though. But it was a once in a life time thing for me, of course i'd like to see them again. Anywho thats my little blurb about BSB. Adios!


Concert 3/17, 3/14, 3/8, Jay Leno and Howie Interview

Date: Mar 28, 2001
Submitted By: Courtney

I am going to tell you of my two week experince with the Backstreet Boys. They were the best two weeks of my life. Sorry this is going to be so long, but they were great experiences that I want everyone to know about. I went to the Las Vegas concert on 3/8, the Staples Center concert on 3/14, the Jay Leno taping on 3/16 had a phone interview with Howie on 3/16 and went to the San Diego Concert on 3/17. As each concert I went to, the seats got better, all the way to front row center at the San Diego concert. I will start off with the furthest one to the most recent concert.

I go to Cal State Long Beach, so I left for home (So. Orange County) Wed. night after one of my classes to drive up to Las Vegas with my sister, mom and dad to go to the 3/8 concert. My sister and mom love the Backstreet Boys also but my dad came along to gamble. We left around noon on Thurs and headed for Las Vegas. It only took a suprising 31/2 hours to get there. I guess my dad is a fast driver. I'm glad it didn't take so long because my mom, sister and I all wanted to take a shower and get ready for the concert and we only had one hotel room at the MGM Grand where the Backstreet Boys were staying. After taking forever primping ourselves, we went to the foodcourt and had pizza before the concert. It sucks because when we went up there to get the tickets when they went on sale, my dad was talking to a bunch of the security about tickets and the people who were working behind the counter how we asked for three tickets and they were in the boon-docks and the poeple behind us who asked for five seats got floor. Later we went back after almost everyone left and we got pretty good seats, closer than half way, the first row up once it started to slope up. Anyway (sorry for all the detail), my dad was talking with the head floor manager for concerts and he said if we called him a few days before the concert he might be able to hook us up with better seats so he gave us his card. Well, we called a few days before the concert and they said that he was on vacation and will be gone for about a month. When we got to the concert we saw him there and I was pissed because the people who answered the phone said he would be gone. Anyway, before the concert, my sister went up to the desk to see if there were any better seats avaliable but they were around where we were sitting anyway. After she came back, this guy came up to her and I and said that he has co-written some of the Backstreet Boys songs and he was heading up a new group in New York and wanted to know if we would want to come audition for their first music video and he would be back in New York next Tues and to give him a call. My sister is holding on to the card and I'm not sure if she called him yet. I think just last week she e-mailed him, but I don't know if she got a response yet. Well, we got in to the concert and sat down and waited for a while for it to start. A few minutes before it did, a guy towards the front row stood on his chiar anouncing he was giving seats away up there. A bunch of people stood up and was jumping around wanting the seats. I flew out of my seat and was jumping around waiving my arms, but he pick two girls who were higher up on the other side wearing clown hair and had their faces painted (I think). The concert started and it was great and I had so much fun. I like when they have the stage at one end that way you can see them all at the same time where last year with the center stage, you didn't always see all of them. But one thing I did like better about last years concert, especially the Las Vegas one I went to was because I was Nick's perfect fan at the first Vegas concert.

That was a dream getting to hold his hand and have him kneeling infront of you staring at you right in the eyes while singing. That is what I remember most about him is his eye contact. But this concert had excelent dancing, singing and pyrotechnics. After the concert my sister, mom and I went back to the room to get another camera we had because I used all the film we had with us at the concert. My mom met up with my dad and my sis and I went back down stairs and walked around for a while hoping we would get to see one of them and talk to them like we did last year. After walking around for what seemed like forever cause I was wearing high heel shoes and my feet were killing me we spotted Nick's dad. We were walking by some card tables and saw him sitting there playing. At first I wasn't sure if it was him, but my sister was like it is, it is. Nick does have his nose and hair. We were walking by looking at him and he saw us. We kept walk towards Studio 54 cause that is where we saw some of them go in last year. It sucks, I wanted to go in so bad, but I'm two yeas too young. We were walking around some more and then we decided to take a rest near the elevators cause our feet were in pain. There were about 15 other girls waiting around the elevator for them, but we were just resting because we thought they were in Studio 54. We were just around the corner of the elevators and I was looking in the other direction of the elevators when I hear my sister who was standing next to me say, "Can I please take a picture with you?" My heart stoped from hearing her say that and I turned and saw Nick standing right infront of us.

My sister was also holding on to his hand. Once I turned towards him he looked me right in the eyes for what seemed like a wonderful forever, then he looked back at my sister and said that he would be back in a few minutes cause he needed to make a phone call and then he would take a picture. I don't know how he got by all of the other girls in the elevator area, but after he said he needed to make a phone call, I heard one girl say there's Nick and all of a sudden as he was walking away to use some pay phones that were right by us a whole bunch of girls started running and screaming after him. He got to the pay phones and picked one up for a minute then started walking again toward the casino area and my sister and I decided to stay back a bit so we wouldn't look like one of the many crazy fans running after him. I told my sister that I bet when he got on the phone he was calling his dad to see where he was in the casino and after walking for a bit we saw him stopped by a security gaurd and he was using his cell phone. We decided to walk a little farther ahead and when we passed by Nick's dad who was only a few yards away from Nick was on a cell phone too so we figured that maybe Nick and his dad were talking to each other. We decided to stop and see and when Nick got off the cell phone he headed towards his dad's table where he was playing cards and almost passed him up, but then realized it was him and they hugged and talked for a min. My sister and I decided to hang back a little bit farther near Studio 54 cause we thought he might head there after talking with his dad. Waiting around in the casino area wasn't bad for us cause we could pull off being 21, even my sister who is two years younger than me so no one said anything to us about standing around.

Everyone thinks we are twins. Even Nick asked us if we were twins once at a private interview put on by KIIS and SFX that we were able to attend. After waiting around for a bit, we decided to go back to the table we were at to see if Nick was still there. He was, but there weren't any young girls there, but a huge crowd of adults standing around watching Nick play a few hands. I felt bad for him because he couldn't even play without a bunch of strangers looking over his shoulder. My sis and I went back to the spot we were standing at before and just hung out around there for about 2 min. The we saw a whole bunch of guys coming in our direction and Howie was standing in-between them and a group of girls were running and screaming after him. We decided not to run after him cause we knew he was heading towards Studio 54 cause we could see from where we were standing where he went. I told my sis after a min we should head back to the table where Nick was at to see if he was still there. We got there and he was gone. We rushed back to the elevators hoping we could still catch up with him, but the girls there said we had just missed him. We walked around for a while and met a few guys, but around 3am we decided to hit the hay because we were leaving the next morning, actually, later on that morning. We didn't see the guys again the rest of the time we were there.

We went to another concert of theirs on Wed 3/14 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Again, my mom, sister and I went together. We got there a liitle late because of traffic and we accidently were told the wrong freeway to get on and kept driving for a half an hour before we figured out that right freeway we needed to get on. We missed Krystal's performance, but that's ok. The tickets I had that night were tickets I won from KIIS. My mom had a seperate ticket cause she had to buy hers. From looking at the stadium map it showed that my seats were better than my mom's, but when we got there my mom's seat was right near one of the ramps and mine and my sister's was a little farther than half way. My mom came over to us and said if we wanted we could take turns sitting in her seat and she would stay in one of ours. My sister sat torwards the front the first 10 songs, then I did for the rest. My mom's seat was very good. I wanted to stay there during the first 10 songs so bad but they were being very strick about checking tickets for each section to sit in. That concert, they said was being taped to be aired on CBS (I think) in a few months. Again, the concert was great and the guys were HOT!

The next day, Thurs, I was preparing myself to go home on Fri for the Sat San Diego concert. A few of my friends and I were sitting around eating dinner talking about how BSB was going to be on the Jay Leno show on Fri. By the time we were done eating we had decided to go camp out to get tickets. We each brought a blanket and a sweatshirt and were on our way. It took us a little over a half and hour to get there which was at about 10pm. When we got there, there weren't too many people infront of us. The people after us came from far away so they asked how many tickets everyone was getting so they knew whether or not to stay since they said they only had about 50 more tickets to give away. We were about the 25th to 30th people even after all the people got all the tickets they were going to get. My boyfriend (Shhhhh. Don't tell Nick I have one.) lives about two minutes away from there and he stoped by to visit us. He brought us a mini TV to entertain us for a bit. It was freezing outside. My bf left about midnight and ended up coming back and said he would would stay with us. He brought another blanket and a pillow. He thought the blanket I had was going to be very thick, but it wasn't, so we froze. We all probably only got about one to two hours of sleep that night because of people there making so much noise and the street sweeper deciding to come by at 4am and then every 20-30 minutes after that.

The cold also kept me awake because I was shivering so bad. I have never been so cold for so long before in my life. I thought I would have frostbite on my feet and every other numb place on my body. Construction also began right across the street at 6am then that was it, everyone was up. More people started arriving and waiting in line. Soon after, morning news helecoptors started hoovering overhead. Finally, after 8am they started getting ready to hand out the tickets. There seemed to be so many more people infront of us in the morning than there were at night. These two guys, whose heads I was about to beat off, were going towards the front of the line trying to buy a place in line infront of someone. Luckily no one infront of me let them in or else I would have been pissed after having stayed there all night and then they come along and possibly take our spot from getting into the show. They handed out 88 tickets, but a ticket didn't garuntee you into the show and we had numbers around 40. People started to line up to get into the show right after they got thier ticket. My bf left after that cause he didn't want to see BSB and gave the ticket he got to one of my friends who was with us that night so she could invite a friend. There were up to two tickets per person. We had the girls infront of us save our spots so we could come back to the dorms to shower and change after having slept outside the night before.

We went back to the dorms and showered and changed really fast and got back to the studio at about noon. The girls who were holding out spots told us when we got back that the guy came around and signed everyone's ticket so you would be able to get in around 9. They had to plead with him to give us until 12 to get back to sign our ticket. It was a little after 12 and they said we had just missed him. We ran back to the office so fast hoping he would still sign our tickets. The lady at the desk said that he went back to the line, so we ran back there and he wasn't there, so we ran back (quite a workout) to the office and waited for a few min and then he was there. You had to have an ID for each ticket and there were 5 tickets, but only four of us were there. My sister was going to come up after school and meet us, but the guy didn't notice and signed all five tickets with only four IDs. While waiting in line until we were able to go in at about 5pm there was a guy and a camera crew there interviewing people for a new show on NBC starting in June called "Downers." They interviewed a few people then came to us and asked if we wanted to be on the show. We of course said yes and they asked us a bunch of questions about our life and things that have happened to us. A lot of the questions they asked us, we had to think of the answers spur of the moment. After they asked us about 10 questions they left and we were laughing because we thought our answers were stupid. We thought of so many better answers and examples after they left. A little while later the interviewer came back over and told us our answers were very good and they would definitly make it on the show. We told him we thought of more or better answers to some of the questions he asked us so they taped us again. My sister showed up just before so she got to give one answer for the show. Well, we waited around even longer to go in. First they let the first 30 people in (these people ended up having floor seats right infront of the stage). We were afraid we wouldn't be able to get in cause people who VIP seats started coming and then people who won contests and so on. They picked the next 12 people in line and we just barely made it in. They said before, that we would be able to choose our seats, but when we got there they directed us to the section the 12 of us had to sit in. They were the worst seats in the whole place. We were way off to the side almost above the area where they sang. We had to stand up when they were performing and we could still barely see them. What I saw of Nick, he looked absolutely HOT! In the show though, the camera did pan across where we were sitting and you can see us. You can also see Nick looking up at our section right after he sang to that girl. Even when they did the interview we got a nice view of their backs. They were only on stage for about six minutes including singing the song. Jay Leno should have had them on a lot longer. In the row of seats next to me though was Kevin's brother and in the row infront of him was Howie's family. That was pretty cool. I don't know if it was worth sleeping on sement and almost getting hypothermia from being so cold, but it was a new experience for me. My sis and I were listening to KIIS FM the day before and Howie was going there to do an interview after the Jay Leno taping. My sis wanted me to stop by the station, but I had to drop one of my friends who came up with us back to school and still pack my stuff to go home that night and I had gotten no sleep the night before and still had to take the 40 min drive back to school and then another 45 min to get home. When we got back to my room Howie had come into the KIIS FM station and my sister started calling mainly to ask about finding out if she could get better seats or backstage passes for the San Diego concert. After only a few tries she got through. She started talking to the person who answered and said she wanted to talk to JoJo and also tell him about the Jay Leno taping. She was put on hold for a few min. then JoJo came on and started talking to her, then she was put on hold again. After a few more minutes, the other person came on and asked if she wanted to talk to Howie and if she had a question. Of course my sister said yes so she was put on hold again. JoJo finally picked up with Howie there. My sister asked Howie if he remembered her cause at the AMAs my sis got to sit next to Howie and talked with him for a little bit and took a picture of him with his sister. He said he did remember her and then she told him about the Jay Leno taping then she asked him a question. She said she read somewhere that Nick said BSB was going to temporarily split up after the Black and Blue tour and wanted to know if it was true. Howie said that there was no way they were splitting up and Nick, even just a few days earlier said that he doesn't want to do anything else but be in the group. JoJo was about to let my sister go when she stopped him and told Howie that we were going to the San Diego concert on Sat 17th and we would be front row center. He asked what we would be wearing and my sister told him and he said he would look for us. After that, my sister got off the phone.

The San Diego concert was awsome. Better than the others we had been to because we had front row dead center. This time we made it in time to see Krystal. My friend and her mom had seats at that concert too and we met up with them when we got there, but we didn't have seats together. The thing that sucked though about where we were sitting was we had a huge camera guy standing on a platform right infront of us so that blocked some of our view. There were also security gaurds that were standing all along front row. The guy standing infront of us though was the biggest gerk. We talked with a few other security guys and they were nice, but the one infront of us, well let's just say I wanted to knock him out. He wouldn't move over to the side one foot so he would be stading directly in line with the camera man so more of our view wouldn't be blocked. He would not budge even when we asked him and once the show started when we were trying to sqeeze in so we could be right infront of the gate and he wouldn't move. He also wouldn't even let us put our hands on the gate. My sister once just set one hand down on the gate and he moved it off so fast. What an a-hole. The cool thing about the camera man being infront of us was that we were on the big screen a few times. I was wearing a red shirt that tied off to the side of ny neck with a black skirt and my sister was wearing a bright blue top that tied around the neck with black pants. We both have blonde hair (actually mine is more of a sandy blonde)and were standing next to each other, so if you saw anyone that looked like that, it was probably us. After Krystal finished with her performance, I went with my sis into the bathroom and people were like "You were on the big screen, weren't you? So you have front row? No Fair." We went back to our seats and soon after, the show started. When Backstreet came out for the first time, being so close, I thought I was going to die. Once the lights came on and they could see the crowd, Howie looked straight at my sister and I and nodded and smiled showing he remembered to look for us. We got looks and smiles from all of the guys and even some of them waved. Nick and Howie looked at us the most. Howie winked at us a few times too. They were so close it was unbelievable. At the two concerts we had been to previously Nick stood farther off to the side, but that night, even though he was still second to the left, he was more towards the middle almost the whole time. He even only went up the ramps like 3 or 4 times. During the concert my mom even asked my sister and I if it seemed like Nick was looking at us a lot cause she noticed it too. He was hot. Let me tell you how awsome it was to be so close when Nick shook his butt during "Shinning Star" What a great butt. Did anyone else think they looked soooo hot when they were doing the clapping during "Shinning Star" too. Nick also looked hot when he was playing the guitar. During one of the songs when my sister turned around to tell me something (I am sooo mad because I can't remember during which song, what line or what they were even wearing) but Nick pointed right at me. I started screaming to my sister "Nick just pointed to me! Nick just pointed to me!" That was so wonderful. Many of the times Nick and I made eye contact I remember how great of eye contct he does have. It's almost intimidating and you almost want to look away cause he just stares ya down and you almost don't feel worthy enough to stare back. It was so funny because one of the times Kevin went to the side ramp he came back with a bluish green thong that someone threw to him. Nick and Kevin were standing right infront of us when they were looking at it and started laughing and goofing around, then they looked at us and kind of gave us a look like, look at this crazy thing someone threw at us, then Kevin put it on AJ's head while he was talking. I have a great piture of that. I loved when they sang "Answer To Our Life" not only cause that is my favorite song, but also cause Nick was singing right there in our faces.

Howie brought out his DLF bear during the song to throw to the crowd and I when he did, I caught it. I was so happy. Let me tell you, there are benefits to being 5'9 1/2 and also wearing heels that make me about 5'11-6ft tall. The next time Howie looked at me I waived the bear showing him I caught it and he smiled, nodded and winked at me. He is such a sweetie. Brian was also being funny goofing around and making weird faces when they weren't dancing. I absolutely love the way they looked when they came out in their blue robes. Man, I thought I was going to faint. They looked so good (especially Nick). I can't remember though which song it was when they came out in the robes. If anyone remembers, please e-mail me. I also loved when they stood there in their red and black shirts that were open and turned the fans on so it blew the shirts back. Let me just say WOW. The concert went by so fast. I did get some great pics though. I even got one of Howie winking right in to the camera. My parents just bought a scanner so when I go home for Easter break, I will try to post them. Sadly after the concert ended, we headed out to the parking lot to go home. My friend, sister and I got in one car while our moms got in another. We were going to meet at the Myrvin's across the street so we could all look for the buses in one car and not get lost. There were five of their buses linned up, not all one behind each other, but close, so as we were heading to the line of cars we passed by where our moms were walking to the other car and told them we were going to follow one of the buses.

They had people directing traffic so the bus that was a few cars infront of us got through the intersection and we didn't. We were in the front of the line. Once we got though as the next group of cars we decided to park across the street and wait till the next bus came out and pull out right behind it. Finally, another bus passed by right where we were waiting to exit the lot and after one other car passed I screeched out infront of the other car to get as close to the bus infront of us as possible. When the bus passed by us there was one of their dancers stting in the passenger seat and he waved to us and we waved back. My sister and friend were getting mad at me because I wasn't doing what they were saying about driving along the side of the road and other illegal stuff. Well, we were one car in a long line of other cars that were following the bus. After what we thought was them trying to loose all of us, they got on the freeway, then got off at the next exit to Hotel Circle. I was speeding, running reds and swerving in-between cars to stay within view of the bus. Finally it got to a hotel and the other four buses were already there. There was absolutely no parking cause there were girls from the concert everywhere so I decided to keep driving and maybe circle back around, but then one of the buses pulled up right next to us. We decided to follow that bus cause we couldn't figure out why it was leaving.

We thought maybe the hotel was a decoy for where they were really staying. We followed it to the 8 freeway East for along time. After about 30 minutes and wondering where the heck it was going we decided we were going to turn around. It was getting scary and dark where they were driving. There were hardly any cars and no street lights, and this was a freeway. We got off and started heading in the other direction. After driving for about a min. my sister starts yelling that another one of their buses just passed by going the other way. I got off the next exit which was a couple miles down and started driving 95mph to catch up with the bus. I wasn't too worried about speed because there were practically no cars on the raod. We drove for another 10 miles and still didn't reach the bus, then decided to get off because the exits were getting few and far between and we were aleady about 45 miles away from SD and the distance we were to El Centro was decreasing by the minute and we didn't want to end up in Mexico. We were driving back for about 5 min when my sister and I started sceaming at the same time cause anther one of their buses passed by in the other direction. We weren't going to get off this time though cause it was getting late and we still had over an hour drive to get home. We ment up with our parents and went home in our own cars. I got to bed around 3:30am and slept till 1:30pm that day. The whole night I seriously dreamt about Nick and the other guys. I continued to for days after that. I was so depressed cause that was our last concert until the summer when we hopefully get seats for a concet then. These two weeks were filled with great adventure and very little sleep, but it was most definately woth it.

If anyone wants to e-mail me if they went to any of the concerts I did or about anything else about them, please do.

Like many other girls, we would love to have the hearts of one of the guys, mine most of all Nick's. I'm not just saying this because he is cute, which he is, but because, seriously I am not lying here, but what I read about him and the things he likes is just the same as me. Of course it is a dream of mine to have a chance with him, but sometimes I have to remind myself to be realistic and know that my chances are one in a few million. The Backstreet Boys are the best though so KTBSPA! God Bless.

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