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Backstreet Boys Orlando FL

Date: Sep 23, 2001
Submitted By: Paige

I went to the BSB concert on June 8th. It was sooo awesome. Shaggy and Krystal were great but nothing could compare to the BSB.

I had pretty good seats so when they fisrt came out I went nuts!!! I couldn't believe they were right infront of me especially my fav. A.J.

I was surprised that they did as many songs as they did. They lived up to all of my expectations and I couldn't have asked for more. They sounded awesome and danced great.

The concert was great but my favorite part was during "Time" when they were walking on the bridge above the audience, because I was on the floor I was really close. Anyways A.J. stopped right in front of me. I was waving at him and he waved back at me. I couldn't believe it. As if that wasn't good enough Brian waved to me as well. I will never forget that.

Well the BSB concert was my fav concert and I hope to see them again soon.


Backstreet Boys Orlando Show June8th 2001

Date: Jul 25, 2001
Submitted By: Lauren

I just loved the black and blue tour. With special effects and high powering dance moves. It was getting my body swaying all through the night. This was my third bsb concert and everytime i go i get a natural high!! Its just this rush of energy that only a true fan can describe. Iam very gratefull that i got to see them before they cancled all there tour dates. My heart goes out to all of those who half to wait to see them. But i know that you guys understand.The only thing that bothered me was the opening acts. I mean shaggy and Krstyal are good. I just wish bsb had one opening act. I mean buy the time bsb came on i was soooo tired. Being there since 7:30pm and then bsb dosent come on till 9:30pm kinda pissed me off. But what can ya do. But thats is my only compliant. I mean hear i pay like 95 bucks for a ticket and all i want to see is bsb. Anyways enough of my complaining lol. Good luck to aj and good luck to nick, howie, kevin, brian u guys are great role models. Keep it up u guys!

love ya lots, Lauren,15,Orlando,Florida

ps:thanks kev,howie,and brain for glancing my way on the cat walk!! lol :) definetly keep that in future shows!!

Tampa Show

Date: Jun 20, 2001
Submitted By: Miranda D.C.

Went to the Tampa Concert and BSB put on another great show . It took me quite a trip to get there.It first started out looking like a most promising ride to the show as a friend of mine I had meet through my trip to Orlando . I won tickets to see the BSB at the Ice Palace through Tampa Rox. The only catch was that I had to find my own way to the show from Kissimmee . My friend Liz had us a ride to the Tampa venue with her so called Boyfriend . Well on the way through Kissimmee they started fighting in the car . So like the jerk he was he dumped us off on the freeway going to Tampa. Liz and I walked about an hour on the side of the freeway before we got a ride . This verry generouse woman stopped to give us a ride ( lucky us ) ,she got us about half way to our destination point. We were looking for the best route from the town we were in to get to Tampa . Little to say we ended up at the local Greyhound Bus station. After buying the tickets we found out that the bus was running about an hour behind so buy the time we actualy got to Tampa it was about 8:30 . But there was nothing we could do about the bus being late. Just after we got into Tampa Liz and I booked it to the first taxi we saw , and just got to the Ice Palacer in time to see Shaggy sing 2 songs . Well I was also disdsapointed not to have been able to meet the Tampa Rox station at my seat ,where they had planned to have a picture taken with Myself and Liz.

Well then It was time to see the BSB .I was excited and tired at the same time . They oppened the show the same as I have seen in the first leg of the tour . Lots of piro tecks , and dancing . ( I saw the show 2 times in Las Vegas back in March ) . Well lucky for me this time they had some new tricks up their sleves . I Love the new pranks they added into the show with the 2050 Video as well as the under stage shots. ( P.S. Howie Great Hair ) . The only thing to top the night off would have been a nice ride to Orlando . I dont want to tell you too much about the show because it was a great show and I wouldnt want to give everything away . The BSB left that night on their own busses 5 to be exact . Howie didnt wave to anyone because he was busy talking to someone on his bus . I did get a nice wave and smile from Keven ,( love the cornrows ) ,who was waiving to everyone he saw . Well the evening was over but we still were not home . Liz and I walked to the Greyhound Station where we had missed buying tickets back to Orlando by 20 min . So we ended up staying the rest of the night in the station where we felt a little safer. I am not from the state of Orlando . I was just there trying to get work . I actualy live in Utah . But back to the story . We stayed in the station for the evening where I couldnt sleep I was too creeped out there . But I did let Liz sleep knowing she had to go to work the next morning . So about 5:30 Am the ticket booth opened . The bus left to Orlando at 7:45Am and arrived into Orlando at about 8:55 Am . Well this was quite a distance from the Lynx and it being a Sunday we though it could only have been fate that got us that far.We did get Home though .

Seeings how I did meet Howie , Pollyanna , Paula (Howie,s mother) , and John , the night of the Lupus 2001 after party at Tabu . I was also lucky enough to see him the following night at Tabu once again . We stood about 10 feet appart and He staired at me the whole night . I just wish He would have talked to me . Oh well ... Well there you go another BSB fan (oh by the way I am 25 and Liz is 26 ) trial and success story . If you want somthing bad enough you will go great leingths to achieve it ...

Peace , Love , Godbless

Miranda Carlsen

S.L.C., Ut


Orlando B&B concert

Date: Jun 16, 2001
Submitted By: Rachel

OMG the concert was so awesome!! No I didn't have floor seats but to my amazment we had good seats. I thought they were gonna suck!! Before the concert even began I seen tons of people. Famous that is. I seen Tommy Smith, Amanda Latona, Pollyanna and Obbie Morant. You remember him from the Homecoming concert. But overall the best was the boys. Nick and his pelvic thrust was almost too much for me to handle. I almost felt like running up there and having my way with him. Ever get that feeling?? I do. lol N-E-Ways, the concert was awesome and everyone needs to support the bsb and go to the concert!!


Orlando FL

Date: Jun 16, 2001
Submitted By: Daiana

Hello all!!!

Here we are just shocked for what happed on friday june 8th in Orlando,FL!

First of all we want let to know that we are from Argentina (but we live in Miami) so... SORRY if we don't write very well.

The last time we so BSB was in Ft Lauderdale in january this time we could give Kevin an Argentinian flag painted with a frase. This show we want to gve them another with this frase: ARGENTINA KEEPS THE BSB PRIDE ALIVE!!!. We have almost the same section that we were in Ft Lauderdale but this time we were a little far away from the stage on the right wing.But it was OK we only want that the boys see the flag if we couldn't give it to them this time it would be alright...Well, so let me tell you what happen ... AGAIN OUR DREAM COME TRUE!!thanks to BSB.

When we arrived at the arena we could see AJ but we were far away from the bus so we couldn't take a pic .We so Tommy Smith (we think he just went to see the boys in concert). Before the concert start we saw Pollyana (Howies sister) and Amanda Latona (AJs ex) taking pix with the fans and signing some authograph in floor level. Pollyana was really sweet she took pix with all the fans that asked her.

The concert was AMAIZING!!! quite different from the first leg of the B&B Tour but as all you know the boys are the best and the show was great!!!!nobody can't touch the Backstreet Boys...they totaly rock!They changed some song they sang at teh first leg of the tour and change some part of the show ... one was amaizing...the screen shows the year 2050 and then the boys appeared older but still look soooooo cute!!!LOL they were awesome!!realy funny!!You have to see this show is great!

So... what happen with our flag??? We hold it all the show I saw that Kevin point out our flag when they were singing Larger Than Life but I thought that it was my imagination I think that the boys could see it.When they were singing The Call a boy from the Event Staff came all the way up from the floor level and asked us for the flag cause he told us that he would give it the band YEAHHHHH!!!!

When the show finished we went outside the arena to see if we could see the boys. We saw the boy from the Event Staffand he told us that he has given the boy our flag...well I think that the boys know that we were there for them keeping the BSB pride alive (again and always).

We stayed there for a while and we could see AJ in his car he went away alone and we saw Dennis (AJs mom) Then we saw some flashes... guest who was outide the arena sharing a moment with his fans??? Yes you're right!...Kevin was there signing authograph! If we have to described this moment I thnik that we haven't enough words to do it... He was sooo cute! He was there for a long time,we could get 3 authograph! He is amaizing!We were very nervous but we could talk to him. He told us that he saw the flag (yeah it wasn't my imagination lol) then he asked from which part of Argentina we were...and then he said "I love Buenos Aires" (and We love you lol)

OH my God!!! We did it!!!! THANKS KEV!!!! I was shocked but I aked him for a kiss and he said YES!!! AHHHH!!!I couldn't lose this unique opportunity lol!!!I thought that I would never wash my face but I have to do it don't you think??!!but who cares... I was soooo happy and I will be forever and ever!!!

It was one of the happiest day of our life!!!!Once and again OUR DREAM COME TRUE!!! thanks to our angel... KEVIN!!! Let me tell you that this boy is the kindest boy on earth!!!THANK HAVEN FOR KEVIN!!!!

Well we don't boder you anymore.... just one more thing...

BSB FANS: never give up your dreams always keep on trying...nothing is so imposible to not do it!!!!

BSB thanks for everything, thanks for giving us the time of our life!

KEVIN: thanks for all your love! and thanks for being so nice with your fans!!!

OK thanks for reading this!

KTBPA!wherever you go wherever you are!

Lot of love!

Jess & Daiana

Orlando concert on june 8th 2001

Date: Jun 15, 2001
Submitted By: michelle

ok the concert was AWESOME. i loved the special effects and how they tried to get to all their fans in the audience in fafact a.j. almost fell of the little bridge they had in the middle trying to reach a little girl's hand!! i loved all the songs and how the did the remix of the call that was awesome!!! all the guys were having a ball u can tell in their faces!!! overall the concert rock and the crowd was pumped it was great good job guys.

love ya


BSB concert Orlando, Florida - June 8th

Date: Jun 15, 2001
Submitted By: Angie

Hey everybody!!!! I had such a blast this past weekend at the BSB concert in Orlando!!! First I must say that this leg of the B&B tour was so much better in my opinion that the first leg of the tour and I couldn't believe how much they've changed it for the better! The song order is completely different! They sing 23 songs in all and they've added the fan faves, QPG, ALAYLM, and DWYB!!! The outfits are different too except they kept the white suits and the opening black and blue outfits.

Krystal opened up for them and sang four songs. To me she sounded better this time than before! I can't wait to get her CD when it comes out July 10th! Krystal signs autographs in one of the sections after her performance. She is really sweet in person!!

Next came Shaggy and he performed for almost an hour and he really put on a good show. I only knew his two songs, "It Wasn't Me" and "Angel" but I loved his performance! He could really pump up the crowd! The fun part was where he split the audience up and had each side see who could scream loudest. And he also knew how to get freaky on stage with his moves!

But of course the main attraction was those five sexy and amazingly talented guys we all know as the Backstreet Boys!!! They came out the same way as last time with the screen showing asteroids hitting the earth and simultanious explosions going off on stage. Then the guys come rising up out of the stage through smoke as camera flashes go off when the crowd catches their first glimpses of the guys! They perform "Everyone" and "Larger Than Life" first as songs to their fans!! Whoo hoo!! Kevin had his hair done in cornrows, Howie's hair is short and curly, AJ's hair is very short and dark, Brian and Nick look the same. I love the shiny blue suits they wear for the QPG/ALAYLM medley. And hold on ladies, they wear wifebeaters!!! (*gasp*) Kevin in a white wifebeater! OMG!!! I was losing it! lol. One part AJ kinda starts singing a solo love song thing and Howie walks up to him and says, "Man, tell them how you really feel" and they break into "Don't Want You Back" which is awesome!!!

They have 2 videos playing on the big screen during costume changes this time. The first one is sooooo funny you will laugh your butt off!!!! It shows them in the year 2050 as old men. Kevin and Howie have the long grey hair and grey beard, Nick has grey hair and a beer belly hanging out, AJ is completely bald with a cigar in his mouth, and Brian is bald sitting in a wheel chair, holding a basketball in his lap. It is hilarious you just have to see it! They poke fun at still being Backstreet Boys when they are old. lol. And they get up and try to dance like old men with Nick shaking his booty! lol. After this they break into "Everybody Backstreet's Back" It's awesome! They also do the dressing room skit where they go down in the trunk, and AJ starts taking his clothes off on stage (yeah baby go ahead!) but one of them says, "no, no wait, this is a family show!" lol. The skit is a little different this time and they have different outifts when they come out on the mini stage in the back. Brian has on a grey shirt, grey shiny vest and pinstripe pants, Nick has on black pants, stripe shirt, black coat, Howie wears black pants, stripe shirt, Kevin has on pinstripe pants, white longsleeve shirt and pinstripe vest, and Aj has on pinstripe pants, white sleeveless shirt with ruffle on the front kind of like the everybody video. They look HOT!!!

They sing "Show me the meaning", "I Promise You", and "How did I fall in love with you" on the mini stage and then they sing "Time" while they walk back to the mainstage on the catwalk that is just over people's heads. This is when the guys really make eye contact with the crowd and even reach out to some and catch stuffed animals or whatever fans throw at them. I was right there at the catwalk, there were only two people in front of me. I saw all the guys really close up as they stopped to sing in front of us and waved and smiled. If you are near the catwalk, it will be easy to get their attention, those guys love to interact with their fans and get as close to their fans as possible!!!

They ended with "The Call" which is the remix version (love that part!!!) and "Shape of my Heart." The whole concert was awesome!!! The singer Brandy was in the audience! Someone also said they saw Aj's ex Amanda sitting in the audience. Howie's sister, Pollyanna, and brother, John, were also there. And after the show they had a BSB after party at Howie's club, "Tabu." It was awesome!!!

The guys really know how to put on a show and the whole night was just incredible!!! I will never forget how much fun it was. I'm so happy I got to go with some fans who have become my good friends after we met online and we decided to go see this concert together! Thanks Teri and Sherry for the memories!!! And thanks to the Boys, for the happiness they have brought to my life and so many others through their music and awesome show! Now, I'm an even bigger BSB fan!!!! Whoo hoo!!! Keep the Backstreet Pride Alive Everyone!!!!

~Angie~ (

Orlando, Fl June 8th, 2001

Date: Jun 14, 2001
Submitted By: Katherine

I have one word to describe my concert.....WHOA! I must mention that I am 22yrs old and I have never had so much fun in my life. (Also, I read that Hannah Bright and Cheryl Gallisath were at the same concert as me. Email me, girls...its me, Katherine E!Its fun to see my peers are also boyband fans!)On to some concert highlights:

They changed a few things around. They added "Dont Want You Back" which was incredible. During Nick's part, "another victim of your sexuality", he lifted his shirt up to his chest and did a pelvic thrust. I fell on the floor! LOL......He's turning into AJ! Also, during "Larger Than Life", I was dancing with them cuz I know the routine. Anyhow, I stood out in the crowd, remember I was 7th row CENTER, cuz I bought a Healthy Heart Kids t-shirt to support Brian's charity. Kevin saw me and I smiled at him and he did that cute wave he does. I was like "SCORE!" And I swear, after the concert, my friend Nicky and I were like ,"Was it jsut me or did Kevin keep looking at us throughout the entire concert?" When we would take pics of him and he was standing in front of us, he would look at our camera. Nicky would scream cuz the lens on our camera was like 180mm....SUPER ZOOM. And she could see him staring straight at her! I mostly took Nick pictures. Nicky made sure I take pics of him twirling around the stage or shaking his booty. Brian liked our side of the stage as did AJ. We got good pics of our men, esp on the bridge.

Speaking of the bridge, it was RIGHT NEXT to me! I had a heart attack. I stood on my chair and AJ was the first one of the bridge. He dangled thru the bars and his face was right in front of me. But he was so close yet so far away cuz I couldn't touch him, but he was dead in front of me. Next up was Nick. He hung his body over the bridge and his face is right above my head. I could see up his nose! My baby Brian was next. He was all smiling and lookig over at all of the fans in my area. So, I stood in my seat again and he looked right at me! I pointed to my healthy heart shirt, and he smiled and pointed RIGHT at me. This is the 2nd time Brian and I have shared a moment! I was one happy girl! Kevin stood right above me and he was doing his little waves to the fans. BTW, his hair was in corn rows and he is so HOT up close. He is a sexy 28 yr old hunky hunk.

They changed the videos in between songs,too. My favorite was before they do the YES I WILL, I PROMISE YOU,WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT medley. It showed the BSB in 50yrs. It was hilarious! Brian was bald and he was in a wheelchair. Nick had a beer belly and he had mustard down the front of his shirt. He reminded me of Homer Simpson. Howie was like,"I had to have hip replacement surgery, so we had an audition for my temporary replacement and Joey Fatone (from *NSYNC) showed up." Then he got up and did a little Elvis hip shaking! Nick got up and goes,"I still have some moves,too..." and he started shaking his booty. That got plenty of screams from the girls!

A really cool highlight was we got to meet Amanda Latona again. I looked up cuz I had just changed into my Brian shirt in the middle of the arena. Its pretty tricky,but I did it without flashing anyone.....LOL! She walked right by me and I was like AMANDA! And she waved at us, so we went over to her. And she told me she loved my shirt. I said that I had to buy it cuz I love Brian so much. And she said she loves him too. She told Nicky she liked her new haircut and color. We asked her if she remembered us cuz we met her at New Yrs Eve. And she was like YES!! I really do remember you! I remember that we were the only fans to meet her that night cuz she wasn't in the audience for very long. Also, Pollyanna walked by us again and she wantd to stop and sign autographs for the fans cuz she was bombarded. But security would push them back and they being rude, so Pollyanna started bitching out the security guy and she went ahead and talked to a few fans anyways! I was like, "Go Pollyanna! You tell him!" She ended up sitting a couple rows behind us. She probably saw me and Nicky dancing the whole time!

Basically the concert ROCKED! I would've gone to the Tampa concert in a hearbeat but I had to be at work the next day. I was so pooped. Anyhow, check out my website for pictures. I will post them this week. They are GOOD! Looks like I was onstage with them! KTBPA!

Black and Blue Opening Night Orlando June 8, 2001

Date: Jun 13, 2001
Submitted By: Natalie

WOW!!! I have been to two other Backstreet Boys concerts, or "BSB Extravaganzas" as my friends and I call them, but this one was definately the best out of the three. It was so exciting to be there in Orlando at the TD Waterhouse Centre for opening night of the second leg of the Black and Blue Tour. We got to the arena at about 3 PM and waited to see if any of the Backstreet Boys had arrived. One girl said she saw AJ arrive and pointed to his car. Then we went to eat dinner and educated our waiters on BSB. We went back to the arena and talked to the news crews about our love for the Boys. Finally the doors opened and we went inside. Krystal was great, and we had the chance to meet her after her set. Shaggy was awesome, much better than i thought he would be.

Finally, the moment arrived when the lights went out and it was time for the Boys to come out. They were AMAZING!!! This show proves that they are here to stay. They all had a blast and entertained us by making fun of each other. And who could forget about Nick and AJ's pelvic thrusts?! That was great!!! Until Brian yelled at them and said it was a family show!! LOL :) I love Brian!!! Anyone who is going to see this show, it is well worth the high ticket prices, and you are in for a real treat!! Shout out to my girls Alicia, Amanda, Amanda and Jenny!! KTBSPA everyone!!! Much love to BSB!!!

Black and Blue orlando show June 8th

Date: Jun 13, 2001
Submitted By: Alicia Carter

I attened the black and blue concert on june 8th (opening night for the 2nd leg) and all i have to say is WOW! ive been to 5 other bsb cocnerts and that was the best!! they changed alotta stuff so if you saw the 1st leg your in for a big surprise! i dont wanna ruin it and tell everything that happened.. just know that they ROCK! and nick doin pelvic thrusts is NEVER a bad thing! i cant wait till i see them again ( its gonna be a while) but this one awill hold me over :) i love the guys and give them props for a great show!!

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