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Cricket Pavillion, Phoenix, 10/12/01

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: Becky

My mom and I flew from Montgomery, AL to Memphis, TN and then to Phoenix, AZ to see the Backstreet Boys perform at the Cricket Pavillion on Friday, October 12. A long way to travel (and expensive indeed), but well worth it! We actually ended up staying at the same hotel as the road crew. There were 7 or 8 buses parked in the hotel parking lot. We didn't know who they belonged to, but we took pictures anyway, just being silly. We found the same buses at the venue the following day! How exciting. I won't go into a lot of detail about the show. If you've been to one, you know the play list, etc. But I will say that this was my fifth BSB concert and I've never seen anything like it. The Boys were back with a new attitude. They had so much energy. This show was not as scripted or professional as the others I have seen. The Boys genuinely seemed to be having fun. I am sure this is a direct reflection of AJ's sobriety. (100 days sober in Phoenix!) AJ was the definite favorite in Phoenix. The guys are more relaxed and seem to be truly enjoying themselves. Our seats were amazing! Second row, left. For those of you who attended the show, you may remember seeing Howie wearing an Arizona State t-shirt during "Drowning." The girl sitting next to me threw the shirt to him during "Shape of My Heart." She was so excited! I especially enjoyed the performance of "America the Beautiful." During the start of "Drowning," two girls made it past security and jumped on the stage! They were quickly removed. Howie sang, "I can't imagine/Some girls just jumped on the stage/About tore Kevin's clothes off/And knocked him to the ground" for his verse. It was hilarious! To make fun, AJ jumped on Kevin, literally knocking him to the ground and then Howie did the same to Nick. Adorable! I could write so much more, but I could never describe the feeling at this particular show. They've done it again. My mom and I are looking forward to the next time we are able to travel 1500 miles to see the Backstreet Boys!

Phoenix, Cricket Pavilion, October 12, 2001

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: Kimmy

((Apologies if there's 2 of these..I was spell chacking the first when I hit enter end everything disappeared! Use this one please))

My little sister Sherri is by far BSB’s #1 fan. She has every inch of her walls and ceiling covered by pictures of the Boys. She owns every cd and single (including imports) and has a Backstreet shirt for every day of the week and then some. She owns almost every bit of merchandise you can think of and some you probably can’t, including…the complete set of margarita glasses and pitcher(still dirty with margarita goo)and the towels(one of them smelling like Kevin’s sunscreen!) used in the BSB Spring Break Special on MTV filmed at the Ritz Carlton in Phoenix purchased in an auction for the Phoenix Theater Actors then bought by me off Ebay. So you can imagine how psyched she was when I scored 2 fifth row tickets to the October 12th concert in Phoenix…again from Ebay.

We’ve been to 2 BSB concerts before, both at America West Arena…both we were far away. The Into The Millennium Concert exactly 2 years before this one is what turned me into a fan, Sherri had gotten tickets for her birthday and one of her friends couldn’t go so she brought me. The other concert last March was awesome, we were right near the stage…but all the way in the top row of the top section. We could touch the ceiling and couldn’t see the screen! Enough about that you wanna hear about this concert right?

We drove up a day early…just to be sure we were there on time…from our home 4 hours away in Northern AZ. We stayed just a block from Desert Sky Pavilion (now known as Cricket) where the concert would be. We couldn’t sleep that night. We couldn’t concentrate on anything during the day we went shopping for clothes for the concert and to a movie…which I don’t remember a thing about. Finally we started to get ready …by 5:45 we were headed over to the Pavilion, appropriately dressed in Black and Blue and wearing feather boas, Sherri had a American Flag bandana on her head(in case you were there and saw us). We weren’t the only people early. They were doing a sound check when we arrived. We could hear “Don’t Want You Back” so we tore up the hill like little kids…getting closer to the wall so we could hear better. I swear I heard Brain and Nicky, and maybe someone else, but the sound was muffled by the wall and the band. So we went back down the hill and I almost fell because I was wearing platform shoes.

Once in line they told us we couldn’t have non-disposable cameras and I had to take mine back to the car, and almost taped it to my thigh under my skirt, but Sherri talked me out of it. Good thing because they swept us with metal detectors at the gate! But they hardly searched my purse and wouldn’t have seen my itty-bitty Elph camera, which so made me mad, but we had 2 disposable cameras. They made Sherri dispose of her flagpole, but let her keep the flag. When we got inside we bought stuff, they wouldn’t let us to our seats yet. It was a little after 7 by the time they finally did. When they did my head nearly exploded! We were so close! Closer than I thought we’d be. The first 2 rows didn’t start till the middle of the stage and the other front rows curved around them. So there were only 2 rows of SHORT people in front of us! We were like 15-20 feet from the edge of the stage. The drunk girls beside Sherri knew nothing about the BSB save AJ’s name and a few songs. The girl beside me hated us because we were doing our job of being fans and obnoxiously screaming and waving and dancing a singing while she talked on her cell phone. What a waste of wonderful seats..

When Krystal took the stage we realized how close we really were. We could see her nose ring, her rings and her bracelet. We could see inside of the piano (we were on the left side of the stage) and the keys. When she was standing up beside the piano leaning over playing it we could see the top of her thong! It was red and black and sparkly. LOL Betcha guys didn’t even know she was wearing a thong. We gave Krystal a way warmer welcome then the front section people at the last concert we were at. We had watched the binoculars as they SAT there and watched her...not screaming. Well, we stood and screamed and danced. She came to our side of the stage and we acting like spastic fans and screamed for her. She looked right at us and waved! It was awesome.

Then Sisqo came out and although he was great, we didn’t scream for him. We were saving our voices for the Boys. We danced and waved and pretended to scream though. My heart was beating so fast. IN moments we would be mere feet from the BACKSTREET BOYS! I was still in disbelief. Finally Sisqo sang the Thong Song though I don’t think I heard a note of it because I was so excited. The pop tart girls came out and took OUR picture with that autographed Izone- so if you won the camera I bet we’re in that photo! Damn them for not throwing the half-eaten-BSB-drooled-on (probably-not-real) pop tart into the audience. It would have been straight at us!

While they were filling the stage with smoke and playing the tease music Sherri saw Kevin and/or Nick (a long coat anyway) slinking across the floor into their places and she dropped her camera. As the meteor shower fell we searched for it in the dark and found it just in time. They rose out of the smoke slowly. (No hydraulics like last time because this was a set stage, not their fancy one with the holes in it). Kevin was on our side of the stage. I think Alex or Howie was beside him, but I was only looking at Kevin. *Sigh* He had his hair in cornrows, which are HOT-though I love his long hair better down, it would have been hard for him to dance with that long of hair. He looked kinda angry the first few songs- but I think that was part of the act, because he lightened up later.

When they sang “Not for Me“ and ripped their sleeves off Kevin was right in front of us and we could see his sexy muscles and even the veins in his arms. Oh I thought I would pass out right there. OMG it was so amazing. Brian (Sherri’s fave) waved at Sherri and she spazzed out. He looked surprised and taken aback by her reaction so we know he was waving at HER! Of course that made her spaz even more!

During “Time” when they sat on the front of the stage they were playing around, Nick and Howie were on our side and they were hugging each other. When Nicky sang his part “I remember when mom used to say…” Howie responded with “Clean up your room?” Nicky replied with “No man, she said” then sang “remember those days we would sing at the drop of a dime…” It was too cute. Meanwhile when AJ was singing his part Brian was making faces!

Before the “Answer To Our Life” Kev spoke about the charities, poor baby sounded like he had cold! Brian had come out earlier and talked about how much he liked Phoenix and was with his wife and they were considering moving there (which well, probably wasn’t true, but who knows) and Nicky said he’d been at the mall checking out he hot girls in Phoenix (which was probably not true, because, well, can you imagine Nicky at the mall!? He’d be mobbed in an instant! Even if he wasn’t a BSB!) Then AJ came out and said how Arizona was special to him because this was where he’d come for help and there were a lot of great people in Tucson who helped him and that it was his 100th day sober which gained the biggest cheer of the night. We are so proud of AJ!

Howie was on our side of the stage during “How Did I Fall in Love With You” and while he wasn’t singing I threw my stuffed bunny on stage. Of course I missed Howie, but I got it way back by the stairs behind him. It stayed on the stage for like 5 songs, until “Shining Star.” During the parts of “How Did I Fall…” when Howie didn’t sing he flirted with our part of the audience. Of course we were being more obnoxious and were taller then the people around us -so I swear when he waved and winked it was AT US! He did his sexy little salsa dance in front of us! *Drool*

At the beginning of “Shining Star” Nicky was on our front of the stairs. He was hardly ever on our side so we very much appreciated this up close look of his hotness. Then Kev came and took his place. He slapped his partner hard on the butt during the choreography. She looked surprised and then they joked around. Oh to be HER!

When they sang “America The Beautiful” in honor of those killed on Sept. 11 including one of their crew members Daniel Lee (who they showed a picture of on the screen) Sherri and I waved our flags. Turns out not many people brought flags and we were the only ones in the front section. The cameraman spotted us and at the end of the song as the picture of the big flag faded out on the screen he faded us in, then faded the boys in over us! We were on the screen with the boys!

When they came out with the hats for “All I Have to Give” I thought I would die! They looked so HOT! Not that they didn’t look damn hot the rest of the night…but damn those hats are sexy! Nicky and Brian danced with the same hat then Brian threw it into the audience…sadly far from us. L There was a huge fight over it and had Sherri been over there, she’d have kicked everyone’s butt for it. They sang “If You Stay” with the hats on and DAMN they looked hot. When Kev came out to intro the band I was a bit sad because I knew it was almost over. But he was so cute doing his intros… he did the rock-n-roll headbanger sign with his fingers when he introduced the guitar player ..then he did this HOT booty shaking dance when he introduced the drummer Raul. Nicky came and took his place and sang part of “Bootylicious” (which he is) and then shook his butt! OH if only he had been on our end of the stage then.

They came back on stage for “The Call” then left and returned for “Shape of My Heart” Kev snuck onto the speaker by us in the dark. He was right in front of us. When the lights went up I noticed he was singing to a little girl and waved to her. It was so adorable. I almost cried. Then he stood up and walked a little closer to us. I screamed really LOUD and jumped up and down waving. He saw me and waved with a sexy little grin! OH I thought I would pass out.

Finally they returned to the stage for the encore…”Drowning” which I know all the words to thanks to! Sherri refused to listen to it until the concert. She wanted to hear it first from the boys. Which she did. At the beginning during the piano into and Brian’s part a girl got onto the stage (on the side oppisite us where Brian and Howie were) and ran all the way across to our side where Kev was. She attached her self to him sceaming “I love you!” She had to be pryed off by 3 body gaurds. Kev was freaked out a first then realized she meant no harm and hugged her back and said he loved her too and thank you. (We were close enough to hear) . So Howie went on with the song…but changed the words a little…”I can’t believe a girl just jumped on stage…she ripped Kevin’s clothes off and was dragged away…” While he sang this AJ jumped on Kev much like the girl did and Howie and nicky were doing the same thing on the other end of the stage rolling on the floor. It was too funny. Then Kev moved closer to the edge of the stage where we were and I was one of the few people (the only one in our section) singing along and KEV noticed, he looked a little surprised I knew the words. He was still in front of us when he sang his solo. He sang it while he LOOKED RIGHT AT ME!!! It was like heaven. Euphoria.

(If anyone was at the Phoenix concert -or any of the previous ones in Phoenix for that matter- and has pics, I’m willing to trade or buy copies from you! Please email me!

Phoenix, AZ October 12, 2001

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: Krissy

Ok I went to the concert a week ago, but its all good. So ok they came out singing Everyone which led into Larger Than Life. Then Brian was talking and said that Leighanne was there with him and that they loved AZ and that they might mover here...buuuut he wasn't serious (of course) cuz he ended that comment "now on a serious note", then AJ came out saying if it wasn't for AZ he wouldn't be better. Boy was he "DAMN" proud of himself for bein' 100 days sober that night. Everyone was proud of him of course. Then Nick came out sayin that cute girl in phnx and how he might move here cuzza the girl...yada yada yada...then they sang "yes i will", "get another boyfriend", "shinging star", "more than that", "i'll never break ur heart", "how did i fall in love with you", "What makes you different", "i want it that way", "show me the meaning of bein lonely", "dont want you back", "all i have to give", "answer to our life" after they spoke about their charities. Then they mentioned their crew member that died in the attacks and so they asked us to sing in America the Beautiful...they just make that song even more powerful. Then when they sang everybody Brian and Kevin ran to eachother, jumped and bumped tummies and chests...really really cute! trust me! Then Kevin introduced some of their band members and then Nick came out to introduce the rest of the bend members, when he got to the bass guitar he bit the guitar and plucked the strings with his teeth! IT WAs SO CUTE! and then he was laughing and said "I'm just a little loco you know!" in this mexican accent! then when he got to the keyboard guy he started sing "I don't think ur ready for this jelly, i don't think ur ready for this jelly" ya know from bootylicious...he was dancing while he was singing it, it was soooooooo cute!!! Then the rest of the guys came out and AJ introduced some of their dancers and AJ had on a Dredlock wig...cute cute cute! and Brian had a Blue like elvis wig on and Nick had a red elvis wig on. cute cute cute... and during all i have to give nick had a hat on and Brian took it when he started singing and then he threw it out to the crowd...unfortunetly i wasnt close enough to get it but i had awesome seats...i could even see their facial expressions...but n e way back tot the concert. then during Time they were just sitting on the edge of the stage and Nick and Howie were joking around with eachother, then they did this snap the fingers move ur head to the left then snap again and move it to the and my friend do it all the time and we did it minutes before they did it and so then we started freakin out!it was cute then near the end of the ong Nick started pokin Brian but Brian really didnt do anything...So near the end AJ came out and said that they only had time for two more songs and so then his phone rang and they started the call (during which aj had his shirt over his arms and back soooooo total tummy and chest shot), then they sang shape of my heart. Then they went backstage and then like everyone started leaving which was kinda dumb on their part cuz like everyone knows everyone does oncore songs...but n e ways so then they came back out and started to song Drowning, and riiiiiiiight when they started it this girl jumped on stage and ran and grabbed Kevin...the security guy like grabbed her and ripped her off but it didn't work cuz Kevin wen tflying with her but the they got her off finally and then the guys weer kinda making fun of her which was funny. Aj went over and latched on to Kevin's legs and then Kevin went and Hugged AJ's ankles then Brian Nick and Howie were doing like the same and then AJ ran to Kevin, jumped, Kevin cought him then they both fell down! IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! then Nick got out the silly string and him and AJ were goin at it with that. then the concert ended......unfortunetely....So overall the concert was amazing and ive been to three concerts and this one byfar was the best one...they were kidding around more and more active and playful, i was kinda pissed that the security wouldn't let my camera in...which i can understand cuz they have to be uptight these days, but there were other peeps there with cameras and thats when i got pissed...i mean i coulda had some awesome cute shots! but it was awesome!

Backstreet boys concert Oct. 12th

Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: Krista

I saw BSB in concert last night and OMG it was the best concert they started with Everyone and then right into Larger then life and they did a new song and then also did All I have to Gave and A.J was singing I never break your heart and then they sing Time they were seating right in front of the stage. they also did Answer to your lives but they were playing the instruments. In the middle of Show me the meaing of being lonely they stop and talk about Danny Lee that died in the hijack plane to go and see his new baby daughter. They saw a picutre of it. They also did Shape of my heart and The Call. They also did Shining Star I think I can't remember because they did a lot of songs and at the end I was in the grass so I got up close to the fance because a lot of people were leaving after shape of my heart so they did Drowning I was so execlled I was screaming so much that today I had a sore throat from screaming. Oh the best part was that A.J. said that he was in Tucson Arizona during his rehab and he said that in his heart Arizona is so close to him. Brian daid that his wife is with him and he said that Leighanne loves Arizona so much that hey might move to Arizona and Nick said that There is a lot cute girls in Arizona so he might move here too. He went to the mall here and said that show a lot of cute girls.I thought that this concert was a lot better then the March 13th concert. Sisqo and Krytal open up and she did Super Girl and Sisqo did a lot of songs from his new c.d. too.

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