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Concert in Tampa, Florida-June 9, 2001 at Ice Palace

Date: Jul 31, 2001
Submitted By: Sharon E. Welker

WOW!! WHAT A CONCERT!!!! We had the BEST time ever!! We had been trying to get tickets all day,we always have to wait till the last minute to try to get tickets because our lives have been hectic also. We decided at 4:00pm we were going to go, so we left at 5:00pm drove to Tampa (Ice Palace) didn't know if we were going to get tickets or not but, we took a chance. (Glad We Did)!! Everyone was trying to sell us tickets outside, but no way we wanted to try to get great seats, it happened!! we were next to the stage on the left ramp "IT WAS GREAT" my daughter & I were so excited but we don't act like those girls that would tear their cloths off or try to hurt them! So, we stayed calm and ENJOYED the show. We were about 8 ft from Shaggy after his performance, he came out to watch the Backstreet Boys perform, it was cute Shaggy kept looking at my daughter and winking.. She is a beautiful girl!! When Howie came to the stage we got to see his beautiful face RIGHT THERE!! then Kevin came over to that side and WOW!!!! he blew her 2 kisses at the end of the show. She worked with him at Disney in 1994-1995 and wondered if he would ever remember her (as friends) then someone came from under the stage and put a backstage pass on her arm!! she was so excited inside but didn't show it on the outside,she was confused so she asked the usher and he didn't know why that would happen but, she didn't want to go off and leave me(her mom) so she missed her chance I believe to go down to meet them, I felt so bad for her and heart broken. She cried on the way home without trying to make me feel bad. So, she said she will always wonder if Kevin remembered her or why that happened to her. I hope they have another concert coming to Florida after AJ returns & they resume their tour. They are the Best and we LOVE them & their Beautiful music.

We Love You All From: Sharon & Tanya (Florida)

Tampa Black and Blue concert

Date: Jul 28, 2001
Submitted By: nick's princess aka Kimberly

I went to the June 9th concert at the Ice Palace, and it rocked! Krystal and Shaggy were really good. Krystal said that she wanted to meet everyone from section 104, which was my section! Shaggy really got the audience going wild. The Backstreet Boys were awesome! My favorite part was when they went under the stage, and they popped up on the 2nd stage. I was like 10 feet from all of them! My favorite songs were "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" and "Shining Star", but they were all good. I loved Nick and Ajs dance moves. Nick looked hotter than ever. I can't wait to see them again!

BSB Concert, June 9th, Ice Palace Arena, Tampa

Date: Jul 18, 2001
Submitted By: Janna

On June 8th, I turned 17, and the next day, on June 9th, I attended my very first BSB concert in Tampa!! I was sooo excited!! Before the first opening act came out, Krystal, Kevin came out a big screen and talked about her. Then, she came out and did 3 songs. She was absolutley amazing!! I have only heard her sing on the Burger King CD, so I didn't know if she would be good, but she was!! I couldn't believe that someone so young could sing like that.

Anyway, after she was done, we had a while until Shaggy came out. He really got the crowd reved up!! It was high energy the whole way through. But, my fav part of his show was that he pulled a young girl on stage and he and his "group" sang the last part of the song "Angel" to her, it was sooo sweet!!

Then, came what I had been waiting for soo long to see. The second the lights went out, everyone started screaming, including myself and my younger sis. The whole show was completley energized. It seemed as though that every single person there sang along with all the songs. But, my most memorable part was also the funniest!! It was during "The Answer to our Lives". For some reason, I looked at Kevin, and I'm glad I did, cause someone in the front row tossed him a huge, white lacy bra!! The look on his face was absolutly priceless!! He then handed it to Howie, but I don't know what he did with it. (probably kept it, hehe!!)

Anyway, that's my review of the show. In all, it was the absolute best night of my life!!!


Date: Jul 13, 2001
Submitted By: Amy

Where to start?? I had been a fan of bsb for nearly 5 years when i finally got the most awesome graduation present...two tickets to see them in Tampa!!! I was expecting the concert to be awesome, but it was more than awesome to me...I don't even have the words to describe it!!

And, let me tell you...Howie danced like a god!!! Did anybody who went see the dude dressed up like AJ who threw the cowboy hat to Howie??!! WEll, I think they sing even BETTER live..and I want to tell all of yall who have seen them more than once not to take that for granted b/c I wish I could see them AGAIN!!!!!! But, I'm an Okie so i have to wait till they come here...dang it! :)~puerto rican pride

June 9 2001 Tampa FL Concert

Date: Jun 20, 2001
Submitted By: Ashley

I went to the June 9 Backstreet Boys concert at the Ice Palace..all I have to say is WOW! The boys did a great job, especially when they went out to the mini-stage. I've gone to three BSB concerts now, and I have to say, that was the best one. They worked the crowd great, and their singing was beautiful. I can't wait until I get to see them perform again!

june 9th black and blue concert jan 23rd concert as well

Date: Jun 16, 2001
Submitted By: carrie

i just loved both concerts i went to the seats were not all that empty and all the guys did great and to all those n-sync fans that go to bsb concerts and end up saying n-sync is better well dont go to a bsb concert cause if you like n-sync more chances are the concert will have nothing to do w/your opinion. the group will all i have to say is i will be a loyal fan i wont ever say n-sync is better. who sings better? who looks like real men? two words for ya backstreet boys thank you and goodnight

Tampa-Black and Blue

Date: Jun 15, 2001
Submitted By: Angela and Jane

My friend, Jane, and I flew all the way from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Tampa just to see Backstreet Boys. Right when we got to the venue, we were suprised at how good our seats were! We were right next to the ramps. We saw Kristin Willits and we waved and said hi to her- She is GORGEOUS! She does not look a thing like she does in the pictures. The show was SO GOOD! The songs are different from last Black and Blue tour, and they have all new costumes and skits. My friend and I had a sign that said Blow me a kiss and Brok be mine love jane, and a couple other sings! I held up the blow me a kiss sign right in the beginning and Aj blew me the most PERFECT kiss..I WAS SO happy! The boys all pointed at us- and I loved how they interacted with the crowd so much. My friend then threw a bra that we bought on stage and Kevin danced around wearing it! At the past couple BSB concerts we've been to..we've thrown a bra on stage and Kevin has always played with it! Then my friend threw a green beanie baby on stage to Brian and he sang the last song with it..and left with it! These boys have to be the most GORGEOUS men a live..and their voices really prove they are so talented!

June 9 Ice Palace Show

Date: Jun 14, 2001
Submitted By: Jennifer

Shaggy and Krystal were amazing opening acts...they realy go the crowd going in the begning. The boys came on the stage at 9:30 and opened up with "Everyone" and moved into "Larger Than Life." As the show went on they went into "Don't Want You Back" (and added song to the list) and then showed a video of their dressing room. During that time, the guys went to the back of the Ice Palace and just walked into the middle of the arena wearing dark clothes and hats and went under a round stage, that soon began to rise up as the video ended. They came up and sang "Show Me The Meaning" along with "How Did I Fall In Love With You".

While they were singing "How Did I Fall In Love With You"...I showed Brian a basketball that I had brought to the show and motioned for him to sign it, and as soon as the song was over, he came over for me to toss it up to him. As soon as he got it, Howie and AJ rushed over to it and AJ signed it as well. Brian then tossed the ball back to me, and I was in shock. The show ended with "Get Another Boyfriend", "The Call", and "Shape of My Heart". It was truly an amazing show, and I can wait to see it again in Kentucky and Michigan!

Tampa Concert - June 9th

Date: Jun 13, 2001
Submitted By: Amy Crane

In a nut shell, I thought that BSB's performance was awesome ! I took my 8 yr. old daughter and she was amazed (it was her first concert).

Their entrance was spectacular ! Anticipation was key here. They used the audiences anticipation to really get the house rockin. When their entrance sequence finally started, it was more than I could have hoped for. They entered the arena in a manner reflecting the world class band that they are !

My only gripe of the concert was that Shaggy's set was way to long ! He must have sung 8 songs ! I paid good money to see BSB ... not an over age rap wannabe.

All in all, the concert was great, I would definitly spend money to see them again !

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