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Atlanta, Georgia June 11th 2001

Date: Jul 07, 2001
Submitted By: Kristy Byous

About a week before June 11th I was very doubtful that I would be going to the concert. My cousin Elisha had pulled off and got us 11th row. This was my graduation present and so far by chance my favorite. June 11th arrived and I woke up at her house. I got ready and gathered my things. I was in jeans, and a short sleeve shirt. My cousin did my hair the way I wanted it. Six little pig tails on the top of my head. It had been raining that day and so my hair being naturally curly really curled up. I put my air brushed hat on. It was a bucket hat with Backstreet on the front and Boys on the back in different colors. On the Top of the hat was Nick in a neon green heart. I loved that hat. The things I was taking were my diabetic supplies and of course my glucose tablets in case my sugar dropped. I had to go to work with my cousin til 4:30 that afternoon. When we got to the concert I folded the dolphin towel that I had finally decided that I would give to Nick and placed it over my purse. I grabbed the Ocean sounds cd and got ready to do what I could to give it to him. Once inside the arena (Philips) I began my long desent onto the floor area. I was so phsyched. It was my first time being that close. At the January 27th concert I was in a box office at the back of the dome. Finally the show began with Krystal. I was hyper since I sort of have the same attention span as Nick. Elisha my cousin told her friend "You can't keep a hyper child still." After Krystal was Shaggy. I had hot flashes and became very thirst because I was dancing. I love to dance. When it was BSB's turn I really got excited. I saw the pyro and it scared me of course and I learned that you shouldn't get sunburned and sit 11th row on the floor. The elements in the pyro caused my sunburn to burn even worse. I grabbed my dolphin towel just as Nick popped up in front of me and I held it up to where he could see it. I do know that when I looked around I was the only girl with the best poster and that was the towel. I would switch from holding the towel to holding the hat up. When the guys did "Not For Me," I think the only part I really remember was the sleeve coming off the right arm. During "Yes I Will," AJ saw my hat and pointed his cane at me. Nick also saw it. I was thrilled. I don't remember much because when you don't feel good because of your diabetic medicine tearing your stomach apart and the thrill of being that close you really don't pay that much attention. When the video of the guys being old came on I saw Nick and laughed. When he got up and did his booty dance I booty danced from my spot. Everyone was telling me that the two of us (Nick and I) would make good gooty dancing partners. When the guys performed Show Me The Meaning, I kept looking towards Heaven and one fan asked why and I told her I had recently lost a grandmother to cancer, a best friend to suicide and another friend and senior graduate to a severe accident. When the bridge came down I kept throwing my hat and towel up. The towel almost hooked onto one of the beams but was a little too heavy. I ended up chasing the towel and the hat. But I never found my hat. I just happened to look on stage and see Nick throw something with neon green and writing down below stage. I had butterflies. When "The answer to our lives," Came on I held the towel up against my body and the event member didn't tell me to get out of the aisle since he saw what I was trying to do. Nick saw my towel and so did Aj Howie and GBrian. Oh I forgot one of the fans poked me and made me look up and Howie pointed at my hair and gave me thumbs up. Anyways when the concert was over I asked around for my hat and one fan said someone threw it to AJ and he handed it to Nick. I was so happy. I really remember watching Nick the whole time and I was happy that my hat was in good hands nowe. That is all I remember. So I hope you enjoyed my review of what might not have been interesting to you but will remain in my heart.

atlanta georgia

Date: Jul 04, 2001
Submitted By: kristen fraser

Well, it was the second leg of the black and blue tour, and I was back in Atlanta again! It had not been too many months since the first round, and I was so excited! I was going to stay in Atlanta over night this time...instead of driving home that late! Little did I know, being new to the area, that I was spending the night in the same hotel as the boys! I had no clue...and to tell you the truth, I was so excited, I could not sleep all night! Just the mere thought that I might possibly be able to meet them! Being a mature adult that I am, I did not go searching and prowling...just hoping I would catch a glimpse of them! I did! I went on to the show, and I cant tell you how in the world they were able to make the show even better than before, but they did! Everything was perfect! yes, perfect. The outfits, the music, the dancing, the stage props and lightening, the whole experience was absolutely perfect. They definitely give more than 100% of themselves each and every show. That makes it so special to us, knowing that they love what they are doing, and that we always get the best from them...they never settle for less! Thank you bsb for making all of our dreams come being you!

Atlanta concert June 10

Date: Jul 03, 2001
Submitted By: Brooke

I thought that the June concert at Atlanta was good, but not their best. The sounds quality did not compare to previous concerts and the endstage setup did not allow all ticketpayers to see what they come there to see. And another thing to consider was ticket prices. I don't know a whole lot of people who can afford to pay over a thousand dollars so their family can see the boys. All in all, it was a wonderful show but nothing compared to previous.

Black and Blue Concert

Date: Jun 29, 2001
Submitted By: Tareasa

I went to the Backstreet Boys here in Atlanta and it was great. I truly had a great time seeing them, even though the ticket prices were very expensive, it was completely worth it. Afterwards,my friend and I walked to their hotel and stood outside Nick's hotel room. It was scary but I swear next time, I will knock and ask for a picture. It was just that it was 2:00 in the morning, anyway the whole concert was great. I met Marcus (AJ's bodyguard) up close and personal. It was fun and if you have any doubts about going, trust me it is worth it!!!

Meeting BSB

Date: Jun 28, 2001
Submitted By: Erika

I went to a BSB concert here in Orlando with my friend Meagan.I am not that big of a Backstreet Boys fan...but i do like Brian! We had NO tickets going up there but we managed to buy 5th row tix. I was excited about that. Well getting to out great seats, after Krystal performed i had to use the restroom. So i gave my camera to Meagan and i proceeded to the bathroom (which happens to be backstage) well i am headed to the bathroom and Howie is standing right in fornt of me (practically blocking my way). Well he winked at me(while standing in the way) so i pass by him to ask a man at the end of the hallway a question. Well as i am askin him this question AJ comes walking out of a back room. Well i had met AJ before like a week ago and got my pic taken with him, so i asked him if i could show him the pic. AJ was Meagans favorite so i asked him to say Hello to her on this little recorder i had. He did and he was real nice. And he said he liked the picture. Then i turned around to leave,(not been to the bathroom yet) and eager to get back to my seat Kevin is standing right in front of me. He says "Hi Sweetie" to me. I smiled and as i was about to turn the corner to leave backstage i see a big body guard with a guy who looks like Brian.(i was gonna leave but i figured i had to meet Brian because he had always been my favorite) Well it was him so i waited till he was passing by and i said "Hey Brian" and he stopped and turned around and walked over to me and said "I know you". Shocked i said "No you don't"(haha) and he said "Yes i do. I saw you earlier when i was drivin in. You were with a girl that had on a 69 shirt and long blonde hair"(that was Meagan) And then he said "See I told you I knew you" So i asked him 2 say hi to her on my recorder and he did. He was sooo sweet and that made me like him even more. So as i was leaving i said "By the way, my name is Erika" and he said "Oh well it was nice to meet you Erika". That really made my night. So i went back to my seat and told Meagan evertything. We screamed and yelled but when i told people that i had just met 4/5 of BSB they understood. OH and the concert was great!

Atlanta GA

Date: Jun 26, 2001
Submitted By: Hunny

I was in Atlanta on June 11, and because we were staying near a mall, I decided to walk across the street and do a little shopping. I was standing in the food court at Sbarro and my friend elbows me to turn around and this blonde guy was walking behind us and not to mention staring at us the whole time.....:) And after we sat down I kept saying how familiar he looked then we see these three girls freakin' out. When they started to run by I was like "what is it?' and one of the girls was like "Nick carter is here, his bodyguard said he will sign autographs when he is done eating" then I said (to my friend) "thats who that was!" So I went over when he was done eating and had him sign a magazine for me. He seemed really tired and when one of the girls asked for a pic w/ him the bodyguard said no. But he was really nice and gave me a quick hug before he left. I wish I had known they were going to be in town ahead of time cuz I didnt even recognize him. LOL

Atlanta Concert (June 11, 2001)

Date: Jun 22, 2001
Submitted By: Arianna

This review was published in the Atlanta Journal & Constitution. Written by Carmen Terrell, age 14:

As soon as my mom pulled her black mini-van into the parking lot at Philips Arena, my best friend Courtney and I jumped out. Sure, I had seen the Backstreet Boys show when they came to Atlanta in January, but that didn't make the concert they were about to put on any less exciting!

We went into Philips Arena surrounded by crowds and crowds of fans of all ages. There were mostly girls, but every now and then, I saw boys who were just as excited to see the concert as some of the girls were. Fans had painted the Backstreet Boys' names all over their clothes and were all lined up to buy all kinds of overpriced souvenirs. As long as the words "Backstreet Boys" or their faces were on it, fans would shell out weeks worth of allowance money to buy it (and I was no different!). I ended up buying a blue glowstick with the words "Backstreet Boys Black & Blue World Tour" on it for $8. The next day, it stopped glowing, but it served its purpose at the concert. I also purchased a black t-shirt with the words "Backstreet Boys" on the front. Even though it cost almost as much as a season's ticket to Six Flags, I was glad to have it. I just hope it doesn't shrink, or the letters fall off...

The ushers showed us to our seats. Courtney and I were sitting in section 110, row G, seats 14 & 15. What great seats! We were right in the middle behind the floor seats and could see everything perfectly. My mother, however, wasn't so fortunate. While she did save $30 by purchasing a "cheap" ticket for herself, her seat was way up at the top and she could barely make out what anyone was saying. That's where most of the parents were sitting, and all the really little kids who didn't know the difference between the good seats and the bad seats.

The opening acts were Krystal (an artist that's signed to the Backstreet Boys' label) and Shaggy (a reggae/rap artist). Their performances were just fine, but we all knew that the sooner they were done, the sooner we would get to see the people we had paid to see. Shaggy sure knew how to work a crowd -- as well as his hips! How does he move like that? Courtney, who is an experienced cheerleader, kept saying how she could be up there dancing behind Shaggy like his back-up dancers.

As soon as Shaggy ended, which wasn't very soon at all, girls in the audience began chanting, "We want the Backstreet Boys!" It was very loud, but it was nothing compared to the screaming once it became apparent that the Boys were getting ready to come onstage. There were three big video screens behind the stage. They showed images of meteors colliding with the Earth. Each time a meteor hit the earth, a bright explosion would occur onstage. As the final meteors hit the Earth, the Boys emerged from the stage on high pedestals surrounded by smoke, and the crowd went wild!

The first song was called "Everyone" and as they finished it, they went straight into "Larger Than Life". Their choreography was amazing! After finishing the first two songs, they came out individually and talked to the audience. After each Boy talked, they began their next song. Even though the workers at Philips Arena discouraged signs, a fan holding a "Nick is Bootylicious" sign appeared on the big screen. Everyone got a kick out of that.

There were a lot of things that were impressive to me. One was how they kept appearing and reappearing in different places through specially placed holes in the floor. Another was their little skits throughout the show. The first was a pre-recorded film of an interview show featuring the Backstreet Boys in 2050. They were all dressed as old men with gray hair and beards, and Howie was even in a wheelchair! At the end of the skit, Howie and Nick both showed the audience that even though they were old, they still had dance moves that could outdo *N SYNC's! It was very funny! The second skit was a live skit involving a bottomless wardrobe trunk. The Boys teased the audience by asking "We need to change costumes. Do you think we should change onstage?" The girls went crazy! Of course, they didn't do it. They ended up opening the trunk and going in one by one. After Howie, Brian, and Nick went down, A.J. and Kevin proclaimed, "It's the A.J. and Kevin show!" They stood around and talked to the audience for a moment, and then went into the wardrobe trunk themselves. Kevin asked, "Do you guys want to come down here with us?" Again, the girls screamed as a pre-recorded film played of the Boys changing under the stage in their dressing room. Other highlights from the show included A.J. doing his own solo dance, and when Howie said to A.J. after they finished singing "I'll Never Break Your Heart", "You've been singing that song to her for three albums. Now tell her what you really think!" and they began "Don't Want You Back".

While they were showing the "dressing room" skit on the screen behind the stage, Courtney and I snuck down to one of the first rows in our section. We were so excited, until the ushers started sending those without tickets back up to their seats. We quickly sat down and acted as though they were our seats, and when they left, we stood back up. As the skit ended, a small circular stage in front of us rose and the Backstreet Boys appeared on it -- no more than 20 feet away!!! We started screaming because we couldn't believe that we were so close to them! Not only could we see them clearly, but we could see the facial expressions that they were making! We were swinging our glowsticks like crazy! First, Brian and Kevin waved in our area (They might have been waving at us, they might have been waving at somebody else, but who cares?! It was in our direction!). Then A.J. waved DIRECTLY at Courtney and me! I mean, there wasn't any mistaking that! We were so excited, especially Courtney because A.J. is her favorite. But that was nothing compared to what was about to happen! Courtney and I started blowing kisses at Nick (my favorite!!), and he looked straight at Courtney and me, pointed, winked, smiled, and waved at us! We were screaming so hard because we couldn't believe how lucky we had been! They sang "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely" and we sang all of the words with them. The song was amazing, and their voices were so beautiful.

After that, Brian introduced the next song and a long ramp came down to connect the small stage with the large one. All of them except Kevin went on the ramp, but after a minute, Kevin joined the others. They sang "Time" and then went back to the big stage to finish out the concert. When the ramp went back up, Courtney and I got back to our original seats.

One thing I remember a lot is when they began singing "If You Stay". It was very quiet, and I think it's because no one knew the words. You see, "If You Stay" was never released on any of the Backstreet Boys' albums, instead, it was released on the "Booty Call" soundtrack. I downloaded the song on Napster, so that's how I knew all of the words. It's a really pretty song, but I was like the only one in my section who had ever heard it before, so while I sang it, other fans stared at me like, "How does this girl know this song? I have never heard of it in my life!" I felt really special because there couldn't have been more than a couple hundred (out of over 25,000!) to know any of the words.

The second-to-last song was "The Call". It was really funny because before the song started, a phone started ringing. A.J. answered his cell phone onstage and was like, "We're in the middle of a show! Could you call back later?" and then the song started. He announced that it would be the last song of the night, but we knew that he was just kidding. Of course, some people didn't, because they started to leave when the song was over. When the finale, "Shape of My Heart", began after it, they had to rush back to their seats!

The whole concert lasted about 1 hours, and the group changed outfits many times! My favorite costumes were the white ones they wore during "Get Another Boyfriend". The crowd's favorite Backstreet Boy, by far, was Nick Carter. Whenever his face showed up on the big screen, or whenever he began a solo, the audience went mad! It was a little disappointing, though, because sometimes the fans' screams would drown out the music (and the music was so loud, it made my seat shake!). After Nick, the most favored Boy was Brian, then probably A.J., and then Kevin. Sadly, there were noticeably less cheers for Howie Dorough. I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. The audience seemed to most enjoy the performance of the classic "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)". Even old women (like my mother) got out of their seats to dance!

All in all, this was one of the most exciting nights I've had in all of my 14 years on this Earth! The Backstreet Boys were wonderful performers and put on a terrific show! I can't imagine that any concert I'll ever see at any time in the future will EVER compare! When it comes to entertaining, the Backstreet Boys really are LARGER THAN LIFE!

Atlanta, GA June 11th

Date: Jun 16, 2001
Submitted By: Kristin Littrell

Hey yall!!!!! OMG IT WAS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!1 oh yah, during the day nick carter was at lenx square mall. and brian was at his house(ive been there before and my friend and i took a bush from his yard-lol) and the rest of the guys were at the hotel(i dont want to say the name of it but some of you guys know it)


BSB concert - Atlanta, GA June 11th

Date: Jun 15, 2001
Submitted By: Angie

Hey everyone!!!! I saw the BSB concert June 11th in Atlanta at the Phillips Arena. It was so much better than the last leg of the tour to me! Maybe because this time I had 5th row and could actually see the guys instead of relying on the big screen! It was so awesome to be that close! I couldn't believe how much they've changed it for the better! The song order is completely different! They sing 23 songs in all and they've added the fan faves, QPG, ALAYLM, and DWYB!!! The outfits are different too except they kept the white suits and the opening black and blue outfits.

Krystal opened up for them and sang four songs. During "Supergirl" they showed part of her video on the big screen and Howie and Kevin are in it!!! To me she sounded better this time than before! I can't wait to get her CD when it comes out July 10th! Krystal signs autographs in one of the sections after her performance. I saw her after the show and told her "awesome show" and she said "thanks hon" and I reached out to shake her hand but she hugged me instead! She was so sweet in person!

Shaggy performed for almost an hour and he really put on a good show. I only knew his two songs, "It Wasn't Me" and "Angel" but I loved his performance! He could really pump up the crowd! The fun part was where he split the audience up and had each side see who could scream loudest. And he also knew how to get freaky on stage with his moves!

But of course the main attraction was those five sexy and amazingly talented guys we all know as the Backstreet Boys!!! They came out the same way as last time with explosions going off on stage and they rise up through smoke as camera flashes go off when the crowd catches their first glimpses of the guys! They perform "Everyone" and "Larger Than Life" first as songs to their fans!! Whoo hoo!! Kevin had his hair done in cornrows, Howie's hair is short and curly, AJ's hair is very short and dark, Brian and Nick look the same. I love the shiny blue suits they wear for the QPG/ALAYLM medley. And hold on ladies, they wear wifebeaters!!! (*gasp*) Kevin in a white wifebeater! OMG!!! I was losing it! lol.

They have 2 videos playing on the big screen during costume changes this time. The first one is sooooo funny you will laugh your butt off!!!! It shows them in the year 2050 as old men. Kevin and Howie have the long grey hair and grey beard, Nick has grey hair and a beer belly hanging out, AJ is completely bald with a cigar in his mouth, and Brian is bald sitting in a wheel chair, holding a basketball in his lap. It is hilarious you just have to see it! They poke fun at still being Backstreet Boys when they are old. lol. And they get up and try to dance like old men with Nick shaking his booty! lol. After this they break into "Everybody Backstreet's Back" It's awesome! They also do the dressing room skit where they go down in the trunk, and Howie starts taking his belt off on stage then as Brian is going into the trunk, he pops him on the butt and AJ starts cracking up laughing. It is so funny! The skit is a little different this time and they have different outifts when they come out on the mini stage in the back.

They sing "Show me the meaning", "I Promise You", and "How did I fall in love with you" on the mini stage and then they sing "Time" while they walk back to the mainstage on the catwalk that is just over people's heads. The guys really make eye contact with the crowd and even reach out to some and catch stuffed animals or whatever fans throw at them. I could see all the guys really well as they waved and smiled to the crowd. If you are near the catwalk, it will be easy to get their attention, those guys love to interact with their fans and get as close to their fans as possible!!!

They ended with the remix version of "The Call" and "Shape of my Heart." The whole concert was awesome!!! And I got to meet Kevin's wife, Kristin and she was soooo sweet in person. But the highlight of my experience was getting to meet Howie D. He walked right up to my friend who was taking pictures and said "are you trying to take pictures of me?" she said "yes" and he just grinned and said "okay." Then I asked for a pic with him and he said "sure" and put his arm around me and began rubbing my back and I was like okay you need to stop that, do you know what that's doing to me? lol. But he was such a sweetheart. :-)

The guys really know how to put on a show and the whole night was just incredible!!! I will never forget how much fun it was. Thanks to Sherry and Teri for the great memories and thanks to the Boys, for the happiness they have brought to my life and so many others through their music and awesome show! Now, I'm an even bigger BSB fan!!!! Whoo hoo!!! Keep the Backstreet Pride Alive Everyone!!!!

~Angie~ (

Atlanta show june 11,2001

Date: Jun 14, 2001
Submitted By: Danielle

OMG!!!!!!! I get there and I am walking around like an idiot to find my seat and I cant so I ask the guy and he is like ok u are one of the ones that have been relocated! to better seats!!!! Well I ended up having center section row m (13)!!!!! Well, right before BSB came on I was walking around and I went up towards the stage just looking around and some lady ask me who is that blonde everyone is talking to and I look and its Kristin!! The people were telling me that i could not walk over there but I did anyway LOL. Well, I said hey to her and she was soo sweet!! anyway back to the concert. I was right under the bridge!!! I was soo shocked that this happen to me! The concert was sos o good! I think its there best so far that I have seen! I loved the skit were they are old its soooo funny!!! Kevin waved at me and I was freaking out but of my night was when I CAUGHT BRIANS SHIRT THAT HE THROWS OUT!!!! How I did this is the lady beside me had a daughter that was retired and she wanted to see nick up close so they told her she could walk up front that way for one

song and her mom did to want to walk up there so I did with her and I just got lucky!!!! That was the best concert I have ever been to well worth the 4 hour drive. I am gonna go get my pics delvoped now I cant wait to see them

Atlanta, GA

Date: Jun 14, 2001
Submitted By: Jesi

I thought the Atlanta show was 100% awesome! They changed it a little from the first leg of the show, but the changes made it even better! I don't want to go into a lot of detail, except to say that BSB ROKS and I can't wait till Next week to see 'em again!! :) Check out my review and pictures!!!! KTBPA!!!!


Atlanta,GA Concert

Date: Jun 14, 2001
Submitted By: Thomas W Maguire

I went to the BSB concert in Atlanta,GA in the Phillips Arena and boy was it great. I do miss them now and wish I could meet them person to person and talk to them and maybe go on tour with them and help them in any way I can. Well gotta go

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