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Date: Jun 30, 2001
Submitted By: KELLIE

I hadn't seen bsb in concert since the last time they went to charlotte and when I herd that they were coming to my home town, greenville, sc, I flipped out! I begged my mom to take me and she finally gave in. And I am sooo gald she did! The concert was the best night in my life. You see,i orginially had section 221, the upper bowl seats. And I was planning on trying to get on the floor to get better pictures. Before the concert, I met up with one of my friends and her mom and I asked them where they were sitting and they said 38th row! I asked them if I could go down there with them and try to get better pictures, and they said yes since it was a b-day present to me and to meet them somewhere after krystal performed. So krystal performed and I went and met my friend. When I got down to the floor, I was in heaven. It was a lot closer than I expected. When the lights went out everyone started screaming , and of course, I did too! Aj is my personal fave and I had a fit when he appeared on stage! I got some really good pictures too! But when they did they skits and then popped up behind everyone, I almost died! I was only 1 row away from the!! I got the best pictures there and one where they are all looking in my camera. Aj even pointed and waved right at me! I was so heppy that I started crying! I had on a really sparkley shirt so I think that helped get their attention! At the end of the concert, I realized how much I truly loved bsb!! It was the best night of my life ad the best birthday present I could ever recieve! Ktbspa!!!

Greenville, S.C.

Date: Jun 15, 2001
Submitted By: geegee

We literally took a chance on Tues. and headed to Greenville with no tix. It was a 3 hr. trip but,uppon arrival we realized there were still great tickets to be had. After purchasing fan club tix on the street we kept going back to the Box office. We had 12th row on the floor in our hands and scored front row at 5:30. My daughter was so excited. She had a black and blue cowboy hat that AJ had wanted since he had seen her in Charlotte in Jan. She said, "Mom, now is my hat chance when they drop the catwalk." Within 90 seconds of their arrival on stage AJ acknowledged her with a personal grin and wave. As predicted, he was eyeing the hat and when the catwalk was dropped, he made a beeline for her to retrieve it. She had a note attached inside. He wore it on the catwalk and on stage for 2 songs then placed it strategically on one of the guitarists heads with the note showing. Hopefully we will have a communication from him before we attend the rest of the concerts we have tickets to. We will keep you posted. P.S. Went to the Raleigh concert the next day and AJ seemed to be looking for my daughter. However, he was busy entertaining his Mom since we noticed her arrival. She seemed really happy with his performance and we now know where he gets his rhythm from. Nick did look right into my camera on the catwalk(we were only 4th row) so I know they know we were there. We'll see them Sunday in Greensboro.

Greenville South Carolina Concert

Date: Jun 14, 2001
Submitted By: Becka

OMG It was the best concert ever i had great seats especially when they were on the round thing in the back i was sooo close to them! I screamed and screamed i waved and blew kisses and i swear my baby Brian waved to me he looked stragight at me and waved AJ couldn't stop waving at my section! I had the best time.. I spent $60 bucks buying a t-shirt for me and my friend Tina who went with me... Anyways.. when the concert was over... we were outside waiting for Tina's mom and the tour buses went by and we waved to them! Brian waved to me then... The skit was hilarious i thought i was gonna die i laughed so hard... Well that is about it.... Just wanted to let everyone know that i had the best time and i will never ever forget my 19th birthday present!!

Greenville, S.C.

Date: Jun 14, 2001
Submitted By: Chrystal

My dad surprised me with 10th row tickets to see BSB Monday night. Now, my ultimate dream came true last night. All of my dreams just started happening since Monday night. It's absolutely CRAZY! I know most of you are gonna think I'm weird at how I'm reacting to all of this, but you've got to understand that the Backstreet Boys have *really* affected my life in SO many ways. Last night was the fourth BSB concert that I've ever been to. I've tried to enter every possible contest I could to meet BSB or to get their autographs. Basically, I could die happy if I knew that BSB knew that I existed. LOL! I know, stupid stupid. But like my dad said...ANYBODY can die happy if you have Jesus in your heart. Thats so true! hehe! :o)

Okay, so my dad and I left at around 3:10 in the afternoon. The concert was in Greenville, SC. Normally we go to Charlotte, NC for all our concerts because its much closer, but they didn't go there on the tour this time. Well, it takes about 2 hours to drive there. My dad and I talked the whole time. It was so much fun. We were taking self portraits of ourselves with the cameras! Haha! We listened to the whole Black and Blue CD and then we decided to turn it on to B 93.7 because its the local radio station in Greenville and I knew one of the radio personalities would be on location at the concert. So we heard Some Guy Named Tias (sp?)talking about how he had 2 autographed (by all members of BSB!) director chairs and the best seats in the house to give away. He said that everyone had to register before 6:30 and then they would do a drawing. I was like dad we have to do that. And we got there around 5:30 so we had a lot of time. We registered for the chairs and took pictures with them. I figured that I better touch where they touched because it would be the last time I would see the chairs. After we took the pictures we went down the road and around the arena where BSB's tour buses were. A bunch of fans were standing around shouting "Backstreet Boys!" in a lil chant type thing! It was cute. I, of course, joined in.

Finally, Howie came out of his bus and we all took quick lil pictures. He waved at us and went inside. Boy, lemme tell you he looks HOTTER in person! I'm NOT kidding. He is FINE! And very short too. Haha. And then after we waited awhile, Nick came out. Everyone went crazy. Now, ladies, he is SO frikkin lickable in person. Find his best picture ever and times that by ten and thats how he looks in real life. Very hott! Almost melted the paint off my poster. LOL! He waved at us all and did this cute lil smile and walked in. I wanted to see Brian, but I didn't. Anyways, AJ's bus was the last to come in and he went RIGHT beside us. I ran to one side of the road where the door was located thinking he was gonna be on that side, but nope. He was on the other side. And SMOKING too! LOL! Everyone was like laughing and screaming. And I was trying to run to the other side of the road to see him, but no luck. LoL. We waited awhile for A.J. to come out of his bus, but he never did so my dad and I headed back up to where they were giving away the chairs because it was almost 6:30.

More Than That started playing thru the speakers that the radio station had hooked up and it was so cool to see the crowd of more than 300 people swaying and singing. Then the guy got everyone to quiet down and he picked a girl to pick a name out of the box. I prayed a lil silent prayer and then crossed my fingers. The name he called out was: Danielle Horton. I was like great I knew it wasn't gonna be me. Besides, why would my name get picked out of a box filled to the brim with names. Well, guess what? The girl didn't claim her prize so I guess she wasn't there. The guy goes okay I'm waiting five seconds and if she doesnt claim it then we're drawing again. So I count to 5 seconds and I shout something like okay times up get on with it. LoL. And he got the girl to draw another name. He opens the note up and says...Chrystal H....(I'm not putting my last name up here.). I screamed the loudest scream that you could EVER imagine. Everyone was cheering for me and they were laughing at me because I was so ecstatic. The guy is like not that I don't trust you but tell me your phone number so I know your not lying. I said my phone number and hes like alright the best seats in the house and these autographed chairs are yours. I screamed, jumped up and down, and I almost started crying. LOL! Everybody kept coming up to me to congratulate me and some even asked for the other chair since there was two. And I was like no way. Hehe, I'm sitting here right now lookin at my chairs sittin on the other side of the room. Boy, when I sit in em its just an awesome feeling that well you know they sat there too! haha.

We had to wait there for awhile till the program director, Nicky, came up to us and helped us take the chairs to where we would be sitting. Well, get this... We got to sit right in front of their circular (small) second stage. See, it goes like this...the stage, our chairs where we sat, a fence (baracades) that went around the whole stage and us, then security guards all around the fence to keep the fans from getting inside the fence (where we were), and then the fans were a good 5 feet away from the security guards. It was AWESOME because I was 2 feet away from the stage and all the other fans were atleast 10 feet away. Whoah, I'm gettin ahead of myself lol.

Okay, we had to stand beside Nicky for awhile while she talked to some of the other radio personalities. It was fun tho because I could hear one of the guys talking about how he met BSB and they were really cool in person and stuff like that. And then she asked if I was supposed to go backstage and my heart totally skipped a beat. Then some dude came up and started to show us where we would be sitting and all the rules etc. So basically I missed my chance to go backstage. If I would have stayed there and asked or something they most likely would have let me. Bum Bum Bum. But hey I'm not complaining because how many people can say they have 2 autographed chairs by ALL the BSB members?! LOL!

So we made friends with all the security guards and talked to them and fun stuff like that. Then we told them that we would be going back and forth between our real seats and those seats. Because technically our 10th row seats are better than those. We watched Krystal (the opening act) perform. And she said she would be signing autographs for everyone after her performance. So I went up the stairs and waited in line to meet her. We got some pictures with her and I talked to her for a few minutes. This is how our convo went...

Chrystal: Hi my name is Chrystal too!

Krystal: Oh really?! Thats awesome!

Chrystal: Yeah, um my (online) friend named Elizabeth really loves you and she has a site for you and everything so I just kind of wanted to throw in a few words for her.

Krystal: Well, tell her that means a lot to me and thank her very much.

Chrystal: I will. Can I um have a picture with ya?

Krystal: Sure.

And then we took the picture and we went back to our seats and waited for the show to start. The entrance was SPECTACULAR! It was to the song "Everyone" and they do this lil army entrance. It was cool. I got loads and buttloads of GREAT pictures. We stayed there for the first half of the show and then left to go back to the seats where they would be performing next. They had a few things on the video screen. One of them was in 2050 when they were old farts and they were talking about replacing Howie for Joey Fatone. And OMG it was funny! Then they performed Don't Want You Back which was awesome. Oh, and I forgot to mention. During the first song they do this thing where they all grab their crotch. Very very very nice. I was about to go take a cold shower, but couldn't find one. And then they did their whole dressing room sequence in which they are really distracting the audience as they go to the second stage. So here I am standing there and they walk into the fence where my dad and I were and they walked RIGHT beside me. I was SO tempted to touch them, but I didn't want to make them mad or anything. I mean, guys, I was so close I could see the pimples and dimples on their faces. LoL. And so they got on the stage and everyone realizes its them and I bet they were JEALOUS of me. Yay!

I held up my "I Support the JWR Foundation" sign for Kevin to see. They were singing Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely. Thats a sad song by the way. So Howie looks right at me, smiles, winks, and waves. Then he taps Kevin on the shoulder and points at me. Kevin looks at the poster and smiles one of the most sincerest smiles I've ever seen. It was sweet. Then later on I yelled Howie Howie! And he looked down at me and I go...Can you catch this?! He says sure. So I tossed my bear up to him (because you've got to remember I wasnt that far from the stage at ALL...geez I'm gettin goose pimples just recollecting all this..haha)and he hands it to Kevin and points to me.

Kevin sits down and reads the note I wrote on the back. It said something like I was thanking them for all the music they produce and how their music has inspired me and given me so much self-confidence. And just stuff like that. And he read it. And he turned to me, looked me STRAIGHT in the eyes, blew me a kiss, winked, did the peace sign, and smiled. hehe! I about died. And then he waved to my daddy and smiled. But thats not all. Brian and AJ both smiled and waved at me during their perfomance of How Did I Fall In Love With You? (My fave song!) And since Brian is my fave I went hysterical. I've had that moment placed in ALL my birthday wishes, dreams, throwing the penny in the fountain wishes and everything. Oh, and during that song Howie did the lil Catholic sign (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) and looked up at the sky. I guess because his sister died.

And my dad looked at him and gave him the thumbs up sign because my dad thought it was real cool that he was a Christian. BTW, my family and I are strong Christians. So Howie waved to my dad and did his cute lil wink and smiled. And then Kevin gave my bear to the security guard to give back to me, but he did it because he touched it and now I would have it forever knowing that he was holding it. It wasn't like he was saying he didn't like it. It was like him saying thank you to me. Thats an ultimate fan gift, or atleast to me. Then they performed the rest of their songs and I ran up to the second row and got some AWESOME pictures.

Then as we were exiting the coliseum you could hear ALL these people whispering "Oh thats the girl with the chairs.", "Mom, she won the chairs.", "Oh my gosh, is that autographs?" LoL So for a moment there I felt special. People kept stopping us so they could get their pictures made with the chairs. LOL! And I met this one really SWEET BSB fan. I gave her my email address and we're gonna keep in touch. It turns out that she's been to the exact same concerts I've been too. So we have a lot in common. And on the way home we passed one of the tour buses and my dad got in front of it and I turned around and I could have sworn Nick was sitting at his laptop. I know it was one of their buses, but I'm just not sure if it was a friend or what. But I'm hopin it was Nick. It looked like him tho.

And this, my friends, was the absolute best day of my LIFE! This is ALL I have hoped for, for the past 2 years. I mean it would be awesome to meet them and get a hug, but this was just GREAT! You guys have no idea. My New Year's Resolution was to meet the guys or get their autographs. And like all my dreams that I have ever wanted to come true have. I will thank God everyday for the rest of my life for this. I'm still in shock. The day that this hits me I'm gonna have a complete melt down. LOL

Oh, and the concert was the best concert that I've been to in my whole life. The pryo, voices, choreography, stage show, etc. was beautifully done. Everything was just at its 100 percent best! Their voices were blended SO well! And I LOVED it when they sang acapella! Wow! It was GREAT!


Date: Jun 14, 2001
Submitted By: DEBRA

Ok, me,my mom,& my cousin left the house around 4:25,we got to the bi-lo center around 6:15 or so,but thank the lord we didnt have to wait in line,so we just went on in...I had a 3rd row seat while my mom and cousin had floor 3 row a seats..So I just froze because it was my first time ever being that close to the bsb,and I was so happy!!! So the concert started and krystal came out,she was so amazing she waved at me and everything,she sang like 4 songs,but shaggy wasnt there,because he had to cancel b/c he was sick!!!So it was 8:00 and the lights went out, we were all screaming,it was so loud in there,and comics started hitting the stage,and I actually thought it was going to hit me,because I could feel it,*lol* and then the boys rose up on the stands,looking *good as ever*..They started out to everyone, and I was jumping up & down,going crazy and brian looked at me and smiled * he pointed!! Then aj came to our side and he seen me waving at him and he poined and waved back.....Howie & kevin looked my way!!They were so hott!!!! When they were on that little stage we couldnt see because then we were far away,but when they crossed the bridge,the bridge came down right beside me,and aj came to our side to wave again,nick came on that side and he waved,then brian!!!!! Nick & aj did alot of dirty moves, esp on *shining star* nick shook his butt right in front of me... * I was in heaven* and it was so cool how they did that 2050 *they were old men* it was hilarious!!! Then they finally sang *shape of my heart * so while everybody else was throwing stuff on stage,i decided to throw my glowstick, and when I did,it hit nick on the back, and he looked right at me and pointed and he smiled at me.So he took my glowstick!!!! And then I thought he was come on down to the 1st row but he didn't!.. But the concert was better than their last one!!!I took so many pictures of nick!!!! And i'll never forget that concert!!!!! Ktbspa 4-ever!!!!!!

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