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Raleigh Nc,June 13

Date: Sep 03, 2001
Submitted By: Heather

My name is Heather and this was my third concert of there's but for my bestfriend Tonya this was her first Backstreet Boys concert she went to see and that night she had the best night of her life...I wanted to go there as soon as I could and school took on forever then me and my bestfriend went and got ready and went to the concert which took 2 hours to get there but we final got there and we got whatever we wanted and met one of my net friends which was nice to me then we waitind for the show to start and it did!I was gald Krystal was great I met Krystal and she is really sweet and nice when I met her..I did not see the whole show of Shaggy because I wanted to met Krystal then.Bsb came out the whole corwd went crazy even me and my bestfriend I was so crazy then too when they sang "Yes I will"It looked like Nick was looking at me but my bestfriend whenever Aj would come to her side she would scream are jump it was funny but it was the best Bsb concert by far and I did I could not take for 3 days after the concert I screamed so much and I missed school the next day so it was relly great to go to

Raleigh, NC, June 13, 2001

Date: Jul 10, 2001
Submitted By: Ashley

I know this is a little late for submitting a review to the Raleigh concert but I have been busy and haven't been on the Internet to send in one! Anyways I'll get on to my concert review.

June 13, 2001, was by far one of the best days of my life! My aunt was coming down from NJ to see the show with us. That morning we went to pick her up from the airport. On the way home we saw several big, white trucks pass us. Since the airport is sorta by the arena we thought that they were the trucks for BSB that carried their merchandise and stuff.

After seeing the trucks we thought that BSB would be here. So we went looking at the hotels that BSB would stay at around here. And sure enough we were able to find the hotels! The thing was there were 2 hotels with tour busses! One of them only had 1 bus though so we chose the one with more busses to wait at. We waited for such a long time and finally we were able to catch up with the guys! I was able to get an autograph, a picture, and have a conversation with each guy! I have met them in Charlotte at their hotel before but meeting them in my home town just made it more special to me!

After meeting them at the hotel I was completely in shock. We went home for a while because there was still a long time before the concert started.

Finally 3:00 came and my Mom, my aunt, my twin sister and I left the house for the arena. We arrived at the arena hoping to get another glimpse of BSB and their opening acts but we couldn't! So we left and went to the mall to get something to eat. We were able to catch up with a few fans who had been there for a contest from a local radio station to win some tickets. Right across from the mall is where we saw just 1 tour bus. It had Oregon licensee plates so we figured it couldn't be BSBs. Plus there was this big FFA. (Future Farmers of America, I think) convention and they were staying at that hotel. So we just thought it was one of their busses. By the time this was over it was around 4:40 and pouring down rain!

So we headed over to the arena. We got there around 4:50. The people at the arena don't open the parking gates till 5:00 so we still had 10 minutes to wait. 5:00 came and they still hadn't let us park. Finally around 5:15 they let us park.

It was still pouring down rain! But I didn't care. I grabbed my sign and the rest of my things and headed to where their tour busses were parked. My sign was 2-sided and said RALEIGH LOVES BSB and BACKSTREET IM YOUR SHINING STAR! None of BSBs busses had arrived yet. The guards told us that BSBs busses were supposed to arrive at 5:00 but they didn't.

Finally around 5:30 the first bus started to arrive. It was a greenish-blackish colored bus. It was the same bus that was parked at the hotel by the mall! It even had the Oregon licensee plate! Shaggy came off that bus along with a few other people. And to what I could see Nick had also come off of that bus! We had not only found BSBs hotel but Shaggy's also!

The other busses had arrived shortly after and we were all waiting out there for BSB to come out again. We made friends with a few security guards to keep ourselves un-bored. It was now 6:45 and it was still raining. We figured BSB wouldn't come out again so we left and went inside. I was able to sneak my sign and my camera in without the event staff saying anything to me!

So went in and found our seats. We were sitting in Section 3 Row 1 Seats 11 & 12! Front row! Ahhhh! We were 2 seats away from the center section and on the right side of the arena but our seats were still good! My Mom and my aunt were sitting in Section 2 row 5. The stage had seemed bigger for the Charlotte concert I had went to in January. To my surprise the ESA was only about 3/4 full. The seats in the back center sections on lower level weren't filled and several floor seats weren't either. I couldn't see how much was filled on upper level, though. The guards said it was because of not advertising the tour very well but I also think ticket prices had something to deal with it.

Since we had some time to kill we went up and bought a glowstick each and used the bathroom and stuff. The lines were long! By the time we finished this it was around 7:10. So we went back tour our seats and started talking to the event staff people in front of us. They had played basketball with the guys before the show and guess who won? BSB! Yay! Sorry... Anyways. We talked to them and tried to get Backstage Passes but they told us they didn't have any to give out. They told us to go and talk to these guys in black about bsp. So we went and bugged the heck out of them. They kept telling us they could only give out 1. And we're like huh? What do you mean only one? And he's like look we can only send one person backstage each and we have already sent them. We were mad! If only we had asked sooner! So we went back to our seats since the show would start soon.

To my surprise the show started on time for a change. At 7:31 on my watch Krystal came on! Since the people who had seats 13 & 14 weren't coming She looked over at me and smiled! She is so talented! I loved her performance! She sung the "My Religion" (I think that's that name of it) song and "Super Girl." She sung a few other songs. She announced that she would be signing autographs after her performance. So while she was singing "I'll be There" by the Jackson 5, we left to get her autograph. We ended up being the 5th people in line. She didn't have anything for people to sign so a security guard near by was handing out pieces of paper that had the order of what songs BSB were going to sing. As soon as she was done performing she came out. I screamed to her "I LOVE YOU KRYSTAL" and she screamed back "AWWW, I LOVE YOU TOO!" When it was my turn to get an autograph, I told her that I thought she was a great performer and she said "Thanks a bunch," and posed for a picture for me. She was soooo sweet!

Since Shaggy would be coming on soon we went back to our seats. I was still sitting in seat 14 and my sister in seat 13.

Shaggy came on soon after that. He isn't such a bad performer. I think his dancers could have been a little bit better. Some of them messed up a few times but they were cool. Finally around the 3rd song Shaggy was singing, the people who had seats 13 & 14 came so I had to scoot over 2 seats. A little girl around the age of 7 and her Mom were sitting there. Right after that this tall, black guy came over and whispered something into the mothers ear. We were all curious about what was going on so we were trying to listen. The Mom then whispered something into the little girls ear and she smiled. We were confused. We were wondering if she was going backstage or something. Shaggy sung "It Wasn't Me" and several other songs. Finally Angel started playing. The tall black guy came over and took the little girls hand and brought her behind the gate. We couldn't see what was going on from there so we asked her Mom if she was going backstage or something. She said No but she is going up to be Shaggy's Angel! I was so mad! If only they asked the person in the seat a song before! Little kids get everything! Oh well! Shaggy finally ended and he wasn't such a bad performer. When Shaggy's little Angel got back to her seat we asked her if she got to meet BSB and she said no. Don't you think they would at least let you meet BSB? I was now so psyched! BSB was about to come on!

Around 9:00 we thought BSB would come on. It was around 9:10 and BSB still hadn't come on. The security guards in front of us told us they would probably come on around 9:15 than. Krystal than came out and sat down in front with a bag of Fritos. We went up to her again and we're able to get a picture with her this time instead of one of her just sitting at the table. She was really nice. AJ's Mom was sitting in front of us too and we talked to her and got pictures. She's really nice.So we sat down in our seats since we were tired of standing. We just were staring at the stage. Suddenly we saw them lining up under the stage getting ready to come on. We were screaming and everyone behind us was like why are you screaming? And we're like because we can see BSB underneath the stage! My heart started to race. I was so excited!

At 9:15, the thing came up with the world on the screen. The pyro from it was so hot! We were practically sweatin'! BSB then rose from the ground and started off with Everyone and Larger Than Life. During Larger Than Life, my friends and I were all doing the dance from the video. Kevin was on our side and just looked at us and smiled. Probably cuz we were the only fools dancing!

After this they sung "Not For Me." This is one of my favorite songs! Brian came out and than talked. He told us how his grade school chorus teacher lived in Raleigh and that she was at the show. Her name was Mrs. Downing I think. AJ came on next and told us not to stop screaming! Nick came on next and by far he got the most screams! He talked to one girl and asked her what her name was. He said her name was like Julie or something like that, I cant remember! Howie came up on stage next and said that his sister Caroline's family was there. She lived in my town! Kevin came on last.

They then sung "What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful." I absolutely love that song! I went out and bought the Walmart CD just for the song since I liked it so much! I had already had the one without it that I got at Sam Goody. They then did "Yes I Will" with I think the white canes, followed by "More Than That," which they performed in the bridge on the back while dancers performed. "I Want It That Way" was next. The crowd loved that song the most! You could hear they crowd over the guys almost! They showed a clip from when they shot the video for the song.

They than showed a clip of BSB in the year of 2050. The skit was pretty funny! Brian was in wheelchair, Nick was really fat, AJ was pretty much bald, and Howie and Kevin had this weird hair style. They said they almost thought about replacing Howie with Joey Fatone from *NSYNC! I thought it was pretty funny.

They then came on and sung a medley of "Quit Playing Games," "As Long as You Love Me," and "I'll Never Break Your Heart." Brian sung his part in "Quit Playing Games With My Heart," Nick sung his part in "As Long As You love Me," and AJ sung some from "I'll Never Break Your Heart." They then sung "Don't Want You Back." I was surprised to hear it since it was a song from Millennium and never released as a single.

Next, they went under the stage by going into a BSB wardrobe box. They took us in the their dressing room. AJ showed us his tattoos while Nick talked about the girl he got a phone number from. I was jealous even though I knew it was made up for the skit! We had the perfect seats for the concert though because we didn't need this skit to go into their dressing room. We could actually see them changing beneath the stage! I mean we couldn't see faces but we could make out shadows while let us determine which boy was changing in front of us. While this was going on they went and showed some stuffed animals on the floor. They then threw some out of the BSB Wardrobe chest. When they were thrown out they didn't reach the crowd. A couple of them were caught by people in the middle section but most of them landed before the gates. The people standing down there took them and handed them out to the crowd. My sister and I were able to get one each. He has this weird hat type of thingy and kinda looks like Snoopy. My sister got some type of gray animal. Mine is kinda funky looking but hey I'm not complaining!

They then came up on the small, round stage in the back of the arena. I think its great how BSB put a stage at the other end of the arena for the fans. I know if I were in the back of the arena I would want to be close to them too since the stage was only at one end! They are so good to their fans! Although, having the small stage put me in last row! It wasn't too bad though. Once the guards got everyone to stop standing on their seats I could see them perfectly good! They sung "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely," "With Everything I Am" and "How Did I Fall In Love With You." After those songs were done a bridge came down and connected to the small stage. BSB went on there and sung "Time." I just love that song! I especially like it because the guys wrote it! AJ was the only one that waved to me on the bridge, all the rest of the guys just went up on to the stage. Oh well!

After they went back on the main stage they sung "The Answer To Our Life." This is my all-time favorite BSB song! I just love it! "All I Have To Give" was sung next followed by "If You Stay" and "Shining Star." My sign had said "BACKSTREET IM YOUR SHINING STAR." Nick just happened to be on my side and I held up my sign at him. He happened to see it too! He pointed to hit and smiled his cute smile! I even have a picture of him doing so! I was so happy! I was noticed by the boy of my dreams!

Right after this the boys took turns in introducing their dancers and band. Kevin and Nick introduced the band and the rest introduced the dancers. "Everybody" was sung right after it and than "Get Another Boyfriend." "Get Another Boyfriend" was probably one of the best songs for my sister and me. Nick came out and played the guitar. We just love to sing Nicks part! We were screaming at the top of our lungs every word and kept our eye on Nick since he is our favorite! He then came over to the right side (his left) and played for a second. He was looking directly at us! He took his guitar pick, threw it and pointed directly at my sister! It landed right on my sisters chair! She got it in the palm of her hand while she had to claw two other girls with her nails from the second row to keep it! I am so jealous of her! The guitar pick is like a brownish color with specs of light brown in it. Its pretty cool looking. If you want a picture of it you can e-mail me. Anyways, AJ said "Good God!" during this song just as he did on the CBS special. I think it was kinda cute!

Then AJ came on and talked for a few. There was a cell phone ringing and it was his. It was the beginning of the call. They sung this song second to last although I think it should have been last since they say "IM going to a place near by, Gotta go!" During this song AJ took out a waterbottle. He drank a little bit of it and then sprayed the crowd. I got sprayed but just barely. He then took the waterbottle and threw it to me and pointed at me! Disappointingly it hit the gate in front of me. I told the guard it was mine and he was about to give it to the little girl beside me when I pointed up on the stage at the guard and AJ pointed straight at me! I was so shocked! AJ picked me out of all the screaming fans to throw his waterbottle to! He even pointed to me! I had caught AJ's eye several times during the show. He pointed at me several times and waved. Sometimes when he stopped right in front of me and I went to take a picture he'd make a face or do something like that. He is just sooo nice! I almost cried I was so happy!

Then they came on and did Shape of My Heart. I was sad and happy at this point. I was happy with my BSB Concert Experience but sad that this was the last song. Even though this was BSBs last song, they played it like it was their first song of the show by getting the crowd hyped up!

This was truly the best BSB show ever! After the show, I went by their tour busses to see if they would come over and sign autographs and to thank AJ if I could! They didn't come over though. They just went on to their busses and waved. All of their busses left within 15 minutes of each other. We were told by a very reliable source, but I will not tell who, that BSB were going to eat out at a local steakhouse here. We knew where they were going to be eating but we wanted to get something to eat ourselves, but have enough time to go back to their hotel. First we went to Shaggy's hotel and were able to catch up with him for a short picture and an autograph, but we hurried out of there because we wanted to be able to catch BSB. So we left and went to Wendy's (it was by their hotel) and then went to their hotel. We parked our car in the hospital parking lot since that's where they would park their busses and we waited for them. We waited a while and finally they came. There were tons of police escorts and a few fans! We were able to catch up with the guys again! This was seriously the best day of my life!

I know this review was kinda long but I thought I would share my memorable night with everyone! If you wanna see some of my pictures of just chat about the concert e-mail me at Thanks! I went to the Greensboro, Camden, and Boston concerts and they were all great too, but this was by far my most special night so far! I am also going to the rescheduled Boston and East Rutherford concerts so if you are going e-mail me and maybe we can meet up! I hope AJ does good in rehab and Nick's hand is fine. Anyways, I'm going to go because I know this review is long and I don't want to make it any longer!



Raleigh NC

Date: Jun 27, 2001
Submitted By: Tegan

Hey everyone! This review is a little late but I thought I could give a pretty good review since I recorded the whole thing on two tapes (well just snippits of the Krystal/Shaggy parts) but I got all of the BSB but I cut out some of the just music parts. So be prepared for a long, detailed review.

First off, I was majorly surprised when the Raleigh ESA was not full. I was on the second level and I could see the whole first level risers were maybe 1/2 to 3/4 full. Why didn't they fill up from the floor seats to the top in order? I felt really bad for third level seats. And the stage set-up was bad for the people not on the floor too. This HUGE speaker blocked half of the main screen behind the stage. And the sound system sucked. But besides those annoyances, the concert was great.

This was my second concert, my last one was in Lexington KY, but I had moved since then and only had to travel 2 hours to Raleigh. Beautiful city I might add.

I got there at about 6-6:30. I left at 5, and the traffic was pretty bad. It had rained too, so people were going slow. I stayed at the Embassy Suites, my mom wanted to make this a fun trip, I stayed at the Hyatt in Lexington- same hotel as the guys. But I brought 3 disposable cameras- 800 speed. I put two in a pringle can and hid my recorder in case in napkins. I didn't need to go through all that because security never stopped me. You couldn't leave the arena once you were in. I got a program (bigger and better than Millennum tour ones) and a Tshirt.

We waited a long time and I think they should have had videos or SOMETHING playing while waiting. Hype us up.

The concert started with Krystal and she has a great voice, I hope she makes it. She performed for about 30 minutes. They showed her Supergirl Video with has a small cameo of Kevin in it. I- and everyone else who was anxiously waiting screamed when we saw him.

They took a break to set up for Shaggy and then he performed like 10 songs. He was very energetic, but he screamed too much. I was going deaf. He performed for like a hour.

Finally after the longest intro ever- the anticipation was great, the boys showed up on rising pedastoools. Did a little arm dance and began with EVERYONE. Then went straight into LARGER THAN LIFE. A break took place after that, with like ambiance music, pretty long. Then NOT FOR ME began. Lots of lights for those songs. Not for Me was really good. Lots of screaming. I loved the dancing. The new band was great for the fast songs. Brian came out after that to say what's up. He thanked us said we were the best fans, said hello to his grade school chorus teacher, Mrs. Downey(?).

He also got us screaming by asking what CDs of theirs we had. He was really sweet. Then AJ came up. Said long time no see, asked us if we were gonna have an incredible night, and thanked us. And made us promise we wouldn't stop screaming. Then Nick came us saying whats up and some girl must have been going crazy cuz he talked to a girl he asked her name, guessed Julie, Joley, and said oh- well something like that. He was real short. Said they loved us and stuff. Howie came up and talked about Carolines last concert there. Her kids and some of his family were there. Then came the sexy boy Kevin himself. His hair was in cornrows. Thanked us, and asked if we were ready to hear more music and dedicated the next song WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT to all the ladies in the house. Howie looked estatic to have a lot of parts to sing infront of the crowd. YES I WILL came next. Then a break and then MORE THAN THAT. I love that song, and they did great, although Kevin stayed up on those high metal things the whole time. Another break and I WANT IT THAT WAY came on. Everyone sang- it was like a BSB religious moment. It even showed up on my recording. After it was a long video clip of it. Then the 2050 interview came on. It was really funny. Brian was bald in a wheel chair, Nick was fat, AJ was bald except the sides of his head, and Howie and Kevin had wild hair, with Kevin's accentuated eyebrows. The lady asked what their new album was gonna be and they said it had music on it. Nick never got married and they said his girlfriend was hidden in his stomach. =) They also laughed really hard when she said people had said boybands wouldn't last. The hip replacement thing was funny too.

Then they went back to music. They did a verse of QUIT PLAYIN GAMES and everyone clapped with it, then a verse of AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME. Nick sang it differently. Then did a bit of I'LL NEVER BREAK YOUR HEART. Aj gets all selfish and hogs the stage to do an end as a solo. Then Howie pretends to get and said 'What was that all about, taking off your jacket? You've just lied to the whole audience. Tell them what you really mean.' So DON'T WANT YOU BACK started. They did part of it. Then Brian said OK, we DO want you back. Then AJ did the whole do you guys like the outfits we have one right now? And Brian left to go in the wardrobe boxa and Nick asked if they should change right on stage. And Howie started to Strip. Nick followed Brian saying how he loved him in a squeaky voice. Howie left and the crowd went wild when they said it was the Kevin and AJ show. Which I loved. (My two faves) Then AJ left saying he had too much coffee. Then Kev sat on the box, and the stadium went CRAZY. Kevin said 'I thought they'd never leave. Then said he's introduce the new material he was working on- solo stuff.' Then repeated in a deep voice, 'DO YOU WANT TO COME INSIDE?' The whole underground changing thing was prolly taped. But it was funny. AJ was caught with his pants down, and they fight over rings and Howie introduces Sally the blowup doll. AJ shows his new tattoo, I think he said his new nick name was Jiffity. Then Nick talks about the fine girl he saw and Howie is ticked off Nick has all the numbers of girls.

The they sing some of JUST TO BE CLOSE accapella for a minute. They come up on the platform in the bag of the arena- drectly across from me, and sing SHOW ME THE MEANING, I PROMISE YOU, HOW DID I FALL..., and then did TIME after Nick talking about a monkey thrown up onstage and Brian talked about how they'd been together for over 8 years. The bridge comes down and the guys walk around on it waving to the floor fans. But Kevin stayed on the platform for a long time. Then he talked about their charities and Then his cornrows start to come out and you can tell they were bothering him, but then he head banged and made fun of himself. Nick laughs. The front row seats tickets go to the foundations. THE ANSWER TO OUR LIFE was next and then ALL I HAVE TO GIVE. The guys played instruments. Then they did IF YOU STAY, which was Awesome. I love that song. Its on the Booty Call soundtrack. They did a great dance to it. Very funky. They got everyone clapping. Then the boys did a cool dance. The SHINING STAR came on- Kevin wasn't on stage. I think he was either getting his hair fixed or getting ready to come up to be the first to introduce the band. This song was great too, the did the coolest dance and clapped to the beat. LOTS of SCREAMS. They all danced kinda with the dancer. The funky music was so different and I loved it. Kevin got into it. Nick came next and finished the band. Then Brian Howie and AJ, started the dancers Jon, Reggie, Nicki, Lisa, Richie, Michelle, some I couldn't hear...then EVERYBODY came on. AJ was wild. Then GET ANOTHER BOYFRIEND, the great beat was great for the dancers. AJ constantly said 'Good good God!' Then AJ came up and talked to each side of the audience and his cell rang. Cute little act. He slips and says Raleigh SC. THE CALL was next, and the boys danced solo with a dancer while waiting for their turn to sing. Then a few people stupidly left and SHAPE OF MY HEART ended the concert.

Luckily for me and the person I was with we couldn't remember where are car was. So we walked in direction of the security and joined a group of people waiting behind a waist high gate to see if the guys were coming out. The highlight was we all saw Brian he walked by, and was waving and then entered his bus. We all screamed Brian over and over and he came out and waved again. THEN to be even sweeter, when the police escort was leading his bus out, He went to the cab and had the driver turn the overhead light on and waved some more. None of the other guys did that. They had plenty of security, and they could've waved bye. But whatever. Thanks Brian.

We still didn't know where our car was, so we ended up getting to ride in a golfcart around thill we got to the exit we parked at.

The concert was great, and the big screen idea was genius. I can't wait for the next tour, but I'll be in college, so hopefully I can GET to one, and afford it.

Oh. PS I saw the Matt guy too. I did a double take when I saw him before and after the concert. But I knew it wasn't AJ, why would he be in the crowd so he could get raped? But he did have the whole AJ look thing going on.

Jun 13, 2001 B&B Summer Tour

Date: Jun 21, 2001
Submitted By: Melissa C.

I have to say the Black & Blue Tour has really given fans from all over the arena a closer look at the 'boys'. I just happened to be sitting in the back of the floor seats and was ecstatic when they came out and sang right behind me. They sang a little of everything, from their first to their latest album which is wonderful for a die-hard BSB fan like me. A two hour show where the only complaint that I have is that I occasionally had to struggle to hear the boys over the screaming...oh, and that I wasn't lucky enough to get to meet Howie (sigh)...

Raleigh, NC

Date: Jun 20, 2001
Submitted By: Wendy

I went to my second BSB show of this year in Raleigh, NC. The show was great as usual. They made a lot of changes and I liked this second leg better than the first. They seemed to be enjoying themselves more this time. The dancing even seemed to be stepped up a notch. I had great seats for this show FLR 3, row 4 and I took lots of pictures. You can check them out at

I also went to the Greensboro show and it was even better than the Raleigh show. They were cutting up so much and just laughing like through the whole show. This time I had FLR B, row 3. I was dead center! This was probably my last BSB show until they come around again, and it couldn't have been better. My friend and I got waves from Kevin and Brian. I kept trying for an AJ wave, but never got one. Oh well!

Oh yeah, I would just like to say that I finally saw Matt. He looks A LOT like AJ! He was near me in Raleigh and I knew that it was him, LOL! AJ even waved to him while he was on the catwalk! Very cool!

greensboro nc 6-17-01

Date: Jun 18, 2001
Submitted By: matt mc

The greensboro concert was a special show for me because it is probably the last bsb show i'll get to see for a while. With all of their sucsess, after this tour, they will probably take some time off to enjoy it and be with family and friends. On a good note this show was the peak of all the bsb shows i've been to (and thats a lot).

The night started off with myself finding a seat right in front of the ramp. After the opening sequence aj ran over too the ramp and touched a few girls hands on his way back to the stage he saw me and made a went back up to shake my hand. After breifly meeting him at the raleigh concert, I was content but him doing that was the coolest thing that has ever happened to me..

After that I thought the night was climaxed... I was wrong my friend loves howie and brought a sign that said i'll be your l-l-l-lovergirl for a bear( yall know from that old song like 8 years ago) anyway howie saw the sign and went to give her a lupus bear. He handed it to me and right as I was going to give it to her some girl snatched it out of my hand... That started the first ever bsb mosh pit....Needless to say in the end I got the bear back for my friend.......

After the long week the boys seemed a little tired but still managed to preform in true bsb fashion.... Even tough audio was not up to par.

To all the people who I got pictures with.... I enjoyed it

And to anyone who wants to get in touch with me feel free.


To backstreet.Net thanks for being fan central for true bsb fans....

Everyone KTBSPA


Matt mc

bsb concert in raliegh,nc

Date: Jun 17, 2001
Submitted By: Donella

I went to my first BSB concert on wednesday. At first I was " ok its a concert,whatever", My aunt Pam and our friend Kim were taking me; they thought they could convert me to a bsb-fan.Well let me tell you IT WORKED! They had an awesome show. Great dancing (I am a dancer so I know the difference), great sound, great costumes... everything was GREAT. The boys (men really) were great too... as I am typing this, great isn't strong enough of a word for what I experianced. The whole show was zen like. It was perfect. My aunt Pam, friend Kim, and I all had signs to hold up and we each got noticed. Of course they had already gone to the tuesday night Greenville,sc show with their signs and got noticed there too.I was at that show in spirit though because I had my aunt throw up on stage a stuffed animal with a surprize ;o) tied to it for AJ. AJ is awesome, I always have thought he was handsome,even before I could put a name to the face. Anyway, when they were on the round back stage I held up my sign to AJ and he saw it and he pointed, smiled and nodded. I won't say what it said but needless to say it was "of AJ's thinking" as I was told by my friends. The point of all this is: yes I admit, I am a 23 year old bsb fan and proud of it! I will also be attending the greensboro show on sunday. And to my friends you "converted" me THANK YOU!!!

Raleigh, NC

Date: Jun 16, 2001
Submitted By: Cindy

My 7th Backstreet Boys concert was on June 13 in Raleigh, North Carolina. It had to be the best Black & Blue concert I've been to (three in all). On June 12, my mom, sister, best friend, and I rented a new PT Cruiser to drive the three hours to Raleigh. We used shoe polish to write on the windows, it was great. Anyhow, we stayed at the Embassy Suites and awaited the following night.

The next day we got all of our concert clothes on. I had made a shirt that said "100% Backstreet Girl" for the concert, and I wore a pair of shorts with a "I [heart] Boys" belt. I wrote 'BSB' on my face and Brian's name inside a heart on my arm. Let's just say I was glammed up for this one (well, sorta lol).

We got to the arena at around 5:00-5:30 p.m., and waited inside. I was surprised because usually you have to wait outside, which we didn't want to do because two hours before it had started raining. Stupid Tropical Storm Allison! Anyway, we waited inside and I bought a cute tour shirt. If any of you are wondering, the guy who wrote the review below mine really does look like AJ! I've seen him at three of the concerts in NC now and have talked to him at two. I mean, this guy is for real.

Note: To my surprise, the concert started when it was supposed to! Krystal came on at two minutes to 7:30 according to my friend's watch. Trust me, I was baffled. LOL.

I thought Krystal and Shaggy were awesome. Shaggy was just a bundle of energy bursting from his gyrating pelvic area (lol). I loved when he sang "Angel" and "It Wasn't Me." I tried to take pictures but they came out bad because I was in the back of the arena, but in the lower level. Oh well! They were still great performers!

Note: We had a sign for Shaggy that had to do with the Marine Corp because he used to be a marine and was stationed where my father is now stationed. Part of the sign said "Semper Fi." We didn't think he could see it because we were in the back of the arena, but at the end of his set he said "Peace, Semper Fi!" My mom later told me that if someone in the Marine Corp said Semper Fi to you, it was considered rude not to say it back. That was awesome!

The Backstreet Boys were amazing. The set was a bit different from the first leg of the tour, because they added Quit Playin' Games, As Long As You Love Me, and Don't Want You Back. They sang SMTM on the rear stage (oh so close to where I was!). Probably the best part of the show is when they did the skit of them in the year 2050. It was absolutely hilarious. Especially when Kevin tells of how they held auditions to 'replace' Howie when he had to have surgery, and said that Joey Fatone showed up! Go Kevin!

When it was time for the Boys to come to the rear stage, everyone crowded into the empty rows that were right in front of it. We were "front and center" to them for about twenty minutes, and I was in heaven! I had Brian right there while my friend was googly eyed over Nick who was directly in front of us. We had a sign for Howie that said "Havelock [heart] Howie." Anyone who knows about his sister Caroline knows what that means. We've held it up at about four concerts, and Howie did the same that he always does when he sees it: tapped his chest, closed his eyes, and blew us a kiss that showed nothing but respect for us. We really do love ya Sweet D!

All in all, the concert was outstanding. I couldn't say more about it! Despite dozens of empty seats, the Boys pleased the thousands of faithful fans that attended!

raleigh nc 6-13-01

Date: Jun 15, 2001
Submitted By: matt mc

Whats up again this is matt.

The second leg of the the black and blue tour was off the hook. The opening acts were Shaggy and Krystal.Shaggy put on a real energetic and surprisingly sexual show due to the age group he was preforming for.

for everyone who went to the first leg of the tour ...this currnet tour offered new song melodies, costumes, and skits. the opening sequence(like the old tour) was a meteor shower on the earth..... this concert seemed a little layed back. Aj put on a rare preformence with his on stage antics. It went very well minus a few techincal difficulties no one probably noticed. The new skit was funny. Im not goin to ruin it for anyone but it was of them in the year 2050. My highlight of the night was when got to say whats up to aj. I have always wanted to meet him and after 6 concerts I finally got my chance( i had to knock a few people down though... if any of you are reading this ........sorry. I usually get mobbed by peolpe when i go cause I happen to look like aj. This concert was no exception..... all in all i have to say it was the best bsb concert i have ever been too. to any of the girls who met me.whats up and stay tuned for my greensboro nc review


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