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Backstreet Boys concert in Nissan Pavillion in V.A

Date: Jul 07, 2001
Submitted By: Claudia Belloso

I went to the Backstreet Boys on Friday June 15,2001. I have to say that while i was waiting at the gate of Nissan Pavillion it sucked because it rained very hard and everyone got soaked and wet. When all of that ended the gates opened and it was time to party and have fun!! The first act was Kyrstal Harris, man she is very amazing I love her voice she has great talent!! Then minutes after Shaggy came on with his crew and he rocked the stage and the audience!! Minutes after it was time for BSB!!! i was very excited and i began to cry when i saw them come out and i saw them on stage! They all looked good and ready to get us fans moving out of our seats. Everyone was going wild and people were screaming their guts out!! It was loud. I loved the Backstreet Boys concert!! Thye sang old and new songs from their albums. I loved when they showed the clip of them in the future I couldn't stop laughing!! The concert was great i enjoyed every bit of it. The only sad thing is that i wasn't able to meet them and tell them how much I love and that I've been a fan every since they beagan in the U.S. If anyone that is reading this hasn't gone to their concerts and think that the tickets are too expensive then you are wrong because every penny,dollar or cent spent will be well worth it. I love U BSB!!

Washington DC/Virgina Concert --June 15, 2001

Date: Jun 28, 2001
Submitted By: Felicia

Hey all! It's Fel again, back with my second installment of BLACK AND BLUE reviews. The last time I wrote was back in February for the MCI Center show. Before I get to that however, I just want to send out a big THANK YOU to Fans Illustrated for making it possible to bring back! This is one of my all time favorite sites and I was devastated when it was announced that it would be taken down. Thanks to Caitlin and her dad, John, for not giving up on the site. I think I speak for most fans in saying that it is THE best site that exists to date. =)

But N*E*wayz, as the Boys would say, "Let's get on with the show..." lol. I warn you all and apologize now. This is gonna be a LOOOOOONNNNGGGG review because I have a whole lot to say,lol. This is coming straight from my personal tour diary, so I hope I don't bore anyone too much. =)

Okay, let's begin:

Mom and I were once again excited beyond words about seeing the Boys again. This was my graduation present (I graduated the Saturday right before the concert), so I was VERY VERY VERY excited,lol.On the wednesday night before the show, they announced on Z104 (my fave radio station) that they were going to have a contest at the Nissan Pavillion. Whoever showed the most Z104 spirit, was going to win front row seats or backstage passes. Of course, I started freaking out and woke my mom up and we were both spazzing about that,lol. While mom was at work the next day, I came up w/ideas. I decorated my "ALL I HAVE TO GIVE" hat ( and no, it's not a real one,lol)with BSB and Z104 dj's. I also borrowed two Z104 tee-shirts from the 80's, from my friend Rhiannon and was going to tie them to the front and back of my BLUE tank top. Then I made a little sign to attach to myself, declaring my Z104 love, and even painted my finger and toenails with Z's.

The next day, it was time to go. We woke up extra early to finish packing and stuff. Then we left after 9 AM and headed to Westminster where we started out the long haul to Virginia. Amazingly enough, we made it all the way to Manassas without getting lost (we didn't get lost until we were in Manassas,lol). 45 minutes after getting to the city (LMAO!), we finally found our hotel--The Olde Towne Inn-- around 12:15. After checking in and having lunch (they have great food, btw! lol), it was off to the Nissan Pavillion. We thought we were doing something getting there around 2 PM and just chillin in the parking lot for a few hrs, but the security there is strict and said to come back at 4:30. We didn't know what to do for the next 2 1/2 hrs, so I suggested that we turn back and wait at the 7-11 that we'd passed about 2 miles back on the road.

At the 7-11, we just happened to luck out and meet up with my buddy, Jojo, who I met on the online fan club. This was our first official meeting after hundreds of talks online, e-mails, and phone calls, so were were sooo excited. lol Jojo is just the coolest. =) After Friday, I owe her so much because she did something so great for me (I'll get to that a little later). We sat in the parking lot (they didn't have any good magazines inside,lol)planning strategies on how to meet BSB. I brought along some markers adn Jojo suggested that we decorate my arms, legs, and face with some stuff to get Z104's attention, so Mom and Jojo spent the next hr and 1/2 writing all over me!! LMAO, The looks we got from people at the gas station!!! I know I looked ridiculous, but I decided to do it for our Boys! NEwayz, 2 other fans (another girl, Jenn, who was with her dad, and a middle-aged ladywho was by herself!--sorry, I forgot your name) showed up, and we all shared concert tips and fan anecdotes. Finally it was 4:00 and we headed back towards Nissan. There was already a line of cars waiting to get in. While we waited, there were these girls in the car across from us who had a sign in their window that said, "HONK IF YOU HATE NSYNC!" LMAO, mom and I practically fell out of the car from laughing soo hard! Mom started beeping the horn and the girls in the next car started cheering. Guess ya had to be there to appreciate it, but it was great!! lol

So they finally let us in the parking area and I put my z104 gear on. They we headed up the stairs to the area by the ticket booths and the main gate. Tehre was a big banner with a pix of the guys standing in front of thse huge ass poptarts (guess they're a sponsor for this leg?!) and across from that, a souvinir stand. I bought a BLACK and BLUE bandanna and the brand new tour program with pix from the first leg (really hot pix!), and Mom bought a tee-shirt. Then we all went over to the ticket windows to see if we could trade up our seats. There were these girls standing around nearby that were screaming and freaking out coz someone was offering front row, but Mom and I couldn't afford it. Jojo found out from the ticket people at the window that you couldn't trade--you had to buy new tickets. There were seats available in row c (which later turned out to be the second row coz there wasn't a row A) for $125 and Jojo decided to buy one. Because she didn't need her old seat anymore (Section 101, Row E), she let me have it. We were both freaking out coz she was gonna be in the 2nd row and i was a whole lot closer (I had section 303 and mom had 204--long story,lol). AAAAAAAAGGGHHH! lol

Well, then it starts to rain...and rain...and rain..There was this really bad thunderstorm and I was a little afraid they were gonna cancel the show, but I was refusing to leave. lol We didn't have umbrellas, so we ran for cover under the willcall windows and the lady we met earlier offered to stand in front of me so I wouldn't get all my stuff wet (thanks, if you're reading this!). Finally Nissan people made us move from under the windows and we had to make a dash for this tent where some other fans were clamming for shelter from the rain too. Jojo, Jenn, and I started a group singalong to pass the time--I couldn't believe how many fans joined in! That was sooo cool,lol. Talk about keeping the pride alive! =) While we were singing, I could see THEIR buses coming in, but it was all the way down on the other side, so it wasn't worth the effort running allt that way just to get soaked. Finally, they opened the gates and we hurried inside. It was still raining as we searched for the z104 tent and our seats. There were these guys working there that were saying all these mean things about the Boys. I just ignored them, but Mom actually told them off and gave them the finger. It was soooo funny! lmao--I couldn't believe she did it! =)

When I found my seat, I started freaking out when I found it coz I counted and I was no more than 15 or 17 rows back from the stage!!! (The orchestra section was really small). Then Jojo found me and she said that she found the z104 tent on the opposite side, so we hurried over. Well, I ended up staying there for way over an hour and ended up missing all but one of Krystal's songs. As you can guess from my enthusiasm, I didn't win anything (boo...), but I dealt with it. Atleast it had stopped raining. After we hit the bathrooms and concession stands to get something to drink, it was time to find our seats again. I disposed of my soggy z104 stuff on my hat and gave the tee-shirts back to mom to put in her bag. Then I hurried to look for my seat again. Krystal was just beginning "I'll Be There" as I searched for my section, and it took me the whole time too because I had to walk all the way across the seats to get to 101 again. Once I got to row E, I made friends with the girl next to me (Hi Erica, if you're reading this!)and found out that her fave was Howie.

Shaggy came out half an hr after Krystal and performed a very long set--atleast 7 songs! I thought his hair looked really good. Shaggy had this obsession with waving his arms(I stopped waving after the 3rd songlol), but I still love him. =) He sang a lot of my favorites, but the best song was "Angel" coz he brought this little girl up on stage and had the back-up singer guys (didn't know who they were) serenade her with this little harmony thing that goes, "Heaven must be missing an angel.." It was soooo pretty! Thought the little girl was gonna cry! lol The other good part was when Shaggy and Rayvan (he was soo cute!) split the audience in half (Rayvan was on our side) to see who could cheer the loudest. It was sooo funny when Shaggy told us we sucked, and then Rayvan told us to boo him. The look on Shaggy's face was priceless. lmao!!

After Shaggy finished, Jojo came up and asked me if I wanted her to throw the blue sunglasses that I got for AJ up on stage and i told her to go for it. It later turns out that she didn't, but she DID give them to Billy, who said that he'd make sure AJ got them after the show. (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGHHH! AJ has MY sunglasses!! **SPAZ** lmao! ok, i'm over that. heehee.)

After Jojo left again, we got to watch 2 commercials on the side screens. The 1st was for Izone and little snapshots of the Boys came up. We were screaming and blowing kisses to them,lol. Then in the 2nd "commercial", these spinning poptarts came up. Everyone started screaming again--I thought this was hilarious. I mean, C'mon people! It's just poptarts! Why are we screaming?! lol..I was making fun of everyone and going, "Ohmygawd! The Poptarts!! They're sooo sexy!" LMAO! Then these girls came out on stage with half a poptart and said that one of the Boys ate the other half. Everyone started shrieking again. The girls asked if we wanted the remaining half. I just sat there and laughed. They had this contest for an autographed camera, and a 3-month supply of the brand new choclate chip poptarts. Ooh...exciting (*yawn*). I'll just take the AUTOGRAPHED camera, thank you. lol

Not much else happened for another hour. I think they were really teasing us for awhile coz the 70's/80's music they were playing would stop for a minute and someone would "play" with the lights on the stage or the smoke, and everyone would start screaming. Then the music would start again and the house lights remained on.

FINALLY, however, around 9:15, the lights went all the way out and it got extremely loud in there. Thank goodness I was wearing my earplugs. (After 2 previous BSB shows and a Johnny No Name concert, I'm no idiot! lol). Erica and I started shrieking and standing up--we didn't sit down for the rest of the show,lol. Then the earth appeared on the screen and the intro was just how I remembered from the feb concert. Whent the meteor appeared, I yelled, "IDAHO POTATOES!!!", but noone around me seemed to get the reference. Geez, tough crowd. LOL! Once again, I jumped when the "meteors" hit the stage, even though I knew what was coming this time. I'll skip over this part since we all know what happens. By the time the Boys were out on the pedestals, I was more than prepared with my camera. I had to keep it hidden though coz I heard that nissan people were being jackasses and taking cameras and stuff (they totally suck! lol). But NEwayz, I snapped like 3 pix of them up in there. Man,it was cool. Kevin was in his sexy cornrows (yes!!), Brian, AJ, and NIck's hair was growing out again (even though you could barely see Brian's with his bandanna,lol), and Howie's hair was "short" and curly. I decided something--they get better looking every friggin time I see them!! They sang "Everyone" and "Larger Than Life" in the same BLACK AND BLUE outfits as last time. Then one of the female dancers did a little ballet stance on the side while the Boys did a quick change into these HOT red and black outfites for "Not For Me". After that, Brian came back out by himself with just a spotlight on him and thanked us for coming. He joked about their red outfits saying that the show was called Black and Blue, but their outfits were black and RED. lmao...goofball! Some girl up front had this huge rose for Kevin and Brian noticed it in the audience and says, "That's a really big rose, isn't it?" LMAO! Then he asked us the "four questions" and says, "Who wants to see more of AJ?" Everyone screamed. Then he goes, "Okay, who wants to see more of Howie?" Everyone screamed again. Next he says, "Ok, well who wants to see more of Kevin?" and everyone screamed again. Then...he says, "And who wants to see more of Nick?" The screams were deafening here, of course. lol. It was so cute when Brian giggled and went, "I thought that's what you'd say." I yelled, "Awww, Brian! I wanna see more of YOU too!", but he didn't hear me. lol

Next, Howie (in the white outfit) came out and thanked us while Brian went to change. He said he had to make sure to say hello to all of his family members that were here. I don't remember what else he said, but I do remember quite well WHAT he did. Erica was freaking out, of course. I love all the Boys (i mean, how could I choose?! lol) and had a goal that night to get all of them to look at me. Howie was looking on our side and since noone else was really doing anything, I decided to wave. That's when I got the shocker of the century! Howie picked that exact moment to look straight at me. He grinned and did the same wave back! OMG, I was so shocked all I could do was stand there. Once he went back under the stage though, it hit me and I was actually crying a little bit. Erica saw it too and was spazzing. It was soooo cool. I realized seconds later that the whole audience had seen it coz it was on the big screen. Oh man..I was soooo thrilled! =)

Nick or AJ came out next, but I don't remember what they said coz I was still trying to collect myself after my Howie incident,lo. I do remember Nick telling everyone "I love you" though, heehee. Kevin came out i think last and remembered the fact that it wasn't just people from DC that were there. ("How many people from DC?...From Virginia?...from Maryland?") That made me feel really good, heehee. Hmmm..they sang "What makes You Different Makes You Beautiful", "Yes I Will", "More Than That", and "I Want It That Way". Then they came out in these brand new baby blue outfits and sat on these boxes for a medley of "Quit Playing Games" and "As Long As You Love Me". Then they sang a short version of "I'll Never Break Your Heart" followed by "Don't Want You Back". After that they brought out the "trunk" and had a new video for the dressing room sequence. It was longer this time and had some really funny antics in it. AJ showed us his new tattoo on his left forearm that says "AJinnity"--apparently his new nickname (lol..not gonna ask!). He was like, "...That whole 'Bone' thing is over." lmao. Nick and Howie were clowning around together and go up to AJ. Nick said something about "I know you've been having girl troubles lately, so we bought a girlfriend and you can do anything with her." My initial reaction to that was, "OMG, has Nick been looking at prostitutes?!" LMAO..j/k. So he goes back behind the dressing room and returns holding a blow-up doll!! OMG, the look on AJ's face--thought he was gonna smack them both! lmao. Then Kevin notices and isn't too amused either ("You guys, we can't have a blow-up doll! This is a family-oriented show!") Later, AJ notices that his "favorite" ring is missing and starts crawling around to look for it. Brian picks it up and shows it to the camera with this adorable look, like, "Look what I found!". Then AJ spots Brian with it and goes over to take it from him and Brian acts like a 3-year-old about it ("I'm keeping this! NOOOO! I found this! YOu can't have it! I found it!") OMG...I was dying! They sang a little accapella of "Just to be close to you" and Brian tried out Howie's part--it was soo cute! Then it was time to go back up so the guys start "primping" in the mirror. Howie has hairspray and a little grooming tool and starts shoving the others out of the way ("You guys are hogging the mirror!" lol). Then AJ gets stubborn about it and holds onto the pole next to the mirror while Howie tries to pull him away (AJ: "NOOOOOOOOO!"). Then Howie gets up in the mirror and starts brushing his almost non-facial hair, lmao! (You had to see it to appreciate it! lol)

When they were back on stage, they sang "Show Me The Meaning" where Howie held his part out for an incredibly loooooooonnnnnggggg time (I was mucho impressed!) and then "I Promise You (with everything..)" where Nick hit this gorgeous highnote that brought tears to my eyes. I could hear Kevin's harmony really really well for this song--it was so pretty. I was like, 'Yeah, go Kev!' lol. Then they sang "How Did I Fall In Love With You". It was soo adorable when Howie came really close on our side and then Brian came over, tapped him on the shoulder, and put his arm around him for a sec before they started singing. Then it was really funny what happened next during this song. The girl with the really big rose gave it to Kevin and he stuck it between his teeth, grinned like an idiot, and did a little latin dance. I didn't think Brian and Howie were gonna be able to finish the song coz they were laughing so hard at him.

Then they sang "Time" sitting in the middle on the edge of the stage and I'm just gonna list what happened during that coz Howie and Nick were hysterical to watch:

--Nick: "I remember when mom used to say-Yo Howie, what'd she say?" and Howie whispering the answer.

--Nick continously putting his arm around Howie and the two of them whispering ang giggling at the audience with these looks on their faces like, "We're best buddies!" Someone stop the cuteness! lol

--Nick poking Howie and Howie pretending like he was gonna bite him if he didn't stop.

--Nick trying to tell Howie there was something on his cheek and then his little thumbs up reaction after Howie rubbed it off.

--Nick and Howie plotting to torture the other guys while they were singing.

--Nick bopping Kevin on the head with the rose.

--Nick tickling Brian's nose with it and Brian pretending to sneeze.

--Nick using the rose like a feather duster on Howie, and Howie pointing to his own neck, encouraging Nick to tickle him again! lmao!

--Right before the song ended Nick put his arm around Howie like he was gonna hug him again and kissed him on the cheek instead!!!! LMAO!!!!! And it was a big wet one too! LMAO! From the look on his face, I thought Howie was gonna puke! LOL! (I could almost hear the "Oh god!" like he did in the making for "SOMH"! lol)

Next, they talked about their charities and when Kevin mentioned Nick's save the ocean foundation, he goes, "He probably should after he practically destroyed the reef in Florida last week." lol, Nick gets all embarassed and says, "If you don't know what he's talking about, go find it on the internet." LMAO! I still can't believe he got his boat stuck in seagrass!

They sang "The answer to our lives", complete with the nature clips from Just Within Reach. Brian played guitar and pretended like he was Chuck Berry dancing in "Johnny B. Goode" (you know, the little thing where you hop/walk like a duck with the guitar--hard to explain unless you've seen it!). Meanwhile, AJ played the drums, but I missed most of that coz I was laughing at Brian, heehee.

Then they did BSB 2050:

The Boys came up on the big screen as old men. They were being interviewed by this lady to talk about their "newest album" and there was this bogus 800 number on the screen that you could call if you wanted to order it,lol. Lemme tell ya what they looked like--it was too funny! Nick had a beer bell and a long (fake-looking) beard. They were all teasing him about his tummy and he goes, "Hey, that's a build-up of 25 years worth of twinkies!" LMAO! Howie, who in my opinion aged the best, but kinda looked like he had flour dumped in his hair,lol. Kevin looked like a combo of Santa, socrates, and albert einstein,lol. AJ was all wrinkly and coughing/raspy (hmm..makes sense!), and Brian was bald, in a wheelchair, and smoking a pipe (?!). Nick was trying to do a sexy dance move, lifts up his shirt, and you see his belly jiggling (ewww! looked like Jello! lmao!). The guys said that Nick had never gotten married either ( Then Nick said that Howie had needed a hip replacement a little while back and they had held auditions for a new member. You'll die when you hear what they said next! That Joey Fatone showed up! EWWWWW! Everyone was booing..too funny! Then Howie was like, "I can still dance, even with my new hip" and he got up and showed us, even though it was kinda stiff! lol! That was a great

After the video, they sang "All I have to give" and "If you stay" (I sang every word!) Then they sang "Shinging Star" and they had these incredibly sexy moves. Nick pelvic thrusts---NEED I SAY MORE?! lol. AJ was inspired to turn around and shake his butt at us, LOL. Howie did this REALLY SEXY move where he put his hand on his head and moved it slowly down his neck, shoulder, chest, stomach, down to his crotch. OMG!!! I was on the floor! lol...the words that came out of my mouth when he did that, I swear. LMAO! It was sooo hot! lol. NEwayz...then while the others changed, Brian started introducing the dancers and he goes, "Do you wanna see some dancing?" Everyone screamed and he got this look on his face and says, "No, not from me. I can't dance!" (AWWWWWW!). The dancer, Reggie, (who Brian called Reggie Reg" was extremely HOT!!

When Kevin introduced some of the band members (Nick did the other half), it was really funny. I was jammin to the base guitarist's solo. Then he introduces the percussionist. This part was especially cool. I took percussion lessons in school, so I really got into this. Kevin starts doing a little dance to the beat and shaking his hips. Nobody else seemed to appreciate it like I did coz I was the only person who screamed when he did that. Guess what?! He heard me!!! Kevin stopped in mid-dance, whirled around, looked straight at me, and gave me the weirdest look i have ever seen! lmao (total eye contact--gotta love it! lol).

After a kick-@$$, rockin' version of "Backstreet's Back" I had a little more interaction during "Get Another Boyfriend." You know when they sing "Just go get on with your life--STOP!" and the music stops for a few seconds? Well, I was dancing to it and did the little "stop" motion with my hand, and Nick and Brian were both looking when I did it,lol. They got these really silly looks on their faces--Brian started giggling at me! Nick stared at me like I was nuts (that ok, Nick! I knew it already! lol) and then smiled and pointed to me! AAAAAAAAARGH! (Gotta love Frick and Frack! lol)

Finally, AJ came out by himself and starts talking to us. He looked at the floor and notices something laying there. He's like, "Oh...what's this?" and picks it up. "Oh! Twix!" Then he holds the candy bar up like they do in Mentos commercials and says, "They should've been on the sponsorship!" LOL. He is HILARIOUS!!! Then he points to the side of the stage and tells us to say hi to his mom. After that he splits the audience up into three sections. The left side was "the lovely ladies" and my side was the "FINE lookin' ladies!". Then he goes center stage and yells, "And look at all the SEEEEXXXXXYYYYY LADIES in the middle!" Then, as if we weren't already hyped enough as it is, he encouraged everyone to scream even louder--it was great! lol ::shakes head at AJ:: tsk tsk... AJ, I'm suprised you're not deaf yet, dear, lol.

When his cell phone rang, he goes, "Should I answer it?" We were all like, "NOOOOO!" LMAO, but he answers it anyway and starts talking to the girl. "I can't talk to you right now. I'm in the middle of a show. Listen, stop calling me. Stop it! STOP STALKING ME!" lol =) They did the remix version of "The Call" (minus the Neptunes' rap, of course) with sexy new choreography.

After that, they came back out for the encore, even though AJ teased us that "the call" was the last song. lol. I had already snuck down 5 rows, earlier in the show, but this time nobody sent me back up since it was almost over. They came out in these choir robes, threw them off, and sang, "Shape of my heart". Then they said goodbye to us and did a little bit of "The Call" again where they sing "gotta go" and drop under the stage--very clever! lol

After the show, I ran up the stairs next to the orchestra section and made a dash to the gates to watch them do a "quick-out" to the airport for Wango Tango, in minivans. Then I bought a really hot poster, and met up w/ mom and Jojo to go back to the hotel. Guess what?! Jojo got to shake Howie's hand when he was down in the pit and then he winked at her! She got THE WINK!!! =)

Well, I had a really great time, despite getting lost before and after the show, and those evil nissan people who don't like cameras, grrr. lol I liked this show even better than the one in February. The choreography was hot! The band was great! The songs were fab, and the Boys truly made my night!! Sorry this was so friggin long, guys! I hope I didn't bore you TOO much, lol. See you guys again for the third installment in July at Hershey Park!! *mwahaha* (You're probably thinking, "OH NO, THERE'S GONNA BE MORE TO READ?! NOOOOO!" lmao!). KTBSPA and and e-mail me if you went to this concert or another one. I'd love to hear from you!!! =)

Fan Reviews Washington, DC, June 15, 2001

Date: Jun 23, 2001
Submitted By: Jenni

I've seen them before for the into the milliennium tour at the MCI center in Washington it was great! Then I again in Virginia, FINALLY! I was great. I liked it went they showed what they were going to be like in 2050, Howie being replaced, AJ smoking, Brian bald, Nick never married, Kevin old. Howie tried to shake his hips but he was a little stiff, and Nick shook his butt near the camera, that was funny. Brian sneezed when he was holding the rose too. Kevin was going to show a little bit of his solo act and him and AJ was slidding on the stage it was funny too.

Even though it rained it was still a nice show. There were people calling out seat numbers to get autographed stuff and a picture of one ot the Backstreet Boys eatting a pop tart, and they were close to my seat number! It was a lot of fun, except for the high prices on the t-shirts and posters and things like that!


Backstreet Boys - Nissan Pavilion June 15th

Date: Jun 19, 2001
Submitted By: Allison

Hi all -

I just have to tell you how wonderful The Backstreet Boys areand how amazing the concert down in Virginia was. I traveled all the way from New York City to see the show and it was well worth it. I had awesome seats and at times I felt so close to them. Because of their love for their fans however I felt that no matter where I was sitting, I would have felt close to them. They seemed to really appreciate the fans and the people singing every word with them. Every song was great and I was pleasantly surprised to hear the medleys of all the old songs. They added to the show from the first leg of the Black and Blue tour and it was wonderful. I hope everyone gets to see them when they come to your town because it is a life changing experience.

Allison, NY

Black and Blue concert in Bristow, Virginia

Date: Jun 19, 2001
Submitted By: Tracey Zillian

On Friday, June 15 I attended the Backstreet Boys concert at the Nissan Pavilion in Bristow, Virginia. Normally I would be feeling a little post concert depression but my sweet husband is taking me to Las Vegas in August so I will be seeing the guys again soon. I think this was their first show in an amphitheatre for the Black and Blue tour, at least in the U.S. My husband and I got there early, so I bought my blue glow stick and we had dinner standing in the rain. The rain stopped and we found our seats in the pavilion. I'm sure we were an odd sight, a couple of 40 year olds with no kids in sight, but we had a great time. These were the best seats I have had for a BSB concert and I didn't really need my binoculars for a change. Krystal sang beautifully and Shaggy was a lot of fun. BSB came on a little after 9:00. They all looked gorgeous and their voices were amazing. The order of the songs was a bit different from the first leg of the tour but the opening was the same. They have added "Don't Want You Back" and it was great. As I suspected, in an amphitheatre there is no way to have a second stage with a walkway back to the main stage and they didn't have the sides that went into the audience. This may not be the case for every outdoor venue, but that's how it was here. They sat on the edge of the stage for the parts they would normally do on the second stage. I think Kevin and Howie did the best job of getting close to the fans and I hope they escaped without injury. I think the most beautiful song was "How Did I Fall In Love With You." Their voices sounded just amazing during this. Also, one of the funny highlights of the evening was during this song (at least I think it was this song). Someone handed Kevin a huge red artificial flower, like four feet high. He put it between his teeth and did a little Spanish dance while Brian was singing. Brian was cracking up but still managed to sing beautifully. Then Kevin used it as a cane and it bent and he pretended to fall over. It was very entertaining! My only complaint has nothing to do with the guys but with the overall sound. I don't know if it was a mixing problem or the sound system at Nissan Pavilion, but the band was drowning out the voices. The sound was very muddy, if that makes any sense. The songs with minimal backup sounded the clearest. This was my third BSB concert and I have to say they keep getting more relaxed every time I see them. Their interaction with the fans was so sweet. When the show was over, we headed for the parking lot and there was a bunch of vans being escorted by the police so I'm sure that was the guys racing for the airport. They had to fly out right after the show to get to the Wango Tango concert. My thanks go out to BSB for another wonderful concert. As I told my husband, they make me happy in a way I can't explain. Especially when I see Kevin's beautiful face, I just start to smile. I had hoped to meet him somehow so I could wish he and Kristin Happy Anniversary. Since the concert my husband is totally addicted to BSB. He is constantly listening to "Black and Blue" in the car. Now I can't wait until August!

BSB Concert @ Nissan Pavilion (06/15/01)

Date: Jun 18, 2001
Submitted By: Ice

Let me first start off by saying that I'm a hardcore NSYNC fan, I mean come on now, my e-mail address tells it all! But I have nothing against the Backstreet Boys, I'm not one of those "if you you like NSYNC, you have to hate BSB" people, I love all those boybands. This was my first BSB concert ever and when I first got there, I wasn't as hyped up as the other girls were. I have to admit though, the concert was amazing. In fact, I was VERY much impressed. Yeah, I buy their CD's and when I'm watching them on TV, I'll occasionally switch chanels because they weren't bad, just not as entertaining as NSYNC was, but wow, I'm totally wrong. After seeing them in concert, I found myself liking them even more. I guess seeing them live makes a whole difference. They put so much passion into the concert and they were nothing but total sweethearts to the crowds. Vocals were kickin and I think I picked up a couple moves from them! I have to say that Nick Carter, man that boy can dance! I think I have a favorite Backstreet boy now, uh oh.

Washington DC Concert 6/15/01

Date: Jun 18, 2001
Submitted By: Jen

My eyes are drooping and I’m sitting alone in my basement typing at one in the morning, but I want to do this while the concert is still fresh in my mind. Yup, I just got back from the 6/15/01 BSB concert in Bristow, Virginia. It was at an outdoor venue and I had lawn seats. I know what you’re thinking, the seats must have sucked, but they didn’t at all.

First of all let me tell all you people who don’t live in Virginia. I rained on and off all day. It rained up until we pulled up into the parking lot of the Nissan Pavilion and it rained right up until we parked the car. When we walked into the first bathrooms we found it was still raining. Guess what, when we came back out ten minutes later the rain had completely stopped. It was unbelievable. It didn’t rain another drop all night.

My one complaint was that they took too long to get their fine asses on stage. Let me start from the beginning for those of you who won’t have the privilege of seeing BSB this summer. Those of you who have tickets might not want to read this because I’ll give everything away.

Krystal started at almost exactly seven o’clock and sang four songs. My Religion, Angel, Supergirl, and a cover of I’ll Be There. The crowd was kind of unenthusiastic for her and I felt really bad, but she still did a pretty good job. I think we were all waiting for Shaggy’s opening number. He was great by the way. He sang six or seven songs, which was a little too much, but he did an awesome job of waking the crowd up. He and his sidekick, sorry but I don’t know the guy’s name, each took a side of the crowd and tried to make them cheer louder than the other side. Kind of cheesy, but it worked like a charm. My throat hurt even before his set finished.

Okay, so Shaggy is done by a little after eight. Probably 8:10. I’m thinking, fifteen, maybe twenty minutes more and then BSB will be out here. I haul as to the bathroom, get something to eat, call one of my friends who was missing in action. By 8:30 they’re still playing eighties music over the loudspeakers. Two sodas and a very long cell phone conversation later we’re still waiting. BSB didn’t come on stage till 9:15. I know. Ridiculous.

I went with my mom for the first time, and she wasn’t too pleased. The last two concerts I went to were with friends and you know how that goes. We talked till they came on, but with my mom, she was getting annoyed. On that note, I’m actually really glad I went with my mom because I’ll be a senior next year and it was a really great bonding experience. I know that sounds cheesy, but I’m serious.

Anyway, about the show. I actually took the time to write the songs down as they sang them, so here they are in order. Everyone, Larger than Life, Not for Me, What Makes You Different Makes you Beautiful, Yes I Will, More Than That, I Want it That Way, a medley of Quit Playing Games and As Long as you Love me, a shortened version of I’ll Never Break Your Heart, Don’t Want you Back, then they had the dressing room video which was different from the last leg of the tour, they also sang a tad bit of Just to be Close to You acapella during the video, Show Me the Meaning, I Promise You (With Everything…), How Did I Fall in Love…, Time, a little bit of talk about their charities, Answer to our Lives (while showing the amazing nature video), All if Have to Give, If You Stay, Shining Star, band and dancer intros, Backstreet’s Back, Get Another Boyfriend, The Call, and Shape of My Heart.

God, whew, that was probably the world’s longest sentence, but it’s too late to be grammatically correct. They sang a lot of songs, and I’m not complaining. I could listen to them sing all night.

Let me give you some highlights of the show. They had the same meteor type opening thing where potato like things hit the earth causing explosions. Still really cool. Oh and I don’t remember exactly when in the show this was, but they had a video of the guys in 2050. With like makeup and everything they had actually made them look like they were seventy. They all had gray hair, Nick had this humongous beer belly, and Brian was bald and in a wheelchair. They were talking about the album that they were supposedly releasing. It was really funny. They talked about Howie’s hip replacement and Nick admitted that they had held auditions for a new member. Get this, they said that Joey Fatone showed up. LOL. They also mentioned how Nick never got married. Good luck ladies. Hehe.

The guys were in really good moods. They joked around more in this concert than any of the other two I went too. When Kevin was talking about each guys different charities and everything he said something like, “Nick is working to save the oceans, and he probably should after he destroyed the reef in Florida last week” and then Nick blushed and goes, “if you don’t know what he’s talking about go find it on the internet.” It was hilarious.

Then in their little dressing room video they joked around a lot more. AJ made fun of Nick’s weight, Nick made fun of Kevin’s hair, and everyone made fun of Howie. The video was a tad bit too long this time and at some points all five of them were talking at once and it was just really loud. Oh, and this time there wasn’t a second stage so when the video ended they just popped back up on the main stage.

During Answer to our lives Brian picked up and acoustic guitar and played that and AJ played percussion. It was kind of random but I really liked it. They were really god about talking to the audience. It was funny though because all the other guys would be like “What’s up DC?” but Howie always said “What’s up Virginia?” It’s like the other guys consider Maryland, Virginia and DC to be one collective force and only Howie appreciates our difference. Too funny.

They sang all the songs really well and I’m having a hard time choosing my favorite of the night. I’m tempted to say How did I Fall in Love With You because that’s my favorite BSB song, but Get Another Boyfriend, Show me the Meaning, I Want It That Way, were all amazing. Ahh, screw it, I can’t choose.

Nick’s pelvic thrusts. Enough said.

Oh, and it might have been me but it seemed like this crowd cheered louder for AJ than they did Nick. Uh oh. Maybe Nick should get a few thousand more tattoos. AJ has a new one by the way. On his right arms and it’s written across the underside of the forearm. He said it was his new nickname but I didn’t hear exactly what he said. I think he said “genuine” but I’m not sure at all. Also, Nick’s been working out.

They all looked hot as usual. Kevin followed my prayers and kept the cornrows, Brian had the same look, Nick’s hair’s kind of growing out, so is AJ’s, Howie’s hair is short and curly. Not short short, like shoulder length. They all looked very, very, hot.

I’m going to end this because my eyes are seriously dying. Just overall an amazing show. My favorite BSB concert to date. They just get better and better every time. AJ mentioned that they had a flight to catch out to LA for Wango Tango, so I’m guessing they hauled ass out of there even before the lights turned back on.

Let me just vent for a second more. The parking lot after the concert was a hell hole. I’m dead serious. It took us a whole hour to get out of the damn place. It was like everyone and their mother had brought a different car. Come on people, have ya heard of carpooling?

Thank you BSB for yet another unforgettable evening. God bless and take care.

Concert 6-15-01

Date: Jun 17, 2001
Submitted By:

I am a forty three year old mom that took my daughter to the June 15 BSB conert at Nissan Pavillion in VA. This was our third concert and it was great. We had super good seats - 12 rows back - closest we have ever been.. The problem I have is with the event staff at the Pavillion. While the tickets stated no cameras or audio equipment - the staff at the door said just no digital cameras or video cams. We had small 35 millimeters. We hadn't even taken three or four pictures and were told be the event staff that only "throw away" cameras were allowed by the Backstreet Boys. What is the difference? They became so ignorant with some fans who were just trying to get a keepsake from an exciting night in their life, they made them remove the film from the cameras and exposed all the film. Meanwhile they girls were crying hysterically and pleading with them not to. They said this was BSB policy. Please tell me this is not so. I cannot believe that the Boys would condon such actions against their fans. Lets face it the pictures only showed little dots on the stage. (that is all ours showed and we were close). If this is clearly their policy it should be stated prior to the show starting and on the tickets that only throw away cameras are allowed. I saw flashes everywhere and I assumed it was okay till I was tapped on the shoulder and told to put it away or lose it. I am really disspointed if this in fact is their policy. I spent $250.00 on two tickets and traveled from Maryland to VA to see them and its stinks that you can't even have a picture to show your friends that you were there. I hope this message can somehow make it to them so they know what is going on.


Kim torney

Manassas, Virginia June 15, 2001

Date: Jun 17, 2001
Submitted By: Jocelyn Thompson

the concert kicked off with Krystal and Shaggy! Krystal's voice was da bomb! Shaggy had the audience screaming their heads off! he totally rocked the room! him and ray! they were da sh*t! thirty minutes later, bsb came out and the crowd went wild!They sang songs off of all three of their albums, and sang a litttle bit of just to be close. They shoed us what it looked like under the stage adn such! we got to see aj with only a shirt and black boxers on! boy got a cute butt! they had up on the screen a thing of them of how they would look in 2050! they were old and gray and still making us laugh! brian was blad and aj's vocal cords wer shot! it was really cute! the performances were great and i loved the show!! i hope i get to go to another one soon!

Virginia, June 15, 2001

Date: Jun 17, 2001
Submitted By: Cristina Ingal

June 15 started out to be a cold rainy day but soon turned into a hot night at about 9:00 p.m. Of course Krystal opened first, she was great. Then Shaggy, I have to say that his performance was good. Then the BACKSTREET BOYS!!!!! The beginning was basically the same from the first leg. But then they all changed into this outfit that looked incredible on all of them. Nick looked so hot is that red and black outfit, with sliced back hair and a pair of shades. He looked so hot! Kevin also looked hot with his cornrows. I guess there are now 3 members that we know looks good in cornrows. I think Nick is coming out of his shell more, meaning he was acting more like AJ on stage, grinding and stuff. Brian was still the clown on stage making faces. Howie stuck with his latin dancing and AJ was just HOT. Enough about that, the guys really put on a great show. They added a couple more songs into the program, but I think it was still better than the first leg. But, I prefer their stage setup from the first. But, the guys danced more in this leg, and that was a big plus. You will just have to watch the concert to see what I am talking about. Overall, I think the show was great. Just the traffic was horrible!

The Black & Blue World Tour 2001!

Date: Jun 16, 2001
Submitted By: Marissa

OK this is going to be kinda long but don't just pass it's very special to me.Ok to start off I went to the B&B concert on February 4th 2001 in NY at Nassau Coliseum.I had front row and backstage.I am in a wheelchair and was treat very unfairly by one of the people who worked at Nassau Coliseum when I went the the BSB's last Millennium tour.I never ended up seeing that show.Well to make that part of the story short that man was fired and the person who took his place promised me tickets to any event I want and a meet & greet.Well I OBVIOUSLY wanted to see the one and only BSB in concert!My mom told me we got tickets and backstage passes. Well I was originally going to take a friend but it would cause too many fights because mostly all of my friends are BSB fans and would bite my head if I took one and not the other (you know how it is.) Well I took one of my closest cousins,Essma.My mom and nan (grandma but shes not old lol) also were with me. Well when the day came I was so nervous.

My friend Dana met me at my house because she was going and she was going to follow my dad's car there.I of course made a tape of the Black & Blue album so we all could listen to it on the way to the concert.Well we finally got there. Me and my cousin Essma would not let go of eachothers hands lol.ALl the way inside I was singing "Now we're minutes away...til it's time to play (even though I met them first).Well it turned out we had to wait a while before we could meet them.We had our own personal security lady who escorted us backstage.It was a little hallway so Essma couldn't stand on the side of me.She ended up holding my moms hand for dear life lol.Well we got backstage and my stomach started to turn.We were told that we would only get like 2 minutes with them but,as you will read, that changed. Well luckily to calm my nerves Krystal Harris (the new girl on their new lable) came out first ready to go ontage.She said hello to everyone then left.Then I'm sitting in my wheelchair really nervous when Pollyanna (Howie's sis) walks out.I think I shocked her a little because she seemed surprised when I called her over to say hi. She had to go do something in a back room but came back and took some pics with me.Then I totally froze...out walks the love of my life...AJ McLean!

I was in total shock but managed to stay calm. Then the rest of the Boys came out.It went AJ,Kevin,Nick,Brian then Howie. They all went over to Burger King Prize Winners but then they came over to me. As Howie walked out and passed me,he turned to me and said "Oh hi Sweetie".It was like he knew who I was.Anyway he was the first to come over to me.I had on a Lupus Foundation pin on and he seemed very thankful to me because his sis passed away from that a few years ago.I also asked him if he would dedicate "What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful" to me while they were onstage.He asked me where I was sitting i told him right up front.He said he'd look for me and sing it to me. I thanked him and told him how much I love him and gave him a big hig and a few kisses on the cheek and told me he loves me too.Then Nick came over to me.I really didn't get to talk much to Nick but he was flirting with my cousin Essma lol.He thanked me for coming and I told him I love him and he said "I love you too sweetie." Then Kevin came over.He starts off by saying "do I get a hug too?" and I was like "of course you do Kevin come here." Then I gave him a hug and kiss.He complimemted on my blue top and black pants.He said "hey look you're wearing black and blue." I was like "of course I gotta match for ya!" I told him I love him and he said " AW I love you too." Then Brian came over to me.He had gone over to my Nan before he came to me and she was telling him about me.He asked her what my name was and she told him.

She told him all this while I was with Kevin so I didn't know.He totally shocked me by coming over to me and saying "Hi Marissa!". I was in shock! I was barely able to get out "Hi Brian!". I hugged him and told him I love him.He said "I love you too sweetie and thank you for coming." Since we were supposed to have a snow storm that day I decided to kid around with him."I was like Brian,let me tell you,I'd come here in a snow storm if I had to!He was like "well thank you!".Then AJ came over to me.The only way to describe the rest of the night and especially my time with AJ was that he stole the "shape of my heart".He comes over to me he says "Hi Sweetie" and I was like "Hi AJ!"(in my head I was like "ok now would be a good time to try to breathe lol").He kneels down next to me and gives me the biggest hug.I didn't let go for over a minute and he said it was ok. I told him how much I love him and he said something to me that I can still imagine him saying today..."Well I love you too Cutie Pie!".I was trying so hard not to cry (which I didn't at that moment).I really don't remember what me and AJ said to eachother other than that because I was in a daze lol.My nan said though that every time she looked over at me and AJ we were looking and each other talking and laughing.What I do remember is that one of the security guards back there was telling AJ to hurry up with the pics he was taking with me.AJ looks at me and says "Marissa,you wanna take some more?".I say "of course". Then AJ turned to the security guard and told him we were taking pictures (what a guy huh).One of the things I will never get over with AJ is that on one of the official video tapes of bsb,when they first started,AJ says that he went down to sing to a girl in a wheelchair and he loves seeing reactions from fans when he makes them feel special.Well he really made me feel special.He tells me to have fun during the show and I say "you know it AJ!" He smiles at me and we headed back to our seats. I was smiling as my mom was wheeling me ( I didn't trust myself wheeling after I just met my life!).Well while my mom was wheeling me to my seats (front row)it all hit me at once...I MET BSB! It hit me so late because they are so normal and nice and down to earth.I started to bawl and me and my cousin were hugging eachother.

Well then the show started.It was so cute they were interacting with me through the whole show.IN "Everyone" when they sing "and this one goes out to you!",AJ pointed to me.Then when they were throwing stuffed animals AJ threw one to me but it didn't reach me. He pointed me out to his security guard Marcus who I met when I was first brought to my seats.Marcus came over and handed me this cute teddy bear that I now sleep with every night.I know it's gonna sound corny but I named it AJ.Also AJ was really sweet onstage (that's like the 10th time I said that lol I can't help it he is!).Before they sang "What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful" AJ went over to all the rest of the guys and pointed to me. Before the song Kevin was dedicating the song to "all the ladies in the house" and when the first few notes started AJ said "to you Marissa".I didn't know whether to scream and go crazy or cry lol I did both. Also Brian was blowing me kisses all night.When they were on the little stage on the other side of the arena Howie was giving out roses.The next thing I know a security guard comes over to me and says "is there a Marissa over here?" I said I'm her and he gave me a rose wrapped in plastic (real) and said "this is from Howie",I was so happy.When they were on the ramps AJ was singing "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely" to me. When he was singing to me it was making me cry.But then he would flash me this huge smile and I'd end up smiling again.I can't wait to go see them again on July 16th 2001! Thanks for letting me tell you my story!KTBSPA ALWAYS!!!!!

June 15th at Nissan Pavilion

Date: Jun 16, 2001
Submitted By: Lindsey

I just now came back from the concert and it was the best!!! it was soooo awesome, i can't believe that i actually went. it was my 3rd BSB concert and they keep getting hotter and hotter. they opened with everyone and closed with shape of my heart. between was filled with so much dancing and awesome vocals. i brought my 2 best friends(who love *NSYNC)and my cousin to the show with me...the *NSYNC (grrrr) lovers absolutely LOVED the show. as soon as the lights were down they were screaming just as long as i was. i loved it and i can't wait to see how they top it next time. kystal and shaggy rocked the house with awesome songs and dance moves. i can't wait to go out and get their albums (KYSTAL -- JULY 10 -- ME AND MY PIANO!). i urge everyone to go to BSB (like i have to tell ya!) it is the best show i've seen in a long time. god bless and good luck getting tickets for the concert. luv always -- nick's baby girl --


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