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Date: Jul 08, 2001
Submitted By: Jennifer


June 16 2001-I went to Wango Tango!!its @ the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. It has SOOOOOOO many performers, like Jessica Simpson, Shaggy, Ricky Martin, Nelly Furtado, Backstreet Boys, Krystal, 3LW, Britney Spears, Nikka Costa, Joe, and a whole bunch of other people, but those were the people we saw. Naomi-my friend, and Brianna-my lil sis went too. My dad drove us. We were so nervous! we didnt even KNOW if we would get in because we were depending on buying tix from a scalper! Thankfully, we did find a scalper-she was rude as hell, but oh well its all good!! Anything to get our Wango Tango seats!! lol Anyway, we got in and we found our seats..when we got there 3LW was performing, which was ok, cuz we didnt really think we missed a whole lot. But then they said that we missed Britney Spears, so Brianna was a lil crushed cuz shes a big fan. But later on Britney came out to help host the show! So i was happy for Brianna :) A lil later-my dad comes in! we know he didnt get a tix, he just came in-saying all he wanted was to get some water, so the security guy let him in!!! dad's pretty slick like that. Well my dad was walkin around (cuz according to him the music was too loud :) hehe ) and he found out where the backstage area was at. Well he comes back and asks me if i want to go with him to check it out again, and he might be able to get me backstage. He said I was risking it-not even for sure going backstage and maybe missing the Backstreet Boys onstage..its ok though, at least my chances are a lil higher than sitting @ my seat the whole day!!And the worst that could happen? They could kick us out, thas all. Thas ok with me though! Well, when we did finally get near backstage, there was a booth thing, and this lady had a bunch of backstage passes (i think thats what they were) ..well before then, my dad had talked to security and said that it was an EMERGENCY , and that I HAD to talk to Aaron Carter, because I had just missed the bus, and he drove me all the way out there to talk to Aaron about something important. Hehe, it worked with me and I acted like it was true. Well, the lady @ the booth was a B*t*H and was like "who?!?! Aaron who?! I have no idea what ur talking about, and even so i wouldnt be able to approve of it" DAMN!! I was like calm down lady!! I just told her ok and thanx anyway..hehe-then my dad was talkin to some security guy, and all of a sudden they just told me to go!! They were like "GO GO GO" I just RAN into the backstage arena!!! HEHEHHEEHE YES!! I was in!!!!!! Well, I was in there for about 10 min b4 my dad had joined me. Before my dad came in though, some guy from a local rock group in L.A. was passing out flyers for some gig they were gonna do. I gladly took one, and we started talking.

He asked me if i was from around here, and no i wasnt, but we were makin the conversation as long as possible so that I'd feel in place, like I belong in there. Then the booth lady walks by me, and asks me harshly "HOW'D U GET IN HERE?!?"..OMG i had no idea what to say!!! So I just looked @ the rocker guy and smiled, then he smiled right back @ me then right back @ her, and we played it off like I've known him for a long time and that I was with him!! *SIGH*!! Then he asked me how old I was, and as i replied, I saw the *5 star porn* thing on the flyer!! haha...then i asked how old he was..i couldve sworn he was 17, or 18 @ the oldest!! His reply?-"I'm one of those guys who look really young, but i'm old"....turns out he was 28...hehehe!! Anyway, after that, I thanked him for helpin me with the booth lady!! Then I saw my dad come in.....yay! I felt so much more comfy with him there...then i look around, and I thought I saw Carson Daly, but i had to double check....YEP sure enough it was Carson!! So i introduce myself.GOD i mustve sounded like the biggest dork!!!!!!!He has THE prettiest eyes, and I think he came across a lil shy for being an MTV VJ!! hehe....anyway, after i talked to Carson, I guess I was really nervous, and backed right into these 3 gurls...I think they were 3LW, but i'm not so sure...I think so cuz they had a star style to them, and plus they were like *famous people are just people, dont be scared*...I really think it was them, but i dont really care for them so before then i never payed much attention to them. After that I go sit down with my dad...then I see Mr. Carter and Leslie (Nick Carters dad and lil sis!!) .....I was like "Hello Mr Carter, I'm a really big fan of ur son," then he says "which one??" hehe, we both laughed, and I told him-"well both, but more of Nick, and I was just wondering if he's going to come by this way again " and sure enough he said yes he would! AHHHH hehe...ok backstage there was 2 couches, one is a 2 seater one and the other a 3 seater dad and I sat on the 2 seater one...then Bob Carter, Leslie, her bf and the bus driver all sit right across from us!!! As if I'm not starstruck already! Then Bob, Leslie and her bf leave so my dad goes and talks to the bus driver..well, this guy and his gf came and sat next to me, so i gave up my seat so that they could both be there comfortablly, and i went and sat with my dad. So then the bus driver leaves, and now its just my dad and me sitting there..well, theres this new singer, her name is Krystal (SHES AWESOME-her voice is AMAZING) and she performed earlier too. I saw her perform 2x already, which was really kool!! Well, her and Mookie (a bsb band member).Well they were coming out of her trailer, and accidentally dropping these boxes-i guess they were packin to play somewhere that was THE perfect chance for me to go and say hi. So i go up there and the first thing i say is "Hi, do u guys need some help?" THE FIRST thing Krystal says to me is "AWW ur a sweety!!" OMG shes SOOOOOOOO NICE!!!!!! They said they didnt need help, but they were thankful i offered anyway. Then I shook her hand, and I told her that she was REALLY good out there, and she just smiled and said thank you and told me i was sooooo sweet and gave me a big hug!!!!!! And she said I had a beautiful smile!!!!!!AWWWWW!!!!! :) Then she introduced me to Mookie and he is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO KOOOOOOOL!!! He started singing my name!!!! hehehe!!

Then i sat back down, and i was telling my dad that i couldnt believe this was happening!! Then, AJ walked by....OMG!! Actually, I was pretty calm though. Then someone walks by, who i thought was Nick, but I couldnt tell for sure..then Howie walks by, and I know for sure it was D....then i realized that that HAD to be Nick! Then I saw Kevin walk by! AHH!! First I say Hi to Howie....OMG he was winking @ me!! hehe then his security guys were laughing and trying to wink @ him, they were doing a really bad impression of D.. I couldnt help but laugh!! Then i told him "Hi I'm Jennifer, How are u?" he is SOOOOOO sweet!! Then somehow I got pushed away a lil bit from him, and then he winked @ me again (!!) and asked me if I wanted to take a pic with i said ok.then he says "OK come here sweety"..awwwwwww he held his hand like around my waist/hip!! (OMG I WAS IN HEAVEN!!) ..*SiGh* Then the camera was a lil slow, but thas ok....that means more time for me and howie!! hehe, my dad apologized about the camera, and all D said was "oh no its ok not a problem at all." Then after that I go to Nick, and he was waiting to get into the trailer. And I said Nick 2x...but all he did was roll his eyes and say "hold on hold on" ..ok, i hafta admit I was a lil crushed, but thats ok...then he came out and i couldnt fight the crowd..oh well.......but ya know what? It all worked out!! Cuz when they were rushing Nick to get out of there, he just stopped....he posed for a pic with me for a few seconds, and he did a cute lil peace sign...that few seconds, that seemed like a long time! I enjoyed every moment, and I as rude as I thought Nick was earlier, I think by him stopping and posing for a few seconds like that with me, that was AMAZING..i dont know how to describe it, because I thought that that was tooooooooo sweet for him to do something like that, especially if he came off as rude earlier..Nick isnt rude at all!! Yeah, I did miss Nelly Furtado and Backstreet Boys perform, but I met them backstage, and to me thats way better than sitting there watching them perform!! I also met Jane Carter, Nick and Aaron's mom..(hehe Momma Carter) ...and OMG she is soooooooooooooooo swweeeeeettttt!!!!!!! I introduced myself, asked her how she was doing, and she replied "good thanx, normal concert routine" hehe...I told her that I bet she's used to it by now though, and we just both smiled :) Then I turned and saw Aaron!! He is soooooooo kute!! He's skinnier than what I thought he would be!! But he was sooooo nice and soooo down to earth....hehe a hyper lil 13 year old!! Then some gurls were fighting over him, and all Aaron could say was "nah nah I luv y'all!!" hehe...those gurls were seriously getting into it...i HOPE they were joking though! I just laughed, and Aaron laughed to and I just smiled, and he smiled right back @ me!! Hehe, I managed to touch his shirt or skin, something like that!! Either way, just having him smile @ me was good enough!!

Then Aaron had to leave. Mrs Carter had to go with him, and as she passed by me, she gently touched my arm and told me "it was really nice talking to you, have fun and take care sweety"..awwwwwww she is soooooooooo sweeeeeeetttt!!!!! I told her to take care and it was nice talking to her too..OMG i honestly think that all my luck that I'll ever have in my lifetime was used up that on that nite...but i am NOT complaining at all!! Between the 2 security guys and that booth lady, I for sure thought that I was going to get kicked out, but i think once u've made it that far, then they arent really going to kick you out. People kept asking me if i had a backstage pass, and i said yes (of course i'm not going to say no!!!)....and they didnt even check!! they just took my word...I woulda been screwed if they wanted to see it!! Even my dad was pretty nervous, but after a while we were all more relaxed. I also met Rick Dees, so that was kool too.. I still cant believe that I met all these people, and what amazes me the most is how down to earth and how sweet these people are!! Ya know how people always tell u that u shouldnt meet her fave celebrity because its just going to be a dissapointment?? Well, those people are LIARS!!! Every single person that I met that night lived up to what I expected, and more!! They are the sweetest people ever! See if ur nice to the big mean looking security people, u never know how far it can get u!!! I learned that life is kinda crazy.....actually, VERY crazy!!! Only 3 months before I was crying because my mom and gramma got better seats than i did, and here I am meeting not only them, but other people i would never expect to meet too!!! I didnt even know if I was going to get tix into Wango Tango, and yet I'm there meeting them!?!?!?!!!?!! That night was just pure luck, and perfect timing...theres no way anybody could have planned all that out..and without a backstage pass?? HEHEHE!! I really think I am the luckiest girl EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe.......2 bsb down, 3 more to go :)


.........but the concert ones did......I seriously think the WalMart people jacked my film!!....

Wango Tango Dodger Stadium!

Date: Jun 22, 2001
Submitted By: Julianna

On Saturday June 16 early morning my aunt and I boarded our flight to Los Angeles from San Jose. I was so excited, I didn't know what you expect from the wango tango concert. I'd never been to Dodger stadium and when we arrived I was shocked at how huge it was! The gates were open since it was 11 in the afternoon and my aunt and I walked in. We noticed only a few other people as well as workers. We walked in without showing tickets and my aunt kept saying I don't think we should be here. LOL. So we saw Nikka Costa do soundcheck and then went out to the side to buy souveners, I got a wango tango shirt and a BSB do rag. My aunt got a shirt too and we also bought some Ricky Martin stuff for our friends. This lady then came up and said we weren't allowed to be there so we went outside to wango tango village. I got to meet 3LW, I got a really kick butt picture of Adrienne, THey were really nice and prettier than I thought they would be! We were going to wait for Nikka Costa but we thought let's not. Samantha Mumba was also doing signings but we chose not to go. We went to the venue and we were freaking out when we saw our seats! We were in Section A8 row 6!! 3lW came out and they were ok, then nikka costa, and Krystal. Ok, I've seen Krystal about four times now and every time I see her I become more of a fan. I am not going to definately buy her album. I think it's cool that she is so lively. She can actually sing! Britney Spears came out and I was freaking out. LOL. I love Britney! She's so cool! She looked really fake though. I saw Mila Kunis, Selma Blair and a few others. During Wayne Newton I went to the bathroom, I thought he sucked. LOL. So as I was walking to the bathroom I met Danny Zavatsky and Erik Stretch from NO Authority! I swear to you people, you can email me and i'll send you a pic if you want. I was flipping out I love Danny so much and I didn't even expect to see them there! I was like my name is Julianna. I then met Ashlee Simpson, she is so pretty! Jessica Simpson put on a good show however I was really dissapointed in the outfit. Jessica honestly looked like a slut. I guess though it's her life so whatever. As always she hit the notes! =). Shaggy was great, my aunt is now a dedicated fan. HAHA. Carson Daly was there too oh my god guys he is a hottie! I was so suprised. I was walking around again to get water and I ran into Shia Labouf from Disney's "Even Stevens". He was really ditzy. He was sitting a few rows behind us so it was funny to turn around and watch him act like a freak. I was fortunate enough to meet Frankie Muniz as well. Before Backstreet BOys came out I looked over to the side of us in the front row and saw Alex Solowitz and Noah Bastian from MTV's 2Gether! I had to run over and take pics with them. As always those guys are sweet, Alex even remembered me! =). I went back to my seat and I was talking to my aunt and I looked up and said oh my god Aaron Carter is here! He was standing on the side of the stage with Jane Carter, my aunt and I yelled "AARON" and he turned to us and stuck his tongue out, luckily I got a pic! =) A few actually haha. Backstreet Boys didn't dissapoint, they were great as always, Nick was looking so sexy! Howie came on our side and blew kisses and as always winked. LOL. Kevin waved at us and everyone except Brian and AJ worked our side. All I can say is Nick looked really hot with the spiky hair!! Everyone of the performers was great. We left during Ricky Martin to beat Traffic but that is ok because i'm not really a fan. Although I must say Ricky looked really sexy!! I think this was a great trip for me I got to meet some really cool famous people and of course see the BSB! I can't wait to see them in August!!!!!

wango tango feat. BACKSTREET BOYS!

Date: Jun 19, 2001
Submitted By: frickschick4ever

omg!On Saturday i went to Wango Tango at dodger stadium. I didn't know i would be going to the concert until two days before. anyway, krystal was awesome as usual and i think she really got people's attention. this was her first time performing in front of a audience that wasn't just made up of bsb fans. at first, people were politely applauding becuz they didn't know who she was but when she began hitting those long, high-pitched notes people got crazy. even people who were walking around would stop and look up on stage. how cool is that? my sister said that she saw krystal turn her face to the side,while she was playing the keyboard, and wipe a tear from her eye. i know if she was crying, it must have been a tear of happiness cuz she was in a great mood that day. krystal sang all the songs she usually sings at a b&b concert but during "supergirl" she asked the audience if we knew who kobe bryant was and she put on his jersey while the L.A. crowd went nuts.

backstreet boys were like the 9th performance at the concert. rick dees and britney spears introduced the bsb. it was funny because rick had said that he had seen the backstreet boys backstage and that they were naked!all the girls started yelling, and some guys too becuz it was gay pride weekend in L.A.then he reassured the crowd that they would be clothed when they came out on stage which caused the crowd to boo.finally britney spears introduced them by saying that they were her label mates and said, and i quote,"THEY'RE SEXY AS HELL!THE BACKSTREET BOYS!the backstreet dancers then came on stage and started dancing, doing tricks, and back flips on the stage. then bsb came running out wearing laker jerseys while singing "everybody." brian, nick, and aj had the yellow jerseys on while howie and kevin had the purple ones on.the backstreet boys sang six songs in this order:"everybody","iwant it that way","larger than life","shape of my heart",the call", and "more than that. in between songs, nick would say how good the audience looked,then people screamed, then howie said "they don't look as good as the lakers did last night",and people yelled.then nick said "no, they look as good if not better than the lakers" then kevin came in the conversation and said " i have to be honest with you guys. nick wasn't rootin' for the lakers" and people started to boo then nick said "he's just trying to make you mad at me" and kevin said "no, nick was rootin' for philly, brian was rootin'for philly" then i think it was aj who said "i don't know much about sports so..."then brian said something about him not wanting his jersey so he took it off, autographed it and threw it into the audience. the other guys did the same and asked us if we wanted to hear some more music and of course we yelled "yes." nick had his hair really spiked up with this yellow bandana around his forehead, aj is starting to grow back some hair on his head and wore a white visor facing to the side, kevin took out his cornrows, howie had his hair tied back, and brian had the same hair style as usual but looked as handsome as always. during "the call" about half way through the song the guys had their backs facing the audience and aj had pulled his shirt over his head so that when they turned around his chest was exposed to everyone. and then the yellin' started up again. it seems to me that aj is getting more muscles and bigger boobs, his boobs don't seem saggy they look firm and brian's muscles on his arms are also getting bigger and more defined. well i had a great time and both bsb and krystal was great. hope you enjoyed reading my review.

Wango tango, June 16th

Date: Jun 18, 2001
Submitted By: Luscious

I went to wango tango when backstreet boys were there to. i found out I was going that day because my cousins cousin had an extra ticket. The saturday wango tango was awesome. the people who pumped the crowd up were Joe, Shaggy, BSB of course and Ricky Martin. I was sitting in the top deck way at the top which was kind of scary and i got attacked by bees, so during krystal when she was singing my religion the bees came and attacked people in my section and we had to stand up and go to the top of the section. I was mad because i wanted to see krystal but i never got stung by a bee and i didnt want to. But i got to see her sing supergirl and ill be there and angel on my shoulder. Oh yea her cd does come out July 10th.

There were suprise guests such as carson daly, aaron carter, frankie muniz from malcom in the middle and the host was britney spears. people were booing her in my section while me and my cousin were cheering for her. I think britney spears is kind of cool. These three guys were booing aaron carter calling him a homo and they were about twenty something years old. they said he sucked and i yelled back saying no he doesnt and my mom hit me. I was mad at those stupid guys. These three girls behind me were a pain to, when BSB came out they were saying break a leg and calling them fagstreet boys which is old but they were like 12 or younger so they are booty crackers. I was very suprised to see aaron carter and frankie muniz tho.

Selma blair and mila kunis was also there. The first performers were 3LW which they were alright, then nikka acosta which she was weird to me, then lovely performer krystal harris which people were cheering for her at the end of her performance. she was just awesome i cant wait until i see her august 16th. Then it was wayne newton i got up and went to buy me something to eat on him and so did everyone else. While i was inline my cousins cousin and i were arguing over how howie and justin looks. she loves justin and i love howie but she hates britney spears because she says she goes out with her man and i said justin aint all that anyways and then she goes howie aint all that and she said howie needs to comb his nappy hair and shave is face and of course i was arguing back and my cousin had to stop us and everyone was looking at us.

But there was this cute guy in line who had the prettiest eyes so i was talking to him while wayne newton was still on and while we were in line. He was a very nice person even tho he was older than me he still looked good. After wayne newton it was samantha mumba which was so cool but she had on these weird pants didnt you guys see it on the webcast. what were those? Then Joe who pumped the crowd up and jessica simpson, what was with jessicas hair. she looked different and she was shaking her bootay tho. Shaggy was awesome he is so cute i love shaggy i cant wait until i see him in august. Then the time has arrived it was BSB. everyone was ready for them. I stood up the whole time singing and dancing off their songs. DID yall see when aj was performing with his shirt up and you could see his body.

Whoa AJ he was looking good. and so was my babe howie and the rest of them. Before BSB came out i could see backstage because i was up top and i had binoculars and they were just running around talking to people. I may have saw their wives but i dunno. BSB had the crowd pumped and then i was mad that they left i was like more BSB. Nelly fortado came out and i think people were tired after BSB so they left but nelly was pretty good. Then the blue man group and the ricky martin. He was so awesome. I was standing up and shaking what my mom gave me too. he had an awesome ending and i loved the fire works. well that was wango tango for me.

But it was so funny when they announced aaron carters name this lady infront of me was like who is aaron potter. Then her boyfriend told her aaron carter. I think she was drunk but it ws just funny when she asked who was aaron potter. well ttyl.


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