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Greensboro, NC show

Date: Jul 04, 2001
Submitted By: Rebekah

As Backstreet Boys's concerts go this one was pretty incredible. This was my fourth show in one month, so I have quite a few to compare it with. Overall I have had seven Backstreet experiences, including the Backstreet Project premire, Lupus 2001, Millennium and 4 Black and Blue tour experiences (Ft. Lauderdale rehearsal, Orlando, Tampa & Greensboro). Emotionally this show was the most charged and challenging!

I drove up with two of my BSB girls from Orlando, FL to see our guys as they were suppose to be staying in our hotel. Though they didn't as they were at Wango Tango, we did meet a majority of their road crew whom were considerably a**holish!! (Not you Mike or Anthony!!:) Shaggy did end up staying in our hotel, but was asleep by the time we returned from the show.

Anyway on w/ the show. We got there a tad late, but just in time to see Krystal do Supergirl (love ya Krystal). She really is so very nice everyone, I met her briefly at the after hours Lupus party here in Orlando (hope you & Youngstown loved your pizza!) We had been at the Olive Garden doing some serious drinking prior to show time. The funniest thing about being in public was that we were in our Nick's, Kevin's & Brian's _______. So we left for the Colisseum. We were seated, left side of the stage, next to the ramps, though we didn't stay in our seats long.

Krystal was wonderful (I keep loving her more and more), Shaggy was great (the usual sexy-rehearsed lines). Then after a few more rounds of drinks (for us), the guys hands could be seen creeping around the edges of the trap doors (our seats were great for behind the scenes stuff). ***We apologize to anyone in our section who suffered the wrath of our vicious Backstreet love*** Ok then it was all over!!! Calm? Forget about it! I am 24 and my girlfriends are 22 and 28 but we act like out of control teenagers who are seeing the guys for the first time. We all know the line up of the songs and the videos so I will just let you know the highlights of our experience.

#1-the fact that we were the craziest people at least on that side of the show. I don't know if its just cause I am used to O-town and Tampa shows but the crowd seemed so tame, not really singing or dancing. Damn, we were like official backup singers and dancers!! **shout out to the two crazy girls who were behind us after we took over the the aisle and prime row!**** Letting loose and getting funky was the best!!

#2-the fact that we could see the show as a process and not just a splendid visual show. We could see the guys as they emerged and submerged beneath the stage. Very cool, but I missed the intrigue of the floor!

#3-Howie coming over to our side and grabbing mine and Patti's (Kev's ______) hands. We have meet him several times here in Orlando so I think he is just used to seeing us and likes to appease us, lol. Nah I think it just happened.

#4-Watching Krystal sitting directly in front of the stage. The way she looks at them with admiration, I have nothing but respect and love for that woman.

#5-Sitting in our respective seats singing and then looking over to our left and seeing our friend Patti blasting down the aisle down into the row directly next to the ramp, because Kevin has come our way. I ran after her, she jumped over an entire row of people. Kevin started to leave and saw her shirt, grabbed her hand and tugged at his own shirt in recognition of her's, winked and then faded back into the stage. We then just stood in that row jumping up and down and freaking out! Congrats Patti!!

#6-Cali (Brian's _______), standing in the aisle for the last half of the concert, while we are standing in that one row we kinda took over. She gets Brian's attention because of her shirt. He looks at her waves, she motions that she wants his shirt. He holds up his shirt saying is this what you want. She of course says YES!!! Then he, during Shape of My Heart, signs it and gets his security to make sure it gets to her! Oh the happiness!! Tears and all!

#7-Seeing everyone but Nick close up, everyone came over and grabbed hands, but of course my fav Nick! Oh how he sometimes has issues relating w/ the audience on an individual level, I know he saw my shirt, silly boy! Love him anyway!! At least I now know that it will take a hell of a lot more than a t-shirt to get his attention!!

#8-Watching them get into their tour buses, Seeing Nick board and realizing that even though it makes me so very sad that he has no idea who I am and how he and the guys make me feel, I still rejoice at and revel in their music, auras and very existance. I may never have the opportunity to be to them what they are to me, but thats ok (though it doesn't mean stop trying). For a while it wasn't, you all know you can relate, but I do and will continue to love them for what they do and who they are.... five talented, sensitive, beautiful, human men who are at the very core... just like the rest of us.. human!



Date: Jul 03, 2001
Submitted By: Katelin

I was so excited about goining to a bsb concert even though i know i didn't have good seats. Well me and my cousin got there late, beacuse of traffic, so the show started right away when we found our seats. First Krystal Kevin came on a screen talking about Krystal, I couldn't really hear what he said but I heard the word Krystal. And then the lights were on KRystal. I think she sang about 3 songs. I thought she had an amazing vioce besides the fake paino playing she was great, lol! After she went off the piano broke down so all these men had to come and take it apart and then move it and that took about 30 mins.... Then came Shaggy! I was syced to see him. He sang Angel, It wasn't me and two other ones i really didn't know because I don't have his cd. It kinda looked like Shaggy and his back up sigers were stalling they kept going "This side say ho" "And this side say hey" stuff like that" I didn't think he was over going to get off!

But then finally bsb came up and sang "Larger than Life" and "Everyone" the concert went by fast and SORRY but i can't really rember most of it! But i do know my favorite part was when 2001 popped up on the screen and the numbers fast foward to 2050 and bsb were old men and they were being interview by this women and she said "back a couple years ago they said boy bands wouldn't last" and nick was so fat as an old guy and he started laughing at that! and aj was smokin a cigar! it was hailours!

email me!!!!! luv nick!!


Date: Jul 01, 2001
Submitted By: Donella

Sorry this is a bit after the concert, I went on vacation for a week (to Florida!) ok- back to the point! This was my 2nd BSB concert the 1st one was the Raliegh one (all in the same week!) This concert was the best! after Raliegh's show I didnt think it could get better but it did! The guys sang great, looked awesome, danced perfectly. I went to this one with the same 2 people as the other one, Aunt Pam and our friend Kim. Most of the concert has been talked about here so I will hit on *my* highlights! Well I took the same sign as I had at the Raliegh show (AJ,_ _______), while they were on the round stage I held it up and Howie nudged AJ and AJ saw my sign (again) and pointed and smiled, then when AJ was on the catwalk (I was in row 20 and he was over row 12 or so) I held the sign up again he saw it waved,smiled, then blew kisses to me, then during "the call" I held it up again and AJ saw it from the stage and smiled and waved! I am extremely happy!!! My aunt Pam and Kim had signs for Nick and Brian and they got acknowledged as well. We also got some good pictures too which we are still in the process of developing (we have a total of 18 rolls of film). Well , now that I am completely taken with BSB. I even took my vacation to orlando fl. I went with my aunt Pam and we went around finding BSB landmarks: we went to apollo beach, ruskin, Tabu (Howies club-we didnt go in though hehe) and also to a high school that it has been reported that AJ attended. We took pics of everything though!!! while we were there we also went to Disneyworld too but thats beside the point. I can hardly wait till my next concert, we are going to try to go to another one sometime soon!

Greensboro ,North Carolina

Date: Jun 28, 2001
Submitted By: Shalanta Timmons

This was the best day of my life, when I went to Backstreetboys Concert, Sunday. I got the tickcets on my Birthday, and I just couldn't wait. So I got to ride in this wide white Limo way down there and way back. I got stuck in traffic down there, but it was Okay. AS soon I got there everybody was in the front to get a BSB Shirt and as soon I got to the front all the shirts I could wear was sold out.

Well Krytal came out, and I really didn't like what she was wearing, but the songs she did was off the hook.I really likethe song she dedicated to all the Fathers in the house!

I though that was cool.

Next Shaggy! He was rocking the house, with his body, and his dancing. He sung songs that My Father, and Mother knew when they were little.He brought a little girl on stage,and sung Angle to her. It was sweet of him to do that.The best song he sung was IT Wasn't ME

Then we had to wait for BSB to come out, and That was about 9:30 and they came out with bang and then they really kick butt.They sung, Everyone, Larger Than Life,Not for me, I promise u(with everything I Am),Yes I Will,More Than That, I Want it That Way, Quit PLaying Games With MY Heart, They also did this video when they were in 2050, it was so cute Kevin had gray hair like he has now, long, Howie was a hip problem, Brian, was bold, and smoking with a basketball in his hands, Aj was also smoking, Nick was just fat, and old. They were really funny, then they sung Don't want u Back, then they did that backstage clothes thing, real funny. I like it when A.J had lost his ring and Brian had found it but was trying to not let A.J see, but found out anyway Then Howie had pushed all the guys out of the way in the mirror, funny. Then after that they had went on the small stage, where I was and perform Show Me THe Meaning Of Being Lonely,How Did I FAll IN Love With YOu, SWeet just sweet, Then They walked on that brige and did Time. BRain waved at me, Howie weeked at me, Kev just looked at me. They did Everybody, and Get another BOyFriend, and The Call and Last but not least SHape Of MY Heart. ALL In ALL THE CONCERT WAS PHAT.


Date: Jun 27, 2001
Submitted By: Misty

I thought I would give my thoughts of the concert Me and a Friend from work decided to go she is 19 and I am 23 we got to the show (after being in traffic for 3 hours ) And walked in the ticket people told you the usally no cell phones or cams (does anyone really listen to that) Well I brought some signs I had worked really hard on and they wouldn't let me take them in . But i was nice and tossed them on the table went to our seats and about 7:30 Krystal took the stage what a talent they have found she was great

she dedicate a song to all the dads because it was Fathers Day ( that was my gift to my dad i left for the day)it was a really pretty song I'll be there a classic .

Then she ended her set and that sexy man shaggy came out (he is so fine) me and my friend were having a ball he is crazy and did I say he was fine !! He did about a 30 to 40 min set he put on a great show !!!! Then the lights went down (again) And BSB was on the stage we were 11th row ( got the tickets two days before) They started out with Larger than life they were dancing and wow there dancers are awesome they sang for awhile and then went down for a quick change i did not mind that at all they came up on the other side of the arena and began to sing like angels then the cat walk droped Aj( i like some aj ) was right in front of me and I couldn't even speak some one made me speachless thats rare I was so excited that when i snaped the pic all i got back was the rail and his lower body and a hand .lol. But they ended the show with shape of my heart and we went to the car and wished we could do it all over again . I have been to many concerts from kid rock to garth brooks and my favorite for a while was Dave matthews but After my third bsb concert i can say that they are the best tour i have seen they are such a better live band than anyone i have seen and i hope they come out with a live cd I have even seen Nstink and they are not a good live band .Good luck on the rest of the tour and hope to see them again next year

hugs and love to all bsb fans ....

Greensboro, North Carolina, June,17th, 2001

Date: Jun 25, 2001
Submitted By: Rheanna

On June 17th, my friend and I went to see the BACKSTREET BOYS!!!! this was my 3rhd concert of their but my friends 1st ever!!! We had such great seats! We were right at their center stage and catwalk!!! My friend and I had many plans to try to get backstage but none of them worked :(. But after seeing the concert we were more than satisfyied!! Krystal opened up the show for BSB w/ a few of her songs that are gonna be on her upcomming album! Then SHAGGY graced us w/ his performance!! It was off the hook!! After SHAGGY was done, the crew came back out to set up for the ONE AND ONLY BSB!!!!!!!! The lights grew dim and the crowd went wild!!! The boys started the show off w/ their song EVERYONE, off of their new album followed by other songs from their Mellinum album! They added more songs to this show than they had in January in Charollet. The show was great, the best part was when they came out onto their center stage!!! I went WILD!!! I had never been that close to BSB!!! I had made a banner the week before, me and my friend wanted the boys to see it so i threw it on the stage!! I was yelling and pionting as loud as i could to AJ!! I finally got his attention!! I told him to pick the banner up!!! He did!!! I was so shocked i started to cry!!! Really I did! AJ read the banner then showed NICK!! MY fave!!!, My freinds fave is AJ, Well The banner said GOD MADE COKE, GOD MADE PEPSI, GOD MADE NICK AND AJ, SO DAMN SEXY!!!!!!!! I am so glad they got it!! I wrote me and my friends names and addresses and even our phone numbers!!! Who knows, they might write us!!! lol, When the concert was over the crowd cheered w/ pleasure!! I strongly agree that this was the best concert ever!!!!!!!! I cant wait till their next one!!! I took many pictures, so if u are intrested in seeing ne of them, just email me @

Greensboro, NC

Date: Jun 22, 2001
Submitted By: Jennifer

The BSB concert in Greensboro was awesome. In fact, I believe it was the best BSB show I've ever seen. I went to the show with my three friends, Nikki, Matt, and PJ. Matt, PJ, and I have been to several together, but this was Nikki's first BSB concert. Needless to say she loved it. I thought the boys were great. They had great energy and their singing was off the hook. AJ was sexy as always. When the guys went back to the little stage Matt and I ran back there, because I wanted AJ to see me since he had talked to Matt in Raleigh. Well he didn't see me until they were on the bridge, and I would like to say thanx to Matt for getting his attention for me. PJ even got the Howie bear, but I am sure you all know this after reading Matt's review. Shaggy and Krystal got the crowd ready for Backstreet. I thought Shaggy was great, but you know, nothing beats Backstreet. I had 23rd row floor for the concert, but we kinda roamed a little bit. I just want to say that if BSB comes to a town near you and you pass them up on this tour you are CRAZY. All the boys are great, so don't pass them up. C-ya


Concert at Greensboro N.C.

Date: Jun 21, 2001
Submitted By: Jillian

I am 19 and this was my first BSB concert. It was the best. My parents and I went and had the best time. They enjoyed it as much as I did. The highlight though was when they were in the back, Three rows from me and they sang my favorite song, "How did I fall in love with You". The show is well worth the money. BSB try their best to make it a memorable experiance. From the very beginning to the very last. It was the trip of a lifetime.

Greensboro,NC Concert 06/17/01

Date: Jun 20, 2001
Submitted By: Nicole

My mother,me,my best friend,and her mother all went to see the Backstreet Boys in concert on Sunday,June 17,2001. I had seen them in Greensboro last year for Brian's birthday but this was by far the better of the two. When we got to the coliseum I bought a tour shirt,program,laminated pass,and the Lupus bear. When we got to our seats I was amazed! I had Flr B,Row 7,Seats 5-7! If you saw someone in 7th row with one of those spinning things (it spinned purplish) and orange,red,blue,purple,and white glowsticks that was me! Anyway,I'd love to give a shoutout to the girls in Flr B,Row 8,Seats 1-6 who tried to start the wave and the chanting ya'll were amazing! I don't remember much about the show since it went by so quickly but I do remember trying to wave to AJ the whole concert but did he wave back? No! During "Time" Nick and Howie waved to me but the highlight of the show was when Kevin was throwing a stuffed dog in my direction and this woman beside me caught it and I started crying and he had this look like 'I'm sorry'. He winked and then smiled at me! I don't think I'll ever be that close again. Luckily I get to see two more Carter's in July at the Aaron Carter concert on July 29th in Greensboro and I have Flr C,Row 4,Seats 7-9! If anyone has any questions please feel free to e-mail me. :)

greensboro norht carolina

Date: Jun 20, 2001
Submitted By: michelle

by ^*supergirl^* Location: ~* anywhere with AJ ~*

Age: 16 Sex : F

previous entry : the best night of my entire life !! next entry: Nicks lil boat accident !!


the best night of my life part one !! 6/19/2001

J ,my mom, and I drove to Greensboro to see Backstreet Boys. Lemme tell ya-IT WAS A BLAST! I have never had so much fun in my entire life!

Let's see here. Where do I begin? where do I start? OIY. I guess I'll start from when we got to the coliseum. We pulled in the parking lot at like 5:45 and headed into the coliseum. I got My soveniers-a tank top, a program, a bandana, a lan-yard (I dunon if that is how you spell it or not!), and a glow stick. That was about $100! Woah...J just got a dinky lil lan-yard and a smoothie that was really good.

Anyhoo-we walked into the ACTUAL stage area and about flipped out. We found our seats-TENTH ROW (OK, That'll be the last time [*hehe*, I said 'Time'-more on that later!])-and we about had two cows and a calf! We saw Amanda Carter there and we talked to her for a lil while-at least until the concert started...

Krystal was the first to perform. Lemme tell you! That girl can SING! She sang 'My Religion', 'Supergirl', 'Angel on my Shoulder', and "I'll Be There'. Gosh, J and I were like the only ones in the entire coliseum screaming and standing up for her! It was crazy. After she got off stage, she announced that she would be outside section 117 signing autographs and taking pics. J and I TOOK OFF runnnin' to the section. The line was so damn long but we made it. We met her (gosh, she is so pretty and such a sweetheart), took her pics, and got her autograph! It was great. Ya know what else? Last time we met a celebrity too! How cool?

~I have no voice~

Now on to Shaggy-All I can say is "DAYUM!!! He can dance and he is one sexy mama jahamba He brought this lil girl up onstage and sang "Angel" to her. It was so cute!


Let's see here-Well. after Shaggy got offstage, there was about a 25 minute wait 'til the boys came on! J and I went back to talk to Amanda. We talked to her until about 9:30 and then went back to our seats. As soon as we sat down, the lights dimmed and everyone was screamin' their poor lil hearts out. J thought that, I was gonna die or something. The opening of the show (which is flying asteroids) began and then the boys came out.


As they did last time, they opened up with 'Everyone' and 'Larger Than Life', which are the song dedicated to their fans. They all looked so hella hot! Sorry, but I just couldn't resist. During 'Larger Than Life', AJ was walking up the ramp and J was standing out in the aisle wavin' my hand off and jumpin' up and down. He stopped walkin' up the ramp and looked straight at her and waved back. I thought she was gonna have a heart attack.

Gosh, my mind just went blank.

OMG-they did this thing while they were changing of like the "future" and it was in the year 2050 and they were all old and shit. It was so funny. Talk about boy bands never going anywhere! Brian was sittin' in a wheelchair bouncin' a basketball. AJ was smokin' a cigar. Nick was all fat/ Howie had a hip replacement and couldn't move. Kevin was like 70/80 years old and had long, long hair. It was hilarious.

'More Than That' was better this time. Actually everything was better this time cuz we were TEN FRICKIN' ROWS AWAY...*tune of Brit's 'Oooops, I did It Again'* ooops, I said it again! But 'More Than That' was so beautiful. I cried. It was booitful. *tear in eye*

Alright, now we get to the good stuff. We got to watch them change-AGAIN! AJ-OMG-he is so sexy! Nick took off his shirt and he showed his beata! Kevin-all I gotta say is ummmm. Then they ran to their second stage in the back of the coliseum. They did 'How Did I fall In Love with You' and 'Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely'. It was cool beans. Then they lowered the cat walk down so they could walk back to the main stage. They sang 'Time' on the cat walk. All three of us had waited for that performance all night. It was also the best. The cat walk was right above our seats and they were right in front of us. They started singin' and walkin' across the walk. AJ was about five feet (maybe not even that)from us and we standing on the chairs waving and he waved back. Woah baby! Let's see here, Brian waved at us. Howie got sprayed with silly string. When Keving noticed that Brian was waving at us, the two hot, blonde chicks, we were still going crazy and Kevin was then right in front of us and he looked dead at me. I was waving and then he blew a kiss at us. HE BLEW A FRICKIN' KISS AT US!!!!!!!!! It was so unbelieveable. I was screamin' and jumpin' and just totally buggin' out. J was like grabing me and sying did you see that and i couldn't say anyhting i was too busy crying !Then everyone who was in front of us, behind us, to the right of us, and to the left of us were screaming "HE DID THAT TO YOU! HE DID THAT TO YOU!" It was so cool! Oh, we looked back up after we calmed down a lil bit and Kevin saw us tippin' and he just grinned from ear-to-ear! It was great. He had been eyein' us all throughout the concert. It was so cool.

~Oh, lemme just say. For those who like Nick-he is a jackass. Yeah, he may be dead sexy but he is so full of himself. He was stanind right in front of us during 'Time' and were waving at him. He looked at us but didn't do a damn thing. Stupid prick!~

Anyway-They did 'Everybody (Backstreet's Back)', 'Get Another Boyfriend', and 'The Call' at the end of the show. During 'Get Another Boyfriend', Janel and I were in the aisle doin' the coreography tot he song and some the dancers pointed at us and smiled or winked. It was so great. 'Shape of My Heart' was the last song. when they were saying good bye . kevin put his hand up and pointed at us and said bye .. ( god i love him more then i did b4) We left after that and these two girls that were sittin' behind us were like "Those were the girls that Kevin blew kisses at!" J and I were like hell yeah!

The show was great. Brian waved at us-TWICE. Kevin waved at us-THREE TIMES and eyed us throughout the concert AND blew kisses at us! Plus, we had tenth row! So, all-in-all, it was a kickass show! And I hate to say it, but it was better then the millennium ...maybe cuz I had ground floor.

We were leavin' and we had the B&B album pumpin' and J and I were hangin' out the car windows. The BSB buses drove by and Kevin's bus HONKED at us! Once again, it was Kevin

i wanna go back so bad !!!


Date: Jun 20, 2001
Submitted By: Shelby

The Greensboro concert was awsome!!!!!!! My seats weren't the best you could possibly get but they were still good.First off they actually started almost on time I was so proud of them. Krystal came on she was awsome my friend and I met her she's really nice and really tiny we got an autograph. We missed some of Shaggy because we were in line for an autograph when we got to our seats Oh My GOD!!! I didn't know Shaggy had it in him. I listened to the radio the next day and um they said he toned it down I was like if that's toned down what does toned up look like. Then the Backstreet Boys came out they were awsome the new skit is really funny. Leighanne must not have been there or they were mad at each other but out innocence Brian did a pelvis thrust. I almost fell down the steps. After that its mostly a blurr. I"m going now.




Date: Jun 19, 2001
Submitted By: Dana .

Let me just start out saying that this was a wonderful concert! It was so special and overwelming!

When we got there, I was so excited! We walked in and looked at all the items to buy. (It's a larger selection than Millennium's) I finally decided to buy a t-shirt. We looked for our seats-row 24, seats 1-4. When we got to the floor we found them. I couldn't beleive how close we were! We sat down and waited for almost an hour. At around 7:45, the lights went out. And the 3 big screens came on with Kevin talking about Krystal. Krystal then came out and started singing. She was amazing! About 25 minutes later, she was done and said she would be signing autographs. We walked up and could not beleive how many people were in line waiting for an autograph! Around 8:15, Shaggy started--we were still in line; almost there. "Finally!" I thought. I couldn't beleive how small she was! She was as small as me! She signed a picture and hugged us, and we talked for a while. She is the sweetest! Then we went back. Shaggy was still singing. He did pretty well. Then finally the moment we were waiting for-BSB came on! They came out and sang Everyone. They were amazing! Brian looked so hott! They danced and sang for a while.

Near the middle of the concert was when things started getting funny. They messed around on stage and all except Kevin jumped into a "BSB WARDROBE" chest. The camaras went down and showed them changing clothes. Brian was so funny! Aj was being wild! And Howie was brushing his face! They were getting out--everyone looked at the stage. But then we heard them sing-and looked behind us-there they were, 10 feet away from me! I screamed! Then a show came on-it was BSB in the year 2050! It was hilarious! I am not going to say what was on the screens; I don't want to ruin it for everyone that's going! After that, the bridge came down and they all started to sing Time. They were so close to me! I got Howie to wave at me. (I waved first, then he waved back)

Lastly, they ended with Shape Of My Heart and sparks went everywhere! They all said good night and blew kisses into the audience. Nick threw his hat into the crowd and Howie threw Aj's jacket in to the crowd. It was amazing and I give it 5 out of 5 stars! Even though in Millennium, Brian blew me a kiss; it was the best!

Greensboro June 17!!

Date: Jun 19, 2001
Submitted By: Sarah

I went to the show last night in Greensboro and it was absolutely amazing!!! This was my second BSB concert! I went to the one in Raleigh last February for their millenium tour but we sat in the last row! We still had a good time though!! This time I had wonderful seats and i danced and sang and screamed my head off the entire time!!!!!! I love all the sexual pelvic thrusts they do!! Haha!!!! My favorite part though was when they rose out of the center of the black thing in the back we were right there!! I could see everything about them1! I was on the front row in the section right there on the side of the black thing it was perfect seating!! Brian waved at me and he's my favorite so i was freakin out!! i was screaming his name soo loud my whole body was like shaking!!!! Then he finlly turned around a waved and laughed cause i started jumping up and down to get his attention!! AJ waved too and so did Nick cause they were on my side most of the time!!!! It was a perfect night and i didn't want it to end!!!! That was funny too when it shows them understage changing like after the song that was funny!!! and nick started takin of his shirt while he was going down that box everyone started screaming then!!! I thought Shaggy was excellent!!! I just lvoe him!! Oh it was funny someone made a sign that said god mad coke god made pepsi god made nick and aj soo damn sexy!!! aj saw it and the person gave it to him then aj showed nick and they were like yeah!! and gave a eachother high fives!!!! That was the best night of my life and i didn't want it to end!!!! I love Nick and Brian they are my absolute favorite but I love all the boys1!!

Greensboro, NC (June 17, 2001)

Date: Jun 19, 2001
Submitted By: Beth

I went to my fourth Backstreet Boys concert in Greensboro, NC last night. It was the most outstanding thing I've ever been to. The boys put on the most spectacular show! My friend and I had section 109 seats, which were 2 sections away from the side ramps, so we were pretty close to that as well as the stage! We had already seen Krystal in January, but Shaggy was a new act for us. He put on a great show. It was tons of fun! He got everyone up and jumping and gettin ready for a rockin time with the Backstreet Boys. Finally, around 9:15 or so, BSB came on. They had changed a few things about their set, and their costumes. It was so much fun seeing them down there singing their hearts out and dancing their bootys off. You could tell they really love what they're doing, and I hope they will keep on putting on tours as great as that one was! I will always be there in support of them. KTBSPA!! Oh yea, one more thing...I love you AJ McLean!!

6/17/01 Greensboro North Carolina

Date: Jun 19, 2001
Submitted By: Megan

Ok, me and my 2 very best friends arrived at the Greensboro Coloiseum 3 hours earlier!! We got out reserved V.I.P tickets in the will call line! I'm a very lucky person cause my dad's friend partly manages the Blockbuster Pavilian in Greenville so he can get good tickets anywhere in North and South Carolina!! But anyways! Well, after the gates open we go and find our seats! And when I saw where they are I got tears in my eyes knowin that I would be sittin that close the my ALL time favorite band!!! It was unbelievable! I have been to 7 concerts but this one was gonna be different because they were actually gonna be life size and I'm going to be stanging not even 5 feet in front ot them! This is just an amazing feeling altogether! So, the show FINALLY starts and Kristal and Shaggy do an AWESOME job, but I still have to wait another 20 min. for my FAB five to come out!! Well, they finally do and they perform a KICK a$$ show and its the best BSB concert I have every been to!!!!! They changed the costumes and the order or the songs and the dance moves from the first leg of the Black and Blue World Tour, but that was a good thing cause I had already seen the B&B tour 2 times before, so I didn't know what all to really expect! The funniest thing was the 2050 time warp type thingy! They were all old and crusty but them being the backstreet boys they were still ready to sing dance and have a good time although Howie had his hip replaced! haha! But all I have to say is that that was BY FAR THE BEST NIGHT I HAVE EVER LIVED!!!! Nothing will top that night unless I get a chance to met my FIVE favorite guys!!! Which I think will be happenein really soon!! =) KTBSPA!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Megan (Columbia, South Carolina)

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