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Date: Aug 06, 2001
Submitted By: Rachael

Wednesday July 20th 2001

Backstreet Boys Black and Blue Concert

Verizon Music Centre in Noblesville Indiana.

Indianapolis In

The boys can ROCK!!!!!!.

There was lines a mile long of people waiting so we talked to everyone we could mostly comparing T-shirts. My friend got me a Nick one and the funny thing is its signed with Kevin's signature.

The local radio station radio Now 93.1 had a competition to win backstage passes if you wrote there name over you fans had it EVERYWHERE!!!. There was about 10-20 little boys calling themselves little Nick, Kevin, or Brian even dressed like them it was soooo cute.

We got in the grounds at 5pmish, being presented by Izone they had a wall where you could get your picture taken and add it to a sheet and sign a message for the boys I wrote "Rachael (Carter) Thomson, all the way from Auckland New Zealand".

The radio station was throwing out stuff I got a free shirt and a pom pom. After grabbing our merchandise we took our seats and waited.

When Krystal was about to go on we herd Kevin over the speakers talking about finding her then the crowd screamed as Kevin came on in person, (he only cornrows his hair for on-stage) MY FIRST LIVE LOOK AT KEVIN!!!! I was screaming my lungs out and took at picture b4 being told I wasn't aloud to take photos by a guard (hehehe got the better of them I took 4 rolls of film). Krystal is amazing she has a powerful voice and a energetic presence on stage.

The best part is after her set she did a meet and great with fans I GOT TO MEET KRYSTAL she signed me a picture I also got my photo with her. she's very sweet and kind. because of the line being so long for Krystal I missed shaggy but she was worth it.

Next was BACKSTREET BOYS OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD!!!!!!!!!! How do you describe it. you get this feeling in your stomach and you keep saying this is all a dream then nick rips off his jacket and you just scream like you never have b4.

I cant remember all the songs but they played stuff from both 3 CDs and a special UNRELEASED song "If you stay" and a remixed version of "The Call" that no one had herd yet.

My favorite parts had to be when the boys got on instruments themselves AJ was on Drums, Brian Guitar and Nick rocked out on Electric Guitar and of course I wont forget Backstreet 2050 with Grandpa Nick and them saying Joey Fatone wanted to try out for Brian's place in the group since Brian couldn't walk anymore, and who could forget the look of them backstage in there draws getting dressed and Howie hogging the mirror to do his hair plus Nick taking off his shirt as he went into the wardrobe box to change to bad we didn't see his chest.

Brian talked bout his charity and said they have helped there first little girl have heart surgery. Towards the end of the concert Brian signed a healthy heart shirt and GAVE it to one of the little deaf kids in the front row and was signing to them to turn it round to see his signature it was really heart warming he didn't just throw it he handed to the security guard and made sure the kid got it then smiled and blew them a kiss.

This was my first concert ever but not my last, the boys have the best energy on stage and they project it towards everyone in the audience and no mater where you sitting your involved in the show the boys look out even to the back. It was just incredible the whole thing.

Indianapolis Concert

Date: Jul 25, 2001
Submitted By: Jordyn N.

First of all, the opening acts were great. Krystal is outstanding. She is great at the piano, upbeat and energetic. That was awesome. But of course the best part was when the guys came on. The intro was so tight. But since it was outside they didn't think they could fit the stage in. But they did. So that was so cool. The screen behing them while they were performing was a great touch. They were so great too. Their hype energy and interaction with the audience was cool. And even though I was on the lawn I could feel the vibes from them. It was the coolest feeling. That was the BEST concert that I have ever been to. It was so... there really aren't any words for how great it was. It was better than taking the first swim of the summer or overcoming your greatest fear. They gave you this feeling that nothing would ever go wrong again. They made you forget all your problems just by watching them sing with all that emotion. It gave me this feeling, this satisfactional, senstual, undescribable feeling that nothing else in the world could give you. It was great and powerful and there is nothing else like it. You probably would think that I was talking about falling in love or something, but no I am talking about a Backstreet Boys concert.


Date: Jun 29, 2001
Submitted By: Amy

I saw BSB in concert at the Indy show with some friends. It was great!!!!! Kristal started it off after being introduced by Kevin who spoke very highly of her (and in returned she referred to him as a big brother). Then Shaggy came out and rocked the audience. However, when BSB emerged from the stage after seeing a really cool astroid scene on the big screen, the audience never sat down the for the next 2 1/2 hours. They kept your attention the entire time. I loved singing some of their better known songs with them as did the rest of the audience. If you have not had the chance to see them, I highly recommend it. If the opportunity would come up again to see them, I would do it in a heartbeat!!!!!

Indianapolis, IN

Date: Jun 27, 2001
Submitted By: Michelle

Well, I went to the concert at Indianapoils on June 20th. I have seen the Backstreet Boys about 5 times before...I have even had front row before. This was, however, my first concert of the Black and Blue tour. I am fan, but not a huge fan...not like when I was around 15 (I am 18 now). I enjoyed the show a lot....I think the boys always put on a good show and their voices are amazing. I went with a close friend of mine...we always go to BSB concerts together and really this was probably the last one, because we are going off to college and stuff. I had okay seats...I could see what was going on. All the guys looked and sounded great...I didn't really scream or anything, I think I've grown out of that stage...I just pretty much listened to the music and enjoyed it. During Shape of my Heart....there was a fist fight right near my seats between two was kinda funny, but also ruined the last song for the people around them. We all had to move down so we didn't get in their way....that was pretty immature of them to get in a fight at a BSB show. I mean I have been to punk concerts...alternative concerts, and this was the first fist fight i have seen at a show...and it was a BSB show! *lol* Well, that's about it!

Backstreet Boys Concert- June 20th, 2001 Verizon Wireless Music Center

Date: Jun 26, 2001
Submitted By: Amanda

One word- WOW. This was my 5th and best BSB concert. I really don't know what to say to review an awesome show like this- everyone has pretty much described how I felt about it. I am so lucky that I get to see them again on July 21st in Tinley Park, IL. I drove from Peoria, IL to see this concert- about 3 hours- and it was totally worth it. I was in Section G- and I had a great view! (For $124.50 it should be lol) Anyone who hasn't seen the 2nd leg of the B & B tour yet, you won't be disappointed. Krystal is an awesome artist- she's so talented. And Shaggy's a great performer too- he had so much energy! But naturally, BSB was the best! The special effects were awesome, their harmonies were amazing- and I don't care if the "professional" review wasn't good! It doesn't matter- 'cuz we, the fans, are the ones who pay to see them! So if you're going to the Chicago show, send an e-mail my way and we'll get a Yahoo! group going! Peace!

Indianapolis Concert

Date: Jun 26, 2001
Submitted By: Kylee again

Hey Indy Concert Goers! The concert was 5 days ago and I'm still in awe! I was wondering if anyone remembers me...I was wearing a tank top with a giant smiley face with 3 eyes on it and a bunch of writing on the back.

As for the Star interview, its a middle aged guy. What do you expect?


Indy show 6/20/2001

Date: Jun 25, 2001
Submitted By: Carly

Alright first of all I want to let something out. I'm soooo sick of reading "professional" reviews of the show because they all trash the pyro and setup, then they go on to complain about the screaming girls and how the boys show was filled with sugary ballads surrounded by a couple fast songs. NO S**T. It's a Backstreet Boys concert not a Megadeath concert. They are known for their sweet harmonies and therefor showcase them with more slower songs than fast songs. Not to mention that the people they send to do the reviews on these concerts are middle aged men that wouldn't enjoy a Backstreet concert even if it were quiet and there were no showy effects. Besides, I've been to four Backstreet concerts and I can honestly say that no one sitting around me has ever turned to me and said ya know I really hate the stage setup and honestly I'm bored with the pyrotechnics and slow songs. AHHH I just had to let that out and I wasn't sure where else to let it out. Anyway the Indy show was fabulous and I personally don't think I need to explain (or defend as the case may be) the rest of the show because if you're a fan you've already seen pics or been to one of the shows.

The B&B show in Indianapolis, Indiana

Date: Jun 24, 2001
Submitted By: Jessica

Let me start out by saying that the show was aswesome! Now, I know I'm a little partial to this because I am a huge Backstreet fan, but I think any critic would agree that these boys are show stoppers!! The show started at about 7:00pm and opened with Krystal. The crowd was just starting to get fired up when Kevin surprised everyone by coming out on stage and introdused Krystal and asked if Indy was ready to party... That of corse sent everyone into a backstreet frenzy.... it was still light outside and you could see him very well... he could see all the fans too... after that Kevin walked off the stage and Krystal came on. She started of with her song off the burger king album "my religion." That was one riviting performance... it showed how much talent she actually does have... I can see why the boys signed her. She sang one more song before she left the stage. After that The crew started setting up for Shaggy. Now, talk about a good performance! With all the swivells of the hips and the interaction with the fans, it makes me wonder why he is just a backup act... this guy is good enough for his own show! He sure got the crowd pumed up... After Shaggy said his goodbyes we waited for about another hour before the boys came on...

Then, the lights suddenly click off, thhe screams start and out come the dancers onto the stage... there is a big screen in the back that has a world on it at this time. You see comets heading twords it and everytime one of the comets hits the earth on the screen a reall firework hits the stage right by the dancers. The comets hit until the world is a ball of fire... that's when the steam starts and the boys arise from the stage, standing on 5 huge pillars, ready to "save the world.." They open up with everyone to which the dancing is remarkable. At this time they are dressed in something that looks like something right out of the Matrix... The big black trench coats and sunglasses, complete with leather pants... The nexed thing you know they go straight into Larger than Life complete with a giutar break from Nick and the boys head banging around him. They then go to some of the slower songs, dimming the lights even more and setting the mood. This part of the show shows how perfect and precise their hormonies can be... They didn't mess up or get even slightly off key once! One boy in particularly inpressed me was Nick. When he is on stage it just seems he has the whole entire world in his hands and no body can take it away from him. It's like the stage is his life.. he has to be there or he can't even breath. His voice is amazing as well as his whole satge persona. Hell, all the boys are! lol. The show started picking up a little after the ballads with Get another boyfreind and Everybody... The only words that came out of every fans mouth was hell yes when Nick asked the fated question.. am i sexual?? Get another boyfreind I would have to say is my favorite song they so craftly delivered on stage.. the big dance break was remarkable! That and Shining Star. That came with great dancing and singing complete with hip thrusts golore! Even shy little Nicky was being a very very bad The most emotional part of the concert was when the boys performed the song in which all of them wrote about their past... time. They all sat in the front part of the satge, turned the house lights on, and sang to all of their fans. They showed everyone in the audience how appreciated and loved they are. It was magical... During the whole production there were 2 pretaped segments that played. The first was of them in the dressing room messing around backstage... it was so crazy! lol... the nexed one was probably the funniest thing I have ever seen. The boys were in the year 2050 and where wrinkly old men! Aj had a cigar in his mouth, Nick had a big pot belly and brian was bald and in a wheelchair... it was so funny... The show ended with the call in which aj answers a phone before the song starts. Of corse, he first comsults the audience on wheather he should answer or not... After the call the boys said goodbye and ran off stage... As everyone was still busy screaming, the boys arose for an encore.. They seranaded the audience with their biggest hit off the album so far, Shape of my heart... at that moment I knew this wonderful time was coming to and end, but it would be something I would never forget. As the boys held their mic's out to the audience so we could sing along, they slowly took it all in and thanked the fans with their beautiful smiles.... As the song came to an end The boys thanked the audience, told us that they loved us, and made sure to remind us that they would be back... Then they took their final bow and started to slowly dissapear from the satge by going down into the floor through trap doors. I remember seeing the last waves and thinking how much effort and time they put into each of their shows so each and every fan can feel special... I hope you get to enjoy and experience one of these amazing shows but until then... KTBPA!!!

Backstreet Boys B&B TOUR--June 20

Date: Jun 22, 2001
Submitted By: Michelle

All I have been saying these past couple of days is AWESOME, WOW, and EXCELLENT!!! I went to the Black and Blue concert on June 20, in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was at the Verzion Wireless Music Center. The day had finally come that I would get to see bsb in concert, live! I have been counting down this day, since I got my tickets!! I got ready around 11:30am, because I was so excited! I had black and blue hair, a bsb t shirt, writing all over my face and arms, and on my jeans I put black and blue puffy paint with writing all over it! I got to the venue at around 4:30. They would not let us in the gates until 5. When they FINALLY let us in there were soo many places to buy shirts and pictures, whatever you wanted of bsb!! There was also this huge paper for I-Zone, since they are promoting bsb's tour this summer. They would take your picture if you wanted to and you would stick it on that huge paper and then write a message to bsb. They said they would give it to bsb!! So, I got my picture taken and since I am a HUGE Kevin fan, I put it by his picture. They had all 5 of the guys and I put I LOVE U KEVIN! Then after that, there was a radio station giving away free items! So I went over there and they were getting us all hyped up! They were giving away black and blue cds, bsb t shirts and pom poms to wave around! I won a pom pom and then a shirt came my way and I got it, but another fan tried taking it away from me, so we were fighting over it for like 5 minutes, then she is like fine u can have it! so I WON! I was happy!! After that, I went and I bought another t-shirt and then one of those neck things, that you can put keys on. Then, I saw the buses and they were surrounded by fences, but I wanted to see what was happening! LOL So I looked through the fences and I saw Shaggy and Leighanne, Brian's wife! she is ssoo pretty!! Then all the sudeen Brian walks out of a bus!! I am like OMG! So I start banging on the fence, yelling his name, he looks up and waves AT ME!! I am like omg! then other fans start screaming his name, i was gettting my camera ready when people who worked there, made us move and i was ssoo sad, i did not get it on camera!! After that, I went to look for my seats, I was in Section H, at the end of the row, but I wanted to be in the center, and no one was there, so I moved in the center, luckily no one caught me!

Then me and my good friend, who came with me, just sat down and waited for Krystal. Then kevin came on and I was like OMG ITS KEVIN!! He was introducing Krstyal, I dont remember what he said because i was so shocked at how sexy he was looking!! Then Krstal came on, she is ssoo amazing! I love her voice!! After her, she went and was signing autogrpahs and taking pictures, I tried, but the line was so long and I wanted to see Shaggy!! Shaggy was the best! He gets the crowd going, and he loves for you to throw your arms all around, my arms are sore now, but its worth it! After Shaggy, we waited like I think 15 mintues or so waiting for bsb to get on! I was bored, so I started a chant! I was going Backstreet boys Backstreet Boys! Then I would yell I love Kevin! Finally, which seem like hours, the light turned down low and the screen came on and all the meteriods came on!! It was ssoo awesome, the effects were amazing!! Then BSB came rising up on Pedestals. The order was Nick, Howie, Brian, AJ and Kevin. They sang "Everyone" first. That's a very good song! Then "Larger Than Life".

I can not remember all the order of the songs, because I was just so amazed by bsb. This was my first Black and Blue concert and I thought it was so much better than Millenium! There was some really funny parts, like there is this skit, people said that they just added it. The year is 2050 and they are interviewing bsb!! Kevin has long hair still and its all gray! I think it was Nick and AJ that were trying to dance around and everything. I can name all the songs that they sang. From the 1st cd they sang, Quit Playin Game, As Long As You Love Me, All I have to Give and I'll Never Break Your Heart. From Millenium, they sang, Larger Than Life, I want it that way, some me the meaning and Dont want u back. And then they sang every song from Black and Blue excpet Its True!! I was sad they did not sing that! I really enjoy that song. Warning to some bsb fans! If you bring a poster or gifts for the guys, they will not allow you to take them in, well not here they did not. I made bsb a pillow and I made Kevin and Kristin a pillow and they would not let me bring it in! I was so mad!! I spent a lot of time on it!! Just a warning to you all. When

BSB was saying goodbye at the very end, I was so sad! I did not want them to leave!! But, I am trying to get tickets to see bsb in Chicago, so hopefully I can and my parents will let me! If any of you are going to a concert, you will have the time of your life! Believe me! The long wait is worth it! and try and get there early, maybe u will get to see one of the guys, like i did! I know my life is complete now, jk. I gotta hug them first! LOL Anyways, I think this is long enough for everyone, so enjoy your concert if you are going! KTBSPA! I LOVE KEVIN RICHARDSON!!!


Indianapolis (Noblesville), Indiana - Verizon Wireless Music Center - Backstreet Boys Black & Blue World Tour

Date: Jun 22, 2001
Submitted By: Tara

The Backstreet Boys concert was absolutly amazing. I'd have to say since they've been together for over 8 years. They're still the greatest group ever! The whole concert was just absolutly the amazing. I wish I was still there! When I got there there were tons of girls there, my Uncle had taken me, which he was amazed by all the girls there. The ages just about ranged from 3 to my Grandmother's age almost! First thing Krystal came on. She was totally amazing too and she has the greatest voice. She is so much better than Christina and Britney put together. She sang live without lip-syncing and she did a GREAT job. I really do love her voice and right after the concert I was listening to her song "My Religion." She just has this amazing voice that is really inspirational. She does a really good job singing live. As she said she was signing autographs later after her performance. After her performance I wanted to get her autograph. So I waited in line with practically 100 people in front of me. They were taking pictures and with her and giving her hugs. So this one whole group took like 10 whole minutes. They finally made them go as the line shortened I was getting a little nervous. As I am such a loser, Krystal is the first celebrity I've ever met! As it got to like 15 people, I was a little shocked and nervous. Finally we got up to her and I was first before my Uncle. As I got her autograph he asked her if she was still giving out hugs.

She was like,"Sure!"

I wanted to get a hug from her as I asked and she said,"Yeah!"

I'd have to say even though I didn't get to say much to her, she was really sweet and is well-worth meeting. Afterwards, I was a little starstruck after meeting her. I just couldn't believe I just met Krystal! Even though it was less than 5 minutes, I enjoyed it! As while I was waiting in line Shaggy was playing. I never was a big fan of his, but the all the girls were screaming for him. It just seemed weird to me for some singer like him to be on tour with the Backstreet Boys. As Shaggy's performance ended right after I got Krystal's autograph. It was a long time before Backstreet Boys came on. THey never came on till it was dark. The girls were chanting "Backstreet Boys" hoping their heartthrobs would come on the stage right then. The chanting didn't last long as they just screamed for them. And finally when the lights went down low out they had a big screen in which you could see really good with the earth on it, and astroids hitting the earth. Every time a astroid would hit a firework would go off. And soon all these astroids started going after the earth and that's when there was so many explosions the Backstreet Boys came rising from the stage on each of their own platforms. They started singing "Everyone" which soon went into "Larger Than Life." The choreography of the show was really amazing. You would think after dancing like they do, you'd be a little tired during half of the show. But they gave their love to the fans, and they all enjoyed it. As the show went on, they sang some more songs in which just every fan around me was singing too. The girls behind

me were just going crazy, they were probulay just some teeny boppers who scream over nothing. Everytime Nick came on the big screen, the audience screamed louder, but they all screamed anytime any of them came on closer. They all looked like they had been working out, but all the dancing they do keeps them in shape. It was really neat to see that they kept their audience entertained while they change wardrobe. As they changed the first time, they showed what

the guys would look like in 2050. It was funny as Brian was bald and him and AJ were smoking cigars. Kevin's hair was long like now and he had this long gray nappy looking hair that was just nasty looking. Nick just practically had the same do, just a different way, except he was fatter. Howie had hair about the same, I just can't quite remember him well. The skit was really funny as at the end Nick was backing his bootay up. Then they finally came back out and sang some more songs. They asked the fans if they liked the wardrobe they were wearing, which by now was the blue tanktops. The fans just screamed and the show went on. As they did another skit thing to show where the change their outfits backstage. It was really interesting to see as they were just acting and being silly while they showed the backstage area. Towards the end they all started fighting over to who gets to look in the mirror. Howie was funny and pushed them all off! Then again they came out wearing something different. They changed their wardrobe many times, which was good every time. They sang more as the girls now were screaming louder than ever. I was screaming myself really loud and singing along with every song. I was surprised I didn't lose my voice! Partly I didn't was because I take vocal lessons and have been taught how to not abuse your voice while singing. When the show almost ended. AJ was out on stage and acted like he was answering his cell phone. It was good as they came out singing "The Call" and then the last final song, "Shape Of My Heart." They did really good. I was amazed with their vocals and how well they blended together. I could see them somewhat well, as I had gotten seats that were $124 each. Nick and Howie are somewhat just my favorites. Nick looked really cute though and he just looked really fine! Howie was good too. They all did a great job and the concert is well worth going to. Even if you pay over $100. The show is really amazing and the guys do a great job singing. After the show we went out trying to find the car. As the guy's tour buses went by. I couldn't believe how fast they had gotten out of there. My Uncle himself, which he is into music, even enjoyed the show and thought the guys did a really good job. So the show overall is worth it. They sing a lot of different songs. I really couldn't believe how many they sang off Millennium. Their voices in my opinion sound much better than when they were on the Millennium tour last year. Even though this was my first Backstreet Boys concert, I really liked it. I've been a fan for a long time, but just didn't go to the Millennium concert because they had all sold out. This concert to me was the best ever and I'm sure all you fans can't wait till the next tour! Keep the Backstreet Pride Alive!

Indianapolis, Indiana

Date: Jun 22, 2001
Submitted By: Olivia Painter

I would like to start out by saying that the Backstreet Boys did a wonderful job on their show and I don't think that I have ever seen a group put all their heart and soul into one performance as they did. I read the review that Backstreet Net placed on there site from someone who thought the show was good, but just missed the "wow". And to whoever wrote that, may I ask to you what your opinion is of "wow"??? I don't think that I would have wanted to spend my $124.00 per ticket on anything else and I also think that it was well worth it. The show lived up to everyone of my expectations and I couldn't ask for a better. The fact that the guys still have been around for 8 years now and have NOT lost there touch to a lot of people amazes me beyond belief. I know that they are getting old and moving on with there lives but they are still the great down to earth guys that they were 8 years ago and they still know how to put on a kick ass show. I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that the person(s) who wrote that the show missed the "wow" were surely there to judge the guys and not to enjoy the music and the all out performance that they gave. Like I said before I don't think that I have seen a group pour all their heart and soul into a performance as the boys did. The high technology was amazing and the fact that they always showed and told the people in the audience how greatful they are b/c of our support was fantastic. I would like to tell everyone that is getting ready to go see them and that spent a lot of money on there tickets, that they need not worry, your money was well spent and I think that this concert will be the best that you have seen from the guys yet. To all the BSB fans....KTBSPA!!!! And to the Backstreet Boys all I ask is that you stay the same, keep givin us fans great music, and kick ass concerts. I also would like to thank the guys for coming to Indie and making my money well spent. Stay true BSB fans!!!!

Love Always,


Indianapolis concert

Date: Jun 22, 2001
Submitted By: Colleen

Wow, what can i say? The concert was awesome. I couldn't believe Kevin came out and introduced Krystal! I have been to a ton of concerts in my life, but i have never ever seen the main act come out and introduce the opening number. Considering how extremely special that concert must have been to her since it was her home town, for him to come out was an extremely nice thing to do. By the way, she rocked. Shaggy was cool too. When the bsb came on though, that's when the real show began. Their singing and dancing was perfect. Their personalities really stood out in the concert in the different skits they did. The best had to be the "joey FATone" joke. hehe Well anyways, if u haven't seen the show, I definately encourage u to go check it out. KTBSPA!!NicK is HOT(had to add that)!!!

Backstreet Boys Live At Verizon Wireless Music Center in Indianapolis, Indiana

Date: Jun 22, 2001
Submitted By: Michelle Hunter

Omg, yesterday, well, actually 24hrs. ago I saw BSB live. It was such a great show! Krystal and Shaggy opened for them, and then @ about 9:00pm the lights went out, after we waited like an hour. They opened with "Everyone" and "Larger Than Life." The concert was sooo fun, exciting, and halarious. One of the funny parts was when they showed what they would look like in 2050, lol they looked all old, lol it had me crackin up. They sang mostly all of their songs. They all were sooo cute, especially Nick when they were dancing. Well, it was a GREAT concert and I so want to go see them again. ktbspa and aaron carter pride too.


Backstreet Boys in Indianapolis

Date: Jun 22, 2001
Submitted By: Jenny

The Backstreet Boys concert was just amazing. I am from Chicago, which is about a 3 to 4-hour drive to Noblesville, Indiana. I left the house with my mom and dad at about 11:30 AM and we listened to all the BsB CD’s on the way there. We finally got there at about 4:30 PM. As we drove into the parking lot we could feel the excitement. This was my 4th Backstreet concert and they just keep getting better!

They let us in the gates around 5. The concert was at the Verizon Wireless Music Center and is outdoors. There was this huge area inside the gates with booths everywhere with BsB merchandise and there were also 2 radio stations there getting the crowd hyped. After I bought a T-shirt with a pic of the boys in concert on it, and a concert poster, my mom and I went to find our seats. We were in section F, row G. When we counted it out it ended up being the 32nd row we think. Anyways, we were sooo close I couldn’t believe it!

Sense the concert was outside, the venue had a lot of trouble accommodating the huge 200-foot stage, bridge, and center stage. Still, the Backstreet crew worked hard to make it fit. The stage ended up with maybe 15-foot wings on each side, no bridge, and no center stage. The boys worked with what they had and made it awesome!

Before the concert I was out in the big area with all the booths by the Radio Now van. It was really fun because they were throwing out shirts and CDs, and even had a contest to go backstage. A little while later I headed over to where you could see all of the busses and trucks. That was also the place where they were taking the people backstage! I was there for a while talking with two ladies that were going backstage and then I saw this worker that had this huge cooler on wheels filled with ice. I asked him if he was going backstage and he said he was so I begged him to burry me in the cooler! He almost said yes because I was going to crazy for BsB but then he left! Right after that we heard Kevin announcing Krystal and my mom and I ran to our seats, but we missed Kevin!!!

Krystal sang four songs and had an amazing voice. We were actually sitting 4 seats away from people Krystal knew in High School so that was really cool. Then Shaggy came out and really got the audience going! He really wants you to wave your arms around a lot! He sang about 7 or 8 songs, and even took a little girl on stage during “Angel”. When Shaggy get off the stage there was a break and then it was time for the show to begin!

The lights were turned down low and the big circle screen is lit up with a picture of the earth. Meteoroids were hitting the earth with thunderous booms followed by smoke and flashes of fire. There is then peaceful music and then the Backstreet Boys are lifted from below the stage on pedestals in the order of Nick, Howie, Brian, AJ, and Kevin. They were wearing long black leather trench coats. It is an amazing entrance and then they kick it off with “Everyone.” All of the boys were getting really into it, and at the end of “Everyone” it went straight into “Larger Than Life” which has an incredible dance. The big screen then turned to a red color and the boys changed for “Nor For Me”. One of my favorite parts of the show was when they stood in front of the air and it was blowing their clothes everywhere and then they rip off a sleeve and then at the end they dropped into holes. It was a really cool effect. After that, all of the Backstreet Boys came out individually to talk to the fans. Brian was first, and he was so proud! He even started to sing a little of “The One”. I believe that Howie came out next and he was talking about when he was younger he always use to come to Indy and it was cool to be back. I think it was Nick that came out next and he was very thankful and was wondering if we were sleeping! LoL! Then AJ came out and he was telling us how Indianapolis was the first of a record breaking 19 straight nights for the crew, and also explained that the stage had to be specially prepared to fit into the venue. He also said that the BsB fans are the best fans in the world!!! Kevin came out last and dedicated “What Makes You Different” to all the ladies in the audience.

They sang “What Makes You Different” on stools in white suits. They then got their canes and went into “Yes I Will”. The cane dance it really cute! Then the boys went up onto the five steps and sang “More Than That”. Nick gets so into the songs its so adorable, especially this one because he was like holding on to the rail and spinning around! The first notes of “I Want It That Way” were played and the crowd went wild! They really interacted in this song with the fans by having us sing along a lot and Brian was so cute waving to fans. There was then a video of the making of the “I Want It That Way” video and everyone would scream when they saw a close up of their favorite BSB! It was so fun! I was screaming so loud for Brian!

On this leg of the tour, “Quit Playin Games” and “As Long as You Love Me” were added. They did them as a medley and they were almost accapella. There were these blocks on the stage during these songs and it was so funny how Brian would keep getting off of it and then try to get back up there. Then they played “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” and they sang it in a different beat. For these three songs the boys were wearing baby blue suits. All of their vocals throughout the concert were amazing! All of a sudden you hear the three booms of the beginning of no other song than “Don’t Want You Back”. This song was also added on this leg of the tour. For this song they started in the blue suits and then ripped them off to reveal blue tanks!!! They looked so hot! For some reason Brian took a while to get his suit coat off and AJ was the first to get his off! Then they did the dressing room skit and they all jumped into the box. Kevin was the last to go in and right as he went in a video came up on the big screen of BsB in their dressing room. During the video you get to see the boys taking their shirts off, AJ swinging from a pole in his boxers, Howie trying to get Nick a date and gives him an inflatable girl, the boys fighting for the mirror, and my favorite part was when AJ lost his ring and he is looking for it. Brian finds it on the floor and has that look on his face, which is so cute, and does his little dance!

After the dressing room video was over the BSB were suppose to go to the center stage, but Verizon couldn’t accommodate it. Instead, the boys interacted with the fans from where they were and sang “Show Me The Meaning”, “I Promise You”, “How Did I Fall in Love”, and then sat on the edge of the stage and accepted gifts from the fans in the front and sang “Time”. They would have been on the bridge during it. Nick sang the cutest thing during “Time”. You know the part where he sings, “When we would sing at the drop of a dime”? Well after dime he sang, “Well maybe even a quarter.”

Kevin started talking about all of their charities. The Just Within Reach Foundation to find a cure for cancer, Brian’s Healthy Heart Club for Kids, during Brian’s charity Kevin was trying to ask Brian if it was a little girl or boy that was the first one that his foundation helped, and Brian was having so much trouble hearing him! He finally did and he said it was a girl. Then Kevin went on to Howie’s Dorough Lupus Foundation, AJ’s Diabetes work, and Nick wanting to save the ocean and how he ran his boat onto a reef. Nick was so adorable because he said he wanted to save the ocean because he loves the little fishies! He said it in that cute little voice. This led into them singing “Answer To Our Life”. Brian was playing the guitar and AJ was playing the bongos/ percussion. After that, they did a medley of “All I Have to Give” and “If You Stay”. During “If You Stay” Brian threw out his cowboy hat to the front row.

Then a video came on showing the boys in the year 2050 and it was so funny! I think that they added this video in to show that the rumors aren’t true and they will always be BsB! They were making fun of each other a lot! For example they asked Nick what he was carrying in his stomach and he answered, “Hey it’s the last 25 years of Twinkies built up!” Also that Howie had to have a hip replacement and Joey Fatone auditioned to take his place! lol! AJ was bald and Brian had a little hair left with a pipe!

Now the songs began to get more upbeat. AJ came on stage and started “Shining Star” followed by Nick coming down the stairs, and then the rest of the boys by the chorus. The dance to this song was really cool and in the middle of the song with all of the beats Nick was really shaking it and Brian was covering his face! Kevin left the stage about halfway through the song so he could change because he was the first to introduce the band members. While he was introducing a few of them, Brian, Nick, AJ, and Howie were changing. Then Nick came out and finished the band intros. Brian came out next to introduce the dancers.

“Everybody” was next and the choreography to this one is great as usual! The loudest point of the concert by far was after Nick’s line of “Am I sexual????” I was going totally crazy during the whole concert, but at this part everyone was! The lights went out and then the music started for “Get Another Boyfriend” and the boys were in a triangle formation. Again the dancing was amazing especially in the break when they say “Stop!” At one point near the end on the second to the last chorus Brian went up the mini left wing of the stage and was doing this cute little skip!

When “Get Another Boyfriend” was over, AJ came out and was teasing the audience that they only had time for one more song. Then his cell phone rang signaling the beginning of “The Call”. They did a really cool remix to the chorus and there is slightly different choreography than on the last leg. At one point the drop into the holes again as they are saying gotta go and then they come back up wearing choir robes which they rip off and then finished the song and thanked us for coming. A real fan knows that they didn’t sing “Shape of My Heart” yet and I was screaming my head off! Finally the first notes of “Shape of My heart are played and everyone that started to leave came running back! Howie had a lupus bear and Brian had one of his shirts that he signed on the stage to give out. Brian gave the shirt to Big Bob and pointed to the girl to give it to so there wasn’t a big fight! Isn’t he sweet? They stopped about of the way through the song to bow and say how wonderful we are and then went back to sing the last chorus. When it was over there was the music to “The Call” again and did this little dance to get back to the holes. The Backstreet Boys were lowered down slowly in the holes as they waved their last goodbyes! It was soooo sad to see them go! I am lucky enough to be going to the Chicago concert on July 21 and see this spectacular concert again! We got home at about 3:30 AM and played BSB all the way home! This was definitely a night I will never forget and if BSB are coming to a city near you, don’t pass up the opportunity to see it! It is worth “More Than That” and more!


Date: Jun 22, 2001
Submitted By: ~*Melissa*~

This concert was the BEST BSB concert ever!!!

It started out w/ Krystal who is my hometown girl!! She sang 4 songs, then Shaggy came out and sang like, 6 songs then finally after 20 mins of waiting Nick, Brian, AJ,Howie and Kevin came out!!

They had awesome graphics and special effects, especially in the beginning and the end. They showed what it would be like for them in the year 2050 and it was absolutely hilarious! (you'll just have to see it yourself).

Then they took us into their wardrobe/changing area and were fighting about something but it was funny too.

Anyways they all looked sooooooo cute (especially Nick)

So if any of u are going -- you wont be dissapointed!!!!!!!!

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