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Lexington, KY concert June 21st, 2001

Date: Nov 02, 2001
Submitted By: Aleisha

The Backstreet Boys were AWESOME June 21st at Rupp Arena!! My friend Brittany and I went togther we're both HUGE Backstreet fans. I spent the night with her the day before the concert all we did was watch BSB concert tapes and make posters. (if you are wondering mine said: Brian I will love you more than Leighanne and on the back: God made rivers God made lakes.. and on back of Britt's: God made Nsync, but hey we all make mistakes and on the front: I love you Brian) The day of the concert her boyfriend, Clint, picked us up and we headed the hour to Lexington. We fought traffic and rain but got there in time to spent money on tour stuff. We found our section (33 right side, beside the stage ohh we were close) and sat in our seats just thinking "OMG WE'RE HERE, WE'RE ABOUT TO SEE THEM!!!!" After Krystal (wow she has a voice) and Shaggy performed a 'lil intermission went on and the house lights went down the outpoor of screams came out of the arena and boy were we loud!!! Finally the Backstreet Boys come out from the floor burst of smoke and fire with them I was so stunned!!! They are soooo hot! They sang "Everyone" vocals were awesome thoghout the whole show no one can harmonize like them!! When they sang "I want it that way" Brian came over to our section, I was wearing a BSB baseball cap that blinks red he saw it and pointed to me I was amazed I couldn't believe it!!! This was probly one of my favorite parts, forgot the name of the song they were doing but.. it was after a costume change they were in the middle of a verse when A.J comes over to our section some people point to his uhhh... pants and he yells "Wait, Stop the bus! I've just been informed my zipper's down!" It was so funny the cameras did a close up of it and it was on the big screen! I thoght the two sweetest parts were when Brian was saying his thank you's and was speechless it looked like he was about to cry awww!! I also liked it when Kevin lets us say Happy Birthday to his grandma. But, that's all of it really it was the BEST concert I have ever been to they sounded so great and ohh were they HOT!!! If you're reading this and haven't been to one of thier concerts you have to it's worth the money!!!!



lexington, ky

Date: Jul 03, 2001
Submitted By: kim

Well I went to see the boys at lexington and it was awesome. My favorite part was the skits like when they showed them in 2050 and when they went backstagewhile they were changing. The beginning was pretty cool too. They all looked cute, but nick souded a little different than on the cd he sounded younger. A.J. looked as HOT!!! as ever and he was crazy too, Brian loked handsome, Howie well he's a cutie and Kevin looked like A.J. with his cornrolls,Nick just looked like Nick.So it was the best thing and plus it was my first concert and it will probably be the best concert I'll go to. **** PLUS I WENT BY HOWIE"S BUS ON THE HIGHWAY AND I SAW HIM COME OUT OF HIS BUS GOING INTO THE HOTEL WE AND THE BOYS WERE STAYING IN THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!**** If you went to this concert too or have a opinion just email me. Thanks Bye :)

Lexington concert

Date: Jun 28, 2001
Submitted By: Erika

I recently won Backstreet Boys tickets off Kiss 106 a local radio station where I live.It was the best day of my life. Having been in love with the Backstreet Boys since they arrived on the pop scene I expected to go to the concert and be totally blown away.When I arrived at the stadium and the boys came out it was the greatest experience of my life. From the first word that they sang until the very last note of the very last word I was in complete awe.I went into that stadium thinking that I could not love those 5 men anymore than I already did. I was wrong. After I walked out of that concert I loved them more than I ever thought any person could love anything. The Backstreet Boys are my absolute favorite band.I can truly say that I am one of the BIGGEST fans of The Backstreet Boys.I have talked non-stop about the BSB since then, my mom hears me talk about them so much shes ready to kill me. I don't care if you hate boy bands go and see BSB just once and they will totally change your aspect. I LOVE BSB!!!

Lexington< KY

Date: Jun 25, 2001
Submitted By: Jenna

I wanted to comment on the review that talked about the giant banana going on the catwalk to Nick. I was sitting near the people that had it, and got the impression that they were friends of Howie's. they were talking and hugging with one if the bodyguards before the show and talked to Leighanne a lot during the show. A lot of the posters they had seemed like inside jokes that the guys were getting, but made no sense to me! When the banana went up, it was Howie that came and got it, and it seemed like he was looking for it specifically. AJ spent a lot of time making remarks to them, too. Could just be that I'm jealous (I am!), but it seems like the boys ought to pay more attention to their fans, and not their friends.

Lexington Kentucky

Date: Jun 25, 2001
Submitted By: Kelly

The concert was awesome! The best concert I have been to in my life! Me, my mom, my two friends, and my friend's mom got to Rupp at 1. We went and knocked on all of the dancer's busses but no one answered so we went to where the boys' buses were parked. We waited there for about 2 hours but never saw any of the boys. We did see Shaggy on his bus though. We found out that Howie had come in the front entrance while we had been standing there.

Well most of you don't care about that, but I would just like to say that the boys were excellent. I thought Brian was going to cry when he got up on stage to talk. He really didn't know what to say. I can't believe what some of the newspaper reviews said about the concert. They made it sound like they were horrible when they were so awesome! I heard that the boys didn't even do a sound check and that they just let Krystal do it and if that is true that could have been part of the reason why the sound was messed up.

The concert rocked and I can't wait to see them again in Cincinnati in 2 months!!

Lexington, Kentucky

Date: Jun 24, 2001
Submitted By: Meagan

The concert was awsome. I had 3rd row and the guys acknoledged me several times. Brian is scared of heights and at the beginning he was the highest up. AW! I threw bgs of mini koosh balls, some nerf type balls, and star discs/frisbies. At the end I showered them with koosh balls as they waved bye. And if you saw AJ kiss one, stuff it up his nose and throw it back into the audience, I threw that!!! Brian was SO sweet and Howie winked at me when I held up my "You are sexy" sign. I looked all over for Leighanne but I didn't find her. Oh well. SO much happenned. 3rd row rocked! Oh yeah...Brian is SO sexy.

Lexington, Kentucky (The BEST!!!)

Date: Jun 24, 2001
Submitted By: Courtney C.

OH MY GOD!! I just typed a really good review, and just as I was about to send it my power went off and I lost everything. (Tear!) Here we go again!!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! BACKSTREET ROCKED RUPP ARENA Thursday night!!! It was THE best concert I've ever been too!! So here's my review:

I live in Eastern Kenucky, about two hours away, so we left at around 4:00. "We" being myself along with my mom, dad, younger brother, my friends Stephanie, Katie, Jessica and my little cousin Nick. We had borrowed a van from one of my mom's friends so we could all ride down together. I just want to say that I'm 16 and my parents went because they happen to like the Backstreet Boys. (Imagine that....:)) was rainy, then when we got to Lexington we got stuck in traffic and didn't make it to the arena until 7:00!! I was freaking out thinking I was gonna miss Krystal or Shaggy!! But after a quick bathroom and t-shirt stop we made it!! And Katie and I even had time to visit my other friends; Ashley F. in sec. 14 and Brandon S. in sec. 19!! By the way- I was in section 11, row G, right by the right side ramp!! So 7:30 Krystal took the stage. Man, can she sing or what?? I thought she put on an awesome 20 min. performance and I love "Supergirl"!! Then shortly after, Shaggy took the stage!! He really put on a great show!! He rocked the house and got the crowd really hyped for the Backstreet Boys!!! And I thought it was soooo sweet when he brought that little girl on-stage and sang to her!!! I think her name was Samantha!! They sang "Angel" to


Finally! At around 9:00 the lights went down and everybody went CRAZY!!! I'll spare you the major stuff that everybody already knows about, like the meteors crashing to the earth and all the pre-recorded skits (although the one about the Boys 50 years from now was pretty funny- especially when Nick did his "Back that thang up" move with his pregnant-looking belly!!!) Anyway, they sang a couple songs then they each welcomed us to the show!! And I thought it was so cute when Brain was speechless!! And when Kevin welcomed us(or maybe it was later on, I don't remember but we did say this) we got to wish his grandmother, Lucy, Happy Birthday!!She was in the audience along with other family members. Some of Brians family was there too and so was Leighanne. I got to see her. She sat just inside the front row barrier and watched the whole show. AJ's mom was there too. She sat right down from Leighanne,(but they weren't like buddy-buddy, they were pretty far apart, but not like they were avoiding each other either:)) AJ's mom is in a bunch of my pictures!! She was nice!

Anyway, now I want to share MY best moment of the entire show. Okay, I was sitting, well, standing in front, of an isle seat. And all the people in the 5 isles seats in front of me(mostly parents) were sitting, except for the people in the front row. And just for further reference, I was wearing a black wife-beater type shirt with the word "Hollywood" stenciled on with glitter paint(it wasn't home-made, I bought it at the mall), but the point is you could clearly see the word. I also had on my purple feather boa,( I'm not crazy, I just wanted to be noticed!!) Oh, I forgot to tell ya that I'm about 5'9 or 5'10 plus I wore 4 inch heels, so you probably could have seen me pretty good from the stage. Oh, my dad and brother were directly behind me(this proves useful later on:)). So at one point during the concert, Kevin comes over to the ramp on our side. I can't remember what they were singing, but I do know they had the white suits on. Well, I'm going crazy because I love Kevin (although Nick is my fav.) and I'm jumping and waving my arms. Then all of a sudden he points at me and moves his mic (when he finishes his part) and mouths the word "Hollywood"!! I thought I was seeing things or something so I turn around to make sure he wasn't pointing at someone behind me,(of course my dad and brother are still there and the people in front of me are sitting) so I turn back around and my mom yells in my ear "I saw that! He pointed at you!" And I look back and he smiles at me and waves before running back to the center of the stage. I couldn't believe it. I know none of you guys reading this will believe it either. In fact, if I were you I wouldn't believe it myself. But it happened. And after the show Katie and Jessica asked if I saw him do that before I even mentioned anything about it to them. Anyway...after that I was like on a cloud for the rest of the night.

There was something else that happened that no one else is saying anything about! When they were on the bridge during "Time" some girl towards the front had this HUGE blow-up banana that said "Nick's Banana" on the side!!! It was like 5 feet long!! Well, one of the Boys bent over the rail and got it and took it to Nick!! He kinda looked embarassed!! He looked at it then threw it back out to these girls who fought over it!! It was hilarious!!! I also loved the silly string fight on the bridge and at the end of the concert. Howie was covered!!!

My pictures are sooooo great!! (I dropped then off at the one-hour place on Friday!!) I had an 85 zoom camera so they're really close!! Anywho....The concert was great, even though the sound was less than perfect at times. If I had wanted to hear crystal clear voices and perfect harmonies I would have listened to my cd. I went to SEE them, and hear them sing live too. But I love it when they goof of and talk a lot, it makes then seem more real and down to earth. So anywho.....they sang a bunch more songs and the call was awesome, especiall when they jumped down in the stage when they sang "gotta go". But then they came back and did an encore (shape of my heart) and they all had their Kentucky b-ball jeresy's on!! Well, during SOMH our security guard let us come down to the main front of our section and I got some even better pics. Then at the main end, AJ came over to the main edge of the stage and soaked Katie and I with this huge water gun!! It was awesome!!

Than after the show at around 11:45 we headed to the floor to get some confetti (we're weird like that)! The we made our way to the lobby for one last bathroom break before heading to the van. I was so happy, it had been a killer show and I was totally satisfied. But there was a little more to come. When we came out of the front entrance of the arena we turned right, towards the parking lot. Well, at the end of the building I say a group of girls standing at a concret barrier looking over into a parking area, I heard them scream and I ran down there and saw that the area was where the Backstreet Boys had parked their tour buses and semi-trailers. I heard them say that Howie had jsut got on on of the buses (two were running) so I ran through two sets of glass doors until I was directly over the backstage exit. I look down and see AJ riding around on one of those new scooters (color-green)!! Well, everybody started screaming and he looks up to us and waves!! It was awesome!! I forgot to mention the the back-up dancers and a bunch of security and police officiers were standing around the parking lot as well. And there was only about 20 or 30 people standing on the walk-way above the area. I had overheard a woman saying that Kevin, and Brian were on one bus(probably with their wives) and Howie was on the other. Then, (brace yourself) the best thing ever happens. Nick walks out the door!!! I almost peed my pants!! He comes out and he's wearing a black t-shirt with black pants and black shoes. He's also carrying a black one-strap book-bag on his left shoulder (man I remember this more vividly than anything!!) And when he was coming out he was fixing his hair, like patting it down and stuff. It was the coolest thing!! I guess because he was sooooo real,ya know, doing his own thng, not some pre-rehearsed dance step. Anyway.....everybody goes crazy, screaming and stuff and he turns around and waves and smiles his "make-you-melt-into-a-puddle" smiles and continues on. Well, it got a little quieter so I yell out "NICK!!!!" just as he reaches the door to the same bus they said Howie was on. Well, he must have heard me cause he jerks around and waves once more before boarding the bus. I know he didn't see me, but he heard me and that was just as cool. AJ rode his scooter over to the same bus, waved,then got on as well. That bus pulled out right after that and the other one followed. It was indescribably cool to see them drive away. By the way their buses were gold with black swirly designs on them. Anyway...

It was an awesome show!! THE best concert I've ever been to!! And it was, without a doubt, the BEST first-day-of-summer I will ever experience!!! And to top things off, my mom got her video camera in!! Her battery wasn't full charged (hey! Her "battery was low"!!) so it would only run for like 10 seconds at a time, but I have a clip of almost every song!!! Oh well, there's always next time!!

Much love, and happy concerts!!!

Courtney C

Rupp Arena

Lexington, Kentucky

June 21, 20001

Black & Blue World Tour

Black and Blue Tour Lexington, KY 6/21/01

Date: Jun 23, 2001
Submitted By: Angie T.

I just read the review for the concert that I attended last night in Lexington, KY, from the Herald-Ledger, the local newspaper. I am very upset with the review so I decided to send in my own.

Last night was the fourth time I have seen the Backstreet Boys in concert, and honestly, it was the best show I have ever seen them put on. The critic in the article I read took every opportunity to point out how the sound kept fading in and out and that the acoustics in the Rupp Arena "made it sound like they were singing in the bottom of a swimming pool." Yes, maybe the techicians were a little off last night, that is not the BSB's fault. For what it's worth, the Boys put on the best show of their lives if you ask me. I haven't screamed that much at a concert since I was a kid. They danced great! They interacted with each other in a way I had never seen, they looked like they were having just as much fun up there and we were out in the audience. And, most importantly they SOUNDED GREAT! Acoustics and technical difficulties aside, they never sounded better. Their harmonies were dead on! I have never been so impressed with their performance! (And believe me, that's a hard thing for them to accomplish, being the fan that I am!!!)

Today, I am wishing that I had another concert to look forward to, but I don't, not for right now anyway. Hopefully I will get to see them again sometime soon. I can never see them enough. If I didn't have to work for a living I'd follow their tour around--heehee.

BSB's Biggest Fan.

Lexington, KY

Date: Jun 23, 2001
Submitted By: Arison_Kei

Okay, there have already been a ton of reviews about the concerts, so I'm going to tell about what happened after the BSB Lexington performance. My Mom, my friend Jamie, and I were staying at the Hyatt, which is connected directly to Rupp Arena, where the concert was. I know the Brian and Kevin would be at home with their families, but the other boys had stayed in the same hotel last time, so I thought maybe I could catch a glimpse of one of them.

So, around midnight, I drug Jamie out of our room to head down to the lobby. We met this older BSB fan by the elevator and she told us about how she saw Howie coming into the hotel earlier that day, so I knew he was atleast staying there. Howie is my absolute FAVE BSB, I've been in love with him since I was in 7th grade (I recently graduated) so I was pretty happy about this.

Anyways, down in the lobby, we started talking to this group of girls who got to go up to there room and get some stuff the fans threw on stage because they talked to Kevin's body gaurd and he took them up there. I really wish I was with them at the time. Well, around 1:30, a bus comes pulling up outside and we go out to check. The lady from the elevator says that it's the bus Howie was on earlier, and that same groupd of girls is already crowded around it. I went up to check on it while Jamie and the lady hung back cause I guess they're kinda shy. The girl I was talking to told me that the hotel people said that Howie, Nick, and AJ where already on their way to Columbus and it was only dancers on the bus. I was looking through the front window and all I could see were a bunch of girls. Well, the come of the bus, and I was kinda upset cause i didn't get to see my boy. I turned around to go back to Jamie and I here this gasp. So I look back and there's Howie standing on the bus stares. I seriously almost passed out. There were only about eight of us, so he talked to us some and signed all out autographs. He told me he liked my shirt! Then he asked if we wanted to walk into the hotel with him. Well of course we did. On the way in, his security gaurd hit me in the head with this box he was carrying and Howie turned around to see if I was okay! he is soooo sweet! Well, we stick with him until we get to the elevator and he has to go.

I decide to try to find him when he leaves in the morning, and a bunch of girls told me they heard he was leaving earlier, so I get up at 6:00 and he's not there. I check back every hour until my Mom finally says it's time to go. so I just figured I got to see him once and that was good enough. Well, we check out and head out of the door, and there's the van again! I ask my Mom if we can wait just a few more minutes, and she said she would give me ten minutes. So i go over to where some more girls are setting and they said they had been waiting there for about an hour. Well, I figured it would take a while for him to come out, but low and behold, less than a minute later I hear someone saying "It's Howie!" I look up and he's coming out the door! So I ended up getting another autograph, a wink, and a hug! Howie hugged me! I seriously thought I was going to die! I got to meet him twice, when I first came thinking I wasn't going to meet him at all. That was definately the best night of my life!

Lexington, KY

Date: Jun 23, 2001
Submitted By: Arison_Kei

The concert was AWESOME! My seats were really really really high up, but we were right by the stage so I could still see them very well. All the pyro-technics and the skits were great, and the funniest part was when AJ realized his pants were unzipped before he started "Don't Want You Back"!

And the whole silly string fight between Howie and Nick was funny too! I've beenr eading so many bad reviews about the concert but I thought it was great. All the songs sounded wonderful and clear and the dancing and costuming was good....well, except for those red things they wore during "Not For Me". Those were kind of weird. Still, the best part of the night was meeting Howie at 2:30 in the morning and again at around 10:30. I got 2 autographs! I would highly highly recommend this concert (that means you had better go!:)

Lexington, Ky concert June 21, 2001

Date: Jun 23, 2001
Submitted By: Sheila

We(my sister Jenniffer and I) arrive at Rupp Arena around 2pm I missed Howie by 10 minutes :( I'm a little sad about that but I just think it wasn't my time to meet him and all. We stand outside the hotel and we see a guy that looks like nick looking out of a hotel window and waving to the fans and all. So we took some pics of that. I asked my sister to take a picture of Howie's Bus and after she did the driver blew the horn and made her jump and he was just laughing so hard. It was real cute I Loved it. We went inside and looked around Rupp Arena Didn't run into any of them :( The doors opened around 6:30 7:00pm and we got down to our seats section 2 row C seats 1 and 2. Those seats were great. I could of not asked for better tickets that's all i can say. I was happy where I was. The first opening act was Krystal Let me tell you this girl kicks butt she truly rocks I enjoyed her show she sung the songs My religion, supergirl and I'll be there. She's real great. Then we waited for about 20 minutes or so and then Shaggy came on He had the arena Rocking that's all i have to say. I can not remember all the song he sang but they rocked. Some songs that i do remember are Angel and Wasn't Me. After him we sat back down and talked to the girls behind us they were pretty cool :) We waited for about 20 minutes or so and then the arena went black There was a screen with the earth on it and astroids blasting into it. Everytime and astroid would hit the earth you would see a pyro go off oh my gosh it was soo cool

That was about 5 or 6 times and then the earth was red and the arena bursted into red flames and the guys came up from the ground :) It was so cool they started the song Everyone During the end of Everyone I held my sign up I made For Howie and Brian seen it nudged Howie and Pointed to my sign Howie gave me his wink, smile and looked at me It was so awesome. after that song they each had a little time to talk. Brian was so speechless he looked like he was about to cry. It was so heart warming then it was Aj he was dressed up in a white outfit Then it was Nick, Howie and last but not least Kevin. Then they sang What Makes You Different Makes You beautiful. After that I don't quite remember the songs in order, I'm real sorry about that I guess I was still on cloud 9 having Howie seeing my Sign but that was not the end of it. After they sung Yes I will They all asked us if we loved their outfits and we all scremed yes but they thougth they needed to change outfits. They wanted to change on stage Howie took off his belt, But Then a trunk came out and one by one they all went in the trunk it was so cute it was Brian first then Nick Howie followed him Then Aj and Kevin shut the lid the the trunk and said I thought those guys would never leave. It was so funny. He then said do you wanna hear a solo thing I was working on during the break> he had some music going and told us to clap our hand and he goes nah just joking and went into the trunk and asked if we wanted to see them in the dressing room you can amagin what we said YES!!!! So when he went into the trunk There was footaga on the big screen of them backstage oh my gosh it was to funny. THey were acting Crazy and all. Then they all came out on the middle stage like 3 rows from us. and they sung Show me the meaning of being lonely during this song I held my sign up and Howie seen it blew me a kiss, winked at me and put his hand to his heart and smiled. Oh my gosh Cloud 10 hear I come :) hee hee. He looked at me through that song. Making eye contact with him was a dream come true. Then they sung How Did I fall in Love with You. Howie looked at me a couple time through that song. Then they went into time and walked on the cat walk where howie stopped in front of me and waved to me again and smiled and winked at me and waved He was such a doll and i'll never forget that at all. I was so close to him but yet so far. Nick then found some silly string and got Howie really good. Howie then got some from a fan and got Nick Good as well. It was so funny Nick and Howie we're silly stringing each other all night it was so great. They song more songs and then it was the call they said they only had time for one more song and the call was it and they said we were a great audience. It was so touching and all. After the call we screamed so loud some people left but BSB came back on stage all wearing Ky Wildcat jerseys It was so cute seeing Howie wearing taht :) Made me smile. They sung shape of my heart and that was the end. I'll never forget that night nor Howie. Thank YOu brian for showing Howie my sign You're great :) that is my concert review I hope you all enjoyed it. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me thanks so much and more Sheila

June 21,2001

Lexington, Kentucky

Rupp Arena

Lexington, 6/21

Date: Jun 23, 2001
Submitted By: Kaleigh

The concert last night was phenomenal! There isn't really anything about this concert that is so completly different than their others (except that it was in Lexington) but AJ came out at one point and was talking about their stage manager leaving and that this was his last show. He then made a comment about the next time he saw him he hoped he had more hair. But the funny part was AJ said he didn't have much room to talk cause "23 and going bald" were his words. It was hilarious! Brian said that it was the loudest concert he had ever been to and three (or all) the guys agreed (now if that is true or bluff who knows!). But other than that it was a lot of fun, there was a different kind of vibe (I have been to other concerts other places). I just think they were glad to be home!

Lexington, Kentucky (6-21-01)

Date: Jun 23, 2001
Submitted By: Amanda

I was in absolute shock at what the Backstreet Boys brought with them to Lexington, Kentucky. It was a roar of hysteria, and elegance. I had seen them before earlier this year in Atlanta, Georgia, but this was by far their best show yet! I think nearly everyone had reasonably good seats, being that Rupp Arena isn't very large. I could see both the main and the mini stage amazingly well from where I was seated! The only thing bad about the show, was the sound system at Rupp Arena. IT SUCKS! They need a new one terribly bad... But, the guys did an amazing job! It was so sweet, when they were on the mini stage, a fan threw him a basketball. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pen, and signed it and threw it back. Then another fan did the same thing. It was so nice of him!

Brian and Kevin really seemed to be having a ball at the show! When Brian came out, and was speechless, it almost made me cry. It must have been an amazing feeling to see people from your hometown coming to greet you! =)

My friends and I tried before the show to see the guys. We went down by the busses and talked to security. He said we weren't allowed to look around by the busses, and we weren't going to be able to get backstage either. LOL But, we did manage to meet someone nice enough to give us Brian's parents' address! That was a perk to the show!

Did anyone see a guy walking around with BSB written on the back of his balding head? What about three people with their tongues painted BLACK & BLUE? LOL We're the craziest fans ever!

Backstreet Boys

Date: Jun 22, 2001
Submitted By: Lisa Hazelrigg [

I attended the BSB concert in Lexington, KY last night (June 21, 2001). I just want to say that the boys put on a spectacular show. I attended the Millennium tour in 1999. It was great also. I think last night's was better. The lighting, special effects, screen footage, everything was excellent! I am still hyped!! Thanks a lot guys!!!

Lexington, Ky concert- June 21st

Date: Jun 22, 2001
Submitted By: Ashley

Ok, they had a picture of Earth, and comets hitting them, and as the comets were getting closer to the earth, they exploded on the stage. And then BsB came out! They were on platforms and Nick was in the middle, being the highest of them all. They saluted and Nick came down to the level of the rest of the guys. Then they all saluted, and then went back down to the stage and did this lil dance thing, and then started singing 'Everyone' and after that they sang 'Larger than life.' That was awesome! Then, Brian came up and started talking to us, and he was speechless, he was sooooo cute! LoL.

Then Nick came out and said how Lexington was the best place, and how BsB wouldn't be BsB w/out us, and he pointed to me!! I was like OMG!!! Then he went down and Aj came up!! He started do ballet stuff!!! IT was soooooo cute! LoL, then he started saying how Lexington has beautiful girls, and he came over to my section and say 'this side has SEXY ladies' of course we went wild! LoL. Then he told us to say good-bye to his manager, and he went back down. Then Howie came out and said how Lexington is the loudest so far. It was awesome, his was short. He then said God Bless, and good bye, and went down. 5 minutes of waiting Kevin came up and the crowd went wild. He looked hott!! :) He said how Lexington was amazing, and how good it felt to be home. That 8 years ago they were in Rupp w/ just a truck and them. It was so sad! LoL, then he had us sing happy birthday to his grandma Lucy. Then he went down. I truley don't remember the songs that well, but I know they did all the songs off of Black and Blue except "It's True" and they sang I want It That Way, Show Me The Meaning, All I Have To Give, I'll never Break You Heart, Quit Playin Games, and As Long As You Love Me.

When they got down singing "Not For Me" Brian said he wanted to change onstage, and so did Aj and Nick. But Kevin said 'nah' and had the BsB trunk that said "BsB Clothes" on it, Nick went in the trunk and took off his shirt, and then Howie pushed him in. Then Howie went in, and Then Aj. After all them went in, Kevin said "Finally, they're gone." Then he closed the lid, and sat on it. Then he said, "I'm going to show you some solo work I've been working on during our break" then some music started playing and he said "Nah, I'm just kidding." Opened the lid, and went in. After that, you saw on the big screen Aj swinging on a pole in his boxers and you know what we saw!??!?!??! LoL....then Nick was just in his boxers and then saw the camera and quickly covered up! LoL, it was funny. Then Aj said he was missing a ring, and Brian had it and was hiding it. Then they showed him in the camera laughing, and Aj saw his ring and said 'Dude that is mine, give it back.' and Bri said "No, I found it, it's mine now' Then they started fighting, and Nick left them, and went to Howie and Howie was in a "bad" mood and took all the stuffed animals out of Nick's room and threw them into the auidence. Nick started "crying" and Howie said "Here man" and handed him a Tweety Bird, and Nick said "I got Tweety!" and smiled real big.

Then Nick and Howie went to Aj, and said "Aj, we found you the perfect girl, she's pretty, and she will always be there for you, her name is Sally." Then they handed him a blow up doll, and he was Then they all went in front of the mirror, and started fixing their hair.....yes, even Aj who is bald. Then Howie started pushing them all, and got the mirror by himself brushing his hair. Then it went off, and they went to the stage in the very middle of Sections 1 & 2. There they sang "What makes you Different" "How Did I FaLL" and "Time" But during Time the catwalk came down and they walked on it, and Nick stood right in the middle and this fan shoot him w/ silly string and he was covered! It was sooooo funny! :)

Then he had her throw it up to him, and he got Howie soo good!! Then Howie went over to our section and asked if anyone had any, and this girl threw some to him, and ran after Nick covering him, and he couldn't get it out of his hair. It was cute! Then Aj was talking and Nick went over to Brian and asked if it was out, and Brian laughed. Then someone threw a Cartman mask to Aj, and he put it on, and walked around, it was soooo cute! Then he took it off and jumped on Nick's back and started hittin Nick. Then all but Kevin and Nick got off the stage and Kevin was talking, and Aj was runni around literally doing ballet. He did 2 leaps and then twirled alot. Then Kevin started laughing and Aj started whistlin like nothin happened. :) Then they introduced the band and dancer and Howie startin rapping. :) Then they introduced the boys charities. Then sang "Answer to Our Lives." Then they left and they had this video where it was 2050 and they were old!!! Nick was fat, Brian was in a wheelchair, and Aj was still smokin a cigar. LoL....It was hillarious. Then of course they did 'Everybody" and that was awesome, and then 'The Call' and that was the best, and they said it was the last song. Then they went off, and we startin chantin "Backstreet Boys" and they came out all wearin Kentucky jerseys, and sang "Shape Of My Heart" and then it ended!! :( But it was the best night of my life!! BSB RULES!!

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