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June 22

Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: Mandi

That night was the best night of my life. They put on a great show and then you have two great opening acts to add to it. I was amazed by how much energy that was filling the room. I went to a show of their one other time, but I didn't care too much for it because I could see nothing, but little ants running around on a stage. This night was perfect. We got there at 10 in the morning and we became friends with the guards a little bit. We had our car (which was totally decorated with BSB) parked beside all of the busses. We met some of the dancers, their make-up artists, and their fashion coordinator. They were all really nice. Well we were standing out by the gate talking to the guards when they pulled in. Of course we were crying and screaming because A.J. was right there and almost touched our hands. A little while after that Morgan, one of the guards, came up tp us and asked if we would like backstage passes for the party after the show. We were so excited. He went back to talk to the guys and get the passes and then about 15 minutes later some big HUGE black guy came out and told us he was sorry because they guys' main guard said that passes were too much to worry about because he didn't know how we would react. I about cried! Well we went into the concert and it was awesome! Then when they came up out of that one stage, I was really really close. Nick was looking over my way, singing, smiling, pointing, and waving. I didn't find out that it was me that he was doing that to until I talked to Morgan after the show. He said that he talked to Nick after that and was talking about a girl in red with a hat on. Everyone else in my section was in the unoriginal BSB dress stuff. I think the guys sometimes want a different look. Like they want the girls to dress like they normally do. It's just an opinion though. Anyways, when they were leaving I touched Howie and A.J.'s hands. It was great, but to top it all off...Nick got the gift that I put in the box thing when you first walk in. I gave him a green frog with my number on it. Anyone want to guess at how I know that he got it? Well that's my night and that night just made me love them so much more. They are great people and they put on a wonderful show. Oh yeah one more thing to add before I go. Nick and I arranged to meet one night in Cinci. when they came back later. I just sat around waiting while he was with Brian meeting a girl from the Make A Wish Foundation, but I didn't mind because it was very nice of them to do that. Hope ya'll enjoyed yourselves as much as I did. Peace

Columbus show

Date: Jul 09, 2001
Submitted By: Stepahnie

This was the second BSB concert I've been to (the last one was the Millennium concert) and man oh man was it amazing!!! I knew I probably bought some good tickets for my friend and I, but we had no idea just how good. I had to buy seats off to the side since I'm short. I feel your pain short people out there, I know it gets frustrating. :)When we walked in we were a little scared about having out cameras taken, but for some reason they decided not to check my purse. I guess they didn't think I had anything. When we got to the seats umm wow was all we could say. We were in soo much shock. We were on the side of the left side of the stage stage. Krystal was really good. Girl can REALLY sing. She sent shivers up my spine once. Shaggy well, that boy was funny and boy can sure move too. I was a little worried about some of the moves for younger children, but hey I'm 20 and I'm not a parent so I was laughing for some reason. When the boys came out my friend about cried because she loves A.J. soo much and she hasn't seen him in concert since the 98' set. When they came out we took pictures like crazy. I'm sorry for all of those who had their cameras taken away, the security wasn't too mean on our side. We had no problems taking them. Guess I got lucky compared to some of you. The whole night was just like a dream and just totaly amazing. I enjoyed this concert more than the last one by far. I have some good pictures to remember it at least. Not too many closeups though. I felt bad for A.J. though. First, while he was on the stage in the middle of the arena, his mic went out, but we could still hear him. Somebody's mic must have picked him up. Then poor guy was limping for the last song or two which really scared us. I probably could have gone and touchd Howie and Kevin's hands, but I thought I'd leave it to the younger fans. Nick came up on our side a lot, but he never came close enough to touch anyone. Maybe because he might be more prone to get yanked into the crowd more than the other guys. I'd say almost half of the crowd was screaming just for him. Brian waved at us and came up on our side right after we ran out of film. I was in awe the whole night. Nick looked up our way a lot and for part of song I thought he was looking right at me and my friend. We were pysched. We were just disapointed about not taking anything to throw to them. The silly string was cool!!! For the girl that was shooting it, did you at least get to see Nick firing it back at the crowd?? All in all definetly worth the cost for the tickets. I definetly could feel how much the guys love their fans and hopefuuly I'll get to go to another show soon.

Columbus, Ohio Concert

Date: Jul 01, 2001
Submitted By: Vanessa

On June 22nd, I went to see the Backstreet Boys in Columbus, Ohio at the Nationwide Arena! It was an amazing concert, as always! I had been to several concerts already during the second leg of this tour. When I went to see them in Virginia, I had this inflatable shark that I used as a prop during such songs as Time, and Answer to Our Lives. Brian recognizes the shark and when I was in Greensboro and again in Lexington, Brian saw me from the bridge and waved to me. I had also taken silly string to the Greensboro concert and again to Lexington, and AJ and Nick both played with me and the silly string when they were on the bridge. I have seen various comments from fans who talked about Nicks silly string incidents during the Greensboro and Lexington shows so I know that it seemed well received by both the fans and the boys.

As those that have attended the concert know, during the song "Time" BSB walk out on a bridge and interact with the fans! That's where I would use the silly string! Many fans used it too but, I still enjoyed doing it! BSB seemed to enjoy it as well and showed that they loved it too! They always play and ask for some silly string so they can silly string each other. Well, this concert was different! When my favorite member, Nick Carter, was walking my way, I started to spray it! That's when out of no where three venue security guards grabbed and physically abused me, leaving bruises on my arm and wrists! This may not sound all that bad to you but it is something that will tramatize me for the rest of my life.

The way they did it was harsh and brutal. One of the security guards grabbed my arm and twisted it while one of the others grabbed the silly string out of my hand! Then the one that grabbed me told me to grab my stuff and leave. So I did what he said. I grabbed my purse and ran out of the concert crying. While I was about to get out of my section, a third security guard grabbed my purse, then my arm, and pulled me back nearly knocking me down. He then told me to wait until the security guard that was with my mother came.

I waited until she was in visual distance and then kept on walking. The security guard that had reprehended me by twisting my arm grabbed my arm - also pulling on my shirt - took the rest of the bottles out of my pockets, and threw them away. Then he took my mother and I to the front of the arena and told us that someone had just thrown a ball of some sort at BSB and it was "our example" that started it. They also said "we are deeply sorry and ashamed that any other arena let you use the string." He then told us that throwing anything to BSB - whether a stuffed animal or silly string - was wrong and disgusting. He also proceeded to check our tickets and told us that we would be "allowed" to keep our tickets but that if were caught on the premises again, we would be considered trespassers and could be arrested.

Any fan who has or even hasn't been to a concert knows that BSB enjoys the stuffed animals, silly string, toys, and other assorted gifts that they receive from their fans. They use these gifts as props during their concerts and it makes for an enjoyable evening for both BSB and the fans. I am not complaining about the fact that they took my silly string or kicked me out of the concert. I am deeply upset by the way that they decided to do it. It is a total outrage and looks bad on BSB. It is completely, totally not the fault of the Backstreet Boys. I repeat - NOT THE FAULT OF BSB. I just think it is the worse thing security could ever do. If the security had just said, "please put it away" I would have. But the way they physically abused, assaulted and touched me is a nightmare I will never never forget. It is against BSB and any professional entertainer's morals. It is so completely wrong that they treated me like an animal, instead of a human being like themselves.

I am sincerely sorry that these security guards did this to me and I just learned that they did it to another mother and daughter because her 7 year old daughter was standing on a chair. So this is the end of the story of my melancholy concert. I hope those sad security guards find someone who shows them as much love as the Backsteet Boys give me so they can feel the heartbreak that I felt when they made me leave.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I am sincerely sorry that this happened to me and anyone else it has happened to.

To the Backstreet Boys I can only say that they are wonderful human beings and I have nothing but respect and admiration for what they bring to their concerts and their fans. To the venue and its personnel, I can only say that I will never return to the Nationwide Arena again. However, they need to learn to treat fans with respect and concern. I would like to receive an apology from them since the actions taken by their personnel are against my rights as a human being and an american. I understand that in this country, no one can touch another without their permission. If done improperly, it is considered assault. And that is the way I view it. I have been assaulted by them and find their actions unnecessary. Peace and God Bless, Vanessa Collins

The BSB 6/22 Concert in Columbus, OH

Date: Jul 01, 2001
Submitted By: Ashley

The concert was fantastic! The night started off with Krystal and that was a great opening act. Shaggy was great,also. The best part was when the anxiety built up to see the Backstreet Boys. When they came on stage, cameras were flashing away, including mine! We were in great seats! The best part was when they went to the middle of the arena and started to sing! We were about less than 15 feet away from them. The funniest part of the concert was when they did the dressing room scene and when they showed the looking ahead scene of the year 2050. Especially the insult towards Joey Fatone! In the end the concert was great! I left with the sensation of ringing in my ears!! The next morning I had no voice, though. See the concert for yourself!!

Columbus Ohio, Nationwide Arena (sucky staff)

Date: Jun 28, 2001
Submitted By: Cynthia Carter

Wow!!! I went to the BSB show at nationwide on the 22nd and let me tell you what!!

O.K., the show started with Krystal who was great. Girl can sing!! After her set, I went down and stood in line with a new friend of mine that I met there.(Hi Tiffany!)

Finally I got to meet her. She's TINY!! I was really surprised at how small she was. I told her that I was a singer/songwriter and that I thought she was so cool. She was really sweet and let me get a pic of her.

I missed most of Shaggy's set, but I did get to see "Angel" and "It wasn't me". It was cool. He's really funny.

Then the moment came. I was so excited that I thought I was gonna puke!! You could feel my heartbeat just pounding like the dickens!!

BSB came out of the floor and went into "Everyone" which was AWESOME!! But here's the sucky part. During "LTL" This old security lady took my camera!! I was so ticked off. I mean, I know it's her job and all, but what was I gonna do, sell bootleg copies of my pics or something?

I decided not to let that ruin this awesome opportunity to see Nick in person. She left the film in the camera and I got about 5 .pics. The entire concert was awesome. Especially "More than that". It was so beautiful and they did so awesome that I actually cried. A first for me at any concert.

I also really loved "Get another Boyfriend". Sexy dance moves. I hope that's their next single.

Any-ways. It was an awesome show. Well worth the money. Please go see one if you haven't. You won't be dissappointed.

It's worth it just because Nick took off his shirt at our concert! (too bad he had a tank underneath):(

And A.J. had his shirt off for the last two songs. Nothing better than a sweaty, shirtless A.J.!!!

It's an incredible show. (Nick looks hillarious as an old fat man!!)




A.J. girl, you rocked!! I saw you there! I was totally feelin your creativity!! haha


Columbus, OH June 22, 2001

Date: Jun 27, 2001
Submitted By: Angie Drexler (aka Carter)

Oh No!!! Ok, my concert was on Friday (it's now Tuesday adn I'm still in awe) Let me start of by saying I saw the AJ girl... lol... and I'm the one that asked to touch the hat after the show... so if you read and would like to chat a/b the concert or the boys... feel free to email me! but yeah... anyways... lets start w/ the openers... krystal was good... i was w/ my 3 sisters, and 4 friends from my neighborhood. so there were 8 of us... in the 2nd row i might add!! but yeah, krystal was talkin and my sister screamed FLORENCE KENTUCKY b/c she knew that's where krystal was from and she was like ya'll are from florence? we were so excited! then shaggy came out... boy is he a lot hotter in person... GREAT BUTT! lol.. but yeah, his fire like made us SO hott it was amazing! then it was time to start the show...

well, my sister was ready to pass out, i was ready to throw up (i had to hold my sisters hand) we were jumping up and down like 2 year olds! it was so wierd b/c they were so close... when they came out i just stared @ them for awhile cause they were so close. when aj was on his little pedastole (sp) thing he wasn't supposed to laugh but he did and he waved @ us b/c (besides aj girl) no one around us was really excited... not gonna lie, we were by far the craziest ppl around us. but it was AWESOME when aj did that. well, before the show, we decided to make signs that were unusual and so we made one that said thumbs up. the ppl took our signs but the 8 of us decided to do thumbs up on our own to see if any of the boys would reply. or wave, or wink, or point, or smile... ANYTHING... well, kevin was right in front of us during what makes you different makes you beautiful and it was toward the end of the song and we were all doing thumbs up. he was staring @ us for awhile then RIGHT before the song ended he started to do it, then did thumbs down... then went back to up and smiled SO big! OMG... seriously, a backstreet boy gave me thumbs up... how amazing is that... throughout the show we tried to get the other boys to do it... nick smiled... howie pointed and waved and smiled @ me 3 times... b-rok waved and smiled @ me a/b twice... and of course kev... and his lil' thumbs up! amazing! but yeah... aj didn't look @ me besides during everyone. the other thing that was so sad was that aj got hurt... like really bad... i think it was during get another boyfriend b/c he was bent back really far to do a pelvic thrust and he fell he didn't seem hurt then but he was. poor guy. cause during somh he had to use the railings as crutches to get on the stage. he was rolling his eyes and shakin his head when the spotlight wasn't on him. i felt so bad for him, he was so hurt! but yeah, i know this wasn't really a review it was mostly my stupid lil' stories but to me it wasn't stupid. it was AMAZING! EXCEPT THE STUPID BODY GUARDS WHO TOOK AWAY OUR STUPID CAMERAS... I WAS SO MAD... i pulled off 9 pictures but that is so dumb! that was the best night of my entire life and i'm never gonna get that close again and i couldn't take FRACKin pictures... SO stupid! but yeah, i'm gonna leave this review on a happy note! THUMBS UP! ktbspa!!:) ~angie carter~


Date: Jun 25, 2001
Submitted By: RD

Man oh man was this a great concert. First I was kinda weirded out about going cuz I'm a guy and I was there with my cousins and I didn't want anyone thinking I was some kind of sissy for going to this concert. But now I am glad that I went and if I had the chance i'd go again. We got pretty good seats, we got to sit right in the aisle where the middle stage was. So we were pumped for that. But before I talk about the bsb guys I gotta say that krystal is so freaking awesome. She is so hot and she's really nice. We got to stand in line and get her autograph and our pics taken with her. We didn't really see much of shaggy, but I didn't really care about him anyway. Then we sat and waited for bsb and when they finally came out, the screams that those guys get just shocked me. I mean I hear it all the time on trl, but when its live its really unbelieveable. It really surprised me how they were able to do so much dancing and sing without being out of breath. We all really got pumped when they got to the middle stage and were right in front of us. They had to have been less than 25 feet away from us. My cousins nisha, shreya, and divya had made their own bsb shirts and bandanas with glitter and they looked realy cool. Kevin agreed too cuz he pointed at their shirts and gave them the thumbs up. Aj was the coolest though, hell he was the only one that waved at me. Nick on the other hand has some problem. It seems like he's stuck up or something and he makes the dumbest faces. But the rest of the guys were pretty cool.

The worst part about the whole concert was that we weren't allowed to take pictures at all. I mean this big fat wrestler type woman was taking everyone's cameras by where we were sitting, but I got to snap a few pics while her big head was turned. There was this one person that I saw that was videotaping the whole thing. All in all it was really cool. Even at the end of the whole concert while we were looking for our car we saw the tour busses leaving and we got to see krystal and kevin which was pretty cool.

Like I said before I was kinda nervous about going to this thing being a guy and all but it was really cool and I'm glad that I went.

Columbus, OH 6-22-01

Date: Jun 25, 2001
Submitted By: Kimberly

Oh my gosh! It was absolutely the best concert ever! We had floor seats. I thought that we might be close to the stage that comes out into the middle, but I had no idea that we would be right beside it. When we realized that the guys would be like 8 feet away we made a note for them out of the only thing we had. It was a piece of paper and a permant marker. I hope it was legable. Anyway, Krystal came on and she was awesome! After her performance she signed autographs and I got one. She is so so nice! I missed most of Shaggy, but the last three songs were very good. During this time we had even made two knew friends. I hope we can see them again someday.

Then the guys came on the stage. They were so awesome and were so close. The meteors were a great way to start out the show. I loved the videos they showed, but also think that they took a long time to get dressed. But the one where it was supposed to be 2050 was hillarious! I can see them resembeling that when they are older. My favorite outfits were the blue ones. I love Nick's arms.

When they came out on the center stage we all began to freak. My friend and I edged our way to the rail to throw our note which we had made into a paper airplane. She threw but it didn't make it to the stage. Then a security guard picked it up and handed it to AJ. That was absolutley awesome. AJ was fanning himself with OUR NOTE! Our two new friends, my two friends, and myself were now totaly freaking out. Some of us cried and the rest almost did. That definatly was the best moment of my life.

The concert's ending was great. Some people had began to leave before after everyone bowed, but we knew better. They would not end the concert without singing Shape of My Heart.

The only complaints I have is about being short and not being able to see, haveing to put my camera away, and not being able to take in posters that we had worked very hard on. All in all the whole concert was one in a billion.

By the way. I did see the girl that was dressed as AJ. Very good costume. It freaked me out.

Columbus, OH

Date: Jun 25, 2001
Submitted By: Katie

Alright, let me just say, that the concert was just amazing. I've only been to one other BSB concert- Into the Millennium- in Cleveland and then this one. Let me just start off by saying that I was in the 4th row in the center floor section. I went with my friend, and I was so amazed on how close we were- I couldn't believe it. It felt like a dream the whole time. Okay well, since we live in Cleveland, we had to drive down- I can't go to the Cleveland concert because of stupid college orientation!!:( Oh well...anyways onto the review.

So when we got to the concert, the first thing that happened was some of the event staff were checking all bags for cameras (this people were HORRIBLE) and so they told me "film or batteries", knowing that I had 4 or 5 more rolls of film gave her the film. I was kinda mad that they were being so strict because up in Cleveland they didn't care at all, but whatever. So then we get in, and we go to our seats after buying stuff and food, and I swear to God that it was so awesome to just see where our seats were. So then, before Krystal comes out I'm writing down these remarks in our scrapbook that we were going to give to BSB or someone to give to them later, and I look up and I notice that the catwalk is right above us. These seats were so perfect, we got um off of EBay too (the guy ended up living in cleveland and was a ticket broker here). So...Krystal comes out- she is so amazing!- and then I'm taking pictures whenever the event staff person isn't around. After she was done, we wanted to meet her so we left fast and went up stairs to wait in line. We ended up taking a picture with her, it turned out really well, and she signed a picture for both of us. AJ's mom, Denise, was there too, she got in the picture too!! Then we asked this security guard who we could give the scrapbook to, and he told us so we gave it to this manager guy, hoping that BSB got it! So we missed most of Shaggy- but that didn't really matter.

Then, onto the Backstreet Boys. We had so much fun, these women next to us had been to a lot of concerts and told us to watch out for the pyro in the beginning but being stupid us, we looked right at it. It was great though. Then, they came out, and it was so much fun. We were trying to get them to wave at us constantly, and Brian and AJ did near the end. But let me just say, that everything about that concert made paying for those tickets worth it. I just can't believe it...I can't believe it's over, I'm in shock! the catwalk lowered and they really are like 2 feet away from us, and it was so much fun. My friend and I stood on the chairs, luckily the event staff on my side didn't care, but then right as Kevin was getting off the catwalk (he was the last one off) I fell and brought down my friend with me- too bad they didn't see me, they'd probably have laughed because it must've looked so stupid.

I wish we could've met them, I got some great pics. The concert was everything I ever hoped for, and more. I can't wait to go to the Pittsburgh concert on June 26th, and I'm trying to go to the Buffalo one now too. I want to meet them, so if anyone has and they are reading this, please email me at to give me some tips! :) lol, anyways, I had a great time, I hope all of you guys do who are going and are reading this. Enjoy it! I wish I was still there! Thanks!


Request More Than That on the Radio


Black and Blue show Columbus, OH

Date: Jun 25, 2001
Submitted By: Michele

This was my 4th BSB show. It was amazing! I was in the front row and it was worth every penny!! I agree with other fans that say the arena staff sucked. They were so mean. They took film and disposable cameras from everyone they saw with one.

Anyway, the show was awesome!! They are so gorgeous in person and you can tell they really love their fans. All five of them waved to me at one point. Brian pointed at me when I was waving my arms to get his attention and did the same thing then waved and smiled.

They sounded great and sung all their hits. The best was "What makes you different". The most beautiful song ever!

I'm seeing them again in August in Cincinnati and can't wait!

If anyone was able to take pictures that night, I'll pay for good pictures of the guys (the security guard in front of me took everyones camera). email me at

Columbus, Ohio

Date: Jun 24, 2001
Submitted By: Kelly

The Columbus show was my first BSB concert. I am a 32 year old mother and went with my sister neices and my five year old daughter. We spent quite a bit to get great seats and felt we got every pennies worth.

Krystal was AWESOME. That girl can sing and had people on their feet. I can'tt wait until July 10th to get her CD.

Then came the boys. They were fantastic. The music, dancing and their appreciation of their fans was overwelming. Brian said his parents had drove up from Lexington to see the show and his wife has relatives in Columbus. Those boys sung and danced their hearts out for 2 hours. It was amazing to me the age range in the fans. The moms like me seemed to like it just as much as the teenage girls. I know I did. I would pay the money again in a heartbeat to see them again. I can't wait until the next tour. When the catwalk came down Howie pointed at my little girl and winked at her. He threw a stuffed animal into the crowd and my neice caught it. All in all it was an amazing night.

No other group will impress me the way BSB has. They are good role models and their music has matured. Nick puts his whole heart in soul into every song. Ajs funky voice is amazing. Kevins deep voice and overall leadership in the group is a must. Brian and Howies voices are truly angelic. If you get a chance to

The only downfall I experienced was the event staff at Nationwide Arena. They sucked. If its not a group I'm dying to see I won't go to another concert there.

Columbus, Ohio Concert

Date: Jun 24, 2001
Submitted By: Tara Reynolds

Last night, was the best night of my life! My family, (Dad, Mom, My sister, GRANDMA, Aunt and Uncle) went, ALL wearing BSB shirts! This guy came up and took our pics! We thought it was so funny! We got inside and found out we had nose-bleed seats, but it still was a great show!

Krystal and Shaggy both rocked, I'm gonna go and have to buy their CD's! Krystal has such an amazing voice, I have a feeling she's gonna be really famous one of these days! Shaggy, was HILARIOUS! He really puts on a good performance and makes everyone laugh!

The Boys performance kicked ass, I don't know what the hell that Dispatch guy was talking about...Of course, he was a grown MAN that probably doesn't even like pop at all! I cut that article out and I'm gonna save it! Even though I paid $67.50 for my tickets, they're defenitely worth it! Everyone thinks BSB is slowing down and starting to suck, they're not! Everyone, PLEASE go to a concert...I know it is very expensive, but it's worth it! I have been a fan for over 5 years and it was the best time of my life...and we went outside and when a bus went by, Kevin was in the front waving at us! GO SEE A SHOW!!!!

Columbus, OH

Date: Jun 24, 2001
Submitted By: Sarah

This was my first concert ever. I got my tickets over the internet and i didn't think they were that good, they were on the side of the stage and row M. When I got there I was so suprised! My seats were in front of the ramp that went out! The first two rows from the ramp were off limits, and i was sitting fourth row from the ramp. I got to move up! I was so excited knowing that they would come up the ramp. My favorite in Nick, and when he came up i was dissapointed becuase he didn't try to grab hands or anything, he just came right up to the end of the ramp, stuck his head out and ran back down! Towards the beggining of the show A.J. threw his towl right in my direction, but the girl right behind me caught it! I got to touch Howie's and Kevin's hand when they came up. But, Brian never came up the ramp. This concert was so awesome, i never experineced anything like it before!

Columbus, Ohio concert June 21, 2001

Date: Jun 24, 2001
Submitted By: Dehanna

Oh my gosh!!!!! Last night's concert was the best concert that I have ever been to. I go to college in Columbus so I decided to buy tickets to there show. Me and my mom went and had the best time. When we got to the arena,the plaza outside the arena was packed. Videos of the most amazing group in music, sparked an aray of screams that could be heard for miles. When we finally reached the doors and went inside, the security took signs away and took the film or batteries from your camera. I was a little upset about that one because I had my camera all ready to take pictures of the 5 hottest guys around.

We had great seats. They were right on the lower level in the middle and we could see everything. When the lights went out for Krystal, everyone in the arena went crazy. She put on a great perfomance. I can't wait till her cd comes out. Krystal had everyone in the arena up and dancing. When her set was over, it was about 20 minutes before Shaggy came on. When he came on, everyone was out of their seats, singing along to every song and waving there hands from side to side. Wow, the moves and thrusts that man can do.

Finally after much anticipation the lights went out and the Backstreet Boys hit the stage with a bang. This was the first time for me seeing the B&B tour, so I really had no idea what to expect. They put on one heck of a show. With the clip of them in 50 years, to the way they appeared in the black suites on the back stage. The energy was up and the show was over before we knew it. When they did there little talks introducing themselves, Brian said that his mom and dad were in the audience and that he used to go to Kings Island when he was little to ride the rides. Nick and AJ looked soooooooo hot and fine. The thrusts drew a loud scream throughout the arena. Howie and Kevin looked really good. Kevin even took a t-shirt someone gave him, signed and wiped his face on it and gave it back to her. How sweet. Brian was just Brian. I highly recommend the show. My mom mentioned one point that she missed and that was the hat and chair routine, but other than that she dancing and singing along. I can't wait to see them in Cleveland. KTBSBPA!!!!!!!

columbus ohio 6/22

Date: Jun 23, 2001
Submitted By: laura

the columbus show was so awesome. it was my first show and the seats i had were awesome. krystal wook the stage at exactly 7:30 and was okay. Shaggy took the stage a lil later and was awesome. I think i might go get his cd now. Backstreet took the stage at like 9:20 and totally like rocked. they started with everyone and just went on from there. during 'time' i was like 5 feet away from them and i started crying so much. kevin waved to me which was like totally awesome. kevin seems so nice ya know. brian's mom was there last night, so he said the show meant a lot to him and stuff, so i's cool and stuff. honestly, i have never had a better night in my life. it was the greatest thing i have ever done and the boys rock!

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