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October 13, 2001

Date: Nov 18, 2001
Submitted By: ~*Susy Echeverria*~ This goes out to Howie D

That was the best concert ever! I won meet and greet passes from my local radio station called Kiis F.M. I was so happy because I was going to finally meet them, but the ushers would not let my sister (Daisy) and me (Susy) go through because they said that they didnt know anything about no meet and greet passes so I started crying. After an hour they let us go through.

I thought I was going to start crying when I saw them but I kept my cool. I was nervous because I had a little gift to give Howie. It was a picture of him when he was a baby in a frame and when you opened it it had a picture of me and all of my information (He He)I gave it to him with confidence.I looked at him strait in the face and told him that he was so fine, he laughed and then gave me a cute smile.

Then I saw A.J. coming my way I looked at him up and down and told him he was fine too, he laughed and glanced at Howie. I am latina and I like to be strait out.

I then met Nick he is very tall and slender he gave me a hug and I told him that he was good looking too, (but he cant beat my Howie)

Then I met Kevin, he was such a sweetie a good word to describe him I think would be "soft" I told him about not being able to get through to meet them. All he said to me was "dont worry it's ok all that matters now is that you are here".

I then met Brian he was the last one I met and the most quiet one too. He gave me a hug and told me he hoped I liked the show. HOW COULD I NOT LIKE THEIR SHOW!!!

Well that was the best day of my life I will never ever forget it! The reason I gave Howie a little gift was for him to know that I think he is great as a person and I would love to one day have a decent conversation with him, thats all I ask thats not much, hey I am 19 please Howie if you read this please hear me out that is all I am asking just one little conversation I would really love to have you as a friend.Call me ~*Sweet D*~

BSB concert on 10/13/01

Date: Nov 18, 2001
Submitted By: Krystal

Ok, I went to the bsb concert on the 13th and I had an aweosme time. I'm not going to go through EVERYTHING that happend, cause I'm sure most of us have been to see our boys, but I will tell you that I had the best time! When they did the skits, I laughed. When they performed America The Beautiful, I cried. You guys, It was such a "moment". They dedicateed it to Daniel Lee and all the other people that lost their lives on Sept. 11. I can't tell you how proud i was at that moment to be a backstreet boys fan.I wanted to go on TRL and tell the whole world that I was a bsb fan and that I was proud of it! DAMN STRAIGHT! ;) They were amazing that night, and we had good seats too! hehe...16th row. When I went front row, I didnt have as much fun as I did the 16th row. I think it was casue it was more intimate and it seemed as tho the boys were enjoying the concert that night, as if it were their last one, but, it wasnt! All I have to say is that I am so happy that I found the boys. I have been a BSB fan for 5 and one half years, and I'm still going strong!

Lotsa Love!



Devore,California.. October 13,2001

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: Patricia

First I want to say that even though this was my 50th concert to attend on the B&B Tour ths one was the best. It was at an out door arena and it really paid up for the long drive to the arena. Also how much better can you get then to see the Backstreet Boys Live in concert and share a starry night with the five of them. Anyhow here is my review of the show..

Hello everyone i just got home form the concert.It was the best time i have had. I will try to remember everything that happened.To let you know I was sitting 15 rows away from the stage which was so awesome.I even got to see there faces and my sister in law was happy to because she got to see them. Anyhow I will get to the good stuff. I started off the night by listening to krystal's set which was awesome then to make it all better I meet her and she signed my Tour book. Sisqo was pretty cool. he preformed some of the songs that i liked but that was about all I had for him. I got so many pictures of the whole concert. It was awesome.

I of course bought tour stuff and I also bought a JWR t-shirt. It was $20.00 and well worth it. Kevin was talking about all the foundations and how each one of the guys was doing something else on the foundations. Well anyhow he had come over to the side where the concret ramp meet the stage and he was touching the fans hands well I wasn't able to get that close to him so I held up my shirt and he pointed at me and my shirt and he pointed/waved/and blew me a kiss. It was so awesome. Then he started to sing to me and then he walked away. I will always remember that.

Then Howie came to my side of the stage and I ran up to where I could touch him and I was hoping that he would touch my hand and he did. That was awesome. He held my hand for a breif moment all while singing a song. I really don't remember because our eyes locked and everything seemed to stop there. Anyhow it was the best day of my life and i will always remember that Howie and Kevin was singing to me. Kevin might not have been holding my hand but I know he was singing to me because there was no one around me in the area I was in and he was looking straight at me.I may not have a voice left but it was well worth losing my voice for. AJ dyed his hair blond and he got the most screams out of the group and he is now 101 days sober. But since your reading this on a sunday then he is 105 days sober. I'm so proud of him. The guys sang Show me the meaning of being lonely and they dedicated it to Daniel Lee. The even sang the song Amercia the Beatiful and dedicated that in the memory of all thoes who were lost on September 11.

And when they sang drowning it was so awesome. I was crying throught that song. And as for the 2050 skit. That was so funny. I will post the pictures up later after I figure out how to get my scanner working. I took 5 rools of film and I hope that they came out good. Sorry for writing so much here but it was the best day of my life.. Take Care. There were just so many things at this show that I would go on and on and on forever and I don't want to bore everyone to death on this. Plus they did not have the wings or the catwalk or the small stage but that was ok.



Devore Concert

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: Mari-anne

Well... All I can say was that was one of the best BSB concert I have been to. The guys totally rocked, they had so much energy right from the start. All I can tell you was this was the best seats I have ever had for a backstreet boy concert 6th row... and sometimes even closer cause are seats were in the aisle so we (as in me and my friends) were able to move up.. Anyway on to the concert. Krystal and Sisqo were awesome, but BSB I am at a lost for word. They broke the house down. Right from the get go to the end of "Drowning" everything was perfect. Well in the first 2 songs of the show I was at the press box cause I won passes to sit there to take pix with an Izone camera, but I gotta tell you it didn't turn out well cause come on its an Izone camera, they wouldn't let me take my regular one, which I thought was dumb. Anyway, when they did "Larger than Life" Brian walked to my side and directly pointed at me and was like I see you and his smile was so big cause I was jumping like a lunatic then after him Nick followed and notice I was giving the rock sign and returned the jesture that mad my day cause his my fave. Then after the 2 song I ran back to my seat which was on the other side of the press box, and when I got there I was in time for the next song which was "Not For Me". Anyways one of the very many real moments of the concert was when they did "Yes I Will" It was so sweet, especially the dance move when they kneel with the cane, I was like if Nick did that to me the answer would be yes,(sorry Im back in reality) When Nick did is verse from Yes I Will, He tried to act cool so he tossed the cane in the air and he missed catching it, so he was scrambling for the cane, it was really funny.. Good thing, someone from below gave it back to him or else it would have screwed up the whole dance. Then in one of the songs Kevin decides to go to the side of the stage to shake hands with the fans, he was like right there in front of me. I just kinda froze, then to many peeps were like all over him. I thought it was really thoughtful of him to come near as that close. Then when they were introducing the band, Kevin did a little strip tease for the audience, don't worry it was still PG-13. When Nick came out to introduce the rest of the band, aj came out and all of a sudden Nick and AJ busted out into this break dance move from BYE>BYE>BYE. I swear it was so unexpected, I could not stop laughing. Then Nick said "Lord forgive us, It is all in the name of fun". Man they dissed NSYNC like twice in that show. When they did "Show Me The Meaning" I notice towards the middle of the song. Nick went to the side of one of the band, and looked up the big screen at the picture of Daniel Lee, and kneeled and bowed his head, I really thougt that was a special moment. It was so special I can't realy explain it. Then before "The Call" Aj brought out Aaron Carter, aaron was like "ya'll know that Aj is my favorite bsb member" Aj said Nick might not be to happy hearing that, then Brian came running from below and picked up aaron from the back and then Nick came out of nowhere and took aaron from brian and carried him of to the side while aaron was whaling, it was a classic moment. Aaron sounded and looked so much like Nick. I told my friends I wouldn't mind being in a CARTER sandwich. (HEHEHE) Everything else was just so amazing. All I can tell you guys that Aj's voice sounded so much fuller now, his voice got so much better and Nick was just all over the place. I think he ate some time of ENERGY BAR before the show because the guy could not stand still. "Drowning" was so beautiful the harmony and the melody was perfect. That song is gonna explode especially when the video is out and I definetly cannot wait. All I can say is that after the concert, you go home, and you feel BACKSTREET SICK, kinda like HOME SICK, but the difference is you only miss BSB. I definelty can not wait for their next tour. It's not everyday you have 5 great guys singing their hearts out to you right. Welps that's about it... I'M OUTTA HERE!


October 13th, 2001

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: Anna (im a different anna)

The concert was the best! it started out with aj coming on stage and introducing krystal, which was so tight! i was HYPERVENTILATING!!! lol! anyway, so krystal sang and sounded so amazing, then sisqo, who was pretty kewl. Okay, finally, BSB CAME ON!!! they sang everyone, then larger then life, then not for me, and came on stage and talked to us.. NICK had a screaming contest! we screamed the loudest! lol! and aj was 101 days sober! CONGRATULATIONS SWEETY!!!

okay so then the show passed a little, and right before the call aj introducsed AARON CARTER!!! lol, i really hyperventilated.. i waw acting like such a teenybopper the whole time!! aj went like "so aaron whos your favorite bsb?" and aaron was like "you aj" and aj was like "big bro aint gonna like that" and brian comes on stage, tackles him to the floor, and picks him up.. then nick comes out and brian puts him in his arms, its so cute!!!

It was the best night of my life, and with orchestra row 16 seats, it made it even more awesome!! I cant wait to see them again.

San Bernardino,CA concert ,October 13

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: Tanisha

On Saturday I went to my 3rd BSB concert and it was great! The special effects were great as well as their performances. Krystal was great,but we missed Sisqo's performance in order to meet Krystal. She's soooo nice. I told her she had a pretty voice and she said "thanks, sweetie."

The guys looked and sounded amazing. I'm glad A.J.'s better and declared that he was 101 days sober. Nick was acting very wild and crazy. During "Don't Want You Back" Nick grabbed the camera and put it towards his you know what. I went crazy when he did that. I also loved Aaron Carter's cameo in the show. Nobody knew that he was going to be there so that was a big surprise.My favorite part though was the sketches, those were so funny.

This was truly the best show I've seen from them and hopefully they will come back soon. KTBSPA!!

San Bernardino

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: Heather

The concert was so awesome, as always. Ive been to a couple b4 but i luved this 1 so much! I dunt wanna tell u all this stuff that people already said, but i wanted to say that i met some of the boys at the hotel. I saw some intersting stuff you knoe? I saw all the bsb except for B-rok. I saw some interesting stuff on Nick's floor, he was fighting with a friend of his. I forget his name, but hes a good friend of Nicks. If u are a Nick fan u would knoe who he is. Anyway he was yelling wut did u do to her at his friend. i dunt know what that means tho. but the concert was great but you all knoe that!!!!

October 13th concert in Devore, California

Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: Jenn

I have been to two different concerts on the "Black and Blue" tour and I'd have to say that the show I saw last night at the Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavillion in Devore, CA. was the best! definitely worth the 1 1/2 hour drive it took to get there!

Krystal and Sisqo were ok...not a big fan of either....

the Boys came out after Sisqo and performed "Everyone" and "LTL", then the guys came out separately and talked to the crowd...AJ came out and thanked us all for supporting him and giving him the time he needed to get better (he's 102 days sober today!) then they sang and danced some more and did the whole "BSB in 2050" movie and showed them in the dressing room....they brought out the trunk and Nick and Howie were all "maybe we should just change out here, what do u think?" then they took off their belts...LOL! but that's all we got to see them take off. Finally it was just AJ and Kevin out there and AJ was all "hey, its the AJ and Kevin show!!" then AJ left and it was just Kevin and he started singing a song about a girl in the front row...he stopped mid-song and was all "i just made that up, did u like it??" then he jumped in. Nick and Howie were telling AJ that they'd found the perfect girl for AJ and she'd always be by his side...they gave him a blow up doll!! oh and for my show this time around, there was no center stage (cause i was at an outdoor arena) so they just came back out, sat down at the edge of the stage, and sang "Time" and whatever other songs they'd be usually singing on the center stage. Then they introduced the band and Nick was doing his part of the introducing...he stopped and started singing "i don't think you're ready for this jelly" and dancing around! and then he said it was one of the keyboardists' 40th birthday that night and he wanted us all to help him sing "Happy Birthday" to him so we did...AJ added "you're older than dirt" into the song wherever he could!! then the keyboardist did his little "solo" and Nick and the OTHER keyboardist (they have two) started dancing like nsync in "Bye Bye Bye" (i dunno if it was Nick and AJ, or Nick and the other keyboardist...we couldn't really see THAT well from our seats because we were off to the side). Howie introduced the dancers, except he did it as a character from "South Park" LMAO!!

the two BEST parts was AJ bringing Aaron Carter out (Aaron was doing a Radio Disney concert that same day and HIS concert was at, like, 4 pm so he was able to come to the bsb show). AJ asked if Aaron was enjoying the show and Aaron said yeah and that AJ was his favorite BSB. AJ said "dude, i don't think your brother is gonna like that!!" Nick then comes running out from backstage and wrestles with Aaron onstage before picking him up and hauling him was SO cute!!

the last thing that happened was they started singing "Everybody"...for whatever reason, Brian and Nick weren't out onstage yet but AJ started right into the song as usual...just as AJ's singing "got a question for you, better answer..." out walk Nick and Brian in CLOWN SUITS and AJ sees the two of them and stops mid-verse there and is all "....OH MY GOD!!" Nick and Brian did the whole song in their clown suits!! it was toooooo funny!

they saved "SOMH" and "Drowning" for encores....a lot of the people had left by the time they came back out to sing "Drowning"...and there was a lot of "silly-stringing" going on onstage!!

it was a great night and one i won't forget for awhile!

Devore, CA October 13,2001

Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: Mandy of so. kali

Before I talk about the BSB concert(which was yesterday), let me just say I went by chance! This was my 3rd BSB concert and I felt really bad for going. It was also my Grandma's Bday party yesterday and it was up to me if I still wanted to go or not. The days leading up to it, I was thinking of the advantages and disadvantages. If I go to the concert, then I will miss everthing that might happen in the party and I will feel bad for everything cuz our family is a really close one. If I stayed I would have missed an opportunity and wasted all that money for nothing. I didn't want to get the impression from other people in the party that I only care about me and only me. But as the party was going, I was crying inside and all these people were asking me if I was still gonna go. My mom was telling me not to go anymore and my dad was telling me I should go cuz i was planning to go waaaay before my mom scheduled the party on the 13th! My sister was saying "its all up to you" like every 5 minutes. Her boyfriend was begging , 'If you don't wanna go, I can take her.'over and over again. And my sister replied by saying, 'You just wanna see Sisqo!'

So around 7:00, I decided to go. Me and my siter kissed everyone goodbye and we left around took us around 30 mins only cuz we kinda live close by! We got their around 8:00 and we went to our seats. Stupid people were sitting in our seats so we just went a row up! Our section was Orch.3 Row 30 rows back...we were kinda close. Sisqo came out right when we moved up a row! He is soooooo short! I got kinda bored during that time and thought about going home cuz i felt bad, but i was already there.

Then the boys came out! Yay! But inside, I was feeling bad for missing the party. I like how they do those salutes in Everyone! My sister thought it was weird! Then they sang Larger than Life, I started laughing at their Bring it On moves lol! And i think they sang Not for me after that. When they were done, Brian came out and taled to us! It was cute! He's like, "Who has the Black and Blue CD?" Everyone scream! "Who has Millennium?" Everyone screams! "Who has the Backstreet's Back Alright!" Everyone screams! "Okay then, Whoo has the ORGINAL Backstreet Boys CD!? Me and my sister screamed soooo loud! And the girls in front of us were like, "what's the orginal?" But the funny part came when he said "Who wants another one?" I don't know it just sounded funny to me! It seemed like he was gonna just throw Ch.1 to the audience! Then AJ came out! There were louder screams for him! He said it was his 101 days sober! It just feels cool cuz he passed 100! Then Nick came out! He said that his platform thing came out way too early(lol) and he wanted to make a slower entrance! LOL! He divided the audience in three to see which sec. can scream the loudest! When he went to the middle, he's like "I see you!" It was a girl with an 'I Love Nick' sign. Then Howie came out and commented on the wheather(it's outdoor and in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, LITERALLY)Then Kevin came out! Love his cornrows...then from what i remember, they sang, yes i will, the medley, what makes you different...dont want you back, how did i fall in love with you, ill never...i loved the 2050! Me and my siter were laughing out asses off! The hip replacemnt was just sooo funny! I left the concert during Time so i can be with my family! When we were getting out of the parking lot i rolled down the window, and heard them sing, God Bless America. I told my sister they were singing that and shes like great, we should have stayed and then left after that song. We finally went home and learned my lesson. Family is more important. I missed a alotta stuff and I feel bad. Well, Im gonna end it me if you went to the concert!

P.S. I was gonna takes pictures, but i didnt wanna get caught again.

october 13 2001

Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: *vanessa*

On October 13, 2001, I saw the backstreet boys play at the blockbuster pavilion in San Bernardino. It was the best!!!!! They looked soooooo hot! First Krystal sang then sisqo. I loved sisqo's performance, I love the way he dances, and he did a good job! Then the BACKSTREET BOYS! They came out from under the stage they sang “everyone” I think I was so happy I couldn’t remember. Anyways each one came out and said a few words and of course, my Aj who was looking fine and sexy like always said that he was 101 days sober! I’m so proud of him. Anyway, they sang happy birthday to one of the band members. And then guess who came out on stage? Cute little Aaron Carter!! He came on stage with Aj and he said Aj was his fav. Backstreet boy then Brian came out and picked Aaron up and hand him to nick. It was so cute. Then they did their little skit about when there in the year 2050 and Aj still looks hot!!!! And nick can still shake his ass!! And then the sad part came when Aj came out and said they only have time to sing two more songs. After the two song were over they came back out and sang there new single "DRAWING" I love that song!!!! And that was it I was so sad when it was over but I didn’t cry!!! They let us take in cameras so I got to take pix's. The pix’s are going to come out great just because backstreet boys are on them!!! Well I had the best time, I will never forget it!! Well gotta go.


Backstreet Boys- Oct. 13,2001

Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: Elena

Oh My Gosh! Last night I went to the BSB concert, and it was amazing. I had good seats so I saw EVERYTHING that happened. Well, they all looked and sounded really great, as usual. And AJ wanted 2 let everyone know, it's now been 101 days sober... YEAH! My personal favorite Backstreet Boys is Nick, so I gotta tell you eveything about him. Not that you'll mind, right? :) First of all, who loves Nick's Booty?! I know I sure do, and he was shakin' that thang like crazy! During "Backstreet's Back", his verse, (I know ya'll know it) when he says "Am I sexual?", he started rubbing all up on the camera, so on the huge screen, all you could see was this close-up of Nick's umm...'stuff' if ya know what I mean. Oh yeah, before I 4get, Nick got another tattoo, it's on his shoulder (not the music note). I dunno what it is though. Anyways, they do alot more dancing than they used to do, and it looks really good. Oh, guess who was there...Aaron! He came out on stage for a few minutes, so that was cool. Kay, I can't tell you every single detail, that would take too long, but I'll tell you the best part (for me that is). They sang the new song, "Drowning" as an encore. I was standing up on my seat the whole time, and during that song, Nick was singing his verse; "I can't imagine life without your love..." and when he said 'your love', he looked and pointed straight at me! If you think I'm crazy, go ahead, but I swear, he did! Well, that's my story. K.T.B.S.P.A.

San Bernardino, California

Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: Dara

The show in San Bernardino on October 13th was terrific. The venue was rather small so the boys were unable to their usual stage trick with being in the middle of the audience and using the bridge. They did their normal song set but some things had changed from the last leg of tour. They had added a part where they do an interview as old men and Nick got everyone laughing when he said "We were pretty surprised when Joey Fatone showed up" and later that night Nick made another joke on NSync when he and I think AJ were out on stage talking to the audience during the band introductions and they did a cheesy dance version to Bye Bye Bye.. He then asked God to forgive him because it was all in good fun. (Funny) AJ kept making references to his bodyguards family who was in the audience and embarrassing his son. And another great surprise was Aaron Carter was there and AJ pulled him out on stage where they were making fun of Nick's basketball game. Brian ran out and started beating up Aaron and then AJ said "Oh No, here comes big brother" and Nick ran up and grabbed Aaron and carried him offstage on his shoulders. It was really cute! Anyway, that was about the gist of all of it but it was a terrific show.

San Bernadino Concert (one more thing!)

Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: Anna

Oh yeah, I forgot to add something! Once when my friend and I were walking through the audience to go to the restroom, this guy passed by us and he had a bodyguard with him, and a girl on his arm. I looked at him as he walked by and he looked EXACTLY like AJ! I thought it was him! He was wearing this red shirt, and had on a red bandana, and had bleached hair and thin goatee the exact same way AJ has. I stopped dead in my tracks and looked at my friend and I was like "OMG, that was AJ!" and my friend was like "It was?!" And I said "Yes it looked EXACTLY like him!" So we started to follow him, but then we got suspicious because there weren't any hords of girls around him, so we went back to our seats. Then we got bored and walked around again, and that same AJ guy passed by us again TWICE, but this time he was by himself! This time I got a really good look at him, and he stared me back in the eyes, and I could tell it WASN'T AJ! But right then AJ came out on stage with some guy and introduced Krystal. So I was like "okay, that guy really wasn't AJ." But he looked EXACTLY like him!!! I heard that a so-called "AJ Impersonator" has gone to a lot of the BSB shows, and like walks around. Is this true?! And is it true that he's been on TRL before?? Interesting! That must have been him! :) Just thought I'd share...!



San Bernadino Concert

Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: Anna

I just got back from the San Bernadino show and MAN was it awesome!!! It was at the Blockbuster Pavilion. The weather was wonderful and made it such a great night! First I have to say that Sisqo is an AWESOME performer! That boy can dance and sing like no other! He put on a really great show.

Well, after that of course was OUR BOYS!! It was so cool watching them rise up from the stage again, and do all of their salutes and stuff! So cool!! Then they went into "Everyone" and "Larger Than Life." Everybody prolly already knows the songs they sing, so I won't go over those! But I was SO happy that they put in "Don't want you back!" I love that song! The 2050 video is sooo funny! Especially when they were talking about Joey Fatone showing up for one of their auditions! haha! And another time they spoofed *N Sync was at a part when they were introducing the Backstreet Band, and of the keyboarders was playing and then AJ ran out on stage, and him and Nick did one of *N Sync's famous little "bye bye bye" routines over and over. It was so funny! I'm glad they changed their "costume changing" video, cuz this one is funnier! The part where they give AJ that blow-up doll was sooo hillarious! And of course Howie taking up the entire mirror with moosing his hair is unforgettable! I was pleasantly suprised at Brian on the guitar, Nick on the drums, and AJ on percussion during "The answer to our life"! It went so good! Tonight was one of the band member's 40th birthdays, so Nick, Brian, and AJ all came out on stage and got the audience to break into "Happy Birthday" for him. It was cool! Before AJ started "The Call," he was like "We have a guest backstage, and he used to be this tall [gestures to a small person], but now he's this tall [gestures to a taller person], and he's blonde, and he's a pop-star!" And then AJ went over to the side of the stage and pulled out Aaron Carter! of course the audience freaked out. Then AJ was like "This is Aaron! He thinks he can beat his big brother, Nick, in basketball!" then Aaron grabbed the microphone and he was like "I know I can beat Nick in basketball!" Then Brian ran out on stage and tackled Aaron to the ground, and AJ was like "where's big brother Nick?!" Then Nick came out and picked up Aaron and carried him offstage. Haha, it was classic! When they started to sing "Shape of my heart", I ran past all the security guards up to the foot of the stages!! Kevin was RIGHT there and then he reached out his hand! Oh my gosh, all the girls around me went crazy and started pushing and shoving to get to him. It was like a mosh pit! Luckily I reached out and Kevin grabbed my hand!! I freaked out!! So exciting!! Then Nick and AJ jumped off the stage and were right in front of the front row and all these girls started jumping over the gate to get to them! Needless to say that AJ and Nick got back up on the stage after that, and the security guards went aggro on the rest of us. They made a bunch of people go back up to their seats but I stayed right where I was!! Then they finished the show with "Drowning!" Such a good song!! Oh my gosh, this show was just incredible!! I'm supposed to see them next week in San Diego, but they cancelled the show!!! I am so disappointed! grr! :( Hopefully they will make it up. Anyway, kudos to the Backstreet Boys for a WONDERFUL show! KTBSPA forever!!!!

devor concert oct.13th

Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: Laura

the concert the other night in devor was the best bsb concert i have been to aaron carter made a suprise appearance and they had really cool affects, and sisqo was good but i gotta say krystal was even more awesome, they sung america the beautiful and dedicated it to the victoms of the sep.11th thing and they dedicated the song show me the meaning to their friend who died.

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