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Nashville. Tennessee concert on June 23, 2001

Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: Kayla

Hi all Backstreet fans! I know all of you probably think that I am crazy for not reviewing until like 4 months after the concert, but, well, I never really thought about it (lol). Anywayz, on to the concert. I have to start off by saying that it was AMAZING!!! I will never forget it. I live about 2 hours away from Nasville, so I had to leave my house at about 4:00. All the way up there I kept thinking, "I'm finally gonna see Backstreet tonight!" I was so excited that I couldn't think of anything else but seeing my boys. By the time I got there, it was 6:00 and I had to wait 40 minutes to get it. Once I got in, I, of course, got in line for concert stuff (i.e. shirt, glowstick, and keychain which I later lost :-{) After that, we (my mom and I) went to our seats and I almost screamed when I saw where I was! No, I was not in the front, but I was RIGHT by that small round stage. I pratically started crying right then and there. After about an hour, Krystal came out and she was awesome. Then was Shaggy and he did a great job in getting the crowd hyped. THEN, after what seemed like an eternity, BSB came out! Then, I really did cry. I was jumping up and down, and these people were looking at me like I was crazy, but I didn't care. I sang the whole time and lost my voice about an hour into it. Then they came out of the small stage, and I honestly thought I was gonna faint. I was screaming Nick's name, and I think he looked at me (I can dream, can't I?) It was the best night of my life! All I have to say to Deb is: Where were you looking? It obviously wasn't at my boys. I did not see one inappropriate thing. And in case you didn't notice, the crowd loved the crotch-grabbing. (lol-of course we did) You should have excpected that before you got there. Backstreet is not a bunch of little kids anymore, and netiher are most of their fans. We are old enough to take whatever they do in concert. And if you aren't mature enough to handle it, then you shouldn't have been there in the first place. And for your information, I looked at Nick the WHOLE time, and he was nothing short of perfect. Heck, the whole night was perfect!!! I hope that I can go to their next Tennessee concert. Boys, if you are reading this, PLEASE come back soon. We love you!!! (yeah right, like they're gonna read it) ktbspa forever and a day!!!

Nashville, TN June 23

Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: Steph Dogg

Okay, this is in reply to Deb. I am the girl that gave Kevin the KY hat, and all I have to say is, I am NOT a Tennesee fan. I hate them with a passion, and I always have. So please don't make assumptions to make a point because you really look stupid now, don't you? And another thing, I'm 15 and I believe I have supremely extensive knowledge of grammar structure, which you obviously don't have, considering your "novel" was one a big run-on sentence. I read most of it, but got a headache before I was done. I can't believe somebody who is supposedly so much more mature and experienced than I am, would write a composition as so poorly put together as that was. But back to my original point. I am a solid Kentucky fan and always have been. If you noticed, that hat was pretty worn in considering I've had it for about 5 years. I've never been a Tennessee fan, probably because my family has never been fans of them, and I don't believe I ever will be a Tennessee fan. So all I ask is that you reconsider most all of the comments you made in that composition as assumptions, and neither truth nor opinion for that matter. You have nothing to base most of those comments on, and in fact, I believe that you made most of it up so that you could start an uproar from the BSB fans and maybe have a little excitement added to your sad, boring life. You obviously have entirely too much time on your hands. I also don't think anything was wrong with BSB that night, nor any other night, but I will say this. If they were the ones that taught you grammar structure, than yeah, something was definately missing. I advise you to make use of your free time, and go back to school and also to not become a critic of any type. I do believe you would go broke within three months. If any of this offended you, I'm glad because that was the sole purpose of this document. My purpose is obvious here, but I can't say that much for your writing. I couldn't figure out whether you were complimenting or disrespecting the BSB with most of your comments because everything was so contradictory to everything else. I think you are a little confused, so hopefully I've cleared some of it up for you. I think more people would respect you if #1 you knew how to write an intriguing, thought provoking compostion, and #2 if you really knew what the hell you were talking about. I hope I've helped.


Date: Sep 18, 2001
Submitted By: Ann

This is being written months after the nashville concerts and after the thing happening with AJ and the boys being so open. I have to say that isn't it funny that this Deb who wrote the review that was so honest about the BSB not being as good as they could be and even said that something was wrong or missing, well isn't it weird that now that everyone has dissed her well it seems to me that she was the only one that knew what she was talking about here, I mean just about everything she said the boys themselves agreed were going wrong also, so I just wish the people that criticized her would at least admit how wrong they were. well thats my feelings after reading all these reviews.

June 23, 2001

Date: Sep 03, 2001
Submitted By: Michelle

OMG! I will never forget the night of June 23, 2001 for as long as I live!!! That day just so happened to be my thirteenth birthday, and for my very special present my mom took me all the way to Nashville to see tem live in concert!! Where I live in Mississippi is very far to travel, but it was the closest city to me, and it was quite a drive, but it was DEFINITELY well-worth it!! When I got there, I almost fainted just at the thought that THE BACKSTREET BOYS are in the same building as me, right at this very moment!! It was an incredible feeling that I'll never forget! When I went to the bathroom, I saved a piece of toilet paper just to keep for one of my MANY souvenirs of the show! LOL I know it sounds crazy, but that just shoes how much I love them! Anywayz, when I sat down, I literally almost DIED at the anticipation for the guys to come out. First Krystal came out and did her thing, and that was really incredible, then a short break. Then Shaggy. After doing several songs, I didn't know how much more I could take! I almost died just waiting for BSB to come out!! Then . . . at 9:33 P.M., after years of waiting, out came the BACKSTREET BOYS!! I never knew I could actually scream that loud! LOL The first song "Everyone" totally rocked, and then the first time I layed eyes on Nick Carter during his first verse in the song "Oh, let's get started!", I promise, as God is my witness, I almost made myself and my mom too fly forward from jumping and screaming so much, acting hysterically. I was holding on to her for support to stand, but I almost knocked the both of us down! The first couple of songs, I was in complete utter shock that I was in the presence of THE BACKSTREET BOYS, I couldn't even start crying yet! LOL Then after the first couple of songs "Yes I Will" came on, and that was the first time I actually started crying at the show . . . when Nick sang his only verse "As God is my witness I will carry this through. Till death do us part I will promise to you . . . " I didn't think I'd be able to live any longer. Nick Carter means so much to me!!! The show was totally awesome, and the screen-breaks that they played during the boys' costume changes were hilarious! I sreamed, I cried, I smiled, I laughed. The show was something I will NEVER forget!! But you still haven't even heard the best part yet . . . during the very last song (the twenty-second one) "Shape of My Heart", I pulled my mom down to the very front row, and I was leaning on the railing screaming "I love you Nick!" and blowing him kisses. There were security guards everywhere telling me to go back, but I didn't care what they were saying. I just kept right on. Then (here's the best part) . . . at approximately 11:13 P.M., Nickolas Gene Carter waved, smiled, and winked RIGHT AT ME!!!!! :-) :-) :-) I almost died!! He was only four feet away!!! I'll never forget that for as long as I live!!! Then a security guard came and pulled me back and started pushing me back up the steps pointing to the door and shouting "Go!!!" I gave him an evil look and shouted "No!!" and then he started shoving me up the stairs, but I wouldn't budge. Then my mom showed up and sweet-talked the security guard, and he let us go back to our seats for the remaining two minutes of the show! LOL Anywayz, that moment in time was definitely the best moment of my whole life EVER!! I love BSB SOOOOO much, and I'm very proud to call myself a fan of Backstreet Boys, and in case you haven't figured it out yet, YES I AM OBSESSED WITH NICK CARTER AND I'M PROUD OF IT!!!! Anywayz, just thought I'd share my opinion with everybody, whether if u agree with me or not that Nick Carter and the other four guys are the best people in the whole wide world!! Love you guys!!!! KTBPA EVERYONE!!

})i({~ Michelle Carter (lol, I wish! . . .)

Nashville,TN 7/23/01

Date: Jul 25, 2001
Submitted By: Brandy and Clea's Sticky Slave

Ok so I went to this concert too and I was not offended by Brian's constant adoration of his family being there, nor did I see Nick ask to speak with 2 girls, BUT I see where this woman Deb is coming from and maybe a lot of people don't like her review cos it's not yr typical "OMG NICK WAVED AT ME!!!" type thing and I respect her opinion but I respect the guys more and I PERSONALLY thought the show was AMAZING and I can say for about 90% positivly they didn't stay at a hotel in Nashville but whatever. I thought the beginning and everything thereafter was excellent. I really enjoyed the skits because most artists leave you bored while they make one of their 10 billion costume changes but not these guys. I truly had one of the best times and I never thought I'd be able to compare a concert to Madonna's Girlie Show I saw in 94 but this is *almost* as good as that and for the record I like them only for their music and find none of them attractive (mainly cos I'm a lesbian) which proves their musical ability cos they're the ONLY "boy band" I like. Well I hope they do continue on with the concert with AJ (or w/o him) and I hope to go see them again. Good day!

Backstreet at Nashville Gaylord Center

Date: Jul 07, 2001
Submitted By: Lisa Summers

I truly enjoyed the concert at the Gaylord Center in Nashville, TN. The only problem and the reason I'm sending this review, was that the fans at the exact center of the other end of the arena had an obstruted view of not only the stage but also of the screens. The problem was the technical technicians platforms. They hung down directly in front of the audience. To see the stage or screen (the side screens did not always have the same screen as the large one) was very difficult. I am a mother of three and have become a very devoted fan of BSB along with my children. I hated to write this but it was the only way that maybe someone who reads this will inform the production company of this problem. I also was at the concert in Tampa, Fl on June 9. It was the better of the two concerts. The sound at Gaylord was not as good as the Ice Palace either. Our seats ere much better as we sat on the side. All told, I must say the guys did an excellent job of performing for their fans. The show was fantastic!!!


Date: Jul 07, 2001
Submitted By: Deb

I have to laugh at all you people who have found it necessary to reply to my review that I made about the Nashville concert, it was an honest review about how I felt about it and if ya'll had read it as to what I actually wrote and not gone into the famous BSB fan attack mode that BSB fans are so famous for well you actually would have read where I wrote it was a good concert, I just have seen the BSB many times and this was not their best. I had many deisappointments about it as far as what some of the boys were doing and if you want your teenage daughter watching some of the thigs going on thats fine, I also saw a real review that made a statement to the fact that the boys need to realize they are playing to a family audience and need to watch the crotch grabbing stuf and all so I guess he is way off too. Also to you people that saw the BSB in the Hilton I hope you read the review about the Nashville signing a BAckwoods boy caz in it it tells how they all left right after the concert (except Howie ) who stayed with an ex drummer in Nashville , and since they didn't get to Nashville until after 5 pm they never even had time to check into a hotel so I will tell ya'll whatI told my daughter sho thinks ya'll are totally nuts , and it is People see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear so ya'll just keep seeing whatever and read into my review what you want and oh I never said anything bad about Leighanne that wasn't true, and I don't know what type of oersoin she is because I have never met her and I will not lie and say (like so many of ya'll do)that I know her to be a sweet person just from a meeting that lasted all of 2 minutes, but all I said was she needed to wear more clothes in front of young kids that look up tp her, but if it makes it any better to ya'll so do most women these days that go around showing things they don't need to be showing and this is why so many young people just grow up not respecting themselves and well I won't go into that. But it is my right to say what I want. Just like it is yours but please stop saying things I never said or meant. Oh and if it means anything to ya'll 'fantasy people' A lot more people have agreed with me than disagreed they just knew who this was and have emailed me privately agreeing with me and they are really the ones that call ya'll fantasy people caz they say ya'll are living in the world of BSB fantasy which if you ever listen to some of the BSB interviews they themselves try to tell their fans not to think they are something they are not. I wasn't even going to respond to ya'lls craziness but a lot of people wanted me to and so didn't my daughter who alsio knows the truth about what happened that night. But one last thing , I don't know where it is but I thought it was in this review section but I wish ya'll would read the thing the little girl wrote about winning the poster contest, the one where you are supposed to go back and get pics and autographs, well she was told by Nick I believe it was that she cold get a pic but no autographs because the management said they couldn't give out none! How do you think this girl felt. Anyways I have said all I want to say and I don't care what anyone says or thinks , I know what I saw and I was right about them not being in the Hilton as many of you said they were sure it was them, so like I said "People see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear" And I didn say it was a good concert and no one can sing like the BSB and a lot of other greeat stuff about them that no one seemed to have read, just like a fantasy BSB fan though ya'll should be proud of yourselves.


Date: Jul 03, 2001
Submitted By: Emilie

I don't usually write on these things, but I MUST respond to the mother who posted her not so favorable novel. I'm sorry you did not enjoy the concert. I personally thought it was the best concert I have ever attended. (Just for the record, I'm 28 years old and I've seen a lot of live performances). I've followed these guys for several years and I know that they work their butts off. They have a huge fan base and unfortunately they cannot speak to each fan personally. Most of us are able to accept this and still remain fans. I thought Brian's performance was great as usual. I admire the fact that he often looks at his wife during his performances. He obviously loves her very much and I'm sorry that bothers some fans. Brian has always been open about his faith in God. This should never be questioned regardless of what he or his wife is wearing. As for Nick, this was his best performance ever. His love for music and performing becomes more obvious with each performance. If he did meet up with a fan after the show, well all I can say to that is "lucky girl!" Overall, I thought the show was excellent. I'm thankful that I can attend their show without hearing them cuss and carry on in other inappropriate ways. I can always rely on them to put on a show that family members of all ages can enjoy. I'm sorry this mother did not get any satisfaction from the show. Maybe she would enjoy seeing OzzFest or an Eminem show.

Black and Blue Concert, Nashville, TN- June 23, 2001

Date: Jul 02, 2001
Submitted By: Ashley

First off, I apologize for posting so late, I am still suffering from "Backstreet Fever". Okay, for starters, I don't know what show that woman was at, but I never saw Nick do anything inappropriate at the show. He did not but sing his heart out, and did it wonderfully might I add.

N-E-Way, the concert is something that I will never forget because it was so spectacular. BSB is nothing short of amazing. They continue to impress with every growing moment. I will not critique every song because you are either 1.) going to a show and don't want me to ruin it or 2.) have already been and know the details. Let me just say that it is a show worth seeing and if you are going, you are in for a treat. If you missed it, first off, shame on you, and second find the nearest city and GO!! There are no words to aptly describe the concert. It is an intangible that is unexplainable, you just have to be there. Also, the most important thing at a BSB concert is the comraderie. I know, personally, I went by myself and had the most amazing time. I was 8th row, seat 20 and I sat next to someone who, while at the show, was my best friend. We laughed, screamed, and cried together the entire night. Too bad I don't know her name. That just goes to show that BSB fans are all bound together if only for one night. Hey chica, if you read this and want to relive the events of the concert, drop me a line. I would love to hear from you and see how your pics turned out, mine were great. They are mostly AJ, but you know, what can I say, he waved at us!! C-ya

Nashville Concert

Date: Jul 02, 2001
Submitted By: Megan

i must say that june 23 was the best night of my life. being in the online fanclub i was able to score 5th row tickets! their was hardly any spade between front row and the stage. so i was SO close! as soon as krystal came out the fun began! i could see her really well so i knew i'd be able to see bsb great too! i couldn't wait to se shaggy! he got the crowd pumped! i loved all his pelvic thrusts! AHHH! i loved when he was talking about how u had to look the person straight in the eye and say IT WASN'T ME! then the lights when down again and OMG OMG bsb came out! i just sat and stared for awhile because i was in so much shock of how i close i was! i loved on dont want u back were they stripped a little! awesome! haha! i loved the tight tanktops! then on not for me{might not be the right order..sorry} when they were staning with those cape thinkgys and the wind was blowing it was right on brian's head! i was cracking up!LOL! the changing scene was also great! y wouldn't it be?lol..then of course the old video!..they made brian bald! mean!lol......... nick was so funny in that! then when aj came out to talk and sadi nashville was so far away they only had time for one more song i could have died! i had been looking fwd to the whole night! but then aj ripped of his shirt so everything was starting to be then after about 5 minutes they came back on and did shape of my heart! i was so happy! in all the concert kicked major ass! bsb rox foreva! i can't wait till they come back near me!


Nashville concert

Date: Jun 29, 2001
Submitted By: Jack

I hate to tell all you jumping on the mother who stated in her letter that she was dissappointed in the BS and she does have a right to her opinion and why there must have been two Leighannes there because I also saw her in a very small dress over to the side and was giving out autographsand the mother did not say she was a bad person in fact she said she was sure she was a nice person but was a role model and nneded to watch what she wore which anyone who has ever seen her in a picture knows she doesn't wear much so who is seeing things here, well jump on me now and also all you people that saw the BSB in the Hilton , I can honestly tell you they were not there , I work there and Little Romeo had been in the Penthouse and there is no 11th floor and I just happen to see the people outside (and comoing in with their posters they had made) and going up to the floor theysaid they were on and it was not them there plus while I was looking outside around 5:30 maybe a little before the real BSB drovw by in a very pretty black bus and everyone was so busy looking up at whatever they thought they saw that i don't think anyone saw them go by as they never even slowed down or waved or nothing (I was on my way over to the concert also) plus after the concert I was in back when they left and they sped out of the under ground tunnel so fast it was like they could hardly wait to get away from the fans and I read where they said they couldn't give autographs now what the heck kind of famous person can't give autographs? Now I think all you people living in BSB fantasy land need to grow up and realize these are just 5 big headed normal guys that need to think about how many fans they are losing(all the ones that are not in fantasy land and see what is really going on) I was talking to one of the bus drivers and he was saying how they have changed so whatever but people that say a little something against the BS even though they say they are still fans get attached by the crazy BSB fans and I wonder just why I am still a fan , I hate being classed as a BSB fan now and all because of people like the last lady who attachs someone for stating thier dissapointment in something she paid good money to see and oh I saw Nick flirting with this youg girl also and he needs to keepo his crap like that private not out in front of thousands of fans and I know a lot of my freinds saw it too so well like I said people see what they want to see and hear what they want letting the truth just go floating by. The concert was great but I agree that they needed to jump around and be like they used to just the BSB some of you people obviuosly never saw a BSB concert before to really enjoy what the boys can really do to really get an audience going and not by shaking their what ever in front of a bunch of well never mind, but they just are better than what I saw. Last thing I am a real BSB fan and if anyone out there is a real fan(and they know what I mean , not just go to a concert and buy one cd but a true die hard fan) well then they would understand how the other lady felt about being dissappointed and I know some of my friends felt the same way and they never get online and read her statement so what are they bad to?

Nashville, TN--June 23, 2001

Date: Jun 29, 2001
Submitted By: Shannon

This is just a follow-up to the review I posted on pictures came out VERY well! I have some great ones of Nick, so if anyone would like to see them, drop me an e-mail at

Also, I would like to respond to the mother who posted that horrible review. I was in the 5th row and Nick was in front of me like 90% of the time. I didn't see any of that crap you were talking about going on, and I was lucky enough to get a wave and several looks from Nick as well. I am blonde, but I'm 22...not a teenager. I was not dressed in anything skimpy...a bright pink sleeveless shirt and jeans. To me, it seems that you went into the concert LOOKING for negative things, and that's just too bad because you ruined what would have otherwise been an enjoyable show. I did not see one unhappy person in that arena.

Nashville Concert

Date: Jun 29, 2001
Submitted By: Karen

I had the privilege of seeing the Backstreet Boys in concert last Saturday in Nashville, Tennessee. They were absolutely wonderful. The evening was perfect; I couldn't ask for anything more. Those five guys can sing and dance and entertain like nobody else on the music scene today. A previous writer criticized the show. Well, I am baffled. Was she at the same show that I was at? The more I know about the Backstreet Boys, the more I love them. Their music even saved my friend's life. She was terribly depressed after a breakup with her boyfriend, but BSB music helped her gain her sense of "self" again. They are so positive in their outlook, and so decent and compassionate and charitable. Their appreciation of their fans is unmatched by any other artist. The concert is a memory I will have the rest of my life, because it was so special. The Boys worked their hearts out. They were in magnificent voice, and THEY are very, very special.



Date: Jun 29, 2001
Submitted By: Kay

The Nashville Show was AWESOME!! I took my two kids and they (as well as myself) had a blast. We were fortunate enough to have 3rd row seats and by-far the best show we've attended. We've attended both Atlanta shows b-4 and this one was the BEST. The guys were in-tune to their fans and had ALOT of fan interaction. I know another poster has said something was "missing" but personally i think everything was right on track from the very beginning to the end. The guys tried to give everyone their best. I didn't see the things the other poster mentioned, but i know personally everytime i leave a concert (no-matter who it is), i have a down feeling because i never want it to stop. Maybe that is what she was feeling. Now i am searching for another close location to take my kids to see them again on this tour, i am officially ADDICTED to the guys. They had us going from the moment they came out till the moment they left. Thanks guys for another AWESOME show and thanks for all your TIME!!

Nashville, TN

Date: Jun 28, 2001
Submitted By: Katherine

This review is in reference to a previous review of the Nasvhille concert made by a mother who shall remain nameless. I am offended. I am highly offended, and shocked that someone would dare post such a demeaning review. For starters, I am nearly positive that every Backstreet fan across the United States does NOT want to know about Nick Carter flirting with someone in the audience. I sat on the side he stayed on, in the front row, the entire night and saw NO such thing happen. And even if it did, it did. It's his buisness, not ours whatsoever. And I find it hard to believe that the boys wave mainly at children, handicapped, or SKIMPY DRESSED PEOPLE. I wore a very modest tshirt, and a pair of jeans. I was waved at by four out of the five guys. Does that classify me as skimpy dressed, blond, tan teenager??

One last thing. I had my picture taken with Leighanne Littrell. Let me say this. If you DON'T know for sure that who you are talking about is the right person, then don't say it. I have photo proof the she was dressed in a brown tank top, and knacki pants with a rhinestone belt. NOT a pink dress too small for her. She was sitting in the very front, down in front of the VIP section, closer to the stage than anyone else was. NOT out in the crowd. And I will be more than happy to show that picture to anyone who wishes to see it.

Do you realize if the Backstreet Boys were going to spend more time with their fans than they do know, no one would be any more satisfied than they are now. There is no possible way for them to sit down and personally speak with all their fans!! How do you know how many people in all reality they talk to daily? All you know is what you see! You say they should slow down, and not do so many concerts? How would you feel if they skipped Nashville, to have more time to talk to fans in.. Georgia?? Huh? You'd be offended. I believe they are doing the best they can, and we should be happy they even came here. They didn't have to.

I believe if you are going to have the nerve to sit here and judge someone for who they are, then you make sure you are judging the right person. And even if she was, YOU DON'T KNOW HER. You don't know anything about her, and I think before anyone should call her unrespectale or trashy, they should get to know her for a person. Because there is NO way you know the story.

So I think I speak for many people when I say, have some respect yourself and let them be who they are. Writing an angry review isn't going to help that all.

I personally have to say the concert was one of the best nights of my life. Not because "they waved at me" or because I thought that Kevin was winking at me. No, If I had been in the back of the auditorium (which I have been before) I would have enjoyed the concert just as much as I did from the front row. Those five have talent, and I find it fascinating that one can enjoy themselves so much by simply doing what they love in front of thousands. If only we could all be given that chance.

The music was amazing, the dancing, the band, the dancers (who I DID happen to watch ALL through More than That) and the boys were outstanding. If I could, I would relive that night again just because I thought it was amazing. I urge Backstreet fans to see them for the effort, and the things they HAVE done for us. Not the things they haven't. They don't have to do any of it you know? I hope anyone who sees a concert down the line won't go in expecting to see these made-up things that are being told, but simply see th guys for who they are. HUMANS who are doing the best they can. GIVE THEM A BREAK.

The Concert was awesome, as was every other one I've heard of so far. It's worth every penny. A devoted fan, Katherine

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