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June 25th concert

Date: Oct 09, 2001
Submitted By: Amy

omg..i know i am a little late on this but i didn't know about it..the backstreet boys concert in Pa on june 25th was the was the best birthday present i have ever had(14th) although my seats were not great..we left home from weston, west virginia at 9:00 that moring and made it by 11:00 and we waited outside until the gates were open and we were the first in line....i think out of all my bsb concert this would be the best....although i didn't get to see them and chat with them this was still the best......keep the backstreet pride alive

Pittsburgh 6/26/01

Date: Sep 28, 2001
Submitted By: Lindsay

Omigosh, this Backstreet Boys concert totally rocked! The singing was beautiful, and they looked SO hot, especially Nick(my fave) and AJ. This was my second Backstreet concert, and I was not disappointed! They were really laid-back and fun. My seats weren't that great, but I could still see their facial expressions sometimes. I loved it because it was really personal and they seemed to care about their fans. Krystal sounded terrific, and Shaggy was awesome. Nick looked absolutely gorgeous, that boy is so beautiful! i am not going to do a rundown of all of the songs because I know you all know the order. The concert was just wonderful.

June 26th concert in Pittsburg, PA

Date: Sep 03, 2001
Submitted By: Mallory

I think that BSB"s concert was amazing. It wasn't as big of a production as last years. For a lot of the songs it was just them no back up dancers, which i liked, cause if your far away you don't have to try to figure out which person is a backstreet boy. Fortunatly i wasn't far away. They had creative ways to entertain the crowd when they were changing outfits. And they sounded amazing! Not to mention they looked great! And i was surprized that they sang "If You Stay", it was a song they did for the "Booty Call" soundtrack, it's a great song and it was awesome to see them perform it live. And how hot was Nick playing the drums?? Not to mention when he played the guitar!! So the moral of the story is i give the show a big fat 2 thumbs up!!

Pitsburgh, PA concert June 26, 2001

Date: Aug 25, 2001
Submitted By: Carrie

The concert on June 26 was the greatest night of my life! I had seats that were pretty close (Section 9 Row Q), but thanks to KISS FM, my friend Amanda and I won VIP Box seats which were 13th row. This concert was even better than the one I saw February 9th! I thought the part where it showed them when they are old and they said Joey Fatone showed up at a BSB audition was hilarious. My personal favorite part was during HDIFILWY, Howie was at the part of the stage in front of us and since we were in a box, out seats were raised about a foot above the other 12 rows in front of us. During that song I blew Howie a kiss and he blew one back to me!! No one believes me but who cares, I know it happened. I loved how in this concert they sang QPG and ALAYLM, which they didnt sing at the first one I went to. And they sang DWYB and that totally surprised me since they ususally only sing songs from old albums that have been put out on a single. All in all it was the best night of my life and an amazing concert!

Best Concert in Pgh

Date: Jul 23, 2001
Submitted By: Krissy

i luved the concert here in PGH(june 25th,2001).it roked just as much as B-rok!they had all the fans anticipate their coming-out of the ground.i was so excited for them 2 come out that i could hardly breathe!shaggy n krystal were OK.but bsb were the best part of the show!i luved the part when they were being reviewed in 2050 n c-ing their dressing rooms on big screen.brian looked hot as usual!i cant wait 4 them 2 come bak 4 another AWESOME and Phenomenal Show!

ps- my wish is 2 meet Brian !I Luv U BaBy BrI!

Backstreet Boys Concert, Pittsburgh 26th

Date: Jul 07, 2001
Submitted By: Lindsay

June 26th was the best day of my life!!!I orignally had lawn seats but then my best friend called me up (who just happens to hate bsb)and told me she had gotten two tickets from a friend that were really close to the stage, so I freaked out and was sooo excited. Anyway, so we got to the concert and walked around for awhile cause we were there like an hour early, and then we found our seats. OMG they were soooooo close, I almost started to cry, lol!!! So then Krystal came on and sang Super Girl, and some other songs that I forget, she was okay. It was pretty funny when she got on her piano and started dancing, lmao. So then we waited a little and around 8:15 Shaggy got on. He was soooo awesome he sang It wasn`t me, angel, and a bunch of other songs. My mom loved him, lol!! So then BSB came on around 9:00!!I started freaking out and so did my so-called "BSB HATER" she was like telling me to take a million pictures it was pretty funny. The first song was Everyone and then Larger then Life. I forget the order in which they sang the songs but they sang all their singles and hits and almost everything off of black n blue. My favorite song they sang was Not For Me the dancing was awesome!!! They also did this cute little skit where they were in 2050 and they were like 80 years old, it was hilarious!! AJ looked so hott!!He looked at me once when no one was screaming and I screamed at the top of my lungs and he looked right at me cause we were so close!! I definantly think this concert was better then the one in February. The concert was so incredible and BSB are such talented gorgeous guys I`m sooooo glad I got to go. Oh yeah and by the way my "N`Sync loving friend" likes BSB now, hehehe!!

Pittsburgh Concert at PPGP June 25th & 26th 2001

Date: Jul 07, 2001
Submitted By: Maria

WOW! What an awesome concert! The boys looked sexy, they harmonized beautifully, and their dancing was outstanding! i don't which concert I liked better the one in February or this one! They both were the best things that my eyes have ever seen.

Let's start with the first night. Well, my friends and I made a banner for the B94 contest but unfortunately we did not make it on time. We spent so much time on it too!I cried! But congratulations to the girl who won. i enjoyed reading your story, you ARE SO LUCKY!! Anyway I was sad about the contest until I heard krystal's amazing voice. I instantly felt better. She signed autographs after she performed which I thought was so nice. But the line was so long!So I watched Shaggy instead. Before the concert I really didn't like Shaggy. But now I do because everytime I hear his songs it reminds me of the concert.At the concert Shaggy had a lot of energy and he did a great job of exciting the crowd. And then the best part of the came! You know when the 5 hotties rise from the ground. What a feeling that is! I can't even describe how awesome the concert was. I screamed my lungs out! They performed all the songs on Black & Blue except for "It's True" and they did old songs too. I really liked how they changed the concert around from february. it was just a shame that the stage was so small. Oh, thay also had new costumes and some different dance moves during "The Call". I love to watch them dance!!! Well all I can say was that it was AWESOME!! And I would tell everyone to go and see it! I went both nights and i ;m trying to go to another one somewhere else. So everyone go see the concert YOU"LL LOVE IT!!!!!!


Date: Jul 03, 2001
Submitted By: Shannon

Ok, let me just say that Mondays show was the best one I've ever seen and I've seen them 5 times so that's saying a lot. The guys sounded perfect, literally. They're harmonies were solid. They're dance steps were perfect. The show was awesome. Krystal was an absolute doll. When it got quite during her performance, me and my 2 friends screamed "We love you Krystal." She smiled, laughed, and said "Thank you." And then we went and got her autograph. She's so good. I only wish she could have performed longer. Shaggy got the crowd ready for The Boys. I'm not his biggest fan but he put on a pretty good show. And then came The Boys. Like I said, they were great. I've never heard them sound better. After the show, we got stuck behind Brian's bus the whole way home. We know it was his bus b/c we saw Brian and Leighanne sitting inside. Anyways, the guys were staying in downtown Pittsburgh, about an hour away from the concert venue. So, we followed his bus for an hour. The bus driver even beeped at us! Now on to Tuesday's show. I've never been so close in my life. I could see the guys perfectly. They were pretty good today too but nothing can compare to Monday's show. The cutest part of the show was when, right before "The Call" they showed Krystal and Sarah sitting in the pit. And then when AJ picked up the phone, he walked over to where they were sitting, bent down, and was like "Sarah, sweetheart, I told you not to call during the show." It was adorable. And Brian was trying to play with a yo-yo but he couldn't get it to work. He made the cutest face on the big screen. Overall, the 2 shows here were fantastic, especially Monday. I can't wait until they come back! KTBPAlways! P.S.-Don't forget to pick up Krystal's CD July 10th!

Pittsburgh Concert 6/26/01

Date: Jul 01, 2001
Submitted By: Christina

June 26th was one of the best nights of my life! I got there around 5:15 and had to wait only 15 minutes to get in. Then as I was walking in some security guy asked me to empty my bookbag.( had like 5 cameras in there!) I hesitated so he asked me if I had any cameras and I said no and ran away. Haha.

Well anyway I only had enough money to buy a T-Shirt and poster. I really wanted a lupus bear but they were $25! Sheez! I had great seats on the left side in the Pavillion. Then Krystal came on at exactly 7:30 PM. She was awesome! Then I met her. She was so nice and pretty. I got an autograph and picture of her. I didn't get to see Shaggy because I was in line for Krystal. I didn't care though because I can't stand him!

Now for the best part. The boys came on at 9:15 and were amazing! I especially likes the part where they were in 2050 and were all old! It was hilarious! Especially the part about Joey Fatone! haha. But it was really weird because it seemed like I was the only person who knew the lyrics to "If You Stay". I'm sure other fans know what I'm talking about. If you're lucky enough to see them in concert this summer you'll be blown away! KTBSPA!

Backstreet Boys in Pittsburgh

Date: Jun 29, 2001
Submitted By: Jessica

Hey all you BSB fans! I had the best concert experience of my life on Tues. night at the Post-Gazette Pavillion in Pittsburgh. The day started off miserably though, I have to say. My mom's '84 Chevette just got out of the shop on Mon. after two weeks, so we thought everything would be okay for awhile. Well, we pick up my sister's friend Christine who lives about 40 mins from us and head out to the concert. While we're on our way, the car stalls 3 times and all the lights and stuff keep flicking. I thought, just great, here goes my chance to see BSB, while also losing our car again. Hoping that it might be okay, we still decide to go, but as we approached the Greentree exit it stalled-in the middle of the parkway!! This was at like 3:20pm. We had trouble restarting, but finally did. We got off at the exit and stalled again and had to have 4 guys and the parkway patrol help us out of the way of the intersection. Luckily, we were near a gas station and could call my grandpa, who willingly took us to the concert. We got to the pavillion at 4:55pm, thank goodness. (We had left a little earlier because we had lawn seats and wanted to get as close as we could.) Luckily, we found the smallest line on the other side of the gates near the B94 van. We waited a 1/2 hour till the gates opened at 5:30pm and tried to win a few T-shirts, but obviously had no luck yet! Finally, they opened the gates, and with it, some LUCK!! We got an area only about 2 feet from where the front of the lawn seats were which was unbelievable. Here we thought we wouldn't even make it, but ended up getting incerdible lawn seats. Krystal started right at 7:30pm and sang My Religion, Angel on My Sholder, Supergirl, and I'll Be There. She was awesome. I absolutley adore her voice. You can actually listen to her songs on her website. We tried to get her autograph, but the line was way too long and we didn't want to miss Shaggy. I was never really a big fan, but after I saw his energy and heard more of his songs, I like him a lot more andlistened to his CD that my sis had. Then after an endless intermission(25 mins), the Boys came on at 9:20pm. They started with Everyone and Larger Than Life and after a costume change sang Not For Me and began their intros. Then they did What Makes You Different, I Want It That Way, and Yes I Will and all of the other hits and incredible songs that we love. The 2050 footage was so funny. They all did so good at acting so stupid and cute, especially my sweetie Nick. The under the stage costume change was almost the same as it was last time, but had a little more comedy. I, of course, couldn't stop looking at Nick. He's so fine! I was so glad they included Don't Want You Back, Ads Long As..., and Quit Playing Games. I missed not hearing them in Feb. They sang all of B&B except It's True, DWYB, SMTMOBL, IWITW, LTL from Millennium, and all oftheir singles from the 1st CD, plus If You Stay from the Booty Call soundtrack-22 amazing songs that made this an amazing and incredible night.

The night turned out perfect even if the day was miserable. I got a great view of the Boys and saw the best concert ever. I can't wait till the Today show Monday...boy I wish I could go...if only our car got out of the shop.

Backstreet Boys Concert In Pittsburgh PA 6-26-01

Date: Jun 28, 2001
Submitted By: Caitlin

I left at 3:00 and got there at 5:00 right when the gates opened. All the girls ran to the gates whenever the gates opened. I sneaked my camera in and I got Pictures. We had lawn seats so we went after 15 minutes waiting to get in to the lawn and picked up a good seat on the lawn. We went to the merchandise stand and got a program which are 25.00,a keychain 5.00,a glostick that are different colors 5.00, and a special edition of Post Gazette 1.00. The show started at 7:30 with Krystal opening up. She did My Religion,Supergirl,and this other song. She sounded so good. She is better then Christina Aguleria. She did a autograph signing afterword but there was too much of a line. Then Shaggy came on. He was amazing. He did It Wasn't me, Angel, and more songs. He thought we were better then the show the night before. He totally got everyone ready for the Backstreet Boys.While we were waiting for the Backstreet Boys Adam from B94 walked by. So I went up to him and asked him if I can get a Picture and a autograph and I did. He was so kind and cute. Then finally the Backstreet Boys came on. They did Everyone, Larger then life,I'll never break your heart,Quit Playing games, As Long As you love me,Time, Shining Star,Get Another Boyfriend, Everybody, I promise you with everything I am, Not for me, What Makes You different makes you beautiful, Yes I will,The Call, Shape of my Heart, Answer To our life, Show Me the meaning,More then That,Don't want you back, I want it that way and more. They had little video clips of them in 2050 when they would be older. It was Hysterical. Then they had them in there dressing room. It was so sexy. They also had the making of I Want It That Way. The Special effects were the best! They all looked so good. They all wore leather capes and more great outfits. It was the best concert I have been to. I saw Shaggy's tourbus. It was lime green with Shaggy on it. Backstreet Boys forever.

June 26th, Pittsburgh

Date: Jun 28, 2001
Submitted By: Keen

Ok, so this was the second BEST night of my entire life. The first being the first time I saw the boys in February. I wasn't even going to go this concert, but this VERY nice boy that i'm seeing gave me a ticket for my graduation, and I went with his family.

Anyways...Krystal rocked OF COURSE, because she is so awesome, dont' forget to catch her cd on July 10th. We got to say hi to her, but we didn't stand in line for autographs. Shaggy really got the crowd going, I wasn't a big fan of his, but I am now.

And then of course the boys came out with a bang. I felt so bad, because here I am with the boy I'm kind of dating, and I'm going insane over Nick. But during More Than That, when my guy sang to me, I said Nick who, for about 2 seconds because then Nick started singing, haha. The skits were cute, I just wish I could've been closer, but who am I to complain. The boys can really put on a show, i LOVE THEM.

And, I don't know if you checked out the psychic that was there. But she was really good. I don't believe in that stuff, but she flat out asked me if I had just been sick with a kidney infection, and I just got over one last week. How weird is that? She then asked me if i was majoring in Communications in college, and i told her yes. Then she told me I was marrying the man of my dreams :) can't wait for that one!! Does that mean i'm marrying Nick??? haha i wish.

But anyways, for ya'll who have concerts coming up, enjoy them, cause they are AWESOME!


Date: Jun 27, 2001
Submitted By: Lena and Jessie

well the concert was good in most aspecs..while some of the aspecs of the show have seen to become more childish and not mature the sound quality is much better...the millenium tour was still better but fans got more into this one..I was hoping to meet the boys and almost got close..we ended up talking to one of their bus drivers,tom,(HEY TOM),and 2 other ones which im sorry i cant remember your names..a few of the bus drivers claimed they have never met the boys..but i seem to think that was just not true..but overall the concert rocked as lacked good special effects and it was hard to see as when u tried to see the concert crew yelled at you to sit back down or stand directly in front of your seat..both opening acts were good other than i dont believe krystal sang live with is kinda a downfall when u see someone whos supposedly singing not singing..but most of all i give it a 9 out of 10..there could have been a little more effort and original concepts...but neverless its the backstreet boys so its always gonna be good even when they are old and brian is in a wheel chair right?(inside joke from the concert)


June 25, 2001 Post Gazette Pavillion in Pittsburgh

Date: Jun 27, 2001
Submitted By: Valerie Stebler

After 5 years of being a dedicated fan, I have finally lived out my dream! Not many people get to live their dreams, but I guess that I am one of those lucky few who do. First of all, I won lawn seats to see BSB from the newspaper here in Pgh. So I took my best friend. We found out that there was a contest sponsored by one of our radio stations and the best BSB sign would win front row tickets. I decided that the only chance I had left would be to enter this contest. Well it took me long enough! I took me 4 days to make my sign. It is my own artwork, and it's a charicature of all the Backstreet Boys. I drew them in as cartoons and painted them on a big white bed sheet. It looked awesome. My best work to date!

So I entered that sign in the contest. I almost didn't make the contest. The people who rip your tickets told me that I couldn't re-enter if I left. So I filed a complaint saying that I was on the other gate and didn't know about not re-entering. So then we talk to at least 3 different managers, a boss, and a security guard, and the last person that we talked to must've been an angel in disguise because she let us go join the contest.

There must've been 100 different kinds of signs and banners there. They all were good in their own aspect! I felt a little worried going into the competition because of how good some of the other ones were. But I figured to suck it up and try my luck. Well as luck would have it, the radio DJ and judges picked my sign as the grand prize winner, which was front row tickets AND backstage passes! I was going to meet the Backstreet Boys! I was so psyched! Me and my best friend (who was going with me) screamed, jumped up and down, cried and hugged each other. It was very emotional and it was so important to me.

I am going to skip right to the goodies because nothing happened except for the long wait we had to endure to finally get to BSB. We waited a good 45 minutes until all the tour promotors and representatives were finished. Finally it was mine and my best friend's turn! I always thought that if and when I met them, I'd prolly cry. I didn't! I was totally calm! And I think that they were a bit relieved. I could just see Nick turning to AJ and saying: "Oh no, we got ourselves another screamer here."

So I got to hug all of them and they all smelled soooooo good! Nick is my favorite, so you could believe my excitement as he reached out for me! He put his arms around me and whispered in my ear: "Hey, Sweetie." And that was it. He said it soooo sweetly. And in a low baritone like voice. I could've melted! *quivers* Kevin had the hardest body that I have ever been smushed against! *laughs* I mean, it was like hugging a brick wall! Brian and AJ were perfect gentlemen, until we heard AJ call us "sexy ladies" But that ain't bad! We didn't mind at all! In fact, he could call me anything he wants!! And little Howie D. was so adorable in person. He was like a totally different person! He was much shorter and much much MUCH skinnier than in pictures! I felt so chubby next to him. It was like I could just pick him up and toss him around! But he came over to hug me and said to me: "He...Hey! What's YOUR name?" I giggled, hugged him and told him my name. Then he told me that I had a really pretty name. *giggles* I think D. was flirtin' with me! It's all good! But nothing can top getting to put my arm around Nick's waist and have his arm around mine for a picture. I put my head on his shoulder and smiled. I was so happy. And that was it. Kaput...nothing else. Their management wouldn't even let them sign autographs. I actually felt a little cheated.

But that all left when me and my best friend got escorted to our seats! We were right there in the front! It was amazing. We weren't dead center, but we were a little off to the side. We felt the heat and the wind from the flames as they shot up on the stage, and AJ threw water all over us! Howie winked at me at least 6 times throught each song, and when I blew Nick a kiss, he made this really cute face and kinda shyed away. It was sweet. The concert was electrifying! We could actually see down into their dressing rooms underneath the stage. We couldn't see detail, but we could see body outlines! *hee hee hee* We got to meet Leighanne, and Krystal, and they look different in person too! All in all, it was the most magical night of my entire life.

I am so proud to be a Backstreet Boys fan and I don't think that anyone should be afraid to profess their love and dedication for them. They rock and we want the world to know it! BSB 4 ever!

Pittsburgh, PA: June 25th, 2001

Date: Jun 27, 2001
Submitted By: Lauren Lewandowski

I was absolutly dumbfounded by yet ANOTHER amazing BSB performace in Pittsburgh! It was unlike any other, the performance was just amazing! Everytime I see them in concert it redeems my love for them even more so than when I walked through the gates.

As usual the Backstreet Boys did a kick butt job of presenting themselves. Brian's parents were even there!

Krystal was an amazing opening act, as she was when I saw her the first time.

And Shaggy just amazed me and only got me in the mood for the coming of the 5 hottest guys on the planet.

I was really amazed at how awesome the show was. I am still in shock from it.

I must say that AJ's not wearing a shirt was a rather...pleasant view, and Nick's pelvic thrusts only made me want him more! =]

I have no complaints, as usual, and I urge everyone to check them out AGAIN tonight!

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