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Today Show July 2, 2001

Date: Aug 25, 2001
Submitted By: Ellen

My Today show ReviewHey’s been awhile since the today show on July 2nd but I have been somewhat busy and now would like to add my experience to this site. This was my second time going to the today first time (in Feb when BSB was there) was heaven. This one was nice but a bit more stressful.

We left Connecticut early on Sunday the 1st. We picked up my niece Katie ( a big Brian fan) and me, my husband and Katie headed to NY. We checked into our hotel in Manhattan about noon and I called my friend Kim who I had met back in Feb on our first trip to NY. I told her we would head down to the plaza about 3pm and check things out and call her from there. After talking to Kim we got a bit to eat and got into our comfy clothes. We had care packages for Brian and Howie but at 3pm when we left we left them in the hotel room because we honestly thought we would go back there and hanging out more. When we got to the plaza a little after 3 fans were already starting to hang out. That started our over 18 hour wait to see The Backstreet Boys.

It was shortly after getting there we encountered a thunderstorm. I thought to myself if this happens all night we are in big trouble. Even as the rain came down the group of fans was continuing to grow. I had called Kim when we got there and she said she would meet us there shortly. When Kim arrived I felt so much better as people were trying to form a line and I didn’t want her to be left out.

From 4pm to about 9pm we huddled around with a group of bsb fans that was growing by the minute. Some fans decided to go down to the other end of the plaza and start a line there. Just before 9pm I called home to see how my little girl was doing (Katie’s mom was watching her) and then we all used the bathroom at the nearby café’ that was getting ready to close. I tell you they could have done an amazing business if they had stayed open all night.

About 10pm they moved all of us...wayyyyyy back on the side walk away from the plaza so that preparation for the band’s equipment to arrive. They set up barricades and we were about third or fourth in line...although we would soon learn that didn’t matter too much. From then til 2am we waiting in this line of people, some of whom had brought lawn chairs and coolers....they were almost camping out on the sidewalk. The temperature had dipped some too and after being damp from the rain we were all a little cold.

At 2am they announced we would soon be allowed in to our position. One security guard told us..don’t worry you guys will be right up will be first to go in. When they started lining us up we ended up being about 7th in line. One of the security guards was choosing the line up by who he had remembered being there the longest. About 2:30am we got to go in and the place they had set aside for us was very very disappointing. It was on the side of the stage...near the bsb band. Kim made her way to second in line and Katie was right behind her but me and Anthony were like 3 or 4 people from the gate set up. The front areas were all reserved for people who worked there. That was so disappointing that we waiting 18 hours and weren’t allowed to be right up-front.

The guys came out and did a sound check. It was so nice to see them again. My niece was so in shock how close we were to them. We were on the side of the band but our boys were coming over to the sides of the stage and saying hello. Nick was walking up on the stage were the band was and waving to everyone.

After the sound check Kim tells me that Howie is starting down the line signing autographs. Now I am thinking...dang I am too far back! In Feb I got to meet him, hug him and get his autograph, and now I thought well at least I will see him up close. As he got closer and closer my niece was keeping an eye on him and she looked at the purple lupus bear I was holding and she said, “ let me have it.” I gave it to her and somehow as Howie was right in front of our area she wiggled her self close enough to the front to wave the bear at him. He said, “Do you want me to sign that?” Smiling...we just love that Howie Smile! Anyway she said, “Yes,” and he signed it and Katie handed it to me and I was like in tears. In the meantime my husband leaned over the crowd of girls in front of us and gave the guard the care package we had for Howie. He and Katie had gone back to the hotel earlier to get them. Later we gave the guard the bag we had for Brian...who never came on our side of the stage.

The guys put on an awesome show that morning. The crowd was a bit out of control...people were pushing and was so different than the crowd that had gathered in the cold back in Feb with us to welcome the boys. None the less it was fun! I’d do it again, but I am not sure my husband would! I will put my pics on my site sometime soon

Backstreet Boys-The Today Show, WORST experience ever

Date: Jul 07, 2001
Submitted By: Meagan

I just want to make everyone aware that the today show was the worst experience I've ever had. We got to the plaza at 9:00 the night before. We spent the evening on W49th St. in Manhattan. So, they had us all spread out and we had plenty of room from the hours 9-2, so far it was a lot of fun! We got to meet and talk to people. There was a 24 hour store accross the street that let us use the bathroom and we had a supply of food and water as well as film if you don't mind spending $9 for the roll.

So, they said they were going to let us into the plaza around 3:00 AM, that wasn't bad considering the BSB Band started a soundcheck at 4:00 AM. Well, they decided to put us i there around 2:00 AM. At first we were excited because we were going in there and getting our seats. Well, we got in there and we were in the 5th row of fans. I was psyched! I thought the only people who would be in front of me would be reporters. At 5:45 BSB came out for a sound check. At this point there was probably 50 feet from the stage to the gate, and we were 3 feet behind the gate. It was great I could see soo good! I couldn't have been happier! OK so BSB was out from 5:45 until about 6:45. They were very playful and Brian thought it would be humerous to re write the words of time it was like "I, I didn't sleep..." I don't remember the rest but it was really funny! So, until this point the show wasn't bad!

Well here's where ir goes downhill! Around 7:00 the brought out about 100 VIPs. It was horrible. Parents soon had children on their shoulders and the fans who had been there since 9:00 the night before could see nothing. There was no way to be a VIP unless you knew someone who worked at the today show! it was aweful! but this is still not the worst part!

After BSB came out and did the show which sounded great (I couldn't tell you how it looked) Kevin came around to sign autographs! We were OMG we're going to wait! Well as Kevin was coming over to us they jammed a gate in front of him so he couldn't. I was so angry.

Needless to say this dosen't make the today show sound 1/2 as bad as it was but if you ask most of the people who went there, it was horrible. This was a good learning experience, what I learned, never go 500 miles away to see anything except a concert where you KNOW where you're sitting.

-Meagan, MA

Too Early Show!

Date: Jul 07, 2001
Submitted By: Lucky McLean

The Very Early Show

For weeks, my friends and I have known and planned out how we were going to be first online to see the Boys at the Early Show. With that in mind, we had loosely decided that the usual, Grace, Maribel, and Dee Dee, who never showed, would meet up at Madison Square Garden around 7:30pm, Sunday Night. To my dismay, I was sitting at my house at 8:30, “We are apart of the hurry up and wait business”-Howie Dorough Since I couldn’t wait any longer because I had to pick up to other B.B. (Backstreet Buddies), Marcy and Rachel, I finally left my house at 8:45, and met them at Madison Square Garden at 9:30. I called Grace and told me that she and Maribel were going to be at Madison Square Garden, therefore, instead of walking back and forth we decided to waif for their train to come in at 10:30 p.m.

10:30, rolled by the train pulled into the station and they weren’t on it. I called Grace’s house hoping for some reasonable explanation but as usual, I received the good ole’ “We missed the train.” Feeling very bad angry, because I made Marcy and Rachel, wait for people they don’t even know, we decided to walk over to Rockefeller Center to where the Early Show would be taped. We arrived there around 11:25, and were greeted by NYPD, who had sectioned off, so that the first people in line would get in first, which is only fair because that person had been outside since, 6:30a.m. There were two sections, the people who were there since 6:30am-6:30pm, that were on 47th street and the people that were just arriving that were guided to 48th street.

While walking, I recognized so many BSB fans, from either concerts and previous television shows, it made me feel real assured that “we’re standing strong.” Marcy, Rachel and I walked to which was the end of the line, laid out the blanket, and tried our best to make ourselves comfortable. It was their first time, camping outside, and they bought everything but the kitchen sink! It was cool to be with people who had that extra twinkle in their eyes for Backstreet and taking that important extra step into “Fanhood.” We chatted with the people around us, shared stories about meeting the boys’, and took pictures to capture a piece of the moment. I remember, there was this one little girl who was six years old, she had on a BeBe halter outfit, she was the cutest little thing there and it was her sixth birthday. What a way to spend your birthday but with the men that you love, her favorite is Nick, and her mother’s Kevin. We also chatted with this family and the father was so funny, he kept saying, “I’d only do this for the Beatles, but I don’t have a choice, so I want it that way with Backstreet.”

Grace and Maribel finally arrived about 12:30 a.m. and were upset because the line was so long and that we weren’t in the front. We heard that they were going to let us in to line up around 3:00, because the stage wasn’t even constructed yet. To pass time, we shared stories, ate Marcy’s and Rachel’s food, (thank you so much, you didn’t have to share but you did) watched crazy BSB fans, proclaim “BSB Rules and Backstreet’s the Best” just in case we might have forgotten that! Watching them go back in forth grew very annoying. Another thing that kept our attention was a huge waterbug that had climbed unto a blanket, its so fascinating how people expect a New York City street to be a five star hotel just because they are there for the night! After the screaming and excitement, a brave woman, ended its life.

It was about 1:30 a.m., and we were all comfortable when the line started moving to go in, we picked up the food and blankets and walked with the crowd. It amazed me that they were letting us in that early. The Countdown was on, five hours until the boys’ but we were all in for a good surprise. I noticed from the stage construction and how the instruments were facing that we were not that far back, in fact we were facing the boys and the people who arrived early 6:30 a.m. were going to be looking at their backs!!! We tried to relax, but we were now packed somewhat tight together, standing up, and most importantly next to the annoying girls. Once again to pass time, we shared stories and opinions about their girlfriends, songs, and of course who is everyone’s favor. The time seemed to fly at first; it was now 3:30, but then in began to drag.

People were getting frustrated because we were standing, others decided to make others more uncomfortable by taking any little space that we had by sitting or lying down. It was a complaining section; people were annoyed that instead of sitting comfortably were we where we were now standing. Others complained about being cold, which I hate because, if you’ve camped outside before, you have to expect that at night it will get, uhm, COLD! At 5:25, the sun came out, and we were still standing, I was so excited when I saw the sun, because I knew that the torture would be over very soon.

The band rehearsed and about twenty minutes the boys came out at 6:10a.m., and even though we were exhausted, showed them the proper attention and screams that they have come accustomed. AJ had the most energy, and he looked the hottest! He had on a jean jacket, white t-shirt, and a pair of beige/brown pants, a cowboy hat and a pair of eyeglasses. Kevin also had on a jean jacket and looked very well, Nick had on a baby blue sweatshirt, Howie had his hair tied back and Brian was also wearing a jean jacket. Then Brian held up the microphone to sing, “Baby, please try to forgive me” but only a little sound came out, the microphones were off, and the sound system was bad, the boys finished the rest of the song and sounded completely horrible. Kevin, being the perfectionist that the is, noticed the sound and the question marks on everyone’s face and demanded that microphones be turned up, the instruments down, and huddled with the boys to get on the same page. So of course, they sang it again, and again; still didn’t sound good but the boys went on. Brian and AJ, seemed the most enthusiastic, Howie of coursed flashed the peace sign, Nick was jumping up and down, and Kevin was being Kevin and demanding that the sound be perfected.

The boys then sang the oldies, “As long as you love me, Quit Playing Games” and I’ll Never Break Your Heart, the sound got better, and then they went on to sing “More than that” twice, because the first time, Nick’s microphone was too high and he was drowning everyone out, it was so funny to watch Kevin motion to the sound people to lower Nick’s microphone. It was now, 6:30, and I guess that Brian was starting to get sleepy because they were beginning to sing “Time” and instead of singing, “I know that I, I can’t believe, just what the path has brought me to the man I want to be.” He sung, I know that I, I need some sleep, cause I’m tired and need some coffee for my grill.” Brain smiled as the crowd laughed and was amazed at what he said because we all felt the same way. He finished out the song, perfectly and then they were off to get their TV outfits and faces on.

After the sound check, a number of fans left, claiming, “I’ve had enough! I’ve seen all that I’m going to see, and anything I miss, I will make it up at the concert! “ Which was alright with me, because this allowed us to move up closer, that is of course, they let the “VIPs” in front of us, the people were standing on the railing, and it made it even harder for the people who had been standing there for about 7 hours to see. My knees were hurting, my joints were killing me, but I knew that if I held on for three more hours I would be satisfied.

We waited, the boys’ came on, Howie’s hair was done he was looking good, Nick’s hair was spiked up and was looking good, but what was up with the pink pants? Brian had on this funky Zebra shirt, Kevin had his hair slightly brushed to the side, and AJ, damn, he looked so good replacing his eyeglasses with red tinted sunglasses. The boys’ sang “Shape of My Heart” perfectly and went on to deliver another, vocally perfect performance, as they laughed and joked with the audience. The boys’ finished, and Howie and Kevin stayed behind to sign some autographs. But the best part was yet to come.

The show was over, and the fans began to spill out into the streets, but my gut feeling told me not to head so fast for the train station. I noticed, instead of the people taking down barricades, they were putting them up, and that five huge buses, (purple, silver and green flames on the top, with two distinct windows in the back) were waiting to pull up. Before I can turn my head, I saw a baby blue sweatshirt, running, it was Nick! His bus was first, and good for the fans, because he had to run about half a block to the bus, that guy runs so fast. He got in and his bus quickly pulled off. I then noticed another bus pull up right behind it, I wasn’t close enough to see who it was at first, but then I noticed a blonde, with her chest hanging out her dress and I knew it was Leighanne, and Brian was holding her hand following behind. Two more buses pulled, up but unlike the others they pulled up right in front of me: I was shocked, I heard the fans screamed and then noticed that AJ was running right toward me, I starting jumping up and down, but unlike the other boys AJ was slammed face first unto the bus first because we were pushing and trying to grab him, we were so excited, the driver had to come out again and unlock the door and quickly pull him in because we were going nuts, and until that point he had the hardest time getting in. Bus number four pulled up, Marcy and Rachel, disgusted on how the fans act wanted to leave, but I couldn’t. I felt so bad and selfish, this is something that I have seen only on television, and now I’m living it, I couldn’t go, thankfully they waited. Fans started screaming again, Howie appeared on a cell phone as he was pushed from side to side, I almost touched his hair, the guards that were protecting the bus were so angry and demanded that we get back because we were so close to Howie. When Howie got on the bus, he went to the front window and starting waving to the fans as he was still talking on his cell phone.

The last bus pulled up, and we all started chanting, “We want Kevin, We want Kevin!” I was so excited nothing like this ever happened to my friends and I before. I kept saying, “Viva Brazil” because that’s how it was, the street was completely shut down and fans were everywhere, it was Fandomina! Kevin ran out, and the screams erupted, I went nuts, I was an arm away from Kevin Richardson. We were shouting, “Kevin” and he looked back at us with those beautiful green eyes, and I got so scared, I almost began to cry. The fans gave Kevin some space and he easily walked onto the bus, and ran to the front window to wave to the fans as the bus went down the street. I was in shock that his bus didn’t run over any fans, because we were all in the street.

The Boys went away with a bang, for that fifteen-minute moment watching the buses; I would have stayed outside 3 more hours! The buses were gone and a woman came up to me and clued me into the boys’ next move. We then walked to McDonalds to settle down call some places. I directed Maribel and Grace, toward the train station, as Marcy, Rachel and I went off to follow the lead the bogus lead the woman gave me! At 12:45, Monday afternoon, Marcy and Rachel got on their train, and I got on mine to go home. Minus the fake tip, the complainers, people who annoyed the hell out of me and my hurting feet and back, I had a great time. I said I wouldn’t again, I was lying though, but I had a hell of a time. When I got home, I showered, slept one hour, because I received a phone call that told me where the Boys were staying! All I can say is that “It’s was time to go Back (Street) to work on another adventure!!!

P.S. If you can’t stand the fan pressure of crowds, being up all night, potentially getting rained on, and standing for numerous hours, than watch it on TV or read about it and spare the rest of the fans that can!!

My review of the hotel and the Today show

Date: Jul 07, 2001
Submitted By:

What I have seen in NYC and Albany that makes me so upset...

Well, I am dealing with alot of emotions right now, so I have decided to write them down and get everyone's feed back... ALBANY, NY at their hotel:

Ok I must say I was EXTREMELY close to Nick, as some of you may know... But being a true "FAN" I would NEVER even think of invading their "Space" or "privacy".

Many of my NICK SISTAS can attest too, that I simply ADORE that man with my whole heart, but seeing what I did this past weekend, I adore him and the guys that much more...After seeing NICK coming into the hotel, showing him my tattoo, and having him give me that CARTER smile that he has, sigh, I realized something... He LOVES us and would do anything for us.. Ya know, I am not a BARBIE, he could have easily dised me, but he didn't.. He actually spent time with me and other fans waiting patiently... THANKS NICK! But what I don't uderstand, is WHY mst fans and their parents go to the extreme? I mean the poor man couldn't sit down and watch a Yankee and Devilray game without being attacked!! Then seeing him "pretend" to be on his cell, so the fans would leave him alone! I mean COME ON!! Leave him alone... Sheesh... He is a HUMAN beng and needs some privacy!!Then the whole thing with PJ, he is adorable and has a diferent side to him that I have seen....


OMG People!! They almost hurt HOWIE!!!!! The ODER fans, I mean WOMEN, were pulling at him and knocked down like 7 NYC cops!! Pulled his hair and even threw stuff! WHY?!!I was standing by NICKs bus, and this girl and her Mom were standing there saying, "Nick isn't getting in this bus!! I won't let him!" WHY?!?!?!?! OMG please I have never seen anything like this before!! If anyone can tell me why FANS do this PLEASE explain this to me!! I was actually embarassed to be a FAN!! We need to show them that we ALL aren't like this!!

Shout Outs to my MFC peeps that I met in Albany!!! Y'all ROCK!!!!

Tina Sorry so long, I needed to vent!!!!

Today show performance

Date: Jul 07, 2001
Submitted By: Kellie Martinez

I thought the boys sounded pretty good. Brian seems to start out a little flat when they sing live. Nick tends to oversing especially on MTT. I thought it was cute when he tried to take that little girl's hand, and she looked at him like he was from outerspace. I guess ole Nicky Nick picked the wrong fan to try to sing to, but it was a nice gesture. The guys looked great! Their stylist is earning her money. Although the zebra shirt was not working on Brian. The medley of the old songs was the best! BSB forever!

Today Show

Date: Jul 07, 2001
Submitted By: Janet

Hey guys! I ended up going at 5am to the Today show on monday morning with a couple girls i had just met that were also fans..i was planning on going my self until i met them, but luckily i didn't have to. So anyways, when we got there, just like the girls whose review is before mine, we were far enough back so that i could't see and thing! with my shoes i was around 5'7" but all i saw was Kevins head, AJ's hat, Nicks Cap, and Howie's ponytail. but we got to hear the awesome rehearsal. so because our necks were about to break from all the strain and our calves were gettting a major workout from standing on our tippy toes, we were TIRED by 7! so we decided to play our luck and go into Dean and Deluca to watch them. there were a lot of people there already but we were able to squeeze in. There was a scary LOUD woman there making us all squash in. it was funny. anyways, as 8:30 came closer, the cwrod got bigger and i was getting more and more squashed. Yo, i was in pain for a while there, but wasn't about to lose my CLEAR AND CLOSE view of the stage. when they came out, i was glad i had stayed there. i had an awesome view and they looked over at us a lot. it must have been funny when they looked over, seeing a huge window with all these girls crammed against each other and a window, waving and singing their songs.we couldn't hear all that well in there but we had heard the rehearsal, so it was all good. i am normally NOT a waver, maybe it's something having to do with the fact that I'm almost 25 years pld...haha....but boy was i waving AND mouthing all the words. IT worked! kevin saw me and waved! heehee....(collaspe) so it was so fun overall. standing around for 4 hours was worth it, even tho i was dying at work from exhaustion! Ya'll backstreet fans are crazy(and some of you, please try not to be mean to each other, there was a lot of that going on)! but aren't we proud to be crazy for them!??


Date: Jul 07, 2001
Submitted By: JENNIE

When I went to the today show on july 2 to see bsb I was so happy.We took a train at 6 am which was a little late because my mom wouldn't wake up. When we finally got there I ran right up to the barricade thing. We didn't get to see the boys though because we were far back and in the back of the boys. We only got to see the back of there heads. At the end though nick and kevin turned around. After everyone started to leave me, my mom, and my aunt ran up to the stage. Kevin came out and was signing autogreaphs. I got really close pictures and he signed this picture of him for me. I was so excited. Then we followed their buses for a little while but got lost. Overall it was a great day!:)

BSB at Today Show!

Date: Jul 04, 2001
Submitted By: Roxanne

My goodness! How did seeing the Backstreet Boys at the Today Show go? I HAVE to write a review for this one….

Lets start the the beginning. I wa planning to see them on the Today show since the middle of May when I didn’t even know what day they would be there or if I would be working that day. So I found out it was the 2nd of July. I got really pissed at my sister the Saturday before the show and I wasn’t gonna go anymore because I was in a bad mood…however when Sunday rolled around I was feening to go again. I started to just go by myself and call it a day. However I knew I would be out there for a lot of hours and I needed someone to chill with. First I call my friend Christina, but her father wouldn’t let her leave so early. Then I called Alice. She had to phrase it ust right when asking her Dad, but he eventually let her go. We mad plans to meet leave at 3 am. First mistake!!!! Hello this aint no semi popular group. This is the BACKSTREET BOYS! People are coming from mad far to see them. AND it’s the SUMMMER! School is OUT!!!! Now this wasnt ALL my fault. My mother claimed nobody would be out there from the night before. And I listened. EVEN though I knew better. WHY did I listen?!!!! I never listen any other time!!!! lol

Anyway, we live in Brooklyn. We take the train to Manhattan. Because its is so early in the morning, the train takes forever and its is 4:30 am by the time we reach Rockefeller Plaza. Now when we get there we are right behind the stage. Of course the ideal spot is in front of the stage with the performers facing you instead of you looking at their backs. Well we decide to go around to the other side. Second mistake! BSB (particularly AJ) kept turning around for the whole performance to wave at the crowd behind them.

Now we get to the other side and there are CRAZY people there. There are peeps on the ground with blankets and coolers and whatnot. Well we are nnot very close to the stage. But we can sorta see it. (We were close to the two poles where Katie first announces them. If you look at a tape of it, there are a sea of fans between her and them. I got a nice pic of Katie. She is very pretty. Ayway, just because you can see the stage when all hands and posters are down, doesn’t mean you can se anything when the BSB are there. Alice makes a sign that says “I LOVE HOWIE” (creative, right? lol) for me while we wait.

BSB camet real early. I forget what time (maybe about 5:30-6:00 am) to sound check. They sang all the songs the sang during the show, but the did Shape of My Heart twice. I think something was wrong with AJ’s mic the first time. They signed a lot of autographs too, but I was nowhere near close to them. Now I COULDN’T see them! I gotta a lot of glimpses of Nick cuz he is so tall, but who I REALLY wanted to see was Howie. Howie is 5’7. Not good. I am 5’2. REALLY not good! Well a lot of people had camcorders and at looked at those to see what was going on stage. There were also monitors all around the Plaza. I saw Howie on the monitor. The were all dressed down during sound heck. Howie hair was in a ponytail. Nick was wear a baseball cap and jeans. Aj still had his cowboy hat. (Hmmm didn’t comb your hair, huh?) Brian and Kev looked the same but they were wearing jeans. They sound so good live! Their voices are better than ever. AJ was a lil more raspy than usual, but it WAS early and by no means did he sound bad.

Aight how about a paragragh just about tall people. Loook I am not hating just because Im short, but if you ar a chic 5’9 and up…leave your heels at home! Damn! What is up with that? You know your feet hurt standing out there all those hours with heels. Say your logic is you wanna look cute for BSB…well 3 outt 5 are on the short side so ya’ll would make an odd couple if you are tall AND wearing heels. You don’t wanna make em look bad do you? LOL Anyway, there were mad moms and DADS out there with no shame! They didn’t even bother to grab a kid down the block and pretend that they were taking them. I think its pretty cool that BSB cross age lines like that…however how can you be a 6 ft plus man and not feel bad about blocking a lot of young girls who DESPERATELY wanna see them. I know my father would be down the block in McDonalds or something. The least you could do is be friendly and offer to take pics. A lot of fathers and I guess just men who are fans had camcorders so their hands weren’t free to take pics.

Well they leave and the turn up the volume on the show so we can watch and listen. Actually I believe they showed some of soundcheck on TV. Anyway, the cool thing is we can see what they do when the they are on commercial. I see Katie getting a message before she goes on and getting her hair brushed . I see Matt laughing and joking with…whoever he is talking to. The crew I guess.

Lets skip boring stuff where we just wait…well actually we scream and wave our signs when the camera swing over us. That amused us for a while. The weather lady (I forgot who) talked to some people. I like when she pointed to that sign that said “Howie IS RED HOT” (so true so true lol).

Here comes BSB again and AJ looks GOOD. Damn boy! You killing us with that sheer whit shirl. Howie tooks out his ponytail (I love that loose curly hair) Kev seemed to have just changed clothes. His hair looked the same. Nick! OMG! He looked good! Know Im not big on Nick, but I have to give credit where it is due. That was a really nice blue shirt. And everything was just WORKING for him. Supa-charisma!!!! Brian…sweetie…what the hell? That’s an AJ shirt! He can rock it. You cant. End of story! Looking like a zebra….lol Anyway. I was watching them on camcorders and the monitors because of tall people and signs. Every once in a while I caught a glimpse of nick or Kevin. I even saw Brian and just a tad of Howie. I don’t know why I couldn’t see Aj. I only saw him on the monitors. Well the didn’t show More Than That on TV, but they sang it and it was sooooo pretty. I love that song. I think its their most challenging song vocally. (Ever try to sing it to yourself?) But it fts their voices so well that they give a perfect performance ever time. BTW when they did the songs the second time the extra raspiness in AJ’s voice wasn’t there. They stayed and signed autographs and stuff for a sec. Then the when back inside. Me and my friend went around the block, because we were looking for a pay phone. When we came up the other side we saw chics crying and stuff and I heard that their tour buses were on that side so maybe they caught a glimpse. Me and my friend waited at a door that performers sometimes come out of but we got tired and hungry so after about 45 min we left. Come on we were on our feet since 4:30 am till like 11:00 am and we still had to take a train home. Our knees hurt and mine STILL hurt from being on our feet so long.

**** PLEASE PLEASE! Take note. My goodness! Chics I know you love Nick or whoever (The screamers are often Nick fans). But please refrain from screaming in the ears of others. Im out there to see BSB not get a medical condition. Look I don’t need to go deaf so try to be considerate. I was two secs away from cursing this chic out. “I LOVE YOU NICK. OMG NICK!!!!!!!! I LOVE U!” Yeah you can love him, just not in MY ear! The only reason I didn’t curse her out is because look we’re both fans and I can understand the hysteria, but still…also when people are tired they are irritated easily, screaming doesn’t help.**** All in all the screaming was not nearly as bad as I expected. I think it is because so many older folks were out there with the younger ones.

I was dying when they showed footage of their younger days. I haven’t seen some of that before so I was praying that my mother taped it. SHE DID! YAY! Know I didn’t see this when I was there but Howie and Kev kissed Katie! It was kinda cute. She deserved it for promoting them all last week. She was supa-pushing up! Howie looked kinda embarrassed when she was talking to him afterwards and he just nodded instead of using his mic to talk. So cute! I like that Temptation-esque thing they did during I’ll Never Break Your Heart and how Howie echoed Brian during Quit Playing Games. Incredible performance! I didn’t see much of them, but nevertheless I don’t regret going. I LOVE THEM! This tripled that. It was so cool to see so many people out there for them and I was lucky cuz a lot of people couldn’t even catch a glimpse of them. They said they think the crowd was larger than for Ricky Martin. I’m SURE of it! KTBSPA 4EVA BABY!!!!!!!!

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