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Backstreet Boys

Date: Oct 09, 2001
Submitted By: Alexis M

Ok here's the scoop. On July 7th, I went to see the Backstreet Boys in concert in Boston. It was awesome! They had cool dance moves and great singing voices. And in some way... they show their fans that they really care. At one point of the show, they reached out and held their fans hands, one by one. I thought that it was really nice. And when they sang their "get up and dance" kind of songs, you just want to get up and dance. But, when they got to their slow songs, the fans went crazy because the guys were singing so beautifully. The sad thing was, it went by so fast because everyone was having fun. Overall, I had a blast and you would too.

Backstreet Boys in Boston....July 7th, 2001

Date: Aug 25, 2001
Submitted By: Julie

Hey guys, I went to the last BSB concert for at least a month on Sat. July 7th w/ my 3 friends and it was the best concert I have ever been to!! Ok, our seats were 6th row center and its much closer than they sound, believe me. Anyways, Krystal came on and was so awesome and so like lose her on stage haha. After her my friends and I went to get her autograph and stuff. When we got back to our seats, we waited for like 1/2 hour and then these wicked hot fire balls came down and like scorched our eyebrows off...haha no really but they were hot. When BSB came out it was so great...Howie's pole thing that lifts and lowers them was like not working so he kept going down and up and you shouldve seen the look on his face!! haha and all brian did was laugh at him. It was great...u all know what happens in the show so im not gonna go into much detail about it....Brian waved to us like 4 times and he pointed at my friend when she was in the aisle. Kevin and howie both said hi to us on the bridge during time and brian stopped and sang to me and my friend jenna....well at least we like to think that haha. Nick's hand was in a cast and he told us he punched a wall but I dunno. Anyways, Aj seemed ok to me....but the more I think about it he didn't wave to a whole lot of ppl like the other guys so there mustve been something wrong. K, this is starting to get really the end, when they go down the holes, Brian's didnt open up so he made the best face and hopped in aj's. After we left, my friend had the idea to steal one of those huuuuuge pop-tarts posters w/ the bsb on we did and its hanging on my ceiling as we speak. So, my 2nd BSB concert was the best and i can't wait to go back and see them at the Fleetcenter in Sept.!!

July 7th BSB Concert at the Fleet Center in Boston,MA

Date: Jul 31, 2001
Submitted By: Joanna Krawiecki

To this day, I am still amazed by the kick a$$ show BSB put on back on July 7th. Unfortunatley, it was their last show for a little while. I also want to make a correction from the other reviews I wrote. I was not 22 rows from the main stage, I was 34 rows from the main stage. I had floor seats, section D, row 22. Row 22 is really 34 rows from the main stage, it's just the 22nd row of the D section. The seats you really want at the Fleet Center are sections A,B,C or the close loge (1st level of arena seating to the stage), but those seats are $124.50+ (too expensive for me). Section A,B,C are rows 1-12 from the main stage and then sections D,E,F are rows 13-34 from the stage (the "cheaper" floor seats: $68.50). I didn't want to be any further away than I was. I still got a great view of the second stage and the bridge, which was really sweet of BSB to do for the fans.

For the re-scheduled Sunday show in September that I'm going to, I am only 14 rows from the main stage! I'm so psyched and I really hope A.J. recovers by then. If he needs more time, the tour can obviuosly wait. A.J's health is priority #1. I'll definitley be bringing a much better disposable camera than last time and a "real" camera with zoom features. I still can't beleive that I wasn't searched for a camera or wasn't stopped by a guard. I really hope BSB win for Choice Concert, as well as the other awards they're nominated for cuz they deserve to win, especially for Choice Concert. July 7th was an amazing show and it was definitley worth seeing. For those who have yet to go to a BSB show: try to go cuz it is so worth it. July 7th was my very 1st BSB Concert, I hate myself for not going to ones before. The Boys aren't joking when they say that you definitley get your money's worth, cuz you do. I sure did, BACKSTREET'S BACK ALRIGHT! KTBSPA!!!

July 7th Backstreet Boys Concert at the Fleet Center in Boston

Date: Jul 18, 2001
Submitted By: Joanna

All I can say is "WOW!" This was my very fist Backstreet Boys Concert (I'm 17 and a half yrs. old...) and I was really impressed. These guys sure know how to put on a kick-a** show! I'm happy to say that I have finally experienced the incredible rush of a Backstreet Boys Concert. I live only 10 miles away from Boston so I was lucky that I didn't have to travel so far to see the guys. I feel bad for those who came from places like Texas and Canada to find out that the 3 remaining shows were postponed! I had tickets to yesterday's show, but the seats were balcony. I'm just going to get the refund and put the money towards better seats when they come back in September (keeping my fingers crossed...) It took me a week's worth of work to pay off the $78 floor seat ticket. It was worth every penny....

I was 22 rows from the stage so I didn't get a really good look at the main stage cuz of all the heads! LOL But, I could see BSB by standing on my tippy-toes and got a great view of that huge screen. To my surprise, the second stage was right behind me! It was so nice of them to have a second stage so that the "nose bleed seats" and floor seats further from the stage could have a good glimpse of the Boys. BSB were no more than 10 feet away from me! I had a great view of A.J, Brian, and Nick! They started off with "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely" once they appeared on this second stage. After about two songs on the second stage, this huge bridge comes down and it's right next to me! I got a great look at them walking on the bridge singing "Time". Kev was hanging off the railing, dangling his arms so that fans could touch him, but the bridge was just too high in the air! A.J. was GREAT, you would have never known he was hurting inside :(

To my surprise, the security was not strict at all. I wasn't searched for a camera or anything! I brought a disposable camera, but I should have brought a camera with zoom features. I took my whole roll of 25 no problem. Guards and ushers were all around me, but no one seemed to care! Unfortunatley, my photos didn't come out as expected, but considering I used a disposable camera, they were okay. For those who are going to a concert: MAKE SURE THE FILM IN THE CAMERA IS 800 SPEED!!! I thought I had an 800 speed camera. Apparently, the film was 400 speed, which explained the underexposed shots.

I read the Boston Globe review for the July 6th show, harsh... All I can say is pity on that reporter. The Boys put their heart and soul into both shows. A.J, Nick, Brian, Howie, and Kevin looked like they were having the time of their lives. At least the Boston Herald gave a good review for the July 7th show. I'm glad I was able to attend a show, it was a show not to miss. I hope A.J. has a speedy recovery and best wishes for A.J, Nick, Brian, Howie, and Kevin. They will get through this, especially A.J. There's a lot of love for them!!! KTBSPA!!!!

July 6th FIRST boston show BACKSTREET!!

Date: Jul 18, 2001
Submitted By: Kristen

I just went to the FIRST of FIVE shows in Boston on Friday July 6th. Let me just say that I have never been to a BSB show, so I havent seen them live. When we got there, I was so in shock because the huge building in front of us was where I was going to see them!! Krystal sang 4 songs, and her voice is absolutely beautiful. I was like Woah... NO female singer out right now sounds like her. Then Shaggy came out after her.. and he was the PERFECT choice for an opening act right before the Boys. His set was longer.. he had about 10 songs. And he got us s0o0o hyped up!! He had us waving our arms and screaming. He kicked total a$$!! Then, when he got off.. . the lights came back on and they started putting together BSB's stage. When I saw them start to put the holes in the stage where they jump in during some songs, THAT was when it hit me. In a few moments, I WAS GOING TO SEE MY BOYS IN FLESH AND BLOOD. Now, I wasnt close, and you're probably going to say they were bad seats, but I had the FIRST and CLOSEST balcony to the main stage. I STILL saw EVERYTHING and they did NOT appear as ants. I was like.. RIGHT THERE but just up a bit. So after a few minutes, when everythign got black again, and everyone knew who was up next, let me just say I cant begin to describe the feeling I got knowing they would be in front of me in just moments. The large TV screen showed space and the world and then the meteors began to hit. One.. Two .. THree.. Four.. Five. And then 5 bangs on stage.. and there they were in front of Everyone...risen up. Brian was the highest...speaking of Everyone.. they got on the stage finally and started out with that. I was absolutely hysterical at this time. i mean they were RIGHT THERE. I had never seen them live EVER. And the funny thing was, my seats were SURROUNDED by either college people or like.. parents with their 5 year olds. I was the ONLY like.. backstreet freak in like.. the WHOLE left side of the center. lol NO joke!! I was standing for the WHOLE show. EVERY song. I was clapping along even to the slow songs, and when I screamed.. the parents gave me a look as if to say "COULD YOU PLEASE BE QUIET" i didnt care... THIS WAS A BACKSTEET BOYS CONCERT HELLO!? lol OF COURSE i was going to be LOUD! So here I am.. the ONLY one on the WHOLE like.. left side of the Fleett Center standing up.. and omg when they did Larger Than Life after Everyone, I was doing the dance to that and i KNOW i must have looked stupid but i dont care! lol.. and omg THIS is the part that REALLY made me grateful to be there. During ONE of the songs ( ahh i cant remember which one) Brian came over to my side and he was doing the usual. Making funny faces at the crowd and then waving and smiling. He looked up at my section, and I SWEAR TO GOD .. i was the ONLY one standing up and flailing my arms in the air it HAD to of been to me!! ::shrieks::: He waved at me and was like Hey wusup? And smiled. Then he waved at everyone else and went back to the front of the stage. OMG.. when he did that i couldnt breathe. I was at the front of the balcony and they dont want you there cuz they say it is dangerous so all of a sudden I feel a hand on my shoulder and some security lady was like CAN U PLEASE BACK AWAY FROM THAT and i was like NO and she was like PLEASE M'AMM so she walked away and i just continued to stand there. LOL i wasnt moving !! So.. OMG During AJ's intro..( ::shrieks again:::) he came over to our side first and he MUST of saw me standing up. He first waved at all the people with closer then he looked up and started waving and he HAD to of seen me jumping up and down cuz he waved at me! I SWEAR TO GOD he did!! And omg. i CANNOT believe I did this. Ok during his intro also... he divided the crowd in half

. So he went to my half first and was like MAKE SOME NOISE and so we all screamed then he put his finger to his mouth and everyone got quiet then he walked to the other side and said NOW YOUUUU SCREAM to that side and ever1 went crazy and then he put his finger to his lips again and walked back over to our side and i KNEW what i was going to say when it got quiet on our side again. :0) So he walks over to our side, and he tells us to scream again, and after a few seconds of going crazy he puts his finger to his lips. It gets quiet, i YELL at the TOP OF MY LUNGS AJJ WHOO I LOVE YOU!!! he starts walking over to the other side looks back at my side, smiles and like.. giggles. OMG i KNOW he heard me!! EEK!!

And during I Want It That Way....Kevin was on our side most of the time.. and he kept touching the crowd's hands. And EVEN for that song, NO ONE in my section got up. (grr to them!) But still.. that made me stand out so its all good lol) But when Kevin got up from touching hands.. and he was looking up more into kind of where i was. I was jumping up and down waving my arms again. THen i started clapping to IWITW and singing and i KNOW he saw me, he waved at me and smiled. Then turned around and started walking to the other side!! AHH!! This night was REALLY TOO good to be true. But just as i was thinking Nick and Howie didnt wave to me, at the VERY end of the show... during one of the last chorus parts of SOMH.. Nick was on our side...and omg... people were beginning to stand up and all.. but like...I was STILL the ONLY one in my section standing and clapping so when Nick came over he looked up and was just gazing and then im PRETTY SURE he saw me and he smiled and waved and then started to touch hands again then walked to the fron of the stage to bow with them. OMG when Nick like.. LOOKED in MY direction and SMILED and WAVED at me.. OMG ... it was the most perfect night... ohh well it would have been even more perfect if Howie had waved at me.. then I would have had all the BSB's wave to me. But still.. that night of July 6th was the BEST night of my life and NO OTHER night will top it.. unless of course I see them again or meet them! :0) But I just cant believe it is over. I mean.. it seems like 5 minutes ago they were JUST getting stage and singing Larger Than Life, and here it is .. 3 days after my show! :*( I just wish it would happen all over again, but as you know, all good things come to an end eventually. I just wish this could have been my one exception..

Black and Blue World Tour~Boston, Massachusetts~July 6th, 2001

Date: Jul 13, 2001
Submitted By: Amy

On Friday, July 6, 2001, I experienced one of the best nights of my life. I went to see the Backstreet Boys Black and Blue World Tour at the Fleet Center in Boston, Massachusetts. I went with two of my friends and one of their cousins, and we had a blast. We had seats that were a side view of the stage, but they turned out to be awesome seats. We were three rows from the stage, and at times the guys were four feet in front of us. I was so happy. Plus, we could also see what was happening backstage which was fun as well.

First, Krystal came out and sang her four songs. She was really talented and nice when she was talking to all of us. I loved when she sang "Supergirl," and her rendition of "I'll Be There." She has an awesome voice, and I loved her performance.

Next, Shaggy came out and did his set which was full of energy. It was hard to believe that minutes before he went on stage he was backstage leaning on a case with his head resting on his hand and talking quietly to a crew member. Before he went out he waved to our section which was really sweet of him since everybody was screaming his name. His set was good although a little sexual at times, but he definitely got the crowd pumped up and ready. At least he cleaned up "It Wasn't Me" a little. And he did great while singing "Angel" and "Freaky Girl." He was a great aspect to the show.

Then after a half hour of waiting while they set up the stage, our boys finally came on. We even saw them before the got on stage while they were running to the stage. After that I knew I was in for an awesome time. They put on an awesome show. They sounded great, looked great, and really showed us their stuff. Since we were so close to the ramp, they kept coming over to say hello and be close to us. In fact, during "I Want It That Way" Kevin came over, pointed at me and my best friend, and sang while staring right at us. It was such an amazing experience because you never think that something like that will ever happen to you. That made my life because for those five little seconds, Kevin knew we existed, and appreciated us. Trust me this was the best part of the whole night. The rest of the show was amazing too, don't get me wrong. Brian is my favorite Backstreet Boy and he was so awesome. I loved how he got the most time during his introduction, and I was freaking out when he came over to our side since he is my favorite. Let me just say that pictures do these boys no justice, they are awesome looking in person. We even saw Leighanne from where we were sitting. She was sitting on the barricades watching the show. Kristin might have been there too but I haven't seen a recent enough picture to tell. Anyways a brunette was sitting next to Leighanne. Leighanne was sitting there singing along and drinking her bottle of Poland Spring water. During "The Call", she was singing along and pointing her finger at Brian. It was the funniest thing ever because she has that look in her eyes like she's telling Brian, "Don't do that to me." LOL!! So in other words the show was great, and all of the boys were amazing. The only complaint is that Nick was never on our side except for once during "Shape of My Heart." He came over and was just looking at everyone in our section, and he missed his cue to sing, and it was really funny. But he looked great, so none of us minded. And of course AJ and Howie were awesome as well. I loved when they did "The Answer To Our Life" since it's my favorite song on Black and Blue. They were awesome on their instruments. And during the introductions of the band and dancers, AJ was backstage waiting for his cue and fooling around with us. It was great. He was wicked hyper. The videos they showed were funny and awesome as well. It was even quiet during them. I've never seen a BSB concert where it's been so quiet before. All in all it was awesome, and I'm so glad that I'm going back again.

I went to the show with my best friend Alison, who liked them before the show but wasn't really a big fan or anything. In fact, she didn't even own Black and Blue. She loved the concert though, was really impressed, and said it was the best concert she's ever been to, and she's been to quite a few. The very next morning she went out and bought Black and Blue, and is now a big fan.

In light of everything that's happened, I know that I was shocked to hear about AJ since he seemed perfectly fine on Friday night, but that's the thing, you never know what might happen. I was supposed to go Monday the 9th, and Wednesday the 11th as well in Boston, and although I was a little disappointed, I don't mind waiting. It's all about AJ getting better fast. If anybody went to the show on the 6th or any of the other Boston shows, or are going in September to the rescheduled shows e-mail me. I would love to chat. At least September isn't that far away, and September 8th and 10th will come quickly. Boston and the rest of New England definitely loves the BSB!! KTBSPA!!

~~Best wishes to AJ and the BSB~~


July 7, 2001 Backstreet Boys Concert at the Fleet Center

Date: Jul 13, 2001
Submitted By: Joanna Krawiecki

All I can say is "WOW"! July 7th was my very first Backstreet Boys Concert! I'm 17 and a half years old and I have finally experienced the rush of a Backstreet Boys Concert. It was great, Krystal was great and so were each BSB member (plus the BSB Band). There was no Shaggy since he was in London, but to make up for it, BSB got to do more songs! Nick performed as if he had no broken arm, I'm sure he was on so many painkillers but that didn't stop him. All the guys seemed like they were having the time of their lives, you would have never guessed A.J. was hurting inside... :(

My seat was on the floor, but I was just too far away from the main stage to get sharp pictures (I was 22 rows from the main stage). Well midshow, to my surprise, BSB appeared out of no where on this second stage singing "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely." This stage was no more than 10 feet away from my seat! I was screaming my head off, A.J. waved to me!!! I didn't realize how close the bridge was to me until it came down and the Boys started to cross it. They were all right above my head! Kev was hanging off the railing and trying to dangle his arms so the fans could touch him, but the bridge was just too high up in the air. I was so close to them that I could see the sweat pouring off them! For a $78 ticket, this concert was worth every penny (It took me a week's worth of work to pay it off). Unfortunatly, my pictures didn't come out as well as I thought they would have. For those going to a BSB concert: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN 800 SPEED FILM CAMERA! I thought the camera I had contained 800 speed film, apparently, it was only 400 speed! Nevertheless, for a disposable camera, the photos actually came out okay. I thought I was going to be searched for a camera. The security was not strict at all, I should have brought a zoom camera with me. I was taking photos right in front of guards, no one stopped me. I took the whole roll of 25 no problem.

It was quite a shock to Boston Fans who were expecting to see the Boys on Monday, Tuesday, and today. I had tickets to the Tuesday show, but since the seats are way up in balcony, I'm getting my refund and putting the money towards a better seat when they come back in September. I read the Boston Globe Review for the July 6th show, harsh.... I don't know what that critic was thinking, but all I can say is pity to him. The Boys poured their hearts and souls into the 2 shows in Boston, A.J. was awesome considering his situation. At least the Boston Herald gave a good review (for the July 7th show). I wish A.J. a speedy recovery and my prayers are with Nick, Howie, Brian, Kevin, Krystal, and especially A.J. I will cherish the memories of my very first Backstreet Boys Concert. Can't wait until September! :)

Boston July 7

Date: Jul 11, 2001
Submitted By: Jessica

The concert was so good. It was my first concert and it was amazing. I sat near the right side of the catwalk. The guys looked good as usual esp. Nick and Brian! The guys surprised me with there heavy dancing. My fav performance was shining star, get another b/f, and yes I will. Brian wasved at me and my cousin 3 times, Kevin waved at us once, and AJ waved at us once or twice. Nick wasn't showing no love for the right side. He came to our side once out of the whole night and he it was for like a second. He mostly was at the left side. AJ and Brian showed us love. Some girl gave AJ her thong. He was showing the audience. AJ stole the show that night. He was the one who interacted with the audience the most along with my boy Brian. Nick looked really good but he was not feelin our side at all. He didn't even glance at the right side. I still luv ya though. The concert was phat and they definently proved that they are here to stay!!!

Boston show on July 7th

Date: Jul 11, 2001
Submitted By: Jennifer Bleakney

Well the concert I went to turned out to be the last for the Backstreet Boys until August. I consider myself VERY lucky since I travelled from Canada to see the Boston show, the one that turned out to be the last for this month. I could have easily arrived in Boston to find out that the show was cancelled...but no!! So I am thankful for that!! But anyway, on to the concert!! My seats were pretty good, I was in section 117, so the back stage was right in front of me! I had a good view of the front stage too..well I call it good cuz it was way better than my seats at my other BSB concert in Toronto in Feb. Krystal actually wasn't gonna be at this concert, but then unexpectedly, Shaggy had to get back to England for something very important, so it ended up that Krystal had to come, and Shaggy wasn't there, which upset me since I like Shaggy more than Krystal, but oh well. So Krystal came on and did three songs, I really likr "My Religion"! After those songs, she said she'd be signing autographs after her final song and she said where the session would be. So since I'm not crazy for her music, my friend and I decided to go find the autograph place during the last song to get a good spot in line so we could meet her without missing the BSB. So we got in line, we were about 30th or so, so that wasn't bad at all. We were allowed to take pix of her but not with her so that suited me fine! I got up to the desk and in front of me there was a young boy, he was cute and Krystal was being so sweet to him, all friendly! She's a really nice person, very friendly and happy. She posed for a pic for me! After I got her autpgraph, I saw a guy that REALLY looked like an old sax player for the BSB. He was kinda standing behind the desk Krystal was at with a couple security guards so he had to be somebody otherwise he wouldn't be back there. Anyway, I went up to him and asked for his autograph, he said he was in a rush but signed my poster anyways!! Then I asked him to get a pic with me and he agreed. So we have our arms around each other. I'm still trying to figure out if its him or not! But anyway, after that, my friend and I went and stood in the section right next to the stage where the wings come out into the crowd and there were many empty seats. The show was to start soon and so we stood there for awhile debating whether or not we should sit down or leave, since this was not our section at all!! I guess we attracted a security guard by just standing there so he asked us to see our tix. We had to lie and say we were gonna meet friends there and he said to wait out in the lobby area thing. So that was the end of our time spent next to the stage :( Oh well, our seats were good to see the back stage!! So the show began, the pyro stuff was great, louder I think than the 1st leg though. There was alot of energy I thought, it was great! They threw alot of jackets and clothing into the audience (I saw a girl who got Kev's towel and she let me smell and touch it!!!). I liked the part when each guy came on anc just said a few things to the audience, they were all so sweet. There was no indication that AJ was very depressed, he put on a good act. The poor guy, thank God he's admitted to his problems so he can get help so he won't have to pretend anymore. At the end of the show, Kevin had a few tears in his eyes, it's hard to say why. Maybe it was AJ's state, or just the reception by the one knows. The video clips were funny, and so was the jumping into the chest thing, especially when they pulled up their shirts as the slide into the chest, yum!! I love all the guys, Brian and AJ are my faves but I love the others so much too. During "Time" when they perform on the catwalk, Kevin stayed at the back stage for the whole thing, he did it for the ppl at the back, I thought that was sweet, he realized that everyone should get a fair share. I love the Boys so much and AJ, I hope you get well soon! You have so many ppl who love you and are there for you, no matter what, I'we will be behind you always! The concert was great, oh yah, and Nick's hand was broken! He didn't say how he did it though, so it's been a bad week for him too!! Best wishes Boys!

July 6th Concert - Fleet Center, Boston

Date: Jul 10, 2001
Submitted By: Jennifer Grace

Critics suck. I'm sure we've all read by now the reviews of Boston's newspaper critics. But ya know what? Who the hell cares if some 50-something year old men liked the Backstreet Boys concert?

Because this sixteen year old fan sure did. It all started with Krystal, her small frame and booming voice that echoed in the heads and hearts of the audience. She was sweet and did a 'meet and greet' after her performance, and I got an autograph and a picture of me and her.

Next came Shaggy to put us in the party mood. And it sure worked. I was dancing as if Mr. Lover himself was my dancing partner. He got my adrenaline pumping and my heart racing.

And finally the moment I had been waiting for since I saw the "I'll Never Break Your Heart" video on MTV. The Boys ascended from who knows where (who cares?! they were there!) and onto the main stage.

I never was one to be called a teeny bopper. I'm an alternative girl - Everclear, Matchbox Twenty, No Doubt - they're my bands. But I must say tears were in my eyes as I saw those five shining stars - the Backstreet Boys.

Throughout the whole evening I screamed, cried, and kept trying to convince myself that these WERE actually the Backstreet Boys - a love I had known only through photography, video, and magazine interviews.

I ran down the aisle on the floor, waved to BRok in a cute manner, and much to my astonished surprise, I got the same wave in return. (And a stern warning from the security guard to remain in my seat or else)

I had the night of my life. Probably the best of. I laughed, I screamed, I cried. Though I will never admit it to my friends, for I am 'too cool' to be a teenybopper on the outside, but inside, I know who I am and will always retain my Backstreet Pride.

Boston/Fleet Center, July 6

Date: Jul 10, 2001
Submitted By: Mary

Hi to the greatest fans in the world,BSB fans!!!

Today is day three of heaven in the Boston area, as "our boys" will perform the third of five concerts. Of course, my daughter and I along with our two best concert buddies will be present. We are going to all five nights. We are so blessed to have been at the first two nights also, and let me just say...WOW!!! Mere words can't come close to describing the sweet, professional,fan-driven, touching, performances that A.J,Brian,Howie,Nick, and Kevin graced us with. I am so proud to be from the Boston area because we get the boys for five nights of heaven. I am not so good at details, and by now most of you have seen the stage setup and the pyro,laser show, so I won't talk about that. I will tell you the real heart felt, memory making, experience that my daughter and I shared with Nick on Saturday, July 7th. We had the priviledge of sitting in the fourth row from the stage and I just want to say it was the best experience of my life and I will never forget it. My daughter brought her prize,an autographed, ink drawing, that Nick did for Bop magazine, of Brian. As soon as Nick came to our side of the stage she held it up, and Nick definately saw his drawing and nodded.

We were so happy, stunned, in shock, and had to pinch ourselves. Was this a dream? No, but it was a definate dream come true. The totally awesome moments happened during Shape of my heart, Nick stopped right in front of us and mouthed the words "you won". Andrea responded with a yes, a smile, and a wave. Huge thank yous to "our BSB" and especially Nick for making our dreams come true. Boston loves BSB!



Boston 7/6/01

Date: Jul 09, 2001
Submitted By: Em

They say "Don't ever get close to your idols. You'll only be disapointed." Friday night July 6th, proved that saying wrong.

The show started and Krystal performed. She was awesome! I loved her song 'Angel On My Shoulder'. She was so sweet to us!

Then Shaggy performed & wow, was that amazing! He is one of the best performers i've ever seen! He pulled a girl out of the audience during 'Angel'!

Then came BSB. I completely freaked and started to scream. You know how there are two stages? My seats were 19 rows from the main stage & 4 rows from the other!!!!! The bridge they walked over came right over my & my mom's seats!!!

I started to freak when i saw Howie and started to scream 'Howie, Howie i love you!!!' He saw me & smiled! Kevin waved to me too, and so did Brian! I couldn't get AJ's attention, though. 8( But then Nick came...

There was a group of fans standing near Nick, chanting his name. I started to jump up & down and yelled 'I love you Nick!' To my amazement, he saw me!!! He raised his eyebrows & flashed me that famous Nick smile! I still jumped up & down and gave him my biggest smile. He must

of found me facinating, cause he just stood there & smiles at me! He had this adoring look in his eyes as he watched me!!! I still have a picture of that wonderful smile in my mind.

So, did my idols disapoint me? Hell no! BSB adores us, Nick made that obvious for me, so always remember-BSB loves, adores, & admires you just as much as you love, adore, & admire them!

(I swear to God this story is true.)

7/7/01 Boston

Date: Jul 08, 2001
Submitted By: Laura, Beth, and Joan

Just got back from the greatest concert in da world!! Dont listen to reviews from critics. They dont know what they are talking about. The boys had it on tonite! They rocked the house and brought us to tears. When they went to the center stage, Kevin was the sweetest one, trying to touch everyones hand. When the bridge came down he looked into my eyes and waved. Aj was also another that hung around my area. i was crying histerically. The show was full of energy and non-stop excitement. My favorite song had to be "yes I will" (laura) my mom's favortie song was "Get another bf" and my sisters was also "get another bf" (beth) my mom is the coolest and got us great seats! we are probally going again and im psyched! I had the best time of my life and i would give anything to see them again!!


Date: Jul 08, 2001
Submitted By: Elisa,Nicole, and Stacey

We were all kinda dissapointed at the fact that Shaggy wasnt around for the July 7th concert in Boston....we paid $124. Anyways, Backstreet Boys were AWESOME!!!!! I cant even begin to describe the rush my friends and I got the minute they came on stage.....BTW whats up with Nicks arm? How did he break it....I think they were very tired, needed sleep, and poor Nick was in pain :( Nevertheless, they put 100% into the show and were VERY personable with the audience. All good things must come to an end, the time flew by and we'll be waiting for the next one!!!!!! ;)

Oh Those Backstreet Girls!

Date: Jul 07, 2001
Submitted By: Lili

NOTE: This article is a joke- it is a satire of some of the crazy stuff that goes on at a BSB concert... and I know from experience!

Everybody who has been to a concert knows: you don't go to see the Backstreet Boys perform. You're there to watch the fans. Some say the sixty-dollar ticket prices are ridiculous, but they do not understnd that you get TWO shows for that one low price!! Who would want to watch five talented entertainers strut their stuff when you can watch five mental breakdowns?! And, if you have the right seats, you may even be lucky enough to participate in a brawl. Remember that false nails prove useful. Now I'd be crazy not to pay six HUNDRED dollars for that kind of excitement!

You've seen them on TV. You've heard them on the radio. You've seen them walking the hallways of school. Some admire them, some despise them, and some pity them. They come in all forms, but mostly they're girls. There are those fans whom have a CD or two because they like that one song, and then there are those who would kill their own mother for one of Nick's nose hairs. THOSE are the interesting ones.

One gray day in early April of 1999, a half dozen eighth grade girls spent the day in front of the doors of a venue,making signs declaring their undying love or AJ beneath their rain-soaked blankets. One hour before the gargantuan security guards opened the door, things got dicey. Heated words were exchaged. Words like, "If you were my daughter I'd kill myself." Tears were shed.

And that was before the concert.

Once the velvet rope was unhooked, all hell broke loose. The hundreds of teenge girls ran as one. If anyone tripped, they woud be swallowed up like they had never spent days upon days preparing for this general admission concert. The especially fast and ruthless made it to the front row, not knowing the terror they were about to endure. Oh, if they only knew how those metal bars dug into the ribs! The crushing strength of five hundred frenzied fanatics trying to touch Kevin's sweaty palm is more devastating than any nuclear warhead. So deadly in fact, that four young girls were carried away, crying in agony from the unbearable pressure from all angles. The more aggressive BSB fans are perfect candidates for the WWF or NFL.

Some tribes of fans have been known to gather before concerts to practice screaming and to decorate one another with war paint, declaring which Backstreet Boy is the hottest. They also must create elaborate schemes in order to stalk Howie after the show and to find out if Brian brought his wife along on the tour. After all, he cannot have his true love around to distract him from falling in love with such a tenacious young woman.

So next time the Backstreet Boys come around to a venue near you, don't pass it up-no matter how much it costs or how many scalpers you have to schmooze. Try to get the seats that are closest to the stage so you can watch security fight off the girls that are foaming at the mouth. Don't waste your time watching the show; the fanatics are more interesting than any concert!

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