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bradley center; milwakee,wis august 24th,2001

Date: Dec 11, 2001
Submitted By: Maria Guadalupe Solis

Hey,I went to the B&B tour in Milwakee,Wis 8/24/01. Let me tell you I have never seen A.J look so good. I won tickets from Z104 f.m here in Madison,Wis. I balled when I won the tickets. Anyways I didnt have a way there so I had to take my Aunt with the ticket oh just about everyone including my 2 year old niece were fighting over....tears were shed cause I took my Aunt. But as long as I seen MY BOYS in concert and seen A.J was doing good { not to mention looking all fine} I was happy. We arrived after the BSB were already inside, I was sad but the show was the best!!! I loved how the boys di that 2001 and went to 2050,omg I was rollin,they all still looked so sexy. But I just want to say I love the BSB and they are number 1!!! They give the best concerts. and they show thier love for thier fans like no other. I also loved Krystal's performance. She's so beautiful, And rocked the house just as good as MY BSB. And she is so sweet I got to get my visor signed by her,I only wish I would have had the chance to mett BSB!! I am so in love wit HOWIE!!!! KTBSPA!!!

Milwaukee 8/24

Date: Oct 09, 2001
Submitted By: Becky

The concert was totally awesome. The way that the boys welcomed AJ back was totally sweet. The fans were so supportive of AJ. When he said that he wanted to hug everyone in the audience. When they did the under stage stint, my sister thought nick was talking about her. We got to go backstage and meet him and the other boys. They are so cute.

Milwaukee, WI August 24, 2001

Date: Sep 15, 2001
Submitted By: Sarah

I went to the show in Milwaukee for the sole purpose of seeing with my own eyes that A.J. was ok. When I heard he was sick, I was so worried about him that I don't think I ate or slept for about a week. It got pretty bad. A week before the concert I went to eBay on a mission, and got outbid on 3 pairs of tickets. Finally, I found 2 seats, 10th row center on the floor. The boys were great. They looked great, sounded great, and put on a great performance. And it meant so much more because it was their first performance back, and they were all there. The best part was that they didn't dwell on A.J. and make a big deal about it. They just did their thing, and they were amazing. I was still a little apprehensive towards the end of the show because i thought, "hey, they did a show the night before aj got help and everyone said they looked fine then, so how do we know it's different now?!?" Then Nick came out with the silly string, and it was like, "ok, the boys are back, and they aren't going to let anything bring them down." I've been to several bsb shows, but that one, i will never forget. I am so proud of them for handling their situation the way they did. And I can't wait to see them in Chicago!!!

meetinb bsb in milwaukee 8-24-01 at meet and greet

Date: Sep 05, 2001
Submitted By: melissa

Here is my story from when my friends and I met bsb(from my eyes)!

Chance is a word I will remember forever. Chance can be good. Chance can be bad. This chance is the best chance can get.

Who would have ever imagine that 5 girls who have done nothing but devoted the last 4 years to meeting the Backstreet Boys would magically land backstage passes? Most people would say its luck, i believe it is chance. The chance that saying the right thing to the right person at the right time.

August 24, 2001 was the triumphant return of AJ McLean to the backstreet boys. Luckily for us it was in milwaukee, wi. 15 Minutes from our homes.

To prepare for the long day we woke up around 4:30am and were out of the house by 5:20, record time for bsg! We arrived to the bradley center before 5:45am. The only other people there were the 103.7 kissfm dj's joe, van, and ginger.

Along with ourselves we brought a sign we had made. It was on brown postal wrap that when unrolled to its entirety was 25 feet long and 2 1/2 feet wide. It read "milwaukee supports alex" as people arrived we asked them to sign our banner for aj. As we sat out there the dj's announced for people to come down and sign it. the day grew long and about 9 hours later we had over 100 signatures. We decided to tape the banner along the driveway on the metal barricades. We did this so when teh buses pulled in aj would see it.

Shortly the tour buses began arriving. First one with howie and kevin on it. Then krystals bus. Finally aj and nick's bus arrived! it pulled in and stopped. The window opened and aj and nick appeared. Aj leaned over the edge of the window. He read our sign. it looked like he was trying not to cry. We yelled to him "aj do you like our sign?" he nodded his head and smiled at us, giving us thumbs up! He looked like he was holding back tears.

later that night..

we got many more signatures from various fans. Erica went to find this guy, im going to leave unnamed, who was suppose to help us get our sign to aj. She came back to us and like 5 minutes later jojo a kissfm dj came over with him and handed us 2 backstage passes..Only problem..There's 5 of us! So within the next 30 minutes (to make a long story short) we convinced jojo to give us three more passes. at 6:45pm we were taken into the bradley center and led to this room next to the press room. In this room was an enclosed area with a black curtain and a stand with i-zone and pop tart banners on it. While everyone was waiting the meet and greet rules were explained. Such as dont take picturs when they come in, try not to scream, one picture with one camer is allowed per group, etc...

after at least a half hour wait it was time. A door opened and the boys filtered in. I can only remember nick first. He had a smile on his face and he waved to everyone. I also remember brian making a normal brian face at us. I know as each guy walked by they made eye contact with everyone :)

we were the fourth or fifth group to go up. During the two groups before us brian kept pulling on his shirt and pointing at ours(they were all the same). He would occassionally make faces at us too :) finally the long awaited moment had come. I was never so nervous in my life. As us 5 approached them kevin said "look, it's the black and blue girls" I'm pretty sure I laughed. Next I remember walking up to brian. I first looked at his eyes. They were sky blue! I said to him "hi I'm melissa" he replied with his to die for accent "hello, melissa" thenhe stretched out his arms for a hug. As I hugged him I felt anything I had felt for him within the last four years. I couldn't-and still cant believe-it was him. I backed away and headed to the otehr end by nick and aj. I turned to aj and said "hi aj." he said "hey whats up?" he took me in his arms and as we hugged I said to him "im so glad you're better." and he replied so kindly "thanks, me too." the thing I will always remember about aj is how nervous he looked-but I dont blame him at all!

I turned around and there stood nick. I looked at him. Something just look so different from him than the nick on television. His eyes were so much bluer and shone like crystals! His smile was so welcoming, too. I love how he was dressed down in jeans-how they all were-anyways.. Nick said to me "come here" I walked over to him and he embraced me. As we hugged I sighed "hi" and he said "hey" softly in my ear adn then kissed my cheek. I made the mistake of looking in his eyes.. I couldn't even speak to him. He seemed so shy too though :)

after my moment I went down the line to kevin. Kevin has such gorgeous eyes too! He said hello to me, I back, and he asked if we'd seen theshow yet. I repled "yeah, it's our tenth concert." he looked at me almost in shock and said to me "wow, thanks for the support" we then hugged. Kevin gives the best hugs no lie! I let go of him during it and he still hung on for a good 20 seconds. His hold is so tight too!

I then turned to howie. He gave me a hug and said "hello. Nice to see you again." I almost died!!(we met him back in may) I answered "thanks its great to see you again, too." starting a conversation with me he asked "you're from chicago right?" I felt bad cuz I didn't wanna hurt his feelings so i replied "um..No.. Actually we're from menomonee falls.. It's like 15 minutes away.. But shelby and jen live pretty far from us.." I kept rambling on and on. Lol he listened though :)

I heard someone yell "picture" and felt brian's hand around my waist pulling me towards him. Howie slowly put his arm on my shoulder. I put my arms around howie and brian. As we took the picture I heard brian singing something it was really high and feminine. I couldn't figure out what it was. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye, and he looked at me out of the corner of his, then he stopped. I finally placed it then! It was "love is a beautiful thing" by krystal. I couldn't believe brian was singing right in my ear!

the picture was taken and brian turned to me and asked "so have you seen teh black and blue show yet?" I said back to him "yeah in indiana, this is our tenth concert though." his response was totally brian and sarcastic and totally brian, "welllll..." and he laughed. Then I remembered what I wanted to ask him. "oh my god!" I exclaimed. He shook his head and shoulders and smiled, I continued with a smile and giggle. "have you ever seen signs in the audience that say 'cross your eyes for us please'?" he looked at me rather excited and replied, "yes of course! All the time!" cooly I stated "that's us" NOTE: WE'VE NOTICED BRIAN POINTING AT OUR SIGNS/WAVING/CROSSING HIS EYES AT US BEFORE..THATS WHY I HAD TO ASK

He then told me he'd look for the signs at the show and he'd point and wave. I informed him we were in the 14th or 18th row. He said he's remember that. the next group was called and brian looked at us with sad puppy eyes. He opened his arms to me one more time and gave me the biggest hug i'd ever received in my lifetime.

the concert was a blast, the best i'd seen in my life! I honestly dont think anything will ever top it.. Even if we hadn't met the boys! By the way brian did point, wave, and cross his eyes at us. Nick did too :) but it'd take me way too long to write those details :) maybe someday.. I wish only the best to every deserving fan out there. I wish I could give all the KIND fans out there the oppurtunity we've had. Hopefully someday you will get the chance. Chance.. It all comes down to it. If you believe in something it will happen. I now believe that.

Backstreet Boys *MIlwaukee*

Date: Aug 31, 2001
Submitted By: Jen

We left for the Bradley Center around 2:30 on August 24th and we were listening to BSB all the way there! It took a little over 2 hours to get there. As we were trying to follow our directions we took we took a wrong turn in a tunnel and ended up in a parking garage! It took us like 5 minutes to find our way out! Once we found the Bradley Center we knew that Backstreet was back! My Dad dropped us off, and my mom and I joined the crowd. KISS 103.7 was there and we were talking to a DJ named Van for a while. I had my KISS 105.5 sticker from Chicago and I showed it to him and he tried to rip it up and then have me some of their stickers! Then we started talking to a mom and daughter from Wisconsin and the girl and I saw a white van pulling in by where the busses were so we ran over there because that was what the Backstreet Boys cam in Chicago. We stood there for a while and then decided to wait in line to get in. They let everyone in at 6:30 and I folded up my “AJ I knew you could win this war” sign and put it in my pocket and put the camera down my shirt! In line there were so many people dressed in KISS and with AJ support signs. My mom and I got the sign and camera in with no problem. The first thing we did was go up 2 sets of escalators to see our seats, which were in section 442 row A seats 11-12. We were just amazed at how close we actually were to the 200-foot stage! These were the best seats that we had ever had! After a little while we decided to ask the security where Krystal was going to signing autographs after her set. We had to ask at least 5 different people and then we found it right outside of section 210. Since there was no one in line yet, we went back to our seats for a while. When we got back there were these 2 girls that came and sat diagonally behind us wearing *nsync everything! They were just rolling their eyes at all the BSB fans. After I got over the fact that there were going to be *nsync fans sitting behind me the whole show I decided to take out my AJ sign to show my support! I noticed John Norris from MTV sitting right in front of the right wing! He turned around and read my sign and gave it a thumbs up! Ahhhhh that was so cool! After that the wave started around the stadium and actually lasted about 7 rounds! The lights turned off and a DJ came up to introduce Krystal! We watched her perform “My Religion” and then went to where she would be signing autographs. My mom and I were the first people in line and I had a picture that I drew of Krystal to give to her. After she was done with her set we were told that she was on her way! Then about a few hundred people came swarming to where the autographs were going to be given because she announced where she was going to be. When Krystal came to the table I gave her my drawing and she really liked it! Then since I didn’t have anything else for her to sign, she signed the back of my AJ sign. All I have to say is that she is short!

By the time we got back to our seats Sisqo was coming on. He was really good! It was so cool when he would do one handed cartwheels and flips! He sang about 7 songs including “Thong Song”, “Incomplete”, and some from his new album. Sisqo definitely put on a great show! He can dance! When he got offstage everyone knew that BSB were coming soon!

OMG the lights started to turn down low and a giant picture of the Earth showed up on the bid circular screen. I was sooo excited that I started crying as the meteorites were hitting the image of the Earth one by one. As each one hit, it was followed by a flash of fire and a thunderous boom! Because we were in the balcony we saw them walk one by one making their way underneath the stage before anyone else!!! After 10 hits the boys were lifted on stage on 5 raised pedestals. They were then lowered down and there were screams louder than anything because it was AJ’s first concert back! They then did and opening dance routine and Kevin and Brian read my sign already! The first words of “Everyone” were fang and it was time for the show to begin! During the amazing dance when they would put their arms out and salute, Kev was staring at my mom and I every time they would salute our way! It was so good to hear AJ sing his first solo of the concert! “Everyone” went straight into “Larger Than Life” which sounded better than ever! Howie saw my sign then he did the cutest little wink, pointed, and shook his head with satisfaction at it! Before the dance break they all stopped and talked for a minute unlike the other concerts and hen they did the awesome dance break with all the dancers! AJ even picked up a dancer! They finished “Larger Than Life” and then ran down under the stage to change for “Not For Me”. It was really cool because again being in the balcony at the angle we were at, we could see them go all the way down and see them come up first!

The big screen turned to a burning red color and they came back out for “Not For Me”. They were wearing black and red outfits and Brian was acting along with the lyrics having a note with a number! The dance routine was so cool and it was like BSB had never missed one show! I love the part of the dance where they look like genies! One of my favorite parts of the whole concert is when there is a pause in the song and air starts to blow on all of them making their clothes fly everywhere and then they rip off their sleeve and throw it out to the crowd! It makes a really cool effect. Then they finished up the rest of the song and when they said “then let me tell you it’s not for me”, to end the song, they fell into the 5 holds on the stage.

Almost immediately after the boys dropped into the trap doors, Brian was lifted back up onto the stage. You could her in the background the tune of “The One” playing. Brian was so cute when he said, “I get to talk to you first haha!” and did his little dance. He then went on to say that he knows that there was an unexpected break and that they aren’t the Backstreet Boys without all 5 of them. After that Brian went, “Who has the Black and Blue album? (Screams) Who has Millennium? (Points the microphone at the crowd and screams!) Who has the backstreet boy’s first American album? (Screams) Who has BaCkStReeTs BaCk? In the cutest little voice (Screams) who wants another album? YA!! Since Brok was the first to talk to us he was still wearing black and red from “Not For Me” and he said, “You know isn’t it a little strange that I’m wearing Black and Red and this is the Black and blue tour? Black and blue, black and red Whoa!!” He also thanked us for all the support!

Brian was lowered down a trap door and then within seconds AJ appeared on the stage being lifted from another trap door. Everyone was screaming louder than they knew that they could for our babe AJ! The first thin he said was, “Man is it good to be back! I am trying not to cry because I promised myself I wouldn’t cry here tonight!” He was wearing a white tuxedo and you could just see that he felt refreshed and safe. He then went on to say, “I thank you ALL for the support, the love and letting me do what I had to do for MEself- see my speech is still messed up haha- to get myself together!” It made everyone so happy to hear AJ say that he was proudly 51 days sober and counting! GO AJ! The backstreet boys aren’t going anywhere!

AJ was lowered and then Nick was up. He was so sweet because the first thing he said was, “C’mon lets give AJ another round of applause!” And went on to welcome us.

Once Nick was lowered Howie came up and I really can’t remember what he said other than thanking us for the support and showing us his new short hair! Then Kevin was last to talk to us and he was on the right wing most of the time and he was reading my sign AGAIN! He then dedicated “What makes you different” to all the beautiful ladies in the audience!

Five spotlights lit up the stage as the rest of the boys rose up sitting on stools wearing white tuxedoes. In the middle of the song Brian started to walk in our direction. He kept getting closer and then he paused and looked up into the balcony. I had my sign over the rail and he read it!! I then let go of the sign with one hand, and I started to wave like crazy to go along with jumping and singing! OMG Brian actually saw me waving and waved back with this huge smile! I started freaking out so much and Brian was just standing there watching and laughing! Ahhh! My legs started to weaken and I fell back onto my chair! (Still freaking out) It was just awesome! There is like no way to describe the feeling you get! Then out of my happiness I just started to cry!

They then started “Yes I will” and did the cane dance routine. It was so emotional when AJ sang, “I stand beside you in everything you do!” because everyone stood behind AJ in this tough time! After that came “More than that”. They sang went up onto the 5 steps on the stage to sing it and Brian just kept doing his classic punching of the air, and Nick got so into it bending over the railing! So cute! You could just tell that they were all so glad to be back!

Then, the giant circular screen was lit with the image of a flame. The first notes of no other song than “I want it that way” started to play. Howie and Kevin stayed on the steps and Brian, Nick, and AJ were on the stage. When Howie sang his part, “You are my fire the one desire,” he went Milwaukeeeeee! I’m so use to hearing Chicago! It was so adorable! Then Kevin got down from the step he was on and went onto the right wing right in front of us and he kept looking at my mom and I! Then he pointed to us with 2 fingers and would dance to us and then point again like he wanted us to dance!!! We did and he pointed again like yeah! We were the only people standing up in the front row of the balcony in the part of 442 we were in so we knew he kept pointing to US! I think my sign brought their attention up to the balcony a lot! After “I want it that way” a video came on the screen that showed the making of the IWITW video. The kept showing close-ups of all 5 hotties! Everybody would scream when they saw their favorite BSB’s close-up on the screen and tonight AJ got the loudest one! It’s so fun to watch the guys joke around! Then a video from the year 2050 came on and it had what all the boys would look like then. They were all so hot still! All the boys kept touching nick’s stomach because they wanted to know what he was keeping in there! Nick was like, “Hey, that’s 25 years of Twinkies right there!” Howie had a hip replacement and he was doing a little cha-cha dance and cracking jokes that Joey Fatone of *nsync auditioned to take his place! Haha! The point of it was that they will always be the backstreet boys!

After the videos, they came back out wearing blue suits and there were black blocks set up on the stage for them to sit on for the “Quit Playin Games”/ “As long as you love me” medley. When Brian was singing one of his solos, someone threw a pink flamingo on the stage and it was making a line drive for Brian! It was coming fast and as athletic as Brian is, he managed to turn and catch it just in time! Go Brian!!! He then brought the flamingo back to the blocks where the rest of the boys were sitting and Brian put it down so gently on a block. It kept falling over and Brian, Howie, and AJ would put it back! It was really funny! Next came “I’ll never break your heart” and it was almost a capella. Just like on the Today Show. It also had a different beat to it and they were singing it standing in a “v” formation with a cute routine. Brian’s microphone must have kept slipping down because he would always have to give it a toss up. LOL! After the song was over AJ stayed in the front of the stage and Brian, Nick, Howie, and Kev were more towards the back. They were putting on an act that they were fighting (You couldn’t hear it just see it) and I thought that they really were at first! Then Howie stepped forward to AJ and said, “Why are you lying to Milwaukee? What is this with I’ll never break your heart? Why don’t you tell Milwaukee what you really mean!!!” and the first 4 pounding beats of “Don’t want you back” were played! As of now they still had on their blue suits but they soon started to rip them off to they were left wearing blue pants and baby blue wife-beaters! I could only dream that they would have taken it all off! Again the dance to the chorus was really good!

When the song was over, a blue box that said BSB wardrobe on it was lowered onto the stage. They asked, “Do you like the clothes that we are wearing right now??” And I was screaming yeah! Because it is so rare to see Brian without sleeves! HOT! Then Kevin said, “Do you want us to change right here on the stage? Oh no we can’t do that, it’s a family show, there are fans of all ages here with their parents and grandparents!” Brian jumped into the box first and man can he jump high! Then Nick said, “You all know I do whatever Brian does so I’m going next!” awww! After Nick went down Howie went and AJ and Kev were left. Then AJ asked, “Did you all see what Nick was wearing at the Teen choice awards?!?!?” – He compared him to an artist from the 60’s- and said that was why Nick had to go and change! He thanked us for the support again and him and Kev were embraced on the stage! Then AJ went down and Kevin shut the lid to the box. He then thanked us for the support too and said, “I would like to introduce you all to some solo material I have been working on- A song started to play but then he went- nah I was only kiddin ya! Would you like to come inside?” And Kevin was down in the box too!

When they were all in the box, a pre-recorded video came onto the big screen of the boys doing a dressing change. AJ was telling us about a new tattoo he had gotten and swinging from a pole in his boxers!!! Nick and Howie tried to get AJ a date that ended up being an inflatable girl named Sally! Then, nick got a number from a girl in the audience and Howie took it because he said that nick got all the girls! They were all trying to see in the mirror and then started to sing part of “Just to be close to you”. When the video was over there was a slight pause and then in the back of the stadium there was a circular stage that resembled a bull’s eye. The spotlights slowly moved to the back where the stage was and the sheet was removed from the top of it. It kept getting raised higher and then it stopped and all of a sudden the backstreet boys were being lifted up in the center of the circular stage in the back of the stadium. They sang “Show me the meaning of being lonely” and everybody went wild that was in the back because they never thought that they would be that close to the boys. While they were in the back all the boys were interacting with the fans. It was really sweet of them! Then they sang “How did I fall in love with you” and nick, AJ, and Kevin sat on different sides of the stage. Brian and Howie remained standing in the middle. “How did I fall in love” is such a beautiful song and during the last chorus they walked around the stage looking at all the fans! When the song was over Brian asked, “Do you know how long the backstreet boys have been together?” Everyone was screaming 8 years!!! And Brian said, “If you want to figure it out nick was only 13 when we started and he is 21 now, so that would be…(Counting with his fingers) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 8 years as the backstreet boys!” He then introduced “Time” and a giant silver bridge stretching from the stage in the back to the main stage was lowered down. AJ was the first to step onto the bridge and he went almost all the way across, but then he gradually came back. Nick caught up with AJ and he put his arm around him and balancing stuffed animals on his head! Then OMG, Brian was on the part of the bridge that was right in front of our section and I was jumping and waving and still had my sign in one hand. Brian actually waved to me again! This time I couldn’t stop screaming and was just totally freaking out! Brian decided to watch me again and started laughing again! Ahhh! It must have amused him to watch me freak out LOL! Everyone around me in my section was yelling OMG he saw you again! Ahhh! Right before the wave from Brian I noticed this awesome sign that said, “We love and support all of you!” It was huge; it took up almost 2 sections in length!

When the boys got back to the mail stage when they were done with “Time”, Kevin started talking about all the boy’s charities. There was The Brian Littrell healthy heart club for kids, Dorough Lupus Foundation, Nick’s ocean campaign, AJ’s diabetes work, and Kevin’s Just Within Reach Charity. Then they sang “Answer to our life” with Brian on guitar, Nick on drums, AJ and Howie on percussion, and Kev was walking up and down the stage. During the last chorus of the song, Brian stopped playing guitar, and he went to help AJ and Howie on percussion. He is just too adorable playing the bongos with this huge smile on his face that I will never forget!

Up next was the “All I have to give”/ “If you stay” medley. Nick came out first to sing his solo and then they were all on stage by the chorus. Brian even threw out his cowboy hat after doing the classic hat dance with a new twist of country you might say! “If you stay” had really good choreography and is off the Booty Call soundtrack from a while back. After “If you stay” all of the boys went under the stage and then AJ came back up and sang his solo in “Shining star” while dancing with one of the dancers. When AJ was done with his solo Nick came walking down a set of stairs surrounded by dancers and sang his solo. When nick sings the part, “It doesn’t matter if the phone might ring,” a phone rose up onto the stage and he was acting it out so cute! The rest of the boys made their way on stage by the first chorus and again, the dance is sooo awesome! In the middle of the song Kevin went down the stairs to change. I love when AJ, Howie, and Nick start to shake their hot behinds to the beat of the song and when they do the clapping part of the dance! When “Shining star” was over Brian, nick, AJ, and Howie went backstage to change, while Kevin came out already changed because he left in the middle of “Shining Star”, to do the band intros. I have honestly never seen Kev have so much fun and be so crazy before! He introduced the band and then by that time the rest of the boys were back out on stage. Brian started to introduce the dancers and it was so funny when Brian went, “Here is Miss Bootylicious Lisa!” He was having so much fun up there dancing along with the dancers. They finished up the intros and they all went under the stage again. Just seconds later the backstreet boys came flying up from under the stage with a lot of flashes for “Everybody”. Backstreet’s back alright! And AJ screamed, “It’s time to get nasty!!!” with one pant leg up to his knew. They did their very well known dance better than ever and nick was rocking the electric guitar too! Another loud moment of the concert is after Nick line, “Am I sexual?!?” Ahhh! Yes you are! “Everybody” was followed by “Get another boyfriend” where AJ bummed one of his shirts over his neck and before each chorus would scream, “Good God!” It is so cool when they say STOP! And they all just freeze on the stage for a minute! They dance break in this song has to be one of the best!

Next, AJ came out to start the beginning of “The Call” but before he did he thanked us again for standing by his side through this hard time and said, “You guys have been a hell of an audience tonight!” and then went on to say, “ I have some bad news, we only have time for one more song tonight! (His cell starts to ring) Should I answer it? Should I?” He finally answered it and said, “Yo man why are you calling me you know I have a show tonight! I’ll call you when I get back to the hotel!” and then “The Call” began and AJ was getting down if you know what I mean LOL! All the boys were on stage now and the first chorus was the version from the CD. Its so adorable when nick sings, “That she wasn’t my only one,” and he counts with his fingers with the cutest look on his face. Starting with the second chorus nick said, “C’mon lets get down with the remix!” and they danced to it. When they said, “Gotta go” they each fell into one of 5 holes on stage and then they were raised back up onto the stage wearing blue choir robes, which they ripped off within 30 seconds. They were surrounded by smoke; I think it was because they were so burning hot! Which made it look so awesome! OMG at the end of “The Call” AJ took his shirt off and everyone went absolutely crazy! Then the backstreet boys and all the dancers took their bows and said goodnight! People started to leave, but when they heard the first notes of “Shape of my heart” they all came flooding back! Brian had his Healthy Heart club shirt attached to his belt and he pointed to a girl I the front row to give it to and then gave it to a security guard to give to the girl! Aww! Then Howie threw a lupus bear out off of each of the wings too! They are just too sweet! At one point Kevin said, “Thank you so much for all the banners! We can see them ALL and they mean so much to us!” OMG I still had my sign out and now I know they really saw it! When AJ sang his part, “I can’t win this war,” I was screaming so loud because my sign was from that line in the song! “AJ I knew you could win this war!” It was so sad because the song was almost over but then nick and Howie pulled out silly string and were spraying AJ to welcome him back! AJ had this huge smile on his face! The backstreet boys thanked us for coming and said their final goodbyes as they were slowly lowered under the stage. I wish the night would just go on forever!

My Mom and I left right after the song was over and on the way out I was interviewed by Entertainment tonight with my AJ sign and I was just going crazy! (I didn’t’ make it on) Then we waited over by the tour busses for a while but we didn’t see any BSB. When we were looking for our car I ran into John Norris on the sidewalk on the other side of the street and I asked him if he saw my sign and he said it was awesome!!! This backstreet concert was definitely the best concert I have been to out of my 5 BSB concerts! It was jus amazing! There is only one way to describe it…BACKSTREET’s BACK ALRIGHT!

pleae let me know what you think! thanks! KTBSPA!

BSB Concert in Milwaukee

Date: Aug 30, 2001
Submitted By: Sweet_pea

I drove seven hours to see the Backstreet Boys in Milwaukee on August 24, and let me tell you it was well worth it. I am still on cloud 9. I sat on the right side of the stage on the second level, and let me tell you it was so awesome. I had a perfect view of the stage. The guys looked incredibly sexy, and boy do they know how to dance. They performed songs from "Black & Blue," and also a few older songs. The highlight of the night was when Brian waved to me and my friend. We also seen him again on his bus when we were walking back to our hotel (in the rain), and he waved again!! This was the best concert I've ever been to by far!!! By the way, if you have crappy tickets, find an usher close to the stage, and hit on him. Believe me, it works like a charm. :)


Date: Aug 30, 2001
Submitted By: Pam

I was able to go to the Milwaukee show to witness MY boys return to the limelight where they rightfully belong! This trip didn't start out like a normal 'road trip' with me and my girls...It was something much bigger, much greater than that.

We didn't have tickets till one week before the show. Didn't have a hotel room till 3 days before the show. And then, there was the small question of how we were going to get there from North Carolina.

We ended up getting (floor) tickets from someone on E-Bay, airline tix through Priceline, and a hotel room at the Pfister..Which happened to be the same one the Boys were staying in.

Anyway, after numerous flight delays, we arrive at the hotel at 7:30 Friday night. Yes, Friday night. We threw our bags at a bellhop and ran out to our awaiting taxi. We arrived at the Bradley Center after Krystal's performance was finished and Sisqo was preparing to come on.

Sisqo, in my opinion was much better than Shaggy, but then again, I wasn't there to see ANYONE except for MY boys.

The energy there was incredible! When the lights went down before the meteor shower began, the screams began!

The opening number was incredible! This made my fifth Black and Blue show, but I tell you, every time I see it, it gets better each time.

When Brian came out onto the stage to speak to the crowd, he giggled! It was soooo cute!! He sounded like a much cuter version of the Pilsbury Dough Boy...

He thanked everyone for their love and support and asked if we were ready for a new album.

Then AJ came out. The screams! The tears! The signs of support. I saw many signs saying, WELCOME BACK AJ!! WE MISSED YOU AJ!!! (and of course my personal favorite from my friend DJ, but I won't tell you what that one said. AJ knows..So do his dancers. He's seen it at 3 different shows now...Green poster board, black writing)

AJ spoke to everyone and the crowd went wild. As they did everytime AJ had a solo. I think that night AJ had more screams than Nick did! But it was all good because we truly missed AJ and the rest of the guys while they were away for 6 weeks.

Throughout the show, the guys were clearly making a statement as they were together on stage more often. They stood together as one. They were saying, "We're back. We're stronger than ever. We're brothers till the end."

AJ didn't even wear his typical sunglasses throughout the show. Only for one song, and they were all wearing them.

At the end of the show, in typical Nick fashion, Nick pulled out a can of silly string and doused AJ's head with it. AJ stood there smiling ear to ear. The other guys all joined in on the fun. You could truly tell that they were all very happy to be back and all very happy and relieved to see that AJ and the rest of them were still greeted with open arms.

After the show, we went out to grab a taxi back to the Pfister. While standing there, the busses passed by us. We screamed and jumped up and down waving our signs. One of which said, "WE'D GO ANYWHERE FOR YOU..CHARLOTTE, NC"

I'd tell you what mine said, but here again, I don't want to. It was for Nick, and he knows what it said as he's seen my sign at 5 different shows now. Green with black lettering...

Anyway, back at the hotel, we find out all the guys, except Howie have checked out. After waiting in the lobby for hours, Howie finally comes in at like 230am.

It was just me, my 2 best friends, 4 little girls and 2 moms there. Howie came through, spoke to everyone. Gave the little girls autographs. Hugged my friend DJ and then signed my other friends jeans. I snapped a picture of Howie and told him that I loved his haircut and happy belated birthday. He said "Thank you." and went upstairs.

We went back to our room and totally freaked out. WE had just met a Backstreet Boy and he was staying in the room above ours!!

The next morning we got up and went downstairs to the lobby. Howie's tour bus was still outside. We waited for a couple of hours, but he never came down so we decided to have breakfast.

By the time we ate, Howie must've come downstairs and left because his bus was gone.

All in all, this was the most awesome trip I've ever taken!!

I was sooooo happy to see the guys again and to see AJ happy and healthy.

Keep up the good work guys! AJ~one day at a time baby, one day at a time....

Black&Blue Tour, Aug. 24th, Milwaukee

Date: Aug 29, 2001
Submitted By: Megan

Hi, I just wanted to say how GOOD the show was in Milwaukee, and how PROUD I was to have been there for Alex's first day back on tour. It was my first concert, and I had the best time, screaming and snapping pictures wildly!

We definitely showed the love, especially to everybody's favorite bad boy, A.J. He looked so good, he sounded really really good, and so did Brian, Kevin, Nick, and Howie D. And let me just mention how good Kev looked in those cornrows, and Howie D has a new haircut!

There was lasers and lights and lots of SOUND. I swear, when the music starts, you cannot feel your own heartbeat anymore! All you feel is the bass, the drum taps, the piano chords, the guitar strums. It was off the hook, I'm telling you. Everytime A.J. sang, we all screamed extra loud, just in case he didn't know just how much we all loved him. And of course we screamed when he lifted his shirt! LoL.

They sang evrything on Black&Blue, and they threw in "Don't Want You Back," "Quit Playing Games", "As Long As You Love Me", "I'll Never Break Your Heart", and they even did "If You Stay" for the fans who know about the "old skool" Backstreet. And lets not forget about "Show Me the Meaning". I thought I'd cry when Howie sang "How Did I Fall In Love With You", but I was too excited at just seeing him in person. It was SO much fun. I danced the entire show, I only sat down for maybe 5 min. tops. The guys made sure every fan felt special, and I cannot wait until the next tour, I am gonna be there again, screaming my heart out!

Love ya

*Sweet D Lover*

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Date: Aug 29, 2001
Submitted By: Elizabeth Little

The Backstreet Boys concert in Milwaukee was the most amazing experience of my life! They sounded better than ever, and AJ was amazing. I cried during the first four songs because I was so happy to see them back together after a break! I had the chance to meet the Backstreet Boys,and I will never forget that day. They are so extremely nice, and I couldn't ask for anything more!!!


Date: Aug 28, 2001
Submitted By: ISABELLA

Hi ya'll let me just tell everyone that this was the best concert ever. I went to their show in milwaukee on friday aug 24, aj looked hotter than ever. The show started off with krystal and she was great and she is so tiny you can like lose her on stage. Sisqo came afterwards he was good but on the first leg tour when I went and shaggy was an opening act I think he was better he hyped the crowd more than sisqo did but he was still good. But I didn't come to see the opening acts I came to see my one and only backstreet boys. I had awesome seats I sat on the floor 3rd row center. And let me tell you I could see them sweat and shake those botties they way they do oh so good. Aj looked hot his hair was blond and it looked very good on him but what wouldn't look good on him anyways. They started with everyone and then they went into larger than life. Aj waved at me twice during the whole show I thought I was gonna die when he blew me a kiss he was so happy and so were the rest of the fellows you could tell they were happy to be back on stage. Aj really thrives for this attention. He gained some weight and he took his shirt off for a couple of the songs I thought I was gonna die. I was going crazy when he was doing all of those pelvic thrusts and booty shakes. For anyone who is going enjoy you'll have the best time the put on one hell of a show and it's worth all the money you invested in those tickets. Bye ya'll any questions be free to email me. Kbspa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Backstreet Boys in Milwaukee, "Yes They're Back Again"

Date: Aug 28, 2001
Submitted By: Ally

my name is ally. i am 16 and from milwaukee, WI. i'm writing about last friday. it was a seriously great night. why you might ask? friday night, august 24th, 2k1. amazing. AJ looked so great. Kevin's hair was braded again, Howie had a short 'new dew' (as AJ called it) and Brian, well, he looked like Brian. :)

what can i say really? Sisqo sucked royal ass, major bad act. couldn't even keep up with the recorded song. lol, it was too funny for words. krystal, well, her voice is amazing but she seemed too full of herself. "i'll be in section 215 so everyone can come up and get my autograph and a picture!" and she said too much slang, too. yuckie. but she had a great voice and she sang, "i'll be there" (old mariah song) dedicated to AJ. can't go wrong there.

ok, so i'm an AJ freak, so sue me. :)~

i was pretty close personally so i saw things well. everyone danced well, i didn't see any accdents or anything. and they're voices were good, too. perfect. i got this great picture of Brian saying, "We've been through days of thunder..." (Everyone) and yay. i had a great time. There were some fans with obscure signs, ect. "AJ, I swallow" yuckie. nasty. anyway, i really enjoyed myself tons. ktbsbpa and catch you on the flip side.

your AJwAnNaBeWiFIe,


ps: PLEASE gimme a comment ppl!!! I love talking about BSB and i'm online a lot. write me at


Milwaukee concert

Date: Aug 27, 2001
Submitted By: Becca

OMG the concert was soooooo awesome!! My friend and I waited outside theri hotel for 4 hours and got really good pics of howie d and nick they were also signing stuff and were very nice!! Aj was the same old Aj at teh concert he was sooo happy and really got into it! Our pictures turned out awesome because we had 8th row center seats and I will try to get them on the here soon!!! IF anyone went to this show email me to talk about it or anyone else and ktbpa!!!

Milwaukee Show 8/24

Date: Aug 27, 2001
Submitted By: Deb Kultgen

I saw BSB's first show back in Milwaukee! It was awesome! AJ looked so good and healthy. I almost started crying when he talked to us! I hope he keeps up with the awesome recovery he has started. The guys did not look like they had missed a beat. Howie D. (my fave) looked especially hott with his new shorter do! I have to say this was the best concert I have been to-ever!

Milwaukee, WI

Date: Aug 26, 2001
Submitted By: Dena

What a great show! We've seen them twice before (both times in Chicago) but this was by far the best! I love their different personalities that show throughout the performance and the dynamics of the group. Nick was a breath of fresh air! So adorable with his grin! Brian was as sweet and laid back as ever, Kevin was regal as the big brother. AJ was looking wonderful : healthy and happy! Howie---ahhhh HOWIE !!!! Love the haircut! Give it time! You'll love it! He seemed so touched by the audience's wonderful response during his solos in HDIFILWY. I was so happy for him!

They all seemed so refreshed, rested, so happy to be back and they seem to know where they're going now! I LOVE THEM!

Milwaukee concert

Date: Aug 26, 2001
Submitted By: Crystal

I went to the BSB returning concert in Milwaukee on Friday the 24th, and it was sooo good! They preformed some different songs from the last Black & Blue tour, and they sounded even better! AJ and the boys all talked about his issue's and AJ said he's been sober for 51 days!! He at one point almost broke into tears on stage while talking about it. I think Everyone along w/ me were sending our hearts out to him. My friend and I were also fortunate enough to meet AJ's new Girlfriend there. She was unbelievably nice and pretty. We wish them the best of luck and the boys luck on the rest of their tour!!

PS-anyone wanna see a pic of AJ's gf just Email me!

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