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Utah @ The Delta Center

Date: Nov 01, 2002
Submitted By: Shannon

~ * ~ * My Backstreet Boys Concert Review * ~ * ~

~ * ~ * Black And Blue Concert * ~ * ~

~ * ~ * October 5th, 2001 * ~ * ~

~ * Salt Lake City, Utah @ The Delta Center * ~ *

Hi, I just wanted to share my Concert Review with you. I hope you enjoy it and if you like to chat about BSB *IM* me or *EMAIL* me anytime!

Before The Concert:

I left at 8:00am on October 5th in the morning. My dad drove, & ex fiancee Eric came with me, I didn't get to bed till 2:00am that morning because I was up late packing my clothes for my cruise I was leaving for on October 6th. Well, it was an eight hour drive and it was sure hella boring! but I kept on thinking what was gonna happen, how the concert would be different in Utah than here in Denver Colorado, but I also listen to BSB all the way there (Mostly Black and Blue, I love that CD!)

We didn't get there till 5:30 that evening, and I was so happy I saw the tour buses and I was freaking out! I didn't have to wait long to get in which was pretty cool and they said we could take picture's but we can't use zoom camera's! They also let us take our signs! I wore my BSB pants, shirt, necklaces, and my BSB Blinking Hat.

All I have to say about this concert was OMG! The lady showed my seats and I was freaking out I never thought I'll be that close to the BSB! The next cool thing was that the bridge was only 5 SEATS AWAY FROM ME! I could tell that this night was gonna be the nest night of my LIFE! This concert was definitely the BEST!

The Concert:

*** Just letting you guys know I had Floor 2.. Row 6.. Seats 13 and 14***

Krystal was first and she was awesome! She was also very pretty I admire her! I took couple of pix of her, she sang about 4 songs, and she saw me and waved at me! I was like awesome! I couldn't believe she saw me! Then it was Sisqo. He was cool but I just so excited for BSB I didn't care about him but he lifted his shirt up couple of times the girls went crazy!

Then 15 minutes later

~The Backstreet Boys!!!!!~

When they came out everyone girl went crazy and I was one of them (LOL)

They started out with "Everyone" they all looked so good and HOT! Nick saw me once they popped out and he smiled at me I was like omg he looked at me I was freaking out and the concert only started (LOL) The costumes and dance was awesome couldn't ask anything better! Then it was "Larger Than Life" ( the coolest part was that Nick and Howie and Brian was on my side most of the night)! Nick sang "You're Larger Than Life" he pointed at me and smiled and I was freaking out I couldn't breathe I was nearly going into shock there! Then Howie came by and this girl in front of me held her big giant sign for Howie and I couldn't Nick so Nick bend down to see me and blew me a kiss I was like OMG!!! * SIGHS*Each BSBoy came out to introduced themselves and talk a little and Brian was first, and he goes "Hey I hear that the Olympics will be here next year.. that's pretty cool.. he smiled and this funky little dance and sang something like "shoopy doop" and snapped his fingers.. it was so cute and funny.. I could say that Brian was the funniest out of the group he was always doing things funny! Aj came out and he goes... "Hey Utah do you guys like my hair?" and of course everyone screamed. * His hair was blonde with black spots* "Then he goes I am not that great with math but last time I counted I am now 93 days sober" and proceeded to tell everyone thanks for all the support and then my favorite guy came out it was NICK! I was like screaming off the top of my lungs! Nick said that he was looking at the monitors down under that stage and was laughing at AJ's hair.. he looks like a cheetah don't ya think? he laughed.... When Nick came to my side I showed him my sign and he read it and he smiled at me and laughed at my hat and waved good-bye to me! * Double Sigh* ... Next was Howie and he said how cool it was to be back in Utah and when he was younger he used to come here to visit a friend that at Hill Air Force Base and that he will also be carrying the torch for the state of Florida for the Olympics... Then lastly but not the least the only and one Kevin! But I can't remember what Kevin said opps sorry. (LOL)

Then it was "Not For Me" The costume was cool and neat looking. Next they sang was "Yes I. Will" then I showed my sign again and in case you're wondering what it said it was "Nickz Shining Star" and he loved it and blew me a kiss, and everytime I hold it up he look at it then smile at me and stuff it was wonderful! Then AJ came over and I yelled "I LOVE YOU AJ" he looked at me and waved and did a funny grin (LOL).. Then they sang "More Than That" I love this song and they looked totally HOT!!! Then they sang "I Want It That Way" and Kevin waved at me and I held up my other sign that said "Came From Colorado To See BSB" and Kevin read it and smiled.

The next song they sang was "I"ll Never Break Your Heart" they had a cool little dance and they used stands for the micas it was so cool. Nick looked at me and pointed when he said the word "CRY" and he had his hands go down on his face like he was wiping the tears away, it was just so cute! Then they did a skit of them in the year 2050 (LOL) OMG it was so funny! Howie kept doing his booty dance and made fun of Nick being fat and when they was talking about Nick he got up and started shaking his bootay and showing his tummy it was funny I was cracking up, Kevin had long gray hair, brian was bald and was in a wheelchair with a basketball, and AJ had a cigar with a black tooth... It was funny I didn't get to see it at my first Black and Blue concert because of Kevin not being there! Then they sang one of my favorite songs "Quit Playin Games (With My Heart)" Brain voice is so beautiful, and he smiled at me! *Sighs* It went into "As Long As You Love Me" while Nick was singing, Brian was being funny again.. He was having a hard time getting up to sit on the little boxes thingy they had on stage and then when Brian finally got up there he was making funny faces and he put his microphone in his pocket and act like he was singing and stuff it was so cute, he was cracking me up! They took off their jackets and they had like blue muscles shirts and when Nick took off his sleeves he was lookin at me!!! Then they sang "Don't Want You Back" and I was nearly going INSANE I still couldn't believe it I was so close I could see them so perfect! When the part came to "Sexuality" Nick looked at me and did a pelvic thrust! I was like OMFG!!!!!! I couldn't believe it! I was to busy watching everywhere Nick went. (LOL) Then they sang "All I Have To Give" they did an awesome dance to this song, Nick and Brian wore the same hat and then they threw it in the crowd. ( I wish I could of caught it) Howie threw 3 bears throughout the show and the last bear he threw he kissed it and some guy caught it (LOL)

Then the boys asked us if we wanted to come to the wardrobe with them and watch them change and of course I couldn't see this either so it was new to me! and of course we all screamed "YES" they had a box that said BSB wardrobe and Brian goes and jumps in and right through he went! Kevin sat behind the box the whole time he was like acting serious and stuff. Then Nick went inside the box and he started throwing out his shoes, shirt, and pants, Kevin was making faces like covering up his nose like "Nick Stinks" (LOL) it was funny, then Howie went in next. Then AJ asked us if Kevin and himself should just undress on stage and then Brian came up and got AJ and went back down to the wardrobe and Kevin closed the box and sat on and he like "since I have you all to myself I think I'll sing a song... I saw a girl in the front row..she was staring at me.... She was really pretty.. Just kidding he said.... Then he goes in the box and asks us to follow them (LOL). Then they came on the screen.. they would be fighting over stuff... and we saw AJ in boxers and shirt...*YUMMY*.... Nick also was saying how he got some chick phone number in the 3rd row she was hot that was funny.. How Howie was taking over the mirror..... The clip was awesome! I knew at this point of time that the BSB was gonna be at the Mini Stage... I could still see them but they were farther away :( (LOL)

At first they sang " Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely" then it was "What Makes you Different Makes You Beautiful."... and "How did I Fall In Love With You" Then my moment was gonna happen... The bridge was coming down and I was freaking out along with the friends I made at the concert.... We couldn't believe as close we were to it! They sang another one of my favorite song "TIME" so, me and few other girls, hurried up got on our chairs, as AJ came by first he saw and we almost fell over and AJ just started laughing, and told us to be careful.. and then I threw my book I made for BSB and it landed on the bridge then slide off :(....... then I threw me teddy bears over but it slide off also.... :(....... The silly string I had for Nick made it up there but he didn't see it :( but instead of Nick seeing it, I almost accidently hit Kevin w/ it, Kevin looked at me and I kept yelling sorry sorry, and he like saying it's okay, I was like I LOVE YOu and he said Love ya too, smiled and walked away...... But at least it didn't slide off! But the cool thing was that Nick saw me again! He was like actually looking for me! HaHa! When he saw me he smiled and blew me a kiss. Then he went back to where Brian was at the end HaHa... Then Howie came by and he was throwing flowers :(... and he saw me and blew me a kiss and he loved my hat!!!! Then Brian came by and he saw me again and he blew me a kiss and gave me a warm nice smile!... Then I missed Kevin so much from the other concert when he came by I was like screaming his name so loud that he heard me and he looked SO hot!!! Kevin saw my hat and smiled and he waved and blew me a kiss... That was the best I would never forget that part!!!!!

They sang "America The Beautiful" for the Sept 11th tragedy. They asked us all to sing along with them the best we could. Then they sang another one of my favorite songs... "The Answer To Our Life" The video for the song was awesome I liked it.... They played intruements which was awesome... I think they did a wonderful job.. Then they sang "Shining Star" that is where I showed my sign again and he smiled he kept on lookin at my throughout the night and I loved it! Then Brian came by and saw my sign that I made for Nick and he started laughing and he looked at me and then looked at Nick and stuff and started making funny faces, it was so cute! They sang "Everybody Backstreet's Back" next and when Nick sang "Am I Sexual" he looked at me and smiled...HaHa! :-)........ Then they sang "Get Another Boyfriend" I totally dig the dance to this song! I am learning it right now..... Nick was crazy during this song he like crabbed his crotched in front of me and stuff I was like "OMG" Then later on Brian came by and saw me and I was holding up my sign from Colorado and he was reading it and he gave me thumbs up! I was definitely having the time of my life! I think this is where the BSBoys came out and introduced the band and the dancers Nick was funny when he came out he asked us "Do you ya'll think we're all crazy? and we all screamed "YES" Nick looked at me and I was laughing and he looked at me and laughed with me I was about to cry...but I tried my best not too... Then AJ talked last of course because it went into "The Call" this song gets me all hyped up like "Get Another Boyfriend" and when AJ came by and I was waving and he saw me and he waved at me and then Howie came by and he winked at me I was like omg he winked at me YAY! WhooHoo! Then they sang "Shape Of My Heart" When Brian sings the beginning of this song it gets me all teared eyed and stuff I was like really into the song.... Kevin came by my side and I yelled "KEVIN I LOVE YOU" and he smiled and said he loved me too! Then Nick came over and he was looking around and when he saw me he told me "good-bye" and Nick went under and he waved "good-bye" to me I was so happy! I also threw a Basketball that my friend and I got for Brian and we wrote messages on it for them and I tried to throw it on stage but instead it hit one of the BSB lights I don't know if I broke it or not! (LOL) OPPS! LOL

Then we waited for like almost a minute and then BSB came out again on stools kind of and how lucky was I Nick was on my side again!!! WHOOHOO!!! and he smiled at me when he got up there and I was like freaking out again! They sang "Drowning" and when it was Nickz part he looked at me and pointed at me and waved! The girls I became friends with was all going crazy with me telling me he waved at me how lucky I was.... I started crying and Nick looked at me like he didn't want me to cry it was sweet... Then Brian and Howie saw us and they started laughing and waved at us... then the song was over I couldn't believe that the night was almost over I didn't want it to end at all! I was about to cry... They all said their good-bye's....... But Nick looked at me one last time and it made me all happy again....when they was going down he was waving to me and blew me one last kiss! It was worth it driving 8 hours to see BSB and drive back.. I will get great seats again because BSB is worth it! I love BSB ! BSB Rulz!!! I never forget this night! Sorry it was soooo long but I didn't want to leave out that much detail I want to remember this for the rest of my life!!!!

san jose , oct 15

Date: Nov 18, 2001
Submitted By: Mon Mya Yee

Hey bsb and the fans,it was so happy that when I saw bsb for three times.It was soooooo awesome.BSB are the best.Kevin,Howie,Brian,A.J and Nick- I love you all.Please come to us again and again.I'm from Myanmar.It's in Asia.But now I live in San Jose,CA.I will go back to my country in 2003.So please come before I go.I will always be your #1 fan.And please play on mtv that the interview in 1999 for millennium album.

October 15th concert

Date: Nov 03, 2001
Submitted By: Azusa

HEY ALL BACKSTREET FANS! omg this concert was sooooo good! i had so much fun. i have been to 3 bsb concerts now and this was by far the best one. They just keep getting better and better...i was glad to see so many bsb fans still keeping the backstreet pride alive! i know you guys have heard the song order and what goes on so i'm not going to repeat that.. But i have to say i had second to last row for floor seats and they weren't that bad. i was closer than i thought i would be. and then for the second stage we had front row b/c the people in the back of us didn't show up. (god who knows why not?) and then kevin, brian, nick and aj waved to me and i have pictures of it too. and howie winked at me. lol..well i hope they come back and i'm looking forward to seeing them again! stay safe backstreet boys, and backstreet fans!! ktbspa!! always and forever!!

Oactober 15, 2001 concert at San Jose

Date: Nov 01, 2001
Submitted By: Quintona Branch

First and foremost I would just like to say "WHAZZUPP." ok now to the good stuff. This was my second BSB concert and well it was my second period but i just have to say that the October 15th one was off the chain. It was way better than the one on March 2nd at the Oakland Arena (go Radiers!) It was bigger, louder, and more throte horse-ning. I was deaf and dumb when we left. I could't hear anything for at least 15 minutes and i was horse for 4 days. 4 freaking days, but it was so worht it.

The boys totally put it down and so did everybody in the show, Krystal, and the Thong King Sisqo. But I owuld have to say the highlight of the show would have to be Backstreet Boys in 2050. It had to be the funniest thing I've ever seen. I would tell you everything 'cause i totally remember everything but my hand is starting to cramp up a little so Later Days and KTBPA;)

San Jose concert, monday 10/15

Date: Oct 29, 2001
Submitted By: Jennifer

The BACKSTREET BOYS are my favorite group. so i was really excited to see them. on the way to the compaq center, i was listening to z95.7 b/c they said that bsb was gonna be on the show. cuz diana was backstage at the backstreet boys concert. 1st of all i would like to thank BSB for an incredible show last night, although they will never read this. well here's my review.

my seats weren't that great, but i had a really good time. my crazy sister and i were in section 216 she was the one shakin her ass, well newayz. it was one HELL of a SHOW! i'm so happy that aj's back, happy, and alive and most importantly being sober for 103 days and going strong! i love him for that. and eveyr1 was there to support him. i did go to the 1st leg of the tour back in march. and this was my 2nd bsb concert and it was great. they did change the set list and their costumes. which were way better.

i personally think they had more energy into this tour than the last one. they did alot of cute things. my favorite performances were: yes i will, more than that, don't want u back, medley-alaylm, quit playing games, all i have to give,

if u stay, i'll never break your heart, drowning, and the call remix. and i have to say "drowning" sounds so good

LIVE! i will always remember the 1st time i hear "drowning" live that night. it was so cute when aj and nick did their little n'sync dance to byex3. and did every1 see that the camera guy did a ZOOM and i mean ZOOM on nick's CROTCH! i was like what the hell is that, and it was his crotch for sure! it was funny. and i have to say you go girl who made the poster that said "take it off", i'm so glad you made that. i wanted nick to take it all off! but aj did at the end of the show, his shirt that is. and i have to say he looked so DAMN good!! i liked it when nick sang "i don't think your ready for this jelly" it was so cute. i swear next time when i go to their show i'm definitely going to get floor seats, b/c the way that every1 talks about their experience, is so incredible and you can really see them up close. and when were happy their happy too! kristen who met BSB on the 15th your so lucky! and did ne1 get to see steve young. i heard he was at the show, but i found out after the concert when every1 else did their review. i had a great night, and it's something i will never forget!

i was passing out some yellow ribbons to other fans b4 the show. hopefully next time i get to meet other fans before the show next time.

and did ne1 take really good pics of the boys that night. if you did can you send them to me? here's my e-mail jennie511@yahoo


San Jose Concert

Date: Oct 28, 2001
Submitted By: Sunita

9.My friend had won backstage passes. It was the day of the concert and I was freaking out all day at school. When I got I imediately left for San Jose. I got there about 4:00. I went to my friends house and we left for the San Jose Arena. We had backstage passes around our necks. We got there the security guard let us in, and I saw that Howie was being interviewed on z95.7. I ran into howie, and I was so embarassed. I could not say anything to him. I was so speechless. I finnally started to talk to him in spanish. He told me to come back after the show because all tht other guys were not here yet quite. The show was amazing and I got to meet them after.

The NiGhT that Dreamz Came True

Date: Oct 24, 2001
Submitted By: *~Kelsi~*

There's no denying that the BSB concert on October 15th was by far the best night of many peoples lives... including mine!

This was my 9th concert, two of my previous concerts being BSB also lol. I saw them twice in March too.. once in Oakland and once in Las Vegas (i flew there a week later to see the show again.. it was my Christmas present). I am not exaggerating when I say this has by far been the best concert I have EVER been to, including the past two BSB concerts which were, though also very good, not even comparable to the one last week. This time the routine and procedures were slightly different, because this was thre second leg. But I didnt know that before the show and I was suprised (a good kind of suprise) at this lol. I laughed so hard at the skit on the screen of them at age like, 90. When we got there, I almost started crying when I realized how good our seats were. We had a good view of the main stage, though it wasn't anywhere as near as good as like 10th row or anything, but we did have floor seats and even without binaculars I could see well. But the good part is... when the bridge came down... we were RIGHT there! i mean really, it was amazing lol. And when they were on that circle stage thing...I ran over there was jumping up and down and being crazy (the security guard came soon thought and shooed us back to our seats) and brian waved at me and my friend! well.. kinda lol he waved in our direction...but we were the only ones screaming brian around that area so i thnk he waved to us.

The dancing was great and there was alot of energy adn work put into it, and Nick acted hilarious that night. When they sang the America the Beatiful or whatever it was they sang it brought tears to my eyes. Also when they sang drowning.

I met Krystal at her signing and I gave her this GIANT lollipop which she was estatic (im a bad speller..) about. I missed all of Sisqos performance cuz I was in line waiting to meet her but thats ok lol.

The concert was great and I read many proffesionl reviews in magazines and news papers about it the next daY. Most were good but some mocked it and were very negative towards it. But I think BSB, just with the media in GENERAL, dont get what they deserve. ITs ok to have ur own opinion but I think its wrongf to try and make those who do love them feel bad. Nsync gets more media attention and MTV supports them cuz they know they will get more money. People are forgetting who are here first. No one, in my opionion will ever live up to all that BSB has accomplished.

Ok, here is the best part. I met AJ.. Kinda. We walked around at hotels trying to find them but got kicked out for 'loitering'. But we were about to go but we sae tour buses in front of the Fairmont. So my friends and I ran there and we found out we had just missed BRian and Nick. But AJ was still in there (kevin and howie were staying at the dianza.. the hotel we had been kicked out of.. too bad we never saw them). So soon A girl came out who i immidiately recognized as sarah (AJ's girl friend). I didnt see AJ but I started screaming anyway cuz I knew he was coming. There was tons of other girls there too and a few boys lol. I saw AJ, I noticed how cute he looked with bleached hair. MY friend got good pictures but I was to hysterical. When he came out and got near us I approached him but the security guard wouldnt let me near him. Nick had signed autogrpahs for everyone (we missed him by like 1 minute) but AJ just went right onto the bus. I did get to say hi though which is.. kinda.. meeting him.. kinda lol. Even if he didnt respond..


The Best Boy Band Out There!!! (San Jose Concert)

Date: Oct 22, 2001
Submitted By: Vivian

WOW!!! I am totally speechless... it's been six days already, and I am still talking about the Backstreet Boys' concert! That night was the best time of my life!!! There's absolutely no way of describing how much energy there was that night. It was a blast! I was sky rocketed into outer space. It was such a surreal night. I can't even spell out the words I want to say... the five beautiful, talented guys gave their all which made the fans build up sooo much energy to last throughout the night. Even though I didn't get front row seats, the guys made every person feel as if they were right there watching them up close. I can't help but keep thinking about that night... it's like it was all a dream, and now I've awoken and realized what was happening. It's definitely a strange feeling. That night was sOoOoOOOOOooOoOoOo aMaZiNg!!! It's sooo hard to explain how neat it was. All I gotta say is that the Backstreet Boys are the best, #1, boy band out there!!! No one, absolutely no one on all seven continents, can come close to how beautiful, amazing, and talented they are!!! BACKSTREET BOYS ARE THE REAL DEAL!!! Unlike some... *cough* I won't mention names. KTBSPA!!! WHOO HOO!!!

BSB in San Jose, October 15th 2001

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: Jennifer

My BSB cocnert was AWESOME!!!!!!! They sang amazingly, danced awesome, and were so nice, sweet, and funny! My seats were 18th row, floor section 1, seat 14 (on the aisle)!!!!! When I got there I wasn't sure how close they were so when I found my seats I started to cry! Then I looked up and the bridge was like right above me (but to the side so I wasn't under it but on the side) and I really sarted crying! So Krystal came on and she was amazing! One bad part: When I went to go take my 2nd picture of Krystal, a gaurd guy came and was like I need to take your camera cause 1. it has a flash, and 2. you cant have it in here anyway! and I was like no you cant you dont understand! and after fighting with him for like 5 minuets he finally took the battery out and i thought it might still work, but it wouldnt even turn on and I sarted crying! Then like 5 mins. alter he comes back and gives it back and says everyone seems to have one and its not fair if I only take it from you... and Iw as like OMG I lvoe you thank you so much and I almost gave him a hug! then I sarted crying again casue I was so happy! Then Krystal was over and I went to go meet her but the line was huge so I went back and got a couple of pics for my friend of sisqo and went back to see if I could meet Krystal (my friend stayed to watch sisqo) and I cut inf ront of about 100 people to meet her (no one noticed!) and she is sooooo nice!

THE BEST PART: BSB comes on, I go crazy screaming, dancing, singing, and blowing lots of kisses hwnever they looked my way! Brian saw me and had a look on his face that looked like he thought I was crazy and he blew me a kiss!!!!!!!!!!!! then the bridge comes down and I have like a front row seat!!!!!!! so im freaking holding up my sign waving taking pictures and Howie comes over and is stadning right in front of me and I takke a million pics and he winks at our sign and poses for me while I take a picturte!!!!!!!!!!! I throw my stuffed animal up oin the birdge but they didnt pick it up :-( and i threw up a letter but it didnt make it to the bridge :-( to make a long story short IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!! THAT BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!! I COULD HAVE STAYED THERE FOREVER!!!!!! I LOVE THE BACKSTREET BOYS!!!!!!! KTBSPA!!!!!


San Jose

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: tluv

Well just the other nite I had gone to my 2nd BSB concert and right now I am at a loss of words. Do those guys rock or what? They must get better and better with each show. Their show was amazing. Their harmonies were solid, their dance moves were sexy, and not to mention they all just looked so beautiful. I'm sure all the reviews you've read so far are pretty much the same thing, and you'll probably hear it from every other entry, so I will try not to be repetitive. All I do want to say is that The Backstreet Boys are definitely a class act. They performed their hearts out last nite in San Jose and our crowd was definitely feeding off of their love. Much props to all of you who attended, I don't think there was a silent moment in the concert. I've seen a lot of different artists perform and I don't think there is anyone that can match the energy nor the talent that our Boys give to their audience.

People tend to think that BSB only attracts the young teenyboppers, but I myself looked around and saw parents, grandparents, children young and people of all ages. I'm sure they had a great time at the concert as did I.

October 15 will definitely be a night I will never forget. I am so proud to be a fan of one of the most successful pop vocal groups ever, and even more honored that I got to witness it happen.

By the way Krystal definitely rocked the house!!!!

San Jose Concert

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: Sue & Bobbie

Well, i want to start with The boys put on an excellent show for us that nite. I must admit that waiting for this nite took forever but it was definitely worth the wait! My daughter was soooo excited that i thought she was going to faint at 1 point.

On to the show, Of course they came out rising from these platforms (which were cool) which then lead into "Everyone", then "Larger then life." The whole show was quite an experience. I've been to 1 show but i have never seen them this close. We were 4 rows from the stage in the middle of the floor. They were the best seats! I'm sure by now everyone knows how the songs went. But the best was for my daughter was when brian picked up a dog she threw up on stage for him. Then she brought necklaces for all of them that we threw up on the bridge that Brian picked up again. (during Time) Then she made signs for all of them but none of the guys saw them again except Brian. He did everything that nite. He saw her sign & winked at her & smiled. She was so estatic! Then, also on the bridge, some girl on the other side of it sprayed nick & aj with silly string. (that was pretty funny) Then, during the band intros, another good part was when nick & aj were dancing & making fun of Nsync's "bye bye bye." That was great! Also, Some girl had a sign that read " Shake your ass" for nick and he did exactly that. That got the crowd screaming! They also sang "America the Beautiful." That was nice they worked that into their show. (Show some dedication) They did a nice job on that.The very last song was "Drowning." They rose from their platforms again. This is a new song. It's a real pretty song and only they can sing it like they do.

Well, all i can say the boys have outdone themselves again like they always do. They keep getting better & better each time. This show was so great, it's hard to believe we were there. The only bad part was that it went by to quick. But everyone had a great time & everyone screamed their lungs out. I'm glad i had this chance to go with my daughter cuz shes a HUGE FAN & they are all she talks about. (especially Nick) They are a big inspiration to all the girls. Their songs get them through the tough times. We will never forget this concert or the boys as long as they are around. This concert ROCKED!!! The boys are the best!!! Backstreet Boys Forever!!! KTBSPA

San Jose October 15, 2001

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: Kristine

Some more highlights that I JUST thought of!

*4th row ROCKS!!! It was PERFECT! And if you're on Brian's side you get some SERIOUS attention if you have signs about him and Leighanne! :)

*Sisqo dropped his microphone during his set and he was so cute about it, smilin and everything!

*KRSYTAL IS AMAZING!!! She sings like an angel she's so good!

*The antics that go on, on stage are hilairous! You really don't notice them unless you're really close and it was so cool to be a part of that!

*When Brian and Kevin or Brian and whoever (I only payed attention to Brian) slammed their chests up it was so funny!!


*When he was doing his Healthy Heart Club shirts, he walked over to the guard and said "Give this to the girl with the pink sign" and the guard DID! His exact words were, "Brian wanted you to have this". I ALMOST DIED!

*Sarah is sooooooo nice! And SARAH was there, no Kimberly or Alison OR Kristin!

*Was it just me or was Angel Carter there too?

*Leighanne and Sarah sat by the small stage, elevated a little bit, because when I went back there and held up my sign (Congrats Brian and Leigh 9-2-01) she smiled at me and mouthed , "Thank You So Much"

*"Drowning" is SOOOOOO good live!!!

Overall it was the BEST day of my life! Meeting Brian, Nick and AJ and then getting Brian's shirt was UNREAL! And everyone at the concert was SO NICE! I hope in a couple years when they tour again they definately make some NORTHERN CA STOPS!!! If yuo were at the concert PLEASE email me!

SJ rocked BABY

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: AnnMarie

where do i even start. first off we stayed in the same place as some of the guys. they were split up smart guys i must say. it was so funny cause the fans outside were chanting their little sayings it was cool. anyways Blonde Alex and his girlfriend redish brownish hair girl we saw as they came in from being out it looked and they were laughing and they were holding hands. the girl was not SARAH by the way. About five minutes later I heard a voice go yo mclean is that you and your gurl. it was Nick. i just adore him and AJ so i was in heaven let me tell u. so my friend and i just kept to our room and listened and then about ten minutes later we went to the lobby and waited for our other friends who were meeting up with us for the show. about ten minutes passes and here comes AJ hand and hand with the girl i saw him go in with and Nick and some of the dancers and the BG with them. I was like damn look at them. I waved and they waved back including the girl with Alex. she smiled and they got into the truck.

the show now. after seeing them close like i did in the hotel and being good cause they were in a rush i was front row and I was going to have fun with my friends.woo hoo is all we said. five of us and each of us liked someone different which worked. well it finally came to be 915 and their they were popping up with fire and smoke all over the place singing EVERYONE.. Alex after a few songs came out and was looking yummy in blonde and telling everyone how he was 102 days sober and he loves us all and thanked us for letting him take time to get better. every song got better and better.. the changing clothes was funny with Nick and AJ. we were laughing our butts off i must say. The call they did the remix but i love what Alex did. His GF who I come to find out is not SARAH but her name is Kimberly. he tells her how many times baby girl have i told you i am in a middle of a show and u can't call me during this time. Call me later maybe I will answer it. then he throws it to her and she smiled and made a silly face at him and then Nick. They sang Drowning and it rocked.. the show rocked and I look forward to Vegas the final show. There is no show on earth that rocks and is off the meter but a Backstreet Boys Concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!

San Jose Compaq Center 10/15/01

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: Katie

I Just got back from the BSB concert at the Compaq Center (formally the San Jose Arena) and it was sooooo AmAzInG! This was my third BSB concert, I went to the Millenium tour and the B&B tour when they came in March.

All though school I couldn't think of anything but BSB! Me and my friends were freaking out all day! So when I got home I got dressed and headed to my friend, Sams house. Her uncle, who is also a BSB fan, was going to take us. We had section 214 row 8 seats 3-5 so we weren't that close but at the last concert we had florr seats so it was ok. We parked about a mile away and had pizza at this pizza place. There were 2 other BSB fans there and they were making their signs! Just as I took a bite of my slice of pizza, this huge blue bus drove by. I dropped my pizza and started to yell, "Bus!!!" so we ran outside but it was driving away. The waitress who was listening to us talk about BSB informed us that they were at some club the night before. Of course we were all excited and we didn't even know why because the club was people 21 and up. So I took a picture of the fans we ate dinner with and we headed to Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream! While we were there we saw tons of BSB fans and we were screaming Backstreet Boys! at eachother for like 10 minutes.

When we left we walked towards the arena which was really a mile away. Me and my friend had our "Honk if you love BSB!" We didn't get any honks until we got close. Before that people were just giving us weird looks. One group of guys even yelled "NSYNC RULES!" Of course sticking next to my guys I screamed back at them that they sucked. As we got closer we started to flock with some other people dressed as crazy as we were. When we went by the De Anza hotel we asked the doorman if the BSB were there to give us a call. We never got one! lol. Like at most concerts there were people outside trying to buy and sell tickets.

The line was pretty long so we waited for like 2 minutes and we noticed some people around the corner. So we left Sam's uncle in line and walked over and checked out the buses that were parked there. Sure enough that blue bus I saw was pulling out as we watched. I took pics of the white buses which the guys came in. There was this old lady behind me and she was all "They already went in!" and she said it so rudely that it kinda pissed me off. I said "I don't care, its the buses and they are worth a picture or two." So after I took the pics we went back in line and they checked our bags. I had shoved my camera in my pocket and they just let me walk right in.

While we were running up the steps and my friends shoes were too big and one came off. She was about 3 steps up before she realized. So that was the first laugh of the night. In the main area were these huge plastic posters of the biys' sponsers.One was grean and it had an izone picture of each of the guys' heads and there was one with the cereal boxes and poptarts on them. They were really cool. We found our section and we got in line for shirts and stuff. we got to our seats like 5 minutes before the concert started. Then Diana Steel from Z95.7 came out and was talking about the guys and that they had locked Nick's girlfriend in the bathroom (She got lots of screams of support from that one) and introduced Krystal. She was great as always. She was all "I think its AJ's 102 day sober!" >screams< I was screaming at the top of my lungs

"IT'S 103 DAYS SOBER!!!!" and of course everyone looked a me crazy. Sisqo came out and he was ok too. In the beginning when he was getting ready to sing the Thong Song he fumbled and dropped the microphone! It was cute.

The people in my section were BOrInG! I mean me and sam were the only ones standing and singing during Krystal and Sisqo and we thought maybe they were saving it for BSB but nooo... they sat there the whole time and looked at us as if we were freaks or something. Yeah I think we all know what songs they played. Ill just tell you some of the highlights and stuff. When they came up and talked to us solo, Brian was first and he asked us about the albums and we screamed... yeah.. next came Nick and he saw a sign that said "Nick~ Shake your ass for me!" So nick read it and of course shook that fine Carter ass! He thanked us and talked about all the fine ladies in the audience and I SWEAR he was pointing at me and I was screaming "HE IS POINTING AT ME!! HE IS TALKING TO ME!!" and everyone around me was cracking up because I was freaking out. Then he leaned into the camera and kissed the lens! How adorable! The came AJ and he confirmed that he was 103 days sober and i was creaming "I TOLD YOU SO!!!" He thanked everyone for the support. I don't remember what Howie and Kev did though! lol. I remember seeing this guy come up the steps (I was at the end of our row) with one of the giant green banners from the main area. Me and Sam were wondering where he got it. Then we watched the dressing room vid. I like the new one better than the old! It was funnier with Nick and Howie giving AJ and inflatable girlfriend. And Howie pushing everyone to get to the mirror to mousse his hair was priceless. Then we saw the guys enter the small stage in the back and the stage started to rise. You should have seen all the people who streamed down to the lower levels. It was so funny! Then during SMTMOBL I saw the same guy come back with another banner. I shouted at him "I WANT ONE!" and he yelled back to go out there because they were giving them away for free. So since we had seen the show we quickly ran out into the main area and got the last 2 green banners! We were so excited! We got back just as they were going across the bridge. Nick and AJ introduced the band and when they introduced the keyboardist they did the dance to Bye Bye Bye. Then Nick spun around and fell onto his back facing the ceiling, legs and arms spread out. Then the camera zoomed right into his crotch. I started screaming my lungs out with the rest of the audience. My favorite songs of the night were The Answer To Our Lives because I love it when they play their own instruments and I like the video that they put together. I liked it when they sang "God Bless America" I LOVE the cane routine they do! So last night was the best

San Jose, CA 10-15-01

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: Kristine

First things first....October 15, 2001 was hands down the BEST day of my entire life! I. GOT. TO. MEET. THE. BACKSTREET. BOYS!!!

It all started when we got to AJ, Brian and Nick's hotel in San Jose, The Fairmont around 11 AM Monday morning. We knew they had stayed the night before so we thought we'd see someone. There were around 5 girls in the lobby when we see a blond walk by with a big bodyguard. We didn't think it was Nick but my friend was convinced it was hiss butt! He had on a white Goonies t-shirt with blue trim, converse running shoes, and jeans. He said he had just woken up, and he was playing with a Samsung cell phone if anyone cares! Haha but OK we walked over, and I approchaed him as he was playing with his cellphone at the Concierge desk. I was like "Hey excuse me, I know you get this all the time, but could I get a picture?" He looked at me and smiled and was like "I'm just about to go out to lunch, how about when I come back?" So I was like yeah ok, and he stuck his hand out and was like, "I'm Nick", and I was like "Kristine" and he was like, "It's nice to meet you". Then I knew he wouldn't come back so I was like, "If you have a second now could I just get a pic?" And he was like, "sure", so he put his hand on my back and we took the pic..which came out beautifully! :) I was shaking but it's all good! Then the other girls got pictures with him and he went outside.

We sat back down in the lobby to see if we could see anyone else but after about 20 minutes we went out front where 3 of the tour buses were lined up and Marcus was putting AJ's stuff in one of them and another had luggae but we didn't know whose it was. Me and this way cool girl Jamie went inside to see if they were just creating a diversion while Nick was signing, and out walks Brian with his bodyguard. I know how hard Brian is to see at hotels so I took this chance and ran after him! I took a TON of pics, and then I was like "Hey Brian!" And he turned around, and was like "Hi sweetie!" Then his prickish bodyguard was being mean, but before he got on his bus I was like a foot away from him, touched his backpack, and I asked him if I could take a picture of him, and he was like "Of course, I would take one with you, but I'm running really late". So he smiled RIGHT at my camera! He had on a jersey with the number 1 on the back but I dunno whose it was, and black shorts, and running shoes..he was ADORABLE!

Then we figured AJ would be next so him, and SARAH walked out hand in hand to the bus. His hair was completely bleached blond, and he had a black wife beater and khaki pants on with sunglasses. Him and Sarah walked by pretty fast and got into the bus and took off.

Part 1 of the day was completed as well as my LIFE! :) We hung around the hotel a little bit more and then went to grab some LUNCH! We hit Togo's and then took off for the arena. After like a million years of waiting WE GOT IN!

Once BSB took the STAGE I was FREAKING OUT! If any of the girls that won the tickets off of z957 are reading this or the girl from napa...HEY!! You guys were so way fun! :) My camera died after "everyone" but my friend took 10 rolls of pics...thank you Audra! :) I had a sign that said "Congrats Brian and Leigh 9-2-00" and during "What Makes You Different" I held it up since Brian's stool was RIGHT in front of me! :) He saaw it and waved at me and smiled, and then pointed down into the pit and I saw a blond head turn around to look at it! I held it up a few more times and a "WAVE AT ME!" sign and AJ and Brian both waved! :)

IWITW started, and I threw a tiny little stuffed teddy bear and it landed RIGHT at Brian's feet! He picked it up and proceeded to play with it for the ENTIRE SONG! If ANYONE got pics of it, PLEASE email me! I'll pay for them! When the boys were on the bridge AJ was singing RIGHT to us at the end of "Time" is was sooo cool! Basically Brian payed a TON of attention to me and our row the entire concert and it was amazing condiering he's my favorite! Meeting him was a dream come true!!

During GAB and "The Call" I had a sign that said "Brian can I have the HHC shirt?" and I held it up. He was smiling at me and he nodded when he saw the sign, but I didn't think anything of it, I thought he just threw the shirt out into the audience. I threw a stuffed basketball up on stage and he played with it for a couple seconds and threw it back into the audience.

Here comes the BEST part of the day! He comes back on stage with 2 HHC shirts hanging over his shoulder. He picks one up, holds it up, signs it, holds it up again, and then smiles at me and hands the shirt to the security guard. My mom was RIGHT in front of him at that time and saw him say "give this to the girl with the pink sign". Brian motioned for me to go to the security guard, so I did and the guy hands me the shirt and says, "Brian wanted you to have this". I was FREAKING OUT!!! I mouthed Thank You when he was standing in front of me for their bows and he said "Your welcome". It's indescribable how many times he noticed me! :) I was so happy! I NOW OWN A HHC SHIRT THAT BRIAN SIGNED AND HANDPICKED ME TO GIVE IT TO ME! :)

So basically I had the time of my life and the BSB ROCK! The fanbase is totally incredible! If ANYONE GOT PICS OF BRIAN HOLDING THE TEDDY BEAR, THE BBALL OR SIGNING THE SHIRT PLEASE LET ME KNOW, I'LL PAY YOU FOR COPIES! But otherwise the show was amazing and if I think of anything else that happened to me I'll post again! EMAIL ME IF YOU WERE AT THE SAN JOSE SHOW! I'll be talking about it for days so I wanna talk about it with someone who was there!!

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