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Kansas City Show 8/27/01

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Brenda

This was my first BSB concert. I have been to several *NSYNC concerts that I have enjoyed immensely(?) including one on my birthday. Anyway I had some real reservations about this show, just because I am more of an *NSYNC fan than a BSB one. But after it started it was okay. Krystal was good, I only knew her "Supergirl" song because I went to see Princess Diaries the week before. Anyway she was really good. As for Sisqo, I could have cared less, first off in all his recent interviews he seems so mad and ungrateful for his success with "The Thong Song" that he's trying to hard to get away from it. He reminds me of a man with the "angry short-man complex". Then he really pissed me off when him and his dancers came out in University of Kansas basketball jerseys. As a graduate of Kansas State University I found it inappropriate to represent only one BIG 12 school from Kansas. I wouldn't have cared if the had all wore University of Missouri because that is the only BIG 12 school in that state, but it was very disrespectful knowing that none of those people went to that school, let alone graduated from there. It sure didn't help my perception of him.

Anyway, the whole reason for the night finally came and it was very exciting. I couldn't wait to see Howie (more later) and I never have been a fan of A.J. but I couldn't wait to see how well he was doing-he looked great. It was very entertaining because even though I had their CBS concert on tape, I knew that wasn't even half of the show, so I wasn't disappointed with anything. The only thing I knew that was going to happen was when they were on the second stage that they were going to sing "Time" on the bridge to get back to the main stage.

Ok now for the Howie part, I couldn't believe that he has finally cut off all his hair. It looked really good-of course he does anyway. Well I had this dream about him and I didn't treat him very nicely in the dream-to say the least. So I kept thinking about it and I thought I could at least go to the concert to make up for it. Well then I heard about the After Party at Harpo's. Well I didn't know how to get there, so I had to find someone from Z95.7 to get directions. Well when I got there I didn't know anyone, but we were there for about 45 minutes and then Howie and Nick came out behind the bar and was talking to everyone. Then we sang Happy Birthday to Howie-which was the week before. Then I met this girl and we started talking while we were waiting if they were going to come out again. Well apparently they were in the back eating. Then the next night I heard on the radio that Howie told his bodyguard that he didn't care how it happened, but he wanted to thank every person that was there. He also said that our showing was over twice the size of the one the night before, and he was moved by the whole experience. The bodyguard said that it was too dangerous, and Howie said he didn't care, he wanted to thank everyone that wanted to meet him. Anyway we finally got to meet them. Nick was nice asking if I had a good time when I told him it was my first BSB concert. But when I got to Howie, he put his hand out to thank me and I don't know what came over me, but I just grabbed and hugged him really hard. When I let go, he said, "Well it is REALLY nice to meet YOU!" and I said, "You too!" I think in the back of my mind it was my way of apologizing for the way I treated him in the dream I had. Overall it was a great experience, especially the fact that my shirt I wore still smells like him!

Kansas City,Mo

Date: Sep 15, 2001
Submitted By: Krista

Oh my it was a great Concert. I thought Krystal was great! But I do not like Sisqo so I just wanted the Backstreet Boys to come out. When they came out I was so excited. I jumped up and down and sceamed all night. I also had great seats. Section 114 seats 15 and 16. And on the fourth row is seats 15 and 16. Me and my mom went. My favorite is Nick. Oh my gosh he is sooo HOT!!!!! When They came closer to me. I started to sceamed Nick I Love you. Also I holded up a little piece of paper that said Nick I Love you. When he walked over by me he looked me right in the eyes and smiled. He looked me in the eyes because that is the very first thing that Nick notices. When they were up there Brain,Howie and Kevin waved to me. I had a wonderful night. I loved it when they showed when the Backstreet Boys were older older. Nick was still good looking and they all were still the great boy band they are now. Best Wishes to All the Backstreet Boys and all the fans. Bsb Forever cause they are the very best.

kansas city

Date: Sep 08, 2001
Submitted By: ~*Melissa*~

I was so excited for the show, but I barely made it it time. See I play volleyball for school and if I would leae early I`s haft to miss my next match. My parents didn`t like that very much so I had to stay. The problem was I live 4 hrs away from Kemper and I left at 6. My aunt went 15 over the limit the entire wway up but I still didn`t think we`d make it in time. We reached the areana right as they were closing the doors and the person taking tickets told me to hurry beacuse they were about to take the stage. I waled in and the show started within minutes. I had great seats 2 rows of the floor and the guys looked AMAZING! I took TONS of pics, and I loved all the different skits they did like "2005" and the "Wardrobe." It was totally worth having to go to school the next day with only 2 hrs of sleep! I hope they come back soon !

Kansas City Concert (Aug. 27)

Date: Sep 03, 2001
Submitted By: Ambre Jewel

On our way to Kemper Arena, we ran into quite a few scalpers. We had Claudia with us, who is my friend Andrea's foreign exchange student from Brazil. Since I ordered the tickets before we knew she was coming, we didn't get her a ticket. She wanted to go and we wanted her to go. We made a deal with one of the scalpers- our two tickets ($160 total) for his three tickets ($120 total) plus $30. In the end we lost about $70 but we didn't care 'cause we all got to go. Lucky for us, the tickets we received were better then the original. We were in section 204 which was right above the stage to the left. It was still upper level but better than the seats we had in section 236 which was clear across the arena opposite the stage.

From there, we watched Krystal perform "Religion", "Love is a Beautiful Thing", "Angel On My Shoulder", and her first hit "Supergirl". She also covered Mariah Carey's hit "I'll Be There". That made me laugh- she always reminded my sister and me of her. She was great. I bought her album when it was still brand new and I suggest you go pick up a copy of your own if you don't already own it. The title of it is "Me and My Piano" and her name is spelled Krystal...not Crystal.

Later, while Sisqo was performing I noticed a ton of girls crowded around at the top of our section. As others inquired about the happenings I learned that they were exchanging tickets for better seats. So without any chance in my mind of getting them, I went ahead and made my way to the top. Several of the little girls who had received their new tickets were being tripped on their way down, so I stopped to help them out. The security guard accompanying the man with the tickets noticed and asked me how many tickets I had. I had three and the man happened to have just three left. So after he thanked me for helping the others, my friends and I made our way down to lower section 101 right between the stages. We were in row L seats 5, 6, and 7. They were great seats, even better than the floor could have been.

Eventually, the lights grew dimmer and a video was displayed of meteors striking the earth. With pyrotechnics adding to the affect of the firey rocks, many would admit that it looked very realist. Finally, the Backstreet Boys came up through the floor surrounded by a blanket of light and smoke. They started it all off with "Everyone" directly followed by "Larger Than Life". Over the course of a couple hours they performed their well known hits and showed a few videos for everyones enjoyment while wardrobe changes took place below the stage.

The first video was a futuristic one set in the year 2050 and presented the boys as old, wheezing feisty men, still creating hits and touring despite hit replacements and digestive troubles. The phenomenon will never end.

The second video featured was filmed under the stage in between sets. It was almost believable that it was live, but when they entered the stage in different outfits than they had on just seconds before, there was much doubt to be faced. But it was a great and humorous way to cover time for wardrobe changes.

Sometime at the beginning of the concert AJ came out and spoke to us about himself. He told us he was 54 days sober which earned him a standing ovation among the tear streaked faces. I'm proud of him. His situation hits close to home but unfortunately my story doesn't have a happy ending.

Also Kevin spoke to us saying that he loves Kansas City, especially the women since he married one. That I know he meant. Most of the stuff they say is scripted, but if he went around to every venue or arena saying he loved the city cause his wife is from there, it wouldn't make sense...

About three fourths into the night, they all came up onto the second stage. It was so funny, 'cause nobody was looking that way when they started singing. So most were looking at the main stage not expecting them to be on that small stage in the back. The only reason I knew where they were was because...well I don't know how I knew, I just did. Andrea asked for my camera so she could go down to the end of the lower level and get some pictures, so I gave it to her and remained in my seat. Finally everyone in front of us sat down so we could see clearly to the stage. It was only about 10 steps down and a couple feet to the right of our seats. After she returned, I decided to go down for the heck of it. So I made my way down to the bottom of the lower level to the entrance of the floor. Of course there was a security guard there and she wasn't supposed to let anyone down. But she recognized me. I was the only one that had stopped, said 'hello' and smiled at her when I walked by her after entering the arena. So she told me to go down in front of the lighting and sound technicians and go right up to the stage. I couldn't see well and there were a ton of wires and stuff that I didn't want to mess up so I didn't go clear up to the stage. But Nick was sitting directly in front of me with his legs dangling over the ledge. I took a picture when he was smiling at me. I was the only one down there... and I was calm... I only screamed twice during the whole concert and that was when AJ told the audience to scream... I never freaked out, cried, jumped around or anything. I just stood down there in front of Nick and smiled. That was it. He smiled back and just looked at me. I really wonder if he saw me. I could see the fans on the other side of it so I know the lighting would have been right for him to see, but I guess I'll never know. A few minutes later I turned back around and went to my seat. I thanked the security guard again and she stopped me. She told me that if I had asked her and I had begged, or had been freaking out or crying-she wouldn't have let me down there. Andrea had tried to get down there just before I had and she had told her no. The reason I mention that is because Andrea wasn't at all obessive-she's not even a real fan.

Following a few songs, the bridge came down connecting the two stages. They performed hovering over the audience and made their way back to the main stage for the remainder of the show. Among their greatest hits from the past and present, they performed "Answer to Our Life" and had a video of the destruction of our environment to back it up. It was very significant to the song. It made sense. Half-way through it, the trees that had been cut down came back up. The fish and birds that had been killed from pollution and oil spills were swimming and flying about healthy and happy. It's great when people who can make a major difference use their power for positive results.

Of course they had to tease us a bit near the end. AJ came out and told us he had good news, and bad news. The good news is that we had been a wonderful audience. And the bad news he told us...after taking a few steps back on the stage, was that they only had time for one more song. Of course that had the audience whining. But they all came out and performed their 'last' song. They did their bow WITH the band and dancers. That's how you know if they are really done or not. They MUST do the bow with just the group themselves. So a few people began leaving... even though the lights had never come back on.

Sure enough, they came back out and performed yet another song, which was to be the final one of the night. I didn't notice until Brian pointed it out that they were wearing the Kansas City Royals jerzees with their names across the back. They do that at every show, but I think it is a good idea. They ended with the group bow, and scampered off below stage.

Upon exiting the building, we found ourselves on the wrong wonder there hadn't been anyone using those doors. There were buses, limos, and semis being filled up. I still don't know how we got back there. There were security guards lined up against one wall in the arena if I remember correctly. But as it was, we were looking directly down at a limo when I saw a tall blonde figure clamber inside. I don't know that it was Nick, but I can guarentee you it wasn't Kevin. We didn't stop. We just continued on to the front and waited around while everyone exited the arena. Eventually we found our ride and we all watched in mute contentment as the huge white structure disappeared into the darkness.

Just a few words of advice to anyone who will be attending a future concert: It really pays off to be sweet, calm, and caring.

Kansas City, MO

Date: Sep 03, 2001
Submitted By: Marlina

This concert was awesome! It was definitely as good as their Millennium tour. Krystal started out the whole show with a great set of songs, even though my friends and I thought it was kind of funny that she pretneded to be playing the piano (we knew this cuz the piano music kept playing even after she quit pounding the keys). Then Sisqo came on, and well, it sucked to put it bluntly. My friends and I were bored the whole time. Not even the Thong Song was fun cuz we just wanted him off the stage. Then the boys finally came on stage in a shower of pyro that was supposed to look like a metero shower, it was pretty damn cool! During the last half of the show, a bridge lowered from the ceiling and the guys walked across it and sang Time and I kid you not, we were right by the bridge. Some girls tried to push us out of the way cuz everyone was standing on our chairs but we held our ground! Hee hee! During part of the song Brian walked by and in my excitement I fell of my chair (whoops!) and when I got back up my friends were laughing their butts off at me and I looked up and Brian looked at us at that moment, and I made a motion as if to say "I'm ok" and he laughed and waved. Then Howie walked bya and my friend had a Lupus bear and he saw it and waved at us and mouthed "thank you" to us. The Nick walked by and I almost passed out, that boy gets finer and finer the closer you get to him. Kevin and AJ looked really really good too! It was so sweet when AJ gave his speech about being sober. And during "The Answer to Our Life" they showed video scenes of the Earth being polluted and forests being cut down and it was really sad, it brought tears to my eyes. During part of the show during breaks they showed a video of the guys in the future as old men and AJ was smoking a cigar in it and coughing and wheezing the whole time, it was so funny i almost peed my pants. They also showed a pretaped scene from under the stage and during part of it Nick and Howie give AJ a blow up doll to help with his girl problems, that was priceless! =) All in all, the show was awesome and in the words of my friend as we were leaving Kemper Arena, "that was worth every penny I paid"! =)

Kansas City, MO, August 27, 2001

Date: Sep 01, 2001
Submitted By: Amber "Coconut" Denson

This was my VERY FIRST BSB concert experience. Me and my best friend went (you've probably read her review- Nisha "Nizzle" Washington) and it was one of the greatest nights of my life.

Krystal Harris was... ohmigosh. That girl's voice is SOOOOOO AMAZING! She surely, no questions asked, has a gift soley from God. She blew up the stage. It was really good cuz I can tell she has a heart of gold. After her performance she threw out a huge bunch of roses. She tried to throw them to the people to the left of the stage but she missed and they fell in the pit! She said "Oops! Sorry!". After that she went to section 117 and said she was gonna be signing autographs and taking pictures and hanging with the fans. I thought that was really nice.

Sisqo, however, should stick to what he does best: videos.

His performance BLOWED. Seriously, I was like "ewww! what do people see in him? he is so ugly!" while they were putting his lil thang up n the background. He can dance. I will never say that he can't but as far as performing.... well I should say that some were born to do it, some weren't.

Well, I think I forgot to say that our seats were better than front row. Not to brag or nothin'.... but U know how it is. We were to the exact right of the stage. We could see what was going on on the stage and behind. So close we could feel the heat when the pyro went off. Normally I would be like "DAMN!" if someone told me they were that close but even though we had constant (and I do mean constant) interaction with the Boys, I still think the fact that we could feel the heat, we were just a little too damn close. I was so scared when they first came out cuz the pyro came form the ceiling and went to the stage so I'm all freaked out like, "Lord, pleez don't let us get burnt!!!". I swear, it honestly sounded like someone shooting in the ghetto, okay???

So NEWayz...

I was getting restless cuz I remember looking at my watch when Sisqo was still out thinkin "okay, it's 8:45. where the hell are they?". Then finally, at 9:00 on the dot, the lights lowered and there was some rumbling. Then this huge world was zoomed in on all the screens (I think it was like, 4 or 5 of them). They started zooming out after the first explosion on the stage. Then I figured out everytime I saw a part on the world burning, a "comet", aka pyro, would go off. So everytime, I ducked like someone was shooting at me. After they all "hit the world", the stage started smoking and the dancers came out. (Stupid me, I was so excited that when they came out I thought they were the Boys standing so close to me.) Then ohmigosh. The Boys came out on these things... ya'know, the things that lift them up in the air. And B-Rok was the highest in the middle??? Oh you know I felt like I was having a seizure. And I'm always tlking about how I can't stand the fact that teenyboppers are always acting like lunatics and crying... I was acting like one of them. I didn't cry though. That I still don't understand. Brian opened his mouth to sing the first part of "Everyone" and I almost passed out. I didn't even know I could scream that loud. The again most of us never do until we go to something like that. When they opened with that and and the heat of that performance, I knew right then it was gonna be a night I would rememeber forever. Well at least for a long time.

Then something happened that I KNOW I'll never forget. Since we were sitting so close, I just knew we would get noticed SOME KIND OF WAY! (Especially since we were the only two "specks" over there in bright colors. I mean, hell, you couldn't miss us!) So I told Nisha, "I can almost guarantee you, if we do something different from everyone else instead of, like, waving our hands in the air, we will get noticed." You know that dance you do with your arms that looks like you're running but you're not moving your legs? Somehow we ended up doing that same dance and when Kevin came over to our side of the stage (the second time), out of all those girls, he pointed me and Nisha out and did OUR dance!!!!!!! He had the biggest, cutest smile on his face while he did it. I've never seen him smile like that. We made Kevin Richardson smile. OMG!!!! The first time he came over to us he let us (the fans on the right) sing in the microphone during IWITW. That was nice. He also came back a third time and waved.

Nick came over during SOMH and stayed over there for a while. He pointed and waved at me and Nisha. Nick also has his ears pierced now! I look at him when he was over by us and while I was waving I took a good look at him thinking, "Damn, when did he grow up?" when I noticed his ears. I was like, "Aww shoot now! He got got some ice in his ears!" Brian waved at me during...oh I can't remember what song. I thought I would flip out but I waved back. I was smiling though. AJ came over to us both and said hi. He was the first to come over to us. Then a little later he came back and waved at Nisha. I didn't think she would flip out the way she did! As soon as he turned his back, she screamed in my face. But I can't talk about her cuz I wore my voice out before the show was even half way over. (Surprisingly I was cool the next day for school.)

We saw Brian's wife Leighanne backstage and Kevin's wife Kristin was sitting nowhere from us. We were in 108, she was in third or second row in 109.

I don't really remember the song order but I don't care. I REALLY had a GRRRR-EAT! (Tony the Tiger) time and got the best pictures. Can you believe they wouldn't let us bring cameras? Posters I can understand but CAMERAS?? Why'd they even bother giving that rule? Before the concert even officially started I saw cameras flashing. (We hid ours in the front of my pants, cuz Nisha wore a sundress, and I tied my jacket around my waste to make it look like the buldge was from my knot. Our cameras were sweaty but it was worth some moisture on our hands!)

I appreciated that they took the time out to have a bridge from the stage to the back of the arena. They also had another stage to go to back there. I thought that was super-duper sweet. And they performed three songs back there. Brian even had the courtesy to ask "How ya'll doin back here in the back? Ya'll enjoyin the show so far?". (I love him.) I can gaurantee you that you'll never see another group that does that. If so, they're copying.

I can honestly tell that when they say they appreciate us, I really do believe it. They made sure that EVERYONE in the whole friggin arena caught a glimpse of them and got decent pictures. They are THE sweetest, most down to earth band known to man. Maybe that's why we love them so much.

NEWayz, it was our first experience and probably will be the best, since we interacted with them so much. If I ever forget it, it will be a looooooooooooooong time from now. Do I believe this is their last tour? Possibly. But if so, at least they'll go out with a bang.

Kansas city Concert & After party at Harpo's

Date: Aug 31, 2001
Submitted By: Jody

Backstreet is definetly back in high form. They were so phsyced to be back. It was a beautiful day in Kansas City for the concert. I won't go into the whole show but a few highlights. Nick has two new earrings and looked like he was so glad to be preforming again. Kevin said he loves the Kansas City women because of course he married one. Howie, WHEW!!! his new short hair looks awesome and the man was tan too. Brian was his same happy self waving at everyone. Last but not least was A.J. he said he was so grateful to all the fans that supported him through the last month and a half. He wanted to give everyone a big hug. I wish I could have told him that he is doing great and we're behind him all the way. They changed the order of songs a little bit this time and I liked it. This was my second concert from the Black & Blue tour. They added a new skit and it was hillarious I won't give it away. We were so close to them during the time they sing on the small stage. We were only four rows from the floor and they were right in front of us. When they sneak in to the small stage they are dressed like security men and they walked right by me I could have touched their heads from where I was sitting as they walked by. They sounded great. They sang for two hours. Now to the good part the after party.


They announced before the show that Howie was going to be at Harpo's a club in downtown Westport of Kansas City and everyone was invited.It was a fundraiser for his Lupus Foundation. So my friends and I decided to drive by and see if it was crowded. When we got there it looked like we could get in no problem. We got in and it wasn't to crowded yet. We had to wait awhile for him to get there from the concert. After about 45 minutes a D.J. from the radio station was behind the bar with a microphone and said, "is everyone ready to see Howie". Everyone screamed I could hardly hear myself. So he pops out from behind the bar area and I about died he was only a few feet away from me. But then I hear the D.J. say something else he said, "is everyone ready to see Nick Carter". I almost had heartfailure because no one new Nick was coming to. That man is to good looking for words. So he pops out and he is smiling and waving to people. Howie was wearing a dark sweater and some pants and Nick had on a t-shirt and some jeans. He was also wearing a bandana on his head. You could see his tatoos also. It was packed by this time and I could hardly breath. The D.J. talked to them both and about The Lupus Foundation. Howie said he was thrilled at the turn out we had and was so grateful for "Nicky" as he called him to come out with him that night. People were taking pictures everywhere I got some good shots. It was great to see them in a different element than on stage because they were so nice and down to earth people not cocky at all. Nick was even jamming a little to the music in the background. Soon they left and went back to the back bar area where you couldn't see them. One of my friends was ready to leave after that and I couldn't find out from anyone if they were going to come back out. So we left. I later heard that they did come back out and gave everyone a hug for coming but they couldn't sign any autographs but you did get to go up and talk to them for a few seconds. Boo Hoo! I knew we should have stayed. They said on the radio the next day that they raised around $5,000.00 that night for Howie's foundation. It was $15.00 to get in. I just want to thank Howie and Nick for remembering their fans and being so generous with their time. It makes me a life long fan for the dedication to us. A little generousity can go a long way and help so many. Music has been a part of my life since I was a little girl and you have enriched it all the more. It's not because you are pop stars that I love you all it's because of the music you make and the great people you are. You rock my world. I love you BSB and hope to see you soon again.

Jody Gustafson

Kansas City

Date: Aug 31, 2001
Submitted By: Nicole

OMG!!! This was my 2nd BsB concert and I loved it!! The boys were so awsome!! I went to te K.C. MO show with my 2 best friends Kristin and Jillian. We decorated my car with "backstreet boys" written across the top of my windsheild backwards so the people could read it in there mirrors! We had a 3hr. drive so we didn't get to see krystal but we saw sisqo and he did a good job. Then the boys came out and we were in the 12th row from the stage and that was the closest I have ever been at a concert so I started crying cause I could actually see them and see there facial expresstions. The concert was great they played all the songs off Black and Blue. They also sang songs from the other cd's. Howie cut his hair and it looks so cute. He is so hot!! Then the bridge thing came down and I was right under the bridge and so I was really close and I got some really great pictures. Nick sprayed me with silly string cause I was yelling Howie's name to come down to where I was and the silly string got in my mouth. I wanted to keep it but I spit it out. When the concert was over we went to look for the car but found our way to the back where the busses were. We were there for about 5 min. when I saw a.j. and I yelled his name then everyone started screaming, and he waved at us and got on his bus and left. Then my friend Kristin saw Brian in his bus on his cell phone and she said "look it's brian" then everyone screamed and he waved then left. Then Kevin and his wife and her family all got on this little bus and left but he didn't wave or anything. Finally the moment I had been waiting 4 years for Howie came out and I started yelling his name and crying again, but he went into his bus. I was mad cause he didn't wave, then he came back out and came over to the fans and shook hands with the fans and he shook my hand. I about died when he touched my hand! Once again I started crying. Howie got in a little van where nick was and nick waved at us too cause my friend Jillian saw him in the van while howie was shaking hands and she yelled his name. But all in all the concert was awsome and I just want to say thanks to the Backstreet Boys for a GREAT concert and to come back soon!!!! KTBSPA!!!!!!!!!!!

KansasCity, MO Aug 27th

Date: Aug 30, 2001
Submitted By: Kayla Nicole

hi im Kayla, and i have to say the KansasCity B&B concert was off the hook. i loved everything about it other then Sisqo, causes hes kinda fruity, but anywayz, i loved everything about it other then me being on the balcony, but i was still close to the stage. i could of sworn Kevin waved right at me but who knows, anywho, I have to give the sexyest in person award to Kevin, damn them braids! i have to give the most shakin his ass award to Nick with his bubble bootay!lol andwayz A.J. looked so hott when he did that pony dance. i liked the lil 2050 video, i had a good laugh at that. but i hope they dont look like that forreal in 50 yr.s...even if they do i will always love them. this is my 3rd BSB concert all in KansasCity cause i live in a preppy ass town called of KC's many suburbs...anywayz. i loved it and will keep it in my memory forever and cherish it. BTW, if anyone was there and remembered the promotional banners hangin from the balconys...well, i took one! its a kellogs one and says Backstreetboys Black and Blue Tour really big. its huge. It was hard to snatch one but i did, other ppl tried to take one but the ushers stopped them, while they werent lookin me and my friend took one of our own and ran to the bathroom to roll them wanted to go to that club in Westport to c them but unfortunitly the next morning was my first day of school and my mom said i had to go. North sucks! me and my friend were shakin our asses throughout the whole concert and i really loved it when they sang "Get another B/F" cause thats when they were the hypest. BSB brings it to another level whenever they perform. its wonderful....anyways i'll let yall go for now. have fun. KEEP THE BSB PRIDE ALIVE

Kansas City

Date: Aug 30, 2001
Submitted By: Nicks Princess

Well it was my first BSB concert and not my last. I got 3rd row sets. Like I think the boys were only 8 feet from me. It was AWESOME! I loved being that close, I could not see myself anywhere else. I was able to see the guy's faces and how they interacted with each other. At one point Nick took off his head mic to 'jam out' and well he had to fish for it right when it was time for him to sing. Kevin saw that Nick didn't have his mic on and gave him his big brother look and it looked like he said "opps". That was soo cool to see how much they have fun up there. You could totaly tell they were sooooo happy to be back and enjoy what they are doing. I can not wait till the next one. I may have to drive a ways but that is fine with me!

Kansas City, Missour

Date: Aug 30, 2001
Submitted By: Carrie Hall

This concert was so so so awesome!! Ok, first thing, Krystal was there for this concert, so that rocked!! Her performance was excellent. And I met her after she got done. She signed autographs and took pics with fans there. She is so sweet and hilarious! Omg...I will never forget what she asked me. *laughs* My best friend and I missed Sisqo, but we had already saw him at the Cincinnati concert, so we knew how that went already. Our seats for the show were on the left side of the stage (if you're looking at the stage) in the upper level. But it was cool because we could see everything that was happening. We could even see the guys trying to duck their heads down when they were on the trap doors. That was hilarious! When AJ was giving his thank you's to the fans, he was like, "I've been saying this for the past couple of days, and I'm going to keep saying it..." So my friend and I stand up and scream, "54 DAYS SOBER!!!!!" Lol. anyways, the great thing about our seats were that we could actually hear what they were saying and could hear their harmonies over all the screaming. So when they showed the 2050 video, we actually understood what they were all saying. I don't remember what song it was, but Kevin and Howie came over to our side of the stage, and my friend and I were the only 2 out of our whole section standing up, dancing, and clapping, so Kevin looks up at us, claps his hands, and then waves to us. It was great! I must say that the dancing for this tour has been fabulous! This is one tour that is going to be very very very hard to beat.

Kansas City Show 8-27-01

Date: Aug 30, 2001
Submitted By: Melissa

I just wanna say that was one heck of a show! They looked like they were having such a blast. I got to talk to AJ's G/F Sarah-she is a very nice person and was very friendly to everyone. I didn't get to meet Kristal or the BSB but I still had fun. I got Brian to wave at me and smile that smile we all love and, I got Howie to wave-he smiled so big I was VERY happy,hehehe!! I wore my purple Support the DLF Shirt and I think he saw it. AJ was so into it. I am SO proud of him, I cheered so hard when he came out and waved to him and got him to wave back. He gave me this goofy grin that cracked me up. He came out later wearing this silly cheese hat- he asks everyone what they're lookin' at like he has cheese on his head or something,what a goof!=). Well, Nick was out of control as usual,he is sooo crazy! He threw water on people- I wish he'd thrown some my way, I was hot! I am still shocked that Howie cut his hair off, but I like it. I almost didn't recognize him when they came up. Well, that's all I can remember for now,C-YA!!!

The kansas city show :)

Date: Aug 29, 2001
Submitted By: Melissa~

Hi all! The Kansas City concert was by far the best one i`d ever been to!!!! The guys are not only great singers and dancers but they even made us laught witgh the "2005" and the "dressing room" and even on stage! They are so nice and I`m glad that A.J> came out and talked about what he went through. I felt so bad but so happy he was back. The lights, songs, effects and evrything was perfetc hope you all get a chance to go! :)


Kansas City

Date: Aug 29, 2001
Submitted By: Jess

Wow.... the show was amazing. We had 5th row seats, which is closer than I have ever been, i have always been in the balcony. Eventually a few songs in we moved up to 2nd tho, it was so awesome. Ok anyway. We got there at like 5, they let us in at 6:30 and we immediately went to the poptarts tent to sign up for backstage passes, but we lost. :( o well. We went and bought merchandise, I got a program, it is so beautiful. Krystal was AMAZING and sooo nice. We got her autograph and a picture with her. You could tell that she was singing live and she sounded better than on the cd. I was actually one of the only ones that was like yelling the words along with her and standing up and dancing, these people behind us were like, "How the hell does she know this chick!?" LOL. Then we went to get in line for her autograph, I got my cd booklet signed, she ran out of pictures in like 10 minutes to sign, so if u go, take something for her to sign. We went back to our seats, and Sisqo had already started, he was really good actually. I'm not a big fan and I only knew one song, but he put on a really good show. Once he finished, we started getting sooo excited, and then BSB came on at about 9:15. Wow. They were so amazing, AJ was sooo energetic, and he was smiling the whole time and joking with Nick and Howie, it was so cute. Nick was awesome, he was really getting into the music like usual. Kevin's wife Kristin was there, I didnt get to talk to her, but she seemed really nice. She was signing autographs for all these little kids and stuff, and she looked so cute. A lot of the slow songs Kevin would wink over at her or sing her way, it was really cute. Brian was the good old crazy Brian, goofing off and jumping around the whole time. Howie was really good too, he was so cute when they all had instruments and he just had these sticks that he was banging together, he was really getting into it, LOL. AJ's speech brought tears to my eyes, he said that sobriety is so much more fun, and it was his 54th day sober and he talked to his mom last night and she said it would go by so much faster if he just takes it one day at a time, and so he said thats what he's doing. But he of course did all the pelvic thrusts (O YA BABY!) and shirt teasing as always, it was fantastic. When they went to the little stage, I was a couple of rows back, and I got a smile from Kev, and I tossed a card I made for AJ up there and he OPENED IT! Yay. My friends tossed up a bra that said "AJ we support you" LMAO. Brians face was priceless when he saw it.

After the show, they had a afterparty to raise money for Lupus and Howie and Nick came, and I got to meet them both, and WOW they were soooo sweet. I was dying. I asked Nick if he could sign my B&B cd, and he saidthey werent supposed to, so I asked for a hug and he was like ya sure! Wow I wanted to like pause that moment! I got a hug from Howie too and I told them how awesome the show was, and they told me that they liked my shirt, haha.

After that, it was like 1:30 and we went home and I couldnt get to sleep, i was so excited that I actually got to meet and hug them! It was easily the best day of my life. Thanks BSB! :)

Kansas City Show (8-27-2001)

Date: Aug 29, 2001
Submitted By: Nisha "Nizzle" Washington

Last night I had the chance for the first time to go to a Backstreet Boys concert. I went to support the boys and AJ. I also went just to see what all the hype was all about.

The show got started with the talented, Krystal. If anyone EVER said that girl couldn't sing that got another thang coming. She toe the stage up in her own R&B and Rocky way. Her soulful voice was so amazing to come in to.

Sisqo, on the other hand was just...

What was his point of being there? His stage presents is all about the pyros affect and him flipping across the stage. We did come to see no one do acrobats. This ain't the circus. One thing I can say is the guy can dance. I will give that to him. He need to go back to the videos and stay there. Concerts are not for him. Especially when you can't hear him and when he gives too many instructions. Don't tell us to scream and wave or hands from side to side, that's what we paid money to see you do.

Now THE BOYS are a diferent story.

They came up out the ground in their long black coats. Then they began with the song "Everyone". Through out the show the guys entertained us with little behind the scenes stuff. One thing that I did love about the show was the different stages. They gave every fans a glimpes of them from every where. Even though people started to leave in the middle of the show, that didn't stop them. That just made them really tear up the show then.

I also loved how they interacted with the fans. I had the experiance to get my groove on with Kevin. That just made my night.

Just a little tip for the next time you go: If a backstreet boys is every by you at a concert,don't waved your hand and try to touch them. Do something that will make you stand out. Like do a cool dance or something. That's what I did and guess what, Kevin joined me for a while. I have never seen a bigger smile on that man's face.

They guys wrapped up the show with "The Call" and "Shape of My Heart".

You can tell that these guys really do apperciate there fans help and support. They praised us so much in the show. They really do appericiate what we are doing and we should continue to do what we do best: KTBSPA!!!!!!!!


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