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SaN AnToNiO CoNcErT~AuGuSt 30, 2o01

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: Cathy

It was a four hour drive from my hometown to San Antoni, but it the end it was all worth it. I was going to see my favorite band preform for the second time...I had already seen the Boys in San Antonio on March 1, 2000, but for some reason I was more excited this time than I was the first. We got to the Alamodome around 5:00 or so. Unlike the first concert, there was but one radio booth outside. My guess is since it had been raining they decided to wait til everyine got inside to start selling shirts, caps, posters, ect. Since there wasn't much to do we walked across the street to Miller's and got something to eat. I didn't have much of an appetite, but I ate anyway. I didn't feel the least bit awkward because every way that you turned u would see a Backstreet Boys shirt or something with them on it. Once we finished eating...we walked back across the street to stand in line to get in. There wasn't much time left...We stood in line, everyone cramped up and people pushing to get to the front of the line. {First timers I though to myself.} Since I learned the first time that it doesn't matter if ur the first one in or the last one in u won't see any of the BSBoys walking around b4 the concert, and the lines will be just as long so just chill out and wait ur turn. Once i got in, I hurried my steps and found my section. 140. Not the best section in the world to a lot of people, but it was just perfect for me! Way better than the first time! So i found my seat and right after that I went ot but sum souvenirs. I bought a T-shirt first. Then I filled my arms with pictures, posters, stickers, and a glow stick. Just like my first concert I bought one of just about everything. As I was waiting in line, I made friends with a couple of different people. We talked about who our favorites were and why Shaggy wasn't gonna open up ne more. Once all my money was gone, I returned to my seat and waited for the show to begin.

Once it did, my heart stopped beating. Krystal was up first she sang a number of songs, but the only one that I really got into was `Supergirl`. Once her prefromance was done, it was time for Sisqo!! aaahhhh!! OMG! He is so fine..of course he sang the `Thong Song`! The opening acts were done, so that could only mean one thing...It was time for the show begin!

As the lights dimmed, the Alamodome was filled with yells and chants from the thousands of fans who couldn't contain themselves. Everyone was sang first followed by Larger Than Life. That, I think, was very appropiate being that AJ had just gotten better and those are the two songs for the fans. Shining Star was next and What Makes You Different {Makes You Beautiful}<~~my favorite song! Yes I Will and More Than That followed. The old favorite I Want It That Way was after that. Not For Me, Shpw Me The Meaning of Being Lonely, and I'll Never Break Your Heart were next in line. I Promise You {with everything I am} set the mood for How Did I Fall In Love With You. Another favorite Time came next. Things kicked back up with The Answer To Our Life. Next, were the old classics Quit Playing Games {with my heart}and As Long As You Love Me. The more than popular All I Have To Give was next along with its famous hat routine. If You Stay, a unique song was preformed after that. Everybody {Backstreet's Back} got the crowd roaring and ready to go for Get Another Boyfriend. The Call and Shape of My Heart closed out the evening.

All in all, it was surely and truly a night to remember. The Boys looked hotter and better than ever. I can't put into words what the concert was like. All I can say is that it was a once in a lifetime preformance and I would give it up or change that night for anything in the world! Oh more thing,it is true..... BaCkStReEt'S BaCk AlRigHt! KTBSPSA AlWaYs!

Backstreet Boys "Black and Blue" tour August 30, 2001

Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: Krista

I went to the Backstreet Boys concert on August 30, 2001.. here in San Antonio, Texas. It was seriously one of the best nights of my life.... I origonally had seats up in section 103... but with my sly skills... (shhhh... ) I got down to the floor.. to see my favorite band preform. First you'd have to ride the escalator down to the bottom and there was a gaurd there... so when he was away for a sec we went down but then rode it back up and told the gaurd we didnt have our tickets and asked him to remember our faces while we went to get my friend... so he did and when we came back we got past the escalator... then there was one more set of gaurds.....We told the gaurds that my sister was in there and that she was holding our tickets... after they talked about it.... they let us through. So there we were walking around on the floor... looking for somewhere to stand.. then we got RIGHT in the middle of it all... literally right where the big bridge drops.... WOW..... At the point when they appeared at the other side of the audience...when the bridge went down I stood on a chair... and when they started to walk right next to me... I started shaking in shock... Omg... Omg.... I remember how happy I was....... Since I am already a very tall girl I was realyl close to them when i stood on the chair plus I not only stood out of the crowd as the tallest I was also wearing a bright red shirt....... I was in a arm distance from Nick... Nick was acually looking right at me singing... then he pointed at me and held his hand out to ME.... OMG ME.... people can say that they looked at them... but he seriously... LOOKED AT ME... *Sigh* He didnt only look at me once he looked at me 3 times.. i know some people would make fun of me for making such a big deal about that.. but you know what my friends were killing me afterward telkling em that i was sooo lucky... and you knwo something I really was. =)

Backstreet In San Antonio Texas

Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: J.B. Smith

Well, the concert was awesome I have no words to explain how beatiful this concert was. I had to go to the concert by myself, my sisters and boyfriend didn't wanted to go with me. All day I was thinking the concert was going to cancel because it was raining hard. Anyways I got to the Alamodome I saw Kristal(I had never heard any of her songs I was thinking that the only reason she was there was because of the BSB and that she didn't had no talent but she prove me wrong that girl knows how to sing she is awesome)and then came out Sisqo he was awesome too, then about 9:00 came out the BSB o might god they were awesome I had good seats and the looked good as always. Then in the middle of the concert the appear in the back of the Alamodome o might god I was so close to that ministage, A.J. Brian And Nick Smiled and wave at me because I was screaming like crazy trying to get their attention and I sure did. Then the show was over but it was awesome.

san antonio texas concert

Date: Sep 08, 2001
Submitted By: alejandra

I was so overwhelmed when bsb came and even more so from my experience at the mall!!! Let me say that the concert was awsome , I loved the special effects and the coreography

I also enjoyed sisqo and krystal, she's very talented, you go girl!!!!!

Well let me tell you that, while I was drinking a smoothie at the food court in the mall, I saw howie!!! I didn't recognize him because he was wearing his hat to his eyes, it looked very suspicious but after a while I realiized it was him. Too late, he had already left!!! Bummer!!!

Next I went to a sports store and saw sisqo's dancers, I liked one of them he was hot!!! But he left before I could do something about it. Then I saw nick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omg I went crazy after I reacted!!! He was alone, I could've gotten an autograph. The thing was that I was sooooo certain he didn't have earings and much to my surprise he does!!!!!!!!!!! I was soooooo upset and still am. I can't forgive myself for this but hopefully i'll get another chance.

Then I went to hotel marriott and saw sisqo!!!!

He had his bodyguards and wouldn't give autographs what a bummer!!!

Well this was experience , kind of tragic if you ask me. I didn't have much luck that day!!!!

San Antonio, TX Aug 30th 2001

Date: Sep 06, 2001
Submitted By: Maritza

WOW!!!! What else can I say about the best group out there. They gave an great show. Nick looked sooooo hot! They're great musicians. From the moment they dimmed the lights from the moment they came back, I never stopped screaming. The video where its supposed to be 2050 is hilarious. They sang all my favorite songs, but really which songs aren't my favorite. Man, it was the best concert in the world. With the huge screen, great music, and five hot guys what else could you ask for? Well maybe a marriage proposal from Nick!!! GO BSB!!!

San Antonio, Tx

Date: Sep 06, 2001
Submitted By: Yanet

Just wanted to say that even if people think I'm too old to love the Backstreet Boys, (23 yrs old), I am not ashamed of it! The concert was great! I am so glad that AJ is back...they couldn't of done it without him! And Krystal...damn! She has talent...I love her voice...Have a good day


Date: Sep 05, 2001

I was truly amazed with BSB in San Antonio, Texas!!! Our journey to the Alamo City was trecherous, as we drove from Laredo to Corpus Christi to drop off my little Backstreet Boy (my little boy, age 2) with my parents, and then to San Antonio. We hit heavy pockets of rain and it made me wonder whether it was all worth it. My husband was gracious enough to let me spend $405.00 on a pair of fourth row tickets and I must say--IT WAS DEFINITELY WORTH IT!!! Funny enough, but my husband left the show with a tremendous amount of respect for the talent that these gentlemen possess. When you see pop icons on television and in pictures, it's almost as if they are imaginary....but when you see them up close during a performance where you actually make eye contact, it brings everything into perspective--you realize that these are real people up there performing and singing their hearts out to make a living (and what a living it is, I might add). I have to give them credit for their singing and harmonizing abilities--they sound wonderful live! I saw them during the Millenium Tour, compliments of my hubby, but my seats were nose bleed. This time I had premium seats where I could see the beads of sweat on their faces. I believe that although the production was huge, fans that were further away appreciated the scaled down use of the Alamodome--it made for better viewing and better acoustics. Also, I know everyone just loved the surprise appearance at the back of the Dome and the singing of "Time" while crossing the bridge to return to the front stage. The flashes of light and explosions were a bit too much for me, but hey....I just recovered from LASIK surgery. I still don't know if my eyes were watering as a result of the recovery or the fact that I absolutely adore them and I was crying. Either way, the show was fabulous! Are boy bands a fad and out by the way side??? Who really depends on who you ask. If you wonder whether these guys are just "eye candy with little or no talent" for a bunch of teeny boppers , TAKE THE TIME, SPEND THE MONEY TO SEE A BSB PRODUCTION!!! They will make you think twice. About the eye candy part, well they are gorgeous, but not just for teeny boppers. If you ask me, I say that these guys are truly talented and whatever they do, whether it be solo projects or a group collaboration, I wish them nothing but success! BSB, thank you for the fabulous show!!! A.J., keep your spirits up and stay sober have a wonderful talent and the beautiful gift of life--what more do you need?!? The show would not have been the same without A.J. Oh and by the way, KRYSTAL is oozing with talent! She has a powerful, but beautiful voice--hats off to KRYSTAL!

San Antonio concert 8-30

Date: Sep 01, 2001
Submitted By: Lourdes

My god all I can say is...WOW! Even that doesn't explain how good the concert was. This was my first Backstreet Boys concert so I was just in complete awe the whole time.

We (My brother and I) flew from Oklahoma to go to the San Antonio concert. We made it and I kept on begging my brother to leave around 1:30. Well, at 2:00 he obliged and we started heading there. When we got there we stood at the railing right above where the buses entered. After a while Krystal's bus came and I saw her get out. I didn't have my camera out so I couldn't take a picture of her. Then some more buses came but she was the only person I knew who came out.

I had way closer seats than I thought I would. When the man told us where we were sitting I was like "Wow, thank you!" The arena was playing music and every time a song ended everyone would get excited...but then another song would start playing lol. But then the lights dimmed and every started screaming *of course*. Krystal came out and she kicked butt! If you want to get her autograph, don't leave when she's done, I'd leave right when she tells you where she's gonna sign 'coz there's gonna be a long line. Well, I got her autograph and she's a total sweetheart. She's pretty too. The whole time Sisqo was performing I was in line so I didn't get to see him oh well, I didn't really mind. And then the Backstreet Boys got the show started...

I was screaming my butt off, these girls we're looking at me but I was just like "Hey, it's the Backstreet Boys! What do you expect?" I stood on my chair but a girl asked me to sit down so I did. I had to stand on my toes but that's all right. When I saw Brian I thought I was dreaming. That boy if F-I-N-E!! Well, they performed like it was their first and last concert. AJ pointed to a sign and said this "Well as you can see that sign is true" and then on the TV screen it showed a sign that said "AJ is hot" lol..but he meant a sign that said something about him being sober for 57 days. *go AJ!* During Get Another Boyfriend Nick almost killed me. I think it was him...I might have been dreaming lol. But anyway during the middle dance, instead of doing the pelvic thrusts he freakin humped the floor. Wow oh wow oh wow! Ok *breathe*...the show was just awesome. As some of you heard, the 2050 part was hilarious. Why couldn't the boys dress out onstage?!?! lol...but Howie's hair didn't match with the video of them backstage. Those guys are funny, heh. He got to be the first one to talk to us and that little thing he did was cute lol.

The concert ended *aw* so we went outside and waited where the buses were out. A police car started driving out so that's when we knew they were coming. A bus came out but I don't know who's it was, then another and the light was...I think it was Nick but not positive I took a picture and I was out of film. Then, Brian's bus came out and he was sitting in the front seat and the light was on...and I had no film! Aw~well he waved and that boy is hott, shoot! they all are. And one more bus after that and there was a police car in the back. I only saw 4 buses leave between the police cars.

This thing was longer than I intended it to be but all I want to say is that if you can go to a B&B concert go! I so wish I could go to another one! If you wanna talk than you can email me sometime at

San Antonio, TX

Date: Sep 01, 2001
Submitted By: Jessica Thomas

I never thought I'd ever see BSB this close until yesterday, August 30, 2001. I had Floor B, Row 14, Seats 25-26. My tix cost me $250 each (I bought them from a broker because I missed the day of the sale). I wore A Black shirt with rine stones spelling "Backstreet Girl" and a pair of Blue Jeans. I also made a poster with lights around it that said "We Love U A.J.!" and the other side said "Backstreet Back Alright!" As soon as I got to the concert and those doors opened I just bursted out into tear. I bought my program, shirt, keychain, and light and literally ran to my seat. After waiting patiently (for about 2 hours!) The show began. Krystal sang beautifully and Sisqo made us shake our botty (or thong! he he!) Then Finally, The BACKSTREET BOYS!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! BACK-STREET-BOYS, BACK-STREET-BOYS, BACK-STREET-BOYS!I cried again and screamed as loud as I could (now I can't even talk!) "Everyone" was the first song and from then on I sang,laughed, cried, and screamed. When they sang "Time" Kevin waved "Hi" I screamed "I Love You" and signed He said I love You back! They made us laugh with a little short movie of themselves in the year 2050; when they are old and wrinkled. It was so funny! They even showed us their dressing room While they were getting dressed!! Their Last Song was "Shape Of My Heart" and they said their goodbye's :*(. I will never forget this day as long as I live and for the $500 we paid for the tix; let me tell you it was worth every penny!

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