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Dallas,Tx. Airlines Arena

Date: Dec 27, 2001
Submitted By: Ashley Dorough( it could happen)

I know this entry is late to,but I just now remember to write this! I did not get a chance to go see the Millenium tour, so I had to see B&B! Well we ended up getting tickets like one week before the show online! I got them for my birthday! I loved this concert! I could barely stop screaming the whole time! I could only hear me and my best friend scream! So about half my pictures turned out, but the best ones are when they were on the bridge! Before the concert I was shaking I was so excited! Then about 15 minutes after Sisqo(I think I spelled that right)had stopped performing I had to use the bathroom so bad! So my friend and I ran to the bathroom,but we could not find it in all the stands! We ask three people who worked there where they were and they told us,but we could not find them at all! Finally, after about 5 minutes we found them! We ran back to our seats and one minute later the show began! Also, I cried when the boys came out, I was close to them and it was all that mattered then! Also, the Airlines Arena is so nice inside!

Sorry if I miss spelled anything, because ,well I just can not spell!

August 31, 2001 Dallas Black and Blue Concert

Date: Dec 11, 2001
Submitted By: Eboni

Ok, I know this is really and truly late, but hey I got it up before the year 2001 is over with! I just want to say that the concert was DA BOMB DIGGITY lol. Me, and my two bestfriends, native Houstonians, all go to college in different places, met up and had a road trip to Dallas for this concert. The trip itself was like a Quest and the Backstreet Boys our prize. So maybe we weren't on the floor but our seats were awesome. We were in the first plaza in front of the stage. Krystal was awesome, her voice is so powerful and when she did "I'll Be There" by the Jackson 5...It was wonderful. And we went to meet her and took a picture with her. We ended up missing Sisqo's act, but from what we could hear in the hallways it wasn't sounding too good anyway.

The Boys sounded wonderful. When they first came out their sound was kinda shaky but when they got into Yes I Will...Nick Carter your voice is just impressive. My best friend Destine couldn't believe how good his voice has become. She shook me, Eboni..Nick can SING! For the next couple of hours we were entertained by these 5 guys who could sing and DANCE. After watching Black and Blue it was like N'Sync WHO?? I was sad to see it all end.

Overall the concert was great, their voices were sensational, and their dance moves were impeccable. They were incredible. I wish everyone who talks bad about them could have seen them at this concert. They would never say another word detrimental about these Boys again.

I can't wait for the tour, next time we WILL be on the floor!

Gotta love them Backstreet Boys!

Black and Blue Tour - Dallas

Date: Sep 08, 2001
Submitted By: P. Adams

Arriving late, after a harried drive from Houston, I came into the American Airlines Center in utter awe. The "Taj Mahal of Texas" with it's fountains and marble floors and pillars is so far beyond the Compac Center of Houston that I want to attend all future concerts there.

The atmosphere inside was magical. The Backstreet Boys were so beautiful. You see, at all my previous concert experiences my seats had been so far away that I couldn't really make out what they looked like. I mean what they REALLY look like, their personae. Well, now I know that there has never been a group of more gorgeous, talented men, EVER! There harmonious voices calm every storm in my heart. They are genuine, and even some scripted conversations, come across as adlib lines. These guys know their audiences and have fun at their job. This really comes across to the fans. After the concert, every girl from 5-50 feels as though each song was meant just for her. The guys send love to the hearts of women through their music. That's why I will always and forever be a fan.

Dallas Texas Auguast 31

Date: Sep 05, 2001
Submitted By: Chocolate Carter

OMG!!! This was the best concert I've ever Been to...and I wasn't even there :) LOL. I watched the whole thing live on the internet thanks to Yahoo. I was on the opposite side of the Australia.

I "went" to the concert with my buddies Patricia, Joey and Elissa (we had a chat going at the same time as when we were watching it).

Krystal was such a great singer...I loved her version of Mariah Carey's song "I'll Be There". It was GREAT!!! I wish that I could find it in my local music shops

Sisqo was great too. Except the only songs I recognised were "Unleash the Dragon" and "The Thong Song".

Then BSB were on. The started with "Everyone" then "Larger than Life" but half way thru that song, all our concert things cut out, so we all had to log back into the concert.

That was about the only bad thing throughout the whole concert though. It was da bomb!!! And Patricia, Joey and I have vowed to go to as MANY Backstreet Boy concerts, when BSB come to Australia as we can afford to:)

I wish I could have watched it over and over again, cos the connection was so great, and the sound was so amazing, like as good as if you were actually there!!!

BSB in Dallas

Date: Sep 05, 2001
Submitted By: Elaine

Fridays show was the best show I've seen by far! Fridays show was my third BSB concert. I saw "Into the Millennium" and this was the second time I saw "Black and Blue." I went to the show expecting the same show I saw back in January in Atlanta but was still anticipateing a night full of good danceing and great music from my favorite band. I went by myself and sat in section 120 right next to the stage they were the best seats I'd ever had! As the show went on through Krystal and Sisqo and was really getting pumped to see BSB again! The show started and there I was dancing to every song and singing every word! Throughout the show there were more songs added to the song list and more skits(which were really funny). I enjoyed the new show and had soo much fun and as usual the guys looked and sounded better than ever. I was really glad to see A.J. looking and sounding so well. You could definately tell by the crowds applause that they did to! I Love you guys!! KTBSPA!!

Dallas Concert Review

Date: Sep 03, 2001
Submitted By: Heather Truesdale

After reading the few reviews, I must disagree. Yes, the weather was horrible the night of the show, but I don't think the show was a disappointment.

Much to my surprise, the arena looked really packed. Yes, there were some empty seats...but it probably was because of the bad weather. for my opinion.

The show started off with a bang. Krystal was awesome! I was able to meet her and get her autograph and picture. She is a really sweet person and I am glad that the Boys picked her.

Sisqo could have stayed home. I really wasn't impressed with him at all. The Thong Song was about the only thing that got the fans moving.

Now...for the Boys! The show started off with tons of great pyrotechnics! (TOTALLY COOL!)

Everything was great! I loved when Nick told AJ that "I love ya man...I love ya!" after AJ talked about how glad he was for being back.

The video of the "Old" BSB was too funny! They all got into it and had fun with it.

I had made Beanie BSB dolls...and got lots of people asking about them. It was a gift from me to the guys for something that they had done for me back in March. I wanted to thank them, so I hand made them dolls to keep. I was afraid I would never get them to the guys.

Two of my friends (there were five of us all together) were sitting by the left hand wing, and were able to hand Howie his little doll. He was holding it and hugging it and showed it on the big screen! I CRIED when I saw him holding was a dream come true!!!!

Then, when the catwalk came down...I was on the floor area, on Nick's side. I tossed MY doll to him and it missed the platform by inches. It fell into the crowd, but someone was nice enough to throw it back up for me.

Nick didn't see the doll sitting next to him, but Howie did and picked it up. He was playing with it and then Nick sprayed Howie and the doll with silly string. It was HYSTERICAL! Howie started shaking the poor "nick" doll and then showed it to Nick. Then, Howie threw the doll into the crowd and Nick got mad at him. *waving his arms and everything at Howie* Luckily, the little doll made it BACK up on stage and was given to Nick.

Then at the very end of the show...during Shape of My Heart...AJ's doll made it up there.

All of the songs were great. Kevin and Nick were totally into the dancing. I particularly remember a place where Nick thrust himself into the camera and it was up on the big screen. *AMEN!!! AMEN!!!* *faints*

Overall, the crowd was really into the show. I recall hearing the fans singing to all the songs...and in most places...the guys could hear all of us loud and clear. The Boys looked GREAT!!! and sounded GREAT!

That's right baby...BACKSTREET'S BACK, ALRIGHT!!!!

If ya want more info on me!

*hugs* and Keep The Backstreet Pride Alive!!!


Date: Sep 03, 2001
Submitted By: Cari

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!The show was soooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!!!I was the best night of my life!!!It was something i will never forget.I don't see how anyone could have been disappionted!!!!The boys looked absoulalty wonderful!!!!AJ was AS HOT AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!I was soooooo proud of him when he came out to talk about how he personaly felt!!I wanted to cry!The show was awesome, every song was beyoung cool!I loved the way AJ showed off him bottom and at the end when he pulled his shirt over his head!!His chest looked.....HOT!!!Ok i think i am saying the same stuff over and over again so i think that ends it.Wait....the boys did make us say Howdy which was kinda weird!Well laterz.


Dallas Tx

Date: Sep 03, 2001
Submitted By: Alex

I went to the Dallas concert on Friday the 31st. I had front row seats, and i had a blast. The concert was REALLY good.It was really funny when Nick started laughing during his part in the bridge.I thought the boys looked really good, especially A.J. he looked more refreshed. Anywayz, all the songs sounded SO good,their voices were great. I loved it when they sang "Get Another Boyfriend". I was sitting next to this girl and we both were screaming like crazy, for Nick.Oh, yeah,I was soo excited when A.J. waved at me twice!!!!!!! and Kevin waved at me once, he also waved at my mom!!! So, I really recommend going to this concert it is sooo much fun! KTBSPA and vote for them on the VMA'S!!!!!! Luv and Peace out!

Dallas- 8/31

Date: Sep 03, 2001
Submitted By: Amy

OMG I touched a Backstreet Boy! LOL I thought it was perfect to start out with what I've been saying for the past day and a half. I touched Howie's hand... could life be any more perfect? I read the review from DallasMama and I could not DISAGREE any more. The show was perfect (i've seen 3 bsb shows and by far it was the best.) There were VERY few empty seats (just some in the top), and the BSB interacted SOOOO much with the audience. And what she said about AJ and Nick saying if we wanted to go home and go to sleep is totally false. Lemme correct her. KEVIN said... "now don't y'all fall asleep on us!" when they were introducing the band members. Then the audience screamed and it got everyone pumped up again. Now to my seats... they were PERFECT. (sec 103, row P) They were side seats by the ramps, and i could see BACKSTAGE. LOL When the security guard told us where our seats were, i freaked out... i was like OMG they are going to be RIGHT THERE! (oh and by the way, they DO check your purses and bags for cameras! just hide the on the bottom... lol and we hid one of our cameras wrapped up in an umbrella... pretty sneaky huh?) I even saw Aaron Carter backstage! We saw the Krystal, Sisqo, and BSB going to stage and leaving! It was so funny because we were screaming and i'm sure everyone else was like "why are those crazy people screaming?" If only they knew what we saw! Krystal waved at us, and so did Sisqo's "enterage, home boys, whatever u wanna call them" lol. OH and by the way, I had row P, row P!!, and i STILL got to touch Howie's hand! But Row P was awesome because it was the first row of this section on the other side of the ramp...and we were the only people that could see backstage! Anyway... the BSB were so enthusiasic, always interacting with fans... singing and dancing their hearts out, etc! Kevin did the peace sign at us! It was so cute! And he was laughing at my mom and me because we were dancing a lot during more than that! Every song was awesome, but my favorites were Larger than life, Yes I Will, Get Another Boyfriend, I want it that way, Time, and OF COURSE, Shape of My Heart (i'll explain later.) I almost cried when AJ talked... it was sooo sweet. He said he wished he could hug each and every one of us. Ok now to the important stuff... AJ said that the last song would be the call (but every real fan knows they always have an encore) and of course it's shape of my heart! So... i saw 3 people leave after the call, so I crossed the aisle and took their seats (without the security guard spotting me.) THEN i went down three more rows and asked this man if i could stand in front of him. (thank you!!) I went down a few more, and by this time i'm like 3 rows away from the end of the ramp! All these girls are in the aisle, Shape of my heart has started, and here comes nick... oh LORD! lol My feet were being stepped on, i was squashed, but OMG it was worth it. Seeing nick carter 3 feet away from u is an indescribable feeling! He is hanging over the edge... looking at US, looking at ME, smiling and laughing! After Nick leaves, the security guard trys to be firm and clears all the girls out of the aisle... BUT i was in the row (on the end toward the aisle) acting like it was my seat. hehe, but i knew the guard knew i didn't belong there, but he let me stay. (thank you!!) Then I jumped down one more row (cuz there somehow were 2 seats empty there!) So by this time, i am ONE ROW away from the end of the ramp and HERE COMES HOWIE! OMG! I start jumping up and down like a pogo stick hehe, and i know he saw me! He comes over and reaches over and touches lots of people's hand... i reach out and touch his fingers that are around his microphone!!! I TOUCHED HOWARD DWAINE DOROUGH! I TOUCHED A BACKSTREET BOY! By this point it's like a dream... it's like it's unreal or something. Then Howie leaves. Then I see Brian look over and he starts to come our way. I'm motioning for him to come over, over and over again! He starts cracking up and smiles that incredible Brian Littrell smile, and points directly at me. LORD HELP ME... lol i'm suprised I haven't had a seizure at this point! Then, Shape of My Heart was over... but boy what a song. lol I ran over to the railing to see backstage... and i see NICK AND AJ leaving! I'm screaming I LOVE U! to nick, he looks up, waves and does the peace sign! what a sweetie! and aj waved to us too! I got a picture of both of them... Well... that's my BSB story! I hope you have enjoyed it, I know i did! lol And lemme say one thing... whenever I read these stories about people touching the bsb or meeting them or whatever, I NEVER thought it could happen to me. But it did last night.... and my life will never be the same again. Your dream can come true! Just have faith, take a few risks, and don't give up! I didn't give up... I was determined to touch one of them... i even said "I'm gonna go down there and touch one of them!" And I did... I had ROW P, ROW P, and i touched a Backstreet Boy. If I can do it, you can. :) And if the BSB are reading this... thank you so much. You have changed my life... and I will NEVER forget how much love, energy, and pure joy you put into that show last night. Goodnight everyone... and keep the backstreet pride alive FOREVER! We owe it to them. =)

Love ya!


DALLAS, TX 8-31-01

Date: Sep 03, 2001
Submitted By: Sari

I cannot even think of where to begin. This concert has put to shame every other concert I've been to. I thought with the recent NSYNC tour- the Boys would have competition. I was wrong to doubt! AJ looks better than ever and the guys as a whole looked rested, refreshed and ready to rock! The effects were awesome, the songs were awesome, the set worked out awesome, the dances, their voices... everything was awesome. I couldnt have asked for a better concert, nor could I possibly be more impressed with AJ. I didnt think he could get more sexy, more talented or more fascinating to watch. He managed it all, as did all the guys. If you have not seen the BLACK & BLUE tour- You're missing out on a groundbreaking experience!!!


Date: Sep 03, 2001
Submitted By: Terri Carroll


What else can be said, the guys ROCKED!!!! I can't imagine anyone being disappointed in their show. It was wonderful!!! I came from Jackson, Mississippi to see the guys and I was just blown away. The week before I came to Dallas I went to see NSYNC and let me tell you, thier stage might have been worth 6 million, but those five guys can not hold a candle to the Backstreet Boys. The BSB show more love to their fans. For people who dont believe in the Backstreet Boys all I can say is you have no taste. As for all you critics out there, you can my southern white ass!!!!! All of you are just jealous, and apparently dont know your ass from a whole in the ground. The BSB are here to stay and as long as they are true to their fans and honest to themselves nothing can stop them. I praise them for their honesty and true love they have for their fans and I know the Backstreet Pride is still alive. And in my heart I know as other true fans know they will always put out the best music they can for their fans. God Bless them always and may their lives be filled with all the riches in the world, for they give to us so much pleasure with their music and their beautiful faces.

You go BOYS!!!

Much Love From Mississippi

Dallas, Texas (and meeting the guys and aaron!!!)

Date: Sep 03, 2001
Submitted By: Jane Anderson

My Dallas, Texas Concert Review/Aaron Carter Minnesota Review/Meeting the boys

American Airlines Center

August 31, 2001

By: Jane Anderson

Well, I guess the best way, for me to begin, is, the other day on August 30th, 2001 which was a Thursday, I went to the last Aaron Carter concert of his tour. That concert was AWESOME because it was his last one, so there were tons of jokes played on the band members as well as Aaron, and he seemed to be having tons of fun with it. I sat in 3rd row, and was able to see all his little muscles, and hot smiles. His new earings...are so hot!! His preformance was so much fun, and my friend Shannon and I, had a sign that said, " Shake your Booy" <--Shannon's idea, and then on the other side it said, " Blow me a Kiss." The whole concert, he would see our sign, but he never really did anything about it. Until the last few songs..he finally did. During " Real Good Time" he shook looked at our sign, paused..smirked, the turned around looking over at us and did 3 circles in the air with his butt! We freaked and he laughed...Later on right before the show ended, he saw the " Blow me a Kiss" sign, and blew us a kiss, and he saw us spaz, and started laughing at us. After the show was over, I went home, and my friend Angela, and I got ready to go to Dallas, Texas the next day.

We get to the airport at around 6 a.m., and got on our flight. Right as we were taxing on the run way at the Dallas Airport, my cell phone rang, and it was my friend Shannon, who was with another friend of ours, Erica back in Minneapolis, at the Mpls. Airport getting ready to get on her plane cuz she was coming to the Dallas show too.. She said, "Jane...where are you." and told me to stay at the airport because she had just met Aaron at the airport in Minnesota, and he was on a flight to Dallas to see the BSB show. She gave us all the details on his flight, the time, the flight number and what he was wearing and who he was with. So once we got inside the airport at 9 am. We stayed their for a few hours waiting at his gate. We saw his plane, and got ready, we were so nervous about the whole thing, because we didn't want to be annoying. So once he got of the gate, he met his driver, and started walking in his direction. We went up to him and said, " Aaron" and he didn't see us because he was singing!! And his bodyguard Mike turned around, and we said it again. He turned around and smiled and said hi, and we asked for a picture and he said sure! We told Mike, the bodygaurd happy b-day cuz it was his birthday-(ac had announced it at the concert) and he was nice too and said we could take pictures. I told aaron that we had seen him at his show last nite and he's like oh yah? are yah going to my brothers show tonight, and i was like yeah, are you? And he said taht he actually might be introducing him!! Then he asked my friend if she was going too and she said yes. I asked him to sign my ticket stub from teh night before and he did, then we posed for a picture. He put his arm-FIRMLY around my waist...not just like around my back, like he was holding on, and then we had our head smashed together. Then I took a picture of him and my friend Angela, and it was teh same way, we said our goodbyes and were on our way to the hotel.

We decided to stay at the Four Seasons Resort which was in Irving, Texas, about 10-20 minutes away from the venue in Dallas. Get this, right after doing a quick drive through the parking lots to see if any busses were there ( we didn't see any at the time) We decided to go to the lobby, as we are going around a corner, to the main lobby entrance, I see a white van and recognize the driver as Aaron's. We were freaking out, and my dad followed the bus up to the top valet place by the lobby, and we saw Aaron get out! We were sure that if he was staying there so was BSB, anyways we got our luggage and went to check in.. Of course right when we walk in, he walks in right after us..We were so emberresed, and felt so stupid. Then we decided to sit on the couch by the reservation desk while my dad figured out the room. Apparently something was mixed up with our room, and the same thign was happning to Aaron too. So we were in the lobby a good 10 minutes just watchin him fool around and show off with his body gaurd and this other manager girl. At one point he was like walking backwards towards us, and he would look over his shoulder in our driection, trying to be like all cool and secretive and then look back and keep like walkign backwards until he was honostly like a foot away...we thought that maybe we would be lucky enough to have him come sit with us and talk, but his manager called him back over and told him they had a room. Aaron is soo hot, and a show off, but I love that about him.

After getting our hotel, my friend and I changed and saw our room then went back to the lobby and all around the resort to scope things out. As if we hadn't seen Aaron alot for the past 2 days, everywhere we went we just happened to run into him, or walk through the same hall, or doors...We were SOOO emberresed because it's not like we could ask for pictures or autographs so we would just like keep our heads down. We paid attention to all the security men with walkie talkies, and figured out alot on our own. As we were sitting on a bench by a back door to the lobby, we saw Nick come in talking on his cell, we didn't want to bother him, but all I could do was say, " Hi Nick" and he turned around and waved. At this resort there are a bunch of paths leading from the main building where all the hotel rooms are, to golf courses and other stuff, and mini condos further away. The boys all got driven around in those little golf carts it was cute. So a couple hours later, we were walking down by the golf school when from far away we see a big guy, with a small pony tail. There was small crowd of about 15 people around him, and I knew it was Kevin. We tried to rush down there with out looking like freaks, and he was all done with all those people so we caught him at a good time. I had a scrapbook I wanted to give to Brian and Leighanne for their anniversery but I wasn't sure if i was going to see either of them, so when we went by kevin, we siad, " kevin" in a nervous voice and he looked up soo sweetly right into my friends and my eyes and said hey! he was SOOOOOOOO GORGEOUS. This man, is perfect, he is so sweet and so nice, and sincere and really takes in everything you say. So anyways, I handed him the scrapbook and told him I made it for all the guys, but if he could possibly pass it on to Brian for his and Leighanne's anniversery that would be really nice. And he said, " brian right" and i said yes and he was like okay i will do that. and then he talked to my friend and asked her name and stuff, and i dont really remember all he said because I couldn't get over how gorgeous he is. Then I said, "You know those Giant Bras, that sometimes get tossed on stage and he started to laugh, with the most adorable giggle, and said, " yah...." while pointing to both of us, and I said, yah thats us..." and he just laughed and we told him there were pictures of it in the scrapbook, and we showed him pictures of himself holding it, as well as aj and howie at a different concert. He was so smiley and laughing and stuff, it was great. Then he saw a picture of his wife, Kristin, and he goes, " Aww, there's my baby!" And I told him that we met her, and my friend expalined how we saw her, and we told him how nice and sweet she was. He was sooo cute just looking at all the pictures, and we also asked him for a picture. He said Yeah!! Of course! And this friend of his, who was super nice, said he would take it. So each of us got on a side of him, with his arms around us, and we got a picture with him. Then his freind said, " I'll get another one" adn kevin goes, okay lemme hold out the book in front, and did a cute little thing and held it out. Afterwards he said Thanks for the book, and we said thank you and goodbye. After this we both got really shaky, and cried as we walked back to the main building. We planted ourselves back on the bench where by the door in which we saw Nick. About 15 minutes later, the man that took the picture of Kevin and us, approached me and said, " Kevin really liked that book you gave him." and my heart stopped, I looked up and I was like, " He did!?" and the guys wife was like, " Yeah, he sat down and looked through every page being like at each picture, pointing out different things." And I was sooo happy, I about died. Then I asked if I thought he would show Brian it, and they both were very possitve and said that they usually take things like that to the venue and look at them before the show.

Okay so now a few hours after meeting kevin, my two friends who were on a later flight to dallas (shannon and erica) arrived at the hotel and we explained everything. It was close to 2 or 3, and we went to this back gate which was by a main road, and saw a bunch of tour busses lined up. We decided to stand out in the pouring rain about 20 feet from the gate entrance. First, we see a little golf cart, and Kevin is in the back seat, and he was looking at us as he passed and we just said hi, and he did too and smiled. When he got out of the cart, He had my scrapbook in one hand, and a duffle bag in another and got on his bus. I was freaking out that he still had somethign I had given him. Next another golf cart drove by, and it was Howie, and he was talking on his cell phone so he could just smile and wave at us. A few minutes later, another one goes by and it is Aj, with Sarah, his girlfriend. He smiled and said, " Helloooo" in a cute little voice. My friend Angela started bawling because she is obsessed. Okay, so there is only one more bus left, and we are debating if it's Brian's or Nick's. As hot as Nick is, I was praying for Brian's because I know he is soo hard to meet. It ended up being Nick, and he didn't drive by us on a golf cart, he was walking along side the road, which he must have come from the main lobby instead of the back way. he was wearing baggy white wind pants, and a white collared shirt with light blue/aqua stripes accros it...HE WAS SO HOT! We all yelled, " Nick!!" and he turned around and was all giddy, and said, "HI!" In a high funny voice and waved. After we saw them all leave we went back got ready, and went downtown to the venue.

At the venue, some crew members came up to us, and had recogniezed me and Angela from when we talked to them in Tampa, Florida. It was soo cool, they were like, I REMEMBER YOU GUYS! and all this stuff, and we talked with them for probably 45 minutes before we got let into the venue. We got some inside stuff about the boys, and they told us that they still had the picture they took of me and Angela in Florida. And that backstage, they have a Giant bra on their equipment, which just happens to be ours, and the confirmed that it was thrown on stage to kevin at a early early show in summer-which was tampa. They took a bunch of pictures of us with them and the giant bras, and our signs, and said once they had the pictures developed they would promise to show the guys before a concert sometime. Hopefully it all works out.

Once inside the venue, angela and I got to our seats, which was section 104 row L..The side section where the ramps come up into. We were about 10 feet away from them, so we talked to the gaurd who was in the 7th row, and right next to the ramp and asked if nobody came to those seats if we could sit there because there were alot of empty seats around the ramps. he said fine, and since we came all the way from minnesota he would. Things worked out and we ended up sitting in those seats. We were SO CLOSE! My one arm was on the ramp practicaly the whole time, and he never pushed us away when the boys came up, and grabbed our hands. So during the concert, I held up my signs at least every song, and they said, " Brian-happy anniversery" and on the other side, " Brok B-Mine <3 Jane" (I hold that sign up at every show) And every time he would see my sign, he would smile soo big, and wave, or point and sing in my direction. And even if he had already done it once, he would do it everytime I put up my sign..He is a true angel. The first time I held up the sign, " Brian Happy Anniversery" he read it, smiled and pointed and then like pumped his fist, it was soo cute. I would always wave my arms for him to come over to our ramp, and he would laugh. I was really lucky, and got to hold hands with all of the guys, except Brian :( my fav guy. Oh well! Nick was super sweaty, Kevin had huge hands, Howie's were really really soft, and Aj's had a glove on, and it was small. Early on during the concert, my friend held up her sign, " Flyin' from Mn. to Tx.=$1,000...Seeing AJ=priceless" when he first saw this sign he smiled really big and waved..(Oh yeah, sarah Martin, his gf was there at the show in front of the baracdes, and at the beg. of the show, like as the smoke is coming up during " Everyone" we waved to her and she smiled really big and would wave alot to us, and she watched us during the show and would smile when we freaked out! She was really nice and cute) So later on, Angela holds up her sign again, " Flyin' from Mn. to Tx.=$1,000...Seeing AJ=priceless" , right as Aj is about oh, 5 inches from us on the ramp, and she is hjolding her hand up, along with 15 other girls, and he reaches out, grabs her hand,looks right at her face, and says, " Thank you" and I remember his face, it was so sincere and his puppy eyes...I was soo happy, Angela was too but if you saw her you would have thought someone just died cuz she was sobbing. During More than That, Angela held up a sign that said, " Blow me a Kiss" (we always hold that up) and I got the camera ready to get a pic if someone did...oh gosh, Brian blew a kiss to us and i got a picture of it!!! he laguhed as i started to cry and we both spazed. We showed Howie a sign that said " your perfect" and he smiled and poiinted. Okay sory I am babling. My friend thru up our giant bra at kevin who had been lookin at it and pointing earlier in the concert, but i donno if he picked it up. During Shape of my heart, I was holding up my Brian sign and he was at the beginning of the ramp, and I threw him my green catapiller/worm beanie baby with writing on it, as well as a picture of me and Leighanne attached with some writing on the back of it. He picked it up, and looked at the picture, then at me, then at the picture, and then looked up adn smiled, and pointed and i think i remmeber him mouthing " thats you" i was nodding yes, and freaking out more than ever, and i pointied to my eye, then my heart them to him, meaining I love you, and he smiled sooooo BIG, and his eyes sparkeled. I wanted to watch the rest of the last song, but I had to book it out to the car cuz my friends were already out there, and we wanted to beat the guys to the hotel so we could see them come in.

Once we got on the highway, we noticed white vans, and sped up to them...they were going SUPER fast, and we looked in the windows...and it was brian..we were sooo excited so once at the four seasons, they went through that back gate and we hopped out and just as brian was walking away, I said, " Hi Brian" kind of softly and he turned around and waved. Everything was happining so fast, one van after another came and we saw them all get out, and the last bus, someone in it, either Aj or kevin, pounded on the windows at us but we couldn't see. The security was flipping Sh*t and didn't belive we were hotel guests and made us go away. But we walked a bit then ran through this grassy area, and it led us to the paths where we would see the guys. We were really nervous,m and this guy was telling us to go back into the main building, but we were lucky enough to see Aaron and Nick...together, and they were walking up to the main place, so we said fine and went just inside the doors, Aaron and nick walked in together w. a couple of huge bodyguards, and my friend shannon and i asked for a picture and they were all like kinda in a rush, and nick was like sure yah it's okay, and aaron was like yeah!, nick seemed kinda pissed as i was getting in between them...(omg a carter sandwich, with both their aroms around my waist, and i put myne around them) Nick goes to aaron, " aaron you wanna do this." in a voice that you would hear someone be like, " lets do this, or being like gettho being like you wanna take on this, not being like you dont have to do this if you dont want to) and aaron was like, yeaaa... so i got a picture and said thank you, aaron was like no problem..and got one of shannon and them..erica and angela unfortunatley didn't get a picture with them because htey were worried the guys were in a rush. Right as Nick was by angela, she goes, you guys i don't have any shoes(because we had taken off our shoes to run) and i saw nick look down at her feet then look at her, it was really funny! Then we appologized for bothering them and stuff and Nick was like, " its all good..." and he was SOO hot, he was wearing bagy black jean shorts that were long, with i think a black type jersey? i have to get my pic develiped to was wearing jeans and a collared light blue shirt!!! then nick said, take care as he left. We ended up seeing aaron and nick alot that day!! Anywyas the security was being realy pissy restricing like everything, so we went to sleep. This morning(sept., 1st) we got up early and went and sat out on a patio down by the villas and the back gate, but not to close to them. We saw howie leave with a girl to his tour bus...we saw the same girl at the show the night before in teh baracade area..hmmm...and then we saw aj pass 3 times on a golf cart as he was going golfing, he smiled and waved 2 out of three times...the first time he didnt look at us cuz he was smoking...eek, he was with another guy we didnt know. Anyways we had to leave a few hours later and were really bummed because we wanted to meet aj when he came back, and we heard leighanne arrived at 3am and i wanted to meet her and him, she is soo sweet i met her once before. I felt really bad because my friend angela wanted to meet aj cuz she is in love with him, but my dad made us leave., Anyways thats my story!! I hope you all have a chance to meet/ see them too!! Oh yah! one last thing, after we met nick and aaron after their show, we met steven tyler from aerosmith and got a pic with him too he was osooooo cool!!! okay love ya!

If you have any pics email me at

love, God Bless,

Jane Anderson


bsb concer August 31 2001

Date: Sep 03, 2001
Submitted By: Elisa

HI My name is Elisa! The concert was the best and the reason people didnt sceam at first when they were talking is because we couldnt hear very well i screamed through the whole thing and thought it was the best concert in the world!! My friends and I got to move some seats down and got to 1st balcony because of the empty seats!! If BAckstreet boys are reading this then!! Dont think it wasnt good for Dallas it was the best concert it was better than the millennium one which is good!!! I loved how there was so much engery!!And Aj we are all proud of u and gald to have u back!!! Love Elisa and Dallas texas loves bsb!!!!

dallas online webcast

Date: Sep 03, 2001
Submitted By: dorothy


it is amazing how they sounded live.Itīs the first time iīve a chance to hear the boys live in concert.thanks for that . beside a.j. it was nickīs night. o.m.g. i love this energy.

he is really hyper. His voice is so clear , so powerful even at the end of the show. He is the best,no doubt. But Howie D. impressed me too .<<< Hope that i can enjoy the guys live in germany.

I love you all.


Dallas Concert

Date: Sep 03, 2001
Submitted By: Katie

I watched the BSB concert over the Internet, and it was DA BOMB! I loved every minute of the show. Some people might have complained because of the heavy load of slow songs, but I didn't care. Their biggest hits have been ballads and midtempos, so that's why they perform so many songs of that type. They sounded great, better than they did at my Tacoma concert in February. The dancing was on, and they got me on my feet many times! The one thing that stunk was that the fans there didn't seem very enthusiastic. They put on an incredible show, but weren't rewarded with a strong fan reaction. It's pretty sad when the group even notices that the audience isn't into it. What was their problem? The Backstreet Boys put their blood, sweat, and tears into their performance, and that's the thanks they get? After all the doubt about their future these past few months, it's awesome to see them back on the road, and I would have hoped that the fans would have expressed more joy about their return. Anyway, I just hope to see them in Nampa on October 4. KTBSPA!

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