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BSB concert in Long Island, at Nassau Colloseum

Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: Kate

Okay, let's just start off with saying that this was the BEST day of my life!!!

There, now, where should I start??? Oh yeah- Krystal was amazing! Her voice filled the arena with songs like Supergirl, and Love Is a Beautiful Thing. I love that song! Anyway, she didn't have any backup dancers or singers or anything. It was all her! And that was totally cool! She was playing the piano, and at points, standing on it with her microphone.

I guess Shaggy couldn't make it, so Sisqo was there. I'm not really a fan, but it was a good experience! I liked the part when he was talking, and made sounds like a snake(ya had to be there)! And my favorite son of his was The Thong Song.

Okay, now to the best part. . . . . no offense to Krystal and Sisqo. . . . . . BSB came up from underground on this . . . well i'll TRY to explain it. Forgive me if you don't know what I'm talking about! It was like a platform that was high in the center, and got lower on every step. There were 5 steps, obviously. By then, I was screaming like a maniac! I don't even remember what the first song was! There was this hysterical part when they were pretending to be in the year. . . . I think 2060. Brian was bald, AJ was smoking a pipe, and they were all, like 50 pounds heavier. They said at a point that they had to get a new member, due to Howie's hip surgery, and Joey from Nstink. . . I mean Nsync showed up! And one of em was like 'and they said Boy bands would never last!', and Nick gets up and attempts to dance for the camera! It was so funny! Oh, and they also moved where they were singing to a small circular stage, like 40 rows from where I was! It doesn't sound that great, but it was pretty close. And-I swear to god- B-rok waved at me!!!!! I felt like I was gonna pass out! Of course, Nick didn't notice me which totally sucked, but hey, there were a zillion people there-it seemed! I loved it, and if they read this-which I doubt- THANK YOU FOR THE BEST NIGHT OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!


september 4th concert at Nassau Coliseum

Date: Sep 10, 2001
Submitted By: kerry

OMG!!!!!!!!!! my boys (and yours!!) have never looked OR sounded sooooooo good! every song in the lineup is explosive and outdoes the cd version! the choreography was soo tight 2!! sure it was expensive, but worth EVEREY PENNY ON THIS EARTHto check out the hottest ticket online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Support AJ and the boys and check it out!! Believe me-no seat is a badd seat!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!!!

black & blue tour sept 4th 2001

Date: Sep 08, 2001
Submitted By: Kristina

I attended the bsb concert at Nassau Colisuem on sept 4th, and let me tell you it was awesome! Compared to back in Febuary when they did a concert there, tuesday night had alot of new material including a look into the future of bsb in the year 2050 (Brian is still cute even if he does go bald..), hot new dance moves and a journey back to old school backstreet w/ songs like "quit plying games", and "as long as you love me". AJ looked awesome and sounded even better than before. I had a chance to get real close when they were on the smaller stage and threw them my "Backstreet Pride Dog"....something im hoping AJ has kept. Even though in the end i had no voice and had to get up the next day for school...I wouldn't have changed it for the world!

Nassau Coliseum September 4

Date: Sep 06, 2001
Submitted By: Jackie

I had been waiting to go to this BSB concert since I got the tickets for my birthday in May, and when it finally came I was so excited! My friend and I got to the arena at 6:15. We had awesome seats, section 105... but my friend's mother knew the head of secruity at the Coliseum so we were able to move to the section right next to the right wing! Those seats were so awesome!

When the lights went lower I started to cry and even thought the boys didn't pop out yet you could see their heads and I was like OMG!! LOOK THEY ARE THERE! I was totally flipping out! When the finally came out the whole arena erupted into a fit of screams! It was the best night of my life! Especially during "Time"!! The people in the section that I was in where not fun! LoL! They were like all sitting down! So i stood up and I began to wave my arms frantically and Brian (my favorite) copied what I did and pointed to me, for me to know that he saw me! It was so awesome!!! At one point during "Larger Than Life" you couldn't even hear the first verse of the song because all of the screams! I loved when they did "Don't Want You Back" and It was so cute how they redid the older songs like slower! And all of us NYers supported AJ so much!!! Great Job girlies!!! :)


Uniondale NY Septemver 4th

Date: Sep 06, 2001
Submitted By: ~*Kat *~ B-roks # 1 fan!

OMG! Well, I went and saw BSB last night and it was AMAZING! My friend and I had seats in row 30 on the floor and we were RIGHT in front of the little stage!I couldn't believe how close they were gonna be to us! I'm sure you know all the songs they sing by now, they all sounded amazing! I still can't believe how stunning they are in person! I was glad they sang 'Don't want you back' I love that song! The best part though was the little stage b/c I had snuck in a teddy bear beanie baby for Brian and he saw me with it, and when I threw it, he picked it up and walked around with it singing to it! OMG I freaked! Out of all the toys he picked up mine! AHHH! He set it down about halfway up the bridge(he didnt throw it back out, yay!) which was RIGHT over our heads. Everyone of the boys waved or smiled or blew us kisses at least once. It ws an amazing night and if anyone has pics of Brian with my teddy bear PLEASE email me if you are willing to sell them, since he wasnt directly in front of me, I couldnt get a good pic of him holding it. My email is I love BSB and Brian Littrell forever!


Date: Sep 06, 2001
Submitted By: BaCkStREeTsGaL4LiFe

well well, where can i start? THEY WERE AWSOME! Nassau Colisuem rocked the house and im telling ya NY IS THE BEST! i live in NY :) anyways Krystal was awsome as always. Me and my friend kept screaming and saying KRYSTAL! and she walked over to our side (we were by the wing row F) and she was soooo awsome! after that me and my friend went out to where Krystal was signing autographs and the line was too long so we went in front of her and i said "u were so awsome krystal" and she's like "thank yo soo much" and i took a pic of her! she is sooooooo nice! :) then sisqo came on. He was pretty cool. After that BLI came out and i booed them but when z100 came out i was like YEAHHHHHH! and so then the BACKSTREET BOYS come out! they were jus awsome! Brian was sooooo cute I LUV YA! and so i got great picks of him and everything was perfect! the skits were sooooooo funny especially when nick was backing his thing up when they were older! it was definatly worth it I LUV YA GUYS! and AJ said he was 62 days sober WE LUV YA AJ! and well allz i gots to say is, nstync doesnt even come close! BSB 4 EVER AND EVER BABY! If ya didnt see the concert, u are really missing out!

Backstreet Boys Concert on September 4, 2001 at Nassau Coliseum

Date: Sep 06, 2001
Submitted By: Amanda Virgilio

I saw Backstreet Boys Black and Blue World Tour at Nassau Coliseum on September 4, 2001. We had floor seats, which were good. First Krystal came on and I thought she had a really good voice. I met Krystal and got her autograph after she was done singing. She was very down to earth and pretty. She complemented my Super Girl Shirt. I loved the song Super Girl along with My Religion. Over all Krystal was soooo good. The only thing was all her songs were very much alike.

Next, was Sisqo he was good and his hair flopped about. Yes he did sing his famouse Thong Song. He seemed like a really nice person to be around.

Finally, The Backstreet Boys came on. They were wonderful, even better than in Feb. the only thing was when they walked on the ramp they kind of rushed a little, it seemed to me. AJ looked better than I've ever seen him before. They seemed like they were having a lot of fun. Howie was so smooth. They all looked soooooooo good! We also saw Meadow from The Sopranos and the girl from Parent Trap. Overall I thought The Backstreet Boys put on a much better show than *NSYNC could ever put on. AJ looked at me and said,"Hello Sweetie"! Oh my goosh! I went into shock! They seem like really nice guys very down to earth and just plain fun to be around.

Backstreet Boys Black & Blue Tour on September 4, 2001

Date: Sep 05, 2001
Submitted By: Stacey

Well let's see where to start...Well my Concert was originally supposed to be on July 18th..But it got postponed because of AJ's Condition which he is now 63 days sober and doing better then ever..He was amazing last night..and it was also worth the wait because during that time the boys just kept gettin better and better...Ok to the review hehe...

Well we got there bought all of our stuff that we was Me and my friends Sarah, Shannon, and Heather..Me and Sarah had 7th row Center while my friends had 1st row Left all of us had amazing seats...The Concert started with was my third time seeing her and she is still amazing..i got her cd..its great...When she finished they started settin up for Sisqo..i wanted to meet Krystal again so bad so i went and stood in line all through out Sisqos performance which i didn't my friends said he was great but oh she autographed my cd and i took a pic..she is just so sweet..I got to also meet Rich Davis of Z100 he is sooooo hot in to take a picture with him hehe. Now to the boys..

I was a little late going back to my seats so i missed the intro which may i say was really loud and hot full of loud explosions and Fire when i got to my seat there were the boys dressed in all black leather with sunglasses on lookin hotter then ever. They went into everyone...When i got back to my seat i started goin nuts and i think AJ saw me because he started laughin..Which is awesome. I couldnt believe how close we were to the stage..Then they went into "Larger Than Life" Which me and my bud did the dance to it was so much fun..Then they came out and said their hello's when Aj came out it was so nice..he thanked all of us for supportin him to get through it and he is now 63 days sober and feels great and it was just the best moment...AJ is once again a Blonde :o). SO they covered just about every song of Black and Blue and some old songs and Some that didnt make albums..which were beautiful..the most memorable part was when they sang "Time" I knew the bridge was comin down but i didnt realize it was comin down like right above my head..One reach up i could touch it..I was going to crazy and to much in shock to even shed a tear because of how close i was gonna be to the boys..i looked up and there was Nick starin down with silly string shootin it at all of us...He is so beautiful..and AJ came over and said hello Howie threw a Rose over...Brian gave a little wave and smiled to all of us..and Kevin popped up out of no where it was so think they were right above my head starin down was just the most incredible feeling in the world..So the concert went on..and when they introduced the dancers and stuff there is one dancer i like a lot and i went nuts when he was standin there and he saw me and laughed and waved and when he did his dance it was umm pretty nice hehe. I think his name was Reggie. Then it came to the end which was the most upsettin time..They all came out in Ny Islanders Jerseys with their last names on the back with the numbers 01 it was cool....and then they left with a bang. It was one of the most amazing nights of my life..That was my Sixth time seeing the boys and it was even better then the others. Hope to see them again and again..and hopefully one day have my dream come true of gettin to meet them...I hope u enjoyed my Review..didnt wanna give to much away...Thanks

Backstreets #1 Devoted Fan,


Sept 4th New York

Date: Sep 05, 2001
Submitted By: Katie

OMG .... ok well i went to the BSB concert at Nassau Colisium , i just got in about 25 minutes ago , n I LOVE BSB MORE THEN EVER @!! I went to the Black and Blue concert Feb 4th and 5th had great seats n loved it , but i went again tonight ... had 3rd row on the side - section 102 AA ... BSB R sooo amazing ,i cant even explain it ... everytime i think of it i get goosebumps , the way they look, sound , perform and work with the audience is unbelievable !! I went with my mom , I think she had more fun than i did ! lol --- wellll not quite .... hehe ... but she even said when we were leaving " how can Nsync be better than those guys " ?! yup shes right .. lol ... well BSB will be around for A LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG time ... they have such talent ! God Bless them !!! BRIAN LITTRELL I LOVE YOU !!! Leighanne Littrell , was sitting across from us , sec 118 i think it was i saw her i took a pic of her from the distance iwanted to take one with her but security wouldnt let me walk across ... she didnt stop talking the whole concert lol .... she was taking pics n talkin ... then when bsbs popped out for everybody backstreets back , she went nuts ! lol .. she so pretty and seems so normal ... they all do actually ,.... But Brian I LOVE U .. hes so sweet and funny and he has THE CUTEST BUTT IN THE WORLD ! lol .... ;)

If anyone was at this show

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