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Sept 6

Date: Dec 31, 2001
Submitted By: Kerri

I dont even know where to start with my 3rd BSB concert. September 6, 2001 was the most amazing night of my life. I arrived at the arena around 5:30 with my father & my friend, Greta. My dad wasn't going into the concert so he waited in the car while Greta & I went to the the Z100 van where they were throwing our shirts. We tried to catch one, but the Z100 guys didn't seem to want to throw it towards us! HAHA!! Then they took a break and Greta and I signed an IZONE banner that was outside. After that, Z100 was back on throwing out more shirts and then they asked us to hold up the signs we had. So, we held up the sign that we made, which was covered in Christmas lights and double sided. One side said, "We are so proud of you, AJ" and the other side said, "BSB You're the answer to our life". They didn't pick ours, but thats okay, because later on most of the posters were taken away while people were walking in. I had mine hid in sweatshirts, so it was easy to sneak it in. A lot of people said that the security there was very strict and very tight, but they didnt even check my purse for a camera or anything. I just walked right in with no problems or anything. So, once Greta & I got in, we were in the back of the arena, but I just wanted to see the setup, althought i had been to one Black & Blue concert already. We looked in and I remembered that we were three sections away from the stage so I counted and started flipping out. I was sooooooo excited!! So Greta & I practically ran to our seats in section 122.

Once we got there we were in row 16, so we ran down the steps, ran into our row and looked up at the stage and got soooooooooo extremely excited. We were so close. Then we finally calmed down and started talking to the fans in front of us. They were Brazillian and had a Brazil flag with them. I thought that was really cool. Then I kept looking for my friend Amy because I talk to her online a lot and she was in my section, just a few rows back. She wasnt there, but the girls that waited in line for tickets along with me, my mom, and my dad arrived, they had seats right next to us because we bought the tickets together. Then, Amy and I finally found each other, and that was exciting all in itself because we had never met before. So, I introduced Greta & Amy and then Amy wanted to go get some BSB merchandise so we went out and got her stuff. When we came back, Amy got a seat closer to us and then the lights went down, screams got louder, and Krystal came on. Her robe had lights flickering, which I thought was really cool, and she opened up with my personal favorite song, "My Religion". Then she sings another song or two and talks to the crowd. She announces that she will be doing a signing and gives either the gate or the section. I knew she was going to say it so i was just listening to the section and once i heard it, Greta, Amy, and I ran to the line, which already had about 30 to 40 people in it. She came out and the line moved and I finally met her. She was so extremely sweet. I gave her a beach ball that i had written all over for Brian and asked her if she could give it to him for me and she says, "I sure will".

Also, I asked to take a picture with her and she was so nice, she was like, "What you can do is lean in while i'm signing." So that's what I did, and my friend took the picture, but I dont think it will come out b/c she didnt hold it up long enough lol but thats okay because i was crying so maybe it's better than it won't come out. HAHA! So after I meet Krystal, I go back to my seats (Sisqo is playing now), but I noticed before we left to meet Krystal that there were seats open a section closer, and I checked to see if they still were open, which they were. So Greta, Amy, & I grabbed all of our stuff from our old seat and took those seats. One section may not sound like a lot, but it was A LOT closer! Sisqo ends with the "Thong Song" and the lights come on and the crowd is now anxious to see ... THE BACKSTREET BOYS!!!!!!!!! Finally, at 9:15, the lights went down and the crowd went NUTS. They started the concert off with their song to us, the fans, *Everyong*. They danced, ran around the stage, and looked great! Then they sang *Larger Than Life* & I thought it was cool that they still did the same dance as the VMAs. *Not For Me* was next, and was absolutely astonishing. In the beginning when Brian sings, "I found a note with his number,", he held up a little piece of paper. I thought that was really cuute. They did an awesome dance, but had breaks in between to run up on the ramps, which made me a VERY happy camper. Each one of them made a way up to my side of the ramp throughout the night. Oh, and when they just stand there with the air blowing and rip there sleeves off, absolutely INCREDIBLE. After finishing that, they all go under and Brian comes out to talk to the crowd. He starts by sayin,"How you doin'?" He is the cutest thing, I love that man! So, he thanks all of us for all of our support for AJ and says, "If it weren't for you guys, we wouldn't be here tonite, thank you." hehe!! Then, AJ came out. The crowd went WILD.

I held up my sign that said WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU, AJ and I hope he could read it, because he had to have seen it, it had Christmas lights on it! haha! He then thanked everyone & said how he wished he could give everyone in the audience a hug and a big kiss, I wouldn't mind that. LoL!! He then announced that he was 64 days sober! GO AJ!!!!!! After AJ, Nick...and I think thats when I lost my hearing. LoL just kidding. He came out and said, "Do one thing for me, scream as loud as you can for my bro, AJ!!!!" So we all screamed at the top of our lungs, because we wanted to show him how proud we were of AJ. Then, Nick just talked a little and left. Up after Nick was Howie. Right when he came out he said, "How youu doin'?" HAHA! He was soo sweet, he came out and said that he didn't really have that much to say because the rest of the guys said it already, but then he added, "but they forgot to mention how beautiful all the ladies are tonight." That's what I'm talking about! HAHA!! He then said bye to everyone and Kevin popped up. Kevin didn't say much, he just thanked us all for coming and asked if we wanted to hear more music. Then he said that the next song *WMYDMYB* goes out to all the beautiful girls in Jersey. Then the music started and the boys were on stools and they started singing *What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful*. When it got to about the middle of the song, they got up and walked all over the stage, it was absolutely incredible! After *WMYDMYB*, they sang *Yes I Will* and used canes while they danced, which I thought was really awesome. Next, they went up on this thingy that is above the band, and sang *More Than That*. There were dancers on the bottom that I only noticed because I have a tape of my last concert, & I saw them on that tape, otherwise, I always watch them!!

Once *More Than That* was over, the lights went down and a flame came up on the big screen, and everyone knew that *I Want It That Way* was next, because the music started playing, LoL! I could see Brian run down the stairs to get to the front of the stage and then you hear AJ go.. "Sing it Rok" or something like that, and Brian starts.... "You are .... " I love that man!! Then, as always, when it comes to *I Want It That Way*, Brian goes, "You sing!" So, of course, I sang! I love how they do that, because everyone knows those lyrics and everyone is singing, and the atmosphere is so pleasant and fun. Thats what I also love about BSB concerts, everyone is happy. When they finished *I Want It That Way*, a clip came on the big screen of them behind the scenes of the *I Want It That Way* video shoot. That played for a while, and then a scene of them came on in the year 2050. They are doing an interview with this lady, and they are all old. Brian is bald, Howie has grey hair, Nick is fat, Kevin has grey hair also, and AJ is bald hahah! Nick mentions that Howie had a hip replacement so they were auditioning all these people and Joey Fatone showed up! HAHA!!! Then they were all just joking around and laughing, saying that Nick was having a kid because he looked so fat, that made me laugh! HAHA!!!!!!! Then, that when off and they all came out and sat on these box thingies, all together (it was a great setup), and Brian started singing *Quit Playing Games*. I love that song, always have always will, and then when the chorus came he was like.. "I think you know this one" and he lets us sing the first chorus. Everyone knew it, it was great!!

Then they added *As Long As You Love Me* and it was a medley! At the end of the medley, they sang *I'll Never Break Your Heart*. Then, the lights went down, and the music for *Dont Want You Back* came on, and you could see the guys take off their tops and they had baby blue wifebeaters on. They looked absolutely AMAZING. After *dont Want You Back* they talked to us, and that's when a fan threw up a stuffed animal snake to Howie. This was the FUNNIEST thing I have ever seen the guys do LIVE. HAHA!! Howie walked over ot Nick and Nick was talking to the audience and Howie just stuck the snake in his face. It TOTALLY shocked Nick, all of a sudden Nick was just like, "What the hell is that?" I don't know whether or not he said hell, but something of that sort. LoL!!!! Then, Nick grabbed it from Howie and was bugging Brian with it (it was sooooooooooooooooooooo adorable). Then he opened his arms, and AJ grabbed the snake from Nick. HAHA!!! Then, AJ was talking about gettin changed on stage, and Brian's like, "This is a family show! We can't do that!" Then he points and goes, "There's a mother, a father!!" So, then Brian jumps into the wardrobe box and goes underneath the stage, and takes the snake with him. Then, Nick goes under and after him, Howie. Then out of nowhere, the snake flies out of the box. It was soooooooo funny!! Brian must've thrown it out, but it just like flew haha! It was great. Then AJ and Kevin walk up to the front of the stage and say, "The AJ and Kevin show!!!!!" Everyone cheers and laughs, and laughs even harder because AJ now has the snake wrapped around his neck. Then they were like....just kidding just kidding and AJ jumps in the wardrobe box.

Then Kevin shuts the box, sits on it and says, "Now we can get down to some business." He's such a cutie! Then he's like, I have been working on some solo stuff, and he starts snapping his fingers and singing, then he was like, just kidding just kidding. HAHA! Then he stands up and asks us if we wanna come inside and watch them get changed. Well, gee..... I wonder...OF COURSE WE DO! Then he comes REALLY close to the camera and asked us in a really deep, SEXY voice.."Do you want to come insiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide??" Well, we all screamed at the top of our lungs, and he goes into the box, and then the wardrobe scene comes up on the big screen. This scene was FANTABULOUS! I mean, come on, we're watching the Backstreet Boys get changed, what more would you want? LoL! After the wardrobe scene, they came out on a small, round stage in the back of the arena. That's when Amy, Greta, and I ran down the steps to the front of our section, to be closer. The came up from the middle of the stage singing *Show Me The Meaning*, which then went into *How Did I Fall In Love With You*. It was sooooo beautiful! They walked around the stage and the fans in the back were soooo thrilled to see the Backstreet Boys up closer. I thought it was a great idea by the guys, because it really got the fans to interact more. Stuffed animals were flying everywhere, and all the fans were waving like crazy. Once they finished *How Did I Fall In Love With You*, they talked to us and said how they have been together for about 8 years, and that they wrote the song that they were going to sing next. While they were talking, a bridge lowered connecting the small stage to the main stage.

Once they finished talking, they started singing *Time*. Once i saw them start to walk on the bridge, i hopped the wall barrier thing in front of me. Its the wall thing that they have for hockey games, I was a little nervous that security would catch me, but then I thought, it's a once in a lifetime chance! So I asked Greta if I should and she was like YEA!! So i hooped up and there was a chair right on the other side, which helped me get over. I didnt want to stand on the chair, due to respect for the people behind me, so i sat on the barrier, because I wasn't much taller than other people while sitting. No one had any problems, so when Brian was in front of me, I really wanted him to see me, so I took chances and stood on the chair. That's when i realized that the chair was a folding chair, and when I leaned to the left, I almost fell, but I kept my balance. It was like i was surfing, it was so funny. I don't know if they saw me then, but that would've been funny. When I did catch my balance, I looked at Greta and she was just laughing at me. HAHA! When they got to the stage, I was still sitting on the barrier and that's when the security guy came up to me and asked me to get off. When i turned around and got off on the other side (to the 100s), he had this look on his face like he thought I had floor seats. I think it would've been possible for me to sneak to a seat on the floor, but I wasn't about to leave two of my friends by themselves. That would've been rude, and disrespectful. So, Greta, Amy, and I go back to our seats, in section 121, and thats about the time Kevin started talking about all of their foundations. He added that Nick is now working with him on the Just Within Reach Foundation. After Kevin saying all the foundations, on the big screen an environment clip played, and they sang *Answer To Our Life* During this song, Nick played the drums, Brian played the guitar for some time, then he went over to those bongo thingies (haha), and that's where AJ was, and then Howie was playing this cowbell thing! When he came over to my side, I got a picture of him playing it, I couldn't stop laughing, he's sooo adorable! I could just eat him up LoL!

Well, after *Answer To Our Life*, Nick came out and started *All I Have To Give*. He took a hat off of a guy playin the guitar in the middle of the stage, then when Brian came out, and took the hat from Nick and sang his part, then he threw the hat into the audience, and whoever got that hat, was a very happy person. She put the hat on her head, but then realized that it wasn't such a great idea because someone could just take it right off of her head, so she placed it on the ground next to her.*All I Have To Give* also turned into a medley with *If You Stay*. When they first started singing *If You Stay*, I was watching Leighanne and she was dancing, and really enjoying the show. I honestly thought that after seeing almost every show so far, she would get kind of tired of them. Seeing Leighanne dancing in her chair, and enjoying the music, makes me even love her more. She is such a great gal, and I'm glad that her and Brian are together. I wouldn't want him with any other girl, they are perfect for each other, except for me (haha). Well, then these chairs rose from the places that they come out of a lot, and they did a dance to *If You Stay* on those chairs, it was really awesome. Then the arena got darker, and an old style microphone rose from the front of the stage, and they all circled around it and sang acapella. It sounded INCREDIBLE. Once they were done with that song, the lights went down and then came back on and AJ started dancing, and a light was pointed on him, then Brian came in, and then the rest of the guys came in. It was different from the first leg, and I thought it was pretty neat. Then, they started singing *Shining Star*.

They had a great dance to that, and cute props. When Nick sings, "It doesn‚€™t matter if the phone might ring, ‚€˜cause I won‚€™t hear a thing when I‚€™m in your arms", a phone comes up and he is with a girl dancer. That was a cute idea. Their dance was awesome for this too, but of course, they added time to run up the ramps, so they could interact with their fans!! :-) After *Shining Star*, they introduced the band one by one. Kevin was the first one to introduce them and he was already wearing the next outfit, which is probably why he left during some of *Shining Star*. I was a little curious because there were only four guys on the stage. HAHA! After Kevin, Nick came out. it was funny because Kevin had a towel and he put it over Nick's head, and Nick just walked around for a little bit with it there. Then he tried to wrap it around his head, which didn't work, so he just took it off. LOL! After Nick finished introducing the band, Brian came out and started to introduce the dancers. AJ was standing there, and then he came in and introduced more, and Brian disappeared, I couldn't find him. Then, AJ left and Howie introduced some dancers. Then, he left and the dancers were dancing and then the guy fly up out of their holes in the stage & go, "BACKSTREET'S BACK, ALRIGHT!" Screams got louder and everyone was waiting for this song, *Everybody*. AJ comes out and says, "Oh my God, we're back again!!" It was more emotional this time though, because of AJ's rehab and how he pulled through. *Everybody* was so proud of him! After *Everyone*, Aj stayed on stage, while the rest of the guys exited the stage. It was sooooo funny, because this girl who had front row, left side of the stage (if the fans are looking at it), and she had a HUGE cowboy hat, it was like made of foam or something.

Well, anyways, she threw it up to AJ, and he absolutely loved it. He placed it on his head and walked around like a cowboy. The hat was yellow, and VERY easy to see, considering the size of it. He walked to my side, and I took a picture, but it came out kind of blurry. He was so cute though. Then, this was the best, he walked to the middle of the stage and stood at the edge, and pretended to take out guns from his pockets like a cowboy, and made shooting noises, like he was shooting all of us. LoL!!! While he was doing this, he said that he had bad news and good news. So he gave us the good news and said how we were a wonderful audience, but then he , sadly, said that they could only do one more song. That's when we heard a phone ring, like the phone ringing in *The Call*. So, AJ's asking the band, is that you're phone?? Then he goes, my pants are ringing! HAHA!!! So he takes it out and goes to answer it, but then turns around to the audience and yells, "Should I answer it?!?!?" Well, we all scream and say yes, and then he does it again, and finally he answers it. Then he walks around and went to the front row, and I think it was his new g/f or something, she was sitting next to Leighanne, and goes, "Yo, why you calling me??" That was really cute. So then he starts the song and sings *duh*! HAHA! Then, the rest of the guys come out and join in! I loved the part of their dance when they are dancing with the girls, and they slide out, and put their hands out to the side. Well, all of them do that EXCEPT Brian, he's always gotta be difficult! HAHA! No, no, it was really cute. He would take his hands and motion the girl away from him. I thought it was the cutest thing EVER. Then, near the end of the song, they added a new dance routine, different from the first leg, and I loved it!!! I was like....gotta snap some pictures, which I did, and it came out really nice! :) After they said goodbye, and thanked us all for coming, the left the stage.

I was AMAZED as I watched all the people starting to leave. The lady next to me was about to leave, but I turned to her and said, "It's not over!!" She put her jacket down and was like okay haha! We waited probably not even a minute, and back they were!! Brian came out first, with the light shining on him, and started singing, "Baby, please try to forgive me," it was soo beautiful. Brian had his BRIAN LITTRELL HEART FOUNDATION shirt on, and looked super cute. They all looked comfortable, and it was a very fun ending. They didn't have any dance routine, they just walked around and interacted with the fans. Near the end of the song, Brian took off his HEART FOUNDATION shirt (don't worry he had another shirt under it, without sleeves), and signed it. He gave it to a security guard to give to this girl who was in about the 3rd or 4th row. They finished the song, bowed, and thanked us all again for coming. Brian, of course, said, "God Bless," and blew kisses. HEHE! Well, it was the end of the concert. Greta, Amy, and I were leaving, and then I totally lost Amy. I was okay though, because I knew that I would talk to her online again. So, Greta and I walked out and met up with my dad, and left. It was absolutely the BEST night of my life. I have been to other Backstreet Boys concerts, but this one was more special. I think I remembered a lot more from it, which was another reason why it was so great. I wasn't upset that it was over though, because I was going again the next night, but still, I knew that no other concert could top this one, and let's just say, the 2nd night was GREAT. But, I was right, the first night was better. I don't know why, but there was just something about it, it was lifechanging. Oh, and the 2nd night at Continental Airlines Arena, September 7, 2001, the Backstreet Boys added *Drowning* to the set list for the first time. *7* was always my lucky number.

That was what made that night absolutely amazing. It sounded great and I felt special that they started it in NJ. Those were truely the best nights of my life, along with the other Backstreet Boys concerts that I have been to, but nothing will ever top September 6, 2001...that is, until the next Backstreet Boys Tour!! HEHE!

~Kerri *BrOkS aNgeL*

**BSB Concert at East Rutherford, NJ on September 7th, 2001**

Date: Nov 09, 2001
Submitted By: Kara

~To all the awesome BSB Fans~

Septemmber 7th, 2001 was 1 of the most memorable nites of my life...I had a blast at the concert - the music was hot & the boys were sooo gorgeous I cant describe it. The whole nite was wonderful but the best part was when they rose on the little round center stage. We had bad seatswhich was pretty disappointing but we managed 2 get seats rte down near the little stage...I started freaking out when I was in the prsence of the guys up close. Brian shined me his cute lil smile & howie and A.J noticed me. It was amazing but the best part was yet 2 come... I got Nick's attention and he just looked right at me. The bodygaurd handed my 5 roses 2 him which he passed out 2 all the guys! Meanwhile, he started talking 2 the gaurds and I knew hwe was asking 2 get closer 2 me but the stage was too high :( soo they probaly didnt think it was a good idea. since he couldnt get down he sat right in front of me and sang 2 me the whole time including "How did I fall in love with you" It was the GREATEST We locked eyed and it was as if the world was outside and it was just the two of us. He wass soooooooo cute & im even more in love with him especially after he pointed me out 2 Brian and thanked me for the roses.............u have 2 go 2 a BSB concert if u havnt cause they will sweep u away with all the love Theres so much I cant even describe it- it would take ma a lifetime 2 rite down but just believe me KTBSPA!!!!!!!!!!

Backstreet Boys in Continental Airlines Arena

Date: Oct 07, 2001
Submitted By: Amy Howell

It was great. I was excited when we got there. My friend and I both were sick and couldn't really talk but that didn't stop us from screaming. First Krystal came on (she is a really good singer), then there was the ever so hot Sisqo, but then came the real show, BSB! While they were setting up my friend and I started a huge wave that went throught the whole arena. Then we started to chant BSB BSB and everyone joined, then it all stopped, so we started to start singing , "It's time for me to go to work y'all what kind of work hard work uhh" we had heard this from one of their concerts I have on tape. (But now its "the b the a the c the k the s the t reet thats backstreet yea yea that's backstreet). Then they came out! OMG it was awesome, we had great seats. We were right next to the little round stage they come up at in the middle of the concert. I was singing to every song. I could not talk at all after the show and got yelled at by the doctor for screaming so much but it was totally worth it!! This was a good concert and I loved it!! I would go to another one if I could. But i don't know when and if they will coem back to NJ. Well o well I LOVE BSB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

East Rutherford, NJ, September 6-7, 2001

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Angie

I went to this concert with my friend. cause i won them on z100 and well i kind of got lucky. so we had some good seats and i saw all of them up close. it was amazin i never felt this close to the backstreet boys in the five years that i have been a fan. me and my friend couldn't believe where we sitting at...we was right behing the lil stage. when they came out i started to cry like a lil baby. i was taking pictures like crazy. the whole concert was wonderfull all the songs they sung was great i love them all!!!

East Rutherford 9/6/01

Date: Sep 16, 2001
Submitted By: Melissa

Well, back in July I decided to go to a scalper. I have a job and after two days of bugging my mom to let me, I did. I used, VERY RELIABLE! i actually got it at a good price. They must have deducted the cost since the initial July concert was right around the corner. I got 3rd row, center aisle seat? what can be better ? it felt like front row, because the people in front of us were small children so i could have a perfect view. i also saw them getting ready to go on before the opening number under the stage. very cool! i was still in shock but i have been to concerts before for BSB, and this time I truly had the time of my life. Krystal and SIsqo were good. And I came prepared with 2 rolls of film, a zoom camera and a big sign for Howie in which i brought to my Camden NJ concert July 3rd. I made it on white cloth and wrote "Hugs and Kisses For Howie" in black and blue felt. WHen each BSB came out to say hello, i held my sign up and to my surprise, my sign was shown in full view on the big screen? did anyone get a picture or see it? lol. i was so happy because howie saw my sign for him a lot. My favorite song is "What Makes You Different." Surprisingly, at both this sohw and that Camden one, he pointed and winked at my sign during the same part of the song haha. Each time he waved or smiled at me, it was amazing. I really have liked all the BSB for 4 1/2 years now. Their music has helped me through so much. It was my favorite person seeing ME(its so unreal). I waved to Kev and AJ, who both waved back. Brian saw me and my friend acting like idiots...Nick wsa good too, but he is more soaked up in his own performance than waving and involving the fans ya know? But he was very funny with all the things he did.Kevin and Howie really are my two faves, and they seem to be so nice to all their fans waving at practially every one of them, what sweethearts. I met these two nice ladies next to us, and they were just as into it as I was. BSB is not just for teens!

Then, my other friend was sitting in section 4 so during the skit I went to say hello and we watched the small stage come up. I was going aroudn the other side of the seats, and Howie walks right by me in a ''security/staff'' uniform. That is how they get to the small stage, and I didn't remember it from the other concert. That was enough man was just mere feet away from me, and not on a stage butonsolid ground. Then, Kev sat down on the side and he was just feet away. I blew him a kiss and he ''caught it'' and smiled lol. Then my big debut came..I stood on the chair(folding chair) and my friend had an JNN sign(dont ask why! lol). and she kept getting in my way so I moved my foot and what happens? The folding chair closes on my foot and i fall off .... i was laughing so hard that i forgot abotu the pain. and right now my leg has a "Black and Blue" on it. hehe, corny. I got back up and Brian mouthed "dont fall" and pretended he was falling over ... i particularly enjoyed Answer To Our Lives b/c Howie played the cowbell. then i ran back to my seat up front. the bvridge was RIGHT THERE. lol. i was so esxcited about that , that i forgot to take pics haha. The dancing was wonderful and everything was good. During Backstreet's Back me and my friend knew the dance b/c I taught it to her back in the day, so we went in the aisle and started doing it. Howie actually watched and pointed at us ..I kept messing up this one part and I was so frustrated and i freaked out, and he started laughing. i love to dance and the fact that I screwed up a dance in front of the BSB, it was too funny. Since most of you went, i don't need to go over what they sang. But everywhere u sat,u saw a good view. i have been in the 200's, everywhere basically before, and just the feeling you get being there is good. I have 50 pics that came out good, especially with AJ with the snake around his neck(the toy snake) and cute things, and I have a great one of them with silly string on them. I am going to get copies that i will either sell(if any of you want to buy them) or trade. I used to think that i was never going to get good seats. and with the scalper, i tried to get them online and the thing is, NY and NJ residents cant buy scalped tix online. I thought that was a sign that i guess i would never get to be that close. but my friends aunt from VA bought them and mailed it to us. i guess it was meant to be that way for once in my life! Some of you may not want to spend the money, so if you don't get tix the first tiem around, as the concert date nears, they put up awesome seats on, eve if its ''sold out''. i got bon jovi tix for the VH1 special concert at Giants Stadium the nite before. And they were lower levels. Have any questions? please ask. I definitely wrote alot, but i have never had such a good concert experience. it may never happen again, so while i am still happy lol, i will share it with you. next year i will be driving so i won't hafta bug my mom to take me. Hopefully they will come back soon.

Again , if you want pictures or want to know what they are of....well i will be getting a scanner soon, so you can ask about them now! Bye.

God bless everyone! Be safe and take care ;) - Melissa

East Rutherford Concert

Date: Sep 15, 2001
Submitted By: John

The East Rutherford Concert was totally awesome! I was front row, that's right front row! I got them at the last second from someone who couldn't go and I caught online from ebay. I talked to Kevin, Howie, AJ and Brain. Nick was kinda ignoring the fans communicating face to face. It was sooo wonderfully intimate. I'm so glad they decided not to do stadiums. Singing drowning in the end was so beautiful and a really amazing treat. I was so, so glad they went ahead and did that. The quality of the music was great! It was the perfect night.

Black and Blue Concert-September 7

Date: Sep 15, 2001
Submitted By: Keena

I am currently at a college 500 miles from home, so when the time came for the BSB concert, I flew home that morning. After attending the concert, what could I possibly say? I went to the first leg of the Black and Blue Tour back in February, and I was in awe. This time (September 7), I was in disbelief. How can they be so wonderful? How can they keep putting on such awesome shows every time they come back? The Boys were hot, energetic, and sound great. AJ looked healthy and never missed a beat. It was obvious that the boys worked their asses off in preparation for this second leg of the tour. It was longer, Krystal and Sisqo rocked, and I proudly went home with a sore throat that night. Even the programs were fabulous. My only disappointment was that it had to end. I knew that after singing "Get Another Boyfriend" (My favorite), the boys only had 3 songs left. I had hoped that they would sing "I Promise You", but they more than made up for it when they took it to the old school(As Long As You love Me, Quit Playing Games).

I am 19 years old, and for the past 5 years I have been a huge BSB fan. While many may think that they are just a passing "fad", I will proudly follow that fad around until they say it's over. Their music was their for me when all else failed, and I'll be damned if I don't do the same for them. KTBSBPA

Sept. 7 show- Continental Airlines Arena

Date: Sep 15, 2001
Submitted By: Alicia

I thought that theconcert was awesomely done and the boys are better than EVER since A.J's return!! It started out great with Krystal and her 30 minute set, and got even more heated up with Sisqo's set. But when BSB came out singing "Everyone", it was easy to see that this concert was going to be HOT!! every song they sang could have been on a CD they sounded so good, and they put on the BEST show i think I will ever see. And to top it off, the show ended with "Drowning", the new song from their upcoming album. I loved it and I say BACKSTREET'S BACK ALRIGHT!!

east rutherford new jersey

Date: Sep 15, 2001
Submitted By: lisa

Well i went to there concert on friday september 7th 2001 at east rutherford nj it kicked all kinds of ass!! aj and the rest of the fellas looked great they kicked ass on stage!! krystal and sisqo kicked ass too i cant wait until the next bsb tour! well i just want to say god bless you aj and its now 69 days sober keep up the good job your doing and be good!! well thanks for that kick ass concert cause know one can kick ass like the backstreet boys. i love you guys!! from the biggest backstreet fan in the world lisa.

hi theresa, my sister jen whats up!! everyone i know hi!! and good bye

Bsb's concert in Nj on 9/6

Date: Sep 15, 2001
Submitted By: Noemi Real

I went to the bsb concert on 9/6 on thurs. nite and i have to say it was an awesome concert. I have been to 2 other b&b conert before and i have to admit this one they had more energy they had better dance more i guess their one month off really helped out in the end because it was a great concert. And of course, my aj looked so hot!!!!!! he was great and I'm happy for him that he is doing better.

And i love him very much. I just pray that one day i will be able to meet him in person.

East Rutherford, NJ September 6th & 7th

Date: Sep 10, 2001
Submitted By: Janice

It was awesome!!! I loved all the special effects. Before the concert, we had a tailgate party ... it was cool ... I asked everyone how much they liked BSB and how happy they were to be there .... Most of them were too excited to speak! .... As for the concert itself .... they opened up with "Everyone" and I thought that it was cool how the theme to their concert was "the end of the world" I totally love the theme. It was great when they appeared on the mini stage and walked across the bridge that went right over the fans heads ... and then the silly string flew!

Overall, on a scale of 1 to 10, this BSB fan forever, gives a 10+++! Definately a must see concert! You won't regret it ... It definately a great one and very original ... Oh and you'll love the surprise at the end!

September 6, 2001

Date: Sep 10, 2001
Submitted By: Lauren

OMG!!! This was the first conert I've ever been to, and it was so awesome. I went with my sister who's 25 and my cousin who's also in her twenties. They didn't really like the Backstreet Boys, but they went anyway. We were in section 214 and had a good view of the stage. The concert was so awesome, and we loved it. Nick looked sooo hot!!! So did Brian! I loved seeing them, and I keep talking about the concert to all my friends!!!

Sept. 6 Continental Airlines

Date: Sep 10, 2001
Submitted By: Samantha

Got there early with my mom and our seats were on the floor...row N. We were close and I was excited. We were never this close before. Krystal was great, but they could have left out Sisqo. That guy LOVES himself. If it wasn't for the BSB bringing him on tour with them, that guy wouldn't be doing a thing. Well when the guys came out it was amazing! My camera got some great shots. AJ is my favorite and during Time when the bridge came down I was right there in the aisle. AJ and Nick were looking at me and smiling. I was in heaven! Looking at them on tv and in pictures is so different from when you see them live. It's just hard to explain. This really nice girl sat next to us and was talking to me and my mom. (WE"VE BEEN TRYING TO E-MAIL YOU....PLEASE RESPOND) Someone throw up on stage a stuffed big rattle snake. It was funny because all of the guys were fighting over it and playing with it. AJ wrapped it around his neck. The only DISAPPOINTMENT was AJ never took his shirt off ! Another thing is that he never teased us with showing off a little "abs". Other than that it was GREAT ! Can't wait for the next one. I hope they do another tour when their "greatest hits" come out.

East Rutherford, NJ September 7, 2001

Date: Sep 10, 2001
Submitted By: Katy

If you went to the NJ concert on September 7 than you will KNOW that this was the BEST Backstreet Boys concert ever! Before I get started I want to tell ya that NO I was NOT lucky enough to meet any of them (cause I know sometimes I read these things to see if people met them). Ok so here I go-it took me awhile to write-so be prepared!

Since my mom couldn't go she asked my brothers to take me, so they did. We got to the box office early so we could get tickets, and we got GREAT seats. So they weren't front row or anything, but we got FLOOR SEATS! We gave the lady $208.50 in cash than decided to look for the buses. Since my brother has college basketball games at Continental Arenas he knows the underground way they go in. So we went there and saw the buses! There was a gate to get in and the buses weren't gated in or anything! So before we go in my brother is talking on his cell phone and as me and my other bro wait for him to get off, who walks by? But DENISE MCLEAN-AJ'S MOM! No one else was aroudn but security, and I looked at her and quickly a vision of the 20/20 interview came into my mind. It really was her!!! She looked at me for awhile than suddenly looked down with her sunglasses on, while talking to a girl in her-oh twenties maybe. I felt bad because I just stared at her-not even a smile came off my face I was in such shock! I just felt bad saying anything to her caue when she put her head down-it was obvious she didn't want to be bothered. Now if it was Nick's mom-now that is a different story-lol! So my bro got off his cell and we walked over to where oh maybe not even 20 girls were standing waiting for BSB to come through. Apparently from what a girl told me, Nick and Howie already went through in one little bus, and Kevin went through in another. Ahhhh-I missed NICK-NOO! But that is ok I thought-cause there is still Brian and AJ. Well we waited there for over an hour and no boys showed up. I was pretty embaressed standing there because my brothers kept singing N'Sync songs and saying they couldn't wait until they sang Bye Bye Bye...and they were like ohhh when Nick comes out we are gonna be like,'HEY JUSTIN!'. So if you were one of te girls standing there listening to their crap-I'M SORRY! In fact this one girl that was younger than me, maybe 14, got really offended and was like yelling at them. Haha quite humorous-but hey-they deserved it. So than all of a sudden one girl thought she spotted Leighanne over by the road walking her and Brian's dogs! I was like-yeah right she wouldn't just be there without any security walking the dogs-someone might steal them like last year-haha jkkkk! So a few girls run over and come back and they said it was her!!! They said she was reallyyyyyyyy sweet and took pictures with them. Damnnnnn-I hit myself for not going over there!!!!!! She even took gifts in from girls to give to the boys-that was really nice of her. SO than she comes walking by all of us with the two little dogs on a leash(ohhh they were sooo cute) and everyone was saying hi and she was smiling and waving to us, and than my brother yells-I LOVE YOU! and she looks over towards us and smiles at him. Haha--I was laughing-but hey-it got her to look at us! So I had the oerfect( I mean PERFECT!) picture of her with the two dogs in the picture, but my brother didn't take the lens cap off the cameraaaaaaa!!!!! I even asked him before I took the camera, if there was anything I needed to do to take a picture and he was like, 'oh no'. I was soo pist. So he takes the camera and clicks a button than aims the camera towards Leighanne(by this time she is through the gate-so I will have the gate in the way if the pic even comes out) and hes like 'there'. I was soooo mad I kicked him so hard, and people started laughing and was like, ohhhhh!, because i will probably never see her again with my luck, and it was the PERFECT PIC! Ok I am sure you heard enough of that-so sorry! So than my bros were complaining so I finally left at like 6:25(I finally figured the boys were all inside because they had to do soundcheck-and doors opened at 6:30.besides-a security guard came out with a pic of BSB and all their signatures-I was sooooo jealous! and when all these people walked by with backstage passes I was like ohhhhhhhh mannnnnnnn!). SO I guess when we went through the gate to the buses they closed the gate cause we had to wait on line to get back in. So we saw this girl with her boyfriend we were talking to before(she tried talking to all the security to get backstage-but no luck-people by me were complaining-they were like 'why would she get in?' 'if she gets im im gonna be pist!'--which got me mad cause atleast she was TRYING to get in-I didn't see them trying to get in!). So we waited in line with them and than finally got in! I will skip things cause I am writting too much but opening acts were good(yall know who they are)-but I just wanted BSB to come on!!!!!!!!! So they came on around 9pm and ahhhhhhh I could feal the meteors-like the fire-on my face!!!!!! It was great! OMG-this leg of the tour they were sooooooooooooooo funny! I don't know if it was just this concert-but it was non-stop laughter for me! Brian would make fun of us New Jersians with our so-called accents by saying -'How YOU doing?'(am I the only one from NJ who doesn't think we have an accent!). Than when someone threw a stuffed animal up by AJ it almost hit him and than EVERYBODY started throwing animals to him and they kept hitting him-he was like, "Aww hell--c'mon now! Enough with the animals!' while throwing his hands up! It was great!! Of course AJ said he was 65 days sober! YAY! He said he wished he could give us all NOT just a hug and kiss but he said he wished he could give us all a hug and a BIG, FAT, JUICY, WET KISS!!!!!!!!! Awwwwwwwwww yeah yeah! Than AJ said his mom was from New Jersey-did you know that? Wasn't even far from their either! I guess I was just amazed cause I'm a Jersey girl! So than he said very quickly and lightly his girlfriend was there--I guess he said it like that so no one would get to upset and he didn't want to be like announcing it so YES I HEARD IT STRAIGHT FROM AJS MOUTH-HE DOESSS HAVE A GIRLFRIEND as of righ tnow. Than he said he had a friend Heather, in the audience in section 113 and that section went NUTS! Than when Nick was singing he went on the left wing he hung over the cord and was like hangin over the audience-it looked awesome! Let me just tell ya-if you had one of those seats while he was hanging over than OMG I envy you cause wow-you must have gotten a greatttt view-and some great pics! SO than when they sang I Want It That Way Nick was on the wing and he would lay down and than get up every time he said 'Tell me why" than lay back down again-it was funny! The year 2050 video was funny! When Nick was like,"yeah howie-remember when i had to get that hip replacment?" he looked at the camera and said, "you wouldn't believe who came to auditions! Joey Fatone!" the crowd cracked up! Than later Brian told Kevin to tell us what they did today-and they said they recorded a song which was like part 2 of that other song they did with all those groups and they were metioning groups they did and Nick made sure to say BRITNEY! Haha--he was like Britney! Than he was like uhhhh N'Sync and the crowd went nuts! I don't know if they were cheering(which it sounded like) or dissing but I hope they were dissing haha! So than they came out on the back stage!!! I was like 6 rows in front of that stage and had a great view!!!!!! AJ was facing my way and I could see a little but of Nick-so it was all good! So the bridge came down-and when I went to the Philly concert it didn't look that low but damn-when you are close to the bridge it is really low!!!! It is great!! So Nick has a can of silly string in his hand but he is singing and not using it so someone around me starts spraying him and he turns around and holds up the can of silly sting and mouths, 'YOU WANNA FIGHT?' in the most ADORABLE FACE EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! It was sooo funny! SO they are having a silly string fight while I am getting a whole rolls worth of film! So when he comes back at the end of the song and is singing someone else starts spraying him and he tries to sing at first while it is flying in his face but than he turns around and looks at them and just opens his arms and stands there while they spray him! It was alllllllll over him! I love that boy! Than when Brian was by me he was so funny waving to people and showing off his GREAT smile! He was like making fun of the adudience like putting his hands on his face and fake screaming and blowing out kisses ya know that way he does--like real gentle and funny and cute!! Brian was real funny that night-like reallllllllll funny! Like when they were all singing Quit Playing Games while sitting there it went into As Long As You Love Me and Nick was singing next to Brian he put his hand fakely into Nick's ear and than wipes it off on his shirt hahah! So they get off the bridge and they go 'we got a dud!' when they look at the end of the bridge and it was like half way off the stage haha! Oh yeah and before they went into the dressing room they were picking up all the stuffed animals and pretending they were basketballs and throwing them in the box(AJ kept missing haha) and so right after Nick goes in the box they throw a green frog in there and so Nick brings it back up to the box prentending it was a puppet show and making the frog walk and stuff-it was hilarious! So when Nick starts to play the drums Kevin goes Hey Nick, I am trying to talk here and Nick was like Hey man I'm sorry I couldn't help it or something like that it was hard ot hear was funny though. So in the beginning though Brina goes well MAYBE we will just have to sing a new single we have. and the crowd goes CRAZY and he goes, 'i think i let the cat out of the bag, i better not say anymore'. So when they said goodbye and stuff people started to leave but I stayed cause I KNEW they would sing DROWNING!!!! And sure enough they came back up in smoke on pillars and sang it(which it is a GREAT SLOW song!!!!!!!!!) and than said goodbye and left!!!!!!! I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOO COME BACKKKKK! Lol! So we were reallyyyy close to the arena doors where we parked so we got right in the car and were stuck in like the same place for like a half hour!!! So my brothers stuck in Millenium and blasted Larger Than Life and put it the highest it would go and people just looked at us like what the hell? Or maybe because there were two guys in the front seat and u couldnt see me and they were wondering why two guys were their together and shit haha. But than people started to sing along and stuff so than they put on like Don't Want You Back.....than like switched and put Everybody on. One girl even took a picture of them in the car haha. Maybe the boys heard their music getting onto their buses? Haha I wish! Ok I am soooo sorry I took so long and skipped around and stuff! E-mail me if ya got pics from the concert or anything-I would love to see them!

September 7th East Rutherford, NJ

Date: Sep 10, 2001
Submitted By: Amanda

Omg I just have to say my seats were incredible. They were like 10 rows from the stage. When we were walking down to the front I was like "OMG, I can't go any farther." And everytime we passed an usher he kept saying go ahead. I couldn't believe it, it was so exciting just how close the seats were. Nevermind the show! lol

Well we got there a little late so missed most of Krystal's set. But she was great of what we heard. She has just an amazing voice. Sisqo was fun! I knew like all the songs.

Well I'll get to the BOYS now. How hott are they? Oh lordy, they were smokin'. They looked so good especially AJ, he's definitely back to his old self. Yesterday was 65 days sober! The set was awesome. I was dancing every second of the show. It was mad fun just to be there. Because twice before I've tried to go I couldn't. First there was a major snow storm, then AJ went into rehab. I guess third times a charm. Because it was a charmer alright. It's the best tour I've ever seen so far by the BOYS. Being that we were so close we tried to get there attention, but it never worked lol :)

Now it's time for the bridge and we get in position. lol They are like 6 ft away from our seats. I'm on my seats blowing kisses frantically at B-Rok. And of course knowing him he does the same thing back and smiles at you. hehe He was making fun of me, man! lol That was the highlight of my night. It was just too cute and my friend got a picture of it. :) And while Nick is singing he's like 6 ft. away too and of course the spotlight is shining right in our faces. I was like damn I can't see anything. And silly string is flying everywhere. It was awesome!

They said that they were definitely doing the AIDS song with BONO from U2 and other stars. I thought it was cool because they interacted with the audience and talked to us and said things that they wouldn't do at other concerts.

They also sang "DROWNING" I couldn't believe it. From beginning to end! The whole entire song. Brian said in when he came and talked to everybody. "He was like I let the cat out of them. Oh no, I don't think I should've told you." I was like OMG, you're kidding, right?! And they did at the end of the set. It's such a beautiful song! I wonder if they'll keep singing it at every show. Maybe because it was Friday and nobody had to go to school the next day. Who knows?! Oh well, but we felt special. We were priviledged to hear it ;) But it was GORGEOUS!

All in all the show definitely kicked major booty.


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