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Backstreet Boys in Boston-September 8th and 10th

Date: Dec 11, 2001
Submitted By: Pam

AAHHHH....I attended the September 8th and September 10th BSB concerts. Those were probably the best days of my life (yep, I know its pathetic.) Anyways, September 8th..I didn't really have an actual seat because we kept running everywhere. We enjoyed most of the concert in Section 11 but when I knew it was time for the Backstreet Boys to go to the mini-stage in the back I got my cuzin and we ran there. We had our floor seat tickets so they let us by and we were right in front of their stage. We were freaking out!! We had front row seats and the Backstreet Boys were about to come out!! lol Finally, when the Backstreet Boys came out my cousin threw a stuffed animal we had for AJ. We actually missed the stage but one of their bodyguards picked it up and give it to AJ!! AJ was reading what we wrote on the stuffed animal and laughing. Then AJ gave it back to his bodyguard and told him to give it back to me. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?? I got something AJ touched!! Hehe. Anyways, after about a minute I took out my BSB sign which said "Congrats AJ for 66 days sober" and I got the bodyguard to get AJ's attention for me. AJ saw our sign, said thank you to us, and actually bowed to us. After that, AJ was kinda busy singing. When he talked to us Brian and Howie were singing "How Did I fall In Love with You" so AJ was just fooling around with his bodyguards. After that, BSB all stood up and walked around the stage. Brian saw our sign and said "that's cute" and let me take a picture of him. Next up was Kevin..he didn't say anything to us but he was waving to us and he made fun of me. :0 haha. Nick didn't talk to me that night and neither did Howie (Howie never talked to me any of the days.) After the concert we went to the Backstreet Boys hotel but they wouldn't come back out to sign stuff for the fans (probably because a lot of fans started arriving.) I was kind of upset about that but at least I got to talk to them at the concert.

Now for September seats were Floor B (front center) Row 7. We were actually getting some food before the show started and right when we were going back to our seats..we were front row at that point..and AJ came out!! He just said Hi to everyone and introduced Krystal Harris. Krystal then came out..and me and my cousin were the only ones standing up so she waved to us. Krystal was awesome, she has an amazing voice. Next up was the thong man, SISQO!! He also put on an awesome show (we had seen him on the 8th too.) Anyways..after Sisqo it was time for the Backstreet Boys to come out!!!! They sang their first song "Everyone" a long with a couple of other songs and then Brian was the first one to come out and Thank us. Well..I had a sign for Brian that said "Brian is the man"..Brian saw that and laughed and waved to me. That was cool. Then came AJ..he thanked everyone for supporting him and when he said that I put up my sign which now said "Congrats AJ for 68 days sober." AJ didn't see it then but I guess one of the camera men saw it because it was put up on that big screen they have behind the stage!! I was like "HOLY SHIT!! I'M ON THAT SCREEN!!" LOL Anyways..the other guys came out and talked and then they sang for a while. Finally, when I knew it was time for them to go in the back stage again me and my cuzin went there. AJ saw our sign again..and thanked my cuzin because she was holding it at that time. I gave Nicks bodyguard some pictures of AJ to give to him that I had taken from September 8th along with a note. I don't know if AJ actually got them though because the bodyguard put them on the stage right next to nick. AJ saw me after..because I was trying to throw him another stuffed animal. No..this time he didn't look at it like last time :( hehe. Its ok though because he was lookin at me and waving at me for a while. Nick..YES NICK!!! Finally the man sees me!! Haha Nick thought I wanted to throw the stuffed animal to him and he was nodding his head at me. lol. You'll notice again later on that Nick don't like me much and that he pissed me off (and hes my fave BSB too!) Anyways we watched the BSBs, took pictures again, and then went back to our normal seats. When they got back to the front stage they sang some more songs. I was front row for 2 minutes and I showed AJ the old stuffed animal he threw me and he remembered it..I didn't throw it back to him though cuz I wanna keep it forever lol. After, one of the securitty guys told me I couldn't sit there so I went back to my seat. I had a sign for Nick that said "THROW ME UR SHIRT! OR TOWEL. OR PANTS" He actually had a towel on his head at that point too!! Unfortunately, he didn't throw it to me. He actually said in his microphone "Next Time" but I mean..Is there really going to be a next time? And if there is HOW THE HELL WOULD HE REMEMBER ME? that kind of pissed me off because he says he knows it might be a fans first time seeing them and their last so he does the best he can" but if he really believes what he says then why didn't he throw it to me? ANYWAYS..I enjoyed the rest of the show..they sang "Drowning" again and then we left. BSB went to Canada..Thank god they werent going to LA because the WTC thing was the next day. And that is my story!!

If you guys have anything to say to me email me @ or just emai lme if u went to the same shows. Sept 8th, September 10th or July 6th

The Boston Concert

Date: Nov 27, 2001
Submitted By: Dawnie Jasper

I am Dawnie Jasper and i went to the backstreet boys concert for the 4th time. It was the last concert before aj went to get help in rehab. I just wanted to say right when I saw teh Fleet Center i got butterflies in my stomach just thinking bout bsb being in that building that i was standing outside of. I went with my two best friends and we went all out. We made shirts, put pictures on our shorts (u couldnt even see the shorts cuz the pix were covering them), we amde hats, painted our faces, legs, arms, and stomachs, also we mah ribbons with bsb pux tied to each end. We were so excited to be tehre en thoguh we mdidnt have that great of seats. But that all changed cuz the staff members decided we were the best dressed adn moved us closer. Now let me tell you we were so close you could see teh sweat dripping from their faces. I couldnt believe i was so close but still so far. THAT WAS THE BEST CONCERT EVER AND IT JUST MADE MY DAY BECAUSE I SAW THEIR GORGEOUSE FACES ADN THAT WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!! KEPP THE BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boston, Sept. 8th 2001

Date: Oct 24, 2001
Submitted By: alicia

Hey all! The Sept. 8th BSB concert was AWESOME! i already put in a review, but i was just wondering-Does anyone have a good pic of AJ in the smiley boxers and yellow lei?? i took one but it's blurry-Pleeeeeease, if you do, can i have it? email me at Thank you so much!

September 8th, 2001 (Boston)

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: Ashley

On September 8, 2001, when I walked out of a restaurant in stepped into my limo, I thought that I was going to have a great night. Boy was I wrong, great was an understatement.

At 7:30, I took my seat, awaiting Sisqo, the opening act, he did a 20 minute set of songs like "Unleash the Dragon", "Incomplete", "Got To Get It", followed by a bit more R&B with some rappers he brought out, to end his performance, he sang "The Thong Song", it was great. For only 20 minutes of entertainment it was a great performance. It had some pyrotechnics, and lots of great dancing, but more importantly great talent.

Forty-five minutes or so later, the lights grew dark again, and on a large circular screen an Armageddon-like film was shown. About 10 dancers in robes got on the stage, and all I could think was "This is a stupid introduction", again, I was wrong. Every time a a meteor hit the earth on the screen a pyrotechnic would go off, and a dance would fall, then there was the finale, five large fiery flashes hit the stage, and up from the trap doors came, The Backstreet Boys.

I sat in the Fleet Center, Section 310, row 3 seat 5, far from the stage, but a great view. They looked so tiny, but I didn't care. I could see them on the screens. They sang amazingly, every dance move in sync, every note hit perfectly, I was in total heaven. Every song they sang from my favorite ballads-More Than That, Shape Of My Heart, and As Long as You Love Me (to name a few) to my favorite danceable hits Larger Than Life, The Call, Get Another Boyfriend, and the oldie Everybody(Backstreets Back) were performed perfectly.

The most important part was when band member A. J. McLean came onto the stage to talk to us about what happened, he said "Boston will always hold a special place in my heart. This is where I realized I had a problem." For those of you who don't know, July 9, 2001, A. j was put into a rehabilitation clinic for Alcohol abuse, depression and anxiety. The band had to cancel a bunch of shows, mine being that night (July 9). He opened up to the crowd, it seemed like he was talking to each individual person, rather than a whole crowd full. It was touching.

While the boys were changing, there were several skits, ones of the boys in 2050, and of them under the stage in their dressing area. At one point, Nick said they had to change on stage, I wasn't too sad, until they all went into a box (which was on top of a trap door to their dressing rooms). A. j came out on stage wearing a pair of smiley boxers over his pants, for no real reason. It was quite funny though.

The show was amazing, they closed it with their newest song, "Drowning", many people had already left because two songs before that was their last song. The rose up from under the stage on Black and Blue pedestals, and sang. It was beautiful. I cried.

So yes, I am the biggest Backstreet Boys fan (AND PROUD). That concert was the best night of my life, and I'm proud to admit it. If I never again get to see a concert, I won't be upset, I'll be happy to know I attended the most amazing show ever. I was privileged to get to see them, and I'll always remember that night.

Maybe I couldn't see the costumes, and dance moves too well from such a distance, but I could here the music. The music that keeps me smiling no matter what, and that's all the really counts.

Boston concert on sept 8th

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: Laurie

Sept 8th was the best night of my life. It was my six bs concert and i have to say it was the best one yet. everything about it was soooooooooo amazing. BSB sounded and danced soooooooo awesome. The best part was when the bridge came down over me and i saw them up-close. I almost had a heartattack. I never wanted that show to end, but all great things must come to an end.


Date: Oct 09, 2001
Submitted By: Lydia-Rose

Okay! This is what happened on September 10th,2001! Shandi and I were at a concert in Boston Mass. And We were pretty high up in Balcony 330 Row 2 seats 7 and 8 and everyone around us up in our balcony was being old pple and sitting down but Shandi and I were standing up and screaming and waving and B-ri came to our side and we waved at him and he waved back and then Shandi and I started to FREAK and then he pointed at us and laughed! IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!! Brian if u read this WE LOVE U AND THANX!!! And 4 the rest of the guys WE LOVE YOU! (BTW Nick and Howie I need to have a talk with u! U like avoided our side and we KNOW u saw us WAVE cuz u looked at us, but u never waved back!..and AJ u too!!!..Kevin waved at our whole balcony so he is off the hook, but u 3 I think all need some spankin's!!! LOL..just kiddin ya'll!)

Well G2G!!! Lotz of love to my peeps Yo! (lol...that sounded stupid!)

~*~Lydia-Rose~*~ (aka Lydz)

~ Caribou, Maine~

Black And Blue Show 9-9-01

Date: Oct 09, 2001
Submitted By: Harley

September 9th, A day I'll never forget. The best day of the 12 years i've been living. Needless to say, it was worth the two month wait to see Alex healthy and happy! When they did the explosives in the beginning, every one scared the living crap out of my until I relized that everytime the metiors hit the earth, the pyros would go off. I couldn't even beleive what was happening until they started singing "We've been through Days of thunder," then i couldn't beleive it; I was at a Backstreet Boys concert. Of course I knew that I was going to that since March, but i couldn't get it through my head. I had loved them since 3rd grade (I'm in 7th) and I was standing there, in the same room as them! When they each came out of the ground and talked to the audience alone, Brian started. I was so excited, I felt like I was sitting at home, watching this all happen on TV, but I knew, that it wasn't a TV, It was real, and I loved every minuite of it! When Alex came out and started talking about how Boston holds a specail place in his heart, I coudln't hold it in. As soon as my mom asked me if I was ok, I bawled my eyes out. I was so happy!One of my favorite parts was when they showed the video of them 50 years into the future! LOL it was so funny! I loved ever minuite of the whole show! It was the most amazing thing that had eveer happened, and I didn't want it to end. Eventually though, it did. Before the end though; when they played "Everybody" and "Get Another Boyfriend", I did exactly what my sister begged me not to do. I damced every dance move right alone with them! That was the best night of my whole life, and I will never forget it, as long as I like. I hope to go to another show, but god only knows! KTBSPA!


Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: Beatrice

Omg!!! i went to see bsb on sept.8th! It was the best!!

I got really good seats..(loge 21, row 7 seats 1 and 2!)

I was right next to the wing...they were so close to me!!

I even got to touch howie`s, kev`s and aj`s hand!! kev looked straight down at me!! with those gorgeous green eyes!! omg!! lol It was definately THE best day of my life...

I cannot wait till next year!!! oh and..they sang "drowning" was beautiful!!!!

uhm...if any of you went to this concert...please e-mail me!! and tell me about!! i love sharing comments with bsb fans!! they`re like family!! i love ya`ll!! lol!!

thanks!! god bless you!!!

Beatrice Mclean Littrel Carter Richardson j.k!

Boston ,MA Concert

Date: Sep 20, 2001
Submitted By: Anica

Hey pple, Well the i went to was DA BOMB!!!!!!!! Iwent with my sis and cous . First we were in the balcony the during the show we moved down to the 5+6th sec 11th row 9 10 11 seats .Anyways i was the only one who crazy and jumped around my cuz staned but my sis she sat down . during the intermision I was the who screamed AJ I LOVE AJ YOUR'RE MY HUSBAND and stuff like well that was it but it was the best concert i have every been to in my life and it was a great b-day present.KTBPA LUV YA BYE.


Date: Sep 20, 2001
Submitted By: Jenn Silva

It was July 6th. 5:30 AM. I paced up and down the hall, discman on, BSB's very 1st album (yeah, the red on), in my player. Couldn't go back to sleep. I'd waited a full two years for them to come back after the Millennim tor, here I had the best time of my life. Tonight was the night. Apparently, tomorrow too. Because we'd just won tics from kiss 108. We were gonna pick them up today. I's prayed everynight for 2 years that I'd be able to sit in the 1st 5 rows. This was it. We wouldfind out the location of the seats when kiss opened at 9 30. Somehow i survived the 3 hours and we drove to wherever kiss 108 is to retrieve tickets. Other BSB fans were in, almost as excited as me. The secretary looked at us dissaprovingly. Sh came back, and called our name. My heart was bout to explode. We opened the envelope. Close to the last row of the balcony. Crushed, I steped back and my mother told me they weren't good, so we'd give them away, we were going to maine tomorrow. We were going tonight anyway. Grrrr. We gave them to my fried. It was alright, we were going tonight, somewhere in the loge. As it grew closer to 730, we hopped on the T and arrived at the Fleet Center. I smiled. It hadn't hit me yet, we were gonna see BSB again! Krystal was amazing. HEr voicwe was beautiful. we were in Loge 1 which is like 35 rows back, but it wasnt too bad. Shaggy kept usentertained. He was great. After Shaggy, I gathered the courage to find a better seat. I walked farther and farther until I was about 3 seats away from the ramp, and 4 rows up. "Is this seat taken" I asked, not expectng the answer to be no.I shook. She smiled. The lights dimmed. And after the whole asteroid thing They came out. I was yelling like a nut jumping higher than the heads of the people in back of me, which is hard when you're 4 11. I went nuts. All of a sudden Aj came over to give high 5s. frozen in my spot in shock, my dream had coe true. He was less than 10 feet away. I think i usedup my entire adrenlin supply that night, in disbelief, in happiness. Brian almost gave me high 5. I've been his fan for like, my life! I absolutely couldn't believe it. From the first second to the last, i had the best time of my life.

Backstreet Boys Black and Blue World Tour~September 8-10, 2001~Boston, MA

Date: Sep 20, 2001
Submitted By: Amy

On September 8, 9, and 10, 2001, I had the lucky privilege to be able to see the Backstreet Boys Black and Blue World Tour for 3 nights in a row at the Fleet Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Let me tell you that there’s nothing like being able to see your favorite group for 3 nights in a row. It was absolutely amazing. Plus, I had already seen the show once in July before they had to postpone, so I knew exactly what to expect.

Saturday night I went to the show with my mom’s co-worker’s daughter, and we had a blast. We sat in section 9B row 8 (next level up from floor seats). Our seats were pretty decent, especially for the small stage. The only bad thing is that since the section is split in 2 for the way they have to move it for hockey games and stuff, our seats were caged in, so you had to climb over 10 people just to get to your seats since there’s only one way in, but other than that it wasn’t bad. Anyways onto the show. Krystal wasn’t there because she had to do a show for Radio Disney in New York, so Sisqo was the only opening act. He wasn’t as bad as I thought he was going to be, but they could have done a lot better. The best parts of his show was when he sang “Unleash the Dragon” since it’s so catchy, and, of course, the “Thong Song.” The only bad part was that he changed outfits 3 times and he’s only the opening act. That kind of bothered me a little. After Sisqo, the Pop-Tarts/Polaroid people came out to do their advertising. They even brought Howie onstage to pick the last winner. The girl I went with is a huge Howie fan so she was thrilled. He was wearing a red vest and khaki pants. Since they weren’t dressed yet, we thought they were going to be a little while, but, surprisingly they were onstage by 8:30. So, finally, the Backstreet Boys made their grand entrance with “Everyone” on their scooter-like thingys. It was so amazing to see them up onstage again. When I went in July, I had side view of the stage so now I had the opportunity to see the show from the front, which is even more amazing. They seemed so much happier, more wild, and more personal than they did in July, so it gave me a good feeling of how much their time off for AJ really meant for them. I’m not going to go into everything that happened in the show since most people know by now what songs they sang, what they did during them, and in what order. Their introductions were personal for the Boston crowd. Brian was up first, and since he is my favorite, I was happy that he got the most time to talk to the crowd. He said that he appreciated us giving them the time they needed for their buddy AJ to get better. He also said that when AJ came out next he would talk about how important Boston was to him. Then he finished his introduction by taking a survey of who had what CD’s. Next, AJ came out and happily announced that if he was counting right, he was 66 days sober. Then he said how Boston will always hold a special place in his heart because this is the place where he realized he had a problem that he needed to fix. It was incredibly sweet, and I cried during it. After AJ, Nick came out to give his little speech. He said thank you to us and asked us to make some noise for AJ because he’d been through so much. Then Howie came out and thanked us for always being there for them. Lastly, Kevin came out and told us how much he appreciated all of the support that we always gave to them. The part of the show with the most energy was definitely during “Don’t Want You Back.” Everyone went absolutely nuts. It was so much fun to see them being wild during that song. Of course, Brian, the reasonable one, was the one who pointed out that it was a family show. I love the outfits they wear during it too. The blue tank tops are a nice touch. Then, when they finished that and went into the dressing room video, Brian was the first in the trunk, but came back out to drag another one of them in, and he was wearing only a white wifebeater. I was freaking out. He looked so good. They ran through sections 9B and 10 to get to the small stage so if you were in either of those sections, they were closer to you than you thought. After the video, they ended up on the small stage right in front of us. It was so amazing to be that close. They look so much better in person, and they really had it going on. I could see Brian, Nick, and AJ the best so I was thrilled. They were absolutely adorable. It was so cool to see them that up close. Then they had fun on the bridge, especially Nick with the silly string and toilet paper. That was another cool part of the show. They were up there just having a blast, and since the there was a lot of lights on during it, not to mention the song which is absolutely amazing, it just gave me such a warm feeling inside. It was just amazing to feel that way. So, they made there way back to the big stage and did the rest of their show. One of the best parts was “Shining Star.” I love the hand clapping thing they do in the middle of it. Another high energy point was when they were shot out to do “Everybody.” Since people really love that song it was so loud in there, and so much fun to sing and dance to. Overall, AJ got the most screams that night. He had on smiley-face boxers over his pants during that song, and when he came back out he was taking them off and the lights went on in the process so he said, “You’re not supposed to turn the lights on when somebody’s trying to get dressed.” It was so funny. Then, when AJ came out before “The Call” to announce that there were only 2 songs left, he had another speech planned for us. He took a survey of who wanted the good news first, or the bad news first. Even though bad news won, he gave us the good news first. The good news was that we were an awesome audience, and that Boston was stuck putting up with them for another 2 days (Like I minded!!!). The bad news was that there were only 2 songs left, but hey I could deal with that. They finished off with “Shape of My Heart,” and then they came back to do “Drowning.” It’s such a beautiful song, and I’m so glad they performed it. Sadly, night 1 of 3 was over, but it was a good feeling knowing I could come back 2 more times. We walked out of there so happy, and our pictures came out pretty well.

Sunday night I went with my best friend Alison, and we sat in section 10 row 3 (next level up from floor seats). We had an awesome view of both stages. I knew I was in for a great night when Brian came up on stage to introduce Krystal. He was so adorable in a maroon shirt and khaki shorts (almost the same thing Howie was wearing the night before). He did a cute impression of her singing “Supergirl.” I was so happy he got to introduce Krystal that night. Krystal herself was awesome. The best part was when she sang “Supergirl” since most people recognize her from that song. Krystal was followed by Sisqo, who was followed by the Pop-Tarts/Polaroid people, which by this point, I could quote most of what they say onstage. So, then our boys came out once again, and for another 2 hours, I was completely mesmerized. One of the best parts of the show was when someone threw a stuffed duck onstage, and Brian did his Donald Duck impression like he did on the Tonight Show. It was the cutest thing. Then, during his introduction, he talked about how Boston was the only place on the planet they performed 5 times almost in a row. He went on and on about how special it was and we were, and it made all of us feel good. Then, AJ gave his special speech again, although this time proudly proclaiming he was 67 days sober. During Howie’s speech he told us that he had spent the day visiting with the sick kids at the children’s hospital, which was very sweet of him. The show wasn’t exactly the same as it was the night before. Some of it was just a little different, and as I said before since it was so personal a lot of what they said was different. That night we had an even better view of the small stage than we did before. It felt like they were right on top of us. It was so cool and absolutely amazing. Brian gave a general wave to our section, and he was so adorable in the process. Plus, I got that absolutely wonderful warm feeling again when they were on the bridge. This time when AJ did the good news or bad news speech he again said that we had to put up with them for one more day (Again like I minded!!). Then when he asked for a show of hands for good news or bad news he was like, you guys have it split pretty good. He couldn’t decide which to say first. It was so funny. When the concert got out, we saw them leaving in a black SUV. I left that night with another good, but sad feeling since I would only be able to come back one more time.

Monday night, I went with my my cousin, her friend, and my aunt. We were in section 121 row 1 (2 levels up from floor seats). We didn’t know we had premium seating until we got there, and boy were we psyched. Even though we weren’t that close to the stage we still had an awesome view of both stages. AJ was the one who introduced Krystal that night. He was wearing a white wifebeater, blue jeans, and sunglasses. He was also proudly 68 days sober. Their last night in Boston was absolutely amazing. They again gave beautiful speeches, and had an awesome show. The most meaningful moment was when AJ in the end during his survey said, “Now you have proof that when the Backstreet Boys start something, they will always come back and finish it.” It was absolutely beautiful, and I ended up crying again. Then during the beginning of “The Call” when he usually talks to a girl on the cell phone, he pretended he was talking to his mother. He said, “Hi Mom. You’re 5 feet in front of me. Of course I can see you. Why are you calling me?” It was very cute, and it shows how close he is to his mom, and how supportive she is. Plus, when they were on the small stage, they were right in front of us again, and Brian was on my side for 3/4 of the time. But, unfortunately, my mom said I already had enough pics (81) from the 2 previous nights so she wouldn’t let me take any more pictures. That’s okay though. When they were on the small stage, I also saw Leighanne back there watching. She’s so much prettier in real life. During “I Want It That Way,” Brian finally did his little echo thing when he sings believe. I’ve always wanted to see him do that live, and, finally, after seeing the show 4 times, he did it, so that’s good. After the concert let out, we saw their tour buses leave. The end of the show was again beautiful, and I left with a sad feeling since I knew I wouldn’t be going back.

That was the best weekend of my life, and I’m so happy I got to experience the Backstreet Boys for 3 nights in a row. It’s definitely an experience I will never forget. Luckily, I have my pics and souvenirs to remember it by. Hopefully, next time they tour, I can have just as good an experience as I did that weekend, if not better. BSB Forever!!



Boston, Mass~~Fleet Center 9/9/01

Date: Sep 17, 2001
Submitted By: Lexi

Lemme just say this was the best concert I think I ever went to..... My best friend and I day started like this.... we left my house to get on the train to go into the Fleet Center.... mind you that I traveled 9 hours to get here the day before because I go to school in Long Island .... the only reason that we didn't sell them is because we paid a fortune for them! and I guess I am not what u would call the biggest BSB fan but I went for myself.... so when me and my friend got into Boston we decided to get a bite to eat at Bertuccis and after we made our way to the Fleet Center. At that moment we see these people we met on the way there and they let us cut them because we had to get in a line to get in there. As sooon as they let us up they were still holding us before the gates to take our tickets.... these lil girls start chanting BSB so immediately after them I'd say SUCKS just to be funny, (and i did get some dirty loooks lol.. if you were there u probably saw me) Then when we got in my friend and I were like ok before we do anything lets look at our seats. Loge 14 row 7 seats 14 and 15.... we look at them and I ask some guy where sec 14 is and hes like right there and me and my friend stare at him in disbelief... I go over to our seats and I could lean on the stage. we were freakin soooooo bad!! We were like OMG OMG OMG.... and I'm like jesus I am 18 and I make fun of all the lil girls who do this!! But we had a need to celebrate.. I have never ever ever been that close to the stage EVER... last bsb concert I was at was at the Providence Civic Center in Sept 98...... lemme just say that I was in the farthest seat away POSSIBLE!! It sucked!!

So me and my friend go out and call everyone we know to tell them about our amazing luck and we also stop at the ridiculous mechandise stands where yes I got a T-Shirt and a really cute poster for my dorm room (which might I had my roomates groaned when I showed them where I was going to put it). When the show was getting ready to start me and my friend were talking to the girls next to us and all of the sudden this dude comes out on the stage and we're like hey that looks like Brian and IT WAS!!! That made us freak even more!! Then krystal came out and did an awesome show!!! I think I might even buy her cd! I was dissapointed when I found out that its not really her playing the piano... its a hollow piano with a synthesizer in it so it sounds like the sound is coming from it.. LOL sorry... then me and my friend went out to get Krystals autograph... which was cool but we had to rush back cause we wanted to see Sisqo... he was real good!! Probably one of the best opening acts I have ever seen..

OK getting to the good part..... Finally after a lil while of waiting the boys come out... I have never screamed so loud or jumped that high in my life!! Meanwhile I am screaming my best friend is bawling her eyes out!!! lol had to add that so she can read this:) And I think Nick wnats me lol (don't take me seriously i dont wanna argue with any Die hardss) he kept coming over right to where we were standing and slapping our hands and when he came over during the middle I blew him a kiss and he pretended to catch it and put it in his pocket... I was like awwwww.... My friend was like grrrrrr.... hehe the concert was soooooo cute!!! I can't tell u how much I loved it!! They put on such a good show and AJ is better than ever now and I am sooooooo soooooo proud of him!!! It takes courage so congrats :) and I got sooo much more appreciation for the boys this time around and I am a full fledged fan now!! Especially of howie because during Shape of my Heart he came and sat down at the stage and 1 girl reached up and asked if he could sign something and that started a chain of lke 5 people and he sat there and signed anything while he was performing ... It was amazing and I'd do it again and from now on when I go to shows I'm gonna break my pigggy bank to get the true concert experience!!

September 10, 2001 Boston, MA

Date: Sep 17, 2001
Submitted By: Ashley

I have never had as much fun as I did on September 10th. I didn't think I was gonna be going because my next door neighbors employee had lost 2 of the BSB tickets and we had four. But they were on the floor and we had found them. I had the time of my life! I have never ever had that much fun at any other BSB concert! Sisqo and Krystal's opening were so amazing! BSB's concert was outradious! I loved it so much! In Don't Want You Back omg when Nick said "Another victim of your sexuality" he put the camera down to his .. you know! It was so beautiful! I started to scream my lungs out! I am so thankful for that day! Oh and ah.. I got a little wave from Kevin! OMG I almost fainted! I loved that day and it will always be remembered in my mind!


KTBPA always and forever BSB fans!

Boston 9-8-01

Date: Sep 17, 2001
Submitted By: Alyssa

I went to the first of 3 boston shows. this was my first BsB concert because a few years ago i was supposed to go to millenium tour but our tickets never came but thats another story. Me and my sister left the house around 5:30 pm to get to boston. we were screaming the whole time! we got to the fleet center about an hour early so we went to our seats. we probably had the worst seats there (balcony, last row up) but i was still happy to be in the same room as my boys! we met some really great people as we waited for the show to start. sisqo performed at 7:30 and did a few songs. after that we had to wait another 1/2 hour before BSB came on. when the lights went down everyone was screaming and i was sooo excited i thought i would fall out of the balcony. they opened with a bunch of meteors hitting the stage and then they rose out from the floor and started singing "everyone". they had some funny skits too. they had one where they are in the year 2050 and there all old and fat.i thuoght i was gonna cry when they sang more than that and how did i fall in love w/ you. they sounded great! i had no voice the next day. after the concert me and my friend jess were walking to her moms car and we saw there bus. we started waving at it and screaming and the bus beeped at us! we were screaming hysterically! that was the best night of my life!

Boston Fleet Center (September 10, 2001)

Date: Sep 16, 2001
Submitted By: Jess Brodeur

Hey all you backstreet fanatics out there! I've been on here a couple times after Sept. 10, which just so happens to be when i went to the backstreet boys concert, but to tell you the truth, i was just tooooo tired to write anything about the concert - even though it was ABSOLUTLY amazing! Anyway, wanna know what happens? Of course you do! Here goes!

Okay so at 2:30 on Monday I got picked up from my school parking lot with my dad and from there we headed to Mass. (I live in CT, so it took about 2 hours to get there). On the way up there my dad and I talked about a whole buncha different things and what not. It was a good bonding moment if you will! LoL, okay anyway *ahem*...So we were in the midst of a lil' bit of traffic in Boston when all of a sudden my dad's like "Hey, look Jess..." and points out in front. There was this pretty big building that said "FLEET" in green on the side of it. I pretty much freaked out and was hyperventalating, saying "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!" for about 5 minutes hehe. We went to go park and got pretty good parking. We were really close to the fleet center so it was easy to get in and out of there when it was time to leave. My dad and I purposly got there (to boston) early because we wanted to go to a resturaunt in Little Italy and have dinner. So we went to some resturaunt that began with an "L" (dont remember what its called... kinda sounds like lemon or something, whatever lol) and it was reallllyyyy good. While my dad and I were waiting for our dinner this woman comes in (there were only two other people there besides my dad and I eating) and she went to the back. I could hear her faintly talking about something and then all of a sudden I heard "Backstreet boys are here" or something along the lines of that. i freaked. I thought she was saying that they were going to a resturaunt because I heard her say the name of a resturaunt that began with an "R"...and right across the street was a resturaunt that began with an "R". The whole time i'm lookin' out the window to see if I'd see some tall blonde hottie or a hot guy with sideburns and tattos walking in there...or i was looking for a black SUV of some sort because, as you know, the backstreet boys dont ride in limo's...especially with Little Italy certainly taking its name by being Little! All of a sudden my dad's like, hey, look at that black SUV... Well I can't tell you how fast I jumped out of my seat to look out the window, because it was just tooooo fast lol. I looked all around and there wasn't a black car in sight...let alone a black SUV! I was like "ahh your so mean!" He just laughed. Then all of a sudden I see this black SUV drive by but a guy had his head out the window and and he gray and italian so I knew it wasn't one of the backstreet boys lol. The rest of the night i was paranoid because I really really wanted to meet them. I had a pen and paper ready just in case. I asked my dad if we could stop in every resturaunt to see if they had gone somewhere but he said no :( Oh well... so by this time its about 6:00 or so and we start heading back to the Fleet Center. We waited about 15 minutes or so just for them to let us up the elevators to go to our seats. There were a LOT of girls there with their faces painted "BSB" or "I (heart) NICK" or something, and some had even dyed their head half black and half blue. It was amazing. My dad got a kick out of it. I would have done the same thing if i 1) didn't have to go to school and 2) if we hadn't gone to such a nice resturaunt...not that i dont like to show off my bsb pride!! Hehe. So finally they let us through and I can't tell you how loud it was because every girl was screaming at the fact that they got to go through now. So we got through and I bought a shirt, a glow stick and a program for like 60 some odd dollars - which is pretty expensive but WELL worth the money - in my eyes at least....

Okay on to the good part! Promise... here we go!

So my dad and I get in and we hand the tickets to the guy who shows us where our seats were. I started to tear up and cry - I was just sooo excited that I got to be there cuz i hadn't gone to one of their concerts since Sept. of 1998 and I just barely got to go to this one. Anyway, we had balcony seats, but first row, first and second seats and they were AWESOME seats. Sure, we were up high, but we saw the WHOLE stage and there was a big projecter screen right next to us so it was really easy to see...It was like you were standing right next to them.

The lights went dim right at 7:00 and there was this guy who came out in a white wife beater. I thought it was just some stage crew guy and my dad's like hey! Look, its AJ. I'm like "Nuh uh!" and he's like "yeah, look!" I looked on the screen and saw that it truely was AJ" I SCREAMED and held up the poster that I made which read "CONGRATS AJ". He announced Krystal and she sangs 4 songs. She is TRUELY amazing. I got goosebumps and tears when she came on...especially when she sang the song from the Jackson Five "I'll Be there" or something like that. My dad loved her. Then on came sisqo, and believe it or not, the girls who were sitting across the walk way thinger from us SCREAMED when he came on and were just like so-so when the Backstreet Boys came on... i think they paid just to see sisquo - stupid huh? No offence to Sisquo but if the person is only an opening act i wouldn't spend 68.50 on a ticket, sorry. LoL, okay anyway! Sisquo sang "Return of the Dragon" first, then "Incomplete", a little of "Wild Wild West" and a new song that will be on his new album. Then right as he "left" you could hear him "talking to himself" wondering what was missing. Finally he said oh yeah! I forgot this song! And broke out into "The Thong Song". It was cool. My dad didn't really like him because he touched himself too much, lol, i got a kick outta it.

At 8:55 or so the Backstreet Boys came on and when the lights went dim I screamed like i had never screamed before. I thought the beginning was the most awesome part because on the screen they showed a picture of the Earth and you'd see astroids hitting it. Everytime the animation astroid hit the earth there would be a lil' explosion on the stage. It was the coolest thing! Then the guys rose out of the stage and I just got immediate tears. There was smoke everywhere and then they broke out into "Everyone" and "Larger Than Life" which I thought was really sweet considering they were the first two songs and they were both for the fans :) Then Aj, Howie, Kevin and Nick went underneath the stage and got changed into white outfits while Brian stayed on the stage and said "Hello" to all the fans, and thanked them for being such supportive fans. he thanked us for giving them 5 wonderful nights at the Boston fleet center and that all the fans were incredible... I teared up again and screamed along with all the fans. Then He's like "I want to thank you for being so supportive of AJ and the problems because without you there would be no us, but I'm going to leave the Thank You's to this person because I"m sure he's going to want to thank you himself, so bye for now!" and he went underneath the stage and up rose aj who was sitting Indian style with his elbows on his knees and his head on his hands...the CUTEST thing i've ever seen. He smiled and said "Hi!" I screamed yet again and held up my sign. He made a moving "speech" of thank you for everything that the fans did for him. He said that he appreciated it more than they will know and that he wished that he could just go out there and hug and kiss every single one of us..but he couldn't. Then up came Nick and then howie and then Kevin, then when they were all done saying their "things" they danced and sang some more.

One part of the show that was incredible and wicked funny was when they went underneath the stage and were getting changed. They were fighting over the mirror (playfully) and they were even really getting changed - and when you saw boxers everyone SCREAMED lol. When all was done, they came out onto the little round stage which was AWESOME because the fans who were in the way back all of a sudden were up close! (I thought that stage was a VERY good idea..gave everyone a chance to see them up close). They had their security guards throwing things (stuffed animals and roses) which were from the fans, at them and they were throwing the stuffed animals back at them, it was really cute. Then when they were done singing those songs down came the "connecter" so they could walk over the fans heads and get to the main stage. All of a sudden they silly stringed the audiance which was really cute. They even silly stringed eachother. Aj was trying on ALL different hats through out the show which was realllyyyyy adorable. At one point he even had a stuffed monkey that wraps around your neck on his back and he was singing with him like that. When they got back to the main stage I pulled out the little teddy bear that i had brought just incase i were to meet them i could give it to them or I could just chuck it on the stage if we were close enough. I decided to give it a shot and was just about to throw it when I decided to ask my dad to throw it just to make sure that it would get farther than my throw. He threw it and it landed about middle section of the section underneath us, because the bear was so light and didn't go far. I didn't see this happen, but my dad did, and he swore to God that he saw this happen, so i believe him when he says that the people in the section underneath us threw it to the front who, when howie came on the cat-walk to sign things, threw it up to him and my dad saw him take it away. I was sooo excited because THEY HAVE MY TEDDY BEAR! lol. I remember in one song Brian came over to the side of the stage that I was on, I stood up and waved my arms really big, and he looked up, smiled and waved...I was like AHHH HE WAVED TO MEEEE!!! And when I turned around i saw all these girls waving too. I'm like YOU STUPID MORON while slapping my head. Of course he wouldn't wave to just ME! LoL, what was I thinking!?

At one point of the show they sang Backstreet's Back and all I can remember is when Brian popped out of the stage - not sure if they ALL did or if it was just Brian or what not...but I remember that and he did a complete 360 while being projected in the air. It was incredible! At the end they sang their song and said goodnight Boston, THANK YOU!! and They left. You could see everyone starting to leave as quickly as they could because they didn't want to get stuck in traffic. But I was smart and told my dad to sit still because I KNEW they were going to do another song. Then they popped out of the stage and began singing their new song "Drowning" Which, by the way, is ABSOLUTLY incredible! (I'm listening to that song right now actually hehe). Then after the lights went back on, my dad and i left and we got out of there fairly early actually. By the time we got home it was 1:00 a.m. and I had school the next morning -but i didn't end up going cuz I couldn't even function lol

ANyway, all in all the concert was FANTASTIC and incredible. If anyone of the Backstreet Boys are reading this, please, keep smiling, you are doing an INCREDIBLE job! Even my dad said that you guys are talented, fantastic and "can put on one hell of a show"...I agree of course! Aj... congrats hun, keep up the good work, we are all here with you! We love you!

~*Jess Brodeur, 15, CT*~

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