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Backstreet Boys Tour experience

Date: Jan 15, 2002
Submitted By: Dana Williams

Hey there,

I dont know where I should be writting this but I should of written in along time ago. This is pretty long but bear with me it is way worth the time:)

I just wanted to write about my dream and it coming true.

My dream for 8 years was to meet the BSB. I never thought it would come true until September 12th came.

My sister got us tickets to go see the BSB 4 nights in a row. 3 nighs in Toronto Canada, and 1 then next night in Ottawa, Canada. We were staying at the 4 Seasons hotel for 4 nights in Toronto and never knew what the surprise we were going to have.

The first night we went to the concert it was bad seats in the 100 section and the night wasnt very great. My sister thought she would get away with bringing in a video camara to tape the show. She even got taped the whole crew and staff come on stage for a mintue of slience for the terror that happened in Septemeber 2 days before. But We think someone told on us and we got the camara nearly taken from us from the crew that worked at the Air Canada Centre. So we just went back to our hotel.

We heard about the BSB staying at hotels like the 4 season but never thought it was true. And we didnt know 100% so we didnt bother staying up hours of the night waitting to spot them instead we just went back to our hotel and watched a movie on payperview. We had a big exciting day the next day, because we planned on going around toronto and shopping. Getting loads of film because that night we were going to be 3rd row from stage. I never ever been that close to the bsb live, and knew it was going to be Ansome!

So anyways, Before we left the hotel that night I wanted to get room service to bring me up 5 red roses so i could try and through them up on stage to the boys. We left there early and we decided to wait outside a bit because we were pretty early and we wanted to get some fresh air. We noticed 6=10 BIG tour buses type things, and thought it might be the bsb. But wasnt sure.

We got inside right towards the ending of Krystal being on stage. Damn that girl can sing! We got alot of pictures of her. Then it was Sisqo, I loved it when he sang and danced to "Thong Song" In my mind i was singing "Let me see Nick's thong thong thong" LOL ,, hehe im bad.:)

Then finally it was time for the boys to come on.. It was sooo ansome.. I remember when it finally was starting when the boys lifted up on thoose long poles in army positions, I felt my legs get weak like jelly and i felt a bunch of tears pouring down my face. It was to good to be true.

I got a lot of looks towards me alot because I would wave my roses in the air to the music, and I guess the glear from the plastic wrapped flowers got their attention snice i was the only one with roses it looked like. I was on the side more towards Nick always is, and he kept on looking down at us and smiling.. OMG that smile! sure can make a girls heart melt. I through up 1 rose after once in a while and i never got any up, I thought i was never gonna get any up. And my sister was getting cranky saying"Geez girl cant you throw?" lol. Finally I had 1 rose left, I waititng when they were playing a slow song and a.j sat down on the edge of the stage looking down in the crowd. I ran threw everyong and was right directly in front of him. I yelled " A.J catch!" he looked at me and smile and tried to catch my rose but missed. I started to walk away and turned around and somehow someway he had my rose looking at me smiling i guess waitting for me to notice. I looked at him smiled and blew a kiss at him.(Which i got on back) Have pictures of that too. Then he got up set my rose on one of the speakers and contiuned singing.

We decided to leave early when the Drowning song began because we wanted to be outside next to the tour buses when they came out. So we started to head out of the arena and stupid us, ended up somehow going out the total opposite end of the arena. :( So we missed that change and thought we would never get to them in time. So we took a taxi cab and headed back to our hotel.

When we got to the hotel, We notice alot of people(fans) outside of the hotel doors and alot of them inside the hotel lobby. Just as we were about to ask what's going on? I heard everyone get loud and screaming. I looked right behind me and in came walking Brian and his wife Leighanne! I couldnt believe it! I was staying at the same hotel as the bsb! I their attention by saying "Hey leiganne and brian" and they said hey! and i took a picture of them two. Then in came walking Kevin.. He didnt get to say to much he just headed straight to the elvator.

Then in came howie! I was like hey howie.. and he said hey girls and that was it. Then we had to wait for 2 more bsb to come in.. But it seems like it was taking forever. My sister said hey want me to run up into our hotel room and grab the white rose we had? I said sure why not, Hoping she would be back in time. she raced up stairs handed me the rose right in time for when Nick came walking in! I was like oh lordy! he is sooo fine! I walked right up to him face to face and handed him the rose "Saying.. Here nick! your rock!" he looked at me smiles and said thanks honey" and took the rose. My heart just melted! I took both my hands and had them on his chest <---(Sorry I couldnt help it) and said" you guys were amazing tonight" and he said hey thanks!:) and then everyone got crazy and started pushing him up against the wall, people trying to fight and get close to him. Then woof he was in the elvator. I never thought that when ever i would get that close to the BSB would i ever stay calm. But surprising when the time arrived that i was that close. I was very calm. I knew that if i acted normal towards them, Spoke to them like normal people, they would feel more comfortable talking to you and even stop to do so. Then we had to wait for one more bsb arrival A.J! he never came for a while.. I waited and waited but no a.j(one of my favs) I heard two girls saying that he was on his tour bus that night after the concert waitting on some music. So I started talking to theese two girls Amy and krista they seemed to be pretty cool girls. The lobby people started trying to kick people out that wasnt staying at the hotel. Amy looked at me snice we were staying there" Looked at me and said If anyone asks please say we are with you?" I said laughing sure!:)

So we invited them up to our room and sat there talking for hours about how great the bsb and how neat it would be about getting to really honestly meet anyone of them. Me and amy's fav was Nick and would do anything to get to meet him. My sisters is Brian. And Krista is A.J.

We were having a bawl laughing and crying about it all when we noticed the time. Amy and Krista said they wish they could stay and scope out the hotel with me but it was nearly 2am in the morning and their parents would be freaking out by now looking for them. So my sister said "Hey why dont you guys stay here, She offerd to get them a room for the night, because she knew that she wasnt up to hanging around on the floors and lobby of the hotel that night and wanted someone to do it with me. So The 3 of us headed down stairs, Went through places we thought they would be like the pool area etc. But no bsb. So we stepped outside and everyone was surrounding the window of the bar/resturant of the hotel like hawks. I was like ermmm okay whats going on here? And they told us that Nick and Howie were inside eating in the restuarant. We tried to get in, snice we were staying there, But the resturant had no seats what so ever free for us. So we went for a walk down town for a cappicino. We headed back to the hotel, and there was NICK standing by the lobby doors with some girls, I guess his ride to the club where he was going was late. So we stood there around him. (no one but us 3 girls and nick) was in the lobby. He kept looking at us and smiling until finally he said Hey girls! with big smiles. I said hey and we started talking to him about his trip in Toronto, and how he said it was one of his favorite places to go etc. It was soooo funny he grabbed a little "Kenny doll from south park" out of his pocket and slamming it against the lobby desk and it kept saying all theese lines from southpark.. Nick was cracking up.. It was cute.(I still couldnt believe how lucky i was) I tried to stay calm and as cool as possible.) Then his ride finally came and he had to go) We walked outside to have a ciggareete, when the bodyguard stepped aside looked at us and said ladies? wondering if we were with nick or not. I didnt know what to I was like froozed. Then nick looked at us and say " Girls you coming" I couldnt say NO!! i was like errmm sure. SO we got inside and sat in the back. I was sitting right next to nick. I was very quiet tho, I guess it was because i couldnt believe what was happeneing and kinda still trying to breath!. We got the club and got inside and sat down. We had maybe 2 drinks and danced a little bit until nick's body guard whispered something in his ear. Thats when we reliazed we had to go because it was already 5am and nick needed to get up early for rehearsal that day. So we said goodnight back at the hotel."He said I hope you girls had fun tonight" N krista said" Of course we did, we were chillin with you" and he winked and said "Good night girls". We couldnt believe it! We got back to our hotel room and told my sister what had happened and how lucky we were. And as we had to prove it to her, something sank in my head" WHY DIDNT I ASK FOR BACKSTAGE PASSES TO one of their shows" I couldnt believe it i was sooo stupid. I guess i was even lucky to be there at a club with the hottest BSB!

I coudn't get to sleep that night at all. I was sooo happy. So me and my 2 friends headed down back to the lobby and as we were exiting the elvator Krista said" Hey there's A.J" and i was like oh okay whatever and giggled" Then Krista is like "NO REALLY there's A.J!" I couldnt believe it, in came walking in A.J into the lobby, So i headed right towards him. "The thing that shocked me the most was what he was carrying" He had my ROSE" i knew it was mine because i had stuck a sticker on it and some twian around the rose. I said hey A.J and he was like hey! I said so you got my rose I see. And he said oh ya, you are the one that threw it up to me. Thank you so much darling it was very sweet of you. Then I said" I just wanted to say congradualtions on your 69 days of being clean and sober and he said thank you soo much. Then as he starting to walk away, I said hey a,j do you think i could get a hug? He looked at me smiles and said Of course! He came up to me and Hugged me gently (Geez he;s a little guy)lol then my two friends also got a hug:) Then as he started to walk away he said Bye girls, Go get some sleep. and laughed. I said by a,j You too! :)

This story is quiet long snice it is 4 days long of a story and so many things happend to us all at once which we never ever in our wildest dreams would think could happen. We are some of the very LUCKY Fans! If you wish to hear the rest of my story I will be more then happy to finish it. Please let me know.

Thank you and keep the Backstreet Pride ALIVE!

Dayna Williams


21 Years old:)


Date: Jan 02, 2002
Submitted By: Kate

Okay I went to the Sept 14 concert! it was the best!!! I was 17 row on the floor centre stage. i was so mad cause I couldn't bring in my camera and I had also made a card for AJ and had many people sign it and they made me throw it away!!!I dunno if any of you who went say a girl walking around with an outfit made out of posters, but that was me!! When TIME came on i ran to the bridge which lowered just feet from my seat. When Brian came i screamed his name at the top of my lungs, he turned and i blew him kisses. he looked at my outfit (then laughed) smiled at me sweetly waved and blew a kiss back!! kevin also noticed my outfit and gave me a thumbs up!! I love BSB sooo much!!

Toronto Sept 12-14

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: Chantelle

I went up to Toronto on September 11, which was a very tragic day,(God Bless America) but ended up being a great day for me :)

I went to the boys hotel and hung out there. Around 9:00 that night, I was standing at the front of the hotel looking towards the entrance, when I found myself looking at this blond guy, who was looking back at me. I said to myself "Thats Nick!" Then 2 girls said it out loud and us fans, went up to him. He looked so tired, and he said he was tired and he would be back later and he walked into the hotel. Some girl asked him if the concerts would be cancelled and he said no and shook his head, then he was gone... I couldn't believe I just saw him!

At almost 11:00, i was standing there, still, and I saw a crowd of people around the entrance, and saw the guy Nick was with before(i think it was tony...). So I went over there, and saw Nickolas. He looked so good. I just stopped and stared..and I said, not even realizing it"You're F***en gorgeous!" I really don't think he heard, but a few seconds later he looked at me, and we just looked at each other for a few seconds! Then i was like, i have to get up to him! So I go around and found an opening. He looked at me again, looked away then looked back...I was standing right next to him and he was looking at me so I said "Nick can I get a picture with you?" I seemed kinda shy hehe. He smiled and said "yah sure" still lookin at me! then he takes a step forward and so do I and the next thing I know is his arm is around me! So I put my arm around his waist! My friend took awhile to take the picture, so I leaned in a little closer and had my head kinda on his shoulder, and he tilted his head a bit!

After the picture he signed someone elses autograph, then looked back at me. I had my BSB Tv guide, he went to take it from me, so i was trying to open it to the page i wanted him to sign, he was trying to help me to and we both couldn't turn the stinkin page! He leaned in so close to me and our arms were tangled together, so my arm was rested on his tummy! *sigh* When he signed it he was so gentle, and did it slowly...He was so sweet!! He didn't really say much and seemed kinda upset from what happenend in NY that day.

I just wanna thank Nick for being so sweet,and taking time to take a picture with me and sign my stuff, even though he was upset :)

After he left, I called my mom and told her everything! She was really happy for me. When i was on the phone with her, A.J came out, i told her "A.J! gotta go bye!" and threw the phone. He just waved said hello and left.

Later on, Howie came across the street with a bunch of people! I got a picture with him too!

Later, a tour bus pulled up and Leighanne came out to walk the dogs :) Then she went back in and her and Brian came out again together. We said Hi to Brian and he looks over and said "Good Evening Ladies!!" He's so cute!

on the 12th, I saw all the boys leave for the venue. They all waved to us when the came out and as they drove off in the vans :)

The concert was amazing, I had 13th row centre aisle way!

A.J blew me 2 kisses at the small stage; Brian posed so I could take a picture of him :)

The concert was amazing, at the end, A.J was wearing the Detroit Lions visor we threw on stage :)

on the 13th, I met Leighanne and got her autpgraph. we gave her a shirt to give to Brian :) We saw them all leave the hotel again that day.

I gave Kevin a hat through a tazi window! lol he was so nice!

I went to the show again that night, in 13th row again, It was awesome!

Back at the hotel, we saw Nick in the hotel bar, he was watching us threw the window, and he waved a few times :)

Later on we saw A.J come back, I signed a few autographs, but never got to me :( We went into the lobby, and I saw A.J go into the elevator, and i waved at him and he waved back :)

On the 14th, we saw leighanne and asked her if she gave Brian the shirt, she said "yes, he loves it!" we told her thank you and she was gone. I saw all the boys leave to the venue again :)

They are all so sweet! After that, I went home to Leamington Ontario. I saw the boys a few days later in Detroit!

This experience was AMAZING! I still can't believe I met them...I had so much luck with Nick, its like it was to good to be true!


Date: Oct 04, 2001
Submitted By: Katrina

Okay i am not too sure where to begin. Lets see...well start with Tuesday Sept 11th. Not only was it one of the saddest days in history that our generation is going to ba a part was also the day bsb arrived in Toronto for their five day stay and 3 nites of performing at the Air Canada Centre. My friend Debbie was trying to convince me for days to come to the hotel for the whole week but unfortunatly i had to work all week. So she started her whole week at the same hotel as the guys. On Tuesday she was standing in the hotel lobby watching TV...which ofcourse was all about the terroist attacks on the states..when she turned around and saw Nick and his friend Tony just chillin. She walked up to Nick to get a picture with him and apparently he was incredibly sweet. Then within minutes she turned around and was practically face to face with Aj as he and his mom were getting ready to go out shopping. Of course she had to call me at work and give me all that info...since I LOVE AJ SO MUCH!!! After aj left she went back to the television and her friend told her to look beside her...guess who was standing practically shouldder to shoulder with her..but yep..her sexy baby Nick. He was so sweet she said and was talking to her about so much. Unfortunalty that was all i heard about that day.

On wedensday the 12th it was the first bsb concert in Toronto. There had been lots of doubt about if it was gonna happen becuz of the guys losing one of their crew in the crash..but the guys got back on that stage to perform in front of a wild crowd of fans.Debbie and her friends sat 4th row for that show and got to touch the hands of all the guys when they walked across the bridge.

Finally it was Thursday Sept was my turn to go to the concert as well as spending three days at the hotel. My friend Ana and i couldn't wait. IT was so exciting. We got to the hotel around 4pm that day and met up with Debbie. The two of checked in and then went up to our room which was a beautiful suite. We then went back down to the lobby were we waited to see the guys leave to go to the venue. We saw Kevin,Howie, Nick and Aj...apparently Brian had already left for the venue. We got amazing pics. We then went back up to our room to get ready for the show when Debbie came to our door to tell us that she was going backstage at the show. I was going nuts. I knew i wasn't going..but i was still so excited for her. SHe was gonna see Nick..again!!! I asked her how she got them and she told me one of the dancers was staying on her floor (won't mention any names) and that they hung a bit together on Wedensday and she had asked if he coule tell her what floor nick was staying on...since he couldn't he said he would take her backstage...what an offer!!! So while we were proceeding to our seats which were row 11 on the floor..she was chillin behind the scenes. Anyways the concert started at about 8:30pm and was incredible...when the guys came across the bridge we were blowing kisses to the guys and Howie and Nick blew them back. When the show finished at about 10:30pm we bolted back to the hotel to see the guys come in. First it was Brian,then Nick,Howie and Kevin...aj didn't come in till about midnite. Nick hung out in the bar at the hotel for a bit and then went back up to his room. Then at about 1:30 am he came back down with Tony and his security and was chillin in the lobby getting ready to go to a club. We got to talk to him for a bit and he asked us what we were up to...we told him nothing and he told us to hop in and we got to go to the club with him. Ofcourse Debbie and Ana were absolutly freaking since they both love him so much. We all got back to the hotel at about 3am. We hung out front of Nicks hotel room for a bit before going back to our room.

Friday the 14th of september. Well originally we didn't have tix for the show but after such an amazing nite on the thursday we knew we had to go back. We basically just hung around downtown toronto. Since the film festival was going on we also saw tons of actors...but obviously bsb was still the main priority. Rumour had been flying that the guys were leaving that friday nite...but we managed to find out...from behind the scenes that they guys were just gonna party it up that nite in TO. about 7pm that nite Ana and I and my friend Kinga went down to the ACC to find scalpers with tix...Debbie did't come since she had already seen it twice. We got tix for less then 100dollars right beside the small stage. When the guys came out Nick was on our side and he remembered from the nite before becuz of the he kept waving to us and smiling etc. After the show once again we huried back to the hotel to get changed cuz they were having an after party at a club that my cousin worked at. We dind't know if we could get in but when we got there we talked to Nicks guard and he let us in. So we got to hang a bit with the guys..AJ dind't go though!!! Sisquo and Krystal were also there. Nick danced with the three of us. It was so cool.

We left earlier then they did...we left at like 3am and they left at like 4am. But nick went out again. We dont really know were. When we went back to the hotel aj's guard was in the lobby so we talked to him for quite a while. He was so sweet.Then the three of us decided we hadn't eaten for hours so we went to a donut shop to get some coffee and donuts. As we were coming back into the hotel Tony (Nicks Friend) was also coming in and got on the elevator with us...we were talking to him for a bit and he asked us what floor we were staying on so we told him and he got off on our floor with us and was talking to us and had a donut with us.He was really funny. Really nice!!!

Well Saturday morning came way to fast....unfortunatly the guys were getting ready to leave. The first people to come down were Brian and Leighanne....apparently she had to go to a doctor cuz she had something wrong with her eye. But within half an hour they were back at the hotel.

At about 11am the guys buses were parked outside the hotel and it was obvious that they were gonna be coming down. All of us went outside waiting to see them leave. The dancers left first. The one dancer..again no names...came over and gave Debbie a big hug bye and told her to call him...yes girls he did. Then another dancer asked us were MacDonalds was..but unfortunalty the bus driver told him he had no time and that he had to leave. Debbies dancer friend came out one more time and gave her a hug and told us which buses were Nick and Ajs. How sweet!!! After all the dancers came out Krystal came out got on her bus and left. All of a sudden there was a bomb threat in the area and that meant they had to get the guys out faster. First they brought Brian and Leighanne who left right away...then it was Nick. He was great...he was talking to Debbie and Ana...but the security huried him in the bus...he stuck his head out the window and was talking to them and everything. After Nick came Kevin...all the girls stormed his bus cuz he was giving autographs. I went got some pics of him then went back to ajs' bus. I was the only one standin there and i was talking to his security guard..he says to me "you must be dedicated to aj since there is a bomb threat and you aren't leaving"..i said "yeah i am..hes great" As we were talking aj came out and i said "shit" ....his guard asked was that my fault cuz i did't get a pic..i said dont worry. AFter aj howie came out and and gave me and my friends a hug bye. Then with in seconds...ajs' guard came out laughing and i asked what was so funny...he told me he told aj about me..i said to him"great make me sound like a crazy fan" he said to me " i didn't do that cuz i think you are really sweet". He said one more thing but i am not allowed to repeat that here. It was an unforgetable time. There are other "things" but unfortuantly i am not able to repeat them here. Lets just say...our dreams came true...and ever since all this fun two weeks much more has happened. Thanks guys..we love you!!!!

TORONTO, SEPT 13th 20001

Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: Christina




OMG, this concert was the best by far. We left around 1 to pick up Abbey, and we were in Toronto by 2:30. We took the subway, I love that. Abbey and me went to MUCH to see what was up there, not much going on, so we left, we never did see George or Rick. oh well. We got back to the ACC and since we have never been there, we had no clue where to go. We got KISS92 tshirts, got Cory Kimm to sign them, and headed in, they opened the doors at 6pm. We got something to eat while we were in there. Krystal came on at 7, and she said she was signing autographs in section 116, and since we were 111, we went while she was still singing, so we could be one of the first ones there. I was actually really nervous standing in line waiting to see I got her to sign my KISS tshirt, she is so awesome, and lucky as hell to be touring with BSB. Sisqo was next, but he sucked. NOW, BSB. OH MY FRIGGEN GOD. When we got in the venue the stage was thisclose to us us, we were literally like 4-5 feet away from the left wing, holy crap. I never noticed how close it actually was until Krystal went up the ramp, and OMG. When BSB came out I actually didnít cry, like I usually do. I think I was in so much shock of how close we actually were, that I couldnít cry. Nick was on our side A LOT. So he was on the ramp, he came like 3 feet from us, the Nick carter, came sooo close to me. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That is soo amazing, that is like the closest I will ever get to him. Where our seats were we could see backstage, it was kick ass. They changed the tour abit, they sang INBYH on the big stage so it was close to me, my song. We couldnít see the small stage that well, but they were only there for like 4 songs.

I am still in shock of how close we actually were, my god. Howie, Brian and Nicky waved to us, omg omg omg omg omg omg. I canít believe it. Abbey and me called Brians name when he was over on our wing and he looked over, we were the only ones standing on our section. I canít believe it, 3 of the 5 BSB know I I made it thorough the concert without cryingÖuntil they did Answer To Our Life, cause of the video they do for it, the earth being destroyed, its for their foundations, and I think it was cause of all the stuff that happened Tuesday. I was in awe the whole time, I could actually see their dance moves, the looks on their faces, everything.

I really flipped out when Get Another Boyfriend came on, I donít know what it is, but I am in love with the dance routein to it, and its one of my fav songs. They opened with Everyone, and OMG, seeing them pop out of the stage like that, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Then they did Larger than life, they did Not For me, then after that they came out to talk to us, and OMG seeing AJ again after his stay in rehab was amazing, he looked sooo much better, and he was so crazy through the whole show, I loved it. I thought I would cry, but amazingly I didnít.

This concert I found that if I donít cry, I actually take more in, hell, where our seats were I coulda passed out and still saw Even though I didnít cry, I got dizzy soooo many times. Ok, then after they talked to us, they did What Makes U different, Yes I will (love that dance too). I got a really good shot of the cane routien, I didnít think I would cause we were behind them a bit but they turned around for us, and HOLY CRAP!!. They did I want it that way. They did More than that, and OMG Nick came RIGHT UP TO US DURING THAT. Lol, that time he got a bit too close to the edge, and a fan actually got a hold of his legÖhe jumped back on the stage sooooooooo fast, it was cute, the face he

They did a video of them in the year 2050, and even though we couldnít see the video screen that well, it was cute, they were all old and balding, and still together. Then they did Quit Playing Games, As Long as You love me, then they did Iíll never Break your heart (my song), and then they went into Donít want you back. Then they asked us if we liked what we were wearing, and they decided to change, so they took us under the stage, while they changed :P, and they went to the small stage. They headed towards the small stage, and did Show Me the Meaning, How Did I Fall in Love With You, and then Time, walking back on the bridge.

They came back up to the main stage and did Answer to Our Life, Shining Star. After that, they introduced the band members, I still want the old band members back, but oh well. They changed, came out and did Backstreets Back, and AHHHHH Get Another Boyfriend, you know how when Brian in the B&B video does that thing with his head, he did that too, and AHHHHHHH. I was soooo into that song, watching EVERY dance move they made. Then AJ came out and said that we were a kick ass audience, and that they had 2 more songs, The call, and then they did shape of my Heart. Then I thought, well if they were doing SOMH now, what were they doing for the finale, and then it clicked, Drowning, AHHHHHHHH.

Their finale was drowning, a new song that was supposed to be on Black and Blue. It was soo amazing, they rose up on their platform things, and like gold light surrounded them, I love that song. They took their bows and they were off . Ooh ooh, before they did Drowning, abbey and I could see backstage, and guess who we saw, Leighanne. it was soo cool cause you only see her on tv, so it was so awesome seeing her. She was leaving to go to the busses. I wish I hada gotten a picture of her. Oh, and at the ACC, when we got there, we saw their tour busses, I got a pic of that, and their rigs that carry all their stuff, yes I took a pic of those

At first I wasnít too sure about the ACC, cause it was new to me, but HELL after seeing our seats, I love that place now, never mind the At the concert I got the backstage pass, program, photocards, Howies teddy bear for his Dorough Lupus Foundation,, they were giving out stuff for Kevin and Nicks charities, so I got a lot of those, and Kiss 92 was giving out pix too. I got a tshirt, I have it on I got the official glowstick, the head bands they sell outside, I got the I love nick, I love brian , and I love the boyz. This was the best concert by far, we were soo close to them it wasnít funny. We saw the tour busses, rigs, Leighanne, met Krystal, saw them, and since I wasnít crying or shaking, we have KICK ASS pictures. I actually managed to hold the camera steady, ok, so when Nick and Brian came up our wing I freaked a little, so they are kinda

I thought missing the other 2 shows in Toronto would really get me, but it didnít. sure I still wanted to go, hell its bsb, but I guess cause we were so close for this one, I had the time of my life. After those seats, nothing can compare to that, people in the front row didnít get as close as we did, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I love being behind the My throat hurts like hell now from screaming, but its all worth it, hey, its bsb. Work will be fun,lol, everyone asking us why we were gone, ha ha. We actually had work off the day of the concert, because all the trucks were backed up at the border, so we couldnít do anything, but I had the day off anyway, to see my boyz.

Tonite was the best nite ever, I have a blast at all the concerts, but being soo close to the people I look up to soo much is, just, wow. Its amazing and special that we were that close to them. Iíll definitely never forget this show, NO NO UH UH. (ha ha). AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh Going to the ACC I hated the venue cause I wanted the dome, but now, screw the its my new fav venue, by far, its smaller, so its close no matter where you are. * This definitely made me a bigger fanÖ.if thatís possible.*

Black & Blue Tour

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: BsBLuVaH

All I have to say is that the black & blue concert I went to on September 13th.....was the best night of my life. it was AMAZING. and it was absolutely crazyiness how close i was to the boys. my pictures that i took were like facial feature direct shots! and it was soooo amazing! they were amazing performers and the concert was just so hyped! i loved it! i'd do anything for them to come back and perform forever! lolz! anyways, if u havent seen the black & blue tour, i sugges u get off ur bum and get a pair of tickets and GO SEE IT!!!!! its a MUST SEE!! KTBSPA!!


Date: Sep 20, 2001
Submitted By: Ellen

I went to the BSB concert on September 13 in Toronto and I had 10th row seats. When Krystal performed she told the crowd that today is AJ's 71st day sober, and everyone was cheering. Then for 5 seconds it was silent, so I took this opportunity to say something stupid. I said, "We want him naked." Everyone looked at me and Krystal faced my direction with this weird expression on her face. But AJ took off his shirt and flipped it over his head and facing my direction, so it wasn't too bad. When AJ did the intro before singing Yes I Will, he told the crowd that he was sick and he wished he could kiss and hug everyone 1,000 times. When the bridge came down during Time, I was so close to them I could feel their breath. When I woke up the next morning, I was coughing and sneezing, which concludes to one thing, I got my cold from AJ. I thought it would be totally cool to have his cold now I don't want it anymore.

Sept 13 second Toronto show

Date: Sep 18, 2001
Submitted By: kristen

WOW!!! that was the best concert ever! my sister and i drove to toronto on thursday ( we are from buffalo)and we got there at like 10 am. so we had about 8 ours to kill. ao we went to the air canada center just to see where it was. we were driving past it and i saw some white buses and lots of trucks. i got my camera and stuck my head out of the window and there were eople looking at me.

we went back to our hotel and we were watching the much music station and they had an interview with bsb about the whole trade tower stuff. brian said that leighanne was supposed to be on the one boston plane but she cancel it, thank god she did! and they talked about their crew member on the plane.

the concert started at 7pm and they let us in at 6pm but they made us open our purses and the saw my water bottle in it and they took my cap off cuz they i was going to throw it at them. we had floor seats 16th row!!! the best seats in there excpet when this really big guy stood up in front of me. the concert was so amazing!! the dancing was so hot.

they started with everyone and larger than life then they came out to do not for me. i love that song! the part where they are all standing in front of the fans where they rip their sleeve off aj couldn't rip it off at first. brian came out to do his intro i screamed so loud he talked about how the crew member was on one of the planes everybody was so quiet then. he looked the same but so much hotter in person!!! he has got one great fanny!!! i love him!!!then aj came out it was so loud in there. he said he had a cold and he was sorry his voice sounded different. he was 71 days sober!!!

during quit playin games aj put on some tiger ears then kev threw them off and put a cowboy hat on aj's head. then howie put it around aj's neck and pretended to be choking him. then don't want you back came on and some girl stood on her chair i couldn't see my sister was yelling at her to get down. she turned around with this mean look and got down by then it was the end of the song i was so mad! they were doing the dressing room part and nick and howie were saying how they could change onstage the both of them started stripping onstage!! nick was showing us his boxers they both took off their belts!! brian went in then nick did and kev was leaning on it because for some reason nick started pushing the trunk open. but only a little just enough to see some of nick's hair and his eyes moving back and forth!! then brian came out of somewhere half dressed oh my god he had the pants on and a tanktop whoa!!!! he started dranging aj in the trunk!! the best part of the concert was time cuz they were right in front of me. aj like look at my side but didn't stay to long, nick stay for a while but he didn't wave, BRIAN THOMAS LITTRELL waved at me and my sister!!!! he looked right at me!! i will never forget that!!! for shining star a lot of booty shaking!! nick and aj were both in the middle of the stage for "never been so satisfy...." shaking the fannies!!! me and my sister were going nuts!!!during get another boyfriend aj lifted his tanktop over his head everybody was screaming you could see everything from his 69 tattoo to his chest hair!!! after shape of my heart they did drowning so people don't leave till the lights go back on. i love that song!!!

backstreet boys rock!!! i love you brian!!!

Toronto Concert (September 14, 2001)

Date: Sep 18, 2001
Submitted By: Jannilyn

Hey everyone!!!!

September 14, 2001 has been the best night of my life so far!!! I finally got to see the BACKSTREET BOYS in concert!!! It was my first concert ever and boy was it worth it!!! Although I paid $106.75 for my seats which were on section 321, it was all good. Since ACC is smaller, wherever you were seating the view was still good.

What ticked me off, was that they said that it just came up that night that no school bags were allowed inside and no cameras!!! I was so mad!! So I had to check my bag in but I was too chicken to bring my camera because where I'm seating, the security can see me, so I didn't want them to take my camera. Anyway, I found out that a lot of people sneeked their cameras. So if anybody has great pics, e-mail me PLEASE!!!!!

The concert was all around great!!!! I got Krystal's autograph!! She's so nice!!!! I'm so stupid though!!! I forgot to shake her hand!!!! Stupid me!!! LOL

Anyway, Brian got this sign that said GOD BLESS AMERICA from the front row and was showing it to Kevin and Kevin smiled!!! This lady at the gate took my sing!!!! ACC people really ticked me off!!!!

Whoever is still waiting for the concert..., it's worth the wait!!! You're in for a time of your life!!!

So please e-mail me if you have pics from the concert!!!!


~*~*~* KTBSPA ~*~*~*


They all looked hot!!!!!!

Toronto, ON. September 14, 2001

Date: Sep 17, 2001
Submitted By: Veronica

Hey everyone! I had the greatest time on my trip to Toronto and instead of telling you guys about everything that happened at the concert I am going to mostly tell you about how I saw the guys!

I got to my hotel in Toronto around 11:30 pm September 13. My hotel was not even one block from where the boys were staying and I had to pass it on my way. There were a ton of people in front of their hotel and so I hurried to check in and get back there.

When I returned, everyone was around the windows at the restaurant. We saw Nick eating in the corner and I took some pictures. When he looked over, I waved and he smiled and waved back. I freaked out. Apparently though he was right up at the window 10 minutes earlier. As I watched him eat, I noticed Howie. He went around talking to the people inside the restaurant and later he came right up to the window. We waved and smiled for some pictures. A little while later Nick put on a red shirt over top of his white one and started smoking a cigar.

Later (when I ran back to my hotel to get another roll of film) Nick went upstairs then came back down to the lobby. He was waiting there in a huge congregation of people when I got back. After a while he came out and got in a white hotel van. The security guard was in the way and pushing him along so that he couldn't wave. My friends and I jumped into a taxi and told the driver to follow his van. Nick ended up going to a club. He waited in the van while security got out to tell us no photos and no autographs. We stood there as he walked past and of course, took pictures. This time he smiled.

Once he was inside, we found out when the club closed and went back to our hotel. We slept for 2 hours and then went back to the boys' hotel at 3am. We waited there in the cold for a long time. Apparently AJ left just after Nick and came back at about 2:30. We don't know where he went though. Howie left after Nick also. Brian and Kevin both stayed in their hotels. I don't know for sure, but a few people told me Leighanne was there. Anyways, Howie was the first to come back. He got back at around 4:20. The security guard was hiding him as he entered the hotel. At about 4:40, Nick returned. All I have to say is that Nick is really happy after drinking a few pop! He was so adorable. He was smiling and waving as security brought him inside. After Nick was in, we decided to go back to the hotel.

We slept until 10am. Then we decided to go for a tour of the Air Canada Centre. We were able to see the stage and set-up as well, as the Toronto Raptors practise court. The lady told us that Nick and Brian often come and play around here. Unfortunately they weren't there then.

We went back to the hotel and arrived at the ACC again at 3. Kiss 92 FM had a contest and so we were out there screaming and singing until 7 pm. Unfortunately we didn't win the front row tix or backstage passes.

We got into the concert late. They were not allowing people to bring in cameras, but once inside we noticed a lot of people had them anyway. We ended up missing Krystal but we heard she was really good. Sisqou was pretty good also. We were so excited because we had floor seats! We were only 10 people away from the back stage, but we were 33 back from the main stage. They were still awesome seats! The concert was the greatest. Anyway, I said I wouldn't talk much about the concert, but it was really, REALLY great!

Anyhow, it took us forever to get our stuff from the baggage check and by the time we got out and back to their hotel, the boys had already left. We decided to go back at 3am again and unfortunately missed AJ once again. This time Nick came back first. He was back at 4:45 and was just as happy as the night before! We chased him inside to get good pix. Then we went back to our hotel.

The next morning we went to the mall and as we were returning to our hotel to check out we saw 6 buses in front. We ran back to the hotel, checked out as fast as we could and ran back to the boys' hotel. By the time we got there, the dancers and Brian had already left. The people we were talking to said Brian was really sweet and him and Leighanne talked to them for a little while. Anyway, Nick was the first one we saw leave. We was really happy and waved and opened his window on the bus to talk to fans. Next was Kevin. He was such a sweetheart. He shook my hand and gave hugs. Kevin also signed autographs for about half an hour! He made sure EVERYONE got one! While Kevin was signing autographs, AJ ran out a back door and into the bus and took off. Shortly after Kevin was done, Howie came out! He was just as much of a sweetheart! He signed everyone's autographs, too. Security wouldn't let anyone take pictures though. Anyway, a little later, Howie drove off! He was about 1 hour 15 minutes behind Brian!

It was definitely the best weekend of my life! Just a word of advice to all of you . . . never give up! Persistence is the key to meeting the boys and for any goal in your life! Good luck everyone and KTBSPA!

Toronto Sept 13th Black & Blue review

Date: Sep 17, 2001
Submitted By: BsBLuVaH

i went to black & blue concert last thursday here in toronto and I would have to say it was the most amazing night of my life. FIRST OF seat was just a NOT-SO-BAD seat was 36th row on the i wasnt THAT far from the main stage BUT then im small, so I got to stand on my chair the WHOLE time and i could see them PERFECTLY!! 2ndly, this is the GOOOOOODD part...I was UNBELIEVABLE CLOSE to them....u know the round center stage where they sing show me the meaning?!?! MY SEAT WAS RIGHT NEXT TO THAT STAGE!!!! IT WAS BESIDE ME!! SO WHEN THEY SHOWED UP ON THAT STAGE....IT WAS LIKE FRONT ROW FOR ME!!! i was leaning against the fence thing and AJ and NICK were sitting INFRONT of me....they were ONE METER away from me!!!!!!!!!! I even climbed the fence a little so I can wave right on aj's face but the guard pulled me down!! LOL!! o well!!I WAS SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!! I never thought i'd be THAT close!! over rall the concert was AMAZZZZIIIINNNGGG!!!!!!!!!! and i LOVED it!!! and i took SOOO many pictures ...close up ones... u can actually see facial features!!! i LOVE the BSB and they are great and are here to stay! anyways cyall lata!

P.S. they sang drowning last after they sang the call....and it was an amazing song!!!


Toronto Sept 13th Black & Blue review

Date: Sep 17, 2001
Submitted By: BsBLuVaH

i went to black & blue concert last thursday here in toronto and I would have to say it was the most amazing night of my life. FIRST OF seat was just a NOT-SO-BAD seat was 36th row on the i wasnt THAT far from the main stage BUT then im small, so I got to stand on my chair the WHOLE time and i could see them PERFECTLY!! 2ndly, this is the GOOOOOODD part...I was UNBELIEVABLE CLOSE to them....u know the round center stage where they sing show me the meaning?!?! MY SEAT WAS RIGHT NEXT TO THAT STAGE!!!! IT WAS BESIDE ME!! SO WHEN THEY SHOWED UP ON THAT STAGE....IT WAS LIKE FRONT ROW FOR ME!!! i was leaning against the fence thing and AJ and NICK were sitting INFRONT of me....they were ONE METER away from me!!!!!!!!!! I even climbed the fence a little so I can wave right on aj's face but the guard pulled me down!! LOL!! o well!!I WAS SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!! I never thought i'd be THAT close!! over rall the concert was AMAZZZZIIIINNNGGG!!!!!!!!!! and i LOVED it!!! and i took SOOO many pictures ...close up ones... u can actually see facial features!!! i LOVE the BSB and they are great and are here to stay! anyways cyall lata!

P.S. they sang drowning last after they sang the call....and it was an amazing song!!!


Toronto Sept. 12 2001

Date: Sep 16, 2001
Submitted By: Natalie

Well I went to the 1st of the three Toronto shows! I have been to 3 of there shows! 1 was the Millenium tour and the last 2 were the Black & Blue tour!

I entered the ACC to go watch Krystal, Sisqo and of cousre the BACKSTREET BOYS!!....when I got in I found out that they didn't have our seats which I was mad!!

But then one of the ushers said that we've been moved up about 6 or 7 rows!! which was even better!!! As we got to our seats Krystal had already started her set

which was over after 3 or 4 songs! she announced where she will be signing autographs I ran like the wind up the stairs to section 116!!!!where there was a line-up about

50 people ALREADY!! But it only took me 5 minutes to see her because she had to get back on stage to pay tribute to all the people that lost there lives in that

trageic terrorist attack on Tuesday! so I said to Krystal sorry for the loss of your carpetner Daniel Lee and Give The Backstreet Boys My Love and I just wanted to let you

know that you are my idol and i will always look up to you!!! She said "Thank you sooo much for your support in this time and need" and she signed my CD saying

K! I luv u 2!! Then I went Back to my seat where Sisqo had already had started 7 minutes earlier! He was ok but Shagggy would have been so much better!

(No offence to the Sisqo fans) after he got off stage the backstreet boys came on stage with there WHOLE tour family including Krystal, Sisqo and all of his dancers

Brian came on mike saying "In the wake of Tuesday tragedy we lost one of our stage crew which was a big loss to us so we would like to pay respect to him, his family and all

of the other families that family members in this tragedy so if you could be silent for like 30 seconds would be soo grateful" so then the whole entire crowd was silent

for 30 seconds which was very eerie! They had one candle lit on the back circular stage for Daniel!

Now to the Great Part About the SHOW!!! IT was amazing in every single way and it was all so heart felt! with AJ saying that it was his 70th day being sober, Howie saying

it was three years today that he lost his sister Caroline and the loss of Daniel....But the show wwas very amazing in all ways...The crowd went wild when AJ took off his

shirt! Which I was screaming at the top of my lungs! @ the end of the concert for their 2nd encore they came out to sing there newly released single drowning which those ppl in that

crowd well remember for a long time to come because we were the first ppl to hear them perform it LIVE! E-mail if u want to know more or u just want to talk with another die hard fan!!

Wednesday Sept. 12,2001 Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON

Date: Sep 16, 2001
Submitted By: Linda

On Wednesday Sept. 12 I decided to make the trek to Toronto On from Windsor about 3.5 hours to attend a Backstreet Boys concert postponed from July. I was not prepared to deal with the deal and destruction of the "attack on America" that occurred the day before but was determined to leave anyway. I didn't know if there would be a show but there I was going. What I received in the end was more than I requested. Apon hearing of the death of Daniel Lee, I was unsure if the show would go on. At the ACC, after the opening acts had left, I saw the biggest gift of love nad positivity. The Backstreet family came on stage and informed everyone of what had happened. All they asked was for a moment of silence. What we all got was a minute of silence where over 20 000 screaming fans bowed their heads and paid respect to the death of the innocent. You could hear a pin drop in the ACC. It was so beautiful to see.

The show must go on, and it did. They returned to ROCK the house. They gave all they could and proved that the Backstreet Pride was definitely alive that night. The stage show was ...WOW,.. special effects, songs, scenes, music, only a true fan can understand what it felt like to be there. I am very proud of BSB and to be a fan and through all the hardships they are facing, the deaths, rememberences of Caroline Cochran and AJ's recovery, they are a true symbol of positivity, faith and love that everyone could learn from . Thank you BSB for all that you have taught me and shown to me in one night. I'm honoured to be a five year 23 yr old. Fan . KTBSPA and shining bright. God Bless.

Toronto concerts

Date: Sep 16, 2001
Submitted By: Karen and Emma Campbell

My daughter and I were at the Sept 13&14th concerts at the Air Canada Center. What a show. It was amazing. My daughter threw toys to them and we got a picture of Nick holding a teddy bear she threw and one of Nick reading the message on a stuffed dolphin she threw. In a word AWESOME. Thanks BSB for another special show. We can't wait for the next tour.

Drowning is another fabulous song.

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