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Ottawa Concert

Date: Sep 23, 2001
Submitted By: brians gal

Oh my gosh I went to the backstreet concert in Ottawa and it was the best night of my life.I didn't have very good seats but I could still see the great. Me and my friend liz screamed as loud as we possibly could,as the old fogeys in front of us did nothing, I was like come on people this is a backstreet boys concert! When bsb came out on their round platforms I freaked out and took as many pictures as I could! Brian looked soooooo good in his blue bandana,and kevin is so hot with his hair up in that pony tail! Bsb did three fast songs in a row and I stood up and danced to every one of them. Then they wore these blue suites and sang what makes you different makes you beautiful. There were so many funny moments in the show, the old men video got me laughing histaricaly. When they went on the little stage I was freaking out, I actually got howie to wave to me and my friends and I know he was waving at us because we were the only people jumping. I loved when they sang "your my shining star", "get another boyfriend and "the call". They can dance so good. They ended the show with their new single drowning and I know every word, it is the greatest song and I can't wait untill the video comes out.

P.S. Don't forget to buy the backstreet boys greatest hits album called "chapter 1"


Date: Sep 20, 2001
Submitted By: julie

It was the fifth time that I saw the backstreet boys in concert and it was their best show ever. I was sitting in the 16th row, and if you don't know, it's a VERY good place. Just above me was the bridge that joined the two stages together!!! When the bridge came down my heart was beatting like crazy because I would see the bsb very close for the first time. Nick was right in front of me!!! When kevin came he saw me and waved and he laugh at my nick doll (i have a doll of nick). Anyways it was the best time in my life and it's been 5 days now and I'm still on a high!! I hope they come back really soon and if anyone of you know when they are comming back please e-mail me and ktbsbpa!!!!!!

Ottawa Canada

Date: Sep 17, 2001
Submitted By: Beisan

Well, since my friends aren't 'pop' fiends like me, I was forced to go to the Backstreet Boys concert all alone. But oddly enough, it turned out to be amazing. On the bus on the way there, I met three girls, two sisters and another loner like me. Through a lot of luck and who knows what else, I got seated with one of the sisters. Front Row Center. It was amazing, just a wonderful night. Leighanne was sitting right in front of me, was as irritated by the smoke as I was. On Tv, you never realize how hard it is to breathe when the smoke machines are on full blast. And Denise and Krystal were right in front of me as well. I smiled and waved at Denise and she smiled back. That was nice. The guys were amazing. They just seemed really happy and focused. Except for Kevin when he missed his cue and thought the song was finished and the other guys laughed at them. I got a lot of smiles from the guys, a few waves and a lot of winks from Howie. It was just a really nice night, one that I'm thankful for.

I really suggest that everyone go to a show on the tour. You probably won't get the most amazing seats, but wherever you are, it'll be worth it.

Ottawa Ontario Concert on Sept.15/01

Date: Sep 16, 2001
Submitted By: Angie

Ok...all I can say of this concert was that it was THE best day of my life...better then any birthday, and Christmas or any other BSB concert! I have been to many BSB concerts b4 but have never actually seen them outside that arena or wherever they perform even though I try many times and have been kicked out if many a hotel. But anyways yesterday I saw the BSB get out of their tour buses at The Corel Centre and Nick was so damn hot throwing a football and acting all cute. I saw Brian take his dog out for a pee then head back into the bus. We saw all the BSB take their turn getting out of their buses, Krystal, Sisqo, Leanne, and AJ's mom Denise.

But I havent gotten to the best part seats were prob the best in the whole Corel centre...front row attached the the wing of the stage so I got to touch each BSB except Brian cuz he never really came on our side and now for the best....Nick sang a verse of I want it that way to ME! and then touched my check and winked....holy geez! right there I started bawling and like holy **** that was like the best second EVER in my life...

P.s...if anyone knows anything about either the rumor or maybe it is true about Nick asking for the number of the girl who had the sign that said NICK SPANK ME? cuz someone said he asked for her number but I highly doubt it..

anyways congrats to aj for 74 days sober and congrats to Nick for being so damn hot!


Love Angie!

Ottawa sept 15!!

Date: Sep 16, 2001
Submitted By: Diana & Eve

how to begin...tonite was so amazing...and completely worth all the waiting and all the buildup...we sat 14th row in the middle section of the floor (which by the way if you've never sat anything but in the balcony before and have seats like this for an upcoming show- they are amazingly close and you can see anything, so don't listen to anyone who tells u to upgrad to like tenth row- its the same thing!!)..we couldn't believe how close it was, when the show started we could feel the heat off those explosion things!! to save you from hearing the same rundown of songlists and choreography- i'll keep to the most exciting parts: when the bridge came down during "time" they all stopped right in front of us to sing their solo parts- all of them- they were like 4ft away from us...aj started to walk further down but ev kept motioning for him to come back, finally he motioned back like "oh go back there?" and came back in front of us...i blew him a kiss and he motioned "for me? thanks!!" it was so cute!!! nick was waving and standing in front of us so long too!!! the best moments of my life!!! (except that when brian came over he kept looking to the sides and passed us and i was trying to take a pic and he was driving me nuts!!) they kept saying nice things about ottawa and canada in general the whole show..thanking canada for helping out the states during this crisis and waving canadian flags through a whole song...i loved it!!! did have to end...they sang drowning and i love that song now..they seemed extremely relaxed and lighthearted throughout the entire show like they were really having a blast!!! it was so awesome!!! if anyone taped it please email me!!!! peace and love!!!

Ottawa concert - September 15, 2001

Date: Sep 18, 2001
Submitted By: Jocelyne

I still can't believe how much fun I had. I knew I would enjoy myself because this is my third time seeing the guys perform but I got home and I was still on a high. It took me forever to come back down again. I love these guys so much and I can't wait until they come back.

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