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Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: Tina

"Holy shit! I'm going to a BSB concert tonight...again!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" That was me on september 17th lol I had school that day and me being in college I could have easily missed classes but that day I had to have exams!!! damn it so I couldnt go to Musique Plus. I was sad cause it has been such a long time since theyve actually been there.

So anyways, excited we went downtown, we took the bus that dropped us right in front of Musique+, it was around 5pm so there was no one left but only a mess of garbage. Oh my god, I was getting all excited just at the sight of the 5 chairs lined up in the studio. I swear I was just standing there and staring like a fool. At that moment i was wondering which one did Brian actually sit on? lol my friend had to literally dragged me out of my transe.

Now about the show...well I dont think I need to say much about it, all the other articles sum it all, it was great!!!! more than great! Before the show began, I actually said that I wished Brian would be more "happier, entertaining" this time cause last time they were here, he was quite too serious and silent..he seemed to be really sad. But I guess I did get my wish after all, cause he was soooooooooooooooooo cute and funny!!!!!! The show is just impossible to describe...really...youve got to be there to see it yourself. I was happy to see all five all happy again, back on stage all goofy, sexy and funny again!!!!!! Our seats arent the best ones but at least they were not the worst ones. We were on the right side of the stage. We had some advantages and some inconvenients. Due to the big cables, we missed some actions, we couldnt see most of the choregraphies BUT Brian, Aj, Kevin and Nick did walked to our side, they were really near from us. But mostly it was Kevin and Nick. And our favs are actually Brian and AJ and they were more often at the left side at the stage. That night meant a lot to me, and seriously it changed a lot in my life, it unexplainable but WOW .... And guess what? At the end of the showw, we absolutely wanted to "see", "meet" them so we didnt know if we should stay in there, go meet krystal or go outside. So we ended up going outside and we walked until we reached the parking lot....there was already a a bunch of girls that were gathered around, and suddenly the girls began to scream and scream and scream and it opened and at least 3 or 4 buses came out. OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I was in shock because unlike many girls out there, I haven actually had any experience like that, it seemed to be so unreal. ...... In the first bus, there was Nick actually waving at us and it the second one it was Kevin. Unfortunately, we couldnt get a glimpse at the other ones BRIAN!!!!!!!!!! ;( It tokk me a lot of time to actually overcome that overwhelming feeling. And what I actually realized from that was that they were actually "normal people" I know theyve repeated it more than several times already and in my mind, they actually were "normal people" but it just wasnt really real for me but then when i saw them on a bus not singing, not dancing, not being 'a backstreet boy" but being themselves as Nick and Kevin, thats when it hit me that they were people just like me, that they not that unreachable cause I used to avtually not believe all the things the fans wrote about actually meeting them and all. But now that Ive seen them in real life, not on stage nor the TV, ive come to finally know that.

Oh and another thing, I think its great that so many girls share about their experiences because I read the other msgs posted for the montreal shows and I actually saw the action that went on and having the real perspective being described is really kool, like I actually saw AJ having flowers, Brian receiving a red cap, AJ trowing the tweenie and on and on.

anyways that was my point of view ;p






Montreal Concert - September 17, 2001

Date: Sep 27, 2001
Submitted By: Janine


This is quite strange, I'm writing this review almost two weeks after my experience. I guess I'm going through what all fans go through after an AWESOME concert...

The BSB concert was just what I needed after what had happened in the States, and it was because of my adoration for the Boys that I actually got on an AIRPLANE to travel to see them.

This won't be a review of exactly what happened at the concert.....but I just wanted to say through this *review* of sorts that frankly I'm glad the BSB took the time off and came back later; cause the show was just ..... I'm still at a loss for words.

I also went to the last Toronto show, and was amazed by both the Canadian and American patriotism that I saw. I would also like to express how proud of Alex I am for doing what he felt he needed to regarding his situation. I have NEVER been so happy and so proud to be a fan as I was that weekend of September.

And I guess I just want to thank the Boys for being who they are and for making so many fans so happy!

So....when do they tour again??????? :-D

Monday, September 17, 2001

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Karine Bonin

Hi guys!

I saw your show yesterday (sept. 17) at the Molson Center in Montreal and it was just SO amazing!!! I was on the floor so I really and VERY appreciate the little bridge for Time.

Your effects to be closest to your fans really work! I'll NEVER forget when Kevin blowed us a kiss and said "hi" to me and my friend while we were taking pictures... And I want to thank him for this. It wasn't a big thing for him, but for me it really meant a lot.

I love you and your music since the beginning (in 1995) and I won't stop until your end (that I hope it'll never

comes). And at each time, your shows are better, and better, and better.

I hope you'll be back in Montreal soon!


Ottawa & Montreal

Date: Sep 23, 2001
Submitted By: Gewels

My BSB Experience (Sept.15-18)

I know it's long….but it was an incredible few days!

The sun was still sleeping when my friend and I left for the Corel Centre in Ottawa. We had assumed that the Boys would come straight from Toronto, so we wanted to be there nice and early. As we approached the Centre, we could see a few tour buses parked in the lot and we began to get all excited. We parked and watched as more tour buses and trucks arrived…but there was no real sign of the Boys just yet.

By 10 AM, some other fans had arrived and we had the opportunity to speak with one of their Roadies. He had a really strong Texan accent and was very sweet. He told us a few funny stories about the Boys (sorry, but he asked that we don't repeat) and brought us over to see his truck. He had a cute Yorkie named Winston sitting in the passenger seat and gave us some free T-Shirts. He then showed us his Millennium Tour jacket and let us take a look inside. - Thanks James -

After many hours of waiting, 13 TO BE EXACT, the Boys' tour buses finally arrived! (They were delayed because Howie stayed out late after the Memorial the night before according to our "trucker friend.") They parked in the "Restricted Area" parking, but we had a good view from the fence. We had the chance to see Brian playing around with his puppies on the grassy area, but he didn't stay out too long. We were also able to see each Boy head inside to the venue from his bus. Each of them waved up to all the gathered fans… it was a nice gesture after having waited for 13 hours! Before we decided to head in for the show, we heard that AJ was back in his tour bus and we saw his security escort a lady and a little girl onto his bus. We also saw Nick come back out. He waved his hands in the air and then disappeared onto his bus.

The show was awesome. My friend and I had 3rd row center seats. Krystal waved and smiled to us many times…as we held our sign which read "We Believe in You" during her performance. We got to meet her after her performance and she was very appreciative and fun.

The Boys' performance was incredible. Howie and Kevin were very quick to acknowledge our sign… and when AJ came up to say his "Thank yous," our sign made it onto the big screen! It was the closest I had ever been (so far) at a concert and it was well worth every penny.

The next day, my friend and I were off to Montreal. We checked into our hotel, which so happened to be where the Boys were staying. (It pays to work in the travel industry!) We spent most of the day in the hotel lobby and we got really close to Kevin when he came in from his cab. His words were, "I stink!" LOL…he had been working out. There were many girls waiting, so it was hard to get a picture…but we may be in a group picture…. Just as his security was pushing him through the crowd, he was about a foot away, but I refused to just touch him like a crazy fan. I just enjoyed the moment…and the closeness.

Later that night, we saw AJ walk through the lobby and get into his van. Thanks to some friends, we knew where he was headed, so we got into a cab, and the next thing we knew, we were watching him play a car racing game with Marcus. The resto-arcade was a pretty calm environment. (Please don't ask me for the name.) There were some familiar faces from the hotel, but everyone was just doing their own thing and watching from a distance. When AJ was playing some virtual game - he was standing with some plastic thinggy over his head…it was so funny to watch - Marcus had taken a seat close by on a stool. My friend and I approached him and asked if it was a bad time to ask for a picture. Marcus explained that if he took one with us, he would have to take one with everyone, and we understood. He then explained that we could try when he was done playing. Just as we were done speaking with Marcus, AJ passed by and said, "Man, that was nauseating!" HAHA!

So, we kept our distance, and as we saw him leaving, we followed calmly. All of the other girls were convinced that he wasn't leaving, so no one else followed. So my friend and I headed down the escalators and I asked Marcus if it was a good time. Then Marcus looked over to AJ and asked if he would rather do it there or near the car, and AJ responded that he would rather do it there.

Marcus took a few steps back and I stepped up next to AJ. It was crazy to think that I had my arm around him and that he had his around me! I told him, "Thank you AJ," and he responded humbly, "No problem." He smelled like Joop! Mmm… Then it was my bud's turn. She was able to say, "Thanks so much," and he responded again, "No problem."

The other girls saw what was going on, but by the time they had reached him, too many fans had gathered and it was no longer a comfortable situation. My friend and I were so proud of ourselves for remaining so calm! We meant what we said, and it could not have been more perfect.

We then made our way back to hotel and saw him arrive back. When we headed back up to our room, we could smell Joop! in the elevator… it was funny.

The next day we saw the Boys' buses get packed, but we missed their quick exit from the hotel because we were in our room. We headed off to Musique Plus and were disgusted with the sheer craziness that was there. There were speakers outside so you could heard what was going on, but everyone out there was more preoccupied with banging on the windows and screaming rather than actually listening to what the Boys were saying inside. My friend and I stayed by the back windows, where we were able to see all the screens in the control room. We managed to see what was going on inside and got to see the shots from ALL the cameras. It was the best we could get.

By 6:15 PM we were in the Molson Centre and were so happy to be sitting in the first row! Krystal waved and smiled at us again during her performance… it was awesome. We met her again during her autograph signing, and she was so happy to see that we had blown up one of the pictures from the Ottawa show for her to sign. She said that we were awesome! What a cutie!

The Montreal Black and Blue concert was the best two hours of my life. Nick recongnized us from the night before and gave us a comedic shocked look when he saw us, and our sign, again. Brian pointed to us with his "Yes I Will" stick and smiled… AJ was giving us much love and attention. It seemed that he recognized us from the night before. We threw up a Tampa Bay Lighting black and blue beanie baby to AJ because he was constantly looking at us and smiling. It landed on his feet and he brought it over to Nick, who was so happy! (We have pix) Brian kept coming over and pointing and waving at us because of our sign… and at the end of the show, he even mouthed to us as he tugged on his Healthy Heart Club t-shirt, "Do you want my shirt?!" My friend and I both nodded our heads together… and we were totally excited because we had agreed that if we would get anything, we would cut it right in half so we could both enjoy it. Brian even looked at Carlos and motioned, "two" with his fingers. But then when it came time to sign the shirt….he gave it to someone a few rows back. My friend and I were a little disappointed, but we figured that we had misunderstood (but even the girls around us were convinced he was talking to us), or maybe they couldn't get two, so Brian didn't feel right giving it to just one of us - if only he knew our agreement with each other! I keep telling myself that everything happens for a reason. That was just not meant to be.

Nevertheless, those 2 hours were the best of my life. We got their attention more times than one… they seemed to recognize and us kept smiling and waving right at us! I've never felt so 'into' a show that way. It was complete happiness -cloud 9!!! I felt so comfortable with myself… I was singing and dancing and it was the best feeling in the world.

Thank you Backstreet for the incredible experience!


Check out my pic with AJ -

(I'm in pink)

september 17th

Date: Sep 20, 2001
Submitted By: Isabelle

the show was great , nto as much as the millenium tour thought because i was first row at that show and now i was 7th not on the ground. Nick (my fav) was really funny and still acts like he's 12 lol. I had a big laugh when he gets those phone number out of his pockets and the other guys take it away from him. The video shown for the answer to our life is awesome the picture on it were fabulous. A fan threw a twinkie on stage while ALEX was there alone and he asked who wanted it , u could see nick jumping up and down from under the stage saying he wanted it ALEX unwrapped it and threw it in the audience. nicky tried to play piano and himself said he suck at it. I was one of the 2 girls in the whole 13,500 fans to get caught with a video cam and now the backstreet boys have the tape ( bsb if you read this hey e-mail me i think i had something else on that tape please just erase it and i'll give you my add to send it back) anyways bye bye

P.S. i wa son tv on flash reportage saying a comment it said: depuis le début au festival des mongolfière

Love, From a real good fan, Isabelle

Montreal Show , September 17 th 2001

Date: Sep 20, 2001
Submitted By: Celia

After a long wait, Montreal's turn to see the Backstreet Boys Had Finally come.

It started off at Musique Plus (the french Much Music, for those who are not sure) Althow i feel that the ppl who were there (the fans) were robed, it was still a cute hour with the guys. As the VJ brought them back to 1996, one of their first of many times here in Montreal, the day of the Air Baloon Fest, was the 1st time of many times i saw them in concert. As the M+ VJ asked "What did you guys think of that" Nick was quick to reply "I never knew i was THAT skinny back then, i looked like a toothpick"

Its ok Nick we loved you then and we still love you now, and we'll continue to love you the way you are :)

When i first got to the concert i was sure what to expect, i have seen the Black and Blue concert all over the news and on videos, so i knew what was a waiting, NOT!

After Krystal's performence, i got to get up and go meet her, my best friend David, who got me these Tix for my B-day,(which was in july) was excited to go meet her "SHE'S FREAKEN HOT!" were his words exactly lol

Unfortunatly i missed most of shaggy's performence, but saw a lil of it when i was waiting to see krystal and after as well from my seat.

When it was FINALLY time for the guys to perform, well i can tell you that everyone in the Molson Centre was MORE THEN READY FOR THEM :) The concert, thow it was not the 1st nore the last one i'll ever see, Was in deed the BEST SHOW of theirs i ahve been to. It's the one concert i had the Best time at. I took Pix's and you can be sure that i will definatly post some up here when i get them TOMORROW :)

The sound was amazing, their look and lil skits were funny, and very entertaining, and the whole look and vibe of the show was unbeliveable. As i was looking into the crowed, during one song, i could see everyone wave their hands in the place, weather it was MOM's , Dads , Grandparents, lil gilrs, teen agers, adults, everyone in there has proved that BSB are better and stronger then ever, you saw it on everyones face, no one came out of there with nothing less then a smile, the guys including.

AJ,. and Nick were going crazy during the concert, Howie at one point was laughing at the rest of them, because he was the one who got the crowed to sing the loudest, and Howie was quick to stick his tounge out out the rest of the 4 and smile to the audience :) They were all 5 amazing, as were their dancing , Band members and crew :)

To all who are yet waiting to go to a BSB concert, I KNOW YOU'LL HAVE A LOT OF FUN, no matter where you are sitting, i found out by lots of fans last night.

For all of you who have already gone, well we have yet to wait for another Amazing tour. :)

take care,

god bless,

Celia xoxox

sept 17th, montreal concert

Date: Sep 20, 2001
Submitted By: cindy


The montreal was phat to death in my opinion!

Krystal was rocking, sisqo was well you know...He was sisqo and his dance moves were really cool!!!

And the bsb were just wow!!!

I don't think it was possible to be bored!

Anyone that has something bad to say about it needs to get his or her head checked( no offense btw)

I fell in love with them all over again!

I wish I could turn back time over and over again!

So many good memories were made that night, i'll always remember!

There's too many details I can't write them all :(

Anyways it was my lucky night!

See ya

Montreal concert sept 17 2001

Date: Sep 20, 2001
Submitted By: Josie

I dont speak english very well so i wont talk a lot but i just wanted to say that the Black and blue concert was so great ! I really loved it ! And im sure that everybody who were there feel the same as me!



Date: Sep 20, 2001
Submitted By: Laura

hey its me again...i forgot to add something really amazing

i met krystal...

and while brian was on stage...this girl came outa know where and brian pointed at his shirt and kinda mumbled do uw ant it and the girl nodded (it was his brian littrell foundation shirt) and he took it off on stage signed it onstage and gave it right to her!!!

lucky 4 me i got a piece of the asked the girl if i could hold it and she said ya..and i rubbed b-roks swet all over me lol! i know im weird but still!

what can i say hehe

well g2g email me on what u think

(by the way b-rok smells awsome lol)



Date: Sep 20, 2001
Submitted By: Tricia

September 17th was the most amazing night ever! I won't bother to go through all the details of the concert, but I will say it kicked-ass! The highlight of my night came during "Time", when BSB walk across the bridge. We were seated 8th row, dead centre, so we were right underneath the bridge. I had a flower and (since i'm tall) I stood on my chair and could practically touch the bridge. Well, Nick came by and got something from a fan on the opposite side of us, so I figured that he wouldn't be reaching down in the crowd again. Then AJ walked up and stood directly infront of where we were standing. I was frantically waving the rose, and he saw me! He bent down to reach for it, and said "Is that for me?". I nodded (unable to speak, I was in complete shock) and handed him the rose. WOW! My friend and I couldn't stand up we were shaking and crying so much! I was always like "Omg, I would never be one of those girls who completely freaks out when they meet BSB." But, I was so overcome with emotion I couldn't help it!

As I was so caught up the moment, my friend and I both forgot to take a picture, So if anyone has a pic of me (i was wearing a purple shirt) handing AJ the flower, I would TOTALLY Appreciate it if you could send me a copy/scan. my email is

Thanks for listening!




Date: Sep 18, 2001
Submitted By: Laura

hey guys,

bsb rocked my world on the sept 17th!!

it was the most amazing show...i had second row seats!

i have this story tell...

i talk to nick sometimes on msn messenger and he told me to bring the sign nick im drowning in your i did..he was supposed to wave when he saw it.

but when ever i were to put up the sign at the concert nick would always give me these weird eyes...but then it was the last song drowning ***...and i really wanted him to notice me...since he did know what i was supposed to be holding and where i would be i jumped over the first row seats..hehe ( i guess security wasnt paying attention) and i ended up in front of the ppl in the front row standing up... n e ways.. im holding my sign up as high as i can and nick comes over! i was all excited! then he obviuosly notices me with the drowning sign while hes singing drowning..and he starts to point and concentrate on me...he was smiling singing and pointing all at the same time to me!!

that was the best experience i ever had!!!!

if u have had a simular me...or if u just wanna chat do so as well thanx love u bsb 4 ever!!!!!! u rock my world!!!!!!!!


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