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BSB show at target center in minnesota

Date: Oct 28, 2001
Submitted By: Kristin Wierenga

This was the 4th bsb show i saw. They just keep getting better and better. They put on the best show i have ever seen. They work so hard and put on such a great show for us. I think my favorite part of the show was when they came up on the little circle thing. That was so neat. It was also cool how they walked across the bridge. Well I can't wait till they come again! There the best band out there!

Minneapolis, MN

Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: Katie

omg! the BSB show was so awesome! It was my 4th BSB concert...2nd B&B. My friend and i had 12th row seats on floor 3. They were so close! Anyway, Krystal was great, and so was Sisqo..but i wasn't really too into them, i couldn't wait for BSB to start. My friend and i spotted Leighanne over talking to security or something so we tried to go up and meet her, but by the time we got there and around the few girls gathered, she was heading backstage. But we took pics of her BSB finally started around 9:00 or so and they were absolutely AWESOME! I won't talk about the show cuz everyone about covered everything in the other reviews, but during the bridge Nick waved @ my friend, and i swear Kevin waved to me and the girl next to me! lol, it may be pathetic, but oh well. I loved the concert and i can't wait for them to come back!! It was so awesome!

Minneapolis, MN, September 23, 2001

Date: Oct 09, 2001
Submitted By: sara-jo


Well what can I say I have never had a better time in my life The Backstreet boys mean the world to me and I had looked forward to this concert everyday of my life. Its sad to say its over but I finally decided on writing about my amazing time. I am gonna break it down cuz I want to remember everything …so here it goes

Ok Friday Sep. 21st finally was here, the day we were to leave to minneapolis. Keep in mind I live in a small town near Bismarck North Dakota. We had a very long journey ahead of us. We took off all packed and ready to go. We (me and Shannon) are first stop was Bismarck about an hour drive and picked up Tara(the same tara who gave the other review above). From there we went to Morris MN, to pick up another friend. Once we got to Morris we picked up Lora. We dropped off my 99 grand AM in trade for Lora’s Blue station wagon.(total of 4 of us) it was about a 8-9 hour drive to are destination but it seemed to go very short, not even beleiveing that we were actually going to see are boys, the guys we adore so much. I remember quotes such as “wow we don’t really know what 24 hours will bring us this is such a journey its gonna be wild”. We had no idea what to expect and that was the best part. Once we got there we met are Allie (another friend) and stayed with her on friday night, unfortunitaly i didnt get much sleep. We woke up at about 11:30 and I was totaly pumped obviously considering we were gonna see the 5 hottest guys in the world in less then 24 hours. Everyone was happy and we got ready soon and took off to the cities. Allie helped us get to are hotel at the Marriott and I was in Awe at the beautiful buildings and just a hole different scene then what I am used to. We took the elevators up to the 29th floor where we unloaded are bags. We opened the curtain to are room where we seen the top of the target center. I turned to Shannon and said “My god we are gonna be in the building soon the same one as the backstreet boys” . A smile came to are faces.

Tara was the one that pushed the idea of going to wisconsin. “so are we going to Wisconsin or what?”. The thing is we had planned on Driving to Tomah Wisconsin and then waiting for BSB on the highway and following the buses into Minneapolis. I really honestly wanted to follow the buses but we knew it was hard to get around Minneapolis considerding we didn’t know where in the hell we were going, I was afraid we would get lost. But Tara had no fears she was determined. So we all piled in the vehicle once again and headed to Wisconsin.

So it started getting dark but we entered Wisconsin with ease. We stopped at a rather funny gas station that was called KWICK STOP. This was in Tomah Wisconsin are destination. But beings there wasn’t any good exit ramps to sit on we drove awhile to OAKDALE WISCONSIN.

So their we were. In the blue staion wagan on the side of an exit ramp waiting for a Backstreet boys bus. We knew what time the concert in Chicago got over beigns we had a rather nice gal by the name of Maya, help us out. We figured that the boys would be driving passed us anywhere between 1:30-4:30 in the morning. There was many time during the wait that we though “wow what if they don’t come this way, that would really suck wouldn’t it” I mean we drove 3 hours out of Minneapolis, If they didn’t come this way it would have really sucked. So it’s now about 2:30 and its raining the windows are down anyways and both Shannon and Tara are getting poured on. But did we car no we watched every FREAKING vehicle go buy for like 3 hours. So picture it, I am digging around the car looking for this video recorder thing, Tara has my smoke in one hand and her smoke in the other, Lora is sleeping in the truck (station wagaon) and Shannon is watching out in the window for a bus. All the sudden Shannon yells “GO GO #UCKING GO GO BUS BUS BUS!!!!!!!” and we see it, OHHHHHH the beauty of it, of course we were freaking and didn’t take of till a few seconds after see seen it. We through the smokes out the window and Tara floored it. But the station wagon wasn’t into it. We weren’t going to fast at first but we managed to get behind it. We were now driving behind a Backstreet Boys tour bus. We are not sure which one it was but we were loving it. It was raining pretty hard but Tara was awesome at driving so we kept right on behind it, and believe me knowing that there was a BSB in there kept us right on track. So we followed the bus for 3 hours till we arrived back in Minneapolis.

We arrived in the cites at about um….5 ish, the bus parked in front of the Marquett. We pareked are car in a non parking zone and jumped out with are cameras. We noticed there was some other fans there that were pretty cool. We stood in the cold for awhile and I looked to the side of the bus with the door and I seen Howard Dourgh jump out. He startd tward the entrance and we waited patiently we didn’t really even take any pictures we just wanted to say hi and that we loved him. He walked right past us gave us the thumbs up and said “thanks, thank you” he was so tired his eyes were just all bulgy due to him just waking up yet he was o nice and polite. So we were kinda freaking that we had just seen Howie. All the sudden another bus pulls up, oh AND THEN another. So there was 3 buses now parked by us. We didn’t know what boy was in there but we were just so excited!. Soon we seen marcus and um…..Brian body guard I think I know all of there names but I don’t want to sound like an idot so I will not try to member there names. I would have to say he is the most protective out of them all. He was kinda mad that we were there to bother the boys that early, and I so don’t blame him, I can see why it would get rather frustrating to have fans waiting for you that early and you would have to be happy and put on a smile all the time, I know it wasn’t the coolest for us to be there, but we would understood if they would have been crabby or not, we just wanted to catch a glimpse and you all do! So anyways we waited awhile and soon enough Brian and beautiful Leighanne came strolling out. Brian had one arm through is little jean jacket and the other just arm wasn’t even in, you could tell he was all sleepy but he put on a happy face and said “good morning” in the cutest voice ever. So now that we had seen Brian someone else was saying AJ was coming out soon. AJ is my favorite so I was like “no way no way can I do this I am gonna die, wow I cant take it” but my friends encouraged me to settle down and be cool. So we waited another 15-20 minutes and all the sudden AJ started down tward the sidewalk. I heard a girl say “can I take a picture of you” and aj in his sexy raspy voice said “sure you can take a picture of me”. And he continued to take steps closer to the hotel, when he was right beside me I said “hi AJ” now I don’t remember saying this but my friends heard me, wow I was just amazed and aj looked and said “hello, at that point although it was like a milla second my heart skipped a beat he is so much better looking in person and is apsolulty perfect. As soon as he was in the hotel i felt like i was gonna collapse or something. I did the annoying fan thing then and cryed. LOL but i held my own pretty well while he walked by so give me a break..for the first time I relized, they are so real, just normal!

So we waited another hour or so, I know it was about 7-7:30 when nick and Kevin finally came in. I was so tired and was ready to leave before they came but my girls wanted to see Nickolas. So we were just hanging out in the lounge of the hotel when Shannon was like “ahhhh, Kevin Kevin!” so we ran to the entrance and watched as Kevin arrived and Kristin following. He waved and said hi. Then NICK CARTER comes trucking in. I took a spot beside a luggage rack and Tara and Shannon stood by the door. Nick came in wearing a white sean john shirt, pants in which one was hicked up to his knee , hair all messy and sticking up everywhere, and a tired baby face on. He walked in and everyone snapped pictured, he rubbed his eyes while everyone was like “ohhhh I am sorry” he smiled and said “oh its alright” and continued walking. When he walked past me he looked at me and he had a confused look on his face. I wanted to get a picture but I just coudn’t I smiled and said “hello” and he did a half smile and then took a long sniff with one nostril clearing his nasel passageway. IT WAS SOOOOOo cute I am seriously such a nick carter moment I mean WOW. I just had to laugh. At this point we were all very tired and in shock so we moved are car and went down 2 blocks to are hotel. We had scheduled another hotel for the next night at the marquett so we could stay where the boys were staying. We slept for 2 hours then woke up and got ready to go over to their hotel.

We arrived there at about 12 and checked in it kinda sucked cuz all together it costed about 270 for parking and hotel room. But we didn’t care. We went to are beautiful hotel room and just kinda hung out, that is when I met the girl I had been talking on the internet for awhile Lanita, or firefly on OLFC. She came up to our room and she showed us video tape of when she met Nick. As we were riding in the elevater at one time, Nicks body guard (Eddie?) had been working out, he got into the elevator as us and I said “hows it going?” he was like “pretty good” with a weird smile on his face then I apsent mindedly say “so how was working out for you?” what a dork I am, but he smiled and kinda laughed, replyed “um pretty good” it was weird speaking to a guy that protects nick everyday!. We knew the boys would be leaving soon for the venue so we went to the excite where we figured they would come out of. A group formed and we all waited patiently for the guys to come out. First was AJ and was the fist to notice that it was him “HEY AJ” he was so nice he waved to all of us and leaned over his seat to get a better look at all the fans. Next was Brain and Leighanne once again he was all nice and made a point to wave to as many people as possible. Soon after was Nick, he came out in an yello shirt and his hair was still wet, when he came out he made a surprised face like he had never got the reaction of screaming girls before LOL. For him everyone seemed to be the most crazy. They pounded on the windows I just don’t think that is cool. Tara almost got hit by the fan getting some good pictures but it was a good laugh later. REALLY soon after nick came out Howie exited. He was friendly as usual and was eating a red apple. What a cutie. AND LAST but not least the incredible Kevin. He came out with sunglasses waving to everyone and smiling.

So now that all 5 boys were out we went back to are hotel room and got ready. We talked to a lot of fans, its amazing after posting and chatting with so many fans you wouldn’t believe how many people YOU KNOW I mean I would be talking to people and they would say “are you sara-jo for North Dakota?" The internet is wonderful thing!

So anyways we went to the arena about 6:30 and got in right away we found are seats I was 5th row floor one, the seats were great, all except I was behind a guy that was six one, so I took the opportunity to jump on my chair though out the concert. First krystal came on and she is so damn cool! I enjoyed that very much. After that I monkeyed around with my film and stuff, I watched sisqo alittle but not all that much he is a cutie though and he can dance well.

SO then the moment I had been waiting for. THE BACKSTREET BOYS took the stage. They came up out of the ground on platforms that rose up. The smoked steamed out from beneath them like they were from a different world. The blue lights shinned everywhere and the fan screamed as we watched their every move. When they were on the ground they walked up to the crowed and the music began, the words of the song any fan knows by heart “everyone” began flowing out of there mouths. The rush is somethinig that cant be described. They looked like they were made to dance to that song and shortly after was "larger then life" They show started out loud and crazy and it got the crowed hyped up. Afterwards they sang very well known ballads such as “I want it that way” ,”what makes you different” among many others. Brain fist talked to the crowed and then the rest of the guys followed AJ’s Sticks out in my mind the most because he told us about his 81 days sober, what a strong man! I was on nick sides so I had the opportunity to watch him a lot. He is so wonderful. What I like about nick is cuz he sticks out from the rest on account that he KNOWS DAMN well that we all love him and anything he does on stage we are gonna love, I can honestly say he didn’t wave or blow kisses to hardly anyone, I mean I was really close and Interacted with all of them most of the time all nick would do is stick out his tongue or give you a seductive smerk. But that’s what I love about the man he has his own personality and it just makes me laugh.

When they headed toward the smaller stage in the back of the arena that is when I thought it really started to get fun. The security was cool enough to let us run to the smaller stage. We watched as they made faces and interacted with the crowd. I must add right now, that there voices filled the air and it sounded like angels singing, they can sing so perfect live. Not many people can get away with that but to me they sound even better live then they do on any cd. How they got so good is behond me.

When time started AJ took off down the long ramp while nick chased him with silly string. I tell you what they love that silly string. They spraded eachother with the string along with the crowed. When they were on the small stage I handed my dog toy/stuffed animal (don’t ask) to a girl in the middle she through it on the ramp and AJ carried it around, I know its silly to get excited about that but hey it said my name on it and AJ made it a point to pick it up and carry it around!!!! I was just kinda happy about that. Howie headed on down the ramp and threw a rose that he had. The rose went to my good friend Tara she did a heroic leap to get it and was overjoyed when she had it In her possession. I also had a sign that read “wave to me” with an arrow that pointed down. Brian was the first to notice and teased me. He looked at me like “oh you want me to wave at you” I had a big grin on my face and he acted like wasn’t gonna wave and then turned and blew me a two handed kiss” and gave me the Brian Littrell smile, ya know with the crinkled eyes and all his pearly white teeth showing. So I was in heaven then Kevin continued on down and seen my sign. He pointed right at me and gave me a sincere smile and wave. Once they got back onto the main stage I was ecstatic. They continued with songs as “answere to are lives” “if you stay” along with others”. I still hadn’t really gotten the interation with aj as I had hoped so when he came over to my side I did my best to get his attention and blew him many kisses, I cought his eye and he turned to me and blew me a kiss, ya yea I sound like a 12 year old but give me a break, if his beautiful brown eyes are not enough to make you melt, then you have got a problem LOL.

I so wish I could remember the song order better, it truly is hard, not one song was I disappointed, everysong was fun and exciting. When AJ was on stage doing his call thing. This is how the conversation went “SHOULD I ANSWERE iT?” and we all yelled “YES” and he did. “HELLO…….OHHHHH it’s the EX BL UUUUCK!, OH HOWS YOUR CARRERR GOING???” then he hung up. I thought this was rather intresting, he must have alitte hostile feelings twards Amanda or whoever his ex maybe anyone hav any suggestions?. Hmm….anyways it doesn’t matter. The call is always fun to watch them perform. They still had so much energy and got into it a lot. When they popped down in the stage and said “gotta go” its funny cuz NO one actually believe that they where going anywhere. As they came back on for “shape of my heart” I started to come to reality, it was gonna be over something I have waited for so long was gonna be over” I watched as the boys sang their hearts out to their fans with so much emotion. When they went back in the stage after “shape of my heart” I took a look around to see croweds moving twards the exits. Little did they know the boys would be back. They began rasing again on circler platforms. The lights were shinning up on them and you could see every image of their bodys and their eyes looked dark. This was the point when I felt was kinda getting sad it was over. They sang all the beautiful lyrics to “drowning” I think it surprised a lot of people and everyone had a smile on their face, the reation from drowning was great, such a surprised. Each boy sang there part like it was their favorite song, in fact they sang everysong like that. As they went down it was hard to believe that it was over and they went into the stage and lights came on. I was now crying pretty hard and me and my friends hugged each other and headed tward the exits.

I know this isn’t the greatest review ever of a concert, but to me I cant describe every minute. To me not one moment was dull and certain moments do stick out In my mind and that is how it is for every concert goer, these boys make it a point to make everyone in the crowd happy. They work so hard to keep us all satisfied. Some of those songs they have been singing for years but they just don’t mind, they act as if its their first, or last concert ever. They do the same show night after night and make it a point to make every concert special. I really don’t know what keeps them going. The Fans? Perhaps but I don’t feel we would ever be able to give back to them what they have done for us.

After the concert we were unbeleiveably tired. We hung around the hotel awhile but never seen them again that night. Word has it there was a party on their floor, Howie, AJ, and Kevin attended (just cuz aj was socializing dosnt mean he was drinking either). Brian and Nick I guess took off right after the concert . The next morning we checked out and went to the mall to check out krystal’s autograph signing. The mall was cool. Lora had to get back to Morris so we asked are good friend lanita to drive us to morris to get my car. Little did I know by her doing this was abling my dream to come true.

We got a wrist band and waited in line for krystal to arrive, and when she did we heard screams and looked twards the stage, there was Kevin Richardson, gorguouse green eyes and all. I couldn’t actually belive I was going to meet him. I wanted to just run away I don’t know why I just could’t believe it. Krystal sang “amazing grace” her voice is truly unique and just puts you in a great mood. The way Kevin looked at her, wow, he notices her talent, and really thinks she is wonderful!

So we stood in line and waited as we neared Kevin he noticed me in the crowed I don’t know why, but he looked at me and gave me this smile, I don’t know how to put the way he smiled, it made me feel like was so special and that he was happy to seem me, but I know that I am just another fan so…well jeez he just knows how to fill your heart with joy. At that point I freaked out cuz I didn’t want to sound like idot infront of someone in which I look up to so much. We were getting on to the small stage now and they told us to be cool and juhnk, its not like we are gonna form tackle him or anything. we steped slowly on the stage and there a girl said to me “thanks for waiting” I was like “I would wait forever”. I seen krystal then smiled, I gave her the cd I have of her to sign she looked at me and said “OH WOW I LOVE YOUR COAT” ya see I have this crazy coat on and she thought it was just awesome. I thanked her and said that her music was so awesome and it was different then the rest and that her perfomance the night before rocked. She seemed happy to hear it and thanked me and shook my hand with a firm hand shake.” Then I looked at keivn it was now time for my dream to come true, to meet a backstreet boy. I looked at him and he stuck out a hand to shake mine. I grabbed onto his hand and felt my heart melt. He looked directly into my eyes wich blew me away. I set down my CD and said “Kevin, thank you so much for your music it truly gets me through the day, you mean the world to me….i love you so much” he stopped signing looked up at me and said “ thank you, thank’s a lot” and then asked my name I spelled my name out and he wrote it on there he gave me a big grinn, stuck out his hand again, I shook it again and thanked him. “nice coat” he says as I walk away teary eyed “thank you” I say as I step down and go to meet my friends. We then found Kristin Richardson and she took pictures with us signed autographs and I asked to see her ring, girls its beautiful, as she is! OH I must say a thank you to Lanita if she wouldn’t have went 2 hours out of her way to take us to are car we may have never gotten to meet Kevin. I owe her a lot. We headed home on are long journey and had a lot of good laughs the experience with my friends Is something I will never forget.

I know that Kevin is just a person, but it felt so good to meet him. I want to say “oh they are just normal and I shouldn’t freak. Also I don’t conserder myself to be a stalker by following the buses and staying in there hotel. But yes I would jump at the opportunity to meet or even say hi to the boys again. I do feel like I know the guys well…, I mean I have loved them for 5 years now, watching listening and learing about them, I practicly grew up with there music and watched them grow up also, i will stand by them no matter what and support them in as many ways possible. I love them with all my heart and meeting Kevin ment so much to me. I got the opportunity to thank them and although millions of people do everyday, I like to think for those few seconds that I was real to Kevin and he knew who I was. I do have a life out side of the Backstreet Boys but they have always been there to fill in the gaps or empty places in my life. Its hard to let go and say, ahhh I don’t need them, cuz sometimes I do for example need that certain note in that one song to keep me going. Life is rough and everyone needs something to keep them going, and for right now, at this point in my life it is the Backstreet Boys, call me a loser or a freak if you want but from the bottom of my heart I love these men and what they are about. I am glad I got the opportunity to see such a wonderful show to! I thank the lord for putting them in the position that they are in and sharing there gift with all of us. If Backstreet Boys ever read this…..i love you and I thank you!!!


i am working on scanning pictures, i am trying to figure it all out and get them scanned if anyone wants to see them, or talk to me about all this email me at, i would love to hear more of your story's.

MInneapolis, MN concert (September 23)

Date: Oct 04, 2001
Submitted By: Isabelle C

Sunday, September 23 was the best day of my life. I am not joking. That was the day that I attended my second Backstreet Boy's concert. I saw them perform back in February at the Alerus Center and was on a high for months. Even so, Sunday's concert was sooooo much better! The boys looked and sounded wonderful! They blew me away yet again and the night was so amazing.

I am so glad that AJ took some time off to get better. I could tell what a difference it made. When I say the boys perform in February, they were great but something was missing. At the MN concert, the boys were joking around with each other and the crowd and they all seemed a lot happier.

The day of the concert I drove four hours to see my boys with one of my friends. We spent the day hanging out and hoping to catch a glimpse of the boys. When we arrived at the Target Center at 6:30, we decided to see if we could find their buses. We walked around to the back of the venue, and there were five large buses lined up. Naturally we started to freak out because we thought that they were the boys' buses. When we were back there, we noticed some girls come off one of the buses. It looked like they had meet and greet passes or something. After the girls left, we were checking aroung and we discovered that one of the buses wasn't locked. We opened the door, and were about to go in when some crabby-looking old guy came out, gave us a dirty look, slammed the door, and pulled the shades.

We were then heading to the front of the venue when we saw a security guard go in a door on the side. Curious, we tried the door and it was unlocked. We started freaking out! We were about to go in when a guy with a security pass came out. He told us if we went in there, there were guards who would arrest us and take us downtown. We were totally bummed but he told us what door the boys would be coming out of after the show. Now we were totally excited, and we went into the show.

The concert was amazing. Enough said. The boys were flawless and they never sounded better. Some of the highlights for me was when the boys sang "America the Beautiful" and "As long as you love me." For the encore, the boys sang their new song, "Drowning." They rose out from under the stage on stools and began to sing. I had never heard the song before, and I literally got shivers. It was so beautiful! (I totally think it is going to be a huge hit).

Unfortunately, my friend and I had to leave half-way through "Drowning" because we wanted to catch a glimpse of the boys. We went outside, and we saw two vans pull out, but I have no idea if they were in them or not. I guess I'll never know.

Anyways, September 23 was the best day of my life and I will never forget it. Thank you so much to the Backstreet Boys for an incredible evening. I'll always be "Drowning" in your guy's love. KTBSPA!!!

September 23, 2001 Minneapolis Concert

Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: Tara

This was the second concert I have been to. The first one was in Grand Forks, North Dakota (the state I am from). We took off from Bismarck, North Dakota at 5:00 on Friday night. we finally got to Minneapolis at about 1 or 2 am early Saturday morning. We stayed with a friend in Apple Valley, then the next day checked into the Marriott hotel. From there we took off for Wisconsin and sat on the side of the road because we knew that the bsb had a show in Chicago that night. Finally at about 2:30 am, Howie's bus drove by and we followed him for about 3 1/2 hours back to Minneapolis... it was raining and hard to see, but I wasnt gonna loose that bus! Finally when we got back to Minneapolis the bus took us to the Marquette Hotel. I parked the car illegally and me and my 3 friends jumped out of the car. Besides us, their were only about 7 or 8 other people their at first. Howie stepped off the bus, looked at us, smiled, and said hi and gave us a thumbs up... Keep in mind ladies, this is at about 5:30 / 6 in the morning. Next Brian's bus pulls up. Him and LeighAnn come walking off the bus and he looks right at us and says, "Good Morning" and smiles.... let me tell WAS a good morning. Then the next bus comes. Its Mr. McLean. The girl beside me asked if she could take his picture, and he said sure, so I took a picture too. You guys WOULDNT believe some of my pictures. At this point, we are SOOO exausted we thought we were gonna die. My friend was rambling on and on about something, and all of a sudden she goes, "OH MY GOD- THERE HE IS" we look over to see Kevin walking into the hotel. (we just went in the hotel cause it was really really cold out) Kev was like, hey... and every one was looking at him, but for some reason I look over to see the most beautiful thing in the world. Nickolas Gene Carter was walking between 2 buses and I was the only one who had spotted him yet. I ran over to the door to hold it open for him... he looked up and seen me, and I freaked out and ran back into the hotel. he came walking in, looked at me, smiled and shook his head because I am such a retard..and ran away from him. You could tell that he had just woken up because his hair was matted down on one side, one of his pant legs was rolled up from sleeping, and his shoes werent tied. (most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life!)

then we canceled our hotel reservations at the Marriott, and got a room at the Marquette. The next day around 2 we started waiting at the P1 exit of the hotel ( you needed a room to see them exit from there). they all came out one by one again... We were so close we could see the sticker on the apple Howie was eating. When Nick came out and got in the Van, I ran in front of the van to take a picture of him sitting on the other side, and I almost got hit (lol). the van stopped, and they honked at me, then I came around the side and there Nick was, looking at me and laughing.. Im sure he thought I was a real loser or something, but at least I made that beautiful face smile.

Then the concert...AMAZING! Others have given details about it, so I'll spare you.... but I must say, I got a rose from Howie when they were on the bridge. :) (I had tenth row seats)

After the concert we went to a club outside of the target center because we heard that famous people go there sometimes, but they didnt... come to find out, AJ, Howie, and Kevin had a party in our hotel, and they sent their bodygaurds out to find people to come to the party, but we were at a club, so they didnt find us. :(

The next day we were gonna leave for home thinking that it was all over, but then we went to the Mall of America for Krystal's autograph signing. WELL..... she brang Kevin with her, and Kevin's wife. We met Krystal and Kevin and got their autographs, and took a picture with Kevin's wife. These were without a doubt, the best few days of my life.

All I have now is the pictures, autographs, and a rose from Howie to remember it by...

If you want to talk to me more about it email me at

Minneapolis BSB concert

Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: Jen

HEY! i went to my fourth bsb concert on september 23rd at the target center in minneapolis, minnesota! I was soo excited for this concert because i hadnt seen bsb since the millennium tour and i had always had upper deck seats that weren't good and this time i had 10th row center! When they came out in the beginning and sang 'everyone' and we about fainted! I love all the backstreet boys but aj and nick are my favs! I thought their outfits were so cute and made them look even hotter than they already are! but the best part of the show was definitely when the bridge came down it was less than two feet from us and about 5ft up! i took tons of pictures and they all turned out great! i thought that all the songs they played were perfect and they were on for a lil over two hours. this was by far my favorite bsb concert and i hope they come back soon! i may even go to san diego and see them in october! leighanne was at the concert and a lot of my friends got to meet her and said she was really nice and she would take peoples cameras and get really close pics for them and would hand them tthe stuffed animals that people threw! kevins wife was also there and she was nice too! nick and brian supposedly left to go to canada that night and nick was planning on looking at houses to buy there! aj and kevin were spotted at the mall of america the next day shopping at abercrombie and fitch! well all in all backstreet boys are the best and are hotter than ever! KTBSPA!~

black and blue concert Minneapolis MN Sept. 23rd 2001

Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: stef

Ok, here's my review. Well, me and my friend had thought we would have the worst seats ever. Section 208, way up. We got to them and they weren't as sky-rocketed as we thought they would be. Krystal was an excellent performer, and Sisqo hyped up the crowd pretty good. The show started with pyros and a big earth on the screen with asteroids hitting it. Then the boys broke out in Everyone. That was cool. Not For me was really cool too. That was one of my favs. Then, Brian came out to talk. Then i think aj and nick, and when nick came out, a guy from KDWB came up to me and asked if me and my friend wanted to go sit down below. We were shaking and the guy picked out a few more girls and he took us out in the hallway and traded tickets and me and my friend ran down the escelators and through the hallway to section 112. We screamed cuz we were so much closer. It was just so awesome. (Thank you KDWB!!) Seeing them that close was my highlight of the show. I think Yes i will was my fav. song cuz they dances with sparkly canes and stuff it was cool. Believe it or not, aj actually got booed. It was when he said there was only time for 2 more songs. They actually sang 3 but really, that's ok. Drowning was another of my favorite performances. For the nick fans out there: Nick talked about getting naked and took of his belt and 1st shirt. (my friend went nuts.) And for those who tried to take signs: the girls in front of our 1st seats took one and a lady came to take it but they wouldn't give it back so she had to threaten to call security.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: Shawna

My friend and I left for the concert around 5:30 or 6. My dad dropped us off in front of all these buses! Yup, they were probably theirs too! No sign of them though!! (of course we touched them!)

Our seats were in section 208 and we thought they would be horrible! But they wern't bad at all! It was after "Not For Me" when Nick (who happens to be my favorite) was talking. Anyway, a guy from KDWB came up to us and asked if we wanted to move down by the stage!! You can just imagine how we reacted!! So he took us out in the hallway to exchange our tickets! My friend and I just flew down those stairs as fast as possible! When we walked in those doors to section 112, we just about died!! KDWB is the best!

There are really no words to explain how awesome that concert was!! I guess you just had to be there! I hope my pictures turn out cuz when we went to a Millennium concert, they didn't!! I didn't really have a fav song cuz they were all SOOO awesome!! Well i can't wait til they arrive again!!! I LOVE THE BACKSTREET BOYS!!

Backstreet Boy Concert @ Target Center in MN- - September 23, 2001

Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: Rana

Alright....well the day of the BSB concert was seriously the best day of my life! I had only been to one other BSB concert and that was the last black in blue one in february. Me and my friend sent the nite before the concert making posters for nick carter. the next day we took the whole entire day getting ready and making sure we looked sexy for the boys. We did look like hoochies but it did pay off when we got there. We had 15th row floor three and they were excellent seats! like you could see the boys really well. We sat in our seats waiting for the opening acts and then the security guards come up to us and they started flirting with us and guessing our ages. it was funny. they were cute. one of them looked like AJ! so during the opening when bsb came on, my friend taped me on the shoulder and told me that we were going to third row in the center!!! we were freaking out! we were like hypervenalating and screaming so loud! the boys were so close to us it was unbelieveable! i huged and kissed the security guards, ill never ever forget them. they said when they saw us they knew that we were the ultimate fans and we deserved those seats. the concert was sooooo good. nick carter sprayed me with silly string and looked at me, atleast i thought he did. ill keep dreaming tho...i know he looks at so many girls but the fact that he looked at me was something ill never forget. hes my favorite! im sooo obessed with him its not even funny. hes soo gorgeous and when you see him up front hes 10x more gorgeous then what you see on tv. the only bad thing was that they didnt let us put up our posters. they said its a new rule. it really pissed us off but getting 3rd row totally made it up for us. they security guards said they would of got us backstage but they didnt have any connections. ohh well next time. well i just wanted to share my experience with all of you. i had the time of my life and i just cant wait for the next concert. a suggestion for you girls is to get close to the security guards and flirt! it pays off!!

Minneapolis, MN

Date: Sep 27, 2001
Submitted By: Tori

Hey everyone!

Me and my friend went the BSB concert on Sept. 23 at the Target Center. It was our first BSB concert too!!

We got to Minneapolis at noon on Sunday and went our hotel, the Embassy Suites downtown Minneapolis. We live 4 hours away. So, we were bored and too a walk down to the Target Center to see what was going on and to go shopping! Well, on our way we saw there buses and vans at their hotel so we waited outside for about an hour to see them, but it turned out they went out a different door. We were both really upset about that because all we wanted to do was meet them or see them close up! But it didn't happen, so anyway, we went shopping at the Gap for a while and then walked back to our hotel to get ready for our big night!

After we were all ready, we left to the Target Center around 5:50. But we were so mad because we forgot out signs, but after we realized it we didn't have enough time to go back to the hotel. Ooops!

So we got to the Target Center and we were expecting that our seats in Floor 3, row 40, seats 1-3 (My dad took us so he had a ticket too) would be awful!

We were so wrong!!!! Our seats were right next to the 2nd stage. That meant we pretty much had front row seats to the 2nd stage! We almost died!

So Krystal and Sisqo opened for BSB. They did good, but I too excited about the Backstreet Boy's to really even notice!

Finally, the Backstreet Boys came out and the show started!!

I almost died when I saw how cute they were in person and how good they sounded live!

Ok, well I'm sure all of you know what they sing on the main stage, so on to the little stage!

When they came onto the little stage, it was amazing! We were right next to them!! OMG!!! My friend got to shake Kevin's hand! I didn't but I was jumping up and down and got him to look right at me and wave! I was so excited that after that happened my mind like went blank and I was just going crazy!

Kevin was sitting down on the little stage right in front of me the whole time. I was kind of mad that Nick stayed on the other side pretty much the whole time, but oh well! So anyway, I took one whole role of film of them on that stage! I get my pics back tomorrow! Kev must have gotten sick of all my flashes, but I couldn't help it!

After that they went onto the bridge which was also awesome eventhough right when they got on it I had to put a new role of film in camera and it is hard to do in the dark...hehe!!

They also sang America the Beautiful or was it God Bless America???Well anyway, that was a cool surprise. They were dressed in USA shirts and waving flags around too.

I remember that at the end AJ was like I'm sorry that we only have two songs left, but actually after Shape of My Heart they do Drowning too,so it's really 3 songs left. That was awesome..AJ's shirt was kind of off too:)

I was about to cry when it ended. I have been to many other concerts and that was the best and the Backstreet Boys are the nicest guys in the world!

Oh yeah, Me and my friend would like to say hey to the two girls who sat ahead of us (flr. 3 row 39, seats 1 and 2).It was nice meeting you. And also hey to the 2 girls ahead of them who were wearing yellow shirts and staying at the Embassy Suites too, and who heard the loud girls behind us! Hehe!! It was fun though! Nice to meet all of you! BSB fans are the greatest!! If you girls read this post a review!!!

Backstreet Boys Concert Sept 23rd Minneapolis, MN

Date: Sep 27, 2001
Submitted By: Rachel

I just wanted to talk about the night of my life seeing the Backstreet Boys live September 23rd at the Target Center. I saw their first show back in Feburary but this one was so much more amazing. The only thing i was dissapointed in was that a security lady took my poster that i had made with one side for Brian and the other side for all the guys but she said that they would give any signs to the group so i hope they got it ill never know i guess lol.

Anyway i was so amazed that i had a seat on the main floor in row 15. Gosh it was such a amazing view i couldnt believe it. I was so happy to see Krystal perform again she was so cool and Sisqo was ok.

Gosh when the show started i was just so excited and crazy. lol They were just amazing and all the guys just sang and danced so great i was so happy to see them so close.

I loved every song and just laughed and smiled when they showed the old men video that was so funny.

My favorite moment of the whole evening was when they came off of the small stage in the back and walked on the bridge. Gosh i couldnt believe i was only maybe 10 feet away from it and when Nick and AJ ran by i was just amazed at how close they were i was just frozen and screaming crazy. Then the best part was when Kevin came close and gosh i think he saw me and waved because i was wearing my KY wildcats cap hoping that either him or my fave Brian would see it. I was so shocked and happy when that happened.

Also the best moments i thought were when they sang america the beautiful awww that was so amazing and when they sang Drowning as the final song. Gosh it was so amazing and it was the night of my dreams and my life and anyone that will be going to see the Backstreet Boys wont be dissapointed because it is a amazing show and any other fans who when to this show or any other show id love to chat or email. Thanks KTBSPA!!

Minneapolis, MN Sept. 23, 01

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Emily

Well, this was my 3rd Backstreet Boys concert...2nd off the Black and Blue Tour. I must say that those boys get better and better every single time I see them! Anyway, my 2 cousins, sister, mom, and I left for the concert around 6:00. We were coming up on the Target Center when we saw the tour buses...we screamed. It was funny though because on Feb. 18 in Grand Forks, ND we sat infront of those very buses for 6 was liked we'd never seen them before, lol.

Anyway, so, we walked by the buses and of course we had to touch them. We then met my cousin's two friends who would be sitting with us. We all walked into the Target Center and got in line to get in. We were expecting way heavier security than there was. We got in with no problem and went up and found our seats. We looked around to see tons of these big I-Zone and Pop Tarts posters with the boys on them. My cousin went and pulled down an I-Zone one. I wanted one. So, my sister and I went over and ripped down a Pop Tarts poster.

We were coming back and saw security take a poster away from one girl. We hid ours. I put one of the programs they sell over mine. Just our luck, about 15 minutes later security came by and asked us to stand up. They saw my cousin's right away and didn't see mine. I stood there hoping they wouldn't see it. Then, she must have seen the corner of it that was showing because she asked me to stand again and looked under the program and took the poster. Oh, I was so angry!

Krystal came on around 7:30...shes so awesome! This was the 2nd time I've seen her. She performed four songs then said she'd be in a section signing autographs. We all wanted to go since we didn't last time. So we got up and ran to the section. We waited in line for about 1/2 hour when we finally got to briefly talk to her and get her autograph...shes soooo sweet and sooo cute! I just love her! If you have the chance to go meet her: DO IT! Its worth it, shes just awesome!

By the time we got back to our seats Sisqo had started. We got to hear his last two songs. He's really cool, I enjoyed his performance. There was about a 20 min. wait and all of a sudden the lights went down. The arena was filled with shreaks....including my own. It was so exciting. The astroids at the beginning got me even more excited. When the boys came out everyone went crazy...all five of them looked awesome!

All in all they had A GREAT show! I was so impressed. I was REALLY close for the 2nd stage. My favorite songs were, Get Another BF, Don't Want You Back, Everybody, America The Beautiful-(that was an awesome suprise!), More Than That, What Makes You Different, Time and Drowning. (Ok..I love ALL the songs, I didn't dislike any of them!) Don't be fooled: they sing 'Drowning' after 'Shape of my Heart' a lot of people left before they sang it...boy, did they miss a lot! They all had their American flags to show support which made me very happy.

As I said before, it was a great concert. I was so happy I got to go. I just love those guys (Esp. Nick!) As for all you reading this, E-mail me! I love chatting with fellow BSB fans! KTBSPA!!!

Minneapolis , Minnesota September 23, 2001

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Amber

I had an excellent time at the concert, the guys had so much spunk and energy, it was great!!! I think AJ's comeback has really helped their performance (not that the show needed any help!) and helped them give 110% of themselves for the fans. I madea list of our song order while I was at the concert, so if anybody needs it, they can e-mail me with a request. I'm not sure if it's the same at each show, though. 81 days sober for AJ! My friend and I searched for their busses and everything, but our efforts were fruitless, but we did try! Sisqo did an amazing job, as did Krystal, they both have wonderful shows, which adds to the overall greatness of the concert. I truly had an awesome experience and hope that all of you can eventually attend a concert if you haven't yet. KTBSPA!

Black And Blue Tour 2001 Minneapolis, Minnesota September 23, 2001

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Katie (RokBaby24)

Hello, I want to share my experience from one of the best Backstreet Boy's concerts I've been to(my other fave is the Millenium concert in '99). I really had a blast at this concert! It started out great, with an awesome Krystal performance. Then, we went and got her autograph and picture. She is so pretty in person! Then we got back in our seats. I loved the whole thing, we were dancing and singing the whole time. My fave songs that they did were 'More Than That', 'Get Another Boyfriend', and 'DROWNING'. Them singing 'Drowning' was definetly my fave part of the show. Believe or not me and my friend were the only one who knew the song around us! Thanks to my friends at the BackBoard, I wouldn't have heard it! My other high point of the concert was BRIAN WAVED AT ME! For those of you who don't know me, I am the biggest Brian fan EVER! Wow, that totally made my life. I know some of you are saying "big deal" but, it was wow. It totally took my breath away! The CUTEST part of the night was when Brian put on this tall Americanish hat. He does that goofy smile and says "Do you like my hat?" then another goofy grin and then he says "Do I look like Uncle Sam?" and then he did that goofy smile(you all know what I'm talking about :)) again! sorry, but that was SO cute. That and when Brian was bouncing the ball on his head, awww. Okay that is kind of my review of this concert. One more thing, BRIAN WAVED AT MEEE!!! AHH! :)


Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Nichole

Hey Hey!

Well i went to the Minnepolis concert on september 24th and omg it was soooo good! This was my 7th BSB concert i've been to. I was in the 14th row in the center right next to the bridge~ I was sooo happy when they went on the bridge nick and aj sprayed me with silly sting and kevin threw me a stuffed animal. They sang drowning too (I luv that song sooo much!) and i was like crying the whole concert ahhh it was sooo great haha! Nick was sooo hot and he was really energetic this concert usually he isnt as hyper. He was sooo cute he came out with his hair sticking straight up haha! YAY for AJ 81 days sober! They sang America the beautiful, and they were wearing these USA shirts and hats and they had us flags they were so patriotic haha! Krystal and sisqo opened, they were both way good. BUt ya thats all i have to say but I LUV BSB SOOOO MUCH!


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