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Black and Blue World Tour 2001 Calgary AB

Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: AShley

IT WAS PHENOMENAL! I got some really great pictures and ME and my friend were pretty much sitting backstage! When the fire cracker thingys went off we were so close we could feel the heat! Words can't even describe it. HOwie and Brian waved to us. It was so great. They dedicated two songs to David Lee, who was on the first plane to hit the World Trade Center Sept. 11. And they had lots of interactive stuff like videos and slide shows. Sisqo was way cool too! Lots of lights, camera, and actions. They had this walkway that went over top of the fans on the floor to a circle stage where the sang their songs about David.

Calgary, Thursday, Semptember 27th, 2001

Date: Oct 09, 2001
Submitted By: Sharon~

Ok, guyz. Before ya'll all scream at me and charge towards my house (those who knows where i live) here's my review on Calgary. Sorry it took me so long, and i know some of u emailed me a few times, and i never replied but, *sigh* miss two dayz of skool?-living hell. And i've just gotte my film developed too. Quite busy! But all said and done, my review is here. Well, the one for Calgary anywayz, I sitll don't have time to do the Vancouver one, which is QUITE long. Considering more things happened at that time *hint hint* Anywyz, i HOPE you enjoy it. Because my fingers are freaklin frozen cuz it's so cold, it took me an hour to type all these. So just, check it out, alright? And i would LOVE it if u give me some feedbacks :)


Thursday, September 27th, 2001- After 6 months of VERY NOT patient waiting, I FINALLY arrived in Calgary. Ready to meet my Backstreet sweeties :)Oh ya, by the way, the first thing I did when I got in Calgary was----swallow gum. LOL, not a good start! Anywayz, me and my mom got onto a shuttle bus and rode our way to the Hyatt Regency, WHICH we guessed the Boys might stay there. So on the way there, we had to drop off the other passengers to their hotel. I was looking out the window, then suddenly something blocked my vision… caught my eye. IT WAS TWO OF THE BOYS BUS!!!!!!!! I was panicking now….this wasn’t our hotel…oh no. I saw two in the front. I freaked…my mom tried to calm me down, but I freaked. At first, I was a little excited cuz I saw them really close. Then we turned the corner, and at the back of the hotel, there were two more. I started to cry. Maybe not CRY, cry…but I had tears. (fine, call me emotional) I wanted to jump off the bus and run to the hotel! I asked my mom what hotel dat was, and she said it was the “Westin Hotel”. I was sooooo pissed off…..ugh, we got a room at this EXPENSIVE hotel WHICH, has NOOOOOOOOOO bsb in it L Damn…..but of course, there was nothing I could do, so I just sat there in disappointment….and let the bus driver drive us to our hotel. As SOON as we checked in. I dragged my mom to go to the Westin Hotel. On the way there, I just KNEW I’d miss them. For one thing, that’s what always happens. I miss them by dat LITTLE moment. And second of all, when I saw their bus, it was parked in front of the hotel. They NEVER park in front of the hotel unless they just got there, which was impossible, cuz they already had a show there the nite before….or about to leave. As expected, when we arrived at the Westin, no bus, no fans. my face dropped….soooooo disappointed. Still, I went inside the hotel, see if any fans can fill me in on what happened. I saw a few girls giggling and chatting while flipping through pictures. CASUALLY, I walked by, and heard “Kevin *mumbling*…omg, Brian *mumbling again*”. So of course, I took my chance and asked “hey, are you guyz looking for the Backstreet Boys?”. They answered “Oh, we already met them. They just left a few min ago.” I made a face “oh really? Well, are they coming back?”. They said “no, they’re going to Edmonton right after tonights show, so they already checked out of the hotel”. My face fell………EVERYTIME, this is wat happens. I find out where they are, go there, they’re gone. The girls showed me pictures from the night before, they ahd actually MET the boys at the Westin. I was pissed. Why? i WAS going to see both the concert in Calgary. Which meant i could've found out where htye stayed at earlier. But nooooooo, my mom didnt want me to miss that much dayz of skool, so she made me cancel one of them. So after this, my mom wanted to check out the locations for a min. WE went back to our hotel room to let her check the maps….while I sat there going crazy. Thinking “ok, I’m sitting here doing nothing, while I CAN do something to find them~!!!!!”. I was gonna jump out the roof. FINALLY, my mom got ready and we decided to go to the Saddledome.(where the boys were gonna perform that night)

When we got there, it was LITTERALLY deserted. I mean, it’s a huge place, but no one there. I spotted two girls wearing black overalls and blue shirt. Hey, what better to follow two girls wearin’ “black & blue’? *winkwink* So we followed, and found the entrance to the Saddledome. It was closed, we couldn’t get it at the time. And so, the next choice was-------to go to the back of the arena. When I got there, I found a few fans. After a few asking this and that, I got the 411: AJ came out, signed autographs for a few fans by the fence and chatted with them. And Howie had also came out. All their buses were there. And so far, two of them had gotten out. So I was relieved….only two. Now, there were two spots to see them. One was pretty far, but u can get a perfect view of the boys going into the arena. The other spot was pretty close to a few of their buses, but very tiny. And u can only see them coming OUT of their bus. I just went back and forth between the two spots. The time was around 1pm at the time…..still got a looooong time to go. After 2 hours of waiting for nothing, I had to go to the washroom. (hehe) so me and my mom went to find one. And I was PRAYING I wouldn’t miss anyone coming out. According to my calculation, the Boys should be out around 5:50 to 6:30 to play b-ball or something….so I didn’t think I’ll miss anything at this time. WRONG. Because the Saddledome was so big, it took us half an hour to fnd the washroom. Then when we came back, took another 10 min….people were jumping, giggling….this is what I found out: at the close & small spot, nick came UP to them by a truck and chatted with them a little!!!!!!!!!! I was like WTF??? I got soooooooo pissed off. I knew it, I knew it. I just KNEW it. Then, I went to the far view spot, and not long after, I saw a person come out, I took my binoculars, and I saw it was Howie!!!!! He was wearing a reddish-pinkish shirt…..and he was wakling toward the short & small view place (dat’s wat I call them, lol) So I RAN there, and I asked “did u guyz see howie?????” and they said ‘ya, he just walked into his bus”. I was a little disappointed dat I missed it, but hey, atleast I saw him in the beginning J After another few minutes of waiting…..i realized I need my camera, but my mom was at the other side---the far & big side. So I said to some fans “let’s just pray that the time I’m running to my mom, no one would come out”. I got jinxed. As I got up to my mom, I heard a scream. So I went to the fans of the far view side, I saw the LAST bit of nick. So I RAN as fast as I can to the short & close side…and with short breath, I asked “whe-where’s Nick?” They said “oh, he just passed by”. I was like SHITTTTTTTT!! Ugh…..soooooooooo pissed, again. Lol. Ok, if I keep giving the details, this whole thing will never finish. In total, I saw the boys:

AJ=0 times

Nick=3 times

Howie=2 times

Kevin=1 time

Brian=2 times

Yes, yes, I DID see Brian. Lol. But u know, if u add the times I saw them together, it all equals up to 8 seconds. Each time I saw them only lasted 1 sec…..hehe. Omg, when I saw brian, I FREAKED! He was wearing blue sweater, and khaki shorts. JJJ *stupid stupid grin* As long as we’re talkin’ clothes here, Nick was wearing a black Hawaiian shirt with white flowers. A red hat, and forgot wat kinda pants. Howie was wearin that reddish-pinkish shirt dat’s kinda like a Chinese style thing. Kev was wearin a white beater with a grey tuque…(soooooo hott!!!) and I didn’t see wat AJ was wering, but hearing from some fans, he was wearing a sweater with….pants…(no duh, I’m Ms.Obvious rite now….lol) OH ya, guess who else i saw? Actually, guess who else my mom saw????? When i saw Brian, he headed toward another side, where HIS bus was. So my mom told me to stay where i was, and she'll go to the other side. I hesistated, i didn't wnna miss anywone. But i still let her go. She came back after a while, and said SHE JUST SAW LEIGHANNE!! She had gotten to another quiet part. And saw a blonde women wearing a red shirt with this "guy" and two pups!!! so i ran over there, and saw Brian's bus, SO clearly. a few fans came with me and we just sat there. Admiring his bus, lol. Shortly after, a little white thing popped up inthe middle of the bus..IT WAS TYKE! or umm....Litty Leigh..either one. (hard to tell!) But HE/SHE WAS SOOOOOOOO CUTE!! (let's just preten it's tyke,aight?) He looke at us for a moment, then turned in circles, and ran to the back of the bus, lol. HE WAS SOOOOO cute! Before i got over my "awww, so cute!" phase, someone walked toward the bus....I WAS NICK!!!!!!! behind, FOLLOWED BY BRIAN!!!!!!!I FREAKED OUT!!!!!!! Then they left, to the arena.

Anywyz, soon, 7:pm arrived. We got in the arena. I had floor seat row 11, seat 39-40. Oh……my……god……..i was gonna cry. I freaked (out of the many times today) I was SOOOOOOOO close! Then I look up at me, and OH……my……god……the bridge was ALSO so close to me!!!!!!! The concert started. Here are my fav moments:

-Each of the Boys lil comments and talkings

-Bri’s lil questions (who bought the millennium cd?) he sounded sooooo cute!!

-Nick’s “I love you all”

-I nearly cried when AJ said his thank yous, he said it so emotionally! U can tell he meant it.

-Kev’s *hands up* (for us to scream) *hands down* (for us to be quiet)….lol


- Howie & Nick’s HILARIOUS dance copying Joey Fatone.

- How when they were old, Bri’s still got his b-ball in hand, lol

- When they wore the blue suits, they look so…..classy!

- I LOVE the starting of DWYB!!! It was so sudden I was shocked!!~ AJ and Howie were arguing, and it was really loud, and suddenly u just hear “DON’T’ WANT YOU BACK!”and they all ripped off their shirts! (I KNOW!)

- Bri & Kev’s body slam during DWYB, lol. I’m surprise Brian didn’t fly off to China!!


-MR.CARTER’S STRIP-TEASE!!!!!!!!! *thud*

-AJ IN BOXERS!!!!!!!

-Brian shaking his head…lmao

-AJ: *like a baby whining* NO, NOOOOO!!!!I DON’T WANNA GO, I DON’T WANNA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

-During SMTMOBL, they showed Daniel Lee’s pictures, said their prayers, that was really sweet J

-Here comes the part I was mostly disappointed in. I was wearing Brian’s “healthy heart club” shirt so he could notice me. So when he was on the bridge, I took my chance. He was right in front of me, so I tried to get his attention. But he didn’t see me. I was soooooooo maddd!!!!!!! Ugh

-ANSWER TO OUR LIFE!!!!!!!! ONE OF MY FAV SONG! It was so kool dat they were all playin’ an intrument J

-during SS, nick……SHAKE YA ASS!!!!!!!!!! Omg…….*thud*……

-when they were introducing the dancers, they played dat wicked rythm. Sweeeeeeet

-when they finished introducing the dancers, I kenw BACKSTREET’S BACK WAS ABOUT TO START, I LVOE it when they jump out!!!

-notice how before The call, aj said there’s only “TWO more songs”. Last leg, he said only ONE song—the call, cuz SOMH was the encore, and this time………they added DROWNING!

-drowning was sooo beautiful, the boys were on the high stool thing. The thing they came out of the show with. It was just beautiful J

-sadly, the concert came to an end :(

Overall, my fav part? ANY PART WHERE BRIAN WAS INCLUDED!!!!!! I thought he was absolutely the hottest when he wore his bandanna. Lemme tell u something B-Rok + Bandanna = HOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! *flatline*……..OHHHH!!!!!! Also, I don’t care if you’re a brian fan or not. Even if you’re a nicky fan, you HAVE to see Brian during GAB. I’m so proud of him! He actually did a thrust with the rest of the guyz! Tear ur eyes away from the blondie, CHECK OUT BRI!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was soooooo shocked…and so proud….LMAO. hehe

Well, I think I’ve covered everthing. Oh , one more thing. .......

A MESSAGE TO CALGARY PPL THAT WORKED AT THE SADDLEDOME: Screw you!!!!! I HATE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!! I mean, WTF IS WRONG W U?????? We’re here, trying to enjoy a concert, and you just HAD to walk around in front of us, didn’t you? You gonna tear my film away if I ZOOM IN on my camera? Well newsflash, IT’S A FREAKIN’ CAMERA!!!!!!!! Do I have to show u an ID that I DON’T sell my pix and DON’T put them all over the internet? Jesus, don’t even try to act like you got better jobs. Because you DON’T! U walked around like you were busy when you were just walking around to PISS ME OFF!!!!!!!! God, I hate you all. And the lady that was in front of me, what were YOU thinking? It was TWO SECOND before the concert was gonna end, and you jut HAD to ruin my moment BY STANDING IN FRONT OF ME BLOCKING MY FREAKIN VIEW DIDN’T YOU??????????

Ok, I feel better now J hehe. But seriously, the whole concert was absolutely AMAZING. It was exactly 2 hours, full energy, no lip sync, PERFECT. Absolutely worth the $150 J It just makes me love the Boys more. Realize why I liked them in the first place---they just make me happy J As well as for all the other fans. And I thank them for that. I really do. Bottom line, if I had a chance, I’ll go to everyone of their show, and I’ll NEVER get tired of it. J Trust me. Also, u guyz gotta know the worst part of all this. I had a video camera with me when i was beind saddledome. and the worst, part, I DIDN'T GET TO RECORD ANYTHING SHITTY THING DOWN!!!!!! The problem was, when i THOUGHT iw as recording it, it was actually off, then when i WASN'T recording it, IT WAS ON!!!!! Wasted so much battery, damn it *mumbling*......i was so upset dat i cried! (told u...emotional...hehe)


So ya'll enjoy it? Sorry if it's a lil rushy. But i didn't remember a lot, so everything just came out...not in order...o well. And i was rushing it for a friend. (hint: Leanne...hehe) As u know, i'm GONNA work on my vancouver review tomrorow, and it WILL be the best of the best. :) Trust me. Lemme just give u a head start......we were on our way home from the airport, and i spotted howie's bus on the way to 4 seasons and i followed him..........THAT'S THE HEAD START! lol. To be continued.....

Luv ya'll much, me :)

~"Practice makes perfect, but life's not perfect, so why practice?"-Nicky C.~

P.S. again, if anyone has any questions, feel free to email me, and i can give u more details. GIMME MY FEEDBACKS!! my email is I'd be waiting! lol

Calgary Concert Sep 26

Date: Oct 07, 2001
Submitted By: Wendy

OK, me and my friend Chelsey took the flight to Calgary. We came there about 9 AM Sep26. After that, we went to Chinook mall. And you know what? I'm still mad now. I read the newspaper today; they showed the pic of 2 girls. Those girls were so lucky. On Tuesday, they were working at Cookie by George in Chinahook. Nick came to them and asked them where the game store is. They were like: "OMG, Nick Carter from the BSB". Nick said Nick would come back and buy Cookie. Nick and his bodyguard left the store but returned for cookies minutes later. Those asked Nick to give them tickets so that they would give him Cookies. OMG, they were so lucky. That was about 5:00 PM on Tuesday. If I knew that, I would take the flight on Tuesday and go to that mall (the same more that we went to on Wed). 3:00 We took C-train to Saddledome. We saw some girls were standing at the fence. They told me that Nick were inside. There are 2 buses there. We couldn't go inside, Just standing in front of the fence. First, we saw Brian ‘s wife Leigh, We screamed “Hey leigh, where is B-rok?”. And other girl, she screamed “B-rok, I love you, I want to play basketball with you”.We saw Nick were talking to Brian. We were like: "1,2,3 Nick, Nick, Nick". Brian turned around and waved his hands at us. Nick ran away. He hided somewhere near the bus so we couldn't see him.But after 1 minute later, we found that Nick and brian were standing and talking between 2 trucks. Then We saw Nick went around the bus with Brent and other guys. I don't know why he ran back to where he came from then ran back to the bus. We sang Drowning, I want it that way and other song to make Nick come out. Finally, he came out. He got in the dome at the door near us. He waved his hands at us and said Hi. OMG, he was so damn hot. We sang, " Hey Nicky, you're so fine, you're so fine, you blow my mind, hey Nicky, hey Nicky". he wore a White shirt (same as the shirt in For the fan video of Burger King) and kaki pants. His hair is so blond. Then we saw Brian, Howie and Kevin. We screamed so loud. We talked to some people work for BSB. We went in the Dome about 6:30. i hided my camera in my Jacket. They didn't check anything. It was so easy. My seats were level 2. i couldn't see anything when Sisqo performed. So I saw some empty seats in the left sides near the stage. We ran out and got into those seats. That side was so perfect. Nick was always there. He saw my poster "Shake ya ass, Nick!" and smiled at me. He came to our side and smiled at us all time. I took a lot of pics of his. I love when nick played drum in The Answer... We didn't see the last song, Shape of my heart. We ran out and went to BSB tour bus. But you know, BSB cheated People. There was a boy wearing like AJ came out and got in the bus, some girls thought that was AJ and ran after the bus. but there was a van right there. BSB were there and they left with no fan chasing....

And Sep 27 morning, I went there again. They didn't let me go inside. BSB were not there. I brought a huge bear for Nick. They said they would give it to Nick for me. but I stared to cry "I want to meet Nick, I spent a lot of money for this trip, I love Nick. I want to give this bear to Nick by myself". I cried so hard. But I couldn't see nick. I wrote a card for Nick (a card with his pic) and gave the bear and that card for them. They promised me that they would give them to Nick. They would put it in his dressing room.I hope they keep their promises. I love that bear so much. It is huge (= 1/2 my height). I hope Nick will like it...

I took a lot of pics there. My scanner doesn’t work now. I’m fixing it. I will send them to you guys someday later. Thank you for reading my BSB concert.

Love you,


Calgary, AB,

Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: Laura

Hey, I just came back from Canada yesterday and I've been to the backstreet boys concert on the 26th. It was so great!! It was really worth the trip. Even though it was all the way from Holland. I was sitting third row on the right side and I still can't believe I was there. Nick is the best!! But I'm still looking for the complete songlist. So, please send it to me if you know. I was just too overwelmed to remember all the songs! Anyway, I was so happy when they ended up with drowning! It's such a beautiful song. And I sure loved time. They were really close!! I will be praying for them to come to Holland soon, cause they haven't been here since 1999!! I can't wait to see them again. LOL

Sept 26/27, 2001-Calgary

Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: Mandi

BSB Black & Blue World Tour 2001 song list


Larger Than Life

Not For Me

Yes, I Will


Shape of My Heart

I'll Never Break Your Heart

Don't Want You Back

The Call

Get Another Boyfriend

If You Stay

What Makes You Different

Shining Star

I Want It That Way

More Than That

Show Me The Meaning...

Everybody (Backstreet's Back)

The Answer To Our Life

Quit Playing Games/As Long As You Love Me

How Did I Fall In Love With You


All I Have To Give

Calgary, AB (Saddledome)

Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: Mandi

My sister and I were at both shows in Calgary on the 26/27 of September. We were in the 32 row on the floor the first night so we were VERY close to the mini-stage! My sister's friend ran up to Kevin when he sat on the edge of it and he sang to her. Brian smiled at me from the bridge. It was a dream come true since our seats for their last show (in '98) were on the second level. I loved "Get Another Boyfriend" and "Drowning." They all sounded so good and looked so happy, it was awesome. Our seats for the second show were in the 14th row on the floor, and we were directly underneath the bridge!! All 5 of them stopped to sing and wave to the fans right above us! Kevin reached over the railing to my sister, she got up on her chair and he sang TO HER!! I mouthed "I love you" to him and he smiled too. Nick looked right at me, but I was disappointed A.J. didn't stop above us for long, I was praying he would see me! I laughed so hard when they showed the video of them as old men and the one underneath the stage! They are hilarious. We followed their buses after the second show and we saw Kevin again on one. (the rest had blinds over the windows) We followed them through Calgary and all the way to the Airdrie exit (where I live). I also had a book of poetry I have been adding to for 3 or 4 yrs. for A.J., and a security guard said she would give it to their bodyguards and they would have to look through it, but they'd give it to him personally. I wasn't sure if I should believe her, but I did, and sure enough, as we were watching the Boys run back and forth from their bus to the 'Dome, a group of security guards walked into the backstage area, and one of them had my book under her arm!! AAAHHH!! You couldn't mistake it since I wrote his name on it on both sides of the envelope in big black letters. My name and number were in it, so I REALLY hope he got it! Keep yer fingers crossed!! KTBSPA forever!!!

September 27th concert in Calgary

Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: trista

Oh my god! That was the best night of my life. The boys really put on one heck of a show. I submitted a really long review yesterday that took me like 5 mintues to type and then when I came back here this morning it wasn't posted. Anyway I just talked about staying in the same hotel with Sisq and whatnot. I really don't want to retype the whole thing so if you wanna know anything just e-mail me. But anyway the guys were so incredibly hot, especially Nick. I had never been to a BSB concert before but I would definently go again. I just hope that it doesn't take another 3 years for them to come back!!!

September 27th show in Calgary

Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: trista

Oh my god, last night was the best night in my entire life. The show totally rocked!!!!!! The boys really put on one heck of a show. I really wish that somehow I would have met the boys, although my friend and I did meet the opening act, just unknowingly. We left our hotel to go to the Saddledome and there was this black guy coming towards us to go the elevator. We were a little late but he held it open for us. So we get in there and he's like "hey how's it goin'?" and we're like "good", not really thinking. I noticed this pass around his neck but didn't think anything of it. Then we stopped on the 12th floor and this other black guy gets in and was talking to the first black guy. Anyway he said hello to us and everything but it still didn't click. Then he said something about needing to take energy pills because he was really tired at the show the night before (by this time we were on the 3rd floor and that elevator goes fast let me tell you) and then it clicked that maybe it was Sisqo. I'm not really a fan but it was just awesome being in the same elevator as him. So then we are freaking out and he walks out to his bus. And we came back a little while later to go catch the C-train but we had no idea which one to get on so we went back to the bellboy and asked him how to get to the saddledome and he's like "well why don't you hitch a ride on that bus" so that totally confirmed that it was Sisqo. And when we got to the Saddledome we were just standing around and Sisqo and two of his dancers were just walking around that lobby and no one recognized him so i didn't feel so stupid for not knowing him in the elvator. So when we got back to the hotel later that night they all thought that we were obessive BSB fans and telling us that they were not staying at the Hyatt but at the Sheradon. Well we thought that that was crap because the entire night they lied to us about no one staying at the hotel. Anyway this morning we ran into the same dancer and just before we left Sisqo's manager was in the lobby on his cell phone talking about the Boys' flight landing in Edmonton at 2:10 and that they were leaving as we speak. So the bellboys were right. They were staying at the Sheridan. That made me so mad. But in the end the show was deifnately worth it. Nick was so incredibly hot and was totally into the show. I thought that it was great for AJ to be 85 days sober!!! I can't wait until they come back to Calgary again!!! By the way, did anyone take pictures that turned out. I took like 27 and hardly any of them came out.

Calgary Show September 26

Date: Sep 28, 2001
Submitted By: Rebecca and Melissa :)

WOWEEE WOW is all that I can think to say. I got back from BSB's first concert in Calgary and it rocked! The guys have definately not lost their touch. I saw them when they were in Calgary 3 years ago and they were even better this time. Our tickets were unbeliveable. I was a little upset when we showed up and realized that our floor tickets were the last row of seats on the entire floor but this definately worked to our advantage! We were less than an arm's length away from the boys when they sang on the back stage. Their voices sounded amazing, their dacing was top notch and they looked so damn fine. I could not believe that the boys I have come to love on tv and stare at in magazines were actually looking into the fans' eyes as we stood a couple feet away from them. I really felt that they were truely performing for their fans and it seemed like they were having a good time! AJ is even better than before and the rest of the guys were amazing as usual. The show was amazing and I cannot wait until I can see them again! KTBPA!

Black and Blue Concert at the Pengrowth Saddledome (Calgary)- Sept. 26th!

Date: Sep 28, 2001
Submitted By: Jenn

Hey Everybody! I went to the BSB show yestereday in Calgary and it was UNBELIEVABLE! It was just amazing! The guys are absolutely gorgeous and incredibly talented! They sang pretty much all of the songs off B&B except for I Promise You and It's True...and some stuff off Millennium, Backstreet's Back, and Backstreet Boys...During "Time" I was right in front of the Bridge and Howie waved to me! That was sooooo awesome! They were all just adorable and AJ was in excellent condition! He's 84 days sober now! WOO HOO! GO AJ! They finished off with Drowning which was beautiful...if u haven't seen the show yet, you have plenty to look forward to...Trust me! Anywayz, BSB RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for readin'! Chao!


Calgary ,AB, September 26, 2001

Date: Sep 28, 2001
Submitted By: fracks_girl

OMG! The backstreet Boys are absolutly amazing! What a show! My seats were 3rd row up from the stage and when the mini stage came up, the boys were right in front of us!!! Nick is the HOTTEST man I have ever seen! He is such a sweetie!!! I love him! I wish that I was going to the second concert here tonight! The boys played songs from all their albims and they danced like crazy! A.J. was 84 or 85 days sober, he couldn't remember exactly how many days! HeHe! Well I wont bore you anymore but if you haven't gone to a concert yet, be prepared to have the time of your life! I love the boys and I wish I could have met them!

Loving NICK, fracks_girl3

ps-I'll try to post some pics this weekend!

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