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Edmonton - Alberta - Canada

Date: Oct 28, 2001
Submitted By: Jason Lehr

i saw, the concert.. I was 3rd row.. iam a 17 year old male. Not really into the music.. Brian smiles at me. Shakes his head.. And tries to get me into the music.. It was the best moment of my life, and i wish i could meet him, and chat.. laugh.. and just ask him, why me??

The CONCERT was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Date: Oct 09, 2001
Submitted By: Katie

this is for chealsea

ok they just did a strenuous 3 hour workout and he's probably really really tired. Big frigin deal if he didnt come talk to you, who cares, he said hi, that would be good enough for me. Just to have one of them make friggin eye contact with me during the show was the biggest thrill of my life. They love their fans, but there not going to stop and say hi to each and every one of them. And if you think your all high and mighty and thinking Nick Carter will come back out to say HI to me then your settin your self up for a big ass loss. AJ and Brian made eye contact with me, I WAS SOOOOOO HAPPY, they waved at least. They have fans all over the world, and never get the chance to talk to all of them but I mean big deal. Their there, they make music, theyve made 2 songs about how much we mean to them, thats good enough for me. So stop being so selfish and be happy that he at least said hi to you. He's not going to come out and say hi and talk to JUST YOU. If you think that way well then I feel sorry for you.




Date: Oct 04, 2001
Submitted By: Barbara

I just came from the bsb concert, and I just have to say that it was the most amazing thing in the world. I have been a huge fan for so many years, and the concert was way more than I expected.They played all the coolest songs from all 4 albums.There was so much energy at that concert everbody was just singing along and dancing. I have never been so happy in my life. I could not hear a thing after the concert or speak at all, but it was so worth it. It was really sad to see it all come to an end, I really wanted it to last forever. I really hope to see them again soon. If you are thinking of going I really suggest you go, you will not be dissapointed. Barbara P.S"Keep the Backstreet Pride Alive."

Edmonton September 28

Date: Oct 04, 2001
Submitted By: Joanne

This is for Chelsey..... you know , I think that you are taking this "Nick didn't stop to talk to me" thing a little too far. Do you have ANY concept of how many people demand their every waking moment? Nick didn't sneak out the back to get back at "you". Why do you think it was a personal dig at you ?

These guys are entertainers "ON STAGE" they are not or shouldn't have to be on call twenty four hours a day. They are grown men that have lives outside the spotlight, and AS FANS we should respect that.

What did you think you would accomplish by seeing him for five seconds? Do you think that just meeting you for five minutes would make him leave Tiffany and start a life of new melodies for you. Give it up.

We are lucky that we had the opportunity to even see them live..... they didn't HAVE to come here.

People demanding there every second of attention is one of the reasons Alex ended up having to deal with the problems he did.

I love their talent too.... but please give them some space, and maybe we all can enjoy them for a long time.

KTBSPA !!!!!

Oh Yeah PS......... If the Edmonton papers are going to send reporters to these concerts.... send someone that isn't jealous of the band.... or at least knows that a concert is what it is.... a place to entertain. They entertained.... we enjoyed.... that was the purpose. If you didn't buy a ticket, chances are you didn't want to be there.... if you don't want to be there... you certainly shouldn't be REVIEWING IT !!!!!

Edmonton Sept 28, 2001

Date: Oct 04, 2001
Submitted By: Naomi

My Day With The Backstreet Boys

September 28, 2001

Tonight was my first time ever seeing the Backstreet Boys in concert, and it was an experience I'll never forget. They finally came back to Edmonton. The first time in three years.

My friend Laura came with me. We got to Skyreach around 5:30 pm and walked around the venue outside to see what was going on and maybe a glimpse of something exciting like say, the Boys entering the building. No such luck. We met a couple girls who were sitting along the fence by the backstage entrance. We thought they looked interesting in their silver and blue sequined cowboy hats, and these amazing long coats they made out of iron-on BSB photos! We had to ask them how long those took to make. They said about six months. Like, woah.

They told us they had gone to see the Boys in Calgary already and came up to see them. They also met Brian that morning who came over to visit them. They made Brian a sequined hat too. Leighanne came outside to see them too and told them she had just finished making Brian a grilled cheese sandwich (aaawww, how romantic) They also said the Boys were staying at the Westin Hotel downtown. Supposedly Kevin and Howie went to the Silvercity IMAX theatre in West Edmonton Mall earlier in the day.

We found our seats, which were pretty decent. Thank goodness I bought the fan club membership the day before they went on sale! We were on the side of the stage, row 15. Very nice. The pictures I took weren't that good but oh well!

Sisqo opened the show with what seemed like a short set of maybe 4 or 5 songs, the last one being the infamous "Thong Song". He did a decent job as the warmup act. He was hosting an after party that night at The Joint nightclub so we figured we'd check that out later.

Before the BSB came out they got a hyped response from the crowd by showing a Polaroid commercial featuring the Boys on the big screens. Then a couple young ladies came out onstage to annouce some contest winners for Polaroid. One girl had one of the Boys' half-eaten pop tart in her hand and offered to throw it into the crowd, but never did. They gave away a Polaroid camera with a picture taken on it of the BSB backstage, and all 5 Boys signed the camera. Nice prize.

The lights went down and we went nuts! They opened the show with the big screen showing a series of meteors hitting the earth, and big pyro flame bursts went off with each hit. Then these dancers in shredded Ewok costumes (don't know what else to call them!) were on both sides of the stage. The Boys finally rose from below the stage on giant pillars. Finally! I was really overjoyed to see them live in concert after being a fan for a few years now.

THE SET LIST (not in particular order)

  • Everyone
  • Larger Than Life
  • The Call
  • Shape Of My Heart
  • Get Another Boyfriend
  • Shining Star
  • Yes I Will
  • Not For Me
  • Answer To Our Life
  • Time
  • More Than That
  • How Did I Fall In Love With You
  • What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)
  • If You Stay
  • Everybody (Backstreet's Back)
  • As Long As You Love Me
  • All I Have To Give
  • Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)
  • I Want It That Way
  • Show Me The Meaning (Of Being Lonely)
  • Don't Want You Back
  • The One
  • Drowning


Nick getting off his stool and tripping, then dropping the mic. I think that's what happened. He kinda looked at the crowd like "....what??" and shrugged.

When Kevin was speaking to the audience, the other 4 Boys were sitting on a stair-like structure. Nick pointed at A.J.'s eye or face like there was something on it. Then proceeded to pick it off. The things they do when they think no one's paying attention.

A.J.'s thanks for the fans' support and announcing his 68th day of sobriety.

Nick hyping up the crowd with the usual "which side is the loudest?" contest. Always fun.

The Oiler's jerseys. The best moment. And Bri ripped the arms off his. They wore them for at least 3 songs. Oilers' captain Jason Smith gave them to the BSB before the show.

Kevin's cornrows.

Howie's haircut. And getting to sing many leads.

Nick doing a lot of new embellishment with his singing that I have never heard him do before. Many times he went for the high notes.

Being a singer, I was impressed. I said "Nice!" out loud even.

Too bad the sound in the coliseum is not so impressive.

Brian doing a lot of waving and smiling as usual.

The video sequence - flash forward in time to the year 2050. Where are the Boys now? With a lot of makeup and wearing frilly blue suits, the Boys are transformed into old men. Brian looking the most amusing in a wheelchair, holding a basketball. Nick cracked me up, looking goofy and his comments. Then shaking his butt.

Nick decides to tell the other "fellas" about his idea. Changing on stage. Well of course the crowd goes psycho. A big wardrobe case is brought on stage. So Brian jumps into it and disapears first. Then Nick. Howie makes and "eeew" face and says to Nick down inside "you stink!" AJ goes next and makes a fart noise going down. Kevin is now alone with the crowd and sings a little song he says he's been working on. It goes, "Sitting here looking at the girl in the first row...etc.." and then stops cuz he's just playin'. Kevin enters last and the case is closed. The arena goes dark, and on to the next video sequence. The Boys below the stage, showing their changing area off. Goofing off, singing "Just To Be Close" acapella, fighting for rights to check themselves out in the mirror, etc..

Then they suddenly appear across the arena on a small stage set up so that the fans at the back get a chance to see them close up. What a nice idea. The sang "Show Me The Meaning" out there and "How Did I Fall". SMTM was dedicated to tour carpenter Daniel Lee, who died on a plane that crashed into the WTC when he was on his way to L.A. to see his wife give birth to their first child. Daniel's photo was projected on the big screen. A nice dedication.

A large walkway that spanned across Skyreach, over the crowd, was lowered from the ceiling so the Boys could walk across back to the main stage. They sang "Time" as they made their way over it. AJ practicaly hung off it at one point. I think someone threw pink panties at them.

I love it when they say "Edmonton".

Nick was on our side of the stage most of the show...woohoo!

My lucky friend Lis in front row must have had him in front of her most of the night! That was sweet.

My camera ran out of film before Nick and Brian came to our side of the stage in their Oilers' jerseys AND before A.J. came and visited us shirt-over-head, tattoos showing and all. ACK! Frustration. A fan made AJ a nice banner on a towel/cloth that said AJ! YOU DID IT! And threw it up to him. He really liked it and looked happy to receive it.

Nick came to our side of the stage, then looked like he was about to slip and fall on his way back.

Nick likes to point out certain fans to the other Boys.

AJ and Nick played drums, Brian played guitar, and Howie played some impressive cowbell during "Answer To Our Life".

Nick grabbed the cables that held up the end of the stage on our side and looked like he was gonna get as close to the crowd as possible! Still not as close to me as I would hope.

Nick went nuts when introducing the band. Especially during the drum solo.

I seem to have noticed A LOT of things Nick did. hmmmm....

Near the end, while the Boys still had their Oilers' gear on, the dancers came out with Canadian and American flags and celebrated the unity with their dancing. It was a nice touch. During the final bow they held them as well. But it wasn't exactly the final bow. The end of the show, so sad to see them leave! I thought they couldn't possibly do an encore because they sang everything that was a hit... then they came back up through the stage floor with "Drowning". Ahhh, I was pleased.

So when it was all over, we made a mad rush to get out there and to my car. We were headed to Sisqo's afterparty, but decided to take a chance and go to the hotel.

There seemed to be about 15 girls outside the hotel, hoping to meet a Boy. The great thing about BSB fans is how nice they are and willing to help out other BSB fans. The girls we met lent me a pen (which I forgot to give back, I felt bad about that) in case the Boys signed autographs. I only had my ticket stub, but that would be a nice thing to have signed. Plus my camera had run out of film during the show. I didn't imagine we'd be there at the hotel afterwards and I might need some film! Oops.

A bus pulls up. We go nuts wondering who it is. Security is around and they are trying to bring in luggage off the bus, as well as clear space for the bus passengers to get through the hotel doors. It's GOT to be a BSB.

After a good 10 minutes, the bus door opens, and WOAH! I think my heart stopped. Nick Carter was getting off the bus.

It was a bit of a blur, but I think he was wearing a black wifebeater and track pants, carrying a bag over his shoulder. He didn't smile, he looked tired and disinterested in the idea of greeting fans at that particular moment. He didn't look mean or anything, but you could tell he just wanted to go to his room.

I cannot believe Nick Carter was a foot away from me. He looks amazing in person. Pictures don't do these Boys justice. As he walked by, all I could do was stare. I remember him saying "Hi" to somebody, maybe he said more, I can't recall. Then a guard said to let him through, he would come downstairs later and sign autographs. So we watched him enter the hotel and go who-knows-where.

I couldn't believe our luck! I also couldn't believe I was out of film. I asked a girl if we actually got to take pictures with him if she would take the picture and I would pay her for it. Like I said, BSB fans are nice. She said it was no problem.

So I am on Laura's cell calling my friend to tell him what was going on, and next thing I know, AJ McLean is standing in front of me, surrounded by girls and a bodyguard holding people away from AJ so he can get through.

"AJ's here! Gotta go, bye." I hang up on my friend.

He is a little shorter than I expected, but seemed really friendly and took a short amount of time to greet fans. I heard many give him props for his sobriety and he was grateful. Then he said he could only sign 2 more. I was near him then! I stuck out my ticket stub, and I can't believe he actually grabbed it! He had a black marker. He signed it RIGHT in front of me (man did he make me feel tall). I didn't know what to say to him, so I just opened my mouth and uttered "Congratulations." He said "Thankyou very much". Then he was gone. I still find it hard to believe I spoke to him, even if it was only one word, not a real conversation. Laura touched his back. Boy, am I glad we went to the hotel.

So everyone is still waiting for Nick to come downstairs. Waiting for a LONG time. Some of us are wondering whether we should leave and go to Sisqo's party, maybe they were there. Maybe Nick wasn't coming down. Maybe he snuck out the back door. Some people said a cab driver reported the BSB were at Nashville's nightclub. So we called there. No, now they're supposed to be at the Joint partying with Sisqo. One lady told me AJ had been trying to use the bank machine at the hotel but it wasn't working so he went out to the Royal Bank. That's were he was heading when he met us. So were are all confused and don't want to leave in case we miss Nick.

Well soon the hotel security made that decision easier for us when they kicked us out of the hotel. They said no Backstreet Boy is coming down to sign autographs. They're all staying upstairs. Time to leave.

Now we go to the Joint, wait half an hour in a lineup. I have never seen it so packed in there! You could barely walk anywhere. Lots of pushing going on. Now if the Boys were there at all, no fans could see them anyways, because anyone famous would be in the VIP room upstairs. At least we saw Sisqo again for a little bit. After we got sick of seeing girls showing their thongs and being squished, we left.

That was my Backstreet experience here in Edmonton. I am really grateful that I got a chance to see them as well as meet AJ. Even if some consider them just another boyband, they are an incredibly talented group of singers who deserve credit for leading the pop resurgence and giving their all to their fans. They are more than just an average factory-packaged production. Sure, their stage show is something of a phenomenon, but behind the spectacle that follows them wherever they go, it takes true heart to go on that stage night after night and give so much to so many. They have worked hard for years and deserve the success they achieved. I hope they remain as music makers well into the years and outlast the cynicism of the music industry. With every note and every outpour of emotion, the Backstreet Boys prove why they are a cut above the rest.

Edmonton, AB

Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: Venoma*^*AJ'sGutterQueen*^*

The concert was once again spectacular. I don't have a lot to say except that AJ is back and better than ever. I had the opportunity to meet some of the guys before the show, and the personal experiance was amazing. I have waited five years to meet them, and it was worth driving 1200 miles to see them live and in person. I would like to thanks the hotel staff, for allowing me the opportunity to do this...they know who they are..and the BG's of BSB for being so ultra friendly!!! I have to say, BSB is the most amazing, down to earth group of guys, and besides the funnier moment of Nick dropping his Microphone, AJ dancing like he never has before, Kevin saluting the american tragedy, Howie shakin all over, and Brian enticing me to throw a stuffed animal, the concert was an experiance of a lifetime. Thanks to BSB for making the weekend a dream come true!!!


Backstreet Boys in EDMONTON

Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: Tamara

OMG!! The BSB concert last night was UNBELIEVABLE!! I was sitting FRONT row on the left-side of the stage, but I was actually quite close to center. The boys were sooooo amazing. I can quite honestly say that the concert was flawless, (except for when Nick tried to be cool and toss his mic up and catch it..... but missed!! *lol*) They were sooo unbelievable with the fans. I had gotten a towel made for AJ that congratulated him on his Rehab stint... and when I threw it to him, he took it and started dancing with it!! It was the sweetest thing in the world!! I can not believe the night is over, and I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT SHOW!!! It was the BEST night of my life, and I'm SOO happy that the show was more than 2 hrs long. (lol it was like 2:10 or so)



Tamara Ahlskog

Edmonton Skyreach Centre Sept.28th

Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: Kelli

Oh my God they were back again! Unbelievable,they were amazing. I was so impressed with them! KTBSPA !!! Unreal. My ears are still ringing. We had the time of our lives. Nick was looking so darn fine....Kev, you are "The One" ! Brian , Leighanne is gorgious and so incredibly sweet, she was just chattin' away to eveyone. She was so cute. Howie, you are adorable. AJ.... 86 days buddy, you look fabulous darlin'. We are so happy we got to see you. You were amazing. Drowning was the perfect end to the perfect night, thanks for coming back.

Edmonton Alberta Canada

Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: J&C

Well what can ya say. This show was the most incredible concert I have ever been to,and no I am not 12 I am 35. I went with my niece and we had a blast. Unfortunately though I am paying for it today because I have no voice, and am feeling really crappy. BUT I can die happy now that I have seen them live. I was a little worried that it wouldn't be all we expected , especially since we basically knew everything that would happen from being updated on this site...... but of course they did not disappoint. They were awesome. I cannot believe that anyone would give them a bad or not so good review.... they were beyond incredible.... they were larger than life. A.J. looks fantastic, and didn't miss a beat, Brian was adorable (and Leighanne is beautiful), Howie was...sweet, Nick was Nick, he is very hot, and my fav Kevin was looking pretty fliipn' good.... those eyes of his look right through you, amazing. I was so impressed with them. Anyway, back to reality today. It was an awesome concert, they are still #1 with me. Drowning is amazing and they couldn't have ended it better. If you are going to the show... you will not be disappointed...... they really are "The One"

Edmonton, AB Show Sept 28th, 2001

Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: Vicky Willems

Last night was the best time of my life. I had been waiting 55 days from my original scheduled BSB concert and it finally arrived last night in Edmonton. I must say sitting through school was tough. When I read the Friday Edmonton Journal I was really disturbed about what one of the writers said about our precious boys. But she was wrong. They brought down the entire house last night at Skyreach Center. I bought a tour t-shirt and a bandana. Both things together cost about $60. Then I finally went and found my seats. They were awesome. The main stage was a couple of feet away from me, but the circle was right in front of me. I had a great view of Kevin when they sang "SMTMOBL", in which they dedicated to Daniel Lee. The pyro tech was awesome. And everything was just great. I must say if you have tickets to the shows go. You will not be disappointed. I had about a 30 minute break in between Sisqo and BSB. It wasn't very long. Then when the dimmed the lights for BSB, I went NUTS. I was so excited to see them. They put on an awesome show. But the best part was when they took you down to their dressing room and was able to see them change. It had been taped before cuz they don't show either Kevin nor Brian changing. I will definately see them again when the come back. I love these guys to death. And I hope everyone has a great time at their shows. KTBSPA.


Edmonton Show Sept 28

Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: Chelsey P

hey there

well my name is chelsey p and i am 1 15 yr ikd 6 yr long backstreet boys fan..and still going strong..

I went to the backstreet boys show last night and it was absolutley phenominal! There are no words to describe it! Everything from the wardrobe the sound of there music to there OILERS there stage setup...and THERE SEXY LOOKS was all absolutley positivley amazing! I had but only one dissapointment last night. Nick Carter is my favorite person in the whole wide world..A.j is too..Those two i would give ne thing for...They genuwinley make me the happiest person on earth...last and my sister went to their hotel to see if i could meet them...i have put in alot of suuport to them more than the average fan..when iwas there..nick got there and got outta his van and i said hi to him cuz seeing him was a dream come true for me..and he just said hi and walked right past..he didnt even stop..then the body guards said they promised thats he would be down latere to sign autogrpaghs ..but unfourtunatley he never came! he snuck in and out through the back doors of the hotel!there were only 6 girls wasnt like a mob, When i saw A.j get there...i was standing there and he came and talked to me cuz he knew that seeing him made me so genuwinley at happy...but he had to go cuz there was more girls coming...but lioke 5 hours later i still waited..and a.j came back through the front doors..and i saw him and came up to him and he was so nice to me.,he took like 5 minutes to talk just to me! He realizes that bsb would be nowhere without there fans like i am! Last night, i lost a little bit of repect for nick carter..He Crushed me...those lyrics that they sing..i think nick shouldt ry and pay attention to them a little more *we're standing strong beacause of what you've done..* (everyone) i dont think he realizes that he needs to show appreciation for us fans that waited just to get an autograpgh or a simpe hug or something....and it wasnt like there was a mob of girls...there were 6 of us! five by the time he got back to the hotel through the damn back door! I look up to Nick and A.j as my role models..and today i was listening to their black and blue c.d and every time i hear nick belt out one of his amazing notes i smile...but today i heard him do that on the c.d and i started crying...i was and still am thinking...*how could've he done that to me* look what a.j is going through and he had enough decndy to come and pay his respects to his fans that he knows love him ever so dearly....but where was nick? Sneaking through the back door so he didnt have to put up with any of his fans!

Thank you for those who read this...

have a good night

love chelsey

Edmonton Alberta

Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: katie


ok just got home... and WOW if your going it is totally worth it wherever you sit........ WOW WOW!!!!!!! ok so I got to the venue at about 4 we waited and then a white van pulled up, AJ got out, took a drag on his ciggarete and then waved and went in, Brian waved and smiled, then Kev waved and went in. Howie and Nick came like 10 minutes later and didn't do anything, no waving but it doesnt matter. Anyways so we get in, I had nosebleeds, I had old people all around us. So they paled WOW.. then the small stage...... WOW WOW WOW. Right in front of us. They sang show me the meaning and how did I fall in love with you. Then they did time on the bridge. My friend and I stood up, and jumped up and down for Brians attention.... then he looked at us, pointed, and imitated us freaking out. FUNNY STUFF, NICK shaked his booty! totally totally SEXY!. so when it was over (sniff) we were waiting for my friends mom to pick us up, when we saw a cop car with the lights on and the 3 buses behind it. We waved, at Nicks ( Its the BLACK ONE) and no one was there. Brians was next, and he was right by the driver waving at us. then Kev's and He waved too and no Howie or AJ but Meh We saw them before. So yeah thats my revoew ENJOY IF YOU GO


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