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Vancouver concert (October 1)

Date: Dec 26, 2001
Submitted By: Anna


It was even better than the Vancouver concert earlier that year that I also went to. I love the Backstreet boys with all my heart and soul, and i have since i was 7. I love them all but my favorite one is definatly AJ how could you not love this funny, really hot, sweet, and loving guy?!!?

I was sooo glad to have him back and I was screaming soooo loud i think i permanently damaged the ear of the person sitting beside me!! oooppppsss well I cant help it I love him soooo much !!! I loved that concert soo much , even though it took a pretty long time for them to come out..well beauty takes time. They looked sooooo good and the whole show rocked...NICK SAW MINE AND MY FRIENDS SIGN THAT SAID WE LOVE BSB !!! They were so energetic and aj totally rocked !!! Well i was sad when it ended but...aniwayzz.. I realllllly realllllly reallllly want them to come to Vancouver again soon. But next time i want seats that are really close to my Favorite guys in the angels, my hero's , my hotties. (i wish i could get a backstage pass too.....)




Black & Blue Tour at GM Place, Vancouver BC

Date: Oct 28, 2001
Submitted By: Corinne Simpson

Backstreet Boys Black & Blue Tour

October 1, 2001 Ė GM Place, Vancouver

Whatever else it was last night, it was definitely an AJ love-fest. Of course the constant throughout the night was the love and all five Backstreet Boys got their due from the delighted crowd. It was AJ who commanded the most attention, however, and nobody, least of all AJ himself, seemed to mind at all.

The screams thundered deafeningly from the catwalks when AJ took his first vocal lead of the evening and the frenzy grew every time his face appeared on the giant center screen. A sea of yellow Welcome Back AJ flags greeted him. He looked, in a word, wonderful. Healthy, happy, but most of all whole. Though you couldn't have put your finger on how he looked otherwise before, with the AJ of today as comparison you realize now how much of himself he really did get back during the Boys' forced break for his recovery. Always a consummate performer, he looked truly at ease onstage last night, he seemed fuelled by a genuine desire to give back to the loyal fans who sustained him for the duration of his rehabilitation, and his voice was once more an instrument of pure raw soul. The screams of adoration didn't wane once and you felt almost winded by the sheer force of delight at having him back where he belonged, under the glare of the spotlights, grinning, singing, and giving everything in him to the show. There was an intangible thing missing, though. Something that's hard to put a finger on unless you remember back to the AJ of before. Then it hits you. Gone are the floor-humping, belly-baring, pelvis-grinding lusty antics that previously punctuated his singing. Instead he radiated a sort of sincere gratitude at being back in the dance. The emotion reflected back at him from the crowd lost the heated hungry quality that seemed his staple before and now embraced him from afar. Cheered on a fallen and re-risen hero. The Backstreet Boys shone last night but it was AJ's evening. It was AJ's homecoming party.

The thing you realized as the night wore on and old favorites like Quit Playing Games mingled effortlessly with new hits such as Get Another Boyfriend was that all five Boys appear to have come into their own. In the relentlessly fickle world of pop music, the Backstreet Boys are relative senior citizens. They have held their own for ten-plus years at the top of their game. Though recent reports have them dethroned by the upstart hard-working NSyncers, the Boys are far from gone. They are maturing as people and as artists and they are here for a good long time to come. The last ten years wasn't their glory run in the sun. It was a preamble for the next ten. Onstage last night they were a seamless unit made up of wildly different individual parts. As you watched, their personal strengths seemed more pronounced and their ease in their own skin more defined. If AJ is the most obvious example, the others have learned just as much about who they are and how they are woven into the group whole during their forced hiatus. The lusty screams that AJ once seemed to corner the market on have shifted somewhat to Nick. Nick has changed. Gone is the lanky cornsilk-haired kid of before. He has been replaced by a tall, tattooed, well-built man with an oddly boyish face and an amply mischievous nature. Nick asking the crowd "am I sexual?" before seemed almost cute; now he demands the answer he already knows and the crowd responds in a fever pitch. Nick was always the golden child among golden children, a proven crowd-pleaser, but age has been kind to his appeal and he is tempered now with a nearly wicked sense of his own attraction and the willingness to either play or parody it at will. His voice too has grown. He can growl or caress a lyric with an effortless quality that belies how much he must work at his talent. That seems to be Nick in a nutshell. Effortlessly playing at a game close to his heart. Poking fun at Destiny's Child and long-time Backstreet foil NSync, he dissolved into laughter before bowing sweetly to the crowd with the simple plea of "Forgive me". How could we not with that blonde hair in disarray over his forehead and those eyes sparkling with boyish amusement? Brian, on the other hand, seems to be the studied opposite of Nick. It seems nothing can dim his sweet appeal - not his odd bandanna-and-shades opening ensemble, nor his blissfully-married status, nor his constant layered attire while the others are stripping down to wife-beaters. Brian comes across as the heart in the Backstreet body. A fitting role for one who survived heart surgery and now advocates heart health for children. His voice is delicate but driven with a strength that can lift a melody above the screams. He sings with a tangible emotion. And when he isn't singing, he's waving. That crunched-finger wave of a child accompanied by a broad and endless grin. Kevin has ever more evolved into the older-brother spokesperson role. The eldest member seems always to have worn that mantle with an almost grave sense of responsibility. Onstage, though, Kevin too has grown. There is a sly humor about him that catches you off-guard. Freed finally of his clowning brothers after they climbed into a wardrobe crate to disappear into the bowels of the stage, Kevin simply shut the lid and sat on it. "Now," he said with a little grin, "that I have you sort of to myself..." and the crowd roared its approval. He moves in an assured manner. He is a man comfortable with his life, with his role in that life, and he is inexplicably sexier for it. While the others scampered onto the lowered ramp to cross over the heads of the audience back to the main stage, Kevin lingered on the circular end stage. He watched the crowd, he waved, he opened his arms as if to embrace each one. When he sings there is something of the grave and yet sly in his voice too. He takes lead less than the others and his voice tends not to be as flashy but it is solid. Elegant. It is the perfect voice for the protector of the group. The one who, you sense, will berate and console with equal ease. Even Kevin's Just Within Reach environmental foundation suits him perfectly and in conjuction with Nick's Oceans Campaign you get the sudden irrational sense that the earth is in good hands. Howie then has ever more grown into the emotional core of the Boys. Labeled as the peacemaker and the sweet one right at the start, he has done little to alter that image. Rather he has grown into it. You have to feel for Howie. The frenzy of screams that greets Nick and AJ's every breath dims somewhat when Howie takes center stage but he is undaunted. The fans love them all and you realize that he knows that without the decibel level to prove it. He possesses a light-as-air vocal style, beautiful, almost delicate, and he has a way of making a lyric emotionally pure. Howie's Dorough-Lupus Foundation is close to his heart but you sense that everything he does is that way. The way he smiled from stage was almost personal, as though he really could see one certain face in the crowd and was greeting them. He has grown comfortable. They all have. But with that comfort in themselves comes a very real hunger to push their music farther with every song.

Drowning, the final song of the night, is the newest offering from the Boys who defined "boybands". It is a lushly orchestrated piece with a driving rhythm and impassioned lyrics. It is beautiful. It isn't a club hit, it doesn't employ clever two-step backbeats, it isn't heated or particularly edgy. It is simply beautiful. As the last notes of Drowning faded into a burst of pyrotechnics onstage and the house lights came back up, it seemed the perfect epitaph to the evening. "Every time I breathe I take you in / and my heart beats again / baby I can't help it, you keep me drowning in your love / Every time I try to rise above / I'm swept away by love / baby I can't help it, you keep me drowning in your love".

by Corinne Simpson

vancouver concert

Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: steph

ok... that night was the best EVER!!! well, me and my sis, got tickets, and they were cappy, and we knew it!! (the section behind stage).. so when we got there, i was like man this sucks!! but jenn asked me if i wanted to explore, so i was like "heck ya!" anyways, so we went to the side of the arena (like the little "wing" things) and there wasn't a guy there checking the tickets... so we kinda... *cough cough* umm... took some seats there?? :S there we ALOT left over, so we took some empty ones! anyways, krystal was great, i was singing ALL the words to ALL her songs, and like NO ONE knew the words! i was like "what the?" anyways, then, i missed her last song so i could get her autograph! while we were in the line, one of her bodyguard guys were like "you can't take pictures of krystal, unless your behind me" so i got my sister to take the picture (she was closer) and right at the moment, then behind us, people yelled "WE LOVE YOU KRYSTAL!!" so she turned around and like opened her mouth really wide *hard to describe* anyways, i got a GREAT pic of that and her autograph (she's just sooo sweet!!)

so, i missed sisqo, except for the thong song, we saw that, and that wasn't too great... it was actually kinda... boring!

then it took the boys forever to come, but when they did, it was all worth it!!! DEFINATELY!! through out the show, they looked awesome (as usual) and my fave parts were

1) when nick started singing bootylicious... o man, i laughed SOOO hard!!

2) when nick was introducing a guitarist (i think...) and he was like "yo dude, say something for these guys" and the guy was like "WAAZZZUP VANCOUVER!?" then nick, who had a video camara right in his face, scrunched up his nose, and said "he said wazzup!!!" it was hillarious! i was laughing SOOOOOOOOO hard! that was the best part!

3) when they sang "if you stay" (one of my fave songs...) i loved it!!! but i was the only one singing it! no one else in my section knew it!! i was like "what the heck!?"...

4) nick and j in red new york yankee's hats... o man.. too great for words!!!

.... o, also, someone else, in a different post, said they saw nick, kevin, brian and dancers in army uniforms... THEY WENT TO PLAY PAINTBALL!! how cute is that!? i saw a video of howie talking about it, and then saw the guys standing there in the army... well, all the guys were there except aj *sniff* o well... so ya! i can't wait for there next concert here!!!! they were great, they are great, and they always will be! KTNCPA!!! KTBSPA!!


Date: Oct 07, 2001
Submitted By: Ting

SEPT 11TH 2001 - At the hotel in Toronto

My pals(Waka, Chika & Moment) & i got to the hotel at around 10:30pm. Nicky came out at around 10:50pm. Get to see him real upclose, but no chance for a pic & autograph. But do have some very upclose pics of him. I was totally stunned at that time coz it's been 7 months since the last time i saw him. He got onto a van & said that he will be back later. A while later, AJ went out too. I didn't get a chance to get any pics of him coz he was rushing into the hotel van, gone like a flash. We were talking when we saw Howie walking across the other street towards the hotel. Without thinking, i went up to him & ask him if i can have a pic with him. He was so sweet, saying "sure, sweetie". AHHHH!!! But the pic didn't turn out good :-( Around midnight, we spotted Brian's tour bus. Leighanne got down from the bus & together with the bodyguard, they crossed the street & walked the dogs. That was so sweet!!! After that, they got into the tour bus & a while later, Brian & Leighanne got off from the bus to get into the hotel. Brian smiled at us when passing by us. So we have seen every boys except Kev. My pals & I decided to wait till Nicky & AJ come back coz i really wanna get a pic with Nick. Times passes so slow & it was so cold. And we kinda feel sleeply. Finally at about 3:50am, AJ got back. He went into the hotel with his great smile & a wave. At last, Nicky got back at around 4:30am. Okay, he was wearing a sunglasses when he got off from the hotel van. And the way he took them off, OMGGGG!!! He looked so HOT. And he sounded so sexy when he say this: "See you later, ladies" before he got into the hotel & back to his room. At last, we could head back to sleep.

SEPT 12TH-14TH 2001 - 3 Toronto shows

For the first show, after the opening acts had performed & left, the Backstreet family came on stage & informed everyone of the 911 Terror Attacks. All they asked was for a moment of silence. Every single soul in the arena bowed their heads & paid respect to the death of the innocent. I saw the biggest gift of love & it's definitely the most touching part of that day. I was seated at section 118 for the first show, which is near the main stage. The most amazing thing was the 2nd & 3rd show as i was at 2nd & 5th row. It was breath-taking & unbelievable having the opportunity to watching them performed live so upclose. I won't deny but i was always focusing on Nick as it was left side(Nicky's side) of the stage, therefore most of my pics are of him, well, have some of the other boys though, lol.

My pals & i didn't go to the hotel to catch them for the 3 nights as we believe that they needed their rest & private time.

SEPT 25TH-27TH 2001 - Encounters at the hotel in Calgary

So, after about 2 weeks in Toronto, we were finally in Calgary for both of the BSB shows. Moment, Chika & i were praying so hard that the boys will stay in the same hotel as us for the next 3 cities. We actually choose the most possible hotels which they might be staying in. Well, this time, our lucks went down too, we were about 2 blocks away from them.

The day before the first show in Calgary, we were trying to find out exactly which hotel are the boys staying as there are tourbuses parked at so many different hotels. Finally, we managed to talked to AJ's bus-driver, Jodi. Thanx to him for revealing to us where the boys are staying & who have already arrived. Kev & AJ still not in town & they will be arriving on that day. So, we decided to stay stationed outside the hotel in order to catch a glance of them. Nicky went out. We ain't able to get pics of him as the bell-boy warned us that we have to stay out of the compound if not he will call the police. Hallo?? There are only 2 of us at that time. So freaking mad!!!!! Around 7pm in the evening, AJ & Kev arrived. Both of them waved at us before getting into the hotel lobby. An hour later, Brian came out to walk his dog. Didn't get any pics as his bodyguard told us to stay away. The last person that we saw that day was AJ hopping into a van & went off. We decided to head back to the hotel to pack our luggages coz we are checking into the same hotel as them the next day.

The next day(26th), we checked into the hotel. We decided to get out to buy some drinks. We were waiting for the elevators when i caught 1 huge black guy walking towards us, & OMGGG Howie was behind him. By then, the elevator arrived & we have to get in. But Howie & his bodyguard did not ride the same one as us. But we were freaking out as we are staying at the same floor as Howie. After coming back from the drink, i headed up to my room but my pals were waiting for me at the lobby. And guess what, i bumped into Howie at the corridor. He smiled at me. But with him this time, there are another gal whom i supposed is his gf coz they are definitely staying in the same room.

So, Chika & i were chatting at the lobby, basically we were waiting to catch a glance of the boys. Suddenly Nicky walked past us, we were like OMGGGGGG!!! We were in shocked & just sat there. After that, we were blaming ourself for not taking any actions. I was extremely mad at myself as my very ultimate wish is to meet Nick Carter. Finally Nicky came back & he was taking pic with another gal. My pal & i went up to him & asked for a pic. I was shaking so much when i stood next to him. I used my opportunity & placed my hand at his waist. Ok, he is definitely not fat!! We thanked him & he got back up into his room. Arghhh, the pic didn't turn out great coz i was looking at him not at the camera. Well, at least have a pic which is together with him. LOL!!!

We were still waiting in the lobby when i spotted Howie with his gf coming back. That was so weird coz we never see him getting out. Well, there are always secret exits. We headed back to our room around 4pm to have a rest. And i totally regretted it coz by the time we went down. Some gals told us that Brian, Nick & AJ had already went to the venue & they managed to get a pic with Brian & AJ. So left with only Kev & Howie. Managed to snap a group pic with Howie & Kev. The Kevin pic turned out bad as u can only see part of ur faces but i will have it posted as i was leaning onto Kev's shoulder :-) Managed to get Kev's autograph & asked him a few questions concerning the Asia Tour & he said that they will be going to Japan. When i asked him about the Malaysia tour, he's totally have no clue about that. He was so sincere in answering my questions. He was actually using my marker to sign the autographs & he kept on asking who's marker is it?? And i was like, "it's mine, it's mine". LOL!! Definitely the nicest & sweetest guy among 5 of them. P/S: The Malaysia tour is cancelled.

We were at 38th row for that night show. Next to the mini-stage. Well, have the taste of being near at the mini-stage. Apparently, i love the mini-stage as it's more closer than the main stage. Got to shake Kev's hand twice. And at last, at this show, most of the pics are not of Nick but of Kevin. Truthfully, i'm starting to like Kevin more & more. He's definitely the daddy of the group :)

By the time, we got back to the hotel, there were already a group of gals waiting for the boys. Chika & i decided to wait at the lobby. We were sitting there when Moment walked towards us hinting Nick was behind her. Nick saw us & smiled at us before he headed out. We stayed at the same spot as the securities & staffs at the hotel were so tight. They won't let us approach any guest, if not they will kick us out even if u are a guest there.


Moment was waiting for the elevator when it finally arrived. She saw 2 huge man(bodyguards) at the left side when she sensed there were some1 else at the right side, NICK CARTER!!. She stepped into the elevator, standing right next to Nick. The 3 man were deep in their conversation. Of course, she was nervous. She was acting like she's not a fan & donno them but her hands was definitely working on. She was trying to find her marker but she could not(she did have a marker in her bag, but well, nervousness made her couldn't find it). But she did not give up the opportunity. She said to Nick, hands holding the postcard of the boys: "Sorry, excuse me, but can u sign......". Nick took the postcard from her & said "sure, sure". And Moment was like telling him "but i don't have a pen". Nick facial expression was hilarious & he told her he don't have one either. At the same time, both of them look at the 2 bodyguards at the other side, they were like " we don't have either". And of course Moment was kinda showing her disappointment. Nick said to her, patting her back, "it's okay, next time, Backstreet Girl..."!!! By then, the eleavtor reached the lobby floor. That's her encounter with Nick. It's really funny if u will to hear it from her. I couldn't stop laughing.

Chika & i decided to get a cold drink at the nearby market. Guess who we saw, yesh, kevin, his bodyguard & howie's gf. But we did not take any action. We were real tired & i believed they wanted their own space time. Anyway, Howie, his gf & bodyguard came back around 2am. It's a good thing to be staying at the same floor with one of the boys.

The next day(27th), we bumped into Howie again. Said "hi & good morning" to him & he greeted & smiled back at us. The boys are checking out in the afternoon. Their tourbuses are parked outside the hotel. AJ & Howie were the first 2 to get onto their tourbus. Managed to get Howie's autograph. Next is Nicky. He just simply got onto his tourbus. Lots of girls were hoping that he will sign some autographs. What made us mad was that he asked his bodyguard to get one gal into his tourbus. Well, he can & have the rights to woo girls. That is normal. But plz try not to do it in front of so many dear fans of his. If he will to sign some autographs to show that he cares about his fans & on the other hands, wooing girls, that is fine. At least we won't be disappointed with him.

Well, didn't see Kev & Brian coz they went off by the backdoor. After that, Moment, Chika & i went back to our room. We were extremely upset with the scene that we saw earlier on. That don't feel good at all.

We were at row 25th on that night. Well, i totally forgotten what had happened in the afternoon after seeing them live again :)

SEPT 28TH 2001 - Encounter at the hotel in Edmonton

We were riding a 4 hours bus trip from Calgary to Edmonton. Well, we are on luck this time, same hotel as the boys again.

This time, the dancers are staying at the same hotel too. Managed to get pics with all the 4 female dancers. Michelle is definitely the nicest. Well, didn't see any of the boys till the afternoon when it's time for them to check out & head to the venue. This hotel is not tight at all. They actually allowed the guest to stay in the lobby. I'm definitely gonna use this opportunity to get a pic with Nick again as the Calgary one didn't turn out good. Kev & AJ were the first 2 to leave. As always, Kev signed some autographs for the fans. Nicky, Howie & Brian went by the secret exit. *sob* That's goes my chance.

We were at our 2nd last show of our trip. And we were seated at 3rd row, AJ's side. Finally, Chika was able to see more of AJ, lol!!!

We were walking back to our hotel when we saw Nicky's tourbus parked outside the hotel with lots of girls crowded around it. We were surprised as they had already checked out that afternoon. Learnt from other fans that AJ is already in his room & that Nicky is still trap in his tourbus. Well, Nicky finally got down from the tourbus & said that he will be back later. After that, we heard that only Nick & AJ are checking back into the hotel, the other 3 are riding their tourbuses to Vancouver.

AJ came down from his shower & he was withdrawling some money at the cash machine. It was kinda weird seeing ur own idol withdrawling money. Before he went out, he signed some autographs with my marker. I was like chasing after him for my marker back. I touched his fingers when getting it back.

Well well, Nick never come down from his shower. No one know if he have went out or not. At that same time, learnt that AJ is staying at the same floor as us. Around 2am, we decided to go down to the lobby. Guess who we bumped into when we were getting into the elavator. Yes, AJ!!! He was actually coming out from the elavator. Well, we didn't do anything except saying "OMGGG!!" when we saw him. And that was when his bodyquard told us to stay away. We are feeling extremely lucky about bumping into the boys, first Howie(so many times), then Nick(Moment) & then AJ.

SEPT 29TH-30TH & OCT 1ST 2001 - Encounters at the hotel in Vancouver

Well well well, same hotel as the boys again. This is so unbelievable!!! Heard that all the boys were already there except for Nick. Saw Kev coming out of the elavator with his bodyguard. Chika said that his bodyguard kept looking at our direction, meaning he recognised us. Well, we didn't approached Kev coz he was talking to his friends whom i supposed are from Vancouver.

Around midnight, AJ got out from the elavator. Chika & i asked him for a pic. That is definitely the best pic of all the pictures i took with the boys(except Brian).

The next day(30th), we went down to the lower lobby. Nicky got back from his shopping. He said that he will be back later. I was thinking, u better do come down, don't fool us like u did at Edmonton again. Yes, he did come down together with Brian. They together with their bodyguards were wearing army clothes. Nicky was actually holding a video-cam filming us the fans inside the lobby & outside the hotel. Both him & Brian got into the van & off to their destination. A while later, Kev came back from his shopping too & like Nick & Brian, he went out in his army clothes too. That was so weird. Exactly, what are they gonna do?? Photoshoot?? No way!! The bodyguards are wearing the same clothing too. Must be some kind of guns games. Well, all 5 of them are out but we continued waiting at the lobby. That was when i saw Leighanne coming out from the elavator. I saw her walking towards the door through to the shopping mall. At once, i followed her & got a pic & autograph of her. She's so pretty in real person & was extremely sweet. She actually thanx 2 other gals for being nice to her. She must have some bad encounters with other fans.

After about 5 hours of waiting, all 4 of them except for AJ came back. About an hour later, Nicky came down. He signed autographs for all the fans in the lobby. He even asked if any1 have not has his autograph. Many fans asked for a pic with him including me but he replied no as his explanation was if he will to take a pic with one fan, he gotta do the same to the others too. That was hilarious when he said that. Anyway, since no pictures, got a hug from him. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! He went out on a cab. He didn't sign any autographs for the fans outside the hotel. I was feeling bad for the fans outside coz they have been there since the morning & it was cold outside. A while later, Kevin came down too & signed autographs & took pics with fans. Once again, he was using my marker signing autographs. Also, he didn't sign any autographs for the fans outside, like Nick, he got into a cab.

We were totally wrong about judging the boys. Coz about an hour later, we heard screams from outside. Apparently, Nick & Kev got off from the cab across the street & signed autographs for the fans outside. They came back into the lobby & signed some more for us too. Well, they must have went out for their dinner coz Nick was sucking a toothpick in his mouth. That was cute!!! And Kev said goodnite to us. Well, he was hinting he won't come down anymore.

Finally, at 11:25pm, AJ came back. About half an hour later, he came down & went straight to the van. The van was still there, i supposed he was waiting for Nick. And indeed, he was. Nick came down & got into the van. Apparently, Brian went out from a secret exit. Haiz....i have all of their autographs & pics with them except for Brian. And if he will to keep on going off by the secret exit, how am i gonna have a complete autographs of them.

Anyway, Nicky & AJ came back. Nick was definitely drunk coz of the way he talked & he was still holding a bottle of wine in his hand when he got into the elavator.

The next day(Oct 1st), the boys are checking out. The crowd of fans grow more & more. Polices, securities & even those high-ranked staffs working at the hotel have to come out to control the crowd. All of them except for Howie & Brian(oh man!!) went out from the main entrance. The most craziness thing must be when Nicky got into his tourbus. The fans were chasing after him, banging on his tourbus. Well, he already got use to this type of mania, don't he? LOL!!!

After the concert, we went to the Lupus Party whereby Howie will be attending. Caught a few glances of Howie at the bar. We didn't approach him as there were way too many girls. The other boys have already ride on their tourbus to their next destination, Portland.

The next morning, Moment accompanied Chika & me to the lobby. Chika & my flights was at noon & Moment's one was in the afternoon. Therefore she was checking out later. Well, Moment bumped into Howie's bodyguard in the lift, he seemed so surprised when he saw her again & asked Moment if she's alright(must be still tearful after sending us off). She told him she just said goodbye to her friends & he remembered us cuz he said,"Your other 2 asian galfriends?" This is so kool!!!! He remember us. Hopefully, he will be able recognised Chika & me at the Japan Tour in Nov.

This is definitelty the most amazing & awesome memories in my life. Thanx to Nick, Brian, Kevin, AJ & Howie & of course Chika, Waka & Moment for this unforgetable trip.



P/S: Will have my pics from the concerts & encounters posted up at the fan gallaries soon.

bsb black and blue tour

Date: Oct 07, 2001
Submitted By: Angie Bahris

I went to the October 1 concert in Vancouver at GM Place, it was a great show!! Much better then the first leg of the tour. There was not a boring moment, even though the crowd might have been smaller, because of AJ's time out it was just as loud if not louder. Of course Nick and AJ got the biggest cheers. It had awseome special effects, and was well worth the wait. They seemed better then ever, and of course they looked better then ever. They all performed there very best and i had the best time!!! BSB you guys will always be number one!

Backstreet In Vancouver

Date: Oct 07, 2001
Submitted By: Karen

Omg. The Vancouver concert was so damn awesome. Bsb rocked gm place and the audience was so wild. Except that at first when Krystal came out, nobody would stand up or scream and it made me mad cause I couldn't sit down, so I just stood up and screamed by myself lol. Well anyways, I went to their concert in February too, but this one was wayyyy better, it seemed like bsb were with us more this time than they were last time. I think that they really liked Vancouver. The best part of the concert was when they went over the bridge because I had a sign that said I love you Nick and Nick saw it and put his thumb,pinky, and pointer finger up which means I love you in sign language and he did it to me, which just made me melt. I'll never ever forget the image of him doing that. The songs were awesome and everything and I was just so excited. At the end of the concert I couldn't even talk cause I had screamed so loudly. Well this is my review and if anybody wants to talk to me about the Vancouver concert then please email me. Bye. KTBSPA!!!

October 1, 2001 - Vancouver, BC Concert

Date: Oct 07, 2001
Submitted By: Sally Sue

October 1, 2001 - It was more then a dream. I won third row tickets five days before their concert from Vancouverís best radio station, Z95.3 FM!

Seeing the Backstreet Boys for the second time of the year! The show was delayed for 45 minutes (I really donít know why though), the wait was worth it. I have already seen the second leg North America Black & Blue Tour, LIVE from the yahoo web cast back in August; I was very familiar with the show. I knew what was going to be next, I remembered what they were going to wear.. REALLY.. Nothing was a surprise ONLY at the end of the concert! Right before the boys started to sing "The Call" AJ said they only have two more songs left, I knew something was strange.. I was thinking, "AJ ALWAYS says there is one more song left and they come back up singing Shape Of My Heart. Why did he say there are two more songs left" Well, after Shape Of My Heart.. General Motors Place was still dark. People were getting out of their seats and they were already walking out of the door. I just stood there thinking, something is going on.. Why arenít the lights coming on? In about three minutes, the boys rose up slowly from the stage and they started to sing their latest single, Drowning. I was waiting for that song the whole night! I started to scream and jump like crazy there were these two girls beside me who called me a "psycho" After the concert, my cousin and I quickly went out to their tour bus. We waited for half and hour and once in awhile, weíll hear screams and it turned out to be some other people. It was getting late and there was school the next day so we just decided to leave and while we were walking passed the outside of backstage, the tour bus started to move, I heard screams and I was just yelling "I canít believe we missed them by less then a minute!"

It was very sweet of the guys spending the weekend in Vancouver and they were lucky, the weather was great! (As far I could remember.. it was!) My second BSB concert of the year is a day never to forget. Words canít explain how good the concert was. I hope they come back to Vancouver soon =) Just remember how beautiful Vancouver is and always will be :)

Just Always Remember To Keep The Backstreet Pride Alive! PEACE OUT!

CrazyBSBGirl=Sally Sue=A TRUE BSB Fan For Eternity.


Date: Oct 04, 2001
Submitted By: Maria-Cielo

~*Cielo's Vancouver Concert Review*~

OMG They were back again! Man oh lucky can we get, that the Boys came back around a second time in like less than a year?!?! I bought tickets thru the Official Fan Club, and my brother won me tickets! We sat near the small stage in the back. Anyways, I headed down to GM Place early again in hopes of getting an autograph. Well, my cousin, June (my BSB partner in crime!) & I waited and this time, it paid off (somewhat). We got a really good pic of Kevin up close and one of Nick's back (LOL). However, I didn't get one of Howie cause he ran in. I met some more Howie fans was great! This time I wore my Support the Dorough Lupus Foundation shirt! I didn't see anyone else wearing one so lots of people asked me about it. It was a great promotion for the DLF and for our UPCOMING FUNDRAISER in VANCOUVER! (See below)

Krystal came out first and was awesome again! She was really nice and this time, I got her autograph and an awesome picture! She is great!

Sisquo came out second with some other people, but I left my seat to get Krystal's autograph.....whoops =)

The stages were set up the same, but I enjoyed this concert more because I was not in the balcony!!! I really liked it when Howie sang his songs, "What Makes You Different" and "How Do I Fall In Love". I also like "Get Another Boyfriend" because they have an awesome dance! The skits were funny and Howie is quite the actor! I love the improvs they do on stage. The guys were awesome! Howie is quite the salsa dancer too....very cute =) After the concert, Howie had a small after-party fundraiser at the Shark Club. They raised over a thousand dollars for the DLF.

Is it just me or are Howie and Nick really closer than ever. I guess now that Brian is married, Nick has gotten closer to Howie....I wonder if he still teases Howie a lot (LOL). (You can see this in the video "B&B Around the World", which is an awesome video/DVD).

Anyways... it was a great concert and I got to meet friends that I have been chatting with on the 'net. We are putting together a fundraiser for THE DOROUGH LUPUS FOUNDATION. Please check out our TEMPORARY website at It's called STEP FOR THE CAUSE: Vancouver 2002.

The Songs:

"Everyone","Larger Than Life", "Not For Me", "What Makes You Different", "Yes I Will", "More Than That", "I Want it That Way", "Quit Playing Games With My Heart", "As Long As You Love Me", "I'll Never Break Your Heart", "Don't Want You Back", "Show Me The Meaning", "How Do I Fall In Love", "Time", "The Answer to Our Lives", Medley: "All I Have to Give," "If You Stay," "Shining Star", "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)", "Get Another Boyfriend", "The Call", "The Shape of My Heart", "Drowning"

Vancouver, BC

Date: Oct 04, 2001
Submitted By: Amanda L.

First of all, all I have to say is WOW! This was the best concert I have ever seen (and this was my 3rd concert of theirs). The show -- amazing!! The singing -- incredible!! The dancing -- all on beat, and awesome!! The overall performance -- PERFECTION. The Backstreet Boys have totally showed that they can overcome obstecles and come back stronger then ever!!! Krystal and Sisqo were two very good openng acts too!! Anyway, it was the best concert ever, and if you haven't seen them yet....go right now!!! THEY ROCK :)

Vancouver B.C., Canada October 1st, 2001

Date: Oct 04, 2001
Submitted By: Louise

OMG This was my 1st bsb concert and it was definatly one to remember! first of all we got there( my cousin and I) we were a bit late, as soon as we got in we hear Krystal sining my Religion, shes awesome! anyways we tought we had BAD seats but it turned out that we were 6 rows from the stage! we had an awesome view! Krystal sang about 6 songs including 'super girl' which is my favorite! she did a pretty good job of getting us pumped, after she went off she took like 20 minuets to get her piano off even thought it felt like an hour. then sisqo came out and was good! all i was thinking about though was when are my boys gonna come out! after sisqo left i was waiting for the boys! but i had to waite 40 minuets because they were really late getting started! when they came out it was definalty worth the waite! the audience went wild, especially me! Our boys were awesome, they started with Everyone! it was a great warm up song! they played alot of songs too many to write out but they did dedicate some to daniel lee which i though was nice. i did see leighanne sitting in the front and she is sooooo pretty; when brian and her have kids their going to be soo beautiful, i mean look at brian! anyways when any of the boys looked at me i waved like a moron, but none of them waved to me until at the end when kevin, saw us waving and did a little smile wave! it was awesome ayways the boys did alot of funny stuff during the concert like this one girl threw a shirt and hit brian right in the crotch and he was like "oooouuucchhh!" and then he smiled! when bsb went across the bridge people were throwing EVERYTHING at them! from flowers to suckers but it was nice! they went across the bridge during TIME my favorite song! after about the first 4 songs the boys came up and talked indvidualy for a bit! aj was 89 days sober and counting, thats awesome! they finished the concert with Drowing. oh and i forgot nick was introducing the band and he started to sing " i dont think there ready for this jelly" he kept singing it! it was funny and the band started to play nsync's bye bye bye and aj and nick started to dance to it! and then they were laughing soooo hard they almost died! oh and bsb played the instruments for "answer to our lives" it was awesome! but i gotta go! see ya later! KTBSPA!!!

Black and Blue concert Vancouver BC Oct 1st.

Date: Oct 04, 2001
Submitted By: Louise

This is the 3rd time I have seen the Backstreet Boys in concert; and it is by far the best one I have seen. I loved every second of it.

My favorite song had to be Time. It was wonderful. I love how they used the stadium so well; it must have made many of the fans feel closer to them. I know it made me feel closer to them.

My favorite part of the whole concert had to be when they were introducing us to the band. Nick was introducing one of the keyboardists (I didn't catch his name because of the screaming) and he started to sing part of Destinys Childs song Bootylishous (I am not sure how to spell it) I was laughing so hard I got a stitch in my side. Then AJ came out and they did part of the NSync dance for Bye bye bye which made me laugh even harder.

All in All it was a good concert and I loved every second. If anyone is interested in chattin about it email me! I would love to meet some BSB fans from Vancouver! I only know 3! So contact me! HUGS!


BSB Vancouver Show, October 1st, 2001 live at GM Place

Date: Oct 04, 2001
Submitted By: Peggy Truong

Hey everyone. This was my 3rd Backstreet Boys concert, and the best one yet. After it was postponed, the concert was made even more important to ticketholders. After waiting for a little less than 2 more months, the Boys finally came to Vancouver! The show was amazing. With the addition of some old favourites and new outfits, the show was in my opinion, much better than the first leg. They all looked hot as usual. I got a beautiful necklace from Kevin’s Just Within Reach foundation and Nick’s Ocean Campaign. These guys are the best when it comes to giving back to the environment. The crowd cheered the loudest when AJ said that it was his 89th day being sober. He looked very happy, healthy, and HOT! When Nick said I love you to the crowd, everyone's hearts just melted. The people and city of Vancouver were lucky to have the Boys stay for the weekend. Howie said Vancouver was one of his favourite cities to be in. Without giving it all away, I'd just like to say the most memorable part of the show was when Brian came out to sing I Want It That Way and the whole crowd sang along. It was one of those moments where you wish would live on forever. It was beautiful! Anyway, hope the rest of you enjoy the show out there. See y'll at the shows!! KTBPA

Backstreet Boys Concert October 1st, 2001

Date: Oct 04, 2001
Submitted By: Crystal Gee

"Aren't they ready yet?"

For eight-year old Shaylynn Brown of Vernon, the 40-minute delay ot the Backstreet Boys concert last night verged on unbearable.

After all, this was the fans' chance to let their heroes, particularly recently rehabbed band-member A.J. McLean, know in you uncertain terms: "We love you."

The crowd -- far smaller than the previous time the Black & Blue Tour came through town -- still managedto howl itself hoarse through the show.

That the concert was nearly an exact replica of the pop quitet's previous Vancouver concert didn't matter.

For Backstreet faithful, this band is off the hook no matter what. And A.J.'s OK.

McLean was in fine form. Eighty-nine days sober and counting, the bad-boy of the band sported unicolour hair and no signature headband.

Cleaned-up, he's hotter than ever with fans. Gosh, he almost gave No.1 pretty boy Nick Carter a run in the most-screams-when-his-face-flashed-on-the-screen department.

After 8 1/2 years, there's really not much "booy" left in these guys. But the budding Backstreet Gents-look the guys are sporting these days still has plenty of star quality.

The secret to enduring success lies in shmaltz and the badn knows its way around a ballad like few others.

'N Sync may have uptempo flash such as "Pop" but 10 years from now, easy-listening stations will still be spinning "I Want It That Way," "As Long As You Love Me" and the instant wedding song "Shape of My Heart."

As long as the crew keeps coming up with radio-video nuggets like these, there's a place in the pop marketplace for BSB.

Detractors may have wished that the group wouldn't weather its first adult problem with A.J.'s alcoholism. it has, coming back with renewed energy.

Shows such as last night's are something fans will always be willing to wait for. Even if it means switching from MuchMusic to MuchMoreMusic, BSB's fan loyalty is likely to endure.

Go figure.

Vancouver Concert Oct.1

Date: Oct 04, 2001
Submitted By: Faye

It was great! Even better then when they came here in Feb...everything in the beginning changed-the fottage, fireworks! IT was sooo funny when Nick tricked the whole audience into singing part of bootylious from Destiny's Child and he made fun of Nysnc by dancing part of Bye Bye Bye! Also, when he tried to flip himself up and he almost fell over! That was funny! Also A.J. looked soooo much better, I have never ever seen him act so sweet as he did last night, and Nick well he wasn't so horny and he actually interacted with the audience this time! (opposed to last time, when he was kinda a jerk) Anyways it was amazing I was so close and I've never had so much fun!




Date: Oct 04, 2001
Submitted By: Alicia

OMG! thats the only way to describe last night! I have never cried so hard in my Freakin life! seriously~ everyone turned around and was looking at me and my best friend! They were like calm down there just ppl. But to me there just amazing! there so awesome! AHH nicky was so cute! they kept looking at me i swear! i had 4th Row! it was such an amazing show! It was hard to hear since the fans were screaming so loud, but it was still awesome! Aj looked amazing he looks so much younger! I took lots of pics all together me and my friends took 11 rolls of film! haha thats gonna cost a lot! lol! WEll that was the best night of my life! Howie looked at me a lot cuz i met him on Sunday at there hotel! He was so nice, but I wish i had asked him for a hug! ARGH! Brian looked so cute! They are so amazing! When they were on the bridge i was so close to them! I was like two feet under Nick Bri and J!! ahh It was so amazing! Then at the end of the show after SOMH I mouthed to NIck I love you and he saw me and smiled! I broke down! AHH my baby! But then they came out for Drowning and I cried even more! I had kev on my side the most! Nick never came over just once! then AJ threw out his water from his mouth(basically he spit on us but in a nice way~LOL) BUt not on my side I was sooo upset! looked at him quite bad for a split second then started smiling and dancing again! PPL were making me so mad during Krystal becuase they werent standing up but me and My best friend were the only ppl standing like in the whole stadium then we screamed"WE LOVE YOU KRYSTAL" and she looked over at us and smiled!! AHHHH I was singing all the words and no one else knew them! Man the fans on the flr are so crappy! YAHHHHHHHH ah then Brian looked at me and smiled that one in a million smile (you know the one) during If you stay cuz i was the only one who knew the words on the Flr! ahh stupid PPL! HAHA! then after we went by there bus and kev and bri were the only ones that stayed by the drivers and waved! Brian was holding Lil Tyke! i thought my film was out But my BATTERY WAS LOW! lol anyway yah i was so mad when i found out i had 8 pics left! pls anyone who has picks of drowning and lil tyke and bri pls email me! thank you so much! we went by the shark club where howie went and there hotel but no one was there so we said screw it! lol~ well they are the most amazing ppl and i cant believe you can love 5 ppl that much! Nicky! AHHHhh well KTBSPA!!! Luv you guys lots and as Nick said"Is it just me or are Backstreet Fans the best?" NIck it aint just you hunny! lol KTBSPA~ALICIA

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