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October 2, 2001 concert

Date: Jan 05, 2002
Submitted By: Monica Christoffels

My friend Jamie and I had section 103 for this concert, and we were 2 rows away from the stage!! It was so crazy..

First off, we called the day before the concert to try and meet the Boys for an interview. I am on my high school's newspaper staff, so I had a press pass to try and use to get in. We get there at like 3 pm, and we park next to the tour buses! Jamie, her mom Rhonda, and I tried to get in with the Tony Roma's delivery guy, but we couldn't. Then we waited to see the Boys get out of their buses! I barely could see them, but we saw Kevin, Nick, and finally Brian and Leighanne before we decided to get changed for the concert.

So after eating and taking over the bathroom at a nearby McDonald's, we came back to the venue at around 6:00 pm. The events coordinator, the lady I tried to get me into a meeting with the Boys, tells me that I can't interview them because the press meeting is for "video-only" people. But she did give us some advice for future tries to meet the band. She said to schedule something as early as possible. Also, the local radio stations are the people who give out backstage passes, so try there on the day that the tickets go on sale.

When the concert starts, we couldn't believe how close we were to the stage! We were 4 rows away from the stage, but the closest 2 were closed off, so no fans would jump onto the stage.

Krystal is the first up, and she does so amazing! It's really funny how this worked out, because Jamie and I were the only people in our section, which faced Krystal's piano, who were standing up, singing, and dancing the whole set! Of course she saw us, we thought! When she walked over to our side of the stage, she was beaming to see us, two fans who actually knew the words to "Angel on My Shoulder" and "Love is a Beautiful Thing." After the concert, we saw her in her tour bus before she left. She waved! ^__^

Sisqo's set was really great and everything, but I'm not exactly his number one fan, you know? So we were dancing and singing as much as we knew, but he still was amazing. The boy is fine! :P

When BSB finally came out, it was soo crazy! I remember that Brian was the first to come over to our side!! I went so crazy then!! He is my absolute favorite, so I was just screaming my lungs out for him! We also brought our disposable cameras and took tons of pics!! LOL.

Every second of that concert was worth the $100 that I paid for those seats. Kevin even came over to our side once, during IWITW. He looked at the two covered rows in front of him, and balanced himself on top of them! He just walked over them and touched our hands!! Everyone went crazy, even the lame bunch in front of us! I will never forget that moment..

That was the best time of my life. Jamie and I kept saying that over and over throughout the night, and eventually our life. I had been waiting to get to that moment for five years!! It's crazy, I know, but it took just that much for me to realize how wonderful these men are, and that I am gonna be their fan for years to come.

Oh, and for all of those crazy Nick fans.. Whoo boy.. That man is CRAZY!! He was like thrusting the camera, crawlin' like Beyonce in the "Survivor" video.. He even started singing "Bootylicious" while they were introducing the Backstreet Band!! That boy is crazy.. He laid on his back for like one minute, and you could kind of see somethin' pokin' out.. I think you got an idea of what I'm sayin' here...

Then Brian, AJ, and Nick did some little "Bye, Bye, Bye" dance!! That kicked ass so bad!!! Oh my goodness.. Our Boys are crazy, ladies!

Anyways, to sum it up, that honestly was the best night of my life! That's just the kind of fun you're supposed to have when you're young, you know? Yeah, well feel free to send some feedback, if it's the nice kind, and KTBSPA, y'all!! ^___^

BSB n Portland

Date: Oct 09, 2001
Submitted By: Kailie

THE show was so cool! We found the hotel of the boys and got kev and nicks autograph. the show was loud and so cool. krystal rocked! sisqo was hot and the boys were the best.

when me and my friend went to the hotel the next morning we seen as they were just leaving. the boys were going to the buses and nick kissed his girlfriend goodbye cuz she was getting in a white van headed towards who knows where. i got a pic of him kissing her :) I wish I was her.

At the show nick kept shaking his butt! lol it was so cool. and we sang happy bday to kevin!

what a great time i had!

Backstreet Boys Portland Oregon Concert

Date: Oct 09, 2001
Submitted By: Kayla

I went to the Portland Oregon concert on October 2nd, and it was my first live concert, and it was soooo cool. The way that the Backstreet Boys had every move perfect was amazing, not to mention that they looked amazing. I loved the songs and I was in 16th row and I had a blast, I wish I could have gone to Every concert, but I dont think I could make it to every one. I had so much fun singing, and dancing along with the songs. And Brian waved at me, it was so neat. Nick looked Really Good. He is so much more hotter in person, lol, I bought a lot of souveniers, and my review, is 200000000000000000 thumbs up!

Port;and, Oregon

Date: Oct 09, 2001
Submitted By: Amber

Hey all, ok, where to start. The show totally rocked. I drove down to Portland from Seattle, I had 5th row seats, but the best part of the whole day was meeting Kevin! I met him at his hotel, which was were I was staying. It was so cool, he's so hot, and so nice. The show was amazing. They were so good, the songs, their voices, there dance moves, it was the best show I've seen in my life. I've seen them 3 times, and that was diffenitly(sp?) the best concert I've seen them do. I got all of them to wave to me. When they were doing the small stage Me, my sister, and my sister's friend all ran there and we got right up againg the gate. Kevin ended up sitting down right in front of us. Which was so cool, he must have waved to me 3 or 4 times the whole night. Brian came over during How Did I Fall In love With You, and he saw me with my camera, and he posed for me, I said thank you Brian, and he mouthed back your welcome. During one point in the show, AJ did this cute little wave thing to me, and I freaked out. During shape of my heart, AJ and Kevin were on my side, so I ran up to the stage I got up to like 2nd row, and got a picture of both of them, AJ with his shirt around his neck was very hot!!! One of the best parts was during Time, when Nick had that big afro wig, that was so cute!! The show was amazing, and the best part was meeting the sexiest man alive.... Kevin Richardson!!! I love you Kev!!! If anyone wants to email me and chat about the concert go ahead. K.T.B.P.A.

Portland, Oregon Oct. 5,01

Date: Oct 09, 2001
Submitted By: Elizabeth

OMG! I was at this concert and it was seriously awesome! They were SO hot and sexy i could barly stand it! i liked them all esp. Nick. and did anybody notice when we was by the camera he moved it down to his crotch and shook it. lol it was SO cute! He is so cute and i love just listening to his voice when he talks. I LOVE IT! anyways, the concert was great but afterwards was even bettter. i live like a hour out of portland so on our way home at the last stop before my town we got off to get something to drink cause i was so thirsty. as we were pulling out the exit i noticed we were folling a bus! and it looked like the one of teh buses we had to wait for as we were leaving the parking garage! there was a backstreet boy in it! wel it went into a trucking place to get some gas i guess and we pulled into a store place called Flying J. well i walked into the store and low and behold AL MCLEAN was in there buying movies! there was some other fans coming from the concert after me and we all started talking to each other wildy. we walked past him and said hi aj! and he looked at us waved and said hi! it was the best day of my life! and no one beleived me at school the next day. if you were one of those girls in the store that night PLEASE PLEASE emial me! or if you wanna know more details emial me too!! KTBSPA!!!!

Portland Oregon show

Date: Oct 09, 2001
Submitted By: Ellen

Hi, I would just like to tell you all about the experiance I had at the black and blue tour here in Portland Oregon.

Well first off me,my daughter, and my fiance stayed at the same hotel as they did, so we got to see the real BSB!! We decided to stand outside about 4 am and no buses showed up, then at 6 am we saw the first silver bus pull up in front of the hotel...there was a total of 15 people there waiting with us...we didn't screem becasue it was still pretty early so we waited, really excited like..then the door opens,and we see a big body gaurd come out, and then we see Brian pop his head out the door, then Leighanne comes out with Brian, he looks at all of us and says good morning everyone and gives us this big smile!! about 20 mins later another bus pulls up and it was Krystal, she is so cute!! she stops and says good morning to us and signs autographs for us and lets us take pics.

about 20 mins later another bus pulls up, and off the bus by himself comes AJ he looks at us all and says hi Portland waves at us and tells us he will come out later and sign autographs, then another one pulls up, a big italian guy comes off the bus..everyone is screeming by now and then all of the sudden pops out a very tired and just woken up Nick...he was rubbing his eyes and he looks at us and he says "ladies ladies please I cannot see" I felt so bad for him but for all you Nick fans let me tell you that man looks good for just waking up!! lol.

About 10 mins later one more bus pulls up and no one comes off, another bus in the street backs up and hits the bus!! the body gaurd gets off the bus and says just great!! well by this time everyone thinks no one is getting off so people leave and the hotel security pulls down the bearers that were up, we stayed!! 25 mins later who comes off the bus, but a very handsome and I mean handsome Kevin!! he gets off the bus and the body gaurd is telling us all he needs to get kevin into the hotel...but what does Kevin do? he looks at us stops and takes my daughters pen and starts signing autographs and shaking hands..this man proved to me he really loves his fans!!!

Well finally he goes into the hotel and there are no more buses, by this time We had been up 27 hrs and we were tired!! so we went up to take a nap, my daughter couldn't sleep so she went down stairs and who does she meet? Sarah, she said she is the sweetest girl in the world, she posed for some pics with my daughter and signed autographs too.

well it i now 3 pm and the guys are getting ready to go to sound check at the arena,by this time there is like 200 fans outside the hotel i was like wow!! well I go out and stand with all the fans! well out the door comes AJ and Sarah, they are so nice, then out comes Nick and he takes a gift from my daughter, and smiles and says thank you, and then out comes Brian and Leighanne, they wave and get on the bus, then comes Kevin, he gets on the bus and we all start singing happy birthday too him, the bus door opens and his body gaurd comes out and says if everyone can behave he will come out for few if not he is going to get on the bus and leave.

Well once again Kevin comes out to give hugs and autographs to everyone there, he is a sweet man and very caring!!then he leaves.

well off to the show we all head and let me tell you it is a show i will never ever forget, for i never got to meet my fave!! but after Krystal and Sisqo are done, we have an intermission and then down go the lights..we were sitting 21st row on the floor and could see everything, they come out and just sing their hearts out!! finally the second stage comes up and to my surprize it is right in front of me, there they were right up close to me, i started crying I finally got to see Howie right in front of me!!

Then the bridge comes down, again right in front of me, and i look up and there is Howie looking right at me and I blow him a peace kiss and he gives me one back, to say the least he made my night, my year and my life very happy!!

They ended the night with Drowning and let me tell you it is the most beautiful song live!!

So that is my review, to all those girls out there that think they will never get to meet them, my saying to you is...NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM WE DIDN'T!!

WELL that is my experiance with BSB I hope you like it.

My Fiancee won a ticket for me through Jammin 95.5.

Date: Oct 07, 2001
Submitted By: Jillian Smith

On Oct. 2, 2001 I went to a concert in Portland Oregon, with my fiancee. We got there and after about 10 mins. found one of the radio stations that were giving away frount row tickets and backstage passes. My fiancee and i were totally decked out..we had shirts that said BSB please let us back stage and my fiancee was also wearing a bright blue metalic wig. PK a radio DJ from Jammin 95.5 was offering a backstage pass to the biggest BSB fan in the group, My fiancee, Miah, was picked out of the crowd to play in the contest, and won! unfortunatly they could only give us 1 backstage pass and because he new how much i love BSB, and wanted to actually meet them, he gave me the pass. At about 6:50 p.m. a representative from Jive records met with the winners of the backstage passes outside and took us backstage to meet them. We had to wait in line about 15 more mins, where we were informed sadly that they were not signing autographs, and we were only aloud 1 picture. But it was well worth the wait. We were aloud to enter the room they were in in the groups we came a group of friends, but because i was by myself i got to go in alone. Which is actually quite frightening. I am not normally a quiet person i will talk to just about anyone, and have seen numerous movie stars and musicians before without any problem. But once i got close enough to see the backstreet boys, i couldnt talk, My mind went totally blank. I had thought on many previous occasions as to what i would say to them if I ever met them and all i could do was smile and stare at them. I then got to approch them and give them each a hug. the line up was Brian, Nick, Kevin, AJ, and Howie. I hugged brian first and he was very sweet, then when i got to Nick I remembered that i had intended to give him a bracelet i was wearing for luck. He looked at me smiled, and put the bracelet on. he then gave me a huge hug. By this time of course i was so nervous i thought i was gonna faint. I then hugged Kevin who kept looking at me like "are you ok?" and then I walked over to AJ anf hugged him, I told him it was good to have him back, and he said it was good to be back. The i handed him the other bracelet i had and he also placed it on his wrist. he smiled and said thank you. I then hugged howie and told him good luck. At this point in time my visit with them was almost over, and Nick asked if i wanted to take the picture now, i cheerfully agreed, and he put is arm around me and the other guys stood close and we got the picture. I then told them all thank you. and walked out to find my fiancee and my seat. We had 10th row seat, which would have been great, but unfortunatly, i am only 5 feet tall and i could barely see the concert. IT was awsome, but the most special thing about the whole night was that when The guys came on stage both Nick and AJ were still wearing my bracelets. It Was SOOOOO Cool. Although Nick took the bracelet off part way through the concert, probably because he didnt want it to break. But Aj wore his the entire time. All i can say is that i have gone to 3 of their concerts now , and it is definitly worth the money. and i intend to go to many more. I saw Nsync in concert a few years ago and they are oneof the worst bands i have ever seen live, But BSB were extreamly polite and as good live as on there albums!!!!!!!

Portland Oregon!

Date: Oct 07, 2001
Submitted By: Heather

Oh my gosh! Out of all 7 BSB concerts I've been to across america, this by far was the best! Of course I've never been this close to them either, but it was awesome! I've been to two "Into the Millennium" shows, one Johnny No Name concert and four "Black and Blue" concerts and his was awesome!

I really was looking foward to seeing Krystal an once again she amazed me with her groovy attitude and voice. The only thing that kinda ruins it is tht I've seen the show so many times I pretty much know what is gonna be said. Krystal was amazing!

When Sisqo came out I wasn't too thrilled because he seems self absorbed with that big picture of himself in the background. When he kept yelling scream it took me back to the Millennium show when EYC kept yelling it. Anyhoo, I was not impressed with Sisqo.

Now LETS GET ON WITH THE SHOW AND TURN THE LIGHTS DOWN LOW!!! My boys came out and once again blew me away! They seemed refreshed, rejuvenated and full of energy. My Nicky looked hot as always and actually all of them looked their best. Kevin, the birthday boy was glowing. My fave part of the evening was when it projected the audience to 50 years from now when they are all old. I was so funny. We sang Happy Bday to Kevin two times tht night and he wore a cute litle bday hat that someone threw to him. I just loved all of it!!!! If anyone else was there, email me!!!!! KTBSPA!

Portland, Or October 2nd 2001

Date: Oct 07, 2001
Submitted By: Ravyn

watz crackin everyone......this concert was off the hook. It blew me away. All of ya'lls concerts have been tight but this one was like WOW! I had bomb seats next to the end of the stage where it extends from the crowd. I was luvin aj and his sexy self. Ya'll danced your heart away for real. Krystal was very tight and Sisqo was bomb. Luvin when he showed the stomach. Oh yes aj was luvin when you put your wife beater over your head an was showin it all. Everyone of ya'll waved in my direction it was so amazing. I couldn't talk for the next to days after all the screamin I did. i t was a very well spent night. I can't wait for the new cd cuz drowning was off the hook , that song is sweet. So PROUD of aj for his 90 days sober, he got me friend Dominiques shirt that said 90 days were so proud. well i gtg but ya'll rock and no body will every compare (EVER) !!! peace out much luv.

BSB Concert~Oct. 2 2001

Date: Oct 07, 2001
Submitted By: Angelina M. A.

The concert was excellent! First, Krystal poformed pretty much half of her songs off Me &My Piano; including Supergirl and My Religion. (About half way through her performance, she stated that she was going to be some where out in the audiance signing autographs! I got two~one for me, and one for the little girl right next to me:-)) Then Siqo(I can't spell today) performed! I unfortunatly didn't get to see it all (heard it all, though), because I was in line waiting for Krystal's autograph! I did get to see the Thong Song, which was very well performed. Then, The BEST part! (*NSYNC?!?!?! Hell no!) BSB! It was SO GOOD! There was even this one skit where on the "circle screen", it displayed 2001, and the fast fowarded to 2050, where they showed a MTV reporter, and then the guys, really really really old! Howie had just had a hip replacment, and was falling onto Brian, who was really old. Then came Kevin, who oh my god looked very E.T.(like the movie). The A.J. who had a cigar in his mouth at ALL times(during the skit), and then Nick, who, while still leaning over, shook that ass!(while Howie sorta slapped it). Then there was the part wher they went to another stage! I personally had to thank my dad ALL the way back home, because I was RIGHT next to that stage!!!! It was awsome! The friend that I met there, Angel, screamed"I LOVE YOU AJ" and he turned around and Mouthed" I lLOVE YOU TOO" right back to her. Weird, eh? Well, I got the evil (unpleasent, angry) eye from Brian, and then one of those smiles that bacically said just jokeing. I don't know why, but, ok! So, yep, all in all, It was an excellent concert! (I have 3 more personal details on the concert I'll give you if you email me! Just subject it:Please Tell ME!

Portland, Oregon 10/2

Date: Oct 04, 2001
Submitted By: Erin

Okay, this was by far, the best concert of my life!! We had 7th row (floor), aisle seats.

First, Krystal came out, and she was pretty good, then we went up and met her and got her autograph. Then Sisqo came out and he was really good, hes a cutie!! When he sang the thong song, a bunch of people were throwing was pretty funny. We waited about..oh 20 minutes and Backstreet came out. Wow!! Is all I can say. I dont want to give it all away, but it was truly amazing. One of the funniest parts, was when the camera zoomed in really close on Nick's crotch LOL.

AJ looked VERY good. He gained weight, and was happy to announce his 90 days sober.

When they went out on the little stage, we werent that close, but then the bridge came down, and we were freaking out, cause we were like, 5 feet away from them when they were up there!! Nick put on an afro wig, that was so cute!

Howie waved twice, by me, then at the end, Brian waved right at us!!!

I would like to type more, but I dont have time.

And again, this was the best concert of my life!

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