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Las Vegas COncert and Meet and Greet

Date: Oct 28, 2001
Submitted By: Shanna

this is just kind a summary..I live here so i didnt have to fly or this is my 4th black and blue concert and my 100th bsb concert!I meet BSB a 2 years exactly from the day my best friend and i started to the quest to meet them TOGETHER!!

i had to go and pick up my meet and greets at 6:30..So i was lookin all cute ya know in my one shoulder top and black pants and heals(i was taller than aj!ahh!)Anyway..So we had to go into the concert,you know give the tickets and what not..We waited there for about a half an hour,then we finally went into the arena and went down 2 flights of stairs behind some doors and had to wait..and was soo hot..There had been about 2 groups of girls..I was the last group..50 girls in each group..So we had to wait..We missed Krsytal =(..Finally..It was my turn to go..the lady who had given me the passes asked how many people i had,all this time,the door to go down was open..Omg i saw a the bottom part of a body..I thought it was nick cus the person kinda looked big..Omg it was A.J!I saw the tattos!Tears started to pour down.. i looked at my friend and ssaid"omg..its aj..omg"and we both started to shake,so the guy let us down we had to walk down stairs so i was like..please dont fall please dont fall..I was going soo fast so i could get down there!Then one of the bodyguards said i had to put all my stuff on the table..I was pissed i had a hat for aj and the guy said:no put it on the table"then i go"Well the lady said i could give it to him..what am i suppose to do with it?Its Ajs style not mine"it was an ugly yellow hat he had worn in the style..anyway..i put it down and went and looked at aj and tears came again i was like"Omg..this is so surreal"and hugged him and hugged nick and so on.I get to howie and he looked at me and went"H..Hey!!!!How are you?!"i was like..great thanks..I could barley get it out..then i went and gave Brian a hug and he was like"How are you",i stuck my hand out n it was shaking and i went"a lil shaky but okay"n he smiled a lil and looked away then i went back to Nick and Aj and said:Im going to stand between you 2 okay?"and Nick smiled and said:ALright sounds good"and steped towards kevin and AJ said okay so i standed between them arms around their wasite n Aj put his arm around my wasite..I could of died here people!!Nick had his arm around shoulder kinda..ANyway..So they guy had my camera at this point and he went to take the picture and my camera had shut down so i went"You might want to turn it on"and the guys laughed and A.j like sqeezed/rubbed my back and said some comment to Tim(they guy takeing the picture)they all did ..Nick was like'Come on man!"..and aj lafughed n said like "Geez"so we took the picture and i hugged Aj again and thanked him and told me that this meant so much to me and i had waited since i was 7 and he said"well im glad"then i turn around and Nick is in front of he gave me a hug i should of given the rest of the guys a hug but i was shock major..So we walked out and we were backstage so we went to go into the arena ya know and there was sisqo!lol So my friend goes"What up sisqo!"and he was like"Whats up!"n i said hey ya know whatever..Then we went to the concert and it was hilarious!I mean my seats where right by the lil stage and BSB had to run from somewhere like..i dont remember and to the stage..That is why it lifts up so they go under it..hehe they had black coats on!It was funny i got a pic of it i wonder if it will come out..who knows


The concert was ABSOLUTLY hilarious..I got the chance to meet the guys before the show..THey were super nice!Anyway!The concert was great..The did New and old songs,Like As long as you love me and Quit PLaying games,and unreleased songs like "If you stay"and of coarse"Drowning"..Nick Sang"Bootylicous "and"Thong song"it was hilariuos...heainr gnick carter singing"I dont think your ready for this jelly"its great!!!You know the costum change,with the box..Well..They changed infront of us!!!Nick keep saying"Do you like the clothes we have on?"Of coarse we were all "STRIP!"and..sure enuff..He went and took of his belt and got into the box..went down and came back up 2 seconds later..In the shirt..BUT in his nice tight boxers!It was hilarios!He keep swinging his legs and Howie steped in front of him to hide him,and i saw Nicks tatto on his leg..Its huge..But thats when it happend..Brian runs acrossed the stage in blue plaid boxers and a wife beater and socks..SOO CUTE!!Then aj goes and takes off his pants with his Black boxer briefs..Dear Lord Help Me!I couldnt stop laughing.They were generaly having a great time,but kevin and howie didnt strip..But that's okay..Aj and Nick where good enough for me.So as the night went on..the band was playing music,not a BSB song,and all of a sudden Howie does the"Bye Bye Bye"jumping move with the arm you know?Then.. they left the stage and then they came back out with green,red wigs on!!!Nick had a green wife,Brian had red,And aj came out in dred locks(one of those hats with the braids..ya),they started all doing the "Bye Bye Bye"dance..Making fun of NSYNC of coarse..Then while at the back little stage,nick and aj took their shoes off(eww..ha!)I had 3rd row there,then all of a sudden a SWARM of silly string is being shot at Nick and Aj..And it happend al through the one point Nick look like"It"with all multi-colored silly string!!It was hilarouis because it was the last stop on the tour..Which was great that I got to be part of it!Nick and Howie messed up a couple of times.Nick with his dance moves and Howie with the cane..He hit nick..It was great!!They had ping pon balls fall down and they were constanting throwing them at each other,right in the head!My favorite part was when Aj took his pants off..Ah!It was great..But the whole show was my person fav!Aj also sang:I wanna be happy:he sounded so good

Las Vegas Concert/Backstage and Encounters with Nick

Date: Oct 24, 2001
Submitted By: Jane

Jane's Concert Reveiw of the Backstreet Boys in Las Vegas including Encounters.


10/19/01~Concert at MGM in Vegas

By: Jane Anderson @


On Thursday, Me-Jane, and two friends, Michelle, and Shannon flew from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, CA to meet Michelle's dad. After a really long flight, we met her Dad, and drove 5 1/2 hours from Los Angeles, CA to Las Vegas, Nevada for the Backstreet Boys last concert of their Black and Blue Tour. On our way driving to Las Vegas, we saw KORN, the band getting off their tour bus, going into a hotel-that was our first "good luck" sign! After another long trip, we made it into Vegas. It was really sweet, with tons of lights and huge hotels. We were really nervous when we checked into the MGM Grand hotel, where some of the boys stayed, and also where they preformed. When we checked in, we met Krystal, she was checking in also. We talked to her for a minute, and then left. That was our second "good luck" sign. We quickly got situated in our rooms, grabbed cameras and things we needed and went to the lobby level, which had a GIANT casino attached to it, and tons of restraunts, and Studio 54 dance club. We had arrived at 11 pm, and since then we had been searching around the casino looking for the boys. My friend, Shannon, and I noticed 2 guys who looked like Nick. We were really dumb, and she had actually seen Nick, but I was lookin at another guy, who wasn't Nick, so I said it wasn't him...talking about the wrong guy. She only saw the real Nick from the back, and he was wearing a Camo baseball hat that was backwards, sitting at a blackjack table. So we left, and went to eat dinner at Dennys at 2 am. When we finished eating we all had "good" feelings, so we went quickly back to the casino, as we walk through it, we spot Nick Carter and Howie Dorough gambling at a Black Jack table. Howie was wearing a light blue/grayish long sleeve crew Neck shirt, and Nick was wearing a camo baseball hat, a grey long sleeve from american eagle, and jeans. He looked perfect! Occasionaly when he made a bad gamble, he would flip his hat to the side and be like, "Dope!!" After a while, he had to go get more money at the ATM machine, and none of the other girls were going up to him at that point, they had all already been warned for taking pictures, but us three were being really quiet just watching him from far away. So we went up to him, and his body guard blocked him and goes, " Nick do you want me to take care of this?" And Nick goes, "No, I want to say hi!" So he put out his hand and said hi to all of us, and instead of giving him a hand shake, I handed him a scrapbook I had made for the boys (I gave Kevin a scrapbook like it in Dallas!) and I said, " I made this for you, but you don't have to keep if you don't want to, you can trhow it away!" And he started flipping through it and was like, "No this is really cool." And I knew he was going to have to go back and gamble so his Bodyguard goes, "Hey let me tell you, why don't you go put this at the front desk under my name" And he gave us his room number and name. But I didn't leave it for them because I really wanted to give it to Brian. Anyways, Nick goes, " Where are you from?" and we said Minnesota. And he goes, "How OLD are you!" (holy shi*!!) and we said 16 and he's like cool, who are ya here with, your parents? And My friend Michelle said, yea my dad. And then Nick goes, " Well cool, are you guys going to be around here for awhile." And we said yes, we are staying here. And we said goodbye. He was so nice! The whole time he would look directly into your eyes, and smile. With a smirk. He is such a babe!!!! By this time we were so happy, we could not leave the casino. Even though it was past curfue by a long time now, and we weren't allowed to be in the casino with out a parent/guardien over the age of 21. We were probably some of the only fans not being obnoxious by running around, we just sat in the corner away from the slot machines and watched Nick and Howie gamble. After about a half hour, the security was getting really grumpy. We would get told to move farther away from machines, which we did, and finally one guy who was a complete a-hole, came up to us made some smart comment and told us to leave, so we left and went by the elevators knowing that Nick would have to go to bed soon seeing that it was around 4 am. The security guard there told us we had to go up to our room NOW or else we would get in huge trouble because we didn't have a parent. That wasn't going to stop us from meeting Nick again, so we went to every floor, and searched for people to pretend they were our parent. It was a slim chance finding a sober person in Vegas on MEA break who would be up at 4 am. So we came accross the fourth floor and found 2 guys who were in their mid- twenties, we asked them to pretend they were one of our brothers and they said sure...they were definatly wasted! It didn't matter we left the elevator and just laughed at the security who couldn't do anything about us! When we go to the casino, they wanted to know why we needed to be there so badly and so we told them. They said, that's pretty funny considering Nick Carter's bodyguard just kicked us out of here for watching his blackjack game. We were all nervous so we told them we didn't need their help anymore and thanked them, we didn't want to be by them if Nick personally had them kciked out!!! We repeated this method 2-3 times with other adults, and it worked, finally Nick decided to leave. As he left he was getting harrased, and he didn't stop to talk, we felt special because earlier he wanted to talk to us! When he went to the elevators, he stopped at the little gift shop and looked at a newspaper and had his body guard buy it!...we all got his autographs and he looked directly at me and my 2 friends and smiled recognizing us. My friend Shannon goes, " Nick can I have a hug?" and he goes, " Yah!" and he hugged her....AHHHH!!!!! He finished signing, and said, " Alright gusy I gotta go." and he left. It was now about 4:30 and we decided to go to bed.

10/19- Friday, the day of the concert.

Nothing much happend this day, we went all over Vegas looking for Brian and Kevin. We never found them, nor any sign of them. We didn't even see Howie or Nick or Aj. We were SO bummed the whole entire day, we didn't know what to do because this was our last chance EVER to see them...well at least for a long time. We finally gave up and went out to dinner at about 4:30 so we could get back on time to meet a girl we were selling a ticket to in the lobby. At 5:30, Michelle and I went to the lobby to meet this girl...She never showed up. We waited until 6, and were soo annoyed that she didn't come. We were getting ready to give up and go back to our room, when a guy, who was about mid twenties walked up to us. He looked a little bit like Jamie from the Real World New Orleans. He said, "Do you guys haave an extra concert ticket." And we were like YES! Do you want it, its really good! And then he's like " no i already have tickets, are you guys big fans?" And we said yes, we came from minnesota to see them! And he said, " Really, my girlfriend is from there too." And we laughed about it, and i can't remember the exact convo, but he finally said, " Well we have backstage passes, and we have two extras you girls can have." Michelle started balling and freaking out while I was in shock. I told him I had another friend in the hotel room and I wouldn't go with out her. And he said, he had won them but he didn't really want to go and he would try to talk his girlfriend into just going by herself with us three. He told us to go get our friend while he talked his g/f into taking us because she really didn't want to. We raced to our room and got Shannon and went back down. We all were teary-eyed and nervous walking to them, knowing it wasn't going to work out. Just our luck, he said, " We'll if it's okay, my you three can go with my girlfriend." AHHHHHHHHHHH! WE HAD BACKSTAGE PASSES! We praised them for 10 minutes and then we went to our rooms got our stuff in about 2 minutes and went back down to go with them to willcall to pick up the passes. When we saw Christian(the guy who won them and gave them to us) walk over to us with those Triangle Guest passes we all were freaking out, it was my dream. I will never forget Michelle say, " WE ARE BACKSTREET BOYS FUC*ING GUESTS!!!" It was funny...Anyways I will skip over the whole process of waiting in the stairwell/backstage area for them. You were asked how many were in your group, and there were four of us. When it was finally our turn, I was trembling and was ready to faint any second. It went, Shannon, Michelle, me and then Jennifer, the angel who brought us with her. We had to walk down a bunch of stairs, and I was so worried I was going to just pack it down the stairs but luckly I didn't. When I saw Brian, my favorite, I didn't know what to do. The guys were lined up, and I started to walk straight to him, when I heard Aj say, " Hey Wait!" And i turned around emberresed and Hugged him. The promotions lady said, these girls came from minnesota, and Aj said into my ear, "MinneeeSOOOOTA!" Imitating our accents. All I could say to each guy after they asked how I was, was " Thank you so much ______ and said their name." I'll never forget Kevin, who was next. I looked up at him, and his green eyes were sparkling, and he was smiling and sort of laughing at me, I think this is because he recognized me from all of the Giant Bras I throw to him, and meeting him in Dallas when he did the exact same thing to me as Aj did. He embraced me so big I couldn't belive it, I felt every muscle in his back, and he hugged me sooo tightly. Next was Howie, he was so short! He was much more beautiful in person, He had a realy cute smile, and said Hi, how are you. And i just remember hugging him right away, saying thank you SOOOOO much howie! Next was Nick...Now After we met the guys, I was informed by Shannon and Michelle that Nick said, " Long time no see" Referring to meeting us the night before. But I was in such shock I barely heard anything. He leaned over and hugged me with the hottest smirk on his face. OH is my dream come true...I walked up to Brian, and I was SHOCKED and how small he is! But that didn't take away from anytying, he was wearing an all black warm up outfit, and a black and blue beanie hat. He was smiling so big when I got to him, and his face was golden bronze, and his eyes were perfectly blue. I hugged him and said, " You just made my dream come true." And he did his little shy laugh, and then said, " Aww..." And did his little giggle again. I knew I would kick my own ass if I didn't say something to him, so I said, " I left a scrapbook on that table that I made for you." And he goes, " Oh alrite, thank you!" and then I said, " Also, look for me during Shape of My Heart because I have a sign for you that says, " Can we trade shirts please" and I made you a shirt." and he giggled, and then said, " Oh Okay!!" then it was picture time, and i stood next to him. With our arms around each other!! We said thank you and goodbye, and that was it. We had to walk towards the stage so we were backstage with all the equipment and I was walking backwards so I could still see them. All of the sudden I started Balling and freaking out I could not stop crying, and we were lost backstage. We finally said goodbye to Jennifer, our angel who made our dreams come true, and went to our seats. When we got to our seats, Shannon and Michelle decided to sit together right next to the ramp on Nicks side, so that they were the first seat closest to the ramp, at the more top of the ramp. At the MGM the ramps run along side of the section, but you can't touch the guys but you are really close. I was determined to get Brian's shirt, so I sat like 6 or 7 rows below them, in the 2nd seat closest to the ramp. There was an old lady sitting in the first seat. I was lucky I sat here because I was surrounded by adults so I was the only one standing in that area so the guys could see me tons!! I always hold up a sign, " B-Rok, B-Mine, <3 Jane" and Brian recognized me right away during the first song. He waved/pointed to me alot during the songs, and during one of the slow ones, when he was in the White Suit, he came over to the corner of the main stage, so I was about 10 feet away form him, and put his hands to his heart, and then towards me as if he was giving me his heart. And he saw me take a picture and freak out, so he did the little picture motion with his hands and then posed by waving at my camera, and I got a picture along with a few other great ones! I know that the guys interacted a ton with my other two friends, Brian watched them the whole time during Get Another Boyfriend as they did all hte dance moves and he laughed at them. Also, Kevin caught my friend Michelle's stuffed animal with a picture of the two. He did the most sincere point/stare/wave when she held up her sign, "Kev, my dream came true when I met you." I was so happy for her! During Yes I will, Aj was right in front of me and I made eye contact with him for about 10 seconds and he waved. Aj sang his song " I wanna Be happy." It was sooo beautiful it made me cry, and he ended it with, " I'm finally happy.." he also said, "I love my brothers(bsb), I love my life, I love my girl...." and sarah was there and she was so cute about everything he said! Because this was the last show there were tons of tricks going on that the crew played on them. Ping Pong balls were dropped from the ceiling on stage during Yes I a TON of them, and one of the crew members danced on stage imitating Howie during I want it that way, and a bunch of the crew members did the dance to the medly the guys sing, causing htem to crack up. On the second stage, the silly string was out of control, they were all COVERED! Also, during hte dressing room scene, tons of people kept coming through the wardrobe trunk, including Brian who was gettin a kick out of coming through it, running accross stage and then under stage and coming out again like 4 times!! HOLY CRAP!! When Nick suggests they change right on stage, he took his pants off as he went down the wardrobe trunk, then he ran back on stage in his UNDERWARE and undershirt. They were black briefs! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Then Aj just un did his pants on stage in front of everyone so they were on his ankles and started jumping around stage!! I literally died when I saw Brian come up from understage and ran accross in his black boxers with white polka dots. He didn't really run, but he waddled liek a little boy with his toes pointed inward, and he had his hands covering up his you know what!! and he had the cutest grin on his face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The guys had a bunch of wigs on, imitated Nsync, and much more....but I really can't wait to tell this part. During Shape of my Heart, right at the beginning of the song, I held up my sign in one hand, and my shirt in the other, Brian saw it when he turned my way, and smiled brightly, then sang a little more until his part was over. He looked down and got a bodyguard's attention then said somethign to him, and pointed to me, the bodyguard put a laser on me, then looked at Brian who nodded, and then the bodyguard gave me the Thumbs up. I started to cry and tried to hide my face, and Brian stood there and smiled at me for a really long time...he looked really happy that I was happy, but who knows! So then the part, Brian pulls the shirt off his shoulder, autographs, it then hands it to his bodyguard...his body guard walked over to my side of the stage, and handed it to me, the lady next to me tried to take it cuz she thought it was for her, but he pulled it away then handed it to me. I gave the body guard my shirt for Brian, and then admired the shirt. I flipped out. Needless to say the whole entire concert was great, and Aj did some crazy stuff to this really scary music, he basically got in the crowd to freak the security out, and Drowning was beautiful!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwww my life is complete, I thank the Lord for this experience, it makes me wonder that I was praying so hard on the drive from Los Angeles to Vegas, for 5 hours, and then this happens where two random people just happen to give us backstage....

I hope everyone gets a chance like I did.

God Bless,

Jane Anderson

Las Vegas Show

Date: Oct 24, 2001
Submitted By: Kris Stephan

That was the best BSB concert I have seen to date!! The boys were totally "off the hook" or as AJ says "off the chain". They performed to my utmost expectations and had a blast doing it!! AJ did warn the audience in the beginning that this show would be different that other shows, and that he or any of the other Boys, were not responsible for what would or could happen, and I did believe him.

I think the funniest part was when B-rok was running in and out of the locker room box. He was in pok-a-dot underware or something like underware. He must of come up out of that box 4 or 5 times, and he looked sooooo cute when he did it. But Nick also did it a time or to, except that his underware were all black. But he sure did look good in them!!!

I also love the part with the ping pong balls. That was pretty funny. Nick kept throwing them at anyone and everyone he could!! What a hunk!!! I can't believe he's only 21!!!

This was my 4th Black & Blue concert and the best one to date. I'll never forget it, I know that much!!

Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or new info.


Las Vegas Show October 19th

Date: Oct 24, 2001
Submitted By: Barbie

Hey BSB FANS! time in Las Vegas for the BSB concert was awesome!!!!!!! well, anyways...i got into Las Vegas around 9 a.m. and we checked in at the MGM Grand. I did a little touristy stuff that day and got ready around 6 p.m. to go out to dinner. we went downstairs and had dinner and decided to go back to our hotel room. Well, as we got off the elevator and turned the corner: IT WAS SISQO!!!!! I was like "HEY!!!" we talked for awhile and let me just say he is such a sweetie! he was staying on my floor :) anyways, we went down again to look around and we saw sisqo again :) hehe! but this time, he waved at us and we were like HEY again! hehe! when we finally got back to the hotel room it was like 10:30 and i really wanted to stay up to find the bsb but i ended up falling asleep~ not to worry...i woke up around 12:30 in the morning and went to find them. We walked around for about an hour with no luck but then as we were walking back to the elevators, i saw this guy in a backwards hat that look just like Nick and i was all "mom, is that nick?" and sure enough..IT WAS!!!! it was so awesome watching him gamble~ i took 2 pics of him~ what a sexy guy! i also got to talk to some other girls there who were waiting for him. we were all just in awe of his beauty :) hehe! then, i keep on seeing him look up at me and everybody was saying that he was checking me out! i was like "oh my god, you're kidding me!" what a dream come true! nick checking me out! anyways.....the next night was the concert and it was absolutly awesome! the best part: AJ, Nick, and Brian in their boxers!!!!! i'm sure you have heard all of the crazy things that have happened during that concert. oh, when they ended get another boyfriend with "geeeetttttt another boyfriend!" aj grabbed himself! i was like "woooahhhhh" hehe! anyways, it was an awesome trip and these boys better tour again because i wanna see them again. That was my 5th bsb concert and the best one yet! :) much love to BRIAN, NICK, AJ, HOWIE, AND KEV for a wonderful time~ hey nick! call me! lol!


Date: Oct 24, 2001
Submitted By: TONI DAVIS

The bsb concert in las vegas started with a bang and continued to build energy until the final explosion.Brian said at the start "this being our last concert of the north american tour your going to see some strange and silly stuff" and he was not kidding. From part of the crew dancing alongside howie to all members being covered with silly string by crew members,to brian and nick running on stage wearing only underware and t-shirts. This was a concert to remember, I feel we saw a more relaxed and open performance from the group. The bsb's we saw were the true personality's of the guys not the stage persona and I for one am grateful to have seen them.

Las Vegas, NV, October 19, 2001

Date: Oct 22, 2001
Submitted By: Shayne

Ahhhhhhhhh!!! I just had the best time in Las Vegas. The Backstreet Boys concert was awesome. This was my third concert I seen of them and I would say this is the best one out of the three.

Right before Krystal was suppose to come on somebody came out and it was AJ. That was a awesome suprise.

When AJ was talking he started to sing that song I Want To Be Happy and he says that He is happy. Yeah!!

During the song Yes I Will ping pongs balls fell right on to the stage and the guys keep throwing the balls into the audience. That was funny.

During the time they were on the little stage and the bridge they were having some major silly string fights. The one that was get the most covered up was Nick.

Before they showed the dressing room Nick did a striptease for us and went into the box then he came back up with just his boxers and tank top and keep running cross the stage. Brian did the same thing running cross the stage and he had a pokadot boxers on. He looked so cute.

Also when they opened the trunk confetti blew out of it and then they had alot of the crew members come out.

They did the Bye Bye Bye dance.

When they were singing I Want It That Way Kevin and Howie was singing to one of the crew members when he got on stage.

Nick came out with a red wig and Brian came out with a bright green wig.

After Nick was done playing the guiter he throw it to high and far that the crew member that was suppose to catch ran into the keyboards, but caught the guiter.

Nick got into a water fight.

AJ rip his shirt off and damn he looks good.

There is more but I just can't remember it all. When I get my pics then I will remember alot more.



Las Vegas

Date: Oct 22, 2001
Submitted By: Tiff

OH MY GOSH YALL!!! The Vegas concert kicked some major bootay!!!!!!! i have never in my entire life seen such a great concert! this was my 5th bsb concert and it was the best by far! We checked into the MGM GRAND hotel on thursday- we got to our room..and put all our crap down and me my mom and my sister went in search for the bsb.. or at least one of them. We walked around the hotel and casino and i got yelled at for being under 21 and near the slot machines.. but i thought it was funny, and went back in search.. to make a long story short we didn't see them... yet. We then went to dinner and to diffeent hotels and then back to our around 2 in the morning and went by Studio 54 to see if any of them were going in there or going out. Anyway, the next day we woke up and i looked out the window.. now our room was on the backside of the hotel sort-of, and i looked out the window and i looked up to where the balcony's were on higher floors across from my room.. and i saw this blond guy with a white t-shirt on and 2 other guys out on the balcony with him.. i looked through my binoculars and sure enough it was Nick and AJ and Brian.. i about died yall! I was in my bathing suit and jumping up and down trying to get they're attention.. when AJ saw me and started jumping up and down too coping me laughing his butt off.. then NIck and Brian saw me too and just started dying laughing. I was soo embarrased. Anyway.. i waved and they waved back and then they went inside. Ok.. enough of that.. on to the concert!!! yall... it was AMAZING! i got in the Grand Arena late b/c i was trying to sell a ticket which was my friends, but she backed out on the last minute. Anyway.. i didn't get the stupid thing sold.. darnit! Anyway i missed most of Krystal except 2 songs.. but she was amazing.! And then Sisqo came on.. and i've seen reviews on him of him not being so good.. but on Friday night yall he was awesome! he was so into it and got the crowd really pumped! Even my mom was staniding up and danincg.. which was funny stuff. THen he left and the lights came on for like 20 min. maybee.. not too sure... and then the GUys came on.. and what gorgeuous guys these fellas are!! whooo hoo! talk about sexy! Now Brian warned us first that crazy thnings would be going down and indeed they did! the first crazy thing was ping-pong balls came down from the ceiling when i think they were doing ' Yes I will', and Nick just started picking them up and chucking them at whoever he could, especially Kevin. And Kevin was hittng them with his cane like a golf ball.. and AJ was going around asking anyone if they wanted a ball. I dont remember the songs in order but Nick was shaking his butt like i have never seen before, and let me tell ya i'm not complainging.. what a fine butt that boy does have! Hot HOt HOT! not only was he shaking it whenever he could, he would like rub his butt too... ohh too great! and in one part i remember he actually grabbed his crotch. i about DIED! i was soo in heaven! My mom was lauging hysterically. Then they did some more songs with some more butt shaking going all around, and somewhere along the line AJ decided to start break dancing.. i actually fell out of my seat on this one yall.. i thought i would have a heart attack. But that's not the best yet. Then they did the little box thing where they were going to change down under the stage when Nick was like lets change out here, so he took off his belt, and he was like come on AJ u do it too, and AJ was like no if i do i have to go all the way.. so then Nick went in the box and Brian did and they came back up with only they're boxers on or spandex things.. whatever they were.. GOD BLESS THEM!! ohh lordy! what a site, what a site! i was in heaven for sure! it was so funny cause the crew came up from the box and then they went back again and did it again, and Kevin was like didn't u already come up... and weren't u here before.. and then Brian came up and went back down and came back up and just ran round the stage, i loved it, and Nick ran around the stage in his spandex and i think a gray wife-beater.. and Brian had on pol-ka-dot boxers on.. with a wife-beater.. not too sure.. anyway they finally chaged and went to the little stage near the end of the arena and they were singing Show me the meaning and the crew and securtiy was hyper as day and they had silly string fight and they were spraying everyone, but Nick defiantely got the most.. it was hysterical, cause on the catwalk i think someone else had some sillystring and they sprayed him and he was just like to hell with this, and was like brig it on! it was greaet! well my fingers are hurting and yall are probabyl snorning by now but that was the best parts of the show and i will never forget it! SHAKE THAT BOOTAY OF YOURS NICK FOREVER! thanks yall. oohh and just to add I did see Nick in the casino about 3 in the morning the night before the show if i forgot to mention..and he was a little on the tipsy side... it made me laugh.. it was cute. I was gonna ask him for a picture/autograph, but he had about 4 security guys around him and i was too terrified, so i just watched in amazement as he walked past me, but i do have to say he looked at me and smiled.. aww that smile.. what a killer. well hope yall went to a concert if ya didn't then go to Japan and see, or make sure u go next year! luv ya

Las Vegas Concert October 19th

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: Briana

I'd have to say this was the VERY best concert I have EVER been to!!! First of all we(My mom two aunts and cousin) left our small little town in Arizona (in our car fully decoarated with BSB stuff) for the five hour drive to Las Vegas Nevada!! A couple of people honked because we had written honk if u love bsb on hour car. We got to the MGM Grand on Thursday(the 18th) and checked in. We really wanted to meet the guys some how, so we decided that they might have come early and went downstairs to explore the place. First we went to the Lion habitat and I was like :Now that's a BIG cat!!" (only repeating my fav. Boy)! Anyway we kept looking at the craps tabel since we knew that's what A.J. liked to play, but coudn't stay long because my Cousin and I aren't 21 and we'ren't aloud to stop at the casino. After that went over to New York New York, but didn't stay long becasue we were getting really hunngery. So we went to Ricardo's for dinner. While we were eating one of my aunts was like whoa! And my cousin and I were like WHAT??? SHe said that there was a guy standing over by the clothing store(wich we soon found out was located right next to the arena where they played)and he had a bandana on and dark sunglasses and was talking on a cell phone. We though that maybe that might have been one of them. ANyway I'm prolly boring u so I'll skip some stuff and geet to the good parts!We went up to our room so my aunt and mom could go get changed to play some machines. I was sitting on my bed next to the window when I saw soembody standing on the balcany one floor up from ours but a little ways away. It's kinda hard to explain unless u've actually stayed at the MGM Grand. He was kinda tall and was wearing a white shirt and had blond hair. Then all of a sudden 3 more guys came out. So by this time I was like uhhhhhh come here peoples!! I'm not too sure but I think I see the boys. So we al ran over to the window and for thee next 15-20 minutes we tryed to get theair attention. Finall the blond guy in the whitte shirt leaned over the edge really far and acted like he wass gonna flip off and we were like noo!!!! and smashed our faces up against the window(being crazy blonds as usual) and then all of them looked at us, laughed, then waved goodbye abd went back inside. Then my aunt went down to the casino with my mom for a while. They overheard somebody talking about how they had just met brian and nick and how nice they were, so they came up and my mom went to sleep while my two aunnts went dancing at studio 54. On the way back up to the room my autn saw a bunch of girls crwoiding around in a group and a big black body guard. So she walked over. She noticed that it was HOWIE!!!!!! WOW! Anyway she said he looked really tired. His hair was sticking straight up and his eyes were blood shot. She had a note for Howie telling him that we had some gifts for him and the boys. She tought it would be better to give it to the body guard instead of bothering Howie, but the gaurd was like no, I can't do that. So she asked if she could give it to him in person and the guard was like no, I can't lewt u do that.So she put her hands up and said ok, whatever u say. She was about to turn around to go when Howie backed up right inot her!!!! Then the guard was like HEY DON"T TOUCH HIM!!! So the guard was really mean,....but at least she got to touch Howie!! So now on to the concert before I bore u to death with my reveiw.We finally got our gift to a stage hand who took it backstage to the boys.The concert was great! I'm sure u have heard how it starts so I'm not gonna go over it. On the song where they are doing the dance with the canes(I can't remember wich one ARRRRRGGGHHH) a bunch of ping pong balls came flying on to the stage and Brian was like hey!! IT"S SNOWING!!!! So they took there canes and were golfing with the balls. Nicck picked one up and threw it at kevin and it bounced off his head. Then he trew one at aj and it hit him right between the eyes!They were really hyped the entire show(who wouldn't be it was the last one of the north american tour)

Anyway one time nikc was like Do u guys like what we're waering???? Well I really don't want to leave u ladies here all by ur self letz change on stage!!! Then all of a sudden people statred coming out of the wardrobe box, the entire crew! After that Nick was like are we gonna change ore what???? I'm example A and he's(he pointed to Hoiw I think) is example B! We'll show ya how it's done!so he did his little stripy thing and went down in to the box and held up is pants so we could seeee that they were off. After they had all sriped (all except Kevin and Aj) NIck and Briann kept coming up on stage in their boxers and muscle shirts and running aaround.Another thing they did was come up on the minii stage and they got drenched at in silly stirng. At the end aj stripped his shirt off and him and nick got in a water fight! Man were they hot!!! And of course they sang drowing. But it was such a good concert if I told u everything I would prolly take up like 100 pages!!! THEY WERE VERY HOT!! And of course they added in a whole ton of them hot sexy pelvic thrusts(wich nick is geetting VERY good at might I add). IT WAS AWSOME AND I CAN"T WAIT UNTIL THEIR NEXT TOUR!!! I"M DEFINANTLY GOING!!! Oh yeah and at the end their stage hands were standing on the bridge that comes down dancin' to some music that they had playing while u left the arena and we starteed to shake our bootys and they loked down and were dancing with us! It was really funny!Oh yeah and crisco(sisco) pointeed to my aunt and I on the thong song becasue we were jamin' out! And we also met Krystal and got an auto graph! So all I have to say is i had the time of my life and those are soem memories i will NEVER forget!!! Thank U april for taking Nicole and I!! U made our dream come true!!

E-mail me with commemts

Thank U!!!!

Las Vegas BABY

Date: Oct 21, 2001
Submitted By: Nancy

What a show that was in Las Vegas. I cried and laughed and screamed. I have no voice at the moment but it is all good and worth it. they looked so HOT and SEXY. Alex was so happy and haad so much damn energry as well. it was incredible. Nick was the same way. They all sounded incredible from they way they hit the stage with EVERYONE to the NOT FOR ME. To how they go from Never Break Your Heart to Don't Want You Back. That Kicked butt and the crowd went crazy. Alex kept flirting with someone in the pit the whole show and it was so funny. i kept watching him as he is my favorite after all. Shining Star rocked as did Get Another Boyfriend. They did the bridge and all and them the best part of the show and I must say by far it was. I knew that he had to have been getting ready to do The Call but he stop the band for a second and then a young lady came up on the stage and he grabbed her hand. The crowd screamed and he was like Las Vegas I want you all to listen up ok. The crowd sxcreamed a little louder and he was like (as you see the buzzing of his phone on the screen behind them) Now I would answer it but this time I am not going too you know why Las Vegas. then the crowd screamed more. I am not going to answer it cause she is always going to call me no matter what I say to her. Las Vegas this is the GF I always tell baby i am in the mmiddle of a show right now I can't talk right now. Call me back later and stop calling me during the shows pooh. the crowd got louder and was cheering them on as I was as well. he hugged her and he started his song and she walked to the side it was so funny. He went on with the song and then it came time fte Shape of my heart for them to do Drowning and when it got towards the end the stage had so many people on it. the crew, dancers, and so on and so fur. Leigh was by brian, Kristen was by Kevin, Krstyal was standing near Howie, the lady that Alex had on the stage for The Call was between Nick and himself and so on was up there. they thank the world for a great tour and Alex once aqain thanked everyone for the support and love and that they will see us all soon. It is a night i will remember forever and i am so looking foward to Chapter one and the Drowning Video. BSB you rule and see you guys real soon..............

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