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Date: Jan 05, 2002
Submitted By: AMY

Okay. Let's see. I got my tickets from a store nearby, and I had good seats. I was at the corner of the stage, so I could see BSB and while they're backstage. Okay, me and all of my cousins, sisters went on the metro, and were ready to go. We go to the stadium around 12:30, and the show started and 1, I think. But it took longer. Then a voice came up and said, "let's welcome the Backstreet Boys", and that's it, I went crazy. Non-stop yelling and everything. They sang beautiful, and their performance was the bomb. I had to move for a second, and my sister and them saw Kevin and Brian. So they were yelling their name, and Brian blew her 2 kisses (lucky girl) and Kevin waved at her. And my brother, yes my brother, yelled out Howie's name, and said Hi. And Howie was kinda surprsied, becuz a guy called his name. So he smiled back and said hi. And then the other performers came out and did their thing. After the best performance, which was BSB, I think that Aerosmith and P.Diddy did a great job. And Usher's dance move was awesome. O-Town also joked around with my sisters. Becuz we all were doing the wave, and since we were in the corner, Trevor jumped up with us to finish up the wave. We also left early cuz of stupid school. But the concert was good, especially BSB. Becuz of their sexy butts, I lost my voice.

United We Stand

Date: Nov 27, 2001
Submitted By: Amanda

Hey, I can't believe I managed to snag tickets for the show. I bought my tickets at ticketmaster online the day after they went on sale. I still can't believe I got the seats I got. Lower Level section 304 row 1. I was on the side but I was three sections away from the stage. When Kevin ran over to the side of the stage and waved at everyone, it was so cool knowing that since we were on a step up he might have seen me. I've gotten second row before at an LFO show but never a bsb concert. I've been to two bsb show and got balcony both times.It was the best concert I've ever been to. And I've been to a lot of different shows. I took five whole rolls of film at the show and did up a special photo album. Anyway, the concert went from 1:00 pm to about 12:30am and I stayed for the whole show, even though I had to go to work the next morning.

The Backstreet Boys had the honor of opening the show with the National Anthem, It was so cool to hear them sing it live. They sung about five songs including Drowning. I know alot of people reading this don't like N*Sync, but I agree totally with something they said,"This is the only place where you can get Rod Stewart fans, Aerosmith fans, and Backstreet Boys fans dancing to N*Sync songs." He is completely right.

After Bsb went off, Bette Midler, Carol King, and several others came on. But the show didn't really pick back up until Aerosmith came on and warmed the crowd up, My first love is bsb, but there is no other comparison to Aerosmith. They rock plain and simple. Train came on and O-town was there. Mariah Carey was okay, she looks different in person. Micheal Jackson was a great performer. He put on a really good ending.

For those of you who watched the abc tv version. It was the worst tv version I've ever seen. You can't cut a show that lasted 11 1/2 hours into one hour show. If nothing else the could have did a sort of mini-series with it.Also they kept jumping back and forth between daytime and night-time, Why didn't they do it in order. They shouldn't have even tried I'm sorry. The tv version concert did the Washington D.C. concert no justice.

United We Stand

Date: Nov 03, 2001
Submitted By: Tracy Wilson

On 11-1-01 I had the chance to see United we stand on ABC.B.S.B acapella brought tear's to my eye's.As alway's the song they song touched my heart,but all B.S.B music touches my heart.Howie,Kevin,A.J,Nick,& Brain have such sweet voice's that drive women wild.All the other singer's did a great job to,& the show was wonder.B.S.B I you guy's to know that every TV show that you do I do my best to make sure that I see it.

United We Stand--What More Can I Give? Washington, DC

Date: Oct 31, 2001
Submitted By: Fel

Hey BSB Fans, It's Fel. I had a great time at the United We Stand Concert, even though I had to leave a few hours early. It ran over time (until after midnight) and I had to leave at 9:00. Luckily, however, the Boys were playing first, so I definitely got to keep the pride alive and support BSB! =)

They sang a beautiful redition of the national anthem. It was accapella, and they did their own little version of it--I tell you, I haven't had chills like that in a LOOOOONNNNNGGG time,lol. It made me PROUD to be an american, hehe. =)

Well, newayz..after that, they sang "Everyone", "I Want It That Way", and "Drowning". Then they spoke about losing Daniel Lee on the 1st plane that hit the WTC, and that they were going to dedicate "The Answer To Our Life" to him. When everyone in the audience saw Nick on the drums, they got really excited. I tell you, I was so honored to be there! You guys are gonna love the show when it plays on ABC on November 1st! It was great! Oh, did I mention that Howie was really in a good mood that day? lol...he kept doing his sexy lil latin dance the whole show! hehe. Well, I hope you enjoyed my short, but sweet review! Keep the Backstreet Pride Alive Always, and God Bless America! =)

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